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Volume 6, issue 6, 2012

Disruption management for commercial airlines: methods and results for the ROADEF 2009 Challenge pp. 669-689 Downloads
Christian Artigues, Eric Bourreau, H. Murat Afsar, Olivier Briant and Mourad Boudia
Disruptions in the airline industry: math-heuristics for re-assigning aircraft and passengers simultaneously pp. 690-712 Downloads
Raïd Mansi, Saïd Hanafi, Christophe Wilbaut and François Clautiaux
Extending metaheuristics based on bin packing for SALBP to PALBP pp. 713-732 Downloads
Nathalie Grangeon and Sylvie Norre
Managing reward and risk of the newsboy problem with range information pp. 733-750 Downloads
Guiqing Zhang, Yinfeng Xu, Yucheng Dong and Hongyi Li
Heuristics for the response time variability problem pp. 751-764 Downloads
Albert Corominas, Wieslaw Kubiak and Rafael Pastor
Penalty function approaches for ship multidisciplinary design optimisation (MDO) pp. 765-784 Downloads
Emilio Fortunato Campana, Giovanni Fasano and Daniele Peri

Volume 6, issue 5, 2012

A review of condition-based maintenance decision-making pp. 519-541 Downloads
Rosmaini Ahmad and Shahrul Kamaruddin
Bundling in a supply chain: insights and implications pp. 542-571 Downloads
Chirag Surti and Elkafi Hassini
The performance of combinatorial priority rules in a manufacturing flow shop pp. 572-595 Downloads
Felix T.S. Chan and Hing Kai Chan
Solving the single machine scheduling problem with general job-dependent past-sequence-dependent setup times and learning effects pp. 596-628 Downloads
H.M. Soroush
A comparison of semantic and spatial stimulus-response compatibility effects for human-machine interface design pp. 629-643 Downloads
Alan H.S. Chan and Calvin K.L. Or
Parameter estimation for the Birnbaum-Saunders distribution under an accelerated degradation test pp. 644-665 Downloads
Jyh-Wen Ho

Volume 6, issue 4, 2012

A two-phase methodology for modular product customisation pp. 391-421 Downloads
Hazem J. Smadi, Ali K. Kamrani and Sa'Ed M. Salhieh
The development of a hierarchical rough-cut capacity planning model and demand management system for fishing-net manufacturing pp. 422-440 Downloads
Chiung-Hsi Hsieh, Taho Yang, Chao-Ton Su and Cheng-Han Lin
Some polynomial solvable single-machine scheduling problems with a truncation sum-of-processing-times-based learning effect pp. 441-453 Downloads
Chin-Chia Wu, Yunqiang Yin, Wen-Hsiang Wu and Shuenn-Ren Cheng
Resolution of the two-part cyclic hoist scheduling problem with bounded processing times in complex lines' configuration pp. 454-473 Downloads
Adnen El Amraoui, Marie-Ange Manier, Abdellah El Moudni and Mohamed Benrejeb
Scheduling a bi-criteria flowshop manufacturing cell with sequence-dependent family setup times pp. 474-496 Downloads
Shih-Wei Lin and Kuo-Ching Ying
Online scheduling of flexible job-shops with blocking and transportation pp. 497-518 Downloads
Jens Poppenborg, Sigrid Knust and Joachim Hertzberg

Volume 6, issue 3, 2012

Revised simplex method and its application for solving fuzzy linear programming problems pp. 259-280 Downloads
S.H. Nasseri, H. Attari and A. Ebrahimnejad
The use of a simulation, a hybrid Taguchi, and dual response surface methods in the automated material handling system tool-to-tool strategy for a 300-mm fab pp. 281-300 Downloads
Taho Yang, Yu-An Shen, Chiwoon Cho and Yu-Ru Lin
The pipeline and valve location problem pp. 301-321 Downloads
Gilbert Laporte and Marta M.B. Pascoal
Material and process selection in product design using decision-making technique (AHP) pp. 322-346 Downloads
Salil Desai, Bopaya Bidanda and Michael R. Lovell
A Bayesian approach for measuring process performance with asymmetric tolerances pp. 347-368 Downloads
Chien-Wei Wu
An improved approach for constructing lower confidence bound on process yield pp. 369-390 Downloads
Chien-Wei Wu, Mou-Yuan Liao and James C. Chen

Volume 6, issue 2, 2012

Outsourcing and production scheduling technology adoption in Taiwan: an empirical study pp. 139-152 Downloads
Shu-Yun Peng, Hui-Ming Wee and Jui-Chin Jiang
Integrated cooperative inventory models with one vendor and multiple buyers in the supply chain pp. 153-176 Downloads
Ming-Feng Yang and Yi Lin
Permutation flowshops in group scheduling with sequence-dependent setup times pp. 177-198 Downloads
B. Naderi and Nasser Salmasi
Minimising makespan for multistage hybrid flowshop scheduling problems with multiprocessor tasks by a hybrid immune algorithm pp. 199-215 Downloads
Kuo-Ching Ying
The transportation value stream map (TVSM) pp. 216-233 Downloads
Bernardo Villarreal
Solving the optimal process target problem using computer-generated experimental designs pp. 234-258 Downloads
Paul L. Goethals and Byung Rae Cho

Volume 6, issue 1, 2012

A hybrid PSO-SA algorithm for the travelling tournament problem pp. 2-25 Downloads
Alireza Tajbakhsh, Kourosh Eshghi and Azam Shamsi
Optimal ordering policy in response to a temporary sale price when retailer's warehouse capacity is limited pp. 26-49 Downloads
Chih-Te Yang, Liang-Yuh Ouyang, Kun-Shan Wu and Hsiu-Feng Yen
A hybrid algorithm for fuzzy clustering pp. 50-67 Downloads
Z.H. Che
Inventory systems with variable capacity pp. 68-86 Downloads
Ilkyeong Moon, Byung-Hyun Ha and Jongchul Kim
Users' perceptions of usability and aesthetics as criteria of pre- and post-use preferences pp. 87-117 Downloads
Sangwon Lee and Richard J. Koubek
Lean Six Sigma (LSS): an implementation experience pp. 118-137 Downloads
Satya S. Chakravorty and Aakash D. Shah

Volume 5, issue 4, 2011

Branch-and-bound algorithms for scheduling in an m-machine permutation flowshop with a single objective and with multiple objectives pp. 361-387 Downloads
N. Madhushini and Chandrasekharan Rajendran
Multiproduct EPQ model with single machine, backordering and immediate rework process pp. 388-411 Downloads
Ata Allah Taleizadeh, Seyed Jafar Sadjadi and Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki
Subcontracting integration in a joint maintenance/production policy: study on profitability conditions pp. 412-423 Downloads
Mohammed Dahane, Nidhal Rezg and Christian Clementz
Minimising mean squared deviation of job completion times about a common due date in multimachine systems pp. 424-447 Downloads
B. Srirangacharyulu and G. Srinivasan
Performance modelling of autonomous vehicle storage and retrieval systems with generally distributed service times pp. 448-470 Downloads
Li Zhang, Ananth Krishnamurthy, Charles J. Malmborg and Sunderesh S. Heragu
A hybrid CP/MILP method for scheduling with energy costs pp. 471-489 Downloads
Alain Haït and Christian Artigues

Volume 5, issue 3, 2011

Modelling and analysis of semiconductor manufacturing in a shrinking world: challenges and successes pp. 254-271 Downloads
Chen-Fu Chien, Stephane Dauzere-Peres, Hans Ehm, John W. Fowler, Zhibin Jiang, Shekar Krishnaswamy, Tae-Eog Lee, Lars Monch and Reha Uzsoy
Experiences in implementing simulation-based support for operational decision making in semiconductor manufacturing pp. 272-291 Downloads
Ching-Hua Chen-Ritzo, Sugato Bagchi, Lindsay E. Burns and Steven C. Catlett
Simulation analysis of semiconductor manufacturing with small lot size and batch tool replacements pp. 292-312 Downloads
Kilian Stubbe and Oliver Rose
Queueing networks with batch service pp. 313-326 Downloads
Th. Hanschke and H. Zisgen
Machine capacity allocation strategies for scheduling a large multi-chip assembly line pp. 327-337 Downloads
Sang-Jin Lee and Tae-Eog Lee
Optimisation approaches for batch scheduling in semiconductor manufacturing pp. 338-359 Downloads
Andreas Klemmt, Gerald Weigert and Sebastian Werner

Volume 5, issue 2, 2011

An efficient hybrid algorithm for the two-machine no-wait flow shop problem with separable setup times and single server pp. 111-131 Downloads
Hamed Samarghandi and Tarek Y. ElMekkawy
Integrated system for maintenance and safety management through FMECA principles and fuzzy inference engine pp. 132-169 Downloads
Matteo Mario Savino, Alessandro Brun and Carlo Riccio
A framework for assessing the cost effectiveness of lean tools pp. 170-197 Downloads
Imad Alsyouf, Raid Al-Aomar, Heba Al-Hamed and Xiaojin Qiu
Economic order quantity models for deteriorating items and partial backlogging when demand is quadratic in time pp. 198-214 Downloads
Jinn-Tsair Teng, Hui-Ling Yang and Maw-Sheng Chern
Application of Taguchi method to analyse the impacts of common process and batch size in multistage production system under uncertain conditions pp. 215-231 Downloads
Md. Abdul Wazed, Shamsuddin Ahmed and Yusoff Nukman
Integrating surgeons' preferences in the operating theatre planning pp. 232-250 Downloads
Benoit Roland and Fouad Riane

Volume 5, issue 1, 2011

Monte Carlo simulation based procedures for solving block layout problems pp. 2-21 Downloads
Wai Kin Victor Chan and Charles J. Malmborg
Cell formation using a simulated annealing algorithm with variable neighbourhood pp. 22-42 Downloads
Kuo-Ching Ying, Shih-Wei Lin and Chung-Cheng Lu
Fuzzy adaptive resonance theory approach to supplier involvement in product development: a case study in Turkish automobile industry pp. 43-63 Downloads
Coskun Ozkan, Gulsen Akman, Gulsen Aydin Keskin and Fatma Mine Otkur
Heuristic for integrated purchasing and production planning pp. 64-80 Downloads
Supakanya Chinprateep and Rein Boondiskulchok
Application of a mathematical model to an intermediate- to long-term real-world steel production planning problem based on standard software pp. 81-100 Downloads
Andreas Witt and Stefan Voss
Vendor-buyer lot sizing problem with stochastic demand: an exact procedure under service level approach pp. 101-110 Downloads
Kadir Ertogral
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