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From Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies (IRVAPP), Bruno Kessler Foundation
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2024-03: Beyond Sight: Exploring the Impact of a Multifaceted Intervention on Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors towards Persons with Visual Impairment Downloads
Sergiu Burlacu, Davide Azzolini and Federico Podestà
2024-02: Fertility Decline and Tax Revenues in South Korea Downloads
Joan E. Madia, Francesco Moscone, Asieh Hosseini Tabaghdehi, Jong-Chol An and Changkeun Lee
2024-01: Enhancing SMEs’ Digital Innovation Capabilities: Experimental Evidence from a User Experience Design Challenge Downloads
Davide Azzolini, Nicola Doppio, Luca Mion, Iunio Quarto Russo and Alessio Tomelleri
2023-07: Skills training programmes for unemployed workers in mature economies Downloads
Martina Bazzoli, Gianni De Fraja, Silvia De Poli, Enrico Rettore and Enrico Rettore
2023-06: The Cost of a Vowel: How the Gender-marked Job Title Affects Ratings of Female Lawyers Downloads
Sergiu Burlacu, Dominique Cappelletti, Sonia Marzadro and Alessandro Tondini
2023-05: Starting the school year on the right foot. Effects of a summer learning program targeting vulnerable students in Italy Downloads
Davide Azzolini, Martina Bazzoli, Sergiu C. Burlacu and Enrico Rettore
2023-04: Do micro-enterprises ask for local support measures? Evidence after the COVID-19 pandemic Downloads
Alessio Tomelleri and Anna Gloria Billé
2023-03: Studying the Welfare State by Analysing Time-Series-Cross-Section Data Downloads
Federico Podestà
2023-02: Returns to ICT Skills Use and Labour Market Institutions Downloads
Giorgio Cutuli and Alessio Tomelleri
2023-01: Effects of an Online Self-Assessment Tool on Teachers’ Digital Competencies Downloads
Giovanni Abbiati, Davide Azzolini, Anja Balanskat, Katja Engelhart, Daniela Piazzalunga, Enrico Rettore and Patricia Wastiau
2022-08: The demand for language skills in the European labour market: Evidence from online job ads Downloads
Gabriele Marconi and Loris Vergolini
2022-07: Another battle of the have-nots? The Impact of Immigration on the Poverty Risk of Western European Downloads
Martina Bazzoli, Joan E. Madia and Federico Podestà
2022-06: NEET: una categoria attraente, ma elusiva. Giovani che non lavorano e non studiano in Italia e in alcuni paesi europei Downloads
Nicola Bazoli, Martina Bazzoli, Sonia Marzadro and Ugo Trivellato
2022-05: Firm-Level Effects of Reductions in Working Hours Downloads
Marta Lopes and Alessandro Tondini
2022-04: The Employment Effects of Working Time Reductions: Sector-Level Evidence from European Reforms Downloads
Cyprien Batut, Andrea Garnero and Alessandro Tondini
2022-03: Learning Loss and Students’ Social Origins During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Italy Downloads
Nicola Bazoli, Sonia Marzadro, Antonio Schizzerotto and Loris Vergolini
2022-02: Earnings instability and non-standard employment: cohort-based evidence from the Italian labour market Downloads
Alessio Tomelleri
2022-01: Multicutoff RD designs with observations located at each cutoff: problems and solutions Downloads
Margherita Fort, Andrea Ichino, Enrico Rettore and Giulio Zanella
2021-02: Forecasting Regional GDPs: a Comparison with Spatial Dynamic Panel Data Models Downloads
Anna Gloria Billé, Alessio Tomelleri and Francesco Ravazzolo
2021-01: Combining process tracing and synthetic control method: Bridging two ways for making causal inference in case studies Downloads
Federico Podestà
2020-02: Size, heterogeneity and distributional effects of self-employment income tax evasion in Italy Downloads
Martina Bazzoli, Paolo Di Caro, Francesco Figari, Carlo Fiorio and Marco Manzo
2020-01: Scientifico! like Dad: On the Intergenerational Transmission of STEM Education Downloads
Diana Chise, Margherita Fort and Chiara Monfardini
2019-05: Dalla sperimentazione del Partial basic income in Finlandia alla valutazione del Reddito di cittadinanza in Italia Downloads
Francesca Bergamante and Massimo De Minicis
2019-04: Early Education and Gender Differences Downloads
Daniela Del Boca, Enrica Martino, Elena Meroni and Daniela Piazzalunga
2019-03: Why should financial aid affect university participation? A review of the literature Downloads
Elena Vettoretto, Davide Azzolini and Loris Vergolini
2019-02: Use of extra-school time and child behaviour Downloads
Elena Meroni, Daniela Piazzalunga and Chiara Pronzato
2018-02: Was Pierson right? A synthetic control analysis of Reagan and Thatcher’s welfare state retrenchments Downloads
Federico Podestà
2018-01: Un'esperienza pilota di integrazione di dati amministrativi e di survey per l'analisi dell'evoluzione delle storie lavorative dei giovani Downloads
Martina Bazzoli, Sonia Marzadro, Antonio Schizzerotto and Ugo Trivellato
2017-07: L'università conviene? Un'analisi dei costi, dei rendimenti e dei rischi dell'investimento in istruzione universitaria nel sistema del 3+2 Downloads
Giovanni Abbiati, Giulia Assirelli, Davide Azzolini and Carlo Barone
2017-06: Microdata for social sciences and policy evaluation as a public good Downloads
Ugo Trivellato
2017-05: ‘Everyone in School’: The Effects of Compulsory Schooling Age on Drop-out and Completion Rates Downloads
Erica Raimondi and Loris Vergolini
2017-04: Are vocational training programmes worth their cost? Evidence from a cost-benefit analysis Downloads
Martina Bazzoli, Silvia De Poli, Enrico Rettore and Antonio Schizzerotto
2017-03: The Gender Wage Gap among College Graduates in Italy Downloads
Daniela Piazzalunga
2017-01: Does random selection of commissioners improve the quality of selected candidates? An investigation in the Italian academia Downloads
Daniele Checchi, Silvia De Poli and Enrico Rettore
2016-10: The Italian Blitz: a natural experiment on audit publicity and tax compliance Downloads
Pietro Battiston, Denvil Duncan, Simona Gamba and Alessandro Santoro
2016-09: The chips are down: The influence of family on children's trust formation Downloads
Corrado Giulietti, Enrico Rettore and Sara Tonini
2016-08: Internet and Voting in the Web 2.0 Era: Evidence from a Local Broadband Policy Downloads
Samuele Poy and Simone Schüller
2016-07: Social inequalities in higher education participation in a period of educational reforms and economic recession: Evidence from an Italian province Downloads
Loris Vergolini
2016-06: Una valutazione degli effetti della legge Sirchia sull’attitudine al fumo degli italiani Downloads
Daniela Vuri
2016-05: The effect of Intellectual Property Rights on domestic innovation in the pharmaceutical sector Downloads
Simona Gamba
2016-04: The Impact of Social Pressure on Tax Compliance: a Field Experiment Downloads
Pietro Battiston and Simona Gamba
2016-03: Universities as engines for regional growth? Using the synthetic control method to analyze the effects of research universities Downloads
Carl Bonander, Niklas Jakobsson, Federico Podestà and Mikael Svenson
2015-12: Gender quotas or girls' networks? Towards an understanding of recruitment in the research profession in Italy Downloads
Daniele Checchi, Simona Cicognani and Nevena Kulic
2015-10: Broadband Diffusion and Firm Performance in Rural Areas: Quasi-Experimental Evidence Downloads
Giulia Canzian, Samuele Poy and Simone Schüller
2015-09: Bilingual Schooling and Earnings: Evidence from a Language-in-Education Reform Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari and Antonio Di Paolo
2015-08: Family background and educational path of Italian graduates Downloads
Loris Vergolini and Eleonora Vlach
2015-07: The 9/11 conservative shift Downloads
Simone Schüller
2015-03: IC technology and learning. An impact evaluation of Cl@ssi2.0 Downloads
Daniele Checchi, Enrico Rettore and Silvia Girardi
2015-02: Overconfident people are more exposed to “black swan” events: A case study of avalanche risk Downloads
Nicolao Bonini, Stefania Pighin, Enrico Rettore, Lucia Savadori, Federico Schena, Sara Tonini and Paolo Tosi
2014-09: Funzioni di domanda ed implicazioni di policy: un’applicazione al caso del Reddito di Garanzia Downloads
Claudio Daminato and Nadir Zanini
2014-08: Tracking, Inequality and Education Policy. Looking for a Recipe for the Italian Case Downloads
Davide Azzolini and Loris Vergolini
2014-07: Evidence and Persistence of Education Inequality in an Early-Tracking System - The German Case Downloads
Annabelle Krause-Pilatus and Simone Schüller
2014-06: The Impact of the 'Free Choice' Work/Family Reforms of France and Belgium. A Synthetic Control Analysis Downloads
Federico Podestà
2014-05: Counting Rotten Apples: Student Achievement and Score Manipulation in Italian Elementary Schools Downloads
Erich Battistin, Michele De Nadai and Daniela Vuri
2014-04: In a Small Moment: Class Size and Moral Hazard in the Mezzogiorno Downloads
Joshua Angrist, Erich Battistin and Daniela Vuri
2014-03: Mixed-Nativity Marriages: a Marker of Immigrants' Integration or Marginality in the Host Countries? Evidence from Italy Downloads
Davide Azzolini and Raffaele Guetto
2014-02: The Impact of Local Minimum Wages on Employment: Evidence from Italy in the 1950s Downloads
Guido de Blasio and Samuele Poy
2014-01: TREMOD: a Microsimulation Model for the Province of Trento (Italy) Downloads
Davide Azzolini, Martina Bazzoli, Silvia De Poli, Carlo Fiorio and Samuele Poy
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