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2022, volume 178, articles 2

Prevention Policy in an Uncertain Environment pp. 105-129 Downloads
Luigi Alberto Franzoni
Prevent or Cure? Trading in the Face of Skewed Binary Lotteries pp. 130-169 Downloads
Julien Jacob, Marielle Brunette and Louis Eeckhoudt
Ideology and Career Judges: Reviewing Labor Law in the Spanish Supreme Court pp. 170-190 Downloads
Nuno Garoupa, Fernando Gómez-Pomar and Adrián Segura
Diagnostics and Treatment: On the Division of Labor between Primary Care Physicians and Specialists pp. 191-229 Downloads
Malte Griebenow and Mathias Kifmann

2022, volume 178, articles 1

Efficiency of Liability-Sharing Rules: An Experimental Case pp. 1-42 Downloads
Julien Jacob, Eve-Angeline Lambert and Serge Garcia
Advertising and Price Competition in the Presence of Overlapping Ownership pp. 43-53 Downloads
Changying Li, Youping Li and Jianhu Zhang
Damage Measures for Contract Breach when Buyers Have Reference-Dependent Preferences pp. 54-79 Downloads
Tim Friehe and Christoph Rössler
Gender Differences in the Pursuit of Prestige in Charitable Giving: An Experiment pp. 80-103 Downloads
Jingping Li and Yohanes Riyanto


Feasible Institutions of Social Finance: A Taxonomy pp. 1-31 Downloads
Simon Cornée, Marc Jegers and Ariane Szafarz
A Duopoly of Strategic CSR Firms pp. 1-22 Downloads
Konjun Hamada

2021, volume 177, articles 4

Are you Injurer or Victim? Liability for Accidents under Role-Type Uncertainty pp. 391-403 Downloads
Nuno Garoupa and Adrián Segura
Prosecution and Conviction under Hindsight-Biased Information Updating in Adversary Legal Systems pp. 404-427 Downloads
Robin Christmann
Can R&D Input Influence Market Power? Facts about China's Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry pp. 428-448 Downloads
Ruoya Wang and Yaodong Zhou
Endowment Effects in Proposal Rights Contests pp. 449-476 Downloads
Youjin Hahn, Chulyoung Kim and Sang-Hyun Kim
Gender Diversity and Productive Signaling in the Workplace pp. 477-501 Downloads
Ferdinand von Siemens

2021, volume 177, articles 3

Are Interim Performance Evaluations Optimal when the Evaluations are Subject to Manipulation? pp. 239-260 Downloads
Xu Jiang
Institutional Imperfections and Buyer-Induced Holdout in Land Acquisition pp. 261-298 Downloads
Sreeparna Saha, Prabal Roy Chowdhury, Jaideep Roy and Grazyna Wiejak-Roy
Public-Private Competition in Regulated Markets pp. 299-336 Downloads
Ziad Ghandour
Price Competition and the Effects of Labour Unions on Innovation pp. 337-358 Downloads
Debasmita Basak
Balance Billing as an Adherence-to-Treatment Signalling Device pp. 359-390 Downloads
Damien Besancenot, Karine Lamiraud and Radu Vranceanu

2021, volume 177, articles 2

Libel Bullies, Defamation Victims, and Litigation Incentives pp. 135-166 Downloads
David J. Acheson and Ansgar Wohlschlegel
Believing in Corporate Social Responsibility: An Indirect Evolutionary Analysis pp. 167-177 Downloads
Werner Güth and Oliver Kirchkamp
Peer Effects under Different Relative Performance Feedback and Grouping Procedures pp. 178-204 Downloads
Kathrin Thiemann and Niklas Wallmeier
Some Economics of Echo Chambers pp. 205-219 Downloads
Martin Richardson and Frank Stähler
Social Preferences and Collusion: A Laboratory Experiment pp. 220-237 Downloads
Stephen J. Cotten, Youping Li and Rudy Santore

2021, volume 177, articles 1

Differentiation and Risk Aversion in Imperfectly Competitive Labor Markets pp. 1-27 Downloads
Christina Bannier, Eberhard Feess, Natalie Packham and Markus Walzl
Exoneree Compensation and Endogenous Plea Bargaining: Theory and Experiment pp. 28-55 Downloads
Chulyoung Kim and Sang-Hyun Kim
Rich and Poor: On the Emergence of a Sanctioning Institution pp. 56-80 Downloads
Adriana Alventosa and Gonzalo Olcina
Regulating Executive Pay: Incentive Contracts and Nonbinding Bonus Caps pp. 81-96 Downloads
Marcus Dittrich and Silvio Städter
The Paradox of Legal Unification pp. 97-119 Downloads
Bertrand Crettez and Olivier Musy
Coercion, Obnoxious Tasks, and Economic Efficiency pp. 120-134 Downloads
Soham Baksi, Pinaki Bose and Marc Law

2020, volume 176, articles 4

Corruption, Pricing of Public Services, and Entrepreneurship in Economies with Leakage pp. 595-619 Downloads
Vivekananda Mukherjee, Siddhartha Mitra and Swapnendu Banerjee (Bandyopadhyay)
Effective Leadership Selection in Complementary Teams pp. 620-639 Downloads
Keisuke Hattori and Mai Yamada
Philanthropy in a Secular Society pp. 640-664 Downloads
Benjamin Bittschi, Sarah Borgloh and Berthold U. Wigger
Choosing a Production Joint Venture Partner pp. 665-685 Downloads
Rong Ding, Chiu Yu Ko and Bo Shen
The Relationship between Economic Freedom and Poverty Rates: Cross-Country Evidence pp. 686-707 Downloads
Colin Doran and Thomas Stratmann
The Impact of Age on Nationality Bias and Cultural Proximity Bias: Evidence from Ski-Jumping pp. 708-734 Downloads
Hendrik Scholten, Sandra Schneemann and Christian Deutscher

2020, volume 176, articles 3

Ingratiation and Favoritism in Organizations pp. 413-445 Downloads
Agnieszka Rusinowska and Vassili Vergopoulos
Sequential versus Simultaneous Trust pp. 446-472 Downloads
Till Gross, Maroš Servátka and Radovan Vadovič
Pollution Permit Market and International Trade-Exposed Sector: Differentiated Allocations versus Border Adjustment pp. 473-495 Downloads
Michel Mougeot and Florence Naegelen
Voting Games: An Experimental Investigation pp. 496-525 Downloads
Friedel Bolle and Philipp E. Otto
The Effect of a Right-of-First-Refusal Clause in a First-Price Auction with Heterogeneous Risk-Averse Bidders pp. 526-548 Downloads
Karine Brisset, François Cochard and François Maréchal
Noncooperative and Cooperative Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility pp. 549-571 Downloads
Kosuke Hirose, Sang-Ho Lee and Toshihiro Matsumura
Joint Ownership of Production Projects as a Commitment Device against Interest Groups pp. 572-594 Downloads
Nicoletta Berardi and Paul Seabright

2020, volume 176, articles 2

Equilibrium Coexistence of Public and Private Firms and the Plausibility of Price Competition pp. 217-242 Downloads
Manipushpak Mitra, Rupayan Pal, Arindam Paul and P. M. Sharada
Competition between For-Profit and Nonprofit Health Care Providers and Quality pp. 243-275 Downloads
Rune Stenbacka and Mihkel Tombak
Probabilistic Patents, Alternative Damage Rules, and Optimal Tariffs pp. 276-311 Downloads
Apurva Dey, Arun Kumar Kaushik and Rupayan Pal
Securing Land Rights under Rapid Population Growth: The Feasibility of Institutional Land Rights Protection in Africa pp. 312-350 Downloads
Rein Haagsma and Pierre v. Mouche
Replication, Uncertainty, Complementarity, and Returns to Scale in the Production of Resilience pp. 351-376 Downloads
Kenneth I. Carlaw
Presumption of Innocence and Deterrence pp. 377-412 Downloads
Marie Obidzinski and Yves Oytana

2020, volume 176, articles 1

Probabilistic Causation in the Law pp. 4-17 Downloads
Frederick Schauer and Barbara A. Spellman
Three Concepts of Probabilistic Causation in the Law pp. 18-26 Downloads
Damiano Canale
Probabilistic Causation in Law pp. 27-32 Downloads
Martin Rechenauer
Judicial and Clinical Decision-Making under Uncertainty pp. 33-43 Downloads
Charles Manski
Uncertain Judges pp. 44-47 Downloads
Christoph Engel
Judicial and Clinical Decision-Making under Uncertainty pp. 48-53 Downloads
Jan M. Rost
Multiple Causes and Stacked Inferences pp. 54-72 Downloads
J. Shahar Dillbary
Multiple Causes and Stacked Inferences pp. 73-78 Downloads
Francesco Parisi
Multiple Causes and Stacked Inferences pp. 79-85 Downloads
Urs Schweizer
A Bayesian Approach to Event Studies for Securities Litigation pp. 86-111 Downloads
Jonah B. Gelbach and Jenny R. Hawkins
A Bayesian Approach to Event Studies for Securities Litigation pp. 112-114 Downloads
Daniel S. Nagin
A Bayesian Approach to Event Studies for Securities Litigation pp. 115-122 Downloads
Benjamin R. Baer and Martin T. Wells
Causation and Incentives with Updating Courts pp. 123-146 Downloads
Keith N. Hylton and Beixi Zhou
Causation and Incentives with Updating Courts pp. 147-151 Downloads
Dominique Demougin
Causation and Incentives in Updating Courts pp. 152-155 Downloads
Alan Miller
The Life you do Not Save: Reflections on the Causal Element in the Notion of a Decision's Consequences pp. 156-168 Downloads
Weyma Lübbe
The Life you do Not Save: Reflections on the Causal Element in the Notion of a Decision's Consequences pp. 169-174 Downloads
Kevin Hoover
The Life you do Not Save: Reflections on the Causal Element in the Notion of a Decision's Consequences pp. 175-179 Downloads
Julian Reiss
Consumer Misperception in a Hotelling Model: With and Without Price Discrimination pp. 180-203 Downloads
Oren Bar-Gill
A Variation with Risk-Averse Buyers and Demand Uncertainty pp. 204-209 Downloads
Olga Gorelkina
Consumer Misperception in a Hotelling Model: With and Without Price Discrimination pp. 210-213 Downloads
Nicola Persico
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