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Volume 28, issue 3, 2024

Leveraged speculators and asset prices† pp. 769-804 Downloads
Wenxi Jiang
Yield curve momentum pp. 805-830 Downloads
Markus Sihvonen
When passive funds affect prices: evidence from volatility and commodity ETFs pp. 831-863 Downloads
Karamfil Todorov
Common ownership and creative destruction: evidence from US consumers pp. 865-896 Downloads
Hadiye Aslan
Common risk factors in cross-sectional FX options returns pp. 897-944 Downloads
Xuanchen Zhang, Raymond H Y So and Tarik Driouchi
Credit risk, debt overhang, and the life cycle of callable bonds pp. 945-985 Downloads
Bo Becker, Murillo Campello, Viktor Thell and Dong Yan
External financing, technological changes, and employees* pp. 985-1025 Downloads
E Han Kim, Yuan Li, Yao Lu and Xinzheng Shi
Green links: corporate networks and environmental performance pp. 1027-1058 Downloads
Hossein Asgharian, Michał Dzieliński, Zahra Hashemzadeh and Lu Liu
The saliency of the CEO pay ratio pp. 1059-1104 Downloads
Audra Boone, Austin Starkweather and Joshua T White
Fresh air eases work—the effect of air quality on individual investor activity pp. 1105-1149 Downloads
Steffen Meyer and Michaela Pagel

Volume 28, issue 2, 2024

Why momentum concentrates among overvalued stocks? pp. 389-412 Downloads
Jack Favilukis and Terry Zhang
Securities law precedents, legal liability, and financial reporting quality pp. 413-445 Downloads
Benedikt Franke, Allen H Huang, Reeyarn Z Li and Hui Wang
Measuring Climate Transition Risk Spillovers pp. 447-481 Downloads
Runfeng Yang, Massimiliano Caporin and Juan Jimenez-Martin
ESG shareholder engagement and downside risk pp. 483-510 Downloads
Andreas G F Hoepner, Ioannis Oikonomou, Zacharias Sautner, Laura T Starks and Xiao Y Zhou
Asset Complexity and the Return Gap* pp. 511-550 Downloads
Pengjie Gao, Allen Hu, Peter Kelly, Cameron Peng and Ning Zhu
Big broad banks: how does cross-selling affect lending? pp. 551-592 Downloads
Yingjie Qi
Property rights, political connections, and corporate investment pp. 593-619 Downloads
Meng Miao, Dragon Yongjun Tang, Lixin Xu and Xiao Yan
Firm financing through insider stock pledges pp. 621-659 Downloads
Xiaofei Pan and Meijun Qian
The term structure of equity yields—a bottom-up approach pp. 661-697 Downloads
David Schröder
Stock repurchasing bias of mutual funds pp. 699-728 Downloads
Mengqiao Du, Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi and Terrance Odean
The start matters: time-varying investor demand, hedge fund inceptions, and performance pp. 729-768 Downloads
Lin Sun, Zheng Sun and Lu Zheng

Volume 28, issue 1, 2024

Do Anomalies Really Predict Market Returns? New Data and New Evidence pp. 1-44 Downloads
Nusret Cakici, Christian Fieberg, Daniel Metko and Adam Zaremba
Low Carbon Mutual Funds* pp. 45-74 Downloads
Marco Ceccarelli, Stefano Ramelli and Alexander F Wagner
Are Carbon Emissions Associated with Stock Returns?* pp. 75-106 Downloads
Jitendra Aswani, Aneesh Raghunandan and Shiva Rajgopal
Are Carbon Emissions Associated with Stock Returns? Comment pp. 107-109 Downloads
Patrick Bolton and Marcin Kacperczyk
Are Carbon Emissions Associated with Stock Returns?—Reply* pp. 111-115 Downloads
Jitendra Aswani, Aneesh Raghunandan and Shiva Rajgopal
Impact of Corporate Subsidies on Borrowing Costs of Local Governments: Evidence from Municipal Bonds* pp. 117-161 Downloads
Sudheer Chava, Baridhi Malakar and Manpreet Singh
Asymmetric Information and Corporate Lending: Evidence from SME Bond Markets* pp. 163-201 Downloads
Alessandra Iannamorelli, Stefano Nobili, Antonio Scalia and Luana Zaccaria
Regulatory Sandboxes and Fintech Funding: Evidence from the UK* pp. 203-233 Downloads
Giulio Cornelli, Sebastian Doerr, Leonardo Gambacorta and Ouarda Merrouche
Optimal Capital Structure and Risk Management Policies of Banks That Use CoCo Futures to Hedge Financial-Sector Risk* pp. 235-270 Downloads
Robert S Goldstein and Fan Yang
Do Insiders Hire CEOs with High Managerial Talent?* pp. 271-310 Downloads
Jason D Kotter and Yelena Larkin
Inefficient Regulation: Mortgages versus Total Credit* pp. 311-351 Downloads
Artashes Karapetyan, Jens Soerlie Kvaerner and Maximilian Rohrer
Do Banks Worry about Attentive Depositors? Evidence from Multiple-Brand Banks* pp. 353-388 Downloads
Matthieu Chavaz and Pablo Slutzky

Volume 27, issue 6, 2023

Delegated Learning and Contract Commonality in Asset Management* pp. 1931-1975 Downloads
Michael Sockin and Mindy Z Xiaolan
The Variance Risk Premium in Equilibrium Models* pp. 1977-2014 Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Eric Engstrom and Andrey Ermolov
Leasing as a Mitigation of Financial Accelerator Effects* pp. 2015-2056 Downloads
Kai Li and Jun Yu
Does Socially Responsible Investing Change Firm Behavior?* pp. 2057-2083 Downloads
Davidson Heath, Daniele Macciocchi, Roni Michaely and Matthew Ringgenberg
Director Expertise and Corporate Sustainability* pp. 2085-2123 Downloads
Peter Iliev and Lukas Roth
The Term Structure of Short Selling Costs* pp. 2125-2161 Downloads
Gregory Weitzner
Large Bets and Stock Market Crashes pp. 2163-2203 Downloads
Albert S Kyle and Anna A Obizhaeva
A Tale of Two Cities: Mainland Chinese Buyers in the Hong Kong Housing Market pp. 2205-2232 Downloads
Yi Fan, Maggie Rong, Wayne Wan and Zhenping Wang
Indirect Costs of Financial Distress* pp. 2233-2270 Downloads
Cláudia Custódio, Miguel A Ferreira and Emilia Garcia-Appendini
Income, Liquidity, and the Consumption Response to the 2020 Economic Stimulus Payments* pp. 2271-2304 Downloads
Scott Baker, Robert A Farrokhnia, Steffen Meyer, Michaela Pagel and Constantine Yannelis

Volume 27, issue 5, 2023

Valuing Data as an Asset* pp. 1545-1562 Downloads
Laura Veldkamp
Cross-Border Bank Flows and Systemic Risk* pp. 1563-1614 Downloads
G Andrew Karolyi, John Sedunov and Alvaro G. Taboada
A Theory of the Nominal Character of Stock Securities* pp. 1615-1657 Downloads
Bernard Dumas and Marcel Savioz
Trading on Talent: Human Capital and Firm Performance* pp. 1659-1698 Downloads
Anastassia Fedyk and James Hodson
Escaping Air Pollution: Immigrants, Students, and Spillover Effects on Property Prices Abroad* pp. 1699-1741 Downloads
Yuk Ying Chang and Sudipto Dasgupta
Risk-Taking and Asymmetric Learning in Boom and Bust Markets* pp. 1743-1779 Downloads
Pascal Kieren, Jan Müller-Dethard and Martin Weber
Capital Regulations and the Management of Credit Commitments during Crisis Times* pp. 1781-1821 Downloads
Paul Pelzl and María Teresa
Dual Ownership and Risk-Taking Incentives in Managerial Compensation* pp. 1823-1857 Downloads
Tao Chen, Li Zhang and Qifei Zhu
Macroeconomic News and Stock–Bond Comovement* pp. 1859-1882 Downloads
Gregory R Duffee
The Strategic Use of Corporate Philanthropy: Evidence from Bank Donations* pp. 1883-1930 Downloads
Seungho Choi, Raphael Jonghyeon and Simon Xu

Volume 27, issue 4, 2023

The Term Structure of Equity Risk Premia: Levered Noise and New Estimates* pp. 1155-1182 Downloads
Oliver Boguth, Murray Carlson, Adlai Fisher and Mikhail Simutin
Debt Renegotiations Outside Distress* pp. 1183-1228 Downloads
Marc Arnold and Ramona Westermann
Social Media and Financial News Manipulation* pp. 1229-1268 Downloads
Shimon Kogan, Tobias J Moskowitz and Marina Niessner
Precious Neighbors: The Value of Co-Locating with the Government* pp. 1269-1296 Downloads
Jörg R Stahl
Social Interaction in the Family: Evidence from Investors’ Security Holdings* pp. 1297-1327 Downloads
Samuli Knüpfer, Elias Rantapuska and Matti Sarvimäki
Optimal Capital Structure with Stock Market Feedback* pp. 1329-1371 Downloads
Caio Machado and Ana Elisa Pereira
Life is Too Short? Bereaved Managers and Investment Decisions* pp. 1373-1421 Downloads
Clark Liu, Johan Sulaeman, Tao Shu and P Eric Yeung
Financial Intermediation, Capital Accumulation, and Crisis Recovery* pp. 1423-1469 Downloads
Hans Gersbach, Jean Rochet and Martin Scheffel
Capital Gains Tax, Venture Capital, and Innovation in Start-Ups* pp. 1471-1519 Downloads
Lora Dimitrova and Sapnoti K Eswar
The Risk of Implicit Guarantees: Evidence from Shadow Banks in China* pp. 1521-1544 Downloads
Ji Huang, Zongbo Huang and Xiang Shao

Volume 27, issue 3, 2023

Do IPO Firms Become Myopic?* pp. 765-807 Downloads
Vojislav Maksimovic, Gordon Phillips and Liu Yang
Gate Fees: The Pervasive Effect of IPO Restrictions on Chinese Equity Markets* pp. 809-849 Downloads
Charles M C Lee, Yuanyu Qu and Tao Shen
Lending Relationships and the Collateral Channel* pp. 851-887 Downloads
Gareth Anderson, Saleem Bahaj, Matthieu Chavaz, Angus Foulis and Gabor Pinter
The Real Effects of Judicial Enforcement* pp. 889-933 Downloads
Vincenzo Pezone
A New Wolf in Town? Pump-and-Dump Manipulation in Cryptocurrency Markets* pp. 935-975 Downloads
Anirudh Dhawan and Tālis J Putniņš
Mobile Apps and Financial Decision Making* pp. 977-996 Downloads
Bruce Carlin, Arna Olafsson and Michaela Pagel
Decomposing Long Bond Returns: A Decentralized Theory* pp. 997-1026 Downloads
Peter Carr and Liuren Wu
The Value of Employee Satisfaction in Disastrous Times: Evidence from COVID-19* pp. 1027-1076 Downloads
Chenyu Shan and Dragon Yongjun Tang
Information Acquisition, Uncertainty Reduction, and Pre-Announcement Premium in China* pp. 1077-1118 Downloads
Rui Guo, Dun Jia and Xi Sun
Expanding Footprints: The Impact of Passenger Transportation on Corporate Locations* pp. 1119-1154 Downloads
Yatang Lin, Yu Qin, Johan Sulaeman, Jubo Yan and Jialiang Zhang

Volume 27, issue 2, 2023

Data versus Collateral* pp. 369-398 Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta, Yiping Huang, Zhenhua Li, Han Qiu and Shu Chen
Liquidity Risk and Funding Cost pp. 399-422 Downloads
Alexander Bechtel, Angelo Ranaldo and Jan Wrampelmeyer
Bank Stress Testing: Public Interest or Regulatory Capture?* pp. 423-467 Downloads
Thomas Schneider, Philip E Strahan and Jun Yang
Currency Carry Trade by Trucks: The Curious Case of China’s Massive Imports from Itself* pp. 469-493 Downloads
Xuepeng Liu, Heiwai Tang, Zhi Wang and Shang-Jin Wei
Long-Horizon Stock Returns Are Positively Skewed pp. 495-538 Downloads
Adam Farago and Erik Hjalmarsson
Determinants of Short-Term Corporate Yield Spreads: Evidence from the Commercial Paper Market* pp. 539-579 Downloads
Jingzhi Huang, Bibo Liu and Zhan Shi
A Quarter Century of Mortgage Risk* pp. 581-618 Downloads
Morris Davis, William Larson, Stephen D Oliner and Benjamin R Smith
On the Economic Significance of Stock Return Predictability* pp. 619-657 Downloads
Scott Cederburg, Travis L Johnson and Michael S O’Doherty
Tick Size Wars: The Market Quality Effects of Pricing Grid Competition pp. 659-692 Downloads
Sean Foley, Tom G Meling and Bernt Ødegaard
Private Company Valuations by Mutual Funds* pp. 693-738 Downloads
Vikas Agarwal, Brad Barber, Si Cheng, Allaudeen Hameed and Ayako Yasuda
Firms and Local Governments: Relationship Building during Political Turnovers* pp. 739-762 Downloads
Hanming Fang, Zhe Li, Nianhang Xu and Hongjun Yan

Volume 27, issue 1, 2023

Information in Financial Markets and Its Real Effects* pp. 1-32 Downloads
Itay Goldstein
Search-Based Peer Groups and Commonality in Liquidity* pp. 33-77 Downloads
Paul Brockman, Dennis Y Chung and Neal M Snow
Dissemination, Publication, and Impact of Finance Research: When Novelty Meets Conventionality* pp. 79-141 Downloads
Rui Dai, Lawrence Donohue, Qingyi (Freda) Drechsler and Wei Jiang
How Does Human Capital Affect Investing? Evidence from University Endowments pp. 143-188 Downloads
Matteo Binfarè, Gregory Brown, Robert Harris and Christian Lundblad
How Do Options Add Value? Evidence from the Convertible Bond Market* pp. 189-222 Downloads
Inmoo Lee, Rex Wang Renjie and Patrick Verwijmeren
Market Timing and Predictability in FX Markets pp. 223-246 Downloads
Thomas A Maurer, Thuy-Duong Tô and Ngoc-Khanh Tran
Small Business Lending in Financial Crises: The Role of Government-Guaranteed Loans* pp. 247-287 Downloads
John Hackney
Moneyness, Underlying Asset Volatility, and the Cross-Section of Option Returns* pp. 289-323 Downloads
Kevin Aretz, Ming-Tsung Lin and Ser-Huang Poon
Bear Beta or Speculative Beta?—Reconciling the Evidence on Downside Risk Premium pp. 325-367 Downloads
Tong Wang
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