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2020, volume 176, issue 3

Ingratiation and Favoritism in Organizations pp. 413-445 Downloads
Agnieszka Rusinowska and Vassili Vergopoulos
Sequential versus Simultaneous Trust pp. 446-472 Downloads
Till Gross, Maroš Servátka and Radovan Vadovič
Pollution Permit Market and International Trade-Exposed Sector: Differentiated Allocations versus Border Adjustment pp. 473-495 Downloads
Michel Mougeot and Florence Naegelen
Voting Games: An Experimental Investigation pp. 496-525 Downloads
Friedel Bolle and Philipp E. Otto
The Effect of a Right-of-First-Refusal Clause in a First-Price Auction with Heterogeneous Risk-Averse Bidders pp. 526-548 Downloads
Karine Brisset, François Cochard and François Maréchal
Noncooperative and Cooperative Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility pp. 549-571 Downloads
Kosuke Hirose, Sang-Ho Lee and Toshihiro Matsumura
Joint Ownership of Production Projects as a Commitment Device against Interest Groups pp. 572-594 Downloads
Nicoletta Berardi and Paul Seabright

2020, volume 176, issue 2

Equilibrium Coexistence of Public and Private Firms and the Plausibility of Price Competition pp. 217-242 Downloads
Manipushpak Mitra, Rupayan Pal, Arindam Paul and P. M. Sharada
Competition between For-Profit and Nonprofit Health Care Providers and Quality pp. 243-275 Downloads
Rune Stenbacka and Mihkel Tombak
Probabilistic Patents, Alternative Damage Rules, and Optimal Tariffs pp. 276-311 Downloads
Apurva Dey, Arun Kumar Kaushik and Rupayan Pal
Securing Land Rights under Rapid Population Growth: The Feasibility of Institutional Land Rights Protection in Africa pp. 312-350 Downloads
Rein Haagsma and Pierre v. Mouche
Replication, Uncertainty, Complementarity, and Returns to Scale in the Production of Resilience pp. 351-376 Downloads
Kenneth I. Carlaw
Presumption of Innocence and Deterrence pp. 377-412 Downloads
Marie Obidzinski and Yves Oytana

2020, volume 176, issue 1

Probabilistic Causation in the Law pp. 4-17 Downloads
Frederick Schauer and Barbara A. Spellman
Three Concepts of Probabilistic Causation in the Law pp. 18-26 Downloads
Damiano Canale
Probabilistic Causation in Law pp. 27-32 Downloads
Martin Rechenauer
Judicial and Clinical Decision-Making under Uncertainty pp. 33-43 Downloads
Charles Manski
Uncertain Judges pp. 44-47 Downloads
Christoph Engel
Judicial and Clinical Decision-Making under Uncertainty pp. 48-53 Downloads
Jan M. Rost
Multiple Causes and Stacked Inferences pp. 54-72 Downloads
J. Shahar Dillbary
Multiple Causes and Stacked Inferences pp. 73-78 Downloads
Francesco Parisi
Multiple Causes and Stacked Inferences pp. 79-85 Downloads
Urs Schweizer
A Bayesian Approach to Event Studies for Securities Litigation pp. 86-111 Downloads
Jonah B. Gelbach and Jenny R. Hawkins
A Bayesian Approach to Event Studies for Securities Litigation pp. 112-114 Downloads
Daniel S. Nagin
A Bayesian Approach to Event Studies for Securities Litigation pp. 115-122 Downloads
Benjamin R. Baer and Martin T. Wells
Causation and Incentives with Updating Courts pp. 123-146 Downloads
Keith N. Hylton and Beixi Zhou
Causation and Incentives with Updating Courts pp. 147-151 Downloads
Dominique Demougin
Causation and Incentives in Updating Courts pp. 152-155 Downloads
Alan Miller
The Life you do Not Save: Reflections on the Causal Element in the Notion of a Decision's Consequences pp. 156-168 Downloads
Weyma Lübbe
The Life you do Not Save: Reflections on the Causal Element in the Notion of a Decision's Consequences pp. 169-174 Downloads
Kevin Hoover
The Life you do Not Save: Reflections on the Causal Element in the Notion of a Decision's Consequences pp. 175-179 Downloads
Julian Reiss
Consumer Misperception in a Hotelling Model: With and Without Price Discrimination pp. 180-203 Downloads
Oren Bar-Gill
A Variation with Risk-Averse Buyers and Demand Uncertainty pp. 204-209 Downloads
Olga Gorelkina
Consumer Misperception in a Hotelling Model: With and Without Price Discrimination pp. 210-213 Downloads
Nicola Persico


Choosing a Production Joint Venture Partner pp. 1-21 Downloads
Rong Ding, Chiu Yu Ko and Bo Shen
The Relationship between Economic Freedom and Poverty Rates: Cross-Country Evidence pp. 1-22 Downloads
Colin Doran and Thomas Stratmann
Effective Leadership Selection in Complementary Teams pp. 1-20 Downloads
Keisuke Hattori and Mai Yamada
Philanthropy in a Secular Society pp. 1-25 Downloads
Benjamin Bittschi, Sarah Borgloh and Berthold U. Wigger
The Impact of Age on Nationality Bias and Cultural Proximity Bias: Evidence from Ski-Jumping pp. 1-27 Downloads
Hendrik Scholten, Sandra Schneemann and Christian Deutscher

2019, volume 175, issue 4

The Differential Impact of Subsidies on Product Improvements pp. 583-616 Downloads
Ralph B. Siebert
Wars of Conquest and Independence pp. 617-640 Downloads
Hadi Yektaş, Magnus Hoffmann, Friedhelm Hentschel and Roland Hodler
Limited Liability, Liability Cap, and Pretrial Negotiation pp. 641-663 Downloads
Hee Keun Jeong and Jeong-Yoo Kim
Investments, Positive Externalities, and Majority Bargaining pp. 664-691 Downloads
Daniel Cardona and Antoni Rubí-Barceló
Toward an Economic Theory of Religious Belief and the Emergence of Law pp. 692-713 Downloads
Metin Cosgel and Thomas J. Miceli
Bargaining to Design Contracts under Moral Hazard pp. 714-735 Downloads
Yanbin Chen, Pu Chen, Yumei Guo, Sanxi Li and Dongmin Yao
Contract, Renegotiation, and Holdup: An Optimal Contract when Interim Renegotiation Is Possible pp. 736-764 Downloads
Daniel Göller

2019, volume 175, issue 3

Narrow Identities pp. 395-419 Downloads
Partha Dasgupta and Sanjeev Goyal
More Rights, Less Income?: An Economic Analysis of the New Copyright Law in Germany pp. 420-458 Downloads
Michael Karas and Roland Kirstein
Signalling, Productivity, and Investment pp. 459-501 Downloads
Anastasios Dosis
Compulsory Disclosure of Private Information: Theoretical and Experimental Results for the Acquiring-a-Company Game pp. 502-523 Downloads
Werner Güth, Kerstin Pull, Manfred Stadler and Alexandra Zaby
Product Varieties in a Quality-Differentiated Goods Monopoly pp. 524-536 Downloads
Changying Li and Jianhu Zhang
Product and Process R&D under Asymmetric Demands pp. 537-557 Downloads
Yi-Jie Wang, Kung-Cheng Andy Wang, Wen-Jung Liang and Bo-Yi Lee
The Divergent Effects of Long-Term and Short-Term Entry Investments on Multimarket Cartels pp. 558-581 Downloads
Daniel Cracau and Abdolkarim Sadrieh

2019, volume 175, issue 2

Vertical Boundaries and Endogenous Intensity of Social Comparison pp. 207-227 Downloads
Michael Kopel and Anna Ressi
Microfinance and Prosocial Behaviors: Experimental Evidence of Public-Good Contributions in Uganda pp. 228-257 Downloads
Bryan McCannon and Zachary Rodriguez
Entry License Tax: Stackelberg versus Cournot pp. 258-271 Downloads
Sususmu Cato and Toshihiro Matsumura
Social Norm and Giving with Indivisibility of Money: An Experiment on Selfishness, Equity, and Generosity pp. 272-290 Downloads
Te Bao and Xiaohua Yu
Decreasing Returns, Patent Licensing, and Price-Reducing Taxes pp. 291-307 Downloads
Debapriya Sen and Giorgos Stamatopoulos
Nonresponsiveness, Severity Auditing, and Upcoding Deterrence pp. 308-331 Downloads
Michel Mougeot and Florence Naegelen
Political Institutions and the Governmental Burden on Businesses pp. 332-371 Downloads
Ruiqing Zhong and Weifeng Zhong
Digital Piracy under a Graduated Response Policy pp. 372-393 Downloads
Michael Arnold, Eric Darmon, Sylvain Dejean and Thierry Pénard

2019, volume 175, issue 1

Kidneys without Money pp. 4-19 Downloads
Kimberly D. Krawiec
Assigning Protection: Can Refugee Rights and State Preferences be Reconciled? pp. 33-45 Downloads
James C. Hathaway
On the Importance of Relative Payoffs in Two-Sided Matching pp. 58-85 Downloads
Ernan Haruvy
When Algorithms Import Private Bias into Public Enforcement: The Promise and Limitations ofStatistical Debiasing Solutions pp. 98-122 Downloads
Kristen M. Altenburger and Daniel E. Ho
Using Technology to Eliminate Traffic Congestion pp. 126-139 Downloads
Peter Cramton, R. Richard Geddes and Axel Ockenfels
The Limits of Smart Contracts pp. 149-162 Downloads
Jens Frankenreiter
Democratic Blockchain Design pp. 163-177 Downloads
Yoan Hermstrüwer
What Can we Learn from Stock Prices?: Cash Flow, Risk, and Shareholder Welfare pp. 178-195 Downloads
Joshua Mitts
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