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2958: The "wrong skewness" problem in stochastic frontier models: A new approach
Christian Hafner, Hans Manner and Leopold Simar
2957: Fairness in cost-benefit analysis: A methodology for health technology assessment
Anne-Laure Samson, Erik Schokkaert, Clémence Thébaut and Brigitte Dormont
2956: Power method tâtonnements for Cobb-Douglas economies
Vladimir Shikhman, Yurii Nesterov and Victor Ginsburgh
2955: Mixed provision of health care services with double coverage
Cristina Pardo-Garcia and José Sempere-Monerris
2954: Means-tested long-term care and family transfers
Helmuth Cremer and Pierre Pestieau
2953: Towards an equitable and sustainable points sytem. A proposal for pension reform in Belgium
Erik Schokkaert, Pierre Devolder, Jean Hindriks and Frank Vandenbroucke
2952: La pension à points: 5 principes pour plus d'équité dans les régimes de pension en Belgique
Pierre Devolder and Jean Hindriks
2951: An international comparison of school systems based on social mobility
Mattéo Godin and Jean Hindriks
2950: The Dixit-Stiglitz economy with a 'small group' of firms: A simple and robust equilibrium markup formula
Claude d'Aspremont and Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira
2949: Disentangling wrong-way risk: Pricing credit valuation adjustment via change of measures
Damiano Brigo and Frédéric Vrins
2948: Causal attribution in block-recursive social systems: A structural modeling perspective
Guillaume Wunsch, Michel Mouchart and Federica Russo
2947: Logistics clusters, including inter-firm relations through community detection
Joris Beckers, Isabelle Thomas, Thomas Vanoutrive and Ann Verhetsel
2946: Migration and commuting interactions fields: A new geography with community detection algorithm?
Isabelle Thomas, Arnaud Adam and Ann Verhetsel
2945: The prosumers and the grid
Axel Gautier, Julien Jacqmin and Jean-Christophe Poudou
2944: Optimal enforcement of competition policy: The commitments procedure under uncertainty
Axel Gautier and Nicolas Petit
2943: Application of stochastic dual dynamic programming to the real-time dispatch of storage under renewable supply uncertainty
Anthony Papavasiliou, Yuting Mou, Léopold Cambier and Damien Scieur
2942: Conic martingales from stochastic integrals
Monique Jeanblanc and Frédéric Vrins
2941: Inequality-averse well-being measurement
Marc Fleurbaey and Francois Maniquet
2940: Identity, non-take-up and welfare conditionality
Claudia Hupkau and Francois Maniquet
2939: Dynamic admission control for two customer classes with stochastic demands and strict due dates
Tanja Mlinar and Philippe Chevalier
2938: Joint dynamic pricing and lot-sizing under competition
Alejandro Lamas and Philippe Chevalier
2937: Measuring sovereign risk spillovers and assessing the role of transmission channels: A spatial econometrics approach
Nicolas Debarsy, Cyrille Dossougoin, Cem Ertur and Jean-Yves Gnabo
2936: The rise and fall of take eat easy, or why markets are not easy to take in the sharing economy
Paul Belleflamme and Nicolas Neysen
2935: Constitutions and groups
Ana Mauleon, Nils Roehl and Vincent Vannetelbosch
2934: A comparison of pricing and hedging performances of equity derivatives models
Nathan Lassance and Frédéric Vrins
2933: Cartography of interaction fields in and around Brussels: Commuting, moves and telephone calls
Arnaud Adam, Jean-Charles Delvenne and Isabelle Thomas
2932: Renewable energy integration in zonal markets
Ignacio Aravena and Anthony Papavasiliou
2931: Supply chain management: Horizontal carrier coordination through cooperative governance structures
Per J. Agrell, Johan Lundin and Andreas Norrman
2930: Bactraking and mixing rate of diffusion on uncorrelated temporal networks
Martin Gueuning, Renaud Lambiotte and Jean-Charles Delvenne
2929: Do voters support locala commitments for climate change mitigation in Italy?
Simone Martelli, Greet Janssens-Maenhout, Paolo Paruolo, Thierry Bréchet, Eric Strobl and E.A.
2928: Caring for dependent parents: Altruism, exchange or family norm?
Justina Klimaviciute, Sergio Perelman, Pierre Pestieau and Jerome Schoenmaeckers
2927: Aging, social security design and capital accumulation
Antoine Dedry, Harun Onder and Pierre Pestieau
2926: Optimal fertility under age-dependent labour productivity
Pierre Pestieau and Gregory Ponthiere
2925: Uncertain altruism and the provision of long term care
Helmuth Cremer, Firouz Gahvari and Pierre Pestieau
2924: Modeling the dependence of conditional correlations on market volatility
Luc Bauwens and Edoardo Otranto
2923: Forecasting comparison of long term component dynamic models for realized covariance matrices
Luc Bauwens, Manuela Braione and Giuseppe Storti
2922: Wrong-way risk CVA models with analytical EPE profiles under Gaussian exposure dynamics
Frédéric Vrins
2921: De nouveaux terminaux à conteneurs en Belgique: hasard ou nécessité ?
Bart Jourquin and Sabine Limbourg
2920: An extended formulation of the convex recoloring problem on a tree
Sunil Chopra, Bartosz Filipecki, Kangbok Lee, Minseok Ryu, Sangho Shim and Mathieu Van Vyve
2919: Cournot, Bertrand or Chamberlin: toward a reconciliation
Mathieu Parenti, Alexander Sidorov, Jacques Thisse and Evgeny Zhelobodko
2918: On the worst-case complexity of the gradient method with exact line search for smooth strongly convex functions
Etienne de Klerk, François Glineur and Adrien B. Taylor
2917: On asymptotic theory for ARCH([infinite]) models
Christian Hafner and Arie Preminger
2916: A normative foundation for equity-sensitive health evaluation: The role of relative comparison of health gains
Juan Moreno-Ternero and Lars Peter Østerdal
2915: Computational aspects of assigning agents to a line
Haris Aziz, Jens Leth Hougaard, Juan Moreno-Ternero and Lars Peter Østerdal
2914: A Talmudic approach to bankruptcy problems
Juan Moreno-Ternero
2913: Fair allocation of disputed properties
Biung-Ghi Ju and Juan Moreno-Ternero
2912: Regulatory benchmarking: Models, analyses and applications
Per J. Agrell and Peter Bogetoft
2911: A tutorial on building policy models as mixed-complementarity problems
Frederic Murphy, Axel Pierru and Yves Smeers
2910: Fairness and well-being measurement
Marc Fleurbaey and Francois Maniquet
2909: On the multiplicity of solutions in generation capacity investment models with incomplete markets: a ris-averse stochastic equilibrium approach
Ibrahim Abada, Gauthier de Maere d'Aertrycke and Yves Smeers
2908: Modeling gas markets with endogenous long-term contracts
Ibrahim Abada, Andreas Ehrenmann and Yves Smeers
2907: City delineation in European applications of LUTI models: review and tests
Isabelle Thomas, Jonathan Jones, Geoffrey Caruso and Philippe Gerber
2906: Strategic bypass deterrence
Francis Bloch and Axel Gautier
2905: Working hours and productivity
Marion Collewet and Jan Sauermann
2904: Mathematical properties of formulations of the gas transmission problem
Daniel De Wolf
2903: Output externalities on total factor productivity
Julio Dávila
2902: On Harsanyi dividends and asymmetric values
Pierre Dehez
2901: Extensive and intensive margins and exchange rate regimes
Masashige Hamano and Pierre Picard
2900: Remuneration of flexibility using operating reserve demand curves: a case study of Belgium
Anthony Papavasiliou and Yves Smeers
2899: Tax treaties with developing countries and the allocation of taxing rights
Dimitri Paolini, Pasquale Pistone, Giuseppe Pulina and Martin Zagler
2898: Semi-parametric estimation in a single-index model with endogenous variables
Mélanie Birke, Sébastien van Bellegem and Ingrid Van Keilegom
2897: Increasing emotional intelligence to decrease healthcare expenditure: how profitable would it be?
Moïra Mikolajczak and Sébastien van Bellegem
2896: Solving integrated production and condition-based maintenance planning problems by MIP modeling
Fahimeh Shamsaei and Mathieu van Vyve
2895: Practically efficient secure single-commodity multi-market auctions
Abdelrahaman Aly and Mathieu van Vyve
2894: Algorithmic principle of least revenue for finding market equilibria
Yurii Nesterov and Vladimir Shikhman
2893: Conspicuous work: peer working time, labour supply, and happiness
Martion Collewet, Andries de Grip and Jaap de KONING
2892: The impact of urban enterprise zones on establishment location decisions and labor market outcomes: evidence from France
Thierry Mayer, Florian Mayneris and Loriane Ly
2891: Putting inequality in context
Erik Schokkaert
2890: The many facets of community detection in complex networks
Michael T. Schaub and Jean-Charles Delvenne
2889: Dissipative open systems theory as a foundation for the thermodynamics of linear systems
Jean-Charles Delvene and Henrik Sandberg
2888: Sparse matrix factorizations for fast linear solvers with application to Laplacian systems
Michael T. Schaub, Maguy Trefois, Paul van Dooren and Jean-Charles Delvenne
2887: Gradient and passive circuit structure in a class of non-linear dynamics on a graph
Herbert Mangesius, Jean-Charles Delvenne and Sanjoy K. Mitter
2886: Graph partitions and cluster synchronization in networks of oscillators
Michael T. Schaub, Neave O'Clery, Yazan N. Billeh, Jean-Charles Delvenne, Renaud Lambiotte and Mauricio Barahona
2885: Colonial legacy, polarization and linguistic disenfranchisement: the case of the Sri Lankan War
Paul Castañeda Dower, Victor Ginsburgh and Shlomo Weber
2884: How to make the metropolitan area work? Neither big government, nor laissez-faire
Carl Gaigne, Stephane Riou and Jacques Thisse
2883: The impacts of transmission topology control on the European electricity network
Jinil Han and Anthony Papavasiliou
2882: An augmented Taylor rule for the Federal Reserve's response to asset prices
Christian Hafner and Alexandre Lauwers
2881: An almost closed form estimator for the EGARCH model
Christian Hafner and Oliver Linton
2880: A flexible cross-efficiency fuzzy data envelopment analysis model for sustainable sourcing
Adel Hatami-Marbini, Per J. Agrell, Madjid Tavana and Pegah Khoshnevis
2879: The role of multiplier bounds in fuzzy data envelopment analysis
Adel Hatami-Marbini, Per J. Agrell, Hirofumi Fukuyama, Kobra Gholami and Pegah Khoshnevis
2878: Application of priority service pricing for mobilizing residential demand response in Belgium
Yuting Mou, Anthony Papavasiliou and Philippe Chevalier
2877: A distributed computing architecture for the large-scale integration of renewable energy and distributed resources in smart grids
Ignacio Aravena, Anthony Papavasiliou and Alex Papalexopoulos
2876: Tight MIP formulations for bounded up/down times and interval-dependent start-ups
Maurice Queyranne and Laurence A. Wolsey
2875: Exact worst-case performance of first-order methods for composite convex optimization
Adrien B. Taylor, Julien M. Hendrickx and François Glineur
2874: Brand price differentials in retail distribution: product quality and service quality
Juan A. Mañez, Rafael Moner-Colonques, José Sempere-Monerris and Amparo Urbano
2873: The reverse TAL-family of rules for bankruptcy problems
René van Den Brink and Juan Moreno-Ternero
2872: Analyse statistique des affaires d’ententes dans l’UE (2004-2014)
Sébastien Broos, Axel Gautier, Jorge MARCOS Ramos and Nicolas Petit
2871: Population density, fertility, and demographic convergence in developing countries
David de la Croix and Paula Gobbi
2870: The clean development mechanism in a world carbon market
Thierry Brechet, Yann Ménière and Pierre Picard
2869: Equilibrium and first-best city with endogenous exposure to pollution from traffic
Mirjam Schindler, Geoffrey Caruso and Pierre Picard
2868: Approaches to inequality of opportunity: principles, measures and evidence
Xavi Ramos and Dirk Van de gaer
2867: Opportunities, welfare, and social justice: a review of Fishkin's bottlenecks
Francois Maniquet
2866: Weak diffusion limits of dynamic conditional correlation models
Christian Hafner, Sébastien Laurent and Francesco Violante
2865: A simple model for now-casting volatility series
Jörg Breitung and Christian Hafner
2864: The design of long term care insurance contracts
Helmuth Cremer, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur and Pierre Pestieau
2863: A theory of soft capture
Per J. Agrell and Axel Gautier
2862: Vessel capacity restrictions in the fleet deployment problem: an application to the Panama Canal
Manuel Herrera, Per J. Agrell, Casiano MANRIQUE- de-Lara-Penate and Lourdes Trujillo
2861: Stable sets in matching problems with coalitional sovereignty path dominance
P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch
2860: The transfer paradox in welfare space
Thomas Demuynck, Bram De Rock and Victor Ginsburgh
2859: What's in a name? The effect of an artist' s name on aesthetic judgments
Axel Cleeremans, Victor Ginsburgh, Olivier Klein and Abdul Noury
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