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Volume 1, issue 12, 2018

To co-produce or not to co-produce pp. 722-724 Downloads
Maria Carmen Lemos, James C. Arnott, Nicole M. Ardoin, Kristin Baja, Angela T. Bednarek, Art Dewulf, Clare Fieseler, Kristen A. Goodrich, Kripa Jagannathan, Nicole Klenk, Katharine J. Mach, Alison M. Meadow, Ryan Meyer, Richard Moss, Leah Nichols, K. Dana Sjostrom, Missy Stults, Esther Turnhout, Catherine Vaughan, Gabrielle Wong-Parodi and Carina Wyborn
Urban biodiversity arks pp. 725-727 Downloads
H. Bradley Shaffer
Bridging behavioural science–policy gaps pp. 728-729 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Altered fire regimes pp. 730-730 Downloads
William Burnside
Complex decisions pp. 731-731 Downloads
Monica Contestabile
Human–nature relations pp. 732-732 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Sustainable protein provisioning pp. 733-734 Downloads
Michael W. Hamm
Flying sustainably with forest leftovers pp. 735-736 Downloads
Sgouris Sgouridis
Resource nexus perspectives towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals pp. 737-743 Downloads
Raimund Bleischwitz, Catalina Spataru, Stacy D. VanDeveer, Michael Obersteiner, Ester Voet, Corey Johnson, Philip Andrews-Speed, Tim Boersma, Holger Hoff and Detlef P. Vuuren
Management for sustainability pp. 744-749 Downloads
Dror Etzion
Wastewater treatment for carbon capture and utilization pp. 750-758 Downloads
Lu Lu, Jeremy S. Guest, Catherine A. Peters, Xiuping Zhu, Greg H. Rau and Zhiyong Jason Ren
Building back bigger in hurricane strike zones pp. 759-762 Downloads
Eli D. Lazarus, Patrick W. Limber, Evan B. Goldstein, Rosie Dodd and Scott B. Armstrong
Passive solar high-yield seawater desalination by modular and low-cost distillation pp. 763-772 Downloads
Eliodoro Chiavazzo, Matteo Morciano, Francesca Viglino, Matteo Fasano and Pietro Asinari
Income growth and climate change effects on global nutrition security to mid-century pp. 773-781 Downloads
Gerald Nelson, Jessica Bogard, Keith Lividini, Joanne Arsenault, Malcolm Riley, Timothy Sulser, Daniel Mason-D’Croz, Brendan Power, David Gustafson, Mario Herrero, Keith Wiebe, Karen Cooper, Roseline Remans and Mark Rosegrant
The potential of future foods for sustainable and healthy diets pp. 782-789 Downloads
A. Parodi, A. Leip, I. J. M. Boer, P. M. Slegers, F. Ziegler, E. H. M. Temme, M. Herrero, H. Tuomisto, H. Valin, C. E. Middelaar, J. J. A. Loon and H. H. E. Zanten
The global extent of biodiversity offset implementation under no net loss policies pp. 790-798 Downloads
Joseph William Bull and Niels Strange
Contribution of jet fuel from forest residues to multiple Sustainable Development Goals pp. 799-807 Downloads
Otavio Cavalett and Francesco Cherubini
Normalized hurricane damage in the continental United States 1900–2017 pp. 808-813 Downloads
Jessica Weinkle, Chris Landsea, Douglas Collins, Rade Musulin, Ryan P. Crompton, Philip J. Klotzbach and Roger Pielke
Author Correction: Quantification of energy and carbon costs for mining cryptocurrencies pp. 814-814 Downloads
Max J. Krause and Thabet Tolaymat

Volume 1, issue 11, 2018

Traditional conservation strategies still the best option pp. 608-610 Downloads
Britaldo Soares-Filho and Raoni Rajão
The future of Brazilian seas pp. 611-612 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Green commercial buildings save energy pp. 613-614 Downloads
Matthaios Santamouris
On the mathematics of sustainability pp. 615-616 Downloads
Axel G. Rossberg
Water shortages worsened by reservoir effects pp. 617-622 Downloads
Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Niko Wanders, Amir AghaKouchak, Linda Kuil, Sally Rangecroft, Ted I. E. Veldkamp, Margaret Garcia, Pieter R. van Oel, Korbinian Breinl and Anne F. Van Loon
Land degradation and poverty pp. 623-631 Downloads
Edward Barbier and Jacob Hochard
Better sustainability assessment of green buildings with high-frequency data pp. 642-649 Downloads
Yueming Qiu and Matthew Kahn
Unintended multispecies co-benefits of an Amazonian community-based conservation programme pp. 650-656 Downloads
João V. Campos-Silva, Joseph E. Hawes, Paulo C. M. Andrade and Carlos A. Peres
Spatially explicit valuation of the Brazilian Amazon Forest’s Ecosystem Services pp. 657-664 Downloads
Jon Strand, Britaldo Soares-Filho, Marcos Heil Costa, Ubirajara Oliveira, Sonia Carvalho Ribeiro, Gabrielle Ferreira Pires, Aline Oliveira, Raoni Rajão, Peter May, Richard van der Hoff, Juha Siikamäki, Ronaldo Seroa Motta and Michael Toman
Potential increase of legal deforestation in Brazilian Amazon after Forest Act revision pp. 665-670 Downloads
Flavio L. M. Freitas, Gerd Sparovek, Göran Berndes, U. Martin Persson, Oskar Englund, Alberto Barretto and Ulla Mörtberg
Quantifying resilience to recurrent ecosystem disturbances using flow–kick dynamics pp. 671-678 Downloads
Katherine Meyer, Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel, Sarah Iams, Ian Klasky, Victoria Lee, Stephen Ligtenberg, Erika Bussmann and Mary Lou Zeeman
Estimation of global recoverable human and animal faecal biomass pp. 679-685 Downloads
David M. Berendes, Patricia J. Yang, Amanda Lai, David Hu and Joe Brown
Sustainable intensification of high-diversity biomass production for optimal biofuel benefits pp. 686-692 Downloads
Yi Yang, David Tilman, Clarence Lehman and Jared J. Trost
Managing China’s coal power plants to address multiple environmental objectives pp. 693-701 Downloads
Wei Peng, Fabian Wagner, M. V. Ramana, Haibo Zhai, Mitchell J. Small, Carole Dalin, Xin Zhang and Denise L. Mauzerall
Renewable diesel blendstocks produced by hydrothermal liquefaction of wet biowaste pp. 702-710 Downloads
Wan-Ting Chen, Yuanhui Zhang, Timothy H. Lee, Zhenwei Wu, Buchun Si, Chia-Fon F. Lee, Alice Lin and Brajendra K. Sharma
Quantification of energy and carbon costs for mining cryptocurrencies pp. 711-718 Downloads
Max J. Krause and Thabet Tolaymat
Author Correction: A technology-forcing approach to reduce nitrogen pollution pp. 719-719 Downloads
David R. Kanter and Timothy D. Searchinger

Volume 1, issue 10, 2018

Confusing disposal information pp. 532-532 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Fall of ethanol pp. 533-533 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Remote sensing plastics pp. 534-534 Downloads
William Burnside
A win–win for wildlife and ranching pp. 535-536 Downloads
Jacob R. Goheen
Using big data to accomplish a huge job pp. 537-537 Downloads
Louie Rivers
Without a back-up plan pp. 538-539 Downloads
Steven J. Davis and Jay Taneja
Science and the experience of nature pp. 540-543 Downloads
Daniel Niles and Narifumi Tachimoto
A technology-forcing approach to reduce nitrogen pollution pp. 544-552 Downloads
David R. Kanter and Timothy D. Searchinger
Social-media data for urban sustainability pp. 553-565 Downloads
Rositsa T. Ilieva and Timon McPhearson
Consequences of integrating livestock and wildlife in an African savanna pp. 566-573 Downloads
Felicia Keesing, Richard S. Ostfeld, Sharon Okanga, Steven Huckett, Brett R. Bayles, Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer, L. Page Fredericks, Tyler Hedlund, Virginia Kowal, Heather Tallis, Charles M. Warui, Spencer A. Wood and Brian F. Allan
The role of local adaptation in sustainable production of village chickens pp. 574-582 Downloads
Judy M. Bettridge, Androniki Psifidi, Zelalem G. Terfa, Takele T. Desta, Maria Lozano-Jaramillo, Tadelle Dessie, Pete Kaiser, Paul Wigley, Olivier Hanotte and Robert M. Christley
Machine learning for environmental monitoring pp. 583-588 Downloads
M. Hino, Elinor Benami and N. Brooks
Sustainability implications of electricity outages in sub-Saharan Africa pp. 589-597 Downloads
DeVynne Farquharson, Paulina Jaramillo and Constantine Samaras
Pathways for greening the supply of rare earth elements in China pp. 598-605 Downloads
Jason C. K. Lee and Zongguo Wen

Volume 1, issue 9, 2018

Aiming higher to bend the curve of biodiversity loss pp. 448-451 Downloads
Georgina M. Mace, Mike Barrett, Neil D. Burgess, Sarah E. Cornell, Robin Freeman, Monique Grooten and Andy Purvis
Cross-discipline evidence principles for sustainability policy pp. 452-454 Downloads
Edward T. Game, Heather Tallis, Lydia Olander, Steven M. Alexander, Jonah Busch, Nancy Cartwright, Elizabeth L. Kalies, Yuta J. Masuda, Anne-Christine Mupepele, Jiangxiao Qiu, Andrew Rooney, Erin Sills and William J. Sutherland
Abundance and growth pp. 455-455 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Eco-labels and deforestation pp. 456-456 Downloads
William Burnside
Ugly vegetables wasted pp. 457-457 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Cookstove startup emissions pp. 458-458 Downloads
Aimee Guha Roy
Geoengineering in context pp. 459-460 Downloads
Jennifer E. Givens
Research strategies to assess the effectiveness of international environmental regimes pp. 461-465 Downloads
Oran R. Young
Nexus approaches to global sustainable development pp. 466-476 Downloads
Jianguo Liu, Vanessa Hull, H. Charles J. Godfray, David Tilman, Peter Gleick, Holger Hoff, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Zhenci Xu, Min Gon Chung, Jing Sun and Shuxin Li
The environmental costs and benefits of high-yield farming pp. 477-485 Downloads
Andrew Balmford, Tatsuya Amano, Harriet Bartlett, Dave Chadwick, Adrian Collins, David Edwards, Rob Field, Philip Garnsworthy, Rhys Green, Pete Smith, Helen Waters, Andrew Whitmore, Donald M. Broom, Julian Chara, Tom Finch, Emma Garnett, Alfred Gathorne-Hardy, Juan Hernandez-Medrano, Mario Herrero, Fangyuan Hua, Agnieszka Latawiec, Tom Misselbrook, Ben Phalan, Benno I. Simmons, Taro Takahashi, James Vause, Erasmus Ermgassen and Rowan Eisner
Global assessment of water challenges under uncertainty in water scarcity projections pp. 486-494 Downloads
P. Greve, T. Kahil, J. Mochizuki, T. Schinko, Y. Satoh, P. Burek, G. Fischer, S. Tramberend, R. Burtscher, S. Langan and Y. Wada
Sustainability of artisanal mining of cobalt in DR Congo pp. 495-504 Downloads
Célestin Banza Lubaba Nkulu, Lidia Casas, Vincent Haufroid, Thierry De Putter, Nelly D. Saenen, Tony Kayembe-Kitenge, Paul Musa Obadia, Daniel Kyanika Wa Mukoma, Jean-Marie Lunda Ilunga, Tim S. Nawrot, Oscar Luboya Numbi, Erik Smolders and Benoit Nemery
Air quality–carbon–water synergies and trade-offs in China’s natural gas industry pp. 505-511 Downloads
Yue Qin, Lena Höglund-Isaksson, Edward Byers, Kuishuang Feng, Fabian Wagner, Wei Peng and Denise L. Mauzerall
Extreme air pollution from residential solid fuel burning pp. 512-517 Downloads
Chunshui Lin, Ru-Jin Huang, Darius Ceburnis, Paul Buckley, Jana Preissler, John Wenger, Matteo Rinaldi, Maria Christina Facchini, Colin O’Dowd and Jurgita Ovadnevaite
The water footprint of different diets within European sub-national geographical entities pp. 518-525 Downloads
Davy Vanham, Sara Comero, Bernd Manfred Gawlik and Giovanni Bidoglio
Hard-adaptive measures can increase vulnerability to storm surge and tsunami hazards over time pp. 526-530 Downloads
T. M. Logan, S. D. Guikema and J. D. Bricker

Volume 1, issue 8, 2018

Water sustainability and watershed storage pp. 378-379 Downloads
J. J. McDonnell, J. Evaristo, K. D. Bladon, J. Buttle, I. F. Creed, S. F. Dymond, G. Grant, A. Iroume, C. R. Jackson, J. A. Jones, T. Maness, K. J. McGuire, D. F. Scott, C. Segura, R. C. Sidle and C. Tague
A developing food crisis and potential refugee movements pp. 380-382 Downloads
Michael J. Puma, So Young Chon, Kaoru Kakinuma, Matti Kummu, Raya Muttarak, Richard Seager and Yoshihide Wada
Microfibre protective coating pp. 383-383 Downloads
Aimee Guha Roy
Warming and reorganizing pp. 384-384 Downloads
William Burnside
Policy without science pp. 385-385 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Media attention patterns pp. 386-386 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Challenges for scaling up conservation pp. 387-387 Downloads
Benjamin T. Phalan
Measuring systems thinking pp. 388-389 Downloads
Steven Gray
Speeding up the energy transition pp. 390-391 Downloads
Sebastian Strunz
Evolution and future of the sustainable seafood market pp. 392-398 Downloads
Cathy Roheim, S. R. Bush, Frank Asche, J. N. Sanchirico and H. Uchida
Addressing agricultural nitrogen losses in a changing climate pp. 399-408 Downloads
Timothy M. Bowles, Shady Atallah, Eleanor E. Campbell, Amélie C. M. Gaudin, William R. Wieder and A. Stuart Grandy
The challenge of feeding the world while conserving half the planet pp. 409-412 Downloads
Zia Mehrabi, Erle C. Ellis and Navin Ramankutty
The structure of mental models of sustainable agriculture pp. 413-420 Downloads
Michael A. Levy, Mark N. Lubell and Neil McRoberts
Addressing poaching in marine protected areas through voluntary surveillance and enforcement pp. 421-426 Downloads
Brock J. Bergseth, Georgina G. Gurney, Michele L. Barnes, Adrian Arias and Joshua E. Cinner
Recirculation of human-derived nutrients from cities to agriculture across six continents pp. 427-435 Downloads
John T. Trimmer and Jeremy S. Guest
Tariff reduction on renewables inputs for European decarbonization pp. 436-440 Downloads
Svetlana Fedoseeva and Rodrigo Zeidan
Global assessment of agricultural system redesign for sustainable intensification pp. 441-446 Downloads
Jules Pretty, Tim G. Benton, Zareen Pervez Bharucha, Lynn V. Dicks, Cornelia Butler Flora, H. Charles J. Godfray, Dave Goulson, Sue Hartley, Nic Lampkin, Carol Morris, Gary Pierzynski, P. V. Vara Prasad, John Reganold, Johan Rockström, Pete Smith, Peter Thorne and Steve Wratten

Volume 1, issue 7, 2018

Bridging barriers to advance global sustainability pp. 324-326 Downloads
Elena G. Irwin, Patricia J. Culligan, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Kara Lavender Law, Raghu Murtugudde and Stephanie Pfirman
The global risks of increasing reliance on bottled water pp. 327-329 Downloads
Alasdair Cohen and Isha Ray
Meeting the leadership challenges for interdisciplinary environmental research pp. 330-333 Downloads
Lisa Palmer
Neighbourhood density pp. 334-334 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Land and food security pp. 335-335 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Sustainable income pp. 336-336 Downloads
Monica Contestabile
Racism mitigates concern pp. 337-337 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Packaging from passion fruit pp. 338-338 Downloads
Aimee Guha Roy
Indigenous rights vital to survival pp. 339-340 Downloads
Richard Howitt
The urban south and the predicament of global sustainability pp. 341-349 Downloads
Harini Nagendra, Xuemei Bai, Eduardo S. Brondizio and Shuaib Lwasa
Mobilizing domestic resources for the Agenda 2030 via carbon pricing pp. 350-357 Downloads
Max Franks, Kai Lessmann, Michael Jakob, Jan Steckel and Ottmar Edenhofer
The water footprint of water conservation using shade balls in California pp. 358-360 Downloads
Erfan Haghighi, Kaveh Madani and Arjen Y. Hoekstra
Evidence that organic farming promotes pest control pp. 361-368 Downloads
Lucile Muneret, Matthew Mitchell, Verena Seufert, Stéphanie Aviron, El Aziz Djoudi, Julien Pétillon, Manuel Plantegenest, Denis Thiéry and Adrien Rusch
A spatial overview of the global importance of Indigenous lands for conservation pp. 369-374 Downloads
Stephen T. Garnett, Neil D. Burgess, Julia E. Fa, Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares, Zsolt Molnár, Cathy J. Robinson, James E. M. Watson, Kerstin K. Zander, Beau Austin, Eduardo S. Brondizio, Neil French Collier, Tom Duncan, Erle Ellis, Hayley Geyle, Micha V. Jackson, Harry Jonas, Pernilla Malmer, Ben McGowan, Amphone Sivongxay and Ian Leiper
Publisher Correction: Cultural evolution of normative motivations for sustainable behaviour pp. 375-375 Downloads
Taylor Davis, Erin P. Hennes and Leigh Raymond
Publisher Correction: Social-ecological outcomes of agricultural intensification pp. 376-376 Downloads
Laura Vang Rasmussen, Brendan Coolsaet, Adrian Martin, Ole Mertz, Unai Pascual, Esteve Corbera, Neil Dawson, Janet A. Fisher, Phil Franks and Casey M. Ryan

Volume 1, issue 6, 2018

Climate change not to blame for cod population decline pp. 262-264 Downloads
Keith M. Brander
Forty years of CITES pp. 265-265 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Energy development impacts pp. 266-266 Downloads
William Burnside
Food versus energy pp. 267-267 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Greener carbon capture pp. 268-268 Downloads
Aimee Guha Roy
Addressing poverty in rural Africa pp. 269-270 Downloads
Jessica Fanzo
To live and drink in Los Angeles pp. 271-272 Downloads
David Feldman
Eutrophication’s neglected drivers pp. 273-274 Downloads
Thomas Wiedmann
Social-ecological outcomes of agricultural intensification pp. 275-282 Downloads
Laura Vang Rasmussen, Brendan Coolsaet, Adrian Martin, Ole Mertz, Unai Pascual, Esteve Corbera, Neil Dawson, Janet A. Fisher, Phil Franks and Casey M. Ryan
The timing and causes of famines in Europe pp. 283-288 Downloads
Guido Alfani and Cormac Ó Gráda
The economic value of local water supplies in Los Angeles pp. 289-297 Downloads
Erik Porse, Kathryn B. Mika, Elizaveta Litvak, Kimberly F. Manago, Terri S. Hogue, Mark Gold, Diane E. Pataki and Stephanie Pincetl
Avoiding the ecological limits of forage fish for fed aquaculture pp. 298-303 Downloads
Halley E. Froehlich, Nis Sand Jacobsen, Timothy E. Essington, Tyler Clavelle and Benjamin S. Halpern
Progress towards sustainable intensification in China challenged by land-use change pp. 304-313 Downloads
Lijun Zuo, Zengxiang Zhang, Kimberly M. Carlson, Graham K. MacDonald, Kate A. Brauman, Yingchun Liu, Wen Zhang, Huayong Zhang, Wenbin Wu, Xiaoli Zhao, Xiao Wang, Bin Liu, Ling Yi, Qingke Wen, Fang Liu, Jinyong Xu, Shunguang Hu, Feifei Sun, James S. Gerber and Paul C. West
Trade and the role of non-food commodities for global eutrophication pp. 314-321 Downloads
Helen A. Hamilton, Diana Ivanova, Konstantin Stadler, Stefano Merciai, Jannick Schmidt, Rosalie Zelm, Daniel Moran and Richard Wood
Publisher Correction: Flooding risk: Wastewater disruptions pp. 322-322 Downloads
Monica Contestabile

Volume 1, issue 5, 2018

Environmental challenges for the Belt and Road Initiative pp. 206-209 Downloads
Fernando Ascensão, Lenore Fahrig, Anthony P. Clevenger, Richard T. Corlett, Jochen A. G. Jaeger, William F. Laurance and Henrique M. Pereira
Ossified contributions pp. 210-210 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Wastewater disease indicators pp. 211-211 Downloads
William Burnside
Long-term economic returns pp. 212-212 Downloads
Monica Contestabile
Ocean microfibre contamination pp. 213-213 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
A wider role for climate scenarios pp. 214-215 Downloads
Reto Knutti
Unravelling child trafficking routes pp. 216-217 Downloads
Paolo Campana
Cultural evolution of normative motivations for sustainable behaviour pp. 218-224 Downloads
Taylor Davis, Erin P. Hennes and Leigh Raymond
Beyond rationality in engineering design for sustainability pp. 225-233 Downloads
Leidy Klotz, Elke Weber, Eric Johnson, Tripp Shealy, Morela Hernandez and Bethany Gordon
Climate-smart sustainable agriculture in low-to-intermediate shade agroforests pp. 234-239 Downloads
W. J. Blaser, J. Oppong, S. P. Hart, J. Landolt, E. Yeboah and J. Six
Unprecedented rates of land-use transformation in modelled climate change mitigation pathways pp. 240-245 Downloads
P. A. Turner, C. B. Field, D. B. Lobell, D. L. Sanchez and K. J. Mach
Hotspots of peatland-derived potable water use identified by global analysis pp. 246-253 Downloads
Jiren Xu, Paul J. Morris, Junguo Liu and Joseph Holden
Child-trafficking networks of illegal adoption in China pp. 254-260 Downloads
Zhen Wang, Liyuan Wei, Sha Peng, Liangchun Deng and Beibei Niu

Volume 1, issue 4, 2018

Addressing food security in African cities pp. 153-155 Downloads
Jane Battersby and Vanessa Watson
Landfill mining pp. 156-156 Downloads
William Burnside
Global copper scenarios pp. 157-157 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Wastewater disruptions pp. 158-158 Downloads
Monica Contestabile
Work and degrowth pp. 159-159 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
No clean coal for stream animals pp. 160-161 Downloads
Craig W. Osenberg
Running out of time pp. 162-163 Downloads
Oliver Hauser
Learning sustainability innovations pp. 164-165 Downloads
Adam Douglas Henry
The role of nanotechnology in tackling global water challenges pp. 166-175 Downloads
Meagan S. Mauter, Ines Zucker, François Perreault, Jay R. Werber, Jae-Hong Kim and Menachem Elimelech
Impact of coal mining on stream biodiversity in the US and its regulatory implications pp. 176-183 Downloads
Xingli Giam, Julian D. Olden and Daniel Simberloff
Slow and deliberate cooperation in the commons pp. 184-189 Downloads
Chris Brozyna, Todd Guilfoos and Stephen Atlas
Innovation diffusion within large environmental NGOs through informal network agents pp. 190-197 Downloads
Yuta J. Masuda, Yuqing Liu, Sheila M. W. Reddy, Kenneth A. Frank, Kyle Burford, Jonathan R. B. Fisher and Jensen Montambault
Tracking the pulse of the Earth’s fresh waters pp. 198-203 Downloads
Albert Ruhi, Mathis L. Messager and Julian D. Olden

Volume 1, issue 3, 2018

Future urban research pp. 114-114 Downloads
Monica Contestabile
Mothless nights pp. 115-115 Downloads
William Burnside
Walking to better health pp. 116-116 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
The corruption effect pp. 117-117 Downloads
Monica Contestabile
Farm models need society pp. 118-118 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Fresh water input pp. 119-119 Downloads
Monica Contestabile
Cities drive food and water security pp. 120-121 Downloads
Evan G. R. Davies
The environmental impacts of rapidly changing diets and their nutritional quality in China pp. 122-127 Downloads
Pan He, Giovanni Baiocchi, Klaus Hubacek, Kuishuang Feng and Yang Yu
Experimental evidence on payments for forest commons conservation pp. 128-135 Downloads
Krister P. Andersson, Nathan J. Cook, Tara Grillos, Maria Claudia Lopez, Carl F. Salk, Glenn D. Wright and Esther Mwangi
The global status and trends of Payments for Ecosystem Services pp. 136-144 Downloads
James Salzman, Genevieve Bennett, Nathaniel Carroll, Allie Goldstein and Michael Jenkins
From principles to practice in paying for nature’s services pp. 145-150 Downloads
Sven Wunder, R. Brouwer, S. Engel, D. Ezzine- de-Blas, R. Muradian, U. Pascual and R. Pinto

Volume 1, issue 2, 2018

Modelling the mysterious Maya pp. 79-80 Downloads
Joseph Tainter
Amassed threats to albatross species pp. 81-82 Downloads
Ramūnas Žydelis
Mainstreaming women’s issues pp. 83-83 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Christian green concerns pp. 84-84 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Affluence and increased cancer pp. 85-85 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Global crop certification map pp. 86-86 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Ranking restoration scenarios pp. 87-87 Downloads
William Burnside
A good life for all within planetary boundaries pp. 88-95 Downloads
Daniel W. O’Neill, Andrew L. Fanning, William F. Lamb and Julia K. Steinberger
Improved trade-offs of hydropower and sand connectivity by strategic dam planning in the Mekong pp. 96-104 Downloads
R. J. P. Schmitt, S. Bizzi, A. Castelletti and G. M. Kondolf
Nanoporous polyethylene microfibres for large-scale radiative cooling fabric pp. 105-112 Downloads
Yucan Peng, Jun Chen, Alex Y. Song, Peter B. Catrysse, Po-Chun Hsu, Lili Cai, Bofei Liu, Yangying Zhu, Guangmin Zhou, David S. Wu, Hye Ryoung Lee, Shanhui Fan and Yi Cui

Volume 1, issue 1, 2018

Building a global urban science pp. 2-4 Downloads
Michele Acuto, Susan Parnell and Karen C. Seto
Urban agriculture growth in US cities pp. 5-7 Downloads
Lisa Palmer
Evolving field pp. 8-8 Downloads
Ryan Scarrow
Drivers of good practices pp. 9-9 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Prescriptive safeguards pp. 10-10 Downloads
Aiora Zabala
Lost mangrove diversity pp. 11-11 Downloads
William Burnside
Toxic food pp. 12-12 Downloads
Xujia Jiang
Back home or not pp. 13-14 Downloads
Etienne Piguet
Modelling humanity’s predicament pp. 15-16 Downloads
Joseph Robert Burger
Small and bad pp. 17-18 Downloads
Pallav Purohit
The many meanings of no net loss in environmental policy pp. 19-27 Downloads
Martine Maron, Susie Brownlie, Joseph W. Bull, Megan C. Evans, Amrei von Hase, Fabien Quétier, James E. M. Watson and Ascelin Gordon
Warm glow is associated with low- but not high-cost sustainable behaviour pp. 28-30 Downloads
Sander van der Linden
Barriers to sustainable consumption attenuated by foreign language use pp. 31-33 Downloads
Janet Geipel, Constantinos Hadjichristidis and Anne-Kathrin Klesse
Trade and the equitability of global food nutrient distribution pp. 34-37 Downloads
Stephen A. Wood, Matthew R. Smith, Jessica Fanzo, Roseline Remans and Ruth S. DeFries
Socio-economic consequences of post-disaster reconstruction in hazard-exposed areas pp. 38-43 Downloads
Jamie W. McCaughey, Patrick Daly, Ibnu Mundir, Saiful Mahdi and Anthony Patt
Increased vegetation growth and carbon stock in China karst via ecological engineering pp. 44-50 Downloads
Xiaowei Tong, Martin Brandt, Yuemin Yue, Stephanie Horion, Kelin Wang, Wanda De Keersmaecker, Feng Tian, Guy Schurgers, Xiangming Xiao, Yiqi Luo, Chi Chen, Ranga Myneni, Zheng Shi, Hongsong Chen and Rasmus Fensholt
Water competition between cities and agriculture driven by climate change and urban growth pp. 51-58 Downloads
Martina Flörke, Christof Schneider and Robert I. McDonald
Targeted emission reductions from global super-polluting power plant units pp. 59-68 Downloads
Dan Tong, Qiang Zhang, Steven J. Davis, Fei Liu, Bo Zheng, Guannan Geng, Tao Xue, Meng Li, Chaopeng Hong, Zifeng Lu, David G. Streets, Dabo Guan and Kebin He
Impacts of booming concrete production on water resources worldwide pp. 69-76 Downloads
Sabbie A. Miller, Arpad Horvath and Paulo J. M. Monteiro
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