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2019, volume 175, issue 2

Vertical Boundaries and Endogenous Intensity of Social Comparison pp. 207-227 Downloads
Michael Kopel and Anna Ressi
Microfinance and Prosocial Behaviors: Experimental Evidence of Public-Good Contributions in Uganda pp. 228-257 Downloads
Bryan McCannon and Zachary Rodriguez
Entry License Tax: Stackelberg versus Cournot pp. 258-271 Downloads
Sususmu Cato and Toshihiro Matsumura
Social Norm and Giving with Indivisibility of Money: An Experiment on Selfishness, Equity, and Generosity pp. 272-290 Downloads
Te Bao and Xiaohua Yu
Decreasing Returns, Patent Licensing, and Price-Reducing Taxes pp. 291-307 Downloads
Debapriya Sen and Giorgos Stamatopoulos
Nonresponsiveness, Severity Auditing, and Upcoding Deterrence pp. 308-331 Downloads
Michel Mougeot and Florence Naegelen
Political Institutions and the Governmental Burden on Businesses pp. 332-371 Downloads
Ruiqing Zhong and Weifeng Zhong
Digital Piracy under a Graduated Response Policy pp. 372-393 Downloads
Michael Arnold, Eric Darmon, Sylvain Dejean and Thierry Pénard

2019, volume 175, issue 1

Kidneys without Money pp. 4-19 Downloads
Kimberly D. Krawiec
Assigning Protection: Can Refugee Rights and State Preferences be Reconciled? pp. 33-45 Downloads
James C. Hathaway
On the Importance of Relative Payoffs in Two-Sided Matching pp. 58-85 Downloads
Ernan Haruvy
When Algorithms Import Private Bias into Public Enforcement: The Promise and Limitations ofStatistical Debiasing Solutions pp. 98-122 Downloads
Kristen M. Altenburger and Daniel E. Ho
Using Technology to Eliminate Traffic Congestion pp. 126-139 Downloads
Peter Cramton, R. Richard Geddes and Axel Ockenfels
The Limits of Smart Contracts pp. 149-162 Downloads
Jens Frankenreiter
Democratic Blockchain Design pp. 163-177 Downloads
Yoan Hermstrüwer
What Can we Learn from Stock Prices?: Cash Flow, Risk, and Shareholder Welfare pp. 178-195 Downloads
Joshua Mitts


Contract, Renegotiation, and Holdup: An Optimal Contract when Interim Renegotiation Is Possible pp. 1-29 Downloads
Daniel Göller
Toward an Economic Theory of Religious Belief and the Emergence of Law pp. 1-22 Downloads
Metin Cosgel and Thomas J. Miceli
Signalling, Productivity, and Investment pp. 1-43 Downloads
Anastasios Dosis
More Rights, Less Income?: An Economic Analysis of the New Copyright Law in Germany pp. 1-39 Downloads
Michael Karas and Roland Kirstein
Limited Liability, Liability Cap, and Pretrial Negotiation pp. 1-23 Downloads
Hee Keun Jeong and Jeong-Yoo Kim

2018, volume 174, issue 4

On the Difficulty of Collusion in the Presence of a More Efficient Outsider pp. 595-628 Downloads
Guillaume Cheikbossian and Philippe Mahenc
Volunteer's Uncertainty Dilemma pp. 629-650 Downloads
Tim Friehe and Avraham Tabbach
Income Taxes and Risky Investment Decisions: An Experiment on Behavioral Tax Biases pp. 651-688 Downloads
Martin Fochmann and Kristina Hemmerich
Optimal Privatization and Subsidization Policies in a Mixed Duopoly: Relevance of a Cost Gap pp. 689-706 Downloads
Yoshihiro Tomaru and Leonard F. S. Wang
The Grand Experiment of Communism: Discovering the Trade-Off between Equality and Efficiency pp. 707-742 Downloads
Etienne Farvaque, Alexander Mihailov and Alireza Naghavi
Damaged Durable Goods, Upgrades, and the Coase Conjecture pp. 743-765 Downloads
Altan Basak

2018, volume 174, issue 3

Can Competition Reduce Quality? pp. 421-447 Downloads
Kurt R. Brekke, Luigi Siciliani and Odd Rune Straume
Cartel Conduct and Antitrust Compliance with Imperfect Information about Enforcement Risk pp. 448-475 Downloads
Johannes Paha
A Signaling Theory of Limited Supply pp. 476-494 Downloads
Taradas Bandyopadhyay, Baomin Dong and Cheng-Zhong Qin
Horizontal Mergers and Wage Inequality pp. 495-513 Downloads
Jiancai Pi and Pengqing Zhang
Competitive Equilibrium with Restricted Participation: The Case of Circular Trade pp. 514-547 Downloads
Luciana Fiorini, Wilfredo Maldonado and José Rodrigues-Neto
Rawlsian versus Utilitarian: Teachers' Incentives and the Distribution of Student Performance pp. 548-569 Downloads
Yongzheng Liu and Yongsheng Xu
Legal Advertising and Frivolous Lawsuits pp. 570-593 Downloads
Yannick Gabuthy and Eve-Angeline Lambert

2018, volume 174, issue 2

The Evaluation of Pension Reforms in the Public Sector: A Case Study of the Paris Subway Drivers pp. 245-277 Downloads
Touria Jaaidane and Robert Gary-Bobo
Centralised Labour Market Negotiations: Strategic Behaviour Curbs Employment pp. 278-302 Downloads
Julia Müller and Thorsten Upmann
The Duration of Judicial Deliberation: Evidence from Belgium pp. 303-333 Downloads
Samantha Bielen, Wim Marneffe, Peter Grajzl and Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl
Optimal Indirect Taxes and Subsidies under Imperfect Competition pp. 334-350 Downloads
Hao Wang
Skill Diversity and Leadership in Team Production pp. 351-374 Downloads
Keisuke Hattori and Mai Yamada
Niche-Product Offering in the Spokes Model pp. 375-398 Downloads
Tina Kao, Reiko Aoki and John Hillas
Information Aggregation through Stock Prices and the Cost of Capital pp. 399-420 Downloads
Olga Gorelkina and Wolfgang Kuhle

2018, volume 174, issue 1

Empirical Methods for the Law pp. 5-23 Downloads
Christoph Engel
Empirical Methods for the Law pp. 24-28 Downloads
Daniel Gilbert and Martin T. Wells
What Should Empirical Legal Economists Do? pp. 29-33 Downloads
Jonathan Klick
Assessing Access-to-Justice Outreach Strategies pp. 34-63 Downloads
J.J. Prescott
Assessing Access-to-Justice Outreach Strategies pp. 64-72 Downloads
Jeffrey Fagan
Assessing Access-to-Justice Outreach Strategies pp. 73-76 Downloads
Henry Hansmann
Constitutions of Exception: The Constitutional Foundations of the Interruption of Executive and Legislative Function pp. 77-98 Downloads
Jonathan Katz and Mathew D. McCubbins
Beware of Causal Inferences pp. 99-104 Downloads
Klaus Fiedler
Verstehen (causal/interpretative understanding), Erklären (law-governed description/prediction), and Empirical Legal Studies pp. 105-114 Downloads
Julio Michael Stern
Multilevel Selection in Litigation Data: A Bounds Approach pp. 115-130 Downloads
Eric Helland and Jungmo Yoon
Does a Bounds Approach Help with Selection in Litigation Data? pp. 131-136 Downloads
Oliver Kirchkamp
Partial Identification and Empirical Methods for the Law: Remarks Inspired by Helland and Yoon pp. 137-142 Downloads
Jörg Stoye
Maybe there Is No Bias in the Selection of Disputes for Litigation pp. 143-170 Downloads
Eric Helland, Daniel Klerman and Yoon-Ho Alex Lee
Maybe there Is No Bias in the Selection of Disputes for Litigation pp. 171-176 Downloads
Jonah B. Gelbach
Maybe there Is No Bias in the Selection of Disputes for Litigation pp. 177-182 Downloads
Urs Schweizer
Is the Future of Law a Driverless Car?: Assessing How the Data-Analytics Revolution will Transform Legal Practice pp. 183-205 Downloads
Eric L. Talley
Emerging Tools for a "Driverless" Legal System pp. 206-213 Downloads
Elliott Ash
Will AI Eat ELS? pp. 214-219 Downloads
Michael A. Livermore
The Politics of Legal Empirics: Do Political Attitudes Predict the Results of Empirical Legal Scholarship? pp. 220-231 Downloads
Jeffrey J. Rachlinski
The Politics of Legal Empirics: Do Political Attitudes Predict the Results of Empirical Legal Scholarship? pp. 232-237 Downloads
Sharon Crasnow
Investigating the Politics of Legal Empirics: Possible Next Steps pp. 238-243 Downloads
Kathryn Zeiler
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