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Volume 71, issue 4, 2018

Oil Abundance and Income Inequality pp. 825-848 Downloads
Dong-Hyeon Kim and Shu-Chin Lin
The Value of Air Quality in Chinese Cities: Evidence from Labor and Property Market Outcomes pp. 849-874 Downloads
Xuan Huang and Bruno Lanz
Preference for Landings’ Smoothing and Risk of Collapse in Optimal Fishery Policies: The Ibero-Atlantic Sardine Fishery pp. 875-895 Downloads
Renato Rosa, João Vaz, Rui Mota and Alexandra Silva
The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture: Findings from Households in Vietnam pp. 897-921 Downloads
Trong Anh Trinh
Fractional Integration Versus Structural Change: Testing the Convergence of $$\hbox {CO}_{2}$$ CO 2 Emissions pp. 923-968 Downloads
Marco R. Barassi, Nicola Spagnolo and Yuqian Zhao
The Representative Consumer Approximation Bias in Discrete Choice Welfare Analysis pp. 969-984 Downloads
Min Qiang (Kent) Zhao and Ju-Chin Huang
A Cautionary Note on the Use of Benefit Metrics for Cost-Effective Conservation pp. 985-999 Downloads
Jacob R. Fooks, Kent D. Messer and Maik Kecinski
The Impact of Resource Uncertainty and Intergroup Conflict on Harvesting in the Common-Pool Resource Experiment pp. 1001-1025 Downloads
Karolina Safarzynska
Decentralization Effects in Ecological Fiscal Transfers: A Bayesian Structural Time Series Analysis for Portugal pp. 1027-1051 Downloads
Nils Droste, Claudia Becker, Irene Ring and Rui Santos
Appropriate Payment Vehicles in Stated Preference Studies in Developing Economies pp. 1053-1075 Downloads
Suziana Hassan, Søren Bøye Olsen and Bo Jellesmark Thorsen

Volume 71, issue 3, 2018

Environmental Taxation, Inequality and Engel’s Law: The Double Dividend of Redistribution pp. 605-624 Downloads
David Klenert, Gregor Schwerhoff, Ottmar Edenhofer and Linus Mattauch
The Adding-Up Test in an Incentivized Value Elicitation Mechanism: The Role of the Income Effect pp. 625-644 Downloads
Levan Elbakidze and Rodolfo Nayga
How Much Does Wind Power Reduce $$\text {CO}_{2}$$ CO 2 Emissions? Evidence from the Irish Single Electricity Market pp. 645-669 Downloads
Valeria Di Cosmo and Laura Malaguzzi Valeri
The Value of Energy Efficiency and the Role of Expected Heating Costs pp. 671-701 Downloads
Andreas Mense
Who Wins from Emissions Trading? Evidence from California pp. 703-727 Downloads
Corbett Grainger and Thanicha Ruangmas
Non-market Value of Winter Outdoor Recreation in the Swiss Alps: The Case of Val Bedretto pp. 729-754 Downloads
Massimo Filippini, William Greene and Adan L. Martinez-Cruz
Valuing Air Quality in Indonesia Using Households’ Locational Choices pp. 755-776 Downloads
Jie-Sheng Tan Soo
Defining the Abatement Cost in Presence of Learning-by-Doing: Application to the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle pp. 777-800 Downloads
Anna Creti, Alena Kotelnikova, Guy Meunier and Jean-Pierre Ponssard
Correction to: Defining the Abatement Cost in Presence of Learning-by-Doing: Application to the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle pp. 801-801 Downloads
Anna Creti, Alena Kotelnikova, Guy Meunier and Jean-Pierre Ponssard
Emission Trading with Fiscal Externalities: The Case for a Common Carbon Tax for the Non-ETS Emissions in the EU pp. 803-823 Downloads
Jørgen Juel Andersen and Mads Greaker

Volume 71, issue 2, 2018

Groundwater Management in a Food Security Context pp. 319-336 Downloads
Jean-Christophe Pereau, Lauriane Mouysset and Luc Doyen
Structural Uncertainty and Pollution Control: Optimal Stringency with Unknown Pollution Sources pp. 337-355 Downloads
Richard T. Carson and Jacob LaRiviere
Economic Valuation of the Threat Posed by the Establishment of the Asian Tiger Mosquito in Australia pp. 357-379 Downloads
Paul Mwebaze, Jeff Bennett, Nigel W. Beebe, Gregor J. Devine and Paul Barro
Does FDI Bring Environmental Knowledge Spillovers to Developing Countries? The Role of the Local Industrial Structure pp. 381-405 Downloads
Lutao Ning and Fan Wang
Understanding Hurricane Evacuation Decisions Under Contingent Scenarios: A Stated Preference Approach pp. 407-425 Downloads
Pallab Mozumder and William F. Vásquez
Converting Forests to Farms: The Economic Benefits of Clearing Forests in Agricultural Settlements in the Amazon pp. 427-455 Downloads
Katrina Mullan, Erin Sills, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak and Jill Caviglia-Harris
Municipal Solid Waste, Market Competition and the EU Policy pp. 457-474 Downloads
Carlo Reggiani and Francesco Silvestri
Can Technology-Specific Deployment Policies Be Cost-Effective? The Case of Renewable Energy Support Schemes pp. 475-505 Downloads
Paul Lehmann and Patrik Söderholm
Climate Change Mitigation with Technology Spillovers pp. 507-527 Downloads
Renaud Foucart and Grégoire Garsous
Brown Growth, Green Growth, and the Efficiency of Urbanization pp. 529-549 Downloads
Martin Quaas and Sjak Smulders
The Impact of the European Emission Trading Scheme on Multiple Measures of Economic Performance pp. 551-582 Downloads
Giovanni Marin, Marianna Marino and Claudia Pellegrin
Information Exchange and Transnational Environmental Problems pp. 583-604 Downloads
Johnson Kakeu and Erik Paul Johnson

Volume 71, issue 1, 2018

Adaptation and International Environmental Agreements pp. 1-21 Downloads
Nahid Masoudi and Georges Zaccour
Health Impacts of Invasive Species Through an Altered Natural Environment: Assessing Air Pollution Sinks as a Causal Pathway pp. 23-43 Downloads
Benjamin Jones and Shana M. McDermott
Green Electricity Markets as Mechanisms of Public-Goods Provision: Theory and Experimental Evidence pp. 45-71 Downloads
Arnab Mitra and Michael R. Moore
Intertemporal Emission Permits Trading Under Uncertainty and Irreversibility pp. 73-97 Downloads
Aude Pommeret and Katheline Schubert
Natural Resource Federalism: Preferences Versus Connectivity for Patchy Resources pp. 99-126 Downloads
Christopher Costello and Daniel Kaffine
Shaping the Relationship Between Economic Development and Carbon Dioxide Emissions at the Local Level: Evidence from Spatial Econometric Models pp. 127-156 Downloads
Lina Meng and Bo Huang
North–South Negotiations on Emission Reductions: A Bargaining Approach pp. 157-177 Downloads
Dapeng Cai and Jie Li
Jurisdictional Tax Competition and the Division of Nonrenewable Resource Rents pp. 179-204 Downloads
Peter Maniloff and Dale T. Manning
Ecosystem Service Valuation for National Accounting: A Reply to Obst, Hein and Edens (2016) pp. 205-215 Downloads
Nils Droste and Bartosz Bartkowski
Authorship, Collaboration, Topics, and Research Gaps in Environmental and Resource Economics 1991–2015 pp. 217-239 Downloads
Maksym Polyakov, Morteza Chalak, Md. Sayed Iftekhar, Ram Pandit, Sorada Tapsuwan, Fan Zhang and Chunbo Ma
International Environmental Agreements—The Role of Foresight pp. 241-257 Downloads
Effrosyni Diamantoudi and Eftichios Sartzetakis
Convex Time Budgets and Individual Discount Rates in the Long Run pp. 259-277 Downloads
Therese C. Grijalva, Jayson Lusk, Rong Rong and W. Shaw
Environmental Policy in the Presence of Induced Technological Change pp. 279-299 Downloads
Antung Anthony Liu and Hiroaki Yamagami
Storm Damage and Risk Preferences: Panel Evidence from Germany pp. 301-318 Downloads
Goytom Abraha Kahsay and Daniel Osberghaus

Volume 70, issue 4, 2018

Taking Time for the Environment: On Timing and the Role of Delays in Environmental and Resource Economics pp. 731-736 Downloads
Lucas Bretschger and Sjak Smulders
Modeling Nonrenewable Resources Use with Multiple Demands and Multiple Sources pp. 737-755 Downloads
Gérard Gaudet and Stephen Salant
Green Attitude and Economic Growth pp. 757-779 Downloads
Ingrid Ott and Susanne Soretz
Optimum Growth and Carbon Policies with Lags in the Climate System pp. 781-806 Downloads
Lucas Bretschger and Christos Karydas
Does a Recession Call for Less Stringent Environmental Policy? A Partial-Equilibrium Second-Best Analysis pp. 807-834 Downloads
Inge M. Bijgaart and Sjak Smulders
Moving Toward Greener Societies: Moral Motivation and Green Behaviour pp. 835-860 Downloads
Lorenzo Cerda Planas

Volume 70, issue 3, 2018

The Effects of Disease on Optimal Forest Rotation: A Generalisable Analytical Framework pp. 565-588 Downloads
Morag F. Macpherson, Adam Kleczkowski, John R. Healey and Nick Hanley
Taking One for the Team: Is Collective Action More Responsive to Ecological Change? pp. 589-615 Downloads
Charles Sims, David Finnoff and Jason Shogren
Compensation Payments and Animal Disease: Incentivising Farmers Both to Undertake Costly On-farm Biosecurity and to Comply with Disease Reporting Requirements pp. 617-629 Downloads
Rob Fraser
The Allocation of Time and Risk of Lyme: A Case of Ecosystem Service Income and Substitution Effects pp. 631-650 Downloads
Kevin Berry, Jude Bayham, Spencer R. Meyer and Eli P. Fenichel
Economic Incentives for Managing Filterable Biological Pollution Risks from Trade pp. 651-671 Downloads
Carson Reeling and Richard D. Horan
A Portfolio-Balancing Approach to Natural Capital and Liabilities: Managing Livestock and Wildlife Diseases with Cross-Species Transmission pp. 673-689 Downloads
Richard D. Horan, Eli P. Fenichel, David Finnoff and Carson Reeling
What a Difference a Stochastic Process Makes: Epidemiological-Based Real Options Models of Optimal Treatment of Disease pp. 691-711 Downloads
C. E. Dangerfield, A. E. Whalley, N. Hanley and C. A. Gilligan
Managing Wildlife Faced with Pathogen Risks Involving Multi-Stable Outcomes pp. 713-730 Downloads
Richard D. Horan, David Finnoff, Kevin Berry, Carson Reeling and Jason Shogren

Volume 70, issue 2, 2018

Voluntary Cleanup Programs for Brownfield Sites: A Theoretical Analysis pp. 297-322 Downloads
Thomas P. Lyon, Haitao Yin, Allen Blackman and Kris Wernstedt
Windows of Opportunity for Sustainable Fisheries Management: The Case of Eastern Baltic Cod pp. 323-341 Downloads
Martin Quaas, Max T. Stoeven, Bernd Klauer, Thomas Petersen and Johannes Schiller
Climate Negotiations in the Lab: A Threshold Public Goods Game with Heterogeneous Contributions Costs and Non-binding Voting pp. 343-362 Downloads
Christian Feige, Karl-Martin Ehrhart and Jan Krämer
The Effects of Communication on the Partnership Solution to the Commons pp. 363-380 Downloads
Neil Buckley, Stuart Mestelman, R. Andrew Muller, Stephan Schott and Jingjing Zhang
Marine Ecosystem Considerations and Second-Best Management pp. 381-401 Downloads
Nicolas Querou and A. Tomini
Optimal Spatial-Dynamic Management of Stochastic Species Invasions pp. 403-427 Downloads
Kim Meyer Hall, Heidi Albers, Majid Alkaee Taleghan and Thomas G. Dietterich
Environmental Regulation and Sustainable Competitiveness: Evaluating the Role of Firm-Level Green Investments in the Context of the Porter Hypothesis pp. 429-455 Downloads
Jana Stoever and John P. Weche
Cooperation and Subgame Perfect Equilibria in Global Pollution Problems with Critical Threshold pp. 457-481 Downloads
Eric Bahel
Differentiated Carbon Prices and the Economic Cost of Decarbonization pp. 483-516 Downloads
Florian Landis, Sebastian Rausch and Mirjam Kosch
Does Daylight Savings Time Save Energy? Evidence from Ontario pp. 517-543 Downloads
Nicholas Rivers
What is an Unregulated and Potentially Misleading Label Worth? The case of “Natural”-Labelled Groceries pp. 545-564 Downloads
Julianna Butler and Christian Vossler

Volume 70, issue 1, 2018

Coherence, Causality, and Effectiveness of the EU Environmental Policy System: Results of Complementary Statistical and Econometric Analyses pp. 1-29 Downloads
Fabio Zagonari
Urban Structure and Environmental Externalities pp. 31-52 Downloads
Camille Regnier and Sophie Legras
Trade in Environmental Goods: Evidences from an Analysis Using Elasticities of Trade Costs pp. 53-75 Downloads
Lota Tamini and Zakaria Sorgho
Offset Credits in the EU ETS: A Quantile Estimation of Firm-Level Transaction Costs pp. 77-106 Downloads
Helene Naegele
Energy Efficiency Convergence in China: Catch-Up, Lock-In and Regulatory Uniformity pp. 107-130 Downloads
Jianhuan Huang, Yantuan Yu and Chunbo Ma
Measuring Stigma: The Behavioral Implications of Disgust pp. 131-146 Downloads
Maik Kecinski, Deborah Kerley Keisner, Kent Messer and William D. Schulze
On Environmental Regulation of Oligopoly Markets: Emission versus Performance Standards pp. 147-167 Downloads
Rabah Amir, Adriana Gama and Katarzyna Werner
Preference Heterogeneity in the Structural Estimation of Efficient Pigovian Incentives for Insecticide Spraying to Reduce Malaria pp. 169-190 Downloads
Zachary S. Brown and Randall Kramer
Technical Synergies and Trade-Offs Between Abatement of Global and Local Air Pollution pp. 191-221 Downloads
Jorge Bonilla Londoño, Jessica Coria and Thomas Sterner
Trade, Transboundary Pollution, and Foreign Lobbying pp. 223-248 Downloads
Charles Mason, Victoria I. Umanskaya and Edward Barbier
Valuing Global Ecosystem Services: What Do European Experts Say? Applying the Delphi Method to Contingent Valuation of the Amazon Rainforest pp. 249-269 Downloads
Ståle Navrud and Jon Strand
Modelling the Effect of Chronic Wasting Disease on Recreational Hunting Site Choice Preferences and Choice Set Formation over Time pp. 271-295 Downloads
Thuy Truong, Wiktor Adamowicz and Peter Boxall
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