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05-044: Life Without Death is P-Complete
David Griffeath and Cristopher Moore
05-043: Dynamics of One-Pass Germinal Center Models: Implications for Affinity Maturation
Erik van Nimwegen, Mihaela Oprea and Alan S. Perelson
05-042: Navigating a Nonlinear Environment: An Experimental Study of Decision Making in a Chaotic Setting
Diana Richards and Jude Hays
05-042: Identification of Highly Informative Molecular Profile Components using Genetic Algorithms
Federico Mattia Stefanini
05-040: Complete Suboptimal Folding of RNA and the Stability of Secondary Structures
Stefan Wuchty, Walter Fontana, Ivo L. Hofacker and Peter Schuster
05-040: Evolving Parallel Computation
Kurt Thearling and Thomas Ray
05-039: Symbiotic Intelligence: Self-Organizing Knowledge on Distributed Networks Driven By Human Interaction
Norman Johnson, Steen Rasmussen, Cliff Joslyn, Luis Rocha, Steve Smith and Marianna Kantor
05-039: Biased Eukaryotic Gene Regulation Rules Suggest Genome Behavior Is Near Edge of Chaos
Stephen E. Harris, Bruce K. Sawhill, Andrew Wuensche and Stuart Kauffman
05-038: Inflationary Deficit Financing in an Open Economy: Evolutionary Dynamics
Jasmina Arifovic
05-038: Phase Transitions in Logic Networks
B. K. Sawhill and S. A. Kauffman
05-038: Self-Reproduction of Dynamical Hierarchies in Chemical Systems
Bernd Mayer and Steen Rasmussen
05-037: Landscapes: A Natural Extension of Search Theory
Jose Lobo and William G. Macready
05-037: Fitness Distance Correlation Analysis: An Instructive Counterexample
Lee Altenberg
05-036: Modeling Plasma Virus Concentration and CD4+ T Cell Kinetics during Primary HIV Infection
Max A. Stafford, Yunzhen Cao, David D. Ho, Lawrence Corey, Crystal L. Mackall, Ronald E. Gress and Alan S. Perelson
05-035: Multivariate Approaches to Development and Evolution
Gunther J. Eble
05-034: Isotropy and Metastable States: The Landscape of the XY Hamiltonian Revisited
Ricardo Garcia-Pelayo and Peter F. Stadler
05-034: Scaling and Percolation in the Small-World Network Model
M. E. J. Newman and D. J. Watts
05-033: Reciprocity and Its Limits: Considerations for a Study of the Pre-Hispanic Pueblo World
Timothy A. Kohler, Matthew Van Pelt and Lorene Yap
05-032: Deleteriuous Mutations, Variable Epistatic Interactions, and the Evolution of Recombination
Sarah Perin Otto and Marcus W. Feldman
05-032: The Theoretician Grapples with Complex Systems
Lee A. Segel
05-031: Random Walks and Orthogonal Functions Associated with Highly Symmetric Graphs
Peter F. Stadler
05-031: Population Genetic Perspectives on the Evolution of Recombination
Marcus W. Feldman, Sarah P. Otto and Freddy B. Christiansen
05-030: A Simple Model of Epidemics with Pathogen Mutation
Michelle Girvan, Duncan S. Callaway, M. E. J. Newman and Steven H. Strogatz
05-030: Individual Versus Social Learning: Evolutionary Analysis in a Fluctuating Environment
Marcus W. Feldman, Kenichi Aoki and Jochen Kumm
05-030: The Cognitive Revolution?
John L. Casti
05-030: Economies with Interacting Agents
Alan Kirman
05-029: The Topology of Technology Graphs: Small World Patterns in Electronic Circuits
Ramon Ferrer i Cancho, Christiaan Janssen and Ricard V. Solé
05-029: Neural Net Representations of Empirical Protein Potentials
Tal Grossman, Robert Farber and Alan Lapedes
05-029: Spatial Competition and Price Formation
Kai Nagel, Martin Shubik, Maya Paczuski and Per Bak
05-028: Permanence of Sparse Autocatalytic Networks
Peter F. Stadler and Peter Schuster
05-028: Interactions-Based Models
William Brock and Steven Durlauf
05-028: Recovery After Mass Extinction: Evolutionary Assembly in Large-Scale Biosphere Dynamics
Ricard V. Solé, José M. Montoya and Douglas H. Erwin
05-027: Design of Multi-Stable RNA Molecules
Christophe Flamm, Ivo L. Hofacker, Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, Peter F. Stadler and Martin Zehl
05-027: Evolution of Recombination Among Multiple Selected Loci: A Generalized Reduction Principle
Lev A. Zhivotovsky, Marcus W. Feldman and Freddy B. Christiansen
05-027: The Peacock, the Sparrow, and the Evolution of Human Language
Carl Bergstrom, Rustom Antia, Szabolcs Sz‡mad— and Michael Lachmann
05-027: Mapping in Random Structures
Christian Reidys
05-026: Don't Bleach Chaotic Data
James Theiler and Stephen Eubank
05-026: Quantum Walks on the Hypercube
Cristopher Moore and Alexander Russell
05-025: Implications of Creation
David E. Hiebeler
05-025: Are Randomly Grown Graphs Really Random?
D. S. Callaway, J. E. Hopcroft, J. M. Kleinberg, M. E. J. Newman and S. H. Strogatz
05-025: A Brief History of Cultural Evolution: Stages, Agents, and Tinkering
Jonathan Haas
05-024: Autocatalytic Networks with Intermediates I: Irreversible Reactions
Robert Hecht, Robert Happel, Peter Schuster and Peter F. Stadler
05-024: Field Theory of a Reaction-Diffusion Model of Quasispecies Dynamics
Romualdo Pastor-Satorras and Ricard V. Solé
05-023: Dynamical Recognizers: Real-Time Language Recognition by Analog Computers
Cristopher Moore
04-045: A Comparison of Political Institutions in a Tieabout Model
Ken Kollman, John H.Miller and Scott E. Page
04-044: When Optimization Isn't Optimal: Aggregation and Information Contagion
David Lane and Roberta Vescovini
04-043: Hierarchical Crossover and Probability Landscapes of Genetic Operators
Stefan Bornholdt and Heinz Georg Schuster
04-042: Search Strategies for Applied Molecular Evolution
Stuart A. Kauffman and William G. Macready
04-041: Connectivity and Financial Network Shutdown
Larry Eisenberg
04-040: Elements of a Theory of Simulation
Steen Rasmussen and Christopher L. Barrett
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