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2012, volume 12, issue 4

Price on the Organic Food Market pp. 5-16 Downloads
George Atanasoaie
The Accuracy and Bias Evaluation of the USA Unemployment Rate Forecasts. Methods to Improve the Forecasts Accuracy pp. 17-32 Downloads
Mihaela Bratu (Simionescu)
Legal Issues and Aspects Related to the Human Resources Management Regarding the Selection of Civil Servants pp. 33-38 Downloads
Melinda Cenuşe and Adrian David
A Comparative Analysis of ASEAN Currencies Using a Copula Approach and a Dynamic Copula Approach pp. 39-52 Downloads
Chukiat Chaiboonsri and Prasert Chaitip
Ciprian Cucu
The Analysis of the Beer Sector in Romania pp. 61-76 Downloads
Oana Dobre-Baron
Keying and Role Play in Business Encounters. Spatial, Temporal, Behavior and Language Cues pp. 77-84 Downloads
Gabriela Dumbravă
Overview of the State of Corporate Social Responsibility within Multinational Companies pp. 85-94 Downloads
Codruţa Dura and Mihaela Ghicajanu
Characteristics of Public Sector Management pp. 95-102 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guţă
The Place of Facebook in International Social Network Portfolio pp. 103-108 Downloads
Alin Cristian Isac
Comparative Analysis of the Unemployment Between Romania and Moldova pp. 109-116 Downloads
Claudia Isac, Mihaela Bahnaru and Ana-Petrina Stanciu
Income Inequality in Some Major European Union Economies a Discriminant Analysis pp. 117-128 Downloads
Jyotirmayee Kar
The Decentralization Process in Romania Has Been Affected by the Financial Crisis or Not; Arguments in Favor or Against Decentralization in the Management of the Financial Crisis pp. 129-136 Downloads
Olivia Manole and Consuela Necșulescu
Imbalances in Financial Autonomy at Different Level of Local Government in Romania pp. 137-146 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Olivia Manole
Environmental Management in the Energy Sector on the Example of Power Plant in Belchatow pp. 147-154 Downloads
Bartłomiej Okwiet
CSR-Issues in the Value Chains of Multi National Companies (MNCS) – Challenges and Best Practise pp. 155-168 Downloads
Bartłomiej Okwiet
Competitiveness in Regional Development pp. 169-176 Downloads
Elena Mădălina Oprițescu
Extended Network for Backpropagation Algorithm pp. 177-184 Downloads
Mircea Petrini
Improvements to the Backpropagation Algorithm pp. 185-192 Downloads
Mircea Petrini
Return Migration – Reasons, Consequences and Benefits pp. 193-202 Downloads
Ramona Pîrvu and Gheorghe Axinte
Competitiveness in Services, Driving Force of Economic Development pp. 203-210 Downloads
Ramona Pîrvu and Maria Danatie Enescu
Monetary Aggregates - Instrument of the Policy Promoted by the National Bank of Romania pp. 211-218 Downloads
Coralia Emilia Popa
Independence and Objectivity - A Sine Qua Non Principle in Auditing pp. 219-226 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaş
Information and Strategic Decisions in Economic Entities Management pp. 227-234 Downloads
Lucian Ioan Sabău
The Perception of Tourism Development in West Region of Romania pp. 235-242 Downloads
Gabriela Corina Slusariuc and Ilie Răscolean
The Prognosis of Total Public Expenditures and Types of Expenditures in Romania pp. 243-254 Downloads
Ana-Petrina Stanciu and Petre Brezeanu

2012, volume 12, issue 3

Profile of Social Services from Jiu Valley in Light Professionals Perception. Qualitative Approach pp. 5-16 Downloads
Felicia Andrioni and Cosmin Goian
Social Economy Dimensions from Romania. Perspectives and Realities of NGO Sector pp. 17-26 Downloads
Felicia Andrioni and Mihaela Camelia Schmidt
Communication by Event - The Efficiency of Seminaries as a Way to Inform and to Train pp. 27-38 Downloads
Ioana Bianca Chitu and Alina Simona Tecău
Post-Hoc Segmentation Using Marketing Research pp. 39-48 Downloads
Cristinel Constantin
“The Net Monetary Statement” and “The Net Non-Monetary Statement” – Assessment Indicators for The Financial Position of The Entity pp. 49-56 Downloads
Sorin-Constantin Deaconu
Alternative Professional Training Using IT Solutions pp. 57-66 Downloads
Eduard Edelhauser, Lucian Lupu Dima, Andreea Ionica and Monica Leba
Dimensions and Characteristics of Immigration in Romania pp. 67-74 Downloads
Alina Fleșer
Peculiarities of Development and Implementation of Marketing Strategies in A Private Company pp. 75-82 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guţă
Econometric Model Concerning The Status and Evolution of The Automotive Industry in Romania pp. 83-96 Downloads
Alina Hagiu
Directions of Organizational Communication at The Level of The Students’ Cultural Centre in Petrosani - A Case Study pp. 97-106 Downloads
Lavinia Hulea
Quality Services Evaluation Model Based on Dedicated Software Tool pp. 107-114 Downloads
Andreea Ionica, Monica Leba, Eduard Edelhauser and Lucian Lupu Dima
VAT Collection to Collection: Advantages and Disadvantages pp. 115-122 Downloads
Roxana Ispas
The Long Memory Property of Hungarian Market Pig Prices: A Comparison of Three Different Methods pp. 123-138 Downloads
Sándor Kovács, Prasert Chaitip, Chukiat Chaiboonsri and Péter Balogh
Public Works Concessions - Delimitation from Other Contracts pp. 139-146 Downloads
Catalina-Georgeta Matei and Roxana-Anca Adam
Romanian Insurance Market-Road to Recovery after Financial Crisis pp. 147-158 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Ana Preda
Romania’s Private Health Insurance Market Potential pp. 159-166 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Bianca Volintiru
Analysis of Current State and Future Trends of Auto Parts Manufacturing Sector in Romania pp. 167-178 Downloads
Daniela Mihai
The Influence of Increasing Reliability of Belt Conveyors Upon The Productivity of Lignite Quarries pp. 179-186 Downloads
Florin-Mihai Nițescu
Economic Standard – Quantitative Component of Quality of Life pp. 187-196 Downloads
Roxana Pleşa
Premiums Calculation for Life Insurance pp. 197-204 Downloads
Ana Preda and Mariana Gîrbaci
Social Organizations pp. 205-214 Downloads
Robert Prodanciuc
Evolution of The Romanian Capital Market in The Last Four Years pp. 215-222 Downloads
Sorin Claudiu Radu
The Role of Product Audit Policy in Increasing Organizational Performance pp. 223-230 Downloads
Violeta Rădulescu and Anca Cruceru
Predictive Analysis Software for Modeling The Altman Z-Score Financial Distress Status of Companies pp. 231-240 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean, Remus Dobra and Gabriela Corina Slusariuc
Social-Economic Aspects Regarding Employment and Activity of Higher Education Graduates from The University of Petroşani and at National Level pp. 241-254 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean, Ion Pârvulescu, Roxana Pleşa and Camelia Lăcătuşu
The Economical Implications of The Modifying Law 31/1990 Regarding The Companies and The New Civil Code on Property Relations Between Spouses pp. 255-262 Downloads
Oana Răvaş
Opinions of The Inhabitants of The Jiu Valley Mining Area Regarding Family Life Quality pp. 263-270 Downloads
Mihaela Camelia Schmidt
The Perception of The Jiu Valley Inhabitants Regarding The Importance of Family pp. 271-278 Downloads
Mihaela Camelia Schmidt
Non Banking Financial Companies and India’s Rural Economy - with Reference to Sahara Group pp. 279-290 Downloads
Sukanta Chandra Swain

2012, volume 12, issue 2

Decisional Methods Applied in Insurance Area pp. 5-13 Downloads
Marian-Lucian Achim
Mathematical Methods Used for Calculate Insurance Premium to The Property Insurance pp. 14-20 Downloads
Marian-Lucian Achim
Management Experiments According to The Institutional Prospect of The Jiu Valley Mining After 1989 pp. 21-28 Downloads
Mariana Anghel
Main Coordinates of Accounting Profession Co-Opetitional Model pp. 29-38 Downloads
Marioara Avram and Greti Daniela Țogoe
A Multifactorial Statistical Model for Development Regions Hierarchy in Romania pp. 39-46 Downloads
Tiberiu Avramescu
Economic Compettion Environment in The European Union pp. 47-54 Downloads
Cristina Bâldan, Emilia Ungureanu and Felix-Constantin Burcea
Qualitative Marketing Research Regarding The Impact of The Crisis on The Activity of The Leasing Companies pp. 55-62 Downloads
Cristina Balteanu and Oana Bărbulescu (Şeitan)
The Analysis of The Braşov Consumer Behavior Regarding The Use of The Leasing Services pp. 63-70 Downloads
Oana Bărbulescu (Şeitan) and Cristina Balteanu
Actuarial Techniques to Assess The Financial Performance. Insurance Applications pp. 71-76 Downloads
Mihaela Botea, Marinel Nedeluţ, Corina Ioanăş and Mihaela Gruiescu
Aspects of The Manager Activities Within The Future Competitive Environment pp. 77-84 Downloads
Gheorghe Florin Buşe
The Horizon of Prediction for Exchange Rate Eur-Leu pp. 85-92 Downloads
Dumitru Ciobanu
The Dualism of The Accounting Activity of The Company. Characteristics of The Managerial Accounting and Implications in The Management of The Company pp. 93-104 Downloads
Alina Ciuhureanu
Involvement of Managerial Accounting in Ensuring The Comapny’s Competitiveness on The Market pp. 105-116 Downloads
Alina Ciuhureanu
Analysis of Pension Reforms in EU Member States pp. 117-126 Downloads
Elena Lucia Croitoru
Customers Categories and Types of Banking Services pp. 127-134 Downloads
Daniela Simona Dimitriu
Some Consequences of The Economic Crisis in Romania pp. 135-142 Downloads
Alina Fleșer and Radu Cătălin Criveanu
The Quantifiable Component of Quality Management in Energetic Industry pp. 143-150 Downloads
Claudia Isac
The Manner Financing Influences The Performance of European Union Health Systems – A Case Study: Romania pp. 151-162 Downloads
Mariana Man and Bogdan Răvaş
The Cost of Population Aging on The Public Pension System in Romania pp. 163-170 Downloads
Daniel Nicolae Militaru
Regional Development vs. Innovation – The Main Engine of Economic Growth pp. 171-178 Downloads
Elena Mădălina Oprițescu
Advantages Obtained by The Small Companies by Appealing To Managerial and Financial Consultancy in A Competitive Environment on The Tourism Services Market pp. 179-192 Downloads
Monica Pătruţescu, Dalia Simion, Claudiu Şerban and Sabin Armăşelu
The Investment Process and Its Financing pp. 193-204 Downloads
Mugurel Gabriel Sorin Pop
Globalization and Integration into The Economic and Monetary Union-Challenges for Banks Operating in Romania pp. 205-212 Downloads
Coralia Emilia Popa
Opportunities for Human Resources Development by Professional Integration / Reintegration pp. 213-222 Downloads
Lavinia Elisabeta Popp
Promotion of Active Measures and Employment Stimulation pp. 223-235 Downloads
Lavinia Elisabeta Popp
Social Institutions pp. 236-243 Downloads
Robert Prodanciuc
The Voters’ Priorities for The 2012-2016 Mandate of The Local Government in A Jiu Valley Community pp. 244-256 Downloads
Robert Prodanciuc and Vasile Ciocodeică
Assessment of Study Conditions and Programs by University Graduates at The Level of Petroşani University and At National Level, In View of Insertion in The Work Market pp. 257-272 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean, Ion Pârvulescu, Roxana Pleşa and Camelia Lăcătuşu
How Appraisers Develop Fair Value pp. 273-284 Downloads
Miroslav Škoda
Trade-Off Versus Pecking Order Theory in Listed Companies Around The World pp. 285-292 Downloads
Sorana Vătavu
Book Review: “Operations Management Research and Cellular Manufacturing Systems: Innovative Methods and Approaches” pp. 293 Downloads
Imola Drigă

2012, volume 12, issue 1

The Contribution of „Ruda 12 Apostoli” Mining Association in Brad to the Development of Transylvanian Gold Mining Between 1884 – 1921 pp. 5-14 Downloads
Mircea Baron
Identifying Key Trends of Direct Sales in the European Union pp. 15-24 Downloads
Mădălina Brutu and Daniela Mihai
Energy Intensity - A Key Indicator for the Economic Development pp. 25-32 Downloads
Felix-Constantin Burcea, Emilia Ungureanu and Cristina Florentina Bâldan
Methods Used in Determining the Value Added Used in the Assesment of the Company’s Real Economic Power pp. 33-48 Downloads
Constantin Căruntu and Mihaela Loredana Lăpăduși
Accounting Policies and Estimates in Municipalities between Norms and Reality pp. 49-60 Downloads
Iuliana Cenar
Obtaining Food Safety by Applying HACCP System pp. 61-68 Downloads
Ion Criveanu, Natalița Maria Sperdea and Radu Catalin Criveanu
Consideration Regarding the Taxation in Finland and Romania pp. 69-76 Downloads
Elena Lucia Croitoru and Mihai Ungureanu
Decisions in Economic-Organisational Entities Operating in a Hostile Environment pp. 77-84 Downloads
Ioan Constantin Dima and Mariana Man
Web Content Mining pp. 85-92 Downloads
Claudia Elena Dinucă and Dumitru Ciobanu
Economic Analysis of the Marketing Channels in Citrus Industry in Brazil pp. 93-108 Downloads
Andrea Cristina Dorr, Jaqueline Carla Guse, Rubia Strassburger, Aline Zulian and Marivane Vestena Rossato
Russian Multinationals in Romania and their Impact upon the Romanian Economy pp. 109-120 Downloads
Codruța Dura and Imola Driga
Credit Risk. Determination Models pp. 121-128 Downloads
Mihaela Gruiescu, Mihai Aristotel Ungureanu and Corina Ioanăș
The Herd Behavior and the Financial Instability pp. 129-140 Downloads
Cristian Ionescu
Incomplete Markets and Financial Instability. The Role of Information pp. 141-150 Downloads
Cristian Ionescu
Reform, Organisation and Consolidation of the Romanian Banking System pp. 151-162 Downloads
Ion Gr. Ionescu
Categories and Types of Banking Institutions pp. 163-170 Downloads
Ion Gr. Ionescu
Using Social Media by Micro Enterprises – Case Study for Understanding Motivation, Practice and Expectations pp. 171-180 Downloads
Melinda Majláth
The Finance Perspective of the Health Systems in the E.U. Countries pp. 181-192 Downloads
Mariana Man and Maria Măcriș
Analyse of Labor Force Mobility Phenomenom on Romanian Internal Market pp. 193-204 Downloads
Lucian-Ion Medar and Irina-Elena Chirtoc
Analysis and Accounting of Total Cash Flow pp. 205-216 Downloads
Melania Elena Miculeac
Correlated Analysis of Client-Credit Cost with the One of Supplier - Credit Cost pp. 217-224 Downloads
Mirela Monea and Melania Elena Miculeac
Between Parcimony and Complexity: Comparing Performance Measures for Romanian Banking Institutions pp. 225-232 Downloads
Anca Munteanu and Petre Brezeanu
Best Practices Regarding the Organization and Functioning of Audit Committees pp. 233-246 Downloads
Adrian Popa, Dragoș Laurențiu Zaharia and Ani Dumitrache
Stakes and Challenges of Business Women on the Romanian Labour Market pp. 247-254 Downloads
Adina Popovici Bărbulescu
The Old Age Pension System in a Tax Haven: The Case of the Bahamas pp. 255-265 Downloads
Jarosław Poteraj
Evolution of Intangible Assets – Case Study Knowledge – Based Companies vs. Organizations Top 100 Issuers After Capitalization pp. 266-273 Downloads
Nicoleta Rădneanțu
Profitability of the CEE Banking Systems During the Crisis Period pp. 274-291 Downloads
Magdalena Radulescu and Marinela Tanascovici
Relationships Among Components of Engagement Risk pp. 292-304 Downloads
Evren Dilek Sengur
Impact of Financial Crisis on Black Sea Tourism pp. 305-312 Downloads
Adina Trandafir
Book Review: “Persuasion Elemenents Used in Logistical Negotiation: Persuasive Logistical Negotiation”, 1 edition 2012 pp. 313 Downloads
Imola Drigă
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