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843644000000000374: What to Put on the Table Downloads
Vasiliki Skreta and Nicolas Figueroa
843644000000000369: Uncoupled Automata and Pure Nash Equilibria Downloads
Yakov Babichenko
843644000000000363: On the Definition of Objective Probabilities by Empirical Similarity Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa, Offer Lieberman and David Schmeidler
843644000000000357: Probabilities in Economic Modeling Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa, Andrew Postlewaite and David Schmeidler
843644000000000351: Strategic Redistricting Downloads
Wolfgang Pesendorfer and Faruk Gul
843644000000000345: The Canonical Space for Behavioral Types Downloads
Wolfgang Pesendorfer and Faruk Gul
843644000000000339: Does Collateral Avoid Ponzi Schemes? Downloads
Thiago Revil and Juan Pablo Torres-Martinez
843644000000000320: Information Acquisition in Interdependent Value Auctions Downloads
Dirk Bergemann, Juuso Välimäki and Xianwen Shi
843644000000000313: The Basic Public Finance of Public-Private Partnerships Downloads
Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer and Alexander Galetovic
843644000000000307: United States Courts and the Optimal Deterrence of International Cartels: A Welfarist Perspective on Empagran Downloads
Alvin K Klevorick and Alan O Sykes
843644000000000300: Dynamic Marginal Contribution Mechanism Downloads
Dirk Bergemann and Juuso Välimäki
843644000000000288: The New Market for Federal Judicial Law Clerks Downloads
Alvin Roth, Richard Posner, Christine Jolls and Christopher Avery
843644000000000283: Deferred Acceptance Algorithms: History, Theory, Practice, and Open Questions Downloads
Alvin Roth
843644000000000232: A Note on Optimal Auctions Downloads
Vasiliki Skreta and Nicolas Figueroa
843644000000000227: Optimal Auctions with General Distributions Downloads
Vasiliki Skreta
843644000000000222: On the Informed Seller Problem: Optimal Information Disclosure Downloads
Vasiliki Skreta
843644000000000210: Robust Equilibria under Non-Common Priors Downloads
Daisuke Oyama and Olivier Tercieux
843644000000000204: Marshall's Theory of Value and the Strong Law of Demand Downloads
Donald J Brown and Caterina Calsamiglia
843644000000000198: Overconfdence and Judicial Discretion: Do Winner-take-all Rules Discourage Pre-trial Agreement? Downloads
James Andreoni and Ray D Madoff
843644000000000191: Deception and Misreporting in a Social Program Downloads
Cesar Martinelli and Susan Parker
843644000000000184: Computing an Optimal Contract in Simple Technologies Downloads
Yuval Emek and Michal Feldman
843644000000000178: Absorbing Games with Compact Action Spaces Downloads
Jean-François Mertens, Abraham Neyman and Dinah Rosenberg
843644000000000171: Expected Prediction Accuracy and the Usefulness of Contingencies Downloads
Yaakov Kareev, Klaus Fiedler and Judith Avrahami
843644000000000165: On the Robustness of Laissez-Faire Downloads
Narayana Kocherlakota and Christopher Phelan
843644000000000161: Money and Bonds: An Equivalence Theorem Downloads
Narayana Kocherlakota
843644000000000156: Nonseparable Preferences and Optimal Social Security Systems Downloads
Narayana Kocherlakota and Borys Grochulski
843644000000000149: Strategic Distinguishability With an Application to Robust Virtual Implementation Downloads
Stephen Morris and Dirk Bergemann
843644000000000142: Making Markets Thick: Designing Rules for Offers and Acceptances Downloads
Alvin Roth and Muriel Niederle
843644000000000137: The Full Surplus Extraction Theorem with Hidden Actions Downloads
Ichiro Obara
843644000000000131: Bargaining and Majority Rules: A Collective Search Perspective Downloads
Philippe Jehiel and Oliver Compte
843644000000000126: Towards a Theory of Deception Downloads
Philippe Jehiel and David Ettinger
843644000000000120: Learning Spillover and Analogy-based Expectations: a Multi-Game Experiment Downloads
Philippe Jehiel, Steffen Huck and Tom Rutter
843644000000000114: Trading in Networks: A Normal Form Game Experiment Downloads
Shachar Kariv and Douglas Gale
843644000000000107: Social Learning in Networks: A Quantal Response Equilibrium Analysis of Experimental Data Downloads
Shachar Kariv, Syngjoo Choi and Douglas Gale
843644000000000100: Active and Passive Waste in Government Spending: Evidence from a Policy Experiment Downloads
Andrea Prat, Oriana Bandiera and Tommaso Valletti
843644000000000095: An Operational Measure of Riskiness Downloads
Dean Foster and Sergiu Hart
843644000000000057: How Structural Are Structural Parameters? Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde and Juan F Rubio-Ramírez
843644000000000050: When Should Control Be Shared? Downloads
Paul Milgrom, Eva M Meyersson Milgrom and Ravi Singh
843644000000000045: What the Seller Won’t Tell You: Persuasion and Disclosure in Markets Downloads
Paul Milgrom
843644000000000039: Mediators Enable Truthful Voting Downloads
Bezalel Peleg and Ariel D Procaccia
843644000000000029: (A,f) Choice with Frames Downloads
Ariel Rubinstein and Yuval Salant
814577000000000423: Does Intellectual Monopoly Help Innovation Downloads
Michele Boldrin and David Levine
814577000000000225: A Course in Game Theory Downloads
Martin Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein
814577000000000211: Market Structure and Property Rights in Open Source Downloads
Michele Boldrin and David Levine
786969000000001737: The Labor Market of Italian Politicians Downloads
Vincenzo Galasso, A. Landi, Andrea Mattozzi and Antonio Merlo
786969000000001731: Membership in Citizen Groups Downloads
S. Barbieri and Andrea Mattozzi
786969000000001725: Many Enemies, Much Honor? On the Competitiveness of Elections in Proportional Representation Systems Downloads
M. Iaryczower and Andrea Mattozzi
786969000000001719: Voter Rationality and Democratic Government Downloads
R. Kiewet and Andrea Mattozzi
786969000000001713: Political Careers or Career Politicians? Downloads
Andrea Mattozzi and Antonio Merlo
786969000000001707: The Transparency of Politics and the Quality of Politicians Downloads
Andrea Mattozzi and Antonio Merlo
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