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2010, volume 10, issue 4

Negative Affectivity, Conscientiousness And Job Scope (A Case Of IT And Telecom Industry) pp. 5-18 Downloads
Bilal Afsar, Asad Shahjehan and Zia Ur Rehman
Statistical Analysis Of The Touristic Accommodation Capacity And Activity In Romania During 2000-2009 pp. 19-26 Downloads
Aniela Balacescu and Cecilia Rabontu
Premises Of The Quality Management In Education pp. 27-40 Downloads
Maria Buşe
Modalities Of Non-Financial Motivation Of Employees Within Organizations pp. 41-54 Downloads
Radu Ciorbagiu-Naon
Study Regarding The Implemented Projects By The Members Of The Territorial Pact Centre And The Identification Of Project Ideas pp. 55-62 Downloads
Alina Ciuhureanu, Hortensia Gorski and Nicolae Baltes
Economic Analysis Of Smallholders: A Study Of The Public Market pp. 63-74 Downloads
Maykell Leite Da Costa, Andréa Cristina Dörr, Marcos Alves Dos Reys and Aline Zulian
Creativity In Management Of Transport Enterprise pp. 75-80 Downloads
Jana Dicová and Ján Ondruš
The Role Of Communication In The Efficiency Of The Social Dialog Management pp. 81-86 Downloads
Luigi Dumitrescu and Mircea Fuciu
Impact Of The Foreign Direct Investment From The Manufacturing Sector On The Romanian Imports Of Intermediate Goods And Of Raw Materials pp. 87-96 Downloads
Ramona Dumitriu, Razvan Stefanescu and Costel Nistor
The Role And Implications Of Telemarketing In Media. Case Study: Transilvania Expres Daily Publication Of Brasov pp. 97-104 Downloads
Cristina Gherman and Mihaela Marcu
Romanian Negotiation Style Based On Its Cultural Dimensions pp. 105-116 Downloads
Andrea Hamburg
Necessity And Reality Between Information Transparency In Performance SMEs To Track pp. 117-124 Downloads
Constanţa Iacob and Silvia Simionescu (Buşe)
TQM And Business Excellence pp. 125-134 Downloads
Andreea Ionica, Virginia Băleanu, Eduard Edelhauser and Sabina Irimie
Franchising And Its Applications In Slovak Republic pp. 135-142 Downloads
Miriam Jankalová and Radoslav Jankal
Implications Of Cross-Border Mergers And Acquisitions In The Polish Banking Sector In The Context Of The Global Financial Crisis pp. 143-156 Downloads
Zbigniew Korzeb
Growth Performance And Productivity Of Rubber & Plastic Products Industry In Punjab pp. 157-168 Downloads
Gulshan Kumar
Forecasting Exports Of Industrial Goods From Punjab - An Application Of Univariate Arima Model pp. 169-180 Downloads
Gulshan Kumar and Sanjeev Gupta
Dynamics Of The Share Of Education Expenditures Within Romania’s Gross Domestic Product - Economic And Social Effects pp. 181-192 Downloads
Adrian Măcriş and Maria Măcriş
Private Funds Financing Of European Higher Education pp. 193-200 Downloads
Maria Măcriş and Adrian Măcriş
Indexing Strategies For Optimizing Queries On MySQL pp. 201-214 Downloads
Anca Mehedinţu, Cerasela Pîrvu and Cristi Etegan
Correlates Of Employee Satisfaction With Performance Appraisal System In Foreign MNC BPOs Operating In India pp. 215-224 Downloads
Herald Monis and T. N. Sreedhara
Accounting Treatments For Financing Entities pp. 225-232 Downloads
Cristina Mihaela Nagy, Viorel Trif and Bogdan Cotleţ
Compulsory Social Contributions In Different Countries Not Members Of The European Union pp. 233-242 Downloads
Marinel Nedeluţ, Grigorie Lăcriţa and Dragoş Mihai Ungureanu
Public Sector Banks In India On Rapid Hiring Spree: A Compassionate Analysis With Special Reference To IDBI Bank pp. 243-262 Downloads
Lipika Patnayak and Sukanta Chandra Swain
Considerations Concerning The Banking Credit And Its Optimization pp. 263-272 Downloads
Cerasela Pîrvu and Anca Mehedinţu
The Management Of A Portfolio In The Conditions Of Economic Crisis pp. 273-280 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean, Claudia Isac and Robert Szabo
Investments In Bonds On Romania’s Capital Market pp. 281-288 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean and Robert Szabo
Factoring Agreement - Financing Method For The Companies In Lack Of Cash-Flow pp. 289-296 Downloads
Oana-Carmen Răvaş and Adrian David
Options For The Assessment Of Items Of Financial Statements At National, European And International Level pp. 297-308 Downloads
Silvia Samara
E-Commerce With Online Payment Through Bank Card pp. 309-316 Downloads
Oana Şeitan, Cristina Gherman and Cătălin Nicolae Bulgărea
European Econometric Analysis Of The Interconnection Of Consumption And GDP Approached According To Eviews Program pp. 317-326 Downloads
Ana Petrina Stanciu and Nadia Elena Stoicuţa
Algorithms For The Processes Of Establishing Prices And Balanced Bank Interests pp. 327-336 Downloads
Carina-Elena Stegăroiu and Stegaroiu Valentin
The Econometric Analysis Of The Dependence Between The Consumer, GDP And The Interest Rate Using The Eviews Program pp. 337-346 Downloads
Nadia Elena Stoicuţa and Ana Petrina Stanciu
A Study Regarding The Use Of The Information Technology And Communications In The Logistic Activity Of Small And Medium Enterprises pp. 347-354 Downloads
Naiana Ţarcă, Vatuiu Teodora and Ioan Ţarcă
Commercial Fund, Recognition And Assessment pp. 355-362 Downloads
Viorel Trif, Cristina Mihaela Nagy and Bogdan Cotleţ
The Use Of The EMCS Business Web Application For Monitoring The Movement Of Excise Goods Within The European Community pp. 363-374 Downloads
Vatuiu Teodora, Naiana Ţarcă, Mioara Udrica and Vasile Nicolae Popeangă

2010, volume 10, issue 3

Income Distribution And Rent Seeking Costs: A Note pp. 5-12 Downloads
Maria Alessandra Antonelli
Company Financial Diagnosis In CEE Countries pp. 13-24 Downloads
Petre Brezeanu, Cristina Morar Triandafil and Cătălin Huidumac
Appreciative Intelligence And Its Influence On Romanian Managers’ Behaviour pp. 25-32 Downloads
Mirela Bucurean and Mădălina-Adriana Costin
Contract Construction Activity pp. 33-40 Downloads
Antoaneta Claudia Butuza and Loredana Valentina Hedre
Phenomena And Basic Macroeconomic Indicators For Measurements pp. 41-50 Downloads
Paulina Catana
The Financial - Accounting Image For The Public Benefits Of Retirement pp. 51-60 Downloads
Iuliana Cenar
Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Euro pp. 61-68 Downloads
Melinda Cenuşe and Imola Driga
A Panel Cointegration Analysis: An Application To International Tourism Demand Of Thailand pp. 69-86 Downloads
Chukiat Chaiboonsri, Jittaporn Sriboonjit, Thanes Sriwichailamphan, Prasert Chaitip and Songsak Sriboonchitta
On Tests For Long-Term Dependence: India’s International Tourism Market pp. 87-94 Downloads
Prasert Chaitip, Songsak Sriboonchitta, Peter Balogh and Chukiat Chaiboonsri
Study On Identifying The Consultancy Needs Of The Members Of The Territorial Pact And The County Partnerships In The Centre Region pp. 95-104 Downloads
Alina Ciuhureanu, Hortensia Gorski and Nicolae Baltes
The Importance Of “Speed-Dating” For Romanian Entrepreneurs pp. 105-112 Downloads
Mădălina-Adriana Costin and Mirela Bucurean
Modern Approaches In The Industrial Maintenance Management - The Conditional Type Maintenance pp. 113-120 Downloads
Ioan Cucu, Ciprian Ioan Cucu and Maria-Elena Boatcă
Distance Banking Services - A Solution For The Romanian Management Banking System pp. 121-128 Downloads
Elena Silvia Dinculescu
Unemployment – The Unbalance Of The Labour Market In Jiu Valley pp. 129-142 Downloads
Oana Dobre-Baron and Alina Fleşer
Unemployment – The Unbalance Of The Labour Market In Jiu Valley pp. 143-150 Downloads
Daniela Florescu and Petre Brezeanu
Methods For Determining The Community To Accept The EU Rules Regarding The Quality Of Life In The Urban Areas pp. 151-166 Downloads
Valentin Fulger and Ion Hirghiduş
Ethical And Philanthropic Responsibilities In Practice pp. 167-174 Downloads
Georgeta Grigore
The Economic Justification Of The Responsible Behaviour Of Companies pp. 175-182 Downloads
Georgeta Grigore, Corina Grigore and Gheorghe Grigore
Quality Of Construction Activity pp. 183-188 Downloads
Loredana Valentina Hedre
Emerging Rationality And The Subject Of Liberalism pp. 189-196 Downloads
Ion Hirghiduş and Valentin Fulger
Communication - Organizations’ Work Device pp. 197-206 Downloads
Lavinia Hulea
Necessity Or Challenge - Information Security For Small And Medium Enterprises pp. 207-216 Downloads
Csaba Lábodi and Pal Michelberger
Entrepreneurial Finance: Angel Investing As A Source Of Funding High-Growth Start-Up Firms pp. 217-224 Downloads
Sonja Markova and Tatjana Petkovska-Mirčevska
The Necessity Of Accounting Information In The Management Of The Communitarian Services Of Public Utilities pp. 225-234 Downloads
Dorel Mateş and Gheorghe Claudiu Feies
The Splitting Of Labour Market And Employment Entrepreneurial Strategies pp. 235-242 Downloads
Mariana Claudia Mungiu-Pupăzan and Maria Vasilescu
The Connection Between Management And Technology And The Technological Management pp. 243-250 Downloads
Rareş Munteanu
Central Bank Independency On The Development Of The Financial Sector. A Case Of Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe (1998-2008) pp. 251-264 Downloads
Kosmas Njanike
Study On Organic Food Products In Romania pp. 265-272 Downloads
Cecilia Rabontu and Amalia Venera Todoruţ
Basic And Alternative Rules In Evaluation Of Tangible And Intangible Assets pp. 273-282 Downloads
Luminiţa Rus
European Fisheries Fund – New Development Opportunities For Romania pp. 283-290 Downloads
Diana Sabau-Popa
The Need For State In The Economy-Epistemological Approach pp. 291-300 Downloads
Anca-Ştefania Sava
Labour Market And Social Policy In The Jiu Valley pp. 301-308 Downloads
Mihaela Camelia Schmidt
Improving Public Services Through A Organizational Performance Management pp. 309-320 Downloads
Ioana Stăncescu, Popeanga Vasile, Vergel Vătuiu and Virginia Elena Vătuiu
Bayesian Approach Of Decision Problems pp. 321-332 Downloads
Dragoş Stuparu, Tomiţă Vasile and Cora-Ionela Dăniasă
Lean Management - The Way To A Performant Enterprise pp. 333-340 Downloads
Amalia Venera Todoruţ, Cecilia Rabontu and Doru Cîrnu
Corporate Financial Analysis And Localization Criteria - Emerging Versus Developed Countries: Case Study On It Commercial Companies pp. 341-348 Downloads
Cristina Morar Triandafil and Petre Brezeanu
Accounting Ethics - Responsibility Versus Creativity pp. 349-356 Downloads
Valentin Ioan Uşurelu, Mioara Marin (Nedelcu), Alina Elena Danailă (Andrei) and Daniela Loghin
Inflation Targeting – Between Theory And Reality pp. 357-364 Downloads
Maria Vasilescu and Mariana Claudia Mungiu-Pupăzan
Financial Soundness Indicators pp. 365-372 Downloads
Daniela Zapodeanu and Mihail-Ioan Cociuba
Sustainable Development In The European Union: Tools For Policy Evaluation pp. 373-382 Downloads
Jadwiga Ziolkowska and Bozydar Ziolkowski

2010, volume 10, issue 2

The Intellectuals’ Opinion Regarding The Integration Of Romania Into The European Union pp. 5-12 Downloads
Mariana Anghel and Vasile Ciocodeică
Career Planning Process And Its Role In Human Resource Development pp. 13-22 Downloads
Eliza Antoniu
Poiana Braşov Resort Positioning On The Romanian Mountain Tourism Market pp. 23-30 Downloads
Codruta Baltescu
Capital Market Development And Economic Growth: The Case Of Romania pp. 31-42 Downloads
Flavia Barna and Petru-Ovidiu Mura
Development Of Romanian Seaside Tourism In The Frame Of Sustainable European Society pp. 43-50 Downloads
Graţiela Brânză
The Risk In Business pp. 51-60 Downloads
Oana Nicoleta Bucur
The Disclosure Of The Conversion Of Volume And Utilization Of Fixed Capital In The Commercial Rate Of Return pp. 61-74 Downloads
Constantin Căruntu and Mihaela Loredana Lăpăduşi
International Tourist Arrivals In Thailand: Forecasting With Arfima-Figarch Approach pp. 75-84 Downloads
Kanchana Chokethaworn, Thanes Sriwichailamphan, Songsak Sriboonchitta, Chukiat Chaiboonsri, Jittaporn Sriboonjit and Prasert Chaitip
International Tourists’ Expenditures In Thailand: A Modelling Of The Arfima-Figarch Approach pp. 85-98 Downloads
Kanchana Chokethaworn, Aree Wiboonponse, Songsak Sriboonchitta, Jittaporn Sriboonjit, Chukiat Chaiboonsri and Prasert Chaitip
Current Trends Of The Regional Development Policy In The European Union. The Development Of Competitive Economic Agglomerations Of Cluster Type pp. 99-110 Downloads
Laura Cismas, Andra Miculescu and Otil Otil
Statistical Landmarks And Practical Issues Regarding The Use Of Simple Random Sampling In Market Researches pp. 111-124 Downloads
Codruta Dura, Imola Driga and Dorina Niţă
Possibilities Of Increasing Efficiency Within Serial Production Management pp. 125-136 Downloads
Codruta Dura, Claudia Isac and Imola Driga
Tax And Accounting Implications Of The Use Of Special Charge Scheme For Second-Hand Goods To The Pawn Shops In Romania pp. 137-148 Downloads
Nicolae Ecobici, Lucia Popa-Paliu and Ionela-Claudia Dina
Traditional And Alternative Approaches To Quantify The Risk For Business pp. 149-156 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guţă and Gabriela Corina Slusariuc
Inflation And Unemployment In The Romanian Economy pp. 157-170 Downloads
Emilia Herman
The Basics Of Rationality And The Culture Of Economic Behaviour pp. 171-184 Downloads
Ion Hirghiduş and Valentin Fulger
Does The Relationship Between Government Expenditure And Economic Growth Follow Wagner’s Law In Nigeria? pp. 185-198 Downloads
Clement Ighodaro and Dickson E. Oriakhi
The Impact Of The Foreign Direct Investment On Romania’s Economy pp. 199-206 Downloads
Mihaela Ioneci and Georgiana Mîndreci
Global Perspectives In Automotive Industry pp. 207-214 Downloads
Nicoleta Isac and Constantin Bâgu
The Current Stage Of The Development Of G2B And B2G Electronic Services In Romania pp. 215-224 Downloads
Alin Isac, Mihaela Muntean, Doina Dănăiaţă and Margareta Şoavă
Pillars Of The Audit Activity: Materiality And Audit Risk pp. 225-238 Downloads
Ana Maria Joldoş, Ionela Cornelia Stanciu and Gabriela Grejdan
Quality Improvement Strategy In Romanian Tourism Products And Services With The Application Of SC Astoria Complex SRL pp. 239-246 Downloads
Claudiu Valentin Nitu, Elena Condrea and Mihaela Constandache
Business Analysis Of The Activity SC Complex Astoria SRL pp. 247-254 Downloads
Claudiu Valentin Nitu, Oana Nitu and Mihaela Constandache
Macro-Regional Disparities In Romania pp. 255-266 Downloads
Otil Otil and Mihai Părean
Consumers’ Satisfaction Of Higher Education Services A Problem Of Education In The 21st Century pp. 267-278 Downloads
Maria Popescu
The Impact Of Economic Crisis On Unemployment, Employment And SMEs Development In Serbia pp. 279-288 Downloads
Mirjana Radović-Marković
Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Learning In Comparison To Traditional Forms Of Learning pp. 289-298 Downloads
Mirjana Radović-Marković
Wealth Tax Within Europe In The Context Of A Possible Implementation In Romania – The Existing Wealth Tax And Its Decline In Europe pp. 299-306 Downloads
Luminiţa Ristea and Adina Trandafir
General Government Revenue In Certain European Union Countries pp. 307-314 Downloads
Corina Şerban (Boiceanu) and Ioan Talpoş
An Application Of Spatial - Panel Analysis - Provincial Economic Growth And Logistics In China pp. 315-322 Downloads
Yang Shao
Profit Versus Insolvency In Romanian Economy pp. 323-330 Downloads
Gabriela Corina Slusariuc and Anca Jarmila Guţă
Trends Regarding The Level Of The Processing, Assortment Structure And The Quality Of The Food Products pp. 331-340 Downloads
Nataliţa Maria Sperdea, Mădălina Giorgiana Mangra and Marieta Stanciu
The Internationalization Of The Estonian Accounting System pp. 341-352 Downloads
Juta Tikk
The Evaluation Of Risk Regarding Insurance. Statistical Methods Of Risk Dissipation pp. 353-362 Downloads
Mihai Aristotel Ungureanu, Mihaela Gruiescu, Corina Ioanăş and Dragoş Dan Morega
Government Involvement In Consumption Behaviour pp. 363-370 Downloads
Cristina Zamfir, Ioana Lupasc and Adrian Lupaşc
The Global Financial Crisis, Where Does Place Romanian Economy In EU? pp. 371-378 Downloads
Paul-Bogdan Zamfir

2010, volume 10, issue 1

State and Efficiency of Management of Agro-Ecosystem Services – The Case of Bulgaria pp. 5-28 Downloads
Hrabrin Bachev
Investments and Economic Recovery pp. 29-36 Downloads
Adela Breuer, Nătăliţa-Mihaela Lesconi-Frumuşanu and Jeanina Bilianaciurea
The Improvement of Processes’ Quality in Organisations Using The Six Sigma Concept pp. 37-42 Downloads
Mădălina Brutu
Analysis Model For Inventory Management pp. 43-50 Downloads
Camelia Burja and Nătăliţa-Mihaela Lesconi-Frumuşanu
The Importance Of Human Resources On Romania's Labor Market pp. 51-58 Downloads
Irina-Elena Chirtoc
Miners’ Opinions Regarding The Influence Of The Unions Over The Socio-Economical Conditions In The Jiu Valley pp. 59-68 Downloads
Vasile Ciocodeică and Robert Prodanciuc
Book-Keeping And Dividends Tax Fiscality pp. 69-74 Downloads
Marin Ciumag and Anca Ciumag
Particularities Of The Human Resource Motivation In Public Administration pp. 75-82 Downloads
Ioan Constantin Dima, Vergil Ciurea, Ioan Voicu and Mihaela Sandu
The Concept Of Framing In Cross-Cultural Business Communication pp. 83-90 Downloads
Gabriela Dumbravă
Knowledge And Information - Factors Of Economical And Social Development pp. 91-102 Downloads
Andra Ganciov (Miculescu) and Loredana Ioana Pribac
The Role Of The Code Of Ethics In The Contemporary Firms Activity pp. 103-110 Downloads
Andreea Gangone and Camelia Chirila
Bankruptcy - A Possible New Start For The Small Business? pp. 111-118 Downloads
Laura Giurca Vasilescu and Ana Popa
Entrepreneurial Opportunities In Food Processing Units (With Special References To Byadgi Red Chilli Cold Storage Units In The Karnataka State) pp. 119-128 Downloads
P. Ishwara
Internal Audit Comparative Analysis - Management Control Concepts pp. 129-136 Downloads
Mihai-Dorel Jurchescu and Nătăliţa-Mihaela Lesconi-Frumuşanu
E-Learning Platforms In Romanian Higher Education pp. 137-148 Downloads
Lucian Lupu Dima, Eduard Edelhauser and Andreea Ionica
What Is Found Beyond The Diffident Impact Of Several Western Successful Intervention Models?: The Genuine Romanian Territorial Reality pp. 149-160 Downloads
Simona Mălăescu
Financial Risks Associated With The Governmental Public Debt’S Portfolio pp. 161-168 Downloads
Mariana Man and Roxana Maria Marin
The Efficiency Of Promotional Instruments Related To The Product Life Cycle Stages pp. 169-176 Downloads
Mihaela Marcu and Cristina Gherman
A New Strategy For Relaunching Tourism In Europe pp. 177-182 Downloads
Mirela Mazilu
The Role Of European Funds For Research As Engine Of Economic Growth pp. 183-192 Downloads
Ovidiu Megan and Alexandru O. Crâşneac
A Strategic Approach Of The Construction Sector In Romania pp. 193-204 Downloads
Tudor Nistorescu and Cristina Ploscaru
The Impact Of Globalisation On Banking Service Quality In Zimbabwe (2003-2008) pp. 205-216 Downloads
Kosmas Njanike
Derivative Market: An Integral Part Of The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange pp. 217-228 Downloads
Kosmas Njanike
The Role Of Competition On The Pricing Decision Of An Organisation And The Attainment Of The Organisational Objective pp. 229-248 Downloads
Imoleayo Obigbemi
Socio-Economic Issues Characteristic To The Jiu Valley Residents pp. 249-256 Downloads
Ion Pârvulescu, Roxana Pleşa and Raluca Ridzi
Aspects Related To The Socio-Economic Situation Of The Retired Persons In Romania pp. 257-266 Downloads
Roxana Pleşa
Strategic Options In The Construction Of The Bucharest Brand Through The Application Analysis Of The Measuring Instruments For The Urban Brands pp. 267-278 Downloads
Ruxandra Popescu and Răzvan-Andrei Corboş
Intellectual Investment. The Prospects In Education In The USA And In The EU pp. 279-288 Downloads
Loredana-Ioana Pribac
The Model Of The Five Competitive Forces On Romanian Retail Market pp. 289-298 Downloads
Silvia Puiu
An Agenda Of Morality For Business Ethics pp. 299-306 Downloads
Anca Pup
From Traditional Accounting To Knowledge Based Accounting Organizations pp. 307-318 Downloads
Nicoleta Radneantu, Emilia Gabroveanu and Roxana Stan
The Role Of The Financial Information In The Tourism Services Quality Control pp. 319-326 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaş and Alin Monea
Statistic Analysis Of International Tourism On Romanian Seaside pp. 327-334 Downloads
Mirela Secară
Balancing Human Development With Economic Growth: A Study Of ASEAN 5 pp. 335-348 Downloads
Swaha Shome and Sarika Tondon
The Globalization Of The Banking And Financial Crisis On International Level pp. 349-362 Downloads
Mirela Catalina Turkes (Vint)
Accounting Public Institutions From Classic To Modern pp. 363-370 Downloads
Tatiana Uţa and Narcisa Coman (Andrei-Coman)
Those Issues And Management Accounting Principles In The Organization Entities Milk Industry pp. 371-378 Downloads
Georgeta-Mihaela Zaharia (Crivac), Tatiana Uţa and Adriana Vasilescu (Gheorghita)
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