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103344: Cost and benefits of using best management practices to control non-point sources of pollution under environmental and economic uncertainty Downloads
Hector Rodriguez, Jennie Popp, Edward E. Gbur and Indrajeet Chaubey
103336: Short- & Long-Run Effects of Seafood Imports on Domestic Price Downloads
Young-Jae Lee, P. Lynn Kennedy and Hilbun Brian
103335: How Policy Affects Incentives and Contract Duration in Biomass Production Downloads
Chenguang Wang
103334: Acreage Decision under Price & Yield Uncertainty Downloads
Young-Jae Lee, P. Lynn Kennedy and Hilbun Brian
103331: The Impact of Microeconomic Structure Adjustment and Macroeconomic Variables under NAFTA on U.S. Agriculture Downloads
Young-Jae Lee, P. Lynn Kennedy and Hilbun Brian
103328: Read the Label! Energy Star Appliance Awareness and Uptake Among U.S. Consumers Downloads
Anthony G. Murray and Bradford Mills
103327: Revisiting the Impact of Bt Corn Adoption by U.S. Farmers Downloads
Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo and Seth James Wechsler
103326: Brazilian Agricultural Productivity and Policy Downloads
Nicholas Rada and Steven T. Buccola
103325: Economics of controlling invasive species: a stochastic optimisation model for a spatial-dynamic process Downloads
Morteza Chalak, David Pannell and Maksym Polyakov
103324: The Effect of Climate Change, CO2 Fertilization, and Crop Production Technology on Crop Yields and Its Economic Implications on Market Outcomes and Welfare Distribution Downloads
Witsanu Attavanich and Bruce McCarl
103323: Effect of Plant Location Decisions on Raw Material Input Prices Downloads
Diana M. Burton and H. Love
103320: Accounting for Product Substitution in the Analysis of Food Taxes Targeting Obesity Downloads
Zhen Miao, John Beghin and Helen Jensen
103286: Habit Effects and Producer Welfare in the Fresh Vegetable Trade Downloads
Peyton Ferrier and Chen Zhen
103282: Impact of the New Standard Reinsurance Agreement (SRA) on Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) Gain and Loss Probabilities Downloads
Oscar Vergara, Jack Seaquist, Gerhard Zuba, Matthew Harrigan and Eric Lee
103270: Spatial Dimensions of US Crop Selection: Recent Responses to Markets and Policy Downloads
Mesbah Motamed and Lihong McPhail
103269: Measuring the Impact of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) on Irrigation Efficiency and Water Conservation Downloads
Steven Wallander and Michael S. Hand
103268: Inside the Black Box: Price Linkage and Transmission Between Energy and Agricultural Markets Downloads
Xiaodong Du and Lihong McPhail
103266: Food Calorie Intake and Food Security under Grain Price Inflation: Evidence from Malawi Downloads
Suwen Pan, Cheng Fang, Issa Sanogo and Maria Erlinda M. Mutuc
103265: Do Food Prices Affect Food Security? Evidence from the CPS 2002-2006 Downloads
Christian Gregory and Alisha Coleman-Jensen
103261: Identifying and Reducing Overlap in Farm Program Support Downloads
Joseph Cooper and Erik O'Donoghue
103260: Economics of Sourcing Cellulosic Feedstock for Energy Production Downloads
Cole Gustafson, Thein Maung, David M. Saxowsky, John Nowatzki and Tatjana Miljkovic
103259: Comparing Ecological Sensitivity with Stream Flow Rates in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin Downloads
Tony G. Simpson, Jennifer L. Druppel, Marissa C. Watson, Bennett I. Benson and Jeffrey Mullen
103258: Measuring Inverse Demand Systems and Consumer Welfare Downloads
Kuo Huang
103257: Fresh Produce Imports Affect U.S. Consumption and Prices Downloads
Sophia Huang, Kuo Huang and Hodan Wells
103251: Measuring Technical Efficiency of Dairy Farms with Imprecise Data: A Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis Approach Downloads
Amin Mugera
103250: Food Import Refusals: Effects and Implications for Seafood Trade Downloads
Kathy Baylis, Lia Nogueira and Kathryn Pace
103249: Modeling US Counties’ Innovation Capacity with a Focus on Natural Amenities Downloads
Erqian Julia Zhu, Man-Keun Kim and Thomas Harris
103246: The Trade-off Between Bioenergy and Emissions When Land Is Scarce Downloads
Nathan Kauffman and Dermot Hayes
103243: Price Elasticities of Demand for Food Away From Home (FAFH) Downloads
J. William Levedahl
103242: The Impact of Price-Induced Hedging Behavior on Commodity Market Volatility Downloads
Nathan Kauffman and Dermot Hayes
103240: Globally Flexible Modeling of County-Level Acreage Response for Primary U.S. Field Crops Downloads
Joseph Cooper and Carlos Arnade
103239: Dynamic Interaction between Economic Indicators and SO2 Emission in U.S Downloads
Man-Keun Kim and Tun-hsiang Yu
103238: Proving causal relationships using observational data Downloads
Henry L. Bryant and David Bessler
103232: Sub-therapeutic Antibiotics and Impacts on U.S. Hog Farms Downloads
William McBride, Nigel Key and Kenneth Mathews
103231: Parental Motivation in Family Farm Intergenerational Transfers Downloads
Kelly Y. Lange, Jeffrey W. Johnson, Phillip N. Johnson, Darren Hudson and Eric Belasco
103227: The Value and Applicability of Bargaining in an Intergenerational Setting Downloads
Gregory Howard
103226: The Risk Attitudes of U.S. Farmers: Comparisons to the General Population and Business Owners Downloads
Brian Roe
103222: International Interlinkages of Biofuel Prices: The Role of Biofuel Policies Downloads
Miroslava Rajcaniova, Dusan Drabik and Pavel Ciaian
103221: The Determinants of the Brazilian Farm Prices Downloads
Humberto Francisco Silva Spolador, Geraldo Sant'Ana de Camargo Barros and Mirian Rumenos Piedade Bacchi
103220: An Iterative Auction for Spatially Contiguous Land Management: An Experimental Analysis Downloads
Simanti Banerjee, James Shortle and Anthony M. Kwasnica
103219: Analysis of Country of Origin Labeling for Food Products in Taiwan Using Auction Experiment with Tasting Downloads
Wen S. Chern and Huei-Ching Lin
103218: Food Access and Food Security – An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Alessandro Bonanno and Jing Li
Rafael Bakhtavoryan, Oral Capps and Victoria Salin
103216: Land Use and Greenhouse Gas Implications of Biofuels: Role of Technology and Policy Downloads
Xiaoguang Chen, Haixiao Huang and Madhu Khanna
103215: The Role of Media Outreach and Program Modernization in the Growth of the SNAP Caseload Downloads
Stacy Dickert-Conlin, Katie Fitzpatrick and Laura Tiehen
103211: Industry-Science Connections in Agriculture: Do public science collaborations and knowledge flows contribute to firm-level agricultural research productivity? Downloads
Andrew A. Toole and John L. King
103210: Competition between the U.S. and West Africa in International Cotton Trade: A Focus on Import Demand in China Downloads
Andrew Muhammad, Lihong McPhail and James Kiawu
103209: Positioning A Value Added Entrepreneurship Course in A New College Curriculum: A CFANS Example Downloads
Ward Nefstead
103208: Comparison of Survey Results from Land Value & Rental Surveys: Differences and Synthesis Downloads
Ward Nefstead
103207: Climate Policy, Carbon Leakage and Competitiveness: How Might Border Tax Adjustments Help? Downloads
Ian Sheldon and Steve McCorriston
103191: School Breakfast and Lunch Costs: Are There Economies of Scale? Downloads
Michael Ollinger, Katherine Ralston and Joanne Guthrie
103185: Optimal Coverage Level Choice with Individual and Area Plans of Insurance Downloads
Harun Bulut, Keith J. Collins and Thomas P. Zacharias
103169: Estimating the Impact of Food and Drug Administration Regulation of Cigarette Package Warning Labels and the Potential Added Impact of Plain Packaging: Evidence From Experimental Auctions Among Adult Smokers Downloads
James F. Thrasher, Matthew Rousu, David Hammond, Ashley Navarro and Jay Corrigan
103167: Point-of-Sale Nutrition Information and the Demand for Ready-to-Eat Cereals Downloads
Chung-Tung Jordan Lin, Zhifeng Gao and Jonq-Ying Lee
103165: Influence of Course Delivery Method and Proctoring on Performance in Introductory Economics Downloads
Cheryl Wachenheim
103163: Analyzing Market Price Transmission, Government Intervention and Weather Shocks for Rice Market in the Philippines Downloads
Maria Christina Jolejole-Foreman and Mindy Mallory
103158: Hog Insurance Adoption and Suppliers' Discrimination: A Bivariate Probit Model with Partial Observability Downloads
Ying Cao and Yuehua Zhang
103157: How Effective are Cash Transfer Programs at Improving Nutritional Status?
James Manley, Seth Gitter and Vanya Slavchevska
103085: Do Agricultural Subsidies Crowd-out or Stimulate Rural Credit Market Institutions?: The Case of CAP Payments Downloads
Pavel Ciaian, Jan Pokrivcak and Katarina Szegenyova
103072: A decomposition of China's productivity through calibration of an endogenous growth model Downloads
Jeff Luckstead, Seung Mo Choi, Stephen Devadoss and Ron Mittelhammer
103041: Initial Endowment Effects in Multi-Unit Vickrey Auctions Downloads
Faical Akaichi, Rodolfo Nayga and Jose Maria Gil
103032: Subsidy Incidence in Agricultural Land Markets: An Experimental Investigation Downloads
Amy M. Nagler, Dale J. Menkhaus, Christopher T. Bastian and Mariah Tanner Ehmke
102984: Disaster Risk, Social Vulnerability and Economic Development Downloads
Patrick Ward and Gerald Shively
102978: Distributional Effects of CAP Subsidies: Micro Evidence from the EU Downloads
Jerzy Michalek, Pavel Ciaian, d'Artis Kancs and Sergio Gomez Y Paloma
102940: Pigs in Cyberspace: A Natural Experiment Testing Differences between Online and Offline Club-Pig Auctions Downloads
Brian Roe and Timothy E. Wyszynski
102866: Transcending the Limitations of Environmental Economic Framing: Toward a Metaeconomics of Environmental Choice Downloads
Natalia V. Czap, Hans J. Czap, Marianna Khachaturyan, Gary D. Lynne and Mark E. Burbach
102727: The Value of EU Agricultural Landscape Downloads
Pavel Ciaian and Sergio Gomez Y Paloma
102696: Smiley or Frowney: The effect of emotions and framing in a downstream water pollution game Downloads
Hans J. Czap, Natalia V. Czap, Marianna Khachaturyan, Mark E. Burbach and Gary D. Lynne
102689: The Implications of Alternative Biofuel Policies on Carbon Leakage Downloads
Dusan Drabik, Harry de Gorter and David Just
102653: BMI changes in Russian adults: the role of lifestyles and spousal relationships Downloads
Sonya Huffman
102647: Financial Development and International Trade: Regional and Sectoral Analysis Downloads
Dwi Susanto, C. Rosson and Rafael Costa
102463: Premium Estimation Inaccuracy and the Actuarial Performance of the US Crop Insurance Program Downloads
Octavio Ramirez and Carlos Carpio
102457: Bidding for WIC infant formula contracts: Do non-WIC customers subsidize WIC customers? Downloads
David Davis
102116: Revealing an Equitable Income Allocation among Dairy Farm Partnerships Downloads
Jonathan B. Dressler and Loren Tauer
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