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Volume 63, issue 5, 2014

Multitype point process analysis of spines on the dendrite network of a neuron pp. 673-694 Downloads
Adrian Baddeley, Aruna Jammalamadaka and Gopalan Nair
Spatial two-tissue compartment model for dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging pp. 695-713 Downloads
Julia C. Sommer and Volker J. Schmid
A Bayesian hierarchical downscaling model for south-west Western Australia rainfall pp. 715-736 Downloads
Yong Song, Yun Li, Bryson Bates and Christopher K. Wikle
A multivariate spatial mixture model for areal data: examining regional differences in standardized test scores pp. 737-761 Downloads
Brian Neelon, Alan E. Gelfand and Marie Lynn Miranda
A dynamic probabilistic principal components model for the analysis of longitudinal metabolomics data pp. 763-782 Downloads
Gift Nyamundanda, Isobel Claire Gormley and Lorraine Brennan
Inferences on lung cancer mortality rates based on reference priors under partial ordering pp. 783-800 Downloads
Michael D. Sonksen and Mario Peruggia

Volume 63, issue 4, 2014

Sensitivity analysis in non-inferiority trials with residual inconstancy after covariate adjustment pp. 515-538 Downloads
Zhiwei Zhang, Lei Nie, Guoxing Soon and Bo Zhang
Bayesian non-parametric analysis of multirater ordinal data, with application to prioritizing research goals for prevention of suicide pp. 539-557 Downloads
Terrance D. Savitsky and Siddhartha R. Dalal
Two-stage adaptive randomization for delayed response in clinical trials pp. 559-578 Downloads
Jiajing Xu and Guosheng Yin
Inference for stable isotope mixing models: a study of the diet of dunlin pp. 579-593 Downloads
Erik Barry Erhardt and Edward J. Bedrick
Bayesian hierarchical structured variable selection methods with application to molecular inversion probe studies in breast cancer pp. 595-620 Downloads
Lin Zhang, Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani, Bani K. Mallick, Ganiraju C. Manyam, Patricia A. Thompson, Melissa L. Bondy and Kim-Anh Do
Estimating the burden of pertussis in Mexican adolescents from paired serological data by using a bivariate mixture model pp. 621-637 Downloads
Dean Follmann, Jing Qin, M. Lourdes Guerrero, J. Gabrielle Breugelmans, Gustave Rosales Pedraza, Bradford D. Gessner and Guillermo M. Ruiz-Palacios
Variable importance in matched case–control studies in settings of high dimensional data pp. 639-655 Downloads
Raji Balasubramanian, E. Andres Houseman, Brent A. Coull, Michael H. Lev, Lee H. Schwamm and Rebecca A. Betensky
Variable and threshold selection to control predictive accuracy in logistic regression pp. 657-672 Downloads
Anthony Y. C. Kuk, Jialiang Li and A. John Rush

Volume 63, issue 3, 2014

Probabilistic strategies for familial DNA searching pp. 361-384 Downloads
Klaas Slooten and Ronald Meester
A Bayesian semiparametric approach for the differential analysis of sequence counts data pp. 385-404 Downloads
Michele Guindani, Nuno Sepúlveda, Carlos Daniel Paulino and Peter Müller
Spatially adaptive post-processing of ensemble forecasts for temperature pp. 405-422 Downloads
Michael Scheuerer and Luca Büermann
Emulating a gravity model to infer the spatiotemporal dynamics of an infectious disease pp. 423-444 Downloads
Roman Jandarov, Murali Haran, Ottar Bjørnstad and Bryan Grenfell
Modelling menstrual cycle length and variability at the approach of menopause by using hierarchical change point models pp. 445-466 Downloads
Xiaobi Huang, Michael R. Elliott and Siobán D. Harlow
Statistical inference and computational efficiency for spatial infectious disease models with plantation data pp. 467-482 Downloads
Patrick E. Brown, Florencia Chimard, Alexander Remorov, Jeffrey S. Rosenthal and Xin Wang
A generalized quasi-likelihood scoring approach for simultaneously testing the genetic association of multiple traits pp. 483-498 Downloads
Zeny Feng
Optimal sampling ratios in comparative diagnostic trials pp. 499-514 Downloads
Ting Dong, Liansheng Larry Tang and William F. Rosenberger

Volume 63, issue 2, 2014

Preface to the themed issue on social statistics pp. 191-193 Downloads
Jouni Kuha and Irini Moustaki
Generalizing from unrepresentative experiments: a stratified propensity score approach pp. 195-210 Downloads
Colm O'Muircheartaigh and Larry V. Hedges
Handling initial conditions and endogenous covariates in dynamic/transition models for binary data with unobserved heterogeneity pp. 211-237 Downloads
Anders Skrondal and Sophia Rabe-Hesketh
Investigating non-ignorable dropout in panel studies of residential mobility pp. 239-266 Downloads
Elizabeth Washbrook, Paul S. Clarke and Fiona Steele
Longitudinal analysis of self-reported health status by mixture latent auto-regressive models pp. 267-288 Downloads
Francesco Bartolucci, Silvia Bacci and Fulvia Pennoni
Linear mixed modelling for data from a double mixed factorial design with covariates: a case-study on semantic categorization response times pp. 289-302 Downloads
Jorge González B., Paul De Boeck and Francis Tuerlinckx
The use of accuracy indicators to correct for survey measurement error pp. 303-319 Downloads
Damião N. Da Silva and Chris Skinner
The item count method for sensitive survey questions: modelling criminal behaviour pp. 321-341 Downloads
Jouni Kuha and Jonathan Jackson
Latent variable models that account for atypical responses pp. 343-360 Downloads
Irini Moustaki and Martin Knott

Volume 63, issue 1, 2014

Estimating disease onset distribution functions in mutation carriers with censored mixture data pp. 1-23 Downloads
Yanyuan Ma and Yuanjia Wang
Semiparametric Bayesian models for clustering and classification in the presence of unbalanced in-hospital survival pp. 25-46 Downloads
Alessandra Guglielmi, Francesca Ieva, Anna M. Paganoni, Fabrizio Ruggeri and Jacopo Soriano
Flexible regression models over river networks pp. 47-63 Downloads
David O'Donnell, Alastair Rushworth, Adrian W. Bowman, E. Marian Scott and Mark Hallard
The use of sample weights in multivariate multilevel models with an application to income data collected by using a rotating panel survey pp. 65-84 Downloads
Alinne Veiga, Peter W. F. Smith and James J. Brown
A factor mixture model for multivariate survival data: an application to the analysis of lifetime mental disorders pp. 85-102 Downloads
Josué Almansa, Jeroen K. Vermunt, Carlos G. Forero and Jordi Alonso
Accounting for spatially varying directional effects in spatial covariance structures pp. 103-122 Downloads
Joaquim Henriques Vianna Neto, Alexandra M. Schmidt and Peter Guttorp
Characterizing spatial and chronological target selection of serial offenders pp. 123-140 Downloads
Amanda S. Hering and Sean Bair
Time varying frailty models and the estimation of heterogeneities in transmission of infectious diseases pp. 141-158 Downloads
Steffen Unkel, C. Paddy Farrington, Heather J. Whitaker and Richard Pebody
A Bayesian dose finding design for oncology clinical trials of combinational biological agents pp. 159-173 Downloads
Chunyan Cai, Ying Yuan and Yuan Ji
Regional variation in relative survival—quantifying the effects of the competing risks of death by using a cure fraction model with random effects pp. 175-190 Downloads
Karri Seppä, Timo Hakulinen and Esa Läärä

Volume 62, issue 5, 2013

Evaluation of kinship identification systems based on short tandem repeat DNA profiles pp. 649-668 Downloads
Fabio Corradi and Federico Ricciardi
Exploratory graphics for financial time series volatility pp. 669-686 Downloads
A. J. Lawrance
Assessing the heterogeneity of treatment effects via potential outcomes of individual patients pp. 687-704 Downloads
Zhiwei Zhang, Chenguang Wang, Lei Nie and Guoxing Soon
Hierarchical longitudinal models of relationships in social networks pp. 705-722 Downloads
Sudeshna Paul and A. James O'Malley
Parametric quantile regression based on the generalized gamma distribution pp. 723-740 Downloads
Angela Noufaily and M. C. Jones
Smooth estimation of a lifetime distribution with competing risks by using regular interval observations: application to cocoa fruits growth pp. 741-760 Downloads
Patrice Takam Soh, Eugène-Patrice Ndong Nguéma, Henri Gwet and Michel Ndoumbè-Nkeng

Volume 62, issue 4, 2013

A two-component circular regression model for repeated measures auditory localization data pp. 515-534 Downloads
Garnett P. McMillan, Timothy E. Hanson, Gabrielle Saunders and Frederick J. Gallun
Dynamic threshold modelling and the US business cycle pp. 535-550 Downloads
Miguel de Carvalho, K. F. Turkman and António Rua
Fully Bayesian hierarchical modelling in two stages, with application to meta-analysis pp. 551-572 Downloads
David Lunn, Jessica Barrett, Michael Sweeting and Simon Thompson
Finite mixture modelling in mass spectrometry analysis pp. 573-592 Downloads
Volodymyr Melnykov
Locally adaptive spatial smoothing using conditional auto-regressive models pp. 593-608 Downloads
Duncan Lee and Richard Mitchell
A coupled hidden Markov model for disease interactions pp. 609-627 Downloads
Chris Sherlock, Tatiana Xifara, Sandra Telfer and Mike Begon
A penalized likelihood approach to estimate within-household contact networks from egocentric data pp. 629-648 Downloads
Gail E. Potter and Niel Hens

Volume 62, issue 3, 2013

How to find an appropriate clustering for mixed-type variables with application to socio-economic stratification pp. 309-369 Downloads
Christian Hennig and Tim F. Liao
Calendarization with interpolating splines and state space models pp. 371-399 Downloads
B. Quenneville, F. Picard and S. Fortier
Multivariate functional clustering for the morphological analysis of electrocardiograph curves pp. 401-418 Downloads
Francesca Ieva, Anna M. Paganoni, Davide Pigoli and Valeria Vitelli
Survival analysis with time varying covariates measured at random times by design pp. 419-434 Downloads
Stephen L. Rathbun, Xiao Song, Benjamin Neustifter and Saul Shiffman
Ordinal latent variable models and their application in the study of newly licensed teenage drivers pp. 435-450 Downloads
John C. Jackson, Paul S. Albert, Zhiwei Zhang and Bruce Simons-Morton
Reduced hierarchical models with application to estimating health effects of simultaneous exposure to multiple pollutants pp. 451-472 Downloads
Jennifer F. Bobb, Francesca Dominici and Roger D. Peng
Analysis of interval-censored data with random unknown end points: an application to soft error rate estimation pp. 473-486 Downloads
Sarah E. Michalak, Michael S. Hamada and Nicolas W. Hengartner
Statistical approaches to three key challenges in protein structural bioinformatics pp. 487-514 Downloads
Kanti V. Mardia

Volume 62, issue 2, 2013

Optimization of power consumption and device availability based on point process modelling of the request sequence pp. 151-165 Downloads
Jean-Baptiste Durand, Stéphane Girard, Victor Ciriza and Laurent Donini
A spatial time-to-event approach for estimating associations between air pollution and preterm birth pp. 167-179 Downloads
Howard H. Chang, Brian J. Reich and Marie Lynn Miranda
Determining high-risk zones for unexploded World War II bombs by using point process methodology pp. 181-199 Downloads
Monia Mahling, Michael Höhle and Helmut Küchenhoff
A multistate modelling approach for pancreatic cancer development in genetically high-risk families pp. 201-212 Downloads
Ruwanthi Kolamunnage-Dona, L. Vitone, W. Greenhalf, R. Henderson and P. R. Williamson
Non-response adjustment of survey estimates based on auxiliary variables subject to error pp. 213-231 Downloads
Brady T. West and Roderick J. A. Little
Bias correction for the proportional odds logistic regression model with application to a study of surgical complications pp. 233-250 Downloads
Stuart R. Lipsitz, Garrett M. Fitzmaurice, Scott E. Regenbogen, Debajyoti Sinha, Joseph G. Ibrahim and Atul A. Gawande
Multivariate forecasting of road traffic flows in the presence of heteroscedasticity and measurement errors pp. 251-270 Downloads
Osvaldo Anacleto, Catriona Queen and Casper J. Albers
Robust estimation of economic indicators from survey samples based on Pareto tail modelling pp. 271-286 Downloads
Andreas Alfons, Matthias Templ and Peter Filzmoser
A model-based framework for air quality indices and population risk evaluation, with an application to the analysis of Scottish air quality data pp. 287-308 Downloads
Francesco Finazzi, E. Marian Scott and Alessandro Fassò

Volume 62, issue 1, 2013

Report of the Editors pp. 1-2 Downloads
R. E. Chandler and M. S. Ridout
An application of semiparametric Bayesian isotonic regression to the study of radiation effects in spaceborne microelectronics pp. 3-24 Downloads
Marian Farah, Athanasios Kottas and Robin D. Morris
Estimating the relationship between women's education and fertility in Botswana by using an instrumental variable approach to semiparametric expectile regression pp. 25-45 Downloads
Fabian Sobotka, Rosalba Radice, Giampiero Marra and Thomas Kneib
A likelihood-based sensitivity analysis for publication bias in meta-analysis pp. 47-66 Downloads
John B. Copas
Evaluating joint effects of induction–salvage treatment regimes on overall survival in acute leukaemia pp. 67-83 Downloads
Abdus S. Wahed and Peter F. Thall
A Bayesian hierarchical model with spatial variable selection: the effect of weather on insurance claims pp. 85-100 Downloads
Ida Scheel, Egil Ferkingstad, Arnoldo Frigessi, Ola Haug, Mikkel Hinnerichsen and Elisabeth Meze-Hausken
Age-dependent mixture models for recovery data on animals marked at unknown age pp. 101-113 Downloads
Rachel S. McCrea, Byron J. T. Morgan and Diana J. Cole
General classes of multiple binary regression models in dose finding problems for combination therapies pp. 115-133 Downloads
Mauro Gasparini
Dynamic Bradley–Terry modelling of sports tournaments pp. 135-150 Downloads
Manuela Cattelan, Cristiano Varin and David Firth
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