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2001/5: Corporate Lobbying in the European Union: Towards a Theory of Access
P. Bouwen
2001/4: What's the Civil in Civil Society? Robert Putnam's Italian Republicanism
P. Mouritsen
2001/3: Macchiavelli's Theory of Political Action: Tragedy, Irony and Choice
R. del Aguila
2001/2: Social Against Mobile Capital: Explaining Cross-National Variations in Stock Market Size in the OECD
D. Verdier
2001/1: Presidentialism in the Southern Cone. A Framework for Analysis
A. Malamud
2000/2: Defending Democracy: Strategies of Reaction to Political Extremism in Inter-war Europe
G. Capoccia
2000/1: Simulating Europe a Role Play Simulation of the EU Council of Ministers
M. Dahl and G. Giacomello
99/11: Challenge, Prevention and Response: Game-Theoretical Perspectives on Breakdown and Survival of Democracy
G. Capoccia
99/10: Financial Capital Mobility and the Origins of Stock Markets
D. Verdier
99/9: Conceptualizing, Researching and Evaluating Democracy Promotion and Protection
P.C. Schmitter and I. Brouwer
99/8: The End of New Industrial Relations?
W.K. Roche
99/7: International Actors and Democratization: US Assistance to New Political Parties in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
J.K. Glenn
99/6: Low Union Density Amidst a Conflictive Contentious Repertoire: Flexible Labour Markets, Unemployment, and Trade union Decline in Contemporary Greece
Seraphim Seferiades
99/5: The Impact of Collective Actors upon Democratization
J.K. Glenn
99/4: Assessing the Legacy of Communism: Continuities and Discontinuities in the East-Central European Transitions III
A. Szakolczai and L. Fustos
99/3: The Domestic Legal Sources of Immigrant Rights: the United States, Germany, and the European Union
C. Joppke
99/2: The Machiavellian Legacy: Origin and Outcomes of the Conflict Between Politics and Morality in Modernity
M.E. Vatter
99/1: Alexis de Tocqueville: the Psychologist of Equality
P. Lom
98/7: Scepticism, Liberalism and Illiberalism: an Inquiry into the Implications of Doubt
P. Lom
98/1: exit Option, Boundary Building, Political Structuring
Stefano Bartolini
97/13: East Meets West: Richard Rorty and Jan Patocka on Freedom
P. Lom
97/12: The Rise and Fall of State Banking: Financial Market Politics in Postwar OECD Countries
D. Verdier
97/11: Universal Banking and Bank Failures Between the Wars
D. Verdier
97/10: After Diagnosis. HIV, the Prospect of Finitude, and Biographical Self-Construction
S. Rinken
97/9: The Globalisation of European Interest Representation: The Case of the Consumer Electronics Industry
C. Knill and D. Lehmkuhl
97/8: Norbert Elias and Franz Borkenau: Intertwined Life-Works
A. Szakolczai
97/7: The Use of Political Conditionality in the EU's Relations with Third Countries: How Effective?
K.E. Smith
97/6: Electoral Abuse in PR Systems: Old and New Territorial Distortions in the German Electoral System
G. Capoccia
97/5: The Political Psychology of Trickster-Clown. An Analytical Experiment Around Communism as a Myth
A. Horvath
97/4: The Corporatist Sisyphus: Past, Present and Future
P.C. Schmitter and J.R. Grote
97/3: From PDS to Cosa 2. The Second Congress of the Democratic Party of the Left
M.J. Bull
97/02: Imitating Capitalism and Democracy at a Distance. Identifying with Images in the Polish Transition
H. Wydra
96/12: Patterns of European Policy Development: The Case of Clean Air Policy
C Knill
96/11: Durkheim, Weber and Parsons and the founding Experiences of Sociology
A Szakolczai
96/10: Environmentalism, Postmaterialism, and Anxiety. The New Politics of Individualism
P Donati
96/9: In A Permanent State of Transition. Theorising the East European Condition
A Szakolczai
96/08: Value Systems in Axial Moments: A Comparative Analysis of 24 European Countries
A Szakolczai and L Fustos
96/07: Grand Designs, Narrow Choices: Conservatives and Democracy in Southern Europe
T-S Pappas
96/06: Nation-Building after World War Two: Postcolonialism, Postcommunism, and Postfascism Compared
C Joppke
96/05: Democratic Convergence and Free Trade
D Verdier
96/04: Democratization and Trade Liberalization in Industrial Capitalist Countries
D Verdier
96/03: Gerschenkron on his Head: Banking Structures in 19th-Century Europe, North America, and Australia
D Verdier
96/02: The Accommodation of Diversity in European Policy Making and its Outcomes: Regulatory Policy as a Patchwork
A Heritier
96/01: Stratification in Italy: An Investigation of Failed Reforms
Y Shavit and K Westerbeek
95/7: Plurality Competition and Party realignment in Italy: The 1994 Parliamentary Elections
Stefano Bartolini and D'Alimonte, R.
95/6: Electoral Competition: Analytical Dimensions and Empirical Problems
Stefano Bartolini
95/5: Power Balance in the Consumption Sphere: Reconsidering Consumer Protection Organizations
R. Sassatelli
95/4: Historical Sociology and Sociological History: Theory and Practice
C.S. Fischer
95/3: Plaid Cymru in the 1990s: Dilemmas and Ambiguities of Welsh Regional Nationalism
Terkel Christiansen
95/2: The Development of Social Regulation in the European Community: Policy Externalities, Transaction Costs, Motivational Factors
G. Majone
95/1: Multiculturalism and Immigration: A Comparison of the United States, Germany, and Britain
C. Joppke
94/18: Social Policy in Post-War Belgium. The Development of Old Age Pensions and Housing policies from 1945 to 1989 as Two Case Studies of the Formation of a Christian Democratic Welfare State
J.J. De Deken
94/16: Another Revolution manquee? The PDS in Italy Transition 1989-1994
M.J. Bull
94/14: Media Strength and Infrastructural Weakness: Recent Trends in the Italian Environmentalist Movement
P. Donati
94/13: Social Policy in Postware Czechoslovakia, the Development of Old-Age Pensions and Housing Policies During the Period 1945-1989
J.J. De Deken
94-12: The Implosion of Clientelistic Italy in the 1990s: A Study of Peaceful Change in Comparative Political Economy
S. Guzzini
94-11: Building Up a National Identity: The Case of Bulgaria
R. Daskalov
94-10: Class, State, and Global Structure: The Transformation of International Maritime Relations
A. Cafruny
94-9: "Robin Hood" Politics? Turkey Probing a New Model in the 1990s
A. Leander
94-8: Images of Europe: A Glace from the Periphery
R. Daskalov
94-7: Robert Gilpin. The Realist Quest for Dynamics of Power
S. Guzzini
94-6: Betrand Badie: Cultural Diversity Changing International Relations
A. Leander
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