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Volume 56, issue 5, 2007

Analysis of longitudinal data with drop‐out: objectives, assumptions and a proposal pp. 499-550 Downloads
Peter Diggle, Daniel Farewell and Robin Henderson
Bayesian disclosure risk assessment: predicting small frequencies in contingency tables pp. 551-570 Downloads
Jonathan J. Forster and Emily L. Webb
Modelling three‐dimensional trajectories by using Bézier curves with application to hand motion pp. 571-585 Downloads
Julian J. Faraway, Matthew P. Reed and Jing Wang
An analysis of pulsation periods of long period variable stars pp. 587-606 Downloads
Jeffrey D. Hart, Chris Koen and Fred Lombard
Algorithms for optimal allocation of bets on many simultaneous events pp. 607-623 Downloads
Chris Whitrow

Volume 56, issue 4, 2007

Designs for two‐colour microarray experiments pp. 365-394 Downloads
R. A. Bailey
Trend estimation in extremes of synthetic North Sea surges pp. 395-414 Downloads
Adam Butler, Janet E. Heffernan, Jonathan A. Tawn and Roger A. Flather
Bayesian analysis of human movement curves pp. 415-428 Downloads
A. K. S. Alshabani, I. L. Dryden, C. D. Litton and J. Richardson
Non‐parametric estimation of population size from capture–recapture data when the capture probability depends on a covariate pp. 429-443 Downloads
Richard Huggins and Wen‐Han Hwang
Biplots of free‐choice profile data in generalized orthogonal Procrustes analysis pp. 445-458 Downloads
Gillian M. Arnold, John C. Gower, Sugnet Gardner‐Lubbe and Niël J. le Roux
A three‐dimensional object point process for detection of cosmic filaments pp. 459-477 Downloads
Radu S. Stoica, Vicent J. Martínez and Enn Saar
Statistical inference for olfactometer data pp. 479-492 Downloads
I. Ricard and A. C. Davison
Tests for a simple tree order restriction with application to dose–response studies pp. 493-494 Downloads
Eryl Shirley
Authors’ response pp. 494-495 Downloads
Shyamal Peddada and Joe Haseman
A generalization of the beta–binomial distribution pp. 496-496 Downloads
Saralees Nadarajah
Authors’ response pp. 496-497 Downloads
Joaquin Rodriguez, A. Conde‐Sánchez, A. J. Sáez‐Castillo and M. J. Olmo‐Jiménez

Volume 56, issue 3, 2007

Motor unit number estimation using reversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo methods pp. 235-269 Downloads
P. G. Ridall, A. N. Pettitt, N. Friel, P. A. McCombe and R. D. Henderson
An adaptive empirical Bayesian thresholding procedure for analysing microarray experiments with replication pp. 271-291 Downloads
Rebecca E. Walls, Stuart Barber, John T. Kent and Mark S. Gilthorpe
Bayesian variable selection for longitudinal substance abuse treatment data subject to informative censoring pp. 293-311 Downloads
Susan M. Paddock
Correlating point‐referenced radon and areal uranium data arising from a common spatial process pp. 313-326 Downloads
Brian J. Smith and Mary Kathryn Cowles
Adaptive Gaussian Markov random fields with applications in human brain mapping pp. 327-345 Downloads
A. Brezger, L. Fahrmeir and A. Hennerfeind
A candidate‐set‐free algorithm for generating D‐optimal split‐plot designs pp. 347-364 Downloads
Bradley Jones and Peter Goos

Volume 56, issue 2, 2007

Semiparametric Bayesian classification with longitudinal markers pp. 119-137 Downloads
Rolando De la Cruz‐Mesía, Fernando A. Quintana and Peter Müller
Bayesian mixture models for complex high dimensional count data in phage display experiments pp. 139-152 Downloads
Yuan Ji, Guosheng Yin, Kam‐Wah Tsui, Mikhail G. Kolonin, Jessica Sun, Wadih Arap, Renata Pasqualini and Kim‐Anh Do
Response‐adaptive randomization for survival trials: the parametric approach pp. 153-165 Downloads
Lanju Zhang and William F. Rosenberger
Experimental designs for binary data in switching measurements on superconducting Josephson junctions pp. 167-181 Downloads
Juha Karvanen, Juha J. Vartiainen, Andrey Timofeev and Jukka Pekola
Semiparametric latent variable regression models for spatiotemporal modelling of mobile source particles in the greater Boston area pp. 183-209 Downloads
Alexandros Gryparis, Brent A. Coull, Joel Schwartz and Helen H. Suh
Estimating efficacy in a proposed randomized trial with initial and later non‐compliance pp. 211-221 Downloads
Stuart G. Baker, Constantine Frangakis and Karen S. Lindeman
Psychotropic drug classification based on sleep–wake behaviour of rats pp. 223-234 Downloads
Kristien Wouters, Abdellah Ahnaou, Jose Cortinas Abrahantes, Geert Molenberghs, Helena Geys, Luc Bijnens and Wilhelmus H. I. M. Drinkenburg

Volume 56, issue 1, 2007

Modelling concurrency of events in on‐line auctions via spatiotemporal semiparametric models pp. 1-27 Downloads
Wolfgang Jank and Galit Shmueli
A spatial model for the needle losses of pine‐trees in the forests of Baden‐Württemberg: an application of Bayesian structured additive regression pp. 29-50 Downloads
Nicole H. Augustin, Stefan Lang, Monica Musio and Klaus Von Wilpert
A generalization of the beta–binomial distribution pp. 51-61 Downloads
J. Rodríguez‐Avi, A. Conde‐Sánchez, A. J. Sáez‐Castillo and M. J. Olmo‐Jiménez
Using a mixture model for multiple imputation in the presence of outliers: the ‘Healthy for life’ project pp. 63-78 Downloads
Michael R. Elliott and Nicolas Stettler
Model‐based estimates of the finite population mean for two‐stage cluster samples with unit non‐response pp. 79-97 Downloads
Ying Yuan and Roderick Little
GOES‐8 X‐ray sensor variance stabilization using the multiscale data‐driven Haar–Fisz transform pp. 99-116 Downloads
Piotr Fryzlewicz, Véronique Delouille and Guy P. Nason
Corrigendum: Estimation of a two‐equation panel model with mixed continuous and ordered categorical outcomes and missing data pp. 117-117 Downloads
Martin Spiess

Volume 55, issue 5, 2006

Semiparametric analysis of case series data pp. 553-594 Downloads
C. P. Farrington and H. J. Whitaker
Estimating herd‐specific force of infection by using random‐effects models for clustered binary data and monotone fractional polynomials pp. 595-613 Downloads
Christel Faes, Niel Hens, Marc Aerts, Ziv Shkedy, Helena Geys, Koen Mintiens, Hans Laevens and Frank Boelaert
Modifying a central composite design to model the process mean and variance when there are hard‐to‐change factors pp. 615-630 Downloads
Scott M. Kowalski, G. Geoffrey Vining, Douglas C. Montgomery and Connie M. Borror
A hierarchical model for extreme wind speeds pp. 631-646 Downloads
Lee Fawcett and David Walshaw
A local‐influence‐based diagnostic approach to a speeded item response theory model pp. 647-676 Downloads
Yuri Goegebeur, Paul De Boeck, Geert Molenberghs and Guido del Pino
A parametric approach for measuring the effect of the 10th revision of the international classification of diseases pp. 677-697 Downloads
Yousung Park, Jai Won Choi and Dong‐Hee Lee
Probability density estimation via an infinite Gaussian mixture model: application to statistical process monitoring pp. 699-715 Downloads
Tao Chen, Julian Morris and Elaine Martin

Volume 55, issue 4, 2006

Flexible modelling of neuron firing rates across different experimental conditions: an application to neural activity in the prefrontal cortex during a discrimination task pp. 431-447 Downloads
Carmen Cadarso‐Suárez, Javier Roca‐Pardiñas, Geert Molenberghs, Christel Faes, Verónica Nácher, Sabiela Ojeda and Carlos Acuña
High dimensional multivariate mixed models for binary questionnaire data pp. 449-460 Downloads
Steffen Fieuws, Geert Verbeke, Filip Boen and Christophe Delecluse
Modelling beyond regression functions: an application of multimodal regression to speed–flow data pp. 461-475 Downloads
Jochen Einbeck and Gerhard Tutz
Analysis of functional status transitions by using a semi‐Markov process model in the presence of left‐censored spells pp. 477-491 Downloads
Liming Cai, Nathaniel Schenker and James Lubitz
Tests for a simple tree order restriction with application to dose–response studies pp. 493-506 Downloads
Shyamal D. Peddada, Joseph K. Haseman, Xiaofeng Tan and Greg Travlos
A generalized estimating equation method for fitting autocorrelated ordinal score data with an application in horticultural research pp. 507-524 Downloads
N. R. Parsons, R. N. Edmondson and S. G. Gilmour
Estimation of a two‐equation panel model with mixed continuous and ordered categorical outcomes and missing data pp. 525-538 Downloads
Martin Spiess
A multivariate regression model for continuous genetic traits pp. 539-550 Downloads
Ao Yuan and George E. Bonney
Corrigendum: Calibrating remotely sensed chlorophyll‐a data by using penalized regression splines pp. 551-552 Downloads
E. D. Clarke, D. C. Speirs, M. R. Heath, S. N. Wood, W. S. C. Gurney and S. J. Holmes

Volume 55, issue 3, 2006

Incorporating gene functional annotations in detecting differential gene expression pp. 301-316 Downloads
Wei Pan
Design and evaluation of prophylactic interventions using infectious disease incidence data from close contact groups pp. 317-330 Downloads
Yang Yang, Ira M. Longini and M. Elizabeth Halloran
Calibrating remotely sensed chlorophyll‐a data by using penalized regression splines pp. 331-353 Downloads
E. D. Clarke, D. C. Speirs, M. R. Heath, S. N. Wood, W. S. C. Gurney and S. J. Holmes
Efficient survey sampling of households via Gaussian quadrature pp. 355-364 Downloads
Channing Arndt, Julia Kozlitina and Paul Preckel
The assessment of tumour response to treatment pp. 365-377 Downloads
Eugene Demidenko
Analysing survey data with incomplete responses by using a method based on empirical likelihood pp. 379-396 Downloads
Denis H. Y. Leung and Jing Qin
A two‐sample test for threshold crossing latent variables with application to valuation studies pp. 397-406 Downloads
Walter Belluzzo
Inference of a hidden spatial tessellation from multivariate data: application to the delineation of homogeneous regions in an agricultural field pp. 407-430 Downloads
Gilles Guillot, Denis Kan‐King‐Yu, Joël Michelin and Philippe Huet

Volume 55, issue 2, 2006

Double hierarchical generalized linear models (with discussion) pp. 139-185 Downloads
Youngjo Lee and John A. Nelder
Direct parametric inference for the cumulative incidence function pp. 187-200 Downloads
Jong‐Hyeon Jeong and Jason Fine
Best subset selection of autoregressive models with exogenous variables and generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity errors pp. 201-224 Downloads
Mike K. P. So, Cathy W. S. Chen and Feng-Chi Liu
Predicting the outcomes of annual sporting contests pp. 225-239 Downloads
Rose Baker and Philip Scarf
Detecting intraday periodicities with application to high frequency exchange rates pp. 241-259 Downloads
Chris Brooks and Melvin Hinich
Estimating percentile‐specific treatment effects in counterfactual models: a case‐study of micronutrient supplementation, birth weight and infant mortality pp. 261-280 Downloads
Francesca Dominici, Scott L. Zeger, Giovanni Parmigiani, Joanne Katz and Parul Christian
Dynamic factor analysis with non‐linear temporal aggregation constraints pp. 281-300 Downloads
Tommaso Proietti and Filippo Moauro

Volume 55, issue 1, 2006

Using unlabelled data to update classification rules with applications in food authenticity studies pp. 1-14 Downloads
Nema Dean, Thomas Brendan Murphy and Gerard Downey
Estimating numbers of infectious units from serial dilution assays pp. 15-30 Downloads
Nigel Stallard, Mike B. Gravenor and Robert N. Curnow
Joint modelling of event counts and survival times pp. 31-39 Downloads
B. J. Cowling, J. L. Hutton and J. E. H. Shaw
Improving ecological impact assessment by statistical data synthesis using process‐based models pp. 41-62 Downloads
V. Demyanov, S. N. Wood and T. J. Kedwards
Modelling the effects of repellent chemicals on foraging bees pp. 63-75 Downloads
Martin S. Ridout, Malcolm J. Faddy and Michael G. Solomon
On the measurement and analysis of asymmetry with applications to facial modelling pp. 77-91 Downloads
Mitchum T. Bock and Adrian W. Bowman
A comparison of procedures to correct for base‐line differences in the analysis of continuous longitudinal data: a case‐study pp. 93-101 Downloads
G. Verbeke, S. Fieuws, E. Lesaffre, B. S. Kato, M. D. Foreman, P. L. O. Broos and K. Milisen
Extreme shape analysis pp. 103-121 Downloads
Ian L. Dryden and András Zempléni
Assessing Poisson variation of intestinal tumour multiplicity in mice carrying a Robertsonian translocation pp. 123-138 Downloads
Michael A. Newton and David I. Hastie
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