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3171: Shadow links
Manuel Foerster, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch
3170: Unsupervised Minimum Redundancy Maximum Relevance Feature Selection for Predictive Maintenance: Application to a Rotating Machine
Valentin Hamaide and François Glineur
3169: Intergenerational mobility and school inequality in the US
Jean Hindriks and Andreu Arenas
3168: Baisse de la TVA dans l’Horeca et les métiers de contact: des effets surprenants
Jean Hindriks and Valerio Serse
3167: Horizon-K Farsightedness in Criminal Networks
P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch
3166: Lower bounds on the nonnegative rank using a nested polytopes formulation
Julien Dewez and François Glineur
3165: Image completion via nonnegative matrix factorization using HALS and B-splines
Cécile Hautecoeur and François Glineur
3164: Geography of medication reimbursements in Belgium: an exploratory analysis
Sonia Trabelsi, Lidia Casas Ruiz, Benoit Nemery and Isabelle Thomas
3163: Investment in children, social security, and intragenerational risk sharing
Simon Fan, Yu Pang and Pierre Pestieau
3162: A political economy of loose means-testing in targeted social programs
Helmuth Cremer, Justina Klimaviciute and Pierre Pestieau
3161: Fair long-term care insurance
Marie-Louise Leroux, Pierre Pestieau and Gregory Ponthiere
3160: Le confinement optimal: quelques calculs exploratoires
Pierre Pestieau and Gregory Ponthiere
3159: Long-Term Care Insurance With Family Altruism: Theory and Empirics
Justina Klimaviciute, Pierre Pestieau and Jérôme Schoenmaeckers
3158: Insurance with a deductible: a way out of the long term care insurance puzzle
Justina Klimaviciute and Pierre Pestieau
3157: The performance of public enterprises
Sergio Perelman and Pierre Pestieau
3156: The Dubious Case for Annual Wealth Taxation
Robin Boadway and Pierre Pestieau
3155: Over the Top: Why an Annual Wealth Tax for Canada is Unnecessary
Robin Boadway and Pierre Pestieau
3154: Espérance de vie et prévention des risques liés au vieillissement
Pierre Pestieau and Gregory Ponthiere
3153: Faut-il désespérer de l’Etat providence ?
Mathieu Lefebvre and Pierre Pestieau
3152: The Public Economics of Long Term Care. A survey of recent contributions
Justina Klimaviciute and Pierre Pestieau
3151: Taxing pensions
Helmuth Cremer and Pierre Pestieau
3150: The Public Economics of Long-Term Care
Pierre Pestieau and Gregory Ponthiere
3149: Productivity and Welfare Performance in the Public Sector
Mathieu Lefebvre, Sergio Perelman and Pierre Pestieau
3148: Taxing multinationals: The scope for enforcement cooperation
Jean Hindriks and Yukihiro Nishimura
3147: A bargaining set for roommate problems
Ata Atay, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch
3146: Browsing versus Studying: A Pro-market Case for Regulation
Paul Heidhues, Johannes Johnen and Botond Koszegi
3145: Impacts of Transmission Switching in Zonal Electricity Markets - Part II
Quentin Lété and Anthony Papavasiliou
3144: Impacts of Transmission Switching in Zonal Electricity Markets - Part I
Quentin Lété and Anthony Papavasiliou
3143: Asynchronous Lagrangian scenario decomposition
Ignacio Aravena and Anthony Papavasiliou
3142: Monitoring trucks to reveal Belgian geographical structures and dynamics: From GPS traces to spatial interactions
Arnaud Adam, Olivier Finance and Isabelle Thomas
3141: COVID-19 and the role of inequality in French regional departments
Victor Ginsburgh, Glenn Magerman and Ilaria Natali
3140: Generalized derivatives of the optimal value of a linear program with respect to matrix coefficients
Daniel De Wolf and Yves Smeers
3139: Matching with myopic and farsighted players
P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch
3138: AI algorithms, price discrimination and collusion: a technological, economic and legal perspective
Axel Gautier, Ashwin Ittoo and Pieter Van Cleynenbreugel
3137: Prioritization vs zero-rating: Discrimination on the internet
Axel Gautier and Robert Somogyi
3136: Mergers in the Digital Economy
Axel Gautier and Joe Lamesch
3135: Nonnegative Matrix Factorization over Continuous Signals using Parametrizable Functions
Cécile Hautecoeur and François Glineur
3134: Worst-Case Convergence Analysis of Inexact Gradient and Newton Methods Through Semidefinite Programming Performance Estimation
Etienne De Klerk, François Glineur and Adrien B. Taylor
3133: Competition for leadership in teams
Ana Mauleon, Simon Schopohl and Vincent Vannetelbosch
3132: Network formation with myopic and farsighted players
Chenghong Luo, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch
3131: A systematic review of China’s belt and road initiative: implications for global supply chain management
Matthias Thürer, Ivan Tomašević, Mark Stevenson, Constantin Blome, Steven Melnyk and George Q. Huang
3130: Competitive Imperfect Price Discrimination and Market Power
Paul Belleflamme, Wing Man Wynne Lam and Wouter Vergote
3129: Stronger path-based extended formulation for the Steiner tree problem
Bartosz Filipecki and Mathieu Van Vyve
3128: Nonlinearities and regimes in conditional correlations with different dynamics
Luc Bauwens and Edoardo Otranto
3127: A decomposition method for assembly/disassembly systems with blocking and general distributions
Jean-Sebastien Tancrez
3126: On inexact solution of auxiliary problems in tensor methods for convex optimization
Geovani Nunes Grapiglia and Yurii Nesterov
3125: Urban structures with forward and backward linkages
Pascal Mossay, Pierre Picard and Takatoshi Tabuchi
3124: Endogenous vertical segmentation in a Cournot oligopoly
Paul Belleflamme and Valeria Forlin
3123: Is inequality of opportunity robust to the measurement approach?
Xavi Ramos and Dirk Van de gaer
3122: Measurement of inequality of opportunity based on counterfactuals
Dirk Van de gaer and Xavi Ramos
3121: Towards an equitable and sustainable points system. A proposal for pension reform in Belgium
Erik Schokkaert, Pierre Devolder, Jean Hindriks and Frank Vandenbroucke
3120: PV adoption: the role of distribution tariffs under net metering
Axel Gautier and Julien Jacqmin
3119: Measuring cumulative deprivation and affluence based on the diagonal dependence diagram
Koen Decancq
3118: The Economics of Language
Victor Ginsburgh and Shlomo Weber
3117: A propos de la proposition du ministre Koen Geens de donner cinq voix a chaque eecteur
Pierre Dehez and Victor Ginsburgh
3116: Exploiting separability in a multisectoral model of oligopolistic competition
Claude d'Aspremont and Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira
3115: Express Shipment Service Network Design with Complex Routes
Jose Miguel Quesada Perez, Jean-Sebastien Tancrez and Jean-Charles Lange
3114: Income poverty measurement in India: defining group-specific poverty lines or taking preferences into account?
Aditi Dimri and Francois Maniquet
3113: Peak shaving: a planning alternative to reduce investment costs in distribution systems?
Martin, Benoît, Baptiste Feron, Emmanuel De Jaeger, François Glineur and Antonello Monti
3112: Revisiting urban models with information and communication technology data? Some examples from Brussels
Arnaud Adam, Gaetan Montero, Olivier Finance, Ann Verhetsel and Isabelle Thomas
3111: Alteration of humoral, cellular and cytokine immune response to inactivated influenza vaccine in patients with Sickle Cell Disease
Carole Nagant, Cyril Barbezange, Laurence Dedeken, Tatiana Besse-Hammer, Isabelle Thomas and E.A.
3110: A Mixed Integer Second Order Cone Program for Transmission-Distribution System Co-Optimization
Ilyes Mezghani and Anthony Papavasiliou
3109: How do trade and communication costs shape the spatial organization of firms?
Toshitaka Gokan, Sergey Kichko and Jacques Thisse
3108: The inherited inequality: How demographic aging and pension reforms can change the intergenerational transmission of wealth
Justina Klimaviciute, Pierre Pestieau and Harun Onder
3107: Etat providence et fractures sociales. Nouveaux defis
Pierre Pestieau and Mathieu Lefebvre
3106: Some remarks on Bayesian mechanism design
d’Aspremont, Claude and Jacques Cremer
3105: Well-being measurement with non-classical goods
Marc Fleurbaey and Francois Maniquet
3104: Adaptive Trading in Continuous Intraday Electricity Markets for a Storage Unit
Gilles Bertrand and Anthony Papavasiliou
3103: A three-stage competition game in an air transport network under asymmetric valuation of flight frequencies
Oscar Alvarez-Sanjaime, Pedro Cantos-Sánchez, Rafael Moner-Colonques and José Sempere-Monerris
3102: On the Quality of First-Order Approximation of Functions with Hölder Continuous Gradient
Guillaume Berger, Pierre-Antoine Absil, Raphael M. Jungers and Yurii Nesterov
3101: Multi-scale anomaly detection on attributed networks
Efrain Leonardo Gutierrez Gomez, Alexandre Bovet and Jean-Charles Delvenne
3100: Convex hull results for generalizations of the constant capacity single node flow set
Laurence Wolsey and Hande Yaman
3099: Smoothness Parameter of Power of Euclidean Norm
Anton Rodomanov and Yurii Nesterov
3098: Dynamic Competition in Deceptive Markets
Johannes Johnen
3097: An information theory perspective on the balanced minimum evolution problem
Daniele Catanzaro, Martin Frohn and Raffaele Pesenti
3096: On the balanced minimum evolution polytope
Daniele Catanzaro, Raffaele Pesenti and Laurence Wolsey
3095: A strategy-based framework for supplier selection: a grey PCA-DEA approach
Adel Hatami-Marbini, Siavash Hekmat and Per Agrell
3094: Predictability and strategic behavior under frontier regulation
Per Agrell and Jonas Teusch
3093: Measuring Successful Aging With Respect for Preferences of Older Persons
Koen Decancq and Alexander Michiels
3092: Unsupervised network embeddings with node identity awareness
Efrain Leonardo Gutierrez Gomez and Jean-Charles Delvenne
3091: Commodity taxation and regulatory competition
Simone Moriconi, Pierre Picard and Skerdilajda Zanaj
3090: “Facetâ€Ω separation with one linear program
Michele Conforti and Laurence Wolsey
3089: What can be learned from spatial economics?
Stef Proost and Jacques Thisse
3088: Assessing the Environmental Benefits of Horizontal Cooperation using a Location-Inventory Model
Thomas Hacardiaux and Jean-Sebastien Tancrez
3087: Assessing the impact of unilateral trade policies EBA and AGOA on African beneficiaries' exports using matching econometrics
Zakaria Sorgho and Joe Tharakan
3086: Government debt management: The long and the short of it
Elisa Faraglia, Albert Marcet, Rigas Oikonomou and Andrew Scott
3085: Cost, transit time and speed elasticity calculations for the European continental freight transport
Bart Jourquin and Michel Beuthe
3084: A model of the optimal allocation of government expenditures
Simon Fan, Yu Pang and Pierre Pestieau
3083: Intergenerational mobility and unequal school opportunity
Andreu Arenas and Jean Hindriks
3082: Asynchronous Lagrangian scenario decomposition
Ignacio Aravena and Anthony Papavasiliou
3081: A bi-level optimization formulation of priority service pricing
Yuting Mou, Anthony Papavasiliou and Philippe Chevalier
3080: Measuring the effect of node aggregation on community detection
Yérali Gandica, Adeline Decuyper, Christophe Cloquet, Isabelle Thomas and Jean-Charles Delvenne
3079: Financement des pensions et le compte individuel pension
Arno Baurin and Jean Hindriks
3078: Alternative representation of semivalues, the inverse problem and coalitional rationality
Irinel Dragan and Pierre Dehez
3077: Urban environment and mental health: the NAMED project, protocol of a mixed-method study
Sonia Trabelsi, Madeleine Guyot, Isabelle Thomas and E.A.
3076: Ratings, reviews and recommendations
Paul Belleflamme and Martin Peitz
3075: The competitive impacts of exclusivity and price transparency in markets with digital platforms
Paul Belleflamme and Martin Peitz
3074: Price disclosure by two-sided platforms
Paul Belleflamme and Martin Peitz
3073: Approval voting and Shapley ranking
Pierre Dehez and Victor Ginsburgh
3072: Residential green space, air pollution, socioeconomic deprivation and cardiovascular medication sales in Belgium: a nationwide ecological study
Raf Aerts, Benoit Nemery, Mariska Bauwelinck, Sonia Trabelsi, Patrick Deboosere and E.A.
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