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1996 - 2005

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Volume 45, issue 4, 2005

Managing Media and Advertising Change with Integrated Marketing pp. 356-361 Downloads
Bobby J. Calder and Edward C. Malthouse
Sequence Matters: A More Effective Way to Use Advertising and Publicity pp. 362-372 Downloads
Marsha D. Loda and Barbara Carrick Coleman
An IMC Approach to Event Marketing: The Effects of Sponsorship and Experience on Customer Attitudes pp. 373-381 Downloads
Julie Z. Sneath, R. Zachary Finney and Angeline Grace Close
Consumer Responses to Interactive Advertising Campaigns Coupling Short-Message-Service Direct Marketing and TV Commercials pp. 382-401 Downloads
, Randolph J. Trappey and Arch G. Woodside
The Effects of Expert and Consumer Endorsements on Audience Response pp. 402-412 Downloads
Alex Wang
Brand Equity Implications of Joint Branding Programs pp. 413-425 Downloads
Ed Lebar, Phil Buehler, Kevin Lane Keller, Monika Sawicka, Zeynep Aksehirli and Keith Richey
Management Slant pp. 427-428 Downloads

Volume 45, issue 3, 2005

Corporate Reputation: Our Role in Sustaining and Building a Valuable Asset pp. 290-293 Downloads
Louis Capozzi
Jazz, Gestalt, and the Year Ahead for Marketers pp. 294-295 Downloads
Josh Gilbert
Anholt Nation Brands Index: How Does the World See America? pp. 296-304 Downloads
Simon Anholt
Corporate Reputation: What Do Consumers Really Care About? pp. 305-313 Downloads
Graham Page and Helen Fearn
Managing Brand Portfolios: How Strategies Have Changed pp. 314-327 Downloads
Sylvie Laforet and John Saunders
Managing Sport Sponsorship Programs: Lessons from a Critical Assessment of English Soccer pp. 328-338 Downloads
Simon Chadwick and Des Thwaites
Defending the Co-Branding Benefits of Sponsorship B2B Partnerships: The Case of Ambush Marketing pp. 339-348 Downloads
Francis Farrelly, Pascale Quester and Stephen A. Greyser
The Best of Branding: Best Practices in Corporate Branding by James R. Gregory pp. 349-351 Downloads
Raymond Pettit

Volume 45, issue 2, 2005

Advertising's Role in Capitalist Markets: What Do We Know and Where Do We Go from Here? pp. 162-170 Downloads
Gerard J. Tellis
In Search of True Brand Equity Metrics: All Market Share Ain't Created Equal pp. 171-186 Downloads
Thomas J. Reynolds and Carol B. Phillips
Brand Key Performance Indicators as a Force for Brand Equity Management pp. 187-197 Downloads
Joel Rubinson and Markus Pfeiffer
Marketers Challenged to Respond to Changing Nature of Brand Building pp. 198-200 Downloads
Scott Davis
Radical Brand Evolution: A Case-Based Framework pp. 201-210 Downloads
Bill Merrilees
The Double Jeopardy Phenomenon and the Mediating Effect of Brand Penetration between Advertising and Brand Loyalty pp. 211-221 Downloads
Zhilin Yang, Zili Bi and Nan Zhou
The Role of Brand Parity in Developing Loyal Customers pp. 222-228 Downloads
Rajesh Iyer and James A. Muncy
How Behavioral Primacy Interacts with Short-Term Marketing Tactics to Influence Subsequent Long-Term Brand Choice pp. 229-240 Downloads
Arch G. Woodside and Mark D. Uncles
A Look at the Long-run Effectiveness of Multimedia Advertising and Its Implications for Budget Allocation Decisions pp. 241-254 Downloads
Demetrios Vakratsas and Zhenfeng Ma
Ten Years of Learning on How Online Advertising Builds Brands pp. 255-268 Downloads
Nigel Hollis
Measuring Affective Advertising: Implications of Low Attention Processing on Recall pp. 269-281 Downloads
Robert Heath and Agnes Nairn
How Brands Become Icons: The Principles of Cultural Branding pp. 282-283 Downloads
Tony Adams

Volume 45, issue 1, 2005

A Vision of Media Planning in 2010 pp. 2-4 Downloads
Ira Carlin
Getting Ready for the Next Generation of Marketing Communications pp. 5-8 Downloads
Arthur R. Tauder
Managing Brand Experience: The Market Contact Auditâ„¢ pp. 9-16 Downloads
Amitava Chattopadhyay and Jean-Louis Laborie
A Critical Review of “Managing Brand Experience: The Market Contact Audit™†pp. 17-18 Downloads
Raymond Pettit
Simultaneous Media Experience and Synesthesia pp. 19-26 Downloads
Joseph J. Pilotta and Don Schultz
Television Optimizers: Did They Change the Way We Do Business? pp. 27-33 Downloads
Andrew Green
Avoiding Television Advertising: Some Explanations from Time Allocation Theory pp. 34-48 Downloads
Rojas-Mã‰ndez, Jos㉠I. and Gary Davies
The Effects of Program Responses on the Processing of Commercials Placed at Various Positions in the Program and the Block pp. 49-59 Downloads
Marjolein Moorman, Peter C. Neijens and Edith G. Smit
Comparing the Current Effects and Carryover of National-, Regional-, and Local-Sponsor Advertising pp. 60-72 Downloads
J. Duncan Herrington and William A. Dempsey
A Managerial Investigation into the Product Placement Industry pp. 73-92 Downloads
Cristel Antonia Russell and Michael Belch
A Demographic and Psychographic Profile of Heavy Internet Users and Users by Type of Internet Usage pp. 93-123 Downloads
Henry Assael
Perceptions of Handbills as a Promotional Medium: An Exploratory Study pp. 124-131 Downloads
Gerard Prendergast and Yuen Sze Man
Information Source Usage and Purchase Satisfaction: Implications for Product-Focused Print Media pp. 132-139 Downloads
Laura L. Pingol and Anthony D. Miyazaki
Can English Language Media Connect with Ethnic Audiences? Ethnic Minorities' Media Use and Representation Perceptions pp. 140-153 Downloads
Carrie La Ferle and Wei-Na Lee
Management Slant pp. 155-158 Downloads

Volume 44, issue 4, 2004

Internet and Magazine Advertising: Integrated Partnerships or Not? pp. 317-326 Downloads
Ali M. Kanso and Richard Alan Nelson
Decay Effects in Online Advertising: Quantifying the Impact of Time Since Last Exposure on Branding Effectiveness pp. 327-332 Downloads
William J. Havlena and Jeffrey Graham
Viral Marketing or Electronic Word-of-Mouth Advertising: Examining Consumer Responses and Motivations to Pass Along Email pp. 333-348 Downloads
Joseph E. Phelps, Regina Lewis, Lynne Mobilio, David Perry and Niranjan Raman
Will Internet Users Pay for Online Content? pp. 349-359 Downloads
Wenyu Dou
Impact of Gender Differences on the Evaluation of Promotional Emails pp. 360-368 Downloads
Marissa V. Phillip and Rajneesh Suri
The Relationship between Interactive Functions and Website Ranking pp. 369-374 Downloads
Alan C. B. Tse and Chi-Fai Chan
The Waste in Advertising Is the Part That Works pp. 375-389 Downloads
Tim Ambler and E. Ann Hollier

Volume 44, issue 3, 2004

Using Consumer Attitudes to Value Brands: Evaluation of the Financial Value of Brands pp. 225-231 Downloads
Oliver Hupp and Ken Powaga
Brand Logic: A Business Case for Communications pp. 232-236 Downloads
James R. Gregory and Lawrence McNAUGHTON
Measuring Marketing Effectiveness and Value: The Unisys Marketing Dashboard pp. 237-243 Downloads
Amy Miller and Jennifer Cioffi
How the Pursuit of ROMI Is Changing Marketing Management pp. 244-254 Downloads
William A. Cook and Vijay S. Talluri
How to Fill the Accountability Gap in Demand Creation pp. 255-261 Downloads
Eric Einhorn
Evaluating Return on Investment of Multimedia Advertising with a Single-Source Panel: A Retail Case Study pp. 262-270 Downloads
Joan Fitzgerald
Quantifying the Ripple: Word-of-Mouth and Advertising Effectiveness pp. 271-280 Downloads
John E. Hogan, Katherine N. Lemon and Barak Libai
The NASCAR Phenomenon: Auto Racing Sponsorships and Shareholder Wealth pp. 281-296 Downloads
Stephen Pruitt, T. Bettina Cornwell and John Clark
Advertising as Public Diplomacy: Attitude Change among International Audiences pp. 297-311 Downloads
Alice Kendrick and Jami A. Fullerton

Volume 44, issue 2, 2004

Presidentorial pp. 163-163 Downloads
Robert L. Barocci
A Message from the Chairman of the AAAA to JAR Readers: Emotion in Advertising pp. 164-164 Downloads
Ken Kaess
The Importance of Being Ernest: Commemorating Dichter's Contribution to Advertising Research pp. 165-169 Downloads
Barbara B. Stern
What Advertising Testing Might Have Been, If We Had Only Known pp. 170-180 Downloads
Spike Cramphorn
On Measuring the Power of Communications pp. 181-187 Downloads
Bruce F. Hall
The Definition and Measurement of Creativity: What Do We Know? pp. 188-201 Downloads
Jaafar El-Murad and Douglas C. West
Capturing the Flow of Emotion in Television Commercials: A New Approach pp. 202-209 Downloads
Charles E. Young
The Morphological Approach for Unconscious Consumer Motivation Research pp. 210-215 Downloads
Dirk Ziems
How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market: by Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School Press, February 2003, ISBN: 1578518261, $29.95, 352 pp pp. 216-218 Downloads
William A. Cook

Volume 44, issue 1, 2004

The Role of Transactional versus Relational Data in IMC Programs: Bringing Customer Data Together pp. 3-18 Downloads
Debra Zahay, James Peltier, Don E. Schultz and Abbie Griffin
The Emergence of IMC: A Theoretical Perspective pp. 19-30 Downloads
Philip J. Kitchen, Joanne Brignell, Tao Li and Graham Spickett Jones
Understanding the Diffusion of Integrated Marketing Communications pp. 31-45 Downloads
Ilchul Kim, Dongsub Han and Don E. Schultz
Perceptions of IMC after a Decade of Development: Who's at the Wheel, and How Can We Measure Success? pp. 46-65 Downloads
William N. Swain
IMC as Theory and as a Poststructural Set of Practices and Discourses: A Continuously Evolving Paradigm Shift pp. 66-70 Downloads
Stephen J. Gould
Better Practices in Advertising Can Change a Cost of Doing Business to Wise Investments in the Business pp. 71-89 Downloads
Margaret H. Blair and Allan R. Kuse
Targeting Women's Clothing Fashion Opinion Leaders in Media Planning: An Application for Magazines pp. 90-107 Downloads
Vernette, Éric
Sports Celebrity Influence on the Behavioral Intentions of Generation Y pp. 108-118 Downloads
Alan J. Bush, Craig A. Martin and Victoria D. Bush
The Impact of Trademarks and Advertisement Size on Yellow Page Call Rates pp. 119-125 Downloads
Avery M. Abernethy and David Laband
Displacement and Reinforcement Effects of the Internet and Other Media as Sources of Advertising Information pp. 126-142 Downloads
James C. Tsao and Stanley D. Sibley
Super Bowl Advertising Effectiveness: Hollywood Finds the Games Golden pp. 143-159 Downloads
Rama Yelkur, Chuck Tomkovick and Patty Traczyk
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