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Volume 35, issue 12, 2022

New Perspectives on Insurance (The value of ignoring risk: Competition between better informed insurers) pp. 5275-5286 Downloads
Ralph S J Koijen and Motohiro Yogo
Trust and Insurance Contracts (Regulation and distrust) pp. 5287-5333 Downloads
Nicola Gennaioli, Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez- de-Silanes and Andrei Shleifer
Conflicting Interests and the Effect of Fiduciary Duty: Evidence from Variable Annuities (Deregulators must follow the law, so regulators will too) pp. 5334-5386 Downloads
Mark Egan, Shan Ge and Johnny Tang
Can Risk Be Shared across Investor Cohorts? Evidence from a Popular Savings Product (Les chiffres du marché français de la banque et de l’assurance) pp. 5387-5437 Downloads
Johan Hombert and Victor Lyonnet
Regulatory Forbearance in the U.S. Insurance Industry: The Effects of Removing Capital Requirements for an Asset Class (The Risk-Adjusted Cost of Financial Distress) pp. 5438-5482 Downloads
Bo Becker, Marcus M Opp and Farzad Saidi
Insurers as Asset Managers and Systemic Risk (Measuring systemic risk) pp. 5483-5534 Downloads
Andrew Ellul, Chotibhak Jotikasthira, Anastasia Kartasheva, Christian T Lundblad and Wolf Wagner
Unemployment Insurance as a Subsidy to Risky Firms (Anticipated unemployment, temporary layoffs, and compensating wage differentials) pp. 5535-5595 Downloads
Bernardus Van Doornik, Dimas Fazio, David Schoenherr and Janis Skrastins

Volume 35, issue 11, 2022

The Rise of Finance Companies and FinTech Lenders in Small Business Lending (Securitization without risk transfer) pp. 4859-4901 Downloads
Manasa Gopal and Philipp Schnabl
Why Do Firms Borrow Directly from Nonbanks? (Inconsistent regulators: Evidence from banking) pp. 4902-4947 Downloads
Sergey Chernenko, Isil Erel and Robert Prilmeier
Small Bank Lending in the Era of Fintech and Shadow Banks: A Sideshow? (Securitization without risk transfer) pp. 4948-4984 Downloads
Taylor A Begley and Kandarp Srinivasan
When FinTech Competes for Payment Flows (Benefits of relationship banking: Evidence from consumer credit markets) pp. 4985-5024 Downloads
Christine A Parlour, Uday Rajan and Haoxiang Zhu
The Good, the Bad, and the Missed Boom (Financial fragility, liquidity, and asset prices) pp. 5025-5056 Downloads
Enrico Perotti and Magdalena Rola-Janicka
Macroeconomic Attention and Announcement Risk Premia (Optimal inattention to the stock market) pp. 5057-5093 Downloads
Adlai Fisher, Charles Martineau and Jinfei Sheng
Decision Weights for Experimental Asset Prices Based on Visual Salience (Biasing simple choices by manipulating relative visual attention) pp. 5094-5126 Downloads
Devdeepta Bose, Henning Cordes, Sven Nolte, Judith Christiane Schneider and Colin Farrell Camerer
Risk Price Variation: The Missing Half of Empirical Asset Pricing (Financial intermediaries and the cross-section of asset returns) pp. 5127-5184 Downloads
Andrew J Patton and Brian M Weller
Covered Interest Parity Arbitrage (Arbitrage in the foreign exchange market: Turning on the microscope) pp. 5185-5227 Downloads
Dagfinn Rime, Andreas Schrimpf and Olav Syrstad
Global Portfolio Rebalancing and Exchange Rates (Risk appetite and exchange rates) pp. 5228-5274 Downloads
Nelson Camanho, Harald Hau and Hélène Rey

Volume 35, issue 10, 2022

Credit Ratings and Market Information (Rumor has it: Sensationalism in financial media) pp. 4425-4473 Downloads
Alessio Piccolo and Joel Shapiro
Acquiring Innovation under Information Frictions* (Radical and incremental innovation: The roles of firms, managers, and innovators) pp. 4474-4517 Downloads
Murat Celik, Xu Tian and Wenyu Wang
Can Environmental Policy Encourage Technical Change? Emissions Taxes and R&D Investment in Polluting Firms (The environment and directed technical change) pp. 4518-4560 Downloads
James R Brown, Gustav Martinsson and Christian Thomann
Zombies at Large? Corporate Debt Overhang and the Macroeconomy (A new database of financial reforms) pp. 4561-4586 Downloads
Oscar Jorda, Martin Kornejew, Moritz Schularick and Alan M Taylor
Sovereign Risk, Currency Risk, and Corporate Balance Sheets (Foreign currency borrowing of corporations as carry trades: Evidence from india) pp. 4587-4629 Downloads
Wenxin Du and Jesse Schreger
Commonality in Credit Spread Changes: Dealer Inventory and Intermediary Distress (Liquidity Risk of Corporate Bond Returns: Conditional Approach) pp. 4630-4673 Downloads
Zhiguo He, Paymon Khorrami and Zhaogang Song
Mutual Fund Liquidity Transformation and Reverse Flight to Liquidity (An index of Treasury market liquidity) pp. 4674-4711 Downloads
Yiming Ma, Kairong Xiao and Yao Zeng
Order Flows and Financial Investor Impacts in Commodity Futures Markets (Limits to arbitrage and hedging: Evidence from commodity markets) pp. 4712-4755 Downloads
Mark J Ready and Robert C Ready
The Market Risk Premium for Unsecured Consumer Credit Risk (Securitization without risk transfer) pp. 4756-4801 Downloads
Matthias Fleckenstein and Francis A Longstaff
Consuming Dividends (Dynamic spending responses to wealth shocks: Evidence from quasi-lotteries on the stock market) pp. 4802-4857 Downloads
Konstantin Bräuer, Andreas Hackethal and Tobin Hanspal

Volume 35, issue 9, 2022

Does Career Risk Deter Potential Entrepreneurs? (House prices, collateral, and self-employment) pp. 3973-4015 Downloads
Joshua D Gottlieb, Richard R Townsend and Ting Xu
Countercyclical Labor Income Risk and Portfolio Choices over the Life Cycle (How do household portfolio shares vary with age?) pp. 4016-4054 Downloads
Sylvain Catherine
An Analytic Framework for Interpreting Investment Regressions in the Presence of Financial Constraints (Optimal investment under uncertainty) pp. 4055-4104 Downloads
Andrew B Abel and Stavros Panageas
Group-Managed Real Options (Social mobility and stability of democracy: Reevaluating de Tocqueville) pp. 4105-4151 Downloads
Lorenzo Garlappi, Ron Giammarino and Ali Lazrak
Can Corporate Debt Foster Innovation and Growth? (Innovation, reallocation and growth) pp. 4152-4200 Downloads
Thomas Geelen, Jakub Hajda and Erwan Morellec
The Geography of Value Creation (Speed 2.0: Evaluating access to universal digital highways) pp. 4201-4248 Downloads
Casey Dougal, Christopher A Parsons and Sheridan Titman
Product Life Cycles in Corporate Finance (How q and cash flow affect investment without frictions: An analytic explanation) pp. 4249-4299 Downloads
Gerard Hoberg and Vojislav Maksimovic
Competition Links and Stock Returns (Shared analyst coverage: Unifying momentum spillover effects) pp. 4300-4340 Downloads
Assaf Eisdorfer, Kenneth Froot, Gideon Ozik and Ronnie Sadka
What Moves Stock Prices? The Roles of News, Noise, and Information (A theory of intraday patterns: Volume and price variability) pp. 4341-4386 Downloads
Jonathan Brogaard, Thanh Huong Nguyen, Talis Putnins and Eliza Wu
Beyond Home Bias: International Portfolio Holdings and Information Heterogeneity (A noisy rational expectations equilibrium for multi-asset securities markets) pp. 4387-4422 Downloads
Filippo De Marco, Marco Macchiavelli and Rosen Valchev

Volume 35, issue 8, 2022

Housing Consumption and Investment: Evidence from Shared Equity Mortgages (The anatomy of the transmission of macroprudential policies) pp. 3525-3573 Downloads
Matteo Benetton, Philippe Bracke, João F Cocco and Nicola Garbarinoifo
The Real Effects of Secondary Market Trading Structure: Evidence from the Mortgage Market (How do mortgage refinances affect debt, default, and spending? Evidence from HARP) pp. 3574-3616 Downloads
Yesol Huh and You Suk Kim
Mortgage Finance and Climate Change: Securitization Dynamics in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters (Changes in us family finances from 2007 to 2010: Evidence from the survey of consumer finances) pp. 3617-3665 Downloads
Amine Ouazad and Matthew Kahn
Going Underwater? Flood Risk Belief Heterogeneity and Coastal Home Price Dynamics (Bubbles and crashes) pp. 3666-3709 Downloads
Laura A Bakkensen and Lint Barrage
Subjective Bond Returns and Belief Aggregation (Persistence in forecasting performance and conditional combination strategies) pp. 3710-3741 Downloads
Andrea Buraschi, Ilaria Piatti and Paul Whelan
Public Debt, Consumption Growth, and the Slope of the Term Structure (Downward wage rigidity and business cycle asymmetries) pp. 3742-3776 Downloads
Thien T Nguyen
The Return Expectations of Public Pension Funds (From the horse’s mouth: Economic conditions and investor expectations of risk and return) pp. 3777-3822 Downloads
Aleksandar Andonov and Joshua D Rauh
Do Investment-Based Models Explain Equity Returns? Evidence from Euler Equations (Forthcoming. Decomposing firm value) pp. 3823-3866 Downloads
Stefanos Delikouras and Robert F Dittmar
The Oligopoly Lucas Tree (Political sentiment and predictable returns) pp. 3867-3921 Downloads
Winston Wei Dou, Yan Ji and Wei Wu
Understanding Cash Flow Risk (A unified model of investment under uncertainty) pp. 3922-3973 Downloads
Sebastian Gryglewicz, Loriano Mancini, Erwan Morellec, Enrique Schroth and Philip Valta

Volume 35, issue 7, 2022

Where Has All the Data Gone? (A noisy rational expectations equilibrium for multi-asset securities markets) pp. 3101-3138 Downloads
Maryam Farboodi, Adrien Matray, Laura Veldkamp and Venky Venkateswaran
Markets versus Mechanisms (Security design with investor private information) pp. 3139-3174 Downloads
Raphael Boleslavsky, Christopher A Hennessy and David Kelly
The Equilibrium Consequences of Indexing (A noisy rational expectations equilibrium for multi-asset securities markets) pp. 3175-3230 Downloads
Philip Bond and Diego García
Crowded Trades and Tail Risk (Risks and portfolio decisions involving hedge funds) pp. 3231-3271 Downloads
Gregory W Brown, Philip Howard and Christian T Lundblad
Comomentum: Inferring Arbitrage Activity from Return Correlations (Bubbles and crashes) pp. 3272-3302 Downloads
Dong Lou and Christopher Polk
The Momentum Gap and Return Predictability (One brief shining moment(um): Past momentum performance and momentum reversals) pp. 3303-3336 Downloads
Simon Huang
How Global Is Your Mutual Fund? International Diversification from Multinationals (Information costs and home bias: An analysis of US holdings of foreign equities) pp. 3337-3372 Downloads
Irem Demirci, Miguel A Ferreira, Pedro Matos and Clemens Sialm
Corporate ESG Profiles and Banking Relationships (Competition and the structure of vertical relationships in capital markets) pp. 3373-3417 Downloads
Joel F Houston and Hongyu Shan
The Relationship Dilemma: Why Do Banks Differ in the Pace at Which They Adopt New Technology? (Banking the unbanked: Measuring the success of JDY) pp. 3418-3466 Downloads
Prachi Mishra, Nagpurnanand Prabhala and Raghuram G Rajan
Short-Termism Spillovers from the Financial Industry (The network origins of aggregate fluctuations) pp. 3467-3524 Downloads
Andrew Bird, Aytekin Ertan, Stephen A Karolyi and Thomas G Ruchti

Volume 35, issue 6, 2022

The Use and Misuse of Patent Data: Issues for Finance and Beyond (Do hostile takeovers stifle innovation? Evidence from antitakeover legislation and corporate patenting) pp. 2667-2704 Downloads
Josh Lerner and Amit Seru
Quick or Broad Patents? Evidence from U.S. Startups (The patent troll: Benign middleman or stick-up artist?) pp. 2705-2742 Downloads
Deepak Hegde, Alexander Ljungqvist and Manav Raj
Social Proximity to Capital: Implications for Investors and Firms (Innovation and institutional ownership) pp. 2743-2789 Downloads
Theresa Kuchler, Yan Li, Lin Peng, Johannes Stroebel and Dexin Zhou
Ratings-Driven Demand and Systematic Price Fluctuations (Abnormal returns to a fundamental analysis strategy) pp. 2790-2838 Downloads
Itzhak Ben-David, Jiacui Li, Andrea Rossi and Yang Song
The Party Structure of Mutual Funds (What Matters in Corporate Governance) pp. 2839-2878 Downloads
Ryan Bubb and Emiliano M Catan
The Life Cycle Effects of Corporate Takeover Defenses (Understanding the relationship between founder–CEOs and firm performance) pp. 2879-2927 Downloads
William C Johnson, Jonathan M Karpoff and Sangho Yi
Outraged by Compensation: Implications for Public Pension Performance (Pension fund asset allocation and liability discount rates) pp. 2928-2980 Downloads
Alexander Dyck, Paulo Manoel and Adair Morse
A Fistful of Dollars: Financial Incentives, Peer Information, and Retirement Savings (Financial literacy and retirement preparation in the Netherlands) pp. 2981-3020 Downloads
Rob Bauer, Inka Eberhardt and Paul Smeets
Consumption Imputation Errors in Administrative Data (Consistency between household-level consumption data from registers and surveys) pp. 3021-3059 Downloads
Scott R Baker, Lorenz Kueng, Steffen Meyer and Michaela Pagel
Capital Spillover, House Prices, and Consumer Spending: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from House Purchase Restrictions (House prices, collateral, and self-employment) pp. 3060-3099 Downloads
Yinglu Deng, Li Liao, Jiaheng Yu and Yu Zhang

Volume 35, issue 5, 2022

The Cross-Section of Bank Value (Should banks be diversified? Evidence from individual bank loan portfolios) pp. 2101-2143 Downloads
Mark Egan, Stefan Lewellen and Adi Sunderam
Intermediaries and Asset Prices: International Evidence since 1870 (Financial intermediaries and the cross-section of asset returns) pp. 2144-2189 Downloads
Matthew Baron and Tyler Muir
Asset Pricing with Fading Memory (Internal rationality, imperfect market knowledge and asset prices) pp. 2190-2245 Downloads
Stefan Nagel and Zhengyang Xu
A Model of Two Days: Discrete News and Asset Prices (Risk preferences and the macroeconomic announcement premium) pp. 2246-2307 Downloads
Jessica A Wachter and Yicheng Zhu
Monetary Policy Risk: Rules versus Discretion (Risk premia and term premia in general equilibrium) pp. 2308-2344 Downloads
David K Backus, Mikhail Chernov, Stanley E Zin and Irina Zviadadze
Volatility Risk Pass-Through (The dynamics of risk-sensitive allocations) pp. 2345-2385 Downloads
Riccardo Colacito, Mariano M Croce, Yang Liu and Ivan Shaliastovich
Foreign Exchange Volume (Beauty contests and iterated expectations in asset markets) pp. 2386-2427 Downloads
Giovanni Cespa, Antonio Gargano, Steven J Riddiough and Lucio Sarno
Can Shorts Predict Returns? A Global Perspective (The role of institutional investors in voting: Evidence from the securities lending market) pp. 2428-2463 Downloads
Ekkehart Boehmer, Zsuzsa R Huszár, Yanchu Wang, Xiaoyan Zhang and Xinran Zhang
Credit Default Swaps around the World (A Pyrrhic victory? Bank bailouts and sovereign credit risk) pp. 2464-2524 Downloads
Söhnke M Bartram, Jennifer Conrad, Jongsub Lee and Marti G Subrahmanyam
A Theory of Liquidity Spillover between Bond and CDS Markets (An interview with Vanguard’s Sam Priyadarshi. MarketVoice, FIA) pp. 2525-2569 Downloads
Batchimeg Sambalaibat
Exchange Competition, Entry, and Welfare (Optimal inattention to the stock market with information costs and transactions costs) pp. 2570-2624 Downloads
Giovanni Cespa and Xavier Vives
Dark Pool Trading and Information Acquisition (Tests of analysts’ overreaction/underreaction to earnings information as an explanation for anomalous stock price behavior) pp. 2625-2666 Downloads
Jonathan Brogaard and Jing Pan

Volume 35, issue 4, 2022

Managing Households’ Expectations with Unconventional Policies (The age of reason: Financial decisions over the life cycle and implications for regulation) pp. 1597-1642 Downloads
Francesco D’Acunto, Daniel Hoang and Michael Weber
Biased by Choice: How Financial Constraints Can Reduce Financial Mistakes (Made poorer by choice: Worker outcomes in social security vs. private retirement accounts) pp. 1643-1681 Downloads
Rawley Z Heimer and Alex Imas
Extrapolative Bubbles and Trading Volume (Wealth redistribution in bubbles and crashes) pp. 1682-1722 Downloads
Jingchi Liao, Cameron Peng and Ning Zhu
What Do Mutual Fund Investors Really Care About? (Systematic mistakes in the mortgage market and lack of financial sophistication) pp. 1723-1774 Downloads
Itzhak Ben-David, Jiacui Li, Andrea Rossi and Yang Song
Distortions and Efficiency in Production Economies with Heterogeneous Beliefs (What do we learn from Schumpetarian growth theory) pp. 1775-1812 Downloads
Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen and Johan Walden
When Shareholders Disagree: Trading after Shareholder Meetings (Fragility of asymptotic agreement under Bayesian learning) pp. 1813-1867 Downloads
Sophia Zhengzi Li, Ernst Maug and Miriam Schwartz-Ziv
Activism and Takeovers (The ’Wall Street Walk’ and shareholder activism: Exit as a form of voice) pp. 1868-1896 Downloads
Mike Burkart and Samuel Lee
Creditor Control of Corporate Acquisitions (Creditor rights and corporate risk-taking) pp. 1897-1932 Downloads
David Becher, Thomas P Griffin and Greg Nini
Director Appointments: It Is Who You Know (Director skill sets) pp. 1933-1982 Downloads
Jay CaiThe Le, Tu Nguyen and Ralph Walkling
Political Determinants of Competition in the Mobile Telecommunication Industry (Regulation and investment) pp. 1983-2018 Downloads
Mara Faccio and Luigi Zingales
Opioid Crisis Effects on Municipal Finance (Origins of the opioid crisis and its enduring impacts) pp. 2019-2066 Downloads
Kimberly Cornaggia, John Hund, Giang Nguyen and Zihan Ye
Socially Responsible Investing in Good and Bad Times (Luxury goods and the equity premium) pp. 2067-2099 Downloads
Ravi Bansal, Di (Andrew) Wu and Amir Yaron

Volume 35, issue 3, 2022

Consumers as Financiers: Consumer Surplus, Crowdfunding, and Initial Coin Offerings (Persuasion in relationship finance) pp. 1105-1140 Downloads
Jeongmin Lee and Christine A Parlour
Contractual Restrictions and Debt Traps (Microcredit impacts: Evidence from a randomized microcredit program placement experiment by Compartamos Banco) pp. 1141-1182 Downloads
Ernest Liu and Benjamin N Roth
Persistent Blessings of Luck: Theory and an Application to Venture Capital (Wall Street occupations) pp. 1183-1221 Downloads
Lin Cong and Yizhou Xiao
Lest We Forget: Learn from Out-of-Sample Forecast Errors When Optimizing Portfolios (Inferring reporting-related biases in hedge fund databases from hedge fund equity holdings) pp. 1222-1278 Downloads
Pedro Barroso and Konark Saxena
Efficiency of Dynamic Portfolio Choices: An Experiment (Hedge fund performance 1990–2000: Do the “money machines” really add value?) pp. 1279-1309 Downloads
Jacopo Magnani, Jean Paul Rabanal, Olga A Rud and Yabin Wang
Conditional Dynamics and the Multihorizon Risk-Return Trade-Off (New and old characteristic-sorted portfolios: Implications for asset pricing) pp. 1310-1347 Downloads
Mikhail Chernov, Lars A Lochstoer and Stig R H Lundeby
Stock Return Extrapolation, Option Prices, and Variance Risk Premium (Stock price booms and expected capital gains) pp. 1348-1393 Downloads
Adem Atmaz
Option Return Predictability (Financial intermediaries and the cross-section of asset returns) pp. 1394-1442 Downloads
Xintong (Eunice) Zhan, Bing Han, Jie Cao and Qing Tong
Disagreement in the Equity Options Market and Stock Returns (The joint cross section of stocks and options) pp. 1443-1479 Downloads
Benjamin Golez and Ruslan Goyenko
Short-term Momentum (Illiquidity and stock returns: Cross-section and time-series effects) pp. 1480-1526 Downloads
Mamdouh Medhat and Maik Schmeling
Fiscal Cyclicality and Currency Risk Premia (Money, interest rates, and exchange rates with endogenously segmented markets) pp. 1527-1552 Downloads
Zhengyang Jiang
Inflating Away the Public Debt? An Empirical Assessment (Crisis and commitment: Inflation credibility and the vulnerability to sovereign debt crises) pp. 1553-1595 Downloads
Jens Hilscher, Alon Raviv and Ricardo Reis

Volume 35, issue 2, 2022

Methodological Variation in Empirical Corporate Finance (Identifying and treating outliers in finance) pp. 527-575 Downloads
Todd Mitton
Financial Constraints and Corporate Environmental Policies (The limits of limited liability: Evidence from industrial pollution) pp. 576-635 Downloads
Qiping Xu and Taehyun Kim
Missing Novelty in Drug Development* (Market size in innovation: Theory and evidence from the pharmaceutical industry) pp. 636-679 Downloads
Joshua Krieger, Danielle Li and Dimitris Papanikolaou
Credit Supply and Housing Speculation (Bubbles and crashes) pp. 680-719 Downloads
Atif Mian and Amir Sufi
Selection, Leverage, and Default in the Mortgage Market (Liquidity constraints and imperfect information in subprime lending) pp. 720-770 Downloads
Arpit Gupta and Christopher Hansman
Moral Hazard during the Housing Boom: Evidence from Private Mortgage Insurance (On the financial regulation of insurance companies) pp. 771-813 Downloads
Neil Bhutta and Benjamin J Keys
Too Much Skin-in-the-Game? The Effect of Mortgage Market Concentration on Credit and House Prices (The effect of large investors on asset quality evidence from subprime mortgage securities) pp. 814-865 Downloads
Deeksha Gupta
Decentralizing Money: Bitcoin Prices and Blockchain Security (Blockchain economics) pp. 866-907 Downloads
Emiliano S Pagnotta
Dynamics of Research and Strategic Trading (Uncovering hedge fund skill from the portfolio holdings they hide) pp. 908-961 Downloads
Snehal Banerjee and Bradyn Breon-Drish
Asset Price Dynamics with Limited Attention (Inaction and adjustment: Consequences for households and firms) pp. 962-1008 Downloads
Terrence Hendershott, Albert Menkveld, Rémy Praz and Mark Seasholes
Private Information, Securities Lending, and Asset Prices (Do heterogeneous beliefs matter for asset pricing?) pp. 1009-1063 Downloads
Mahdi Nezafat and Mark Schroder
The State Price Density Implied by Crude Oil Futures and Option Prices (Limits to arbitrage and hedging: evidence from commodity markets) pp. 1064-1103 Downloads
Peter Christoffersen, Kris Jacobs and Xuhui (Nick) Pan

Volume 35, issue 1, 2022

Swing Pricing and Fragility in Open-End Mutual Funds (Does motivation matter when assessing trade performance? An analysis of mutual funds) pp. 1-50 Downloads
Dunhong Jin, Marcin Kacperczyk, Bige Kahraman and Felix Suntheim
The Unintended Consequences of Corporate Bond ETFs: Evidence from the Taper Tantrum (Liquidity and leverage) pp. 51-90 Downloads
Caitlin D Dannhauser and Saeid Hoseinzade
Do Index Funds Monitor? (Large shareholder activism, risk sharing, and financial market equilibrium) pp. 91-131 Downloads
Davidson Heath, Daniele Macciocchi, Roni Michaely and Matthew Ringgenberg
Peer Effects in Corporate Governance Practices: Evidence from Universal Demand Laws (Director skill sets) pp. 132-167 Downloads
Pouyan Foroughi, Alan J Marcus, Vinh Nguyen and Hassan Tehranian
How Should Performance Signals Affect Contracts? (On the optimality of resetting executive stock options) pp. 168-206 Downloads
Pierre Chaigneau, Alex Edmans and Daniel Gottlieb
Competing for Talent: Firms, Managers, and Social Networks (High wage workers and high wage firms) pp. 207-253 Downloads
Isaac Hacamo and Kristoph Kleiner
Buy-Side Competition and Momentum Profits (Illiquidity and stock returns: Cross-section and time-series effects) pp. 254-298 Downloads
Gerard Hoberg, Nitin Kumar and Nagpurnanand Prabhala
Replicating Private Equity with Value Investing, Homemade Leverage, and Hold-to-Maturity Accounting (The risk-adjusted cost of financial distress) pp. 299-342 Downloads
Erik Stafford
Reconsidering Returns (De facto political power and institutional persistence) pp. 343-393 Downloads
Samuel M Hartzmark and David H Solomon
Can Cross-Border Funding Frictions Explain Financial Integration Reversals? (Financial intermediaries and the cross section of stock returns) pp. 394-437 Downloads
Amir Akbari, Francesca Carrieri and Aytek Malkhozov
Cross-Border Bank Flows and Monetary Policy (Capital flows to emerging market economies: A brave new world?) pp. 438-481 Downloads
Ricardo Correa, Teodora Paligorova, Horacio Sapriza and Andrei Zlate
Regressive Mortgage Credit Redistribution in the Post-Crisis Era (Loan originations and defaults in the mortgage crisis: The role of the middle class) pp. 482-525 Downloads
Francesco D’Acunto and Alberto G Rossi
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