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2009: A General Equilibrium Analysis of Parental Leave Policies Downloads
Andres Erosa, Luisa Fuster and Diego Restuccia
2009: An Equilibrium Theory of Learning, Search and Wages Downloads
Francisco Gonzalez and Shouyong Shi
2009: How Important is the Currency Denomination of Exports in Open-Economy Models? Downloads
Michael Dotsey and Margarida Duarte
2009: Modelling Realized Covariances Downloads
Xin Jin and John Maheu
2009: A Method for Implementing Counterfactual Experiments in Models with Multiple Equilibria Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria
2009: Robustness of Level-k Reasoning in Generalized Beauty Contest Games Downloads
Dmitry Shapiro, Xianwen Shi and Arthur Zillante
2009: A Dynamic Game of Airline Network Competition: Hub-and-Spoke Networks and Entry Deterrence Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria and Chun-Yu Ho
2009: Institutions and Economic Outcomes: A Dominance Based Analysis of Causality and Multivariate Welfare With Discrete and Continuous Variables Downloads
Gordon Anderson and Kinda Hachem
2009: Boats and Tides and Trickle Down Theories: What Stochastic Process Theory Has To Say About Modeling Poverty, Inequality, Mobility and Polarization Downloads
Gordon Anderson
2009: Modernization of Agriculture and Long-Term Growth Downloads
Dennis Yang and Xiaodong Zhu
2009: Bootstrap-based Bandwidth Selection for Semiparametric Generalized Regression Estimators Downloads
Chuan Goh
2009: Nonstandard Estimation of Inverse Conditional Density-Weighted Expectations Downloads
Chuan Goh
2009: Efficient Semiparametric Detection of Changes in Trend Downloads
Chuan Goh
2009: Whitefish: An Economic Primer Downloads
Arthur Hosios and Lawrence Smith
2009: Liquidity, Innovation and Growth Downloads
Aleksander Berentsen, Mariana Rojas-Breu and Shouyong Shi
2009: The Fundamental Law of Road Congestion: Evidence from US cities Downloads
Gilles Duranton and Matthew Turner
2009: Extracting bull and bear markets from stock returns Downloads
John Maheu, Thomas McCurdy and Yong Song
2009: Qualified Equal Opportunity and Conditional Mobility: Gender Equity and Educational Attainmant in Canada Downloads
Gordon Anderson, Teng Wah Leo and Robert Muelhaupt
2009: The One Child Policy and Family Formation in Urban China Downloads
Gordon Anderson and Teng Wah Leo
2009: Polarization of the Poor: Multivariate Relative Poverty Measurement Sans Frontiers Downloads
Gordon Anderson
2009: Intraday Trading Patterns: The Role of Timing Downloads
Katya Malinova and Andreas Park
2009: Learning, Knowledge Diffusion and the Gains from Globalization Downloads
Kunal Dasgupta
2009: Non Parametric Estimation of a Polarization Measure Downloads
Gordon Anderson, Oliver Linton and Yoon-Jae Wang
2009: Public Transfers and Domestic Violence: The Roles of Private Information and Spousal Control Downloads
Gustavo Bobonis, Roberto Castro and Melissa Gonzalez-Brenes
2009: Coinage and Monetary Policies in Burgundian Flanders during the late-medieval 'Bullion Famines',. 1384 - 1482 Downloads
John Munro
2009: Nonmanipulable Bayesian Testing Downloads
Colin Stewart
2009: The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on Marriage and Divorce Downloads
Gustavo Bobonis
2009: Liquidity, Volume, and Price Behavior: The Impact of Order vs. Quote Based Trading Downloads
Katya Malinova and Andreas Park
2009: Trading Volume in Dealer Markets Downloads
Katya Malinova and Andreas Park
2009: Testing Becker's Theory of Positive Assortative Matching Downloads
Aloysius Siow
2009: Warfare, Liquidity Crises, and Coinage Debasements in Burgundian Flanders, 1384 - 1482: Monetary or Fiscal Remedies? Downloads
John Munro
2009: Credit Risk, Default Loss, and the Economics of Bankruptcy Downloads
John Crean
2009: The productivity advantages of large cities: Distinguishing agglomeration from firm selection Downloads
Pierre-Philippe Combes, Gilles Duranton, Diego Puga and Sébastien Roux
2009: Uncertain Times, uncertain measures Downloads
Michelle Alexopoulos and Jon Cohen
2009: The Media is the Measure: Technical change and employment, 1909-49 Downloads
Michelle Alexopoulos and Jon Cohen
2009: Volumes of Evidence: Examining Technical Change Last Century Through a New Lens
Michelle Alexopoulos and Jon Cohen
2009: Measuring Our Ignorance, One Book at a Time: New Indicators of Technological Change, 1909-1949 Downloads
Michelle Alexopoulos and Jon Cohen
2009: The Role of the Structural Transformation in Aggregate Productivity Downloads
Margarida Duarte and Diego Restuccia
2009: Block Recursive Equilibria for Stochastic Models of Search on the Job Downloads
Guido Menzio and Shouyong Shi
2009: Labor Contracts and Flexibility: Evidence from a Labor Market Reform in Spain Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria and César Alonso-Borrego
2008: The Value of Information in Public Decisions Downloads
Arvind Magesan and Matthew Turner
2008: Bidding for Investment Projects: Smart Public Policy or Corporate Welfare? Downloads
Johannes Van Biesebroeck
2008: Directed Search for Equilibrium Wage-Tenure Contracts Downloads
Shouyong Shi
2008: Budget-Constrained Sequential Auctions with Incomplete Information Downloads
Carolyn Pitchik
2008: Herding and Contrarianism in a Financial Trading Experiment with Endogenous Timing Downloads
Andreas Park and Daniel Sgroi
2008: The Collective Marriage Matching Model: Identification, Estimation and Testing Downloads
Eugene Choo, Shannon Seitz and Aloysius Siow
2008: The Evolution of Education: A Macroeconomic Analysis Downloads
Diego Restuccia and Guillaume Vandenbroucke
2008: Nontraded Goods, Market Segmentation, and Exchange Rates Downloads
Michael Dotsey and Margarida Duarte
2008: A Dynamic Oligopoly Game of the US Airline Industry: Estimation and Policy Experiments Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria and Chun-Yu Ho
2008: Real Time Detection of Structural Breaks in GARCH Models Downloads
Zhongfang He and John Maheu
2008: Endowments, Coercion, and the Historical Containment of Education Downloads
Gustavo Bobonis
2008: Large Shocks and Small Changes in the Marriage Market for Famine Born Cohorts in China Downloads
Loren Brandt, Aloysius Siow and Carl Vogel
2008: Are there Increasing Returns in Marriage Markets? Downloads
Maristella Botticini and Aloysius Siow
2008: Marriage matching, risk sharing and spousal labor supplies Downloads
Eugene Choo, Shannon Seitz and Aloysius Siow
2008: Three Centuries of Luxury Textile Consumption in the Low Countries and England, 1330 - 1570: New Methodologies for Estimating Changes in Real Values Downloads
John Munro
2008: Communication Can Destroy Common Learning Downloads
Jakub Steiner and Colin Stewart
2008: Efficiency Improvement from Restricting the Liquidity of Nominal Bonds Downloads
Shouyong Shi
2008: An Equilibrium Theory of Learning, Search and Wages Downloads
Francisco Gonzalez and Shouyong Shi
2008: Efficient Search on the Job and the Business Cycle Downloads
Guido Menzio and Shouyong Shi
2008: The Determinants of International Investment and Attention Allocation: Using Internet Search Query Data Downloads
Jordi Mondria, Thomas Wu and Yi Zhang
2008: Network Structure and Design in the Deregulated U.S. Airline Industry: an Argument for Re-Regulation? Downloads
Sayed Hussain and Serkan Bahceci
2008: Do high-frequency measures of volatility improve forecasts of return distributions? Downloads
John Maheu and Thomas McCurdy
2008: Necessities and Luxuries in Early-Modern Textile Consumption: Real Values of Worsted Says and Fine Woollens in the Sixteenth-Century Low Countries Downloads
John Munro
2008: How does the marriage market clear? An empirical framework Downloads
Aloysius Siow
2008: Bayesian Analysis of a Probit Panel Data Model with Unobserved Individual Heterogeneity and Autocorrelated Errors Downloads
Martin Burda, Roman Liesenfeld and Jean-Francois Richard
2008: Money, Prices, Wages, and 'Profit Inflation' in Spain, the Southern Netherlands, and England during the Price Revolution era: c. 1520 - c. 1650 Downloads
John Munro
2008: Improving Forecasts of Inflation using the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Alonso Gomez, John Maheu and Alex Maynard
2008: The Latin American Development Problem Downloads
Diego Restuccia
2008: Caller Number Five and Related Timing Games Downloads
Andreas Park and Lones Smith
2008: When Herding and Contrarianism Foster Market Efficiency: A Financial Trading Experiment Downloads
Andreas Park and Daniel Sgroi
2008: Vehicle Currency Downloads
Michael Devereux and Shouyong Shi
2008: Bayesian semiparametric stochastic volatility modeling Downloads
Mark Jensen and John Maheu
2008: Forecasting Realized Volatility: A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach Downloads
Chun Liu and John Maheu
2008: Self-Promoting Investments Downloads
Carolyn Pitchik
2008: Delay in Strategic Information Aggregation Downloads
Ettore Damiano, Hao Li and Wing Suen
2008: Market Segmentation: The Role of Opaque Travel Agencies Downloads
Dmitry Shapiro and Xianwen Shi
2008: Bid-Ask Spreads and Volume:The Role of Trade Timing Downloads
Andreas Park
2008: On-the-Job Search and Business Cycles Downloads
Guido Menzio and Shouyong Shi
2008: Information Acquisition in Interdependent Value Auctions Downloads
Dirk Bergemann, Xianwen Shi and Juuso Välimäki
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