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Volume 190, issue C, 2021

Analysis of tumor cells in the absence and presence of chemotherapeutic treatment: The case of Caputo-Fabrizio time fractional derivative pp. 1-14 Downloads
S. Kumar, Subir Das and S.H. Ong
Numerical hyperinterpolation over spherical triangles pp. 15-22 Downloads
A. Sommariva and M. Vianello
A new non targeted bone remodeling model combined with an interpolation meshless method pp. 23-37 Downloads
M. M.A. Peyroteo, J. Belinha and R.M. Natal Jorge
Model development and controller design for DC–DC Boost converters in BCM with parallel cellular architecture pp. 38-56 Downloads
Alexandre Borges Marcelo, Flávio Alessandro Serrão Gonçalves and Fernando Pinhabel Marafão
Analyzing the interaction of hybrid base liquid C2H6O2–H2O with hybrid nano-material Ag–MoS2 for unsteady rotational flow referred to an elongated surface using modified Buongiorno’s model: FEM simulation pp. 57-74 Downloads
Bagh Ali, Sajjad Hussain, Mohammad Shafique, Danial Habib and Ghulam Rasool
Bifurcation analysis of a new aquatic ecological model with aggregation effect pp. 75-96 Downloads
Xinxin Li, Hengguo Yu, Chuanjun Dai, Zengling Ma, Qi Wang and Min Zhao
Energy consumption prediction model with deep inception residual network inspiration and LSTM pp. 97-109 Downloads
Abdulwahed Salam and Abdelaaziz El Hibaoui
Tensor solutions in irregular domains: Eigenvalue problems pp. 110-130 Downloads
Osvaldo Guimarães, William Labecca and José R.C. Piqueira
Stability analysis and fixed-time control of credit risk contagion pp. 131-139 Downloads
Maziar Ebrahimi Dehshalie, Meisam Kabiri and Mahyar Ebrahimi Dehshali
Numerical solution of partial integro-differential equation with a weakly singular kernel based on Sinc methods pp. 140-158 Downloads
Da Xu
A stochastic age-structured HIV/AIDS model based on parameters estimation and its numerical calculation pp. 159-180 Downloads
Jie Ren, Qimin Zhang, Xining Li, Feilong Cao and Ming Ye
Numerical solution of a generalized boundary value problem for the modified Helmholtz equation in two dimensions pp. 181-191 Downloads
Olha Ivanyshyn Yaman and Gazi Özdemir
The influence of multiplicative noise on the stochastic exact solutions of the Nizhnik–Novikov–Veselov system pp. 192-202 Downloads
W.W. Mohammed and M. El-Morshedy
Monotonicity theorem for the uncertain fractional differential equation and application to uncertain financial market pp. 203-221 Downloads
Ting Jin and Xiangfeng Yang
Discrete and continuum models of COVID-19 virus, formal solutions, stability and comparison with real data pp. 222-230 Downloads
Hamdy I. Abdel-Gawad and Ahmed H. Abdel-Gawad
Cubature rules based on a bivariate degree-graded alternative orthogonal basis and their applications pp. 231-245 Downloads
L. Naserizadeh, M. Hadizadeh and A. Amiraslani
Exploring the behavior of malware propagation on mobile wireless sensor networks: Stability and control analysis pp. 246-269 Downloads
Sangeeta Kumari and Ranjit Kumar Upadhyay
N-soliton solution and the Hirota condition of a (2+1)-dimensional combined equation pp. 270-279 Downloads
Wen-Xiu Ma
The immersed interface method for Helmholtz equations with degenerate diffusion pp. 280-302 Downloads
Francisco Medina Dorantes, Reymundo Itzá Balam and Miguel Uh Zapata
Characteristic features of error in high-order difference calculation of 1D Poisson equation and unlimited high-accurate calculation under multi-precision calculation pp. 303-328 Downloads
Tsugio Fukuchi
Accurate numerical method to solve flux distribution of Poisson’s equation pp. 329-342 Downloads
Arata Hirokami, Samia Heshmat and Satoshi Tomioka
Second Chebyshev wavelets (SCWs) method for solving finite-time fractional linear quadratic optimal control problems pp. 343-361 Downloads
Omid Baghani
A new computational technique for the analytic treatment of time-fractional Emden–Fowler equations pp. 362-376 Downloads
Naveen S. Malagi, P. Veeresha, B.C. Prasannakumara, G.D. Prasanna and D.G. Prakasha
Computation of the normal form as well as the unfolding of the vector field with zero-zero-Hopf bifurcation at the origin pp. 377-397 Downloads
Miao Xue, Junting Gou, Yibo Xia and Qinsheng Bi
A hybrid MGA-MSGD ANN training approach for approximate solution of linear elliptic PDEs pp. 398-417 Downloads
Hamidreza Dehghani and Andreas Zilian
Statistically inspired multi-shift Arnoldi projection for on-chip interconnects pp. 418-428 Downloads
Rahila Malik, Mehboob Alam, Shah Muhammad, Rashida Hussain, Asghar Ali, Namra Akram, Faisal Zaid Duraihem and Anwar Ul Haq
Strong convergence of a Euler–Maruyama method for fractional stochastic Langevin equations pp. 429-448 Downloads
Arzu Ahmadova and Nazim I. Mahmudov
Effects of incubation and gestation periods in a prey–predator model with infection in prey pp. 449-473 Downloads
Fahad Al Basir, Pankaj Kumar Tiwari and Sudip Samanta
Symmetries in geometric control theory using Maple pp. 474-493 Downloads
Jaroslav Hrdina, Aleš Návrat and Lenka Zalabová
HOC–ADI schemes for two-dimensional Ginzburg–Landau equation in superconductivity pp. 494-507 Downloads
Linghua Kong, Yiyang Luo, Lan Wang, Meng Chen and Zhi Zhao
Estimation and prediction for a new Pareto-type distribution under progressive type-II censoring pp. 508-530 Downloads
A. Saadati Nik, A. Asgharzadeh and Mohammad Z. Raqab
Computational approach based on wavelets for financial mathematical model governed by distributed order fractional differential equation pp. 531-569 Downloads
Yashveer Kumar and Vineet Kumar Singh
A Ricker–type predator–prey system with hunting cooperation in discrete time pp. 570-586 Downloads
Yen-hsi Chou, Yunshyong Chow, Xiaochuan Hu and Sophia R.-J. Jang
A micro-mechanical model of viscoelastic woven fabric composites using operator based approach pp. 587-606 Downloads
A. Bhattacharjee and H. Roy
High order semi-implicit weighted compact nonlinear scheme for viscous Burgers’ equations pp. 607-621 Downloads
Yanqun Jiang, Xun Chen, Rong Fan and Xu Zhang
Role of Allee effect in prey and hunting cooperation in a generalist predator pp. 622-640 Downloads
Krishnanand Vishwakarma and Moitri Sen
Substructure exploitation of a nonsmooth Newton method for large-scale optimal control problems with full discretization pp. 641-658 Downloads
Blanca Pablos and Matthias Gerdts
Blade coating analysis of a viscoelastic Carreau fluid using Adomian decomposition method pp. 659-677 Downloads
Saira Bhatti, Muhammad Zahid, Rifaqat Ali, Albesha Sarwar and Hafiz A. Wahab
A novel spectral Galerkin/Petrov–Galerkin algorithm for the multi-dimensional space–time fractional advection–diffusion–reaction equations with nonsmooth solutions pp. 678-690 Downloads
Ramy M. Hafez, Mahmoud A. Zaky and Ahmed S. Hendy
Convergence analysis of a symmetric exponential integrator Fourier pseudo-spectral scheme for the Klein–Gordon–Dirac equation pp. 691-713 Downloads
Jiyong Li
Finite differences for higher order derivatives of low resolution data pp. 714-722 Downloads
Subramaniam Balakrishna and William W. Schultz
A novel image encryption algorithm based on SPWLCM and DNA coding pp. 723-744 Downloads
Shijie Zhang and Lingfeng Liu
Designing an ecologically optimized road corridor surrounding restricted urban areas: A mathematical methodology pp. 745-759 Downloads
N. García-Chan, L.J. Alvarez-Vázquez, A. Martínez and M.E. Vázquez-Méndez
A hybrid augmented compact finite volume method for the Thomas–Fermi equation pp. 760-773 Downloads
Tengjin Zhao, Zhiyue Zhang and Tongke Wang
Hopf bifurcation in a generalized Logistic reaction–diffusion population model with instantaneous and delayed feedback pp. 774-792 Downloads
Xiang-Ping Yan and Cun-Hua Zhang
Generalized adaptive backstepping sliding mode control for synchronizing chaotic systems with uncertainties and disturbances pp. 793-807 Downloads
Pikaso Pal, V. Mukherjee, Hinsermu Alemayehu, Gang Gyoo Jin and Gosa Feyisa
Bifurcations and multistability in a food chain model with nanoparticles pp. 808-825 Downloads
Mainul Hossain, N.C. Pati, Saheb Pal, Sourav Rana, Nikhil Pal and G.C. Layek
Cryptanalysis of hybrid secure image encryption based on Julia set fractals and three-dimensional Lorenz chaotic map pp. 826-836 Downloads
Noor Munir, Majid Khan, Sajjad Shaukat Jamal, Mohammad Mazyad Hazzazi and Iqtadar Hussain
A splitting method to solve a single nonlinear equation with derivative-free iterative schemes pp. 837-847 Downloads
Chein-Shan Liu, Hong-Ki Hong and Tsung-Lin Lee
A reaction–diffusion Susceptible–Vaccinated–Infected–Recovered model in a spatially heterogeneous environment with Dirichlet boundary condition pp. 848-865 Downloads
Jinliang Wang, Ran Zhang and Toshikazu Kuniya
Shape preserving rational cubic trigonometric fractal interpolation functions pp. 866-891 Downloads
K.R. Tyada, A.K.B. Chand and M. Sajid
On a posteriori error estimation using distances between numerical solutions and angles between truncation errors pp. 892-904 Downloads
A.K. Alekseev and A.E. Bondarev
Time domain model order reduction of discrete-time bilinear systems with Charlier polynomials pp. 905-920 Downloads
Yanpeng Li, Yaolin Jiang and Ping Yang
A new robust discrete-time sliding mode control design for systems with time-varying delays on state and input and unknown unmatched parameter uncertainties pp. 921-945 Downloads
Sonia Ghrab, Anouar Benamor and Hassani Messaoud
Optimal control of harvesting effort in a phytoplankton–zooplankton model with infected zooplankton under the influence of toxicity pp. 946-964 Downloads
Kulbhushan Agnihotri and Harpreet Kaur
Distributed Source Scheme to solve the classical form of Poisson equation using 3-D Finite-Difference Method for improved accuracy and unrestricted source position pp. 965-975 Downloads
Nithin Kumar Goona, Saidi Reddy Parne and S. Sashidhar
Bifurcation analysis in a predator–prey system with an increasing functional response and constant-yield prey harvesting pp. 976-1002 Downloads
Zuchong Shang, Yuanhua Qiao, Lijuan Duan and Jun Miao
A note on the approximate controllability of Sobolev type fractional stochastic integro-differential delay inclusions with order 1 pp. 1003-1026 Downloads
C. Dineshkumar, R. Udhayakumar, V. Vijayakumar, Kottakkaran Sooppy Nisar and Anurag Shukla
Self-triggering adaptive optimal control for nonlinear systems based on encoding mechanism pp. 1027-1047 Downloads
Xuyang Lou and Zheng Ji
A gradient based numerical approach to simulate elastic rod pp. 1048-1055 Downloads
Abdul Majid
Portfolio Value-at-Risk and expected-shortfall using an efficient simulation approach based on Gaussian Mixture Model pp. 1056-1079 Downloads
Seyed Mohammad Sina Seyfi, Azin Sharifi and Hamidreza Arian
Numerical investigation of MHD radiative heat and mass transfer of nanofluid flow towards a vertical wavy surface with viscous dissipation and Joule heating effects using Keller-box method pp. 1080-1109 Downloads
Ahmed Zeeshan, Aaqib Majeed, Muhammad Javed Akram and Faris Alzahrani
Energy-preserving scheme for the nonlinear fractional Klein–Gordon Schrödinger equation pp. 1110-1129 Downloads
Longbin Wu, Qiang Ma and Xiaohua Ding
Application of data-based solar field models to optimal generation scheduling in concentrating solar power plants pp. 1130-1149 Downloads
Manuel Jesús Vasallo, Emilian Gelu Cojocaru, Manuel Emilio Gegúndez and Diego Marín
Stability on positive pseudo almost periodic solutions of HPDCNNs incorporating D operator pp. 1150-1163 Downloads
Chuangxia Huang, Bingwen Liu, Chaofan Qian and Jinde Cao
Pinning generalized synchronization of dynamical networks via coordinate transformations pp. 1164-1175 Downloads
Juan Gonzalo Barajas-Ramírez, Adriana Ruiz-Silva and Andrés Anzo-Hernández
Mittag-Leffler stabilization of fractional infinite dimensional systems with finite dimensional boundary controller pp. 1176-1185 Downloads
Rui-Yang Cai, Hua-Cheng Zhou and Chun-Hai Kou
A new trisection method for solving Lipschitz bi-objective optimization problems pp. 1186-1205 Downloads
Bechir Naffeti and Hamadi Ammar
Implementation of hydraulically driven barrel shooting control by utilizing artificial neural networks pp. 1206-1223 Downloads
Oguz Yakut
Impedance learning control for physical human-robot cooperative interaction pp. 1224-1242 Downloads
Brahim Brahmi, Ibrahim El Bojairami, Mohamed-Hamza Laraki, Claude Ziad El-Bayeh and Maarouf Saad
A new approach for solving nonlinear algebraic systems with complementarity conditions. Application to compositional multiphase equilibrium problems pp. 1243-1274 Downloads
Duc Thach Son Vu, Ibtihel Ben Gharbia, Mounir Haddou and Quang Huy Tran
Well-balanced central schemes for pollutants transport in shallow water equations pp. 1275-1293 Downloads
R. Touma and M.A. Saleh
Influence of environmental noises on a prey–predator species with predator-dependent carrying capacity in alpine meadow ecosystem pp. 1294-1316 Downloads
Amartya Das and G.P. Samanta
High order discontinuous Galerkin method for reduced flow models in fractured porous media pp. 1317-1341 Downloads
Igor Mozolevski, Marcio A. Murad and Luciane A. Schuh
Solving nonlinear systems and unconstrained optimization problems by hybridizing whale optimization algorithm and flower pollination algorithm pp. 1342-1369 Downloads
M.A. Tawhid and A.M. Ibrahim
Long time behavior of Robin boundary sub-diffusion equation with fractional partial derivatives of Caputo type in differential and difference settings pp. 1370-1378 Downloads
Ahmed S. Hendy, Mahmoud A. Zaky and Mostafa Abbaszadeh
Motion of hybrid nanofluid (MnZnFe2O4–NiZnFe2O4–H2O) with homogeneous–heterogeneous reaction: Marangoni convection pp. 1379-1391 Downloads
Yi-Xia Li, Sumaira Qayyum, M. Ijaz Khan, Yasser Elmasry and Yu-Ming Chu
Benchmarking the geometrical robustness of a Virtual Element Poisson solver pp. 1392-1414 Downloads
Marco Attene, Silvia Biasotti, Silvia Bertoluzza, Daniela Cabiddu, Marco Livesu, Giuseppe Patanè, Micol Pennacchio, Daniele Prada and Michela Spagnuolo
A stable parallel algorithm for block tridiagonal toeplitz–block–toeplitz linear systems pp. 1415-1440 Downloads
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