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1992 - 2022

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Volume 30, issue 4, 2022

Factor intensity reversals redux: Feenstra is right! pp. 885-914 Downloads
Kozo Kiyota and Yoshinori Kurokawa
EU integration and structural gravity: A comprehensive quantification of the border effect on trade pp. 915-938 Downloads
Julia Spornberger
Silver, fiduciary money, and the Chinese economy, 1890–1935 pp. 939-970 Downloads
Bo Chen, Dan Li and Yiqing Xie
Trade liberalization and firm toxic emissions pp. 971-1002 Downloads
Dongmin Kong, Guangyuan Ma and Ni Qin
The relative impact of different forces of globalization on wage inequality: A fresh look at the EU experience pp. 1003-1037 Downloads
Stefan Jestl, Sandra M. Leitner and Sebastian Leitner
RMB misalignment: What does a meta‐analysis tell us? pp. 1038-1086 Downloads
Yin‐Wong Cheung and Shi He
The Hubei lockdown and its global impacts via supply chains pp. 1087-1109 Downloads
Qianxue Zhang
International information flows, sentiments, and cross‐country business cycle fluctuations pp. 1110-1147 Downloads
Michał Brzoza‐Brzezina, Jacek Kotłowski and Grzegorz Wesołowski
Do US exporters take advantage of free trade agreements? Evidence from the US‐Colombia free trade agreement pp. 1148-1179 Downloads
Felipe Benguria
Asymmetric information, quality, and regulations pp. 1180-1198 Downloads
Luca Macedoni
Foreign direct investment, innovation, and domestic value‐added in exports: Firm‐level evidence from China pp. 1199-1228 Downloads
Yue Lu, Lijing Deng and Ka Zeng
Financial foreign direct investment and the economic performance of developing countries pp. 1229-1257 Downloads
Rodolphe Desbordes
A pragmatic approach to estimating nondiscriminatory non‐tariff trade costs pp. 1258-1287 Downloads
Peter Herman
Regional headquarters and foreign direct investment pp. 1288-1310 Downloads
Salvador Gil‐Pareja, Rafael Llorca‐Vivero and Jordi Paniagua

Volume 30, issue 3, 2022

Services trade and labor market outcomes: Evidence from Italian firms pp. 673-701 Downloads
Omar Bamieh, Francesco Bripi and Matteo Fiorini
The impact of Chinese import competition on Italian manufacturing pp. 702-731 Downloads
Luca Citino and Andrea Linarello
Adjusting to China competition: Evidence from Japanese plant‐product‐level data pp. 732-763 Downloads
Flora Bellone, Cilem Selin Hazir and Toshiyuki Matsuura
Export adjustment to input trade liberalization: The role of import wholesaling services pp. 764-795 Downloads
Michele Imbruno
The impact of offshoring on technical change: Evidence from Swedish manufacturing firms pp. 796-818 Downloads
Christopher Baum, Hans Lööf, Andreas Stephan and Ingrid Viklund‐Ros
Are importing and exporting complements or substitutes in an emerging economy? The case of Colombia pp. 819-835 Downloads
Andrés Mauricio Gómez‐Sánchez, Juan A. Mañez and Juan A. Sanchis‐Llopis
Productivity effects of processing and ordinary export market entry: A time‐varying treatments approach pp. 836-853 Downloads
Sourafel Girma and Holger Görg
Why do firms import via merchants in entrepôt countries rather than directly from the source? pp. 854-884 Downloads
Hege Medin

Volume 30, issue 2, 2022

Trade, access to varieties, and patterns of consumption pp. 369-400 Downloads
Amandine Aubry
Exchange rate, industrial linkage, and firm employment pp. 401-421 Downloads
Yalin Liu
Optimal investment in human capital under migration uncertainty pp. 422-449 Downloads
Baran Siyahhan and Hamed Ghoddusi
Foreign exchange interventions under a minimum exchange rate regime and the Swiss franc pp. 450-489 Downloads
Markus Hertrich
Agriculture exports, child labor and youth education: Evidence from 68 developing countries pp. 490-513 Downloads
Faqin Lin
Do exporters respond to both tariffs and nominal exchange rates? Evidence from Chinese firm‐product data pp. 514-548 Downloads
Zhe Chen and Yoshinori Kurokawa
A simple model of the Hukou system and Chinese exports pp. 549-565 Downloads
Laixun Zhao
Is the Internet bringing down language‐based barriers to international trade? pp. 566-605 Downloads
Erick Kitenge and Sajal Lahiri
Volatility transmission and volatility impulse response functions in the main and the satellite Renminbi exchange rate markets pp. 606-628 Downloads
Michael Funke, Julius Loermann and Andrew Tsang
Gravity of intermediate inputs in productivity spillovers: Evidence from foreign direct investment in China pp. 629-652 Downloads
Yiqing Xie and Xiao Wang
Relational links for insertion in non‐mass global value chains: Opportunities for middle‐income countries pp. 653-672 Downloads
Andrea Gonzalez and Juan Hallak

Volume 30, issue 1, 2022

Nonlinear spillover and portfolio allocation characteristics of energy equity sectors: Evidence from the United States and Canada pp. 1-33 Downloads
Jose Arreola Hernandez, Sang Hoon Kang and Seong-Min Yoon
Importing inputs for climate change mitigation: The case of agricultural productivity pp. 34-56 Downloads
Rodrigo Garcia‐Verdu, Alexis Meyer‐Cirkel, Akira Sasahara and Hans Weisfeld
Trade, emissions, and regulatory (non‐)compliance: Implications of firm heterogeneity pp. 57-82 Downloads
Juin‐Jen Chang, Yi‐Ling Cheng and Shin‐Kun Peng
The impact of trade with pure exporters pp. 83-112 Downloads
Bo Gao and Mich Tvede
Disaggregated gravity: Benchmark estimates and stylized facts from a new database pp. 113-136 Downloads
Ingo Borchert, Mario Larch, Serge Shikher and Yoto Yotov
The role of management practices in acquisitions and the FDI location decision pp. 137-165 Downloads
Marcus Biermann
Mobile capital, optimal tariff, and tariff war pp. 166-204 Downloads
Hajime Takatsuka and Dao-Zhi Zeng
Capital controls and the volatility of the renminbi covered interest deviation pp. 205-236 Downloads
Zhitao Lin, Jinzhao Chen and Xingwang Qian
Firm‐level trade effects of WTO accession: Evidence from Russia pp. 237-281 Downloads
Anca D. Cristea and Anna Miromanova
Trade and credit reallocation: How banks help shape comparative advantage pp. 282-305 Downloads
Christian Keuschnigg and Michael Kogler
What drives Chinese overseas M&A investment? Evidence from micro data pp. 306-344 Downloads
Clemens Fuest, Felix Hugger, Samina Sultan and Jing Xing
China’s import demand for agricultural products: The impact of the Phase One trade agreement pp. 345-368 Downloads
Robert Feenstra and Chang Hong

Volume 29, issue 5, 2021

Natural disasters, aggregate trade resilience, and local disruptions: Evidence from Hurricane Katrina pp. 1081-1120 Downloads
Felix Friedt
Different antidumping legislations within the WTO: What can we learn from China's varying market economy status? pp. 1121-1147 Downloads
Alexander-Nikolai Sandkamp and Erdal Yalcin
Optimal tariffs and firm technology choice: An environmental approach pp. 1148-1160 Downloads
Nico Steffen
Do non‐exporters lose from lower trade costs? pp. 1161-1185 Downloads
Facundo Piguillem and Loris Rubini
Propagation of economic shocks through global supply chains—Evidence from Hurricane Sandy pp. 1186-1220 Downloads
Yuzuka Kashiwagi, Yasuyuki Todo and Petr Matous
Financial market spillovers of U.S. monetary policy shocks pp. 1221-1274 Downloads
Jongrim Ha
Does value‐added tax reform boost firms’ domestic value added in exports? Evidence from China pp. 1275-1299 Downloads
Songbo Wu, Yue Lu and Xiaofeng Lv
Distributional effects of nonresident investors on the housing market and welfare pp. 1300-1326 Downloads
Yin Germaschewski and Shu‐Ling Wang
Trade policy uncertainty: Evidence from the Arab League countries pp. 1327-1357 Downloads
Atika Benaddi and Peri Silva
The interrelation between formal and informal institutions through international trade pp. 1358-1381 Downloads
Se Mi Park
Revisiting time as a trade barrier: Evidence from a panel structural gravity model pp. 1382-1417 Downloads
Harald Oberhofer, Michael Pfaffermayr and Richard Sellner
The impact of export promotion with matchmaking on exports and service outsourcing pp. 1418-1450 Downloads
Ryo Makioka
European financial systems through the crisis: Patterns and convergence pp. 1451-1485 Downloads
Tommaso Colozza and Emilio Barucci
Implications of exchange rate volatility for trade: Volatility measurement matters pp. 1486-1523 Downloads
Allison Roehling

Volume 29, issue 4, 2021

Trade and income in the long run: Are there really gains, and are they widely shared? pp. 703-731 Downloads
Diego A. Cerdeiro and András Komáromi
Sovereign default, political instability and political fragmentation pp. 732-755 Downloads
Antonio Cusato Novelli
Exogenous and endogenous sterilisation under managed exchange rates pp. 756-779 Downloads
George Pantelopoulos
Demand shocks, financial costs, and export margins: Evidence from China pp. 780-801 Downloads
Bo Chen, Junjie Hong, Ran Jing and Xiaonan Sun
Unintended consequences of tax incentives on export product quality: Evidence from a natural experiment in China pp. 802-837 Downloads
Dongmin Kong and Mengxu Xiong
Firm‐productivity and cross border merger pp. 838-859 Downloads
Arijit Mukherjee and Umut Erksan Senalp
The impact of free trade agreements in national markets: Evidence from the telecommunications sector in Latin America pp. 860-903 Downloads
Jose Luis Castillo Mezarina
Macroeconomic instability and targeting rules for monetary policy in an endogenously growing small open economy pp. 904-926 Downloads
Kuan‐jen Chen, Ching‐chong Lai and Ting‐wei Lai
Financial dollarization of households and firms: How does it differ by level of economic development? pp. 927-978 Downloads
Juan Corrales and Patrick Amir Imam
Trade liberalization, selection, and technology adoption with vertical linkages pp. 979-1012 Downloads
Antonio Navas and Antonella Nocco
Investor‐state dispute settlement and multinational firm behavior pp. 1013-1024 Downloads
Guttorm Schjelderup and Frank Stähler
Sovereign default and capital controls pp. 1025-1045 Downloads
Robert A. McDowall
Import competition and industry location in a small‐country model of productivity growth pp. 1046-1064 Downloads
Colin Davis and Ken-ichi Hashimoto
Capital mobility and the synchronization of business cycles: Evidence from the European Union pp. 1065-1079 Downloads
Krzysztof Beck

Volume 29, issue 3, 2021

Introduction pp. 485-486 Downloads
Makram El‐Shagi
Trade and currency weapons pp. 487-510 Downloads
Agnès Bénassy‐Quéré, Matthieu Bussiere and Pauline Wibaux
Bayesian estimation of the Eurozone currency union effect pp. 511-532 Downloads
Ronaldo Carpio and Meixin Guo
International trade with social comparisons pp. 533-556 Downloads
Zeng Lian, Jaimie W. Lien, Lin Lu and Jie Zheng
Global current account imbalances and the link between income and consumption inequality pp. 557-572 Downloads
Xinhua Gu, ChunKwok Lei, Li Sheng and Qingbin Zhao
Trade and capital flows: Substitutes or complements? An empirical investigation pp. 573-589 Downloads
Ansgar Belke and Clemens Domnick
IMF conditionality and capital controls: Capital account liberalization to capital inflow management? pp. 590-605 Downloads
Makram El‐Shagi and Steven J. Yamarik
The sources of international investment income in emerging market economies pp. 606-625 Downloads
Joseph Joyce
Regional real exchange rates and growth: Evidence from resource‐based regional economies pp. 626-640 Downloads
Kiril Tochkov
The case for starting a new exchange rate after debt settlement: Reexamining alternatives to Argentina’s exchange rate policy in 2001–2002 pp. 641-662 Downloads
Tai‐kuang Ho, Ya‐chi Lin and Kuo‐chun Yeh
Spillovers in global production networks pp. 663-680 Downloads
Erik Frohm and Vanessa Gunnella
The effects of external shocks on the business cycle in China: A structural change perspective pp. 681-702 Downloads
Michael Murach and Helmut Wagner

Volume 29, issue 2, 2021

Policy uncertainty and foreign direct investment pp. 195-227 Downloads
Sangyup Choi, Davide Furceri and Chansik Yoon
Decomposing episodes of large growth in international trade pp. 228-267 Downloads
Brandon Malloy
The impact of foreign capital flows on long‐term interest rates in emerging and advanced economies pp. 268-295 Downloads
Masahiro Inoguchi
The Leontief Paradox Redux pp. 296-313 Downloads
Kozo Kiyota
Did 272 billion dollars from China help stabilize business cycle fluctuations in recipient countries? pp. 314-358 Downloads
Loujaina Abdelwahed and Georgios Karras
Tax treaties worldwide: Estimating elasticities and revenue foregone pp. 359-401 Downloads
Petr Janský, Jan Láznička and Miroslav Palansky
Unemployment effects of trade with a low‐wage country: A minimum‐wage model with sector‐specific factors pp. 402-408 Downloads
Richard Brecher and Zhihao Yu
Fear thy neighbor: Spillovers from economic policy uncertainty pp. 409-438 Downloads
Nina Biljanovska, Francesco Grigoli and Martina Hengge
Exchange rate flexibility, the real exchange rate, and adjustment to terms‐of‐trade shocks pp. 439-483 Downloads
Yan Carrière‐Swallow, Nicolas Magud and Juan F. Yépez

Volume 29, issue 1, 2021

The interaction between macroprudential policy and monetary policy: Overview pp. 1-19 Downloads
Matthieu Bussiere, Jin Cao, Jakob de Haan, Robert Hills, Simon Lloyd, Baptiste Meunier, Justine Pedrono, Dennis Reinhardt, Sonalika Sinha, Rhiannon Sowerbutts and Konstantin Styrin
Home sweet host: A cross‐country perspective on prudential and monetary policy spillovers through global banks pp. 20-36 Downloads
Stefan Avdjiev, Bryan Hardy, Patrick McGuire and Goetz von Peter
Macroprudential policy and the inward transmission of monetary policy: The case of Chile, Mexico, and Russia pp. 37-60 Downloads
Georgia Bush, Tomás Gómez, Alejandro Jara, David Moreno, Konstantin Styrin and Yulia Ushakova
Le Pont de Londres: Interactions between monetary and prudential policies in cross‐border lending pp. 61-86 Downloads
Matthieu Bussiere, Robert Hills, Simon Lloyd, Baptiste Meunier, Justine Pedrono, Dennis Reinhardt and Rhiannon Sowerbutts
The interaction between macroprudential and monetary policies: The cases of Norway and Sweden pp. 87-116 Downloads
Jin Cao, Valeriya Dinger, Anna Grodecka‐Messi, Ragnar Juelsrud and Xin Zhang
Mortgage lending, monetary policy, and prudential measures in small euro‐area economies: Evidence from Ireland and the Netherlands pp. 117-143 Downloads
Mary Everett, Jakob de Haan, David-Jan Jansen, Peter McQuade and Anna Samarina
The transmission of bank capital requirements and monetary policy to bank lending in Germany pp. 144-164 Downloads
Bjorn Imbierowicz, Axel Löffler and Ursula Vogel
The effect of US stress tests on monetary policy spillovers to emerging markets pp. 165-194 Downloads
Friederike Niepmann, Tim Schmidt‐Eisenlohr and Emily Liu
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