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Volume 45, issue 4, 1996

An Applied Statistician's Creed pp. 401-410 Downloads
Marks R. Nester
An Analysis of Correlated Multivariate Binary Data: Application to Familial Cancers of the Ovary and Breast pp. 411-429 Downloads
Rebecca A. Betensky and Alice S. Whittemore
Estimating Genomic Category Probabilities from Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization Counts with Misclassification pp. 431-446 Downloads
Peter F. Thall, Derek Jacoby and Stuart O. Zimmerman
Evaluation of Soil Test Information in Agricultural Decision‐Making pp. 447-461 Downloads
Bruce Babcock, Alicia L. Carriquiry and Hal S. Stern
A Bayesian Analysis of Extreme Rainfall Data pp. 463-478 Downloads
Stuart G. Coles and Jonathan A. Tawn
Asymptotic Confidence Regions for Biadditive Models: Interpreting Genotype‐Environment Interactions pp. 479-493 Downloads
Jean‐Baptiste Denis and John C. Gower
Average Run Lengths for Cumulative Sum Control Charts Under Linear Trend pp. 505-512 Downloads
F. F. Gan
The Balanced Incomplete Block Product pp. 512-516 Downloads
Barry Kurt Moser and Melinda H. McCann
Bivariate Location Depth pp. 516-526 Downloads
Peter Rousseeuw and Ida Ruts

Volume 45, issue 3, 1996

Markov Chains with Measurement Error: Estimating the ‘True’ Course of a Marker of the Progression of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Disease pp. 275-295 Downloads
Glen A. Satten and Ira M. Longini
A Comparative Analysis of the Performance of Taguchi's Linear Graphs for the Design of Two‐Level Fractional Factorials pp. 311-322 Downloads
Søren Bisgaard
Keep Timing the Tablets: Statistical Analysis of Pill Dissolution Rates pp. 323-334 Downloads
Martin J. Crowder
A Multiple‐Imputation Analysis of a Case‐Control Study of the Risk of Primary Cardiac Arrest Among Pharmacologicallytreated Hypertensives pp. 335-352 Downloads
Trivellore E. Raghunathan and David S. Siscovick
Marginal and Conditional Association Models for Analysing Departures from Exchangeability of Tooth Bone Loss pp. 353-369 Downloads
Thomas R.Ten Have
Use of the Beta‐Binomial Distribution to Model the Effect of Policy Changes on Appropriateness of Hospital Stays pp. 371-382 Downloads
Stephen J. Gange, Alvaro Muñoz, Marc Sáez and Jordi Alonso
Generation of Ordered Multinomial Frequencies pp. 387-393 Downloads
N. I. Lyons and K. Hutcheson
Fisher's Randomization Test for Two Small Independent Samples pp. 394-398 Downloads
Larry E. Richards and John Byrd
Corrigendum: Sampling Distributions of Relative Poverty Statistics pp. 399-399 Downloads
Ian Preston

Volume 45, issue 2, 1996

A Kernel Estimate for the Density of a Biological Population by Using Line Transect Sampling pp. 135-150 Downloads
Song Chen
An Analysis of Paediatric Cd4 Counts for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Using Flexible Random Curves pp. 151-163 Downloads
Minggao Shi, Robert E. Weiss and Jeremy M. G. Taylor
A Frailty Mixture Model for Estimating Vaccine Efficacy pp. 165-173 Downloads
Ira M. Longini and M. Elizabeth Halloran
Goodness‐Of‐Fit Tests for Ordinal Response Regression Models pp. 175-190 Downloads
Stuart R. Lipsitz, Garrett M. Fitzmaurice and Geert Molenberghs
Monte Carlo Exact Methods Used for Analysing Interethnic Unions in Great Britain pp. 191-202 Downloads
Peter W. F. Smith, John W. McDonald, Jonathan J. Forster and Ann M. Berrington
Hearing Impairment and the Log‐Normal Distribution pp. 203-217 Downloads
R. J. Bowater, J. B. Copas, O. A. Machado and A. C. Davis
Dotplots pp. 219-234 Downloads
Peter D. Sasieni and Patrick Royston
Minitab Multivariate Macros pp. 235-245 Downloads
E. E. Bassett, S. P. Brooks and B. J. T. Morgan
The Computation of a Bayes Factor Against Independence in Contingency Tables pp. 255-265 Downloads
J. F. Crook and I. J. Good
Multiple Isotonic Regression pp. 266-273 Downloads
Ning‐Zhong Shi and Zhi Geng
A Remark on Algorithm as 279: Computing p‐Values for the Generalized Durbin‐Watson Statistic and Residual Autocorrelations in Regression pp. 273-274 Downloads
Minbo Kim

Volume 45, issue 1, 1996

Uncertainty in Expert Predictions of the Ecological Consequences of Forest Plans pp. 1-14 Downloads
Juha M. Alho, Jyrki Kangas and Osmo Kolehmainen
Variables Selection Using the Wald Test and a Robust CP pp. 15-29 Downloads
Suzanne Sommer and Richard M. Huggins
Modelling of Repeated Series of Count Data Measured at Unequally Spaced Times pp. 31-38 Downloads
Philippe Lambert
Row‐Column Factorial Designs for Use in Agricultural Field Trials pp. 39-46 Downloads
E. R. Williams and J. A. John
Dispersion Measures and Analysis for Factorial Directional Data with Replicates pp. 47-61 Downloads
Christine M. Anderson and C. F. Jeff Wu
Relationship between Missing Data Likelihoods and Complete Data Restricted Likelihoods for Regression Time Series Models: An Application to Total Ozone Data pp. 63-72 Downloads
Sabyasachi Basu and Gregory C. Reinsel
Appropriate Critical Values When Testing for a Single Multivariate Outlier by Using the Mahalanobis Distance pp. 73-81 Downloads
Kay I. Penny
Graphical Comparison of Nonparametric Curves pp. 83-98 Downloads
Adrian Bowman and Stuart Young
Combined Generalized Linear Modelling–Non‐Linear Programming Approach to Robust Process Design—A Case‐Study in Circuit Board Quality Improvement pp. 99-110 Downloads
P. A. Brinkley, K. P. Meyer and J. C. Lu
Optimal Strategies for Varietal Selection pp. 111-125 Downloads
Fm. J. Andrews and R. N. Curnow
An Efficient Program for Simulating Percentile Points pp. 129-133 Downloads
C. L. Dunn
Correction to Algorithm as 268: All Possible Subset Regressions Using the Qr Decomposition pp. 134-134 Downloads
D. M. Smith

Volume 44, issue 4, 1995

Three‐Dimensional Projection Pursuit pp. 411-430 Downloads
Guy Nason
Contaminant Detection in the Visual Inspection of Seed Samples pp. 431-440 Downloads
C. G. G. Aitken, J. Shaw and M. Talbot
Partition Models in the Analysis of Autoradiographic Images pp. 441-454 Downloads
R. G. Aykroyd
Adaptive Rejection Metropolis Sampling Within Gibbs Sampling pp. 455-472 Downloads
W. R. Gilks, N. G. Best and K. K. C. Tan
Mixture Models for the Analysis of Repeated Count Data pp. 473-485 Downloads
Marijtje A. J. van Duijn and Ulf Böckenholt
The Analysis of Recurrent Events for Multiple Subjects pp. 487-498 Downloads
J. F. Lawless
Statistics for Exceptional Athletics Records pp. 499-511 Downloads
Michael E. Robinson and Jonathan A. Tawn
Standardization and Transformation in Principal Component Analysis, with Applications to Archaeometry pp. 513-527 Downloads
M. J. Baxter
A Hybrid Optimization Algorithm pp. 530-533 Downloads
Stephen P. Brooks
Generation of Simplex Lattice Points pp. 534-545 Downloads
Scott D. Chasalow and Richard J. Brand
A Remark on Algorithm as 189: Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Parameters of the Beta Binomial Distribution pp. 545-547 Downloads
D. M. Smith and M. S. Ridout
A Remark on Algorithm as 181: The W‐Test for Normality pp. 547-551 Downloads
Patrick Royston
A Remark on Algorithm as 226: Computing Non‐Central Beta Probabilities pp. 551-552 Downloads
Ming Long Lam

Volume 44, issue 3, 1995

The Problem of Misplaced Control Limits pp. 269-278 Downloads
Layth C. Alwan and Harry V. Roberts
The Rights and Wrongs of Control Charts pp. 279-288 Downloads
Roland Caulcutt
The Dead of the Gulag: An Experiment in Statistical Investigation pp. 307-321 Downloads
Stephen Blyth
Applications of the Em Algorithm to the Analysis of Life Length Data pp. 323-341 Downloads
Jose Ramon Albert and Laurence A. Baxter
Stopping Rules for Sequences of Factorial Designs pp. 343-355 Downloads
S. G. Gilmour and R. Mead
Assessing the Losses Caused by an Industrial Intervention: A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach pp. 357-368 Downloads
Elja Arjas and Liping Liu
A Regression Approach for Discovering Small Variation Around a Target pp. 369-377 Downloads
L. K. Chan and T. K. Mak
Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Mathematica pp. 379-394 Downloads
Iain D. Currie
Smoothing Regression Coefficients in an Overspecified Regression Model with Interrelated Explanatory Variables pp. 395-406 Downloads
D. A. Elston and M. F. Proe
Corrigendum: A One‐Step Gauss‐Newton Estimator for Modelling Categorical Data with Extraneous Variation pp. 410-410 Downloads
Jorge G. Morel and Kenneth J. Koehler

Volume 44, issue 2, 1995

Exact Conditional Tests of Quasi‐Independence for Triangular Contingency Tables: Estimating Attained Significance Levels pp. 143-151 Downloads
J. W. McDonald and P. W. F. Smith
Three‐Stage Designs for Seed Testing Experiments pp. 153-162 Downloads
M. S. Ridout
Estimating Foetal Growth Rate from Cross‐Sectional Samples of Field Data with Application to Pilot‐Whales pp. 163-172 Downloads
P. Rothery, A. R. Hiby, L. Martin and S. Garside
Analysing Categorical Responses Obtained from Large Clusters pp. 173-186 Downloads
Michael E. Miller
A One‐Step Gauss‐Newton Estimator for Modelling Categorical Data with Extraneous Variation pp. 187-200 Downloads
Jorge G. Morel and Kenneth J. Koehler
Fitting Parametric Counting Processes by Using Log‐Linear Models pp. 201-212 Downloads
J. K. Lindsey
Optimum Dose Levels When Males and Females Differ in Response pp. 213-226 Downloads
A. C. Atkinson, C. G. B. Demetrio and S. S. Zocchi
Birth Defects Registered by Double Sampling: A Bayesian Approach Incorporating Covariates and Model Uncertainty pp. 227-242 Downloads
Jeremy York, David Madigan, Ivar Heuch and Rolv Terje Lie
An Application of Bradley‐Terry‐Type Models to the Measurement of Pain pp. 243-255 Downloads
J. N. S. Matthews and K. P. Morris
Optimal Median Smoothing pp. 258-264 Downloads
W. Härdle and W. Steiger
Orthogonal Polynomial and Hybrid Estimators for Nonparametric Regression pp. 264-268 Downloads
A. S. Azari and H. G. Müller

Volume 44, issue 1, 1995

Report of the Joint Editors pp. 1-1 Downloads
W. J. Krzanowski and D. A. Preece
Nonparametric Estimation of Survival Distributions with Censored Initiating Time, and Censored and Truncated Terminating Time: Application to Transfusion Data for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome pp. 3-16 Downloads
Xin Ming Tu
A Functional Data Analysis of the Pinch Force of Human Fingers pp. 17-30 Downloads
J. O. Ramsay, X. Wang and R. Flanagan
Application of the Parametric Bootstrap to Models that Incorporate a Singular Value Decomposition pp. 31-49 Downloads
Luis Milan and Joe Whittaker
A Model for Binary Time Series Data with Serial Odds Ratio Patterns pp. 51-61 Downloads
Garrett M. Fitzmaurice and Stuart R. Lipsitz
Marginal Modelling of Categorical Data from Crossover Experiments pp. 63-77 Downloads
Cecile C. Balagtas, Mark P. Becker and Joseph B. Lang
Bayesian Inference for Masked System Lifetime Data pp. 79-90 Downloads
B. Reiser, I. Guttman, Dennis K. J. Lin, Frank M. Guess and John S. Usher
Sampling Distributions of Relative Poverty Statistics pp. 91-99 Downloads
Ian Preston
Discriminant Analysis with Singular Covariance Matrices: Methods and Applications to Spectroscopic Data pp. 101-115 Downloads
W. J. Krzanowski, P. Jonathan, W. V. McCarthy and M. R. Thomas
Non‐Uniqueness and Inversions in Cluster Analysis pp. 117-134 Downloads
Byron J. T. Morgan and Andrew P. G. Ray
Logxactturbo: Logistic Regression Software Featuring Exact Methods, Version 1.1 pp. 139-141 Downloads
Peter W. F. Smith and Cyrus R. Mehta
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