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Volume 42, issue 4, 1993

Two‐Dimensional Systematic Sampling of Land Use pp. 585-601 Downloads
R. Dunn and A. R. Harrison
Modelling Task Completion Data with Inverse Gaussian Mixtures pp. 603-613 Downloads
A. F. Desmond and G. R. Chapman
The Resolution of a Compositional Data Set into Mixtures of Fixed Source Compositions pp. 615-631 Downloads
Ross M. Renner
On the Analysis of Grouped Extreme Value Data with Glim pp. 633-640 Downloads
J. Engel
Analysis of a Three‐Dimensional Point Pattern with Replication pp. 641-668 Downloads
A. J. Baddeley, R. A. Moyeed, C. V. Howard and A. Boyde
General Interest Section pp. 669-669 Downloads
Wojtek Krzanowski and Donald Preece
Response Surface Methodology and Taguchi: A Quality Improvement Study from the Milling Industry pp. 671-681 Downloads
M. G. Tuck, S. M. Lewis and J. I. L. Cottrell
MIM: A Program for Applied Graphical Modelling, Version 2.0, 1991 pp. 683-686 Downloads
Andy Scott
Spss: Version 5 for Windows pp. 686-690 Downloads
Frances Provan and Lester
Algorithms Section pp. 691-691 Downloads
W. J. Krzanowski, N. M. MacLaren, C. M. O'Brien, D. A. Preece and D. J. Winstanley
Parameter Estimation in the Error‐In‐Variables Model pp. 693-701 Downloads
Park M. Reilly, H. V. Reilly and S. E. Keeler
Adaptive Rejection Sampling from Log‐Concave Density Functions pp. 701-709 Downloads
P. Wild and W. R. Gilks
Correction to Algorithm as 251: Multivariate Normal Probability Integrals with Product Correlation Structure pp. 709-709 Downloads
Charles W. Dunnett

Volume 42, issue 3, 1993

Bayesian Inference for Generalized Linear and Proportional Hazards Models Via Gibbs Sampling pp. 443-459 Downloads
Petros Dellaportas and A. F. M. Smith
An Investigation of Changepoints in the Annual Number of Cases of Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome pp. 461-471 Downloads
R. Henderson and J. N. S. Matthews
Estimating Annual Total Heron Population Counts pp. 473-486 Downloads
G. E. Thomas
A Bivariate Ordered Probit Model with Truncation: Helmet Use and Motorcycle Injuries pp. 487-499 Downloads
Andrew A. Weiss
Modelling Spatial Patterns of Trees Attacked by Bark‐Beetles pp. 501-514 Downloads
Haiganoush K. Preisler
Calibration with Many Variables pp. 515-528 Downloads
M. C. Denham and P. J. Brown
Attribute Selection in Correspondence Analysis of Incidence Matrices pp. 529-541 Downloads
W. J. Krzanowski
General Interest Section pp. 543-543 Downloads
Wojtek Krzanowski and Donald Preece
Analyses of Public Use Decennial Census Data with Multiply Imputed Industry and Occupation Codes pp. 545-556 Downloads
Nathaniel Schenker, Donald J. Treiman and Lynn Weidman
Miclog: A Log‐Linear Modelling Program for the Analysis of Contingency Tables, Version 4.1 pp. 559-561 Downloads
Tom Ten Have
Pest2.1: Planning and Evaluation of Sequential Trials, Version 2.1 pp. 561-564 Downloads
C. P. Farrington, John Whitehead and Hazel Brunier
Algorithms Section pp. 565-565 Downloads
W. J. Krzanowski, N. M. MacLaren, C. M. O'Brien, D. A. Preece and D. J. Winstanley
Null Distribution of a Statistic for Testing Sphericity and Additivity: A Jacobi Polynomial Expansion pp. 567-576 Downloads
Robert J. Boik
Multivariate Normal Probabilities of Star‐Shaped Regions pp. 576-582 Downloads
Sharon L. Lohr
A Remark on Algorithm as 139: Maximum Likelihood Estimation in a Linear Model from Confined and Censored Normal Data pp. 583-584 Downloads
W. D. J. Ryder

Volume 42, issue 2, 1993

Stochastic Ordering Approach to Off‐Line Quality Control pp. 271-281 Downloads
S. N. U. A. Kirmani and Shyamal Das Peddada
A Three‐State Multiplicative Model for Rodent Tumorigenicity Experiments pp. 283-300 Downloads
Jane C. Lindsey and Louise M. Ryan
Reallocation Outliers in Time Series pp. 301-313 Downloads
Lilian Shiao‐Yen Wu, J. R. M. Hosking and Nalini Ravishanker
The Shrinkage of Point Scoring Methods pp. 315-331 Downloads
J. B. Copas
Estimation of Infant Mortality Rates Categorized by Social Class for an Australian Population pp. 333-338 Downloads
M. P. Quine and S. Quine
Robust, Smoothly Heterogeneous Variance Regression pp. 339-353 Downloads
Michael Cohen, Siddhartha R. Dalal and John W. Tukey
Modelling the Relationship between Crime Count and Observation Period in Prison Inmates' Self‐Report Data pp. 355-367 Downloads
Karen T. Hurrell
Intervals Which Leave the Minimum Sum of Absolute Errors Regression Unchanged pp. 369-378 Downloads
Subhash C. Narula, Vince A. Sposito and John F. Wellington
General Interest Section pp. 379-379 Downloads
Wojtek Krzanowski and Donald Preece
Interpretation of Transformed Axes in Multivariate Analysis pp. 381-400 Downloads
G. M. Arnold and A. J. Collins
Statistical Analysis of Reliability and Life‐Testing Models: Theory and Methods pp. 407-407 Downloads
Alan Kimber
Seminar on Stochastic Processes pp. 408-408 Downloads
Nick Bingham
Modelling Binary Data pp. 408-409 Downloads
David J. Hand
U‐Statistics: Theory and Practice pp. 409-410 Downloads
Martin Crowder
Fractals—Images of Chaos pp. 409-409 Downloads
Philip J. Aston
Data Quality Control: Theory and Pragmatics pp. 410-410 Downloads
David J. Hand
Introduction to Statistical Quality Control pp. 411-411 Downloads
Alan Kimber
Modelling Biological Populations in Space and Time pp. 411-412 Downloads
David Appleton
Problemas de Calculo de Probabilidades (Problems in Probability Calculus) pp. 412-413 Downloads
Brian Conolly
A Minitab Companion with Macros pp. 413-413 Downloads
Alan Kimber
Nanostat: Version P5.1 pp. 415-419 Downloads
Nicola J. Crichton and M. J. R. Healy
Algorithms Section pp. 421-421 Downloads
W. J. Krzanowski, N. M. MacLaren, C. M. O'Brien, D. A. Preece and D. J. Winstanley
High Breakdown Regression and Multivariate Estimation pp. 423-432 Downloads
Douglas M. Hawkins and Jeffrey S. Simonoff
Rapid Computation of the Permutation Paired and Grouped T‐Tests pp. 432-441 Downloads
R. D. Baker and J. B. Tilbury

Volume 42, issue 1, 1993

Report of the Editors pp. 1-1 Downloads
D. J. Hand and W. J. Krzanowski
Improved Added Variable and Partial Residual Plots for the Detection of Influential Observations in Generalized Linear Models pp. 3-16 Downloads
R.J. O'Hara Hines and E. M. Carter
Confidence Statements About the Time Range Over Which Survival Curves Differ pp. 21-30 Downloads
Gregg E. Dinse, Walter W. Piegorsch and Dennis D. Boos
Testing and Adjusting for Departures from Nominal Dispersion in Generalized Linear Models pp. 31-41 Downloads
Philip J. Smith and Daniel F. Heitjan
A Bivariate Cramér–Von Mises Type of Test for Spatial Randomness pp. 43-54 Downloads
Dale L. Zimmerman
Some Process Capability Indices are More Reliable than One Might Think pp. 55-62 Downloads
Samuel Kotz, Wen Lea Pearn and N. L. Johnson
Modelling the Probability of Leaving Unemployment: Competing Risks Models with Flexible Base‐Line Hazards pp. 63-83 Downloads
Wiji Narendranathan and Mark Stewart
The Analysis of Two‐Way Tables with Missing Values pp. 85-93 Downloads
John Mandel
A Note on Tests for Threshold‐Type Non‐Linearity in Open Loop Systems pp. 95-104 Downloads
A. Sorour and H. Tong
Non‐Ignorable Non‐Response Models for Time‐Ordered Categorical Variables pp. 105-115 Downloads
Mark R. Conaway
Correcting for Non‐Differential Misclassification in Ecologic Analyses pp. 117-126 Downloads
Sander Greenland and Hermann Brenner
A Graphical Approach for Evaluating Mixture Designs pp. 127-138 Downloads
G. Geoffrey Vining, John A. Cornell and Raymond H. Myers
Estimation of Principal Points pp. 139-151 Downloads
Bernard D. Flury
Graphical Detection of Non‐Normality by Using Michael's Statistic pp. 153-158 Downloads
Patrick Royston
A Score Test for Non‐Informative Censoring Using Doubly Sampled Grouped Survival Data pp. 159-172 Downloads
Yohanan Wax, Stuart G. Baker and Blossom H. Patterson
Analysis of Dose–Response Data in the Presence of Extrabinomial Variation pp. 173-183 Downloads
Dennis D. Boos
Sampling Designs for Estimating Spatial Variance Components pp. 185-209 Downloads
A. N. Pettitt and A. B. McBRATNEY
Independent Trials are a Model for Disaster pp. 211-220 Downloads
David A. Jackson
General Interest Section pp. 221-221 Downloads
David Hand and Wojtek Krzanowski
Teaching Bayes on Minitab pp. 223-232 Downloads
John M. Marriott and John C. Naylor
Statistical Methods in Reliability Theory and Practice pp. 235-236 Downloads
Alan Kimber
Continuous Bivariate Distributions, Emphasizing Applications pp. 236-236 Downloads
Martin Crowder
The Engineering Statistician's Guide to Continuous Bivariate Distributions pp. 237-237 Downloads
Martin Crowder
Statistical Reasoning with Imprecise Probabilities pp. 237-238 Downloads
David J. Hand
Corana: Version 1.80 pp. 239-241 Downloads
Alain Baccini and Robert Saxe
Datachain: A Database for Experimental Data, Version 2.1 pp. 242-246 Downloads
Janet Dickson and James Roger
Algorithms Section pp. 247-247 Downloads
D. J. Hand, W. J. Krzanowski, N. M. MacLaren, C. M. O'Brien and D. J. Winstanley
Computing p‐Values for the Generalized Durbin–Watson Statistic and Residual Autocorrelations in Regression pp. 249-258 Downloads
Robert Kohn, Thomas S. Shively and Craig F. Ansley
The Power Function for Fisher's Exact Test pp. 258-260 Downloads
Michael Conlon and Ronald G. Thomas
Scaling and Rounding Regression Coefficients to Integers pp. 261-268 Downloads
T. J. Cole
Correction to Algorithm as 269: High Order Cornish–Fisher Expansion pp. 268-269 Downloads
Yoong‐Sin Lee and Ting‐Kwong Lin
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