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Volume 1, issue 1, 2018

Assessment of Climate Change Implications on Food Safety and Human Health pp. 14-20 Downloads
Raluca Andreea Ion
The Impact of Globalization Phenomena on Food Safety pp. 21-27 Downloads
Bogdan Chiripuci, Ioana Todirica and Alin Toderasc
Globalization of Wine Safety: Romanian Consumers’ Perceptions pp. 28-35 Downloads
Daniela VACARIU (pãduraru), Ionica-Ionelia PALTAN (diaconu) and Ruxandra Pãduraru
Forms of Electronic Training. Principles of Educational Games pp. 36-41 Downloads
Sorin Burlacu, Carmen Valentina Rãdulescu and Olivia Florentina Bãlu
Entropy and Negentropy, Society’s Dilemma pp. 42-48 Downloads
Florina Bran, Cristina Alpopi and Carmen Valentina Radulescu
The Poultry Meat and Eggs Consumption Impact on Salmonellosis Cases pp. 49-53 Downloads
Ruxandra-Eugenia Pop
Consequences of Lifestyle Change on Population Health pp. 54-60 Downloads
Laurentiu Radu and Mirela Stoian
Romania’s Vegetables Production in the Context of Globalization and Food Security pp. 61-67 Downloads
Ionica-Ionelia PALTAN (diaconu) and Daniela VACARIU (pãduraru)
Nutritional Security in Romania pp. 68-74 Downloads
Maria Nica and Ionut Laurentiu Petre
Food Security in the Context of Globalization pp. 75-78 Downloads
Alexandru-Gabriel Postolache and Victor-Adrian Troacã
The Analyze of Mountain Tourism in Europe Union. Case Study-Sinaia pp. 79-85 Downloads
Carmen Georgiana Badea, Ovidiu Buzoianu and Florin Octavian Matei
Sustainable Marketing in Economy pp. 86-89 Downloads
Victor-Adrian Troacã and Alexandru-Gabriel Postolache
Globalization and Marketing in the Context of the Romanian Agriculture pp. 90-96 Downloads
Stefan Alin Toderasc
Environmental Accounting Management pp. 97-101 Downloads
Mihai Dorneanu and Artur-Lucian Brãileanu
Sale of Agricultural Land to Non-Residents – An Attempt on National Security pp. 102-108 Downloads
Henriette Cristiana Calin, Anca Marina Izvoranu and Ioana Claudia Todirica
The Role of Financial Governance in Achieving Development pp. 109-115 Downloads
Latfe Alhusseinawi, Ileana Ashrafzade, Alberta Gisberto and Jawad Zghair
A Study on the Correlation between Personality Typologies and Informational Risk in the Field of Financial Reports pp. 116-122 Downloads
Alexandra M. Boto? and Florin C. Bota
Risk Measures Used by Insurance Regulatory Framework pp. 123-130 Downloads
Aurora Dina (Manolache)
Corruption in Europe pp. 131-137 Downloads
Carmen Pîrvan and Ileana Ni?ulescu-Ashrafzadeh
Insolvency Risk. Application of Altman Z-score to the Auto Parts Sector in Romania pp. 138-145 Downloads
Rodica Baciu (Boanta) and Petre Brezeanu
Non-Financial Information Reported by Companies Listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange pp. 146-150 Downloads
Dalina Dumitrescu and Liliana Simionescu
Money Laundering and Terrorism in the Context of Globalization pp. 151-156 Downloads
Maria Ni?u
Contemporary Data Science for Finance Students Evidence from the Global Steelmaking Leader pp. 157-163 Downloads
Mădălina Manu
The Link Between Emigration and Financial Transactions pp. 164-170 Downloads
Simona Apostu
Progressive Taxation and Economic Growth. Case Study in France pp. 171-178 Downloads
Andrei Ionu? Hu?man and Petre Brezeanu
We All Speak English, but Do We Write in the Same Language? pp. 179-186 Downloads
Maria Nedelcu Pascu and Laura Brad
Testing the Applicability of Fama-French Three Factors Model on the Bucharest Stock Exchange pp. 187-193 Downloads
Alexandra Horobet and Violeta Duta
The Evolution of Change Management Approaches – How Nudging and Behavioral Economics Can Help Organizations’ Transformations pp. 194-205 Downloads
Marius Constantin Profiroiu and Aron Emil Tãtaru
Strategic Management Process in Romania’s Central Public Administration pp. 206-214 Downloads
Alina Profiroiu and Marius Constantin Profiroiu
Privatization of Electricity Supply and Distribution Services pp. 215-226 Downloads
Elvira Nica and Oana Sabie (Abaluta)
New Management Practices for Obtaining Increased Organizational Performance pp. 227-232 Downloads
Ion Popa, Cristina Morãrescu and Simona Cãtãlina ?tefan
How Can Infrastructure Projects be Measured for Success? pp. 233-239 Downloads
Cezar-Petre Simion, ?tefan-Cãtãlin Popa and Cãtãlina Albu
The Role of Socialization Networks in the Modernization of Public Administration pp. 240-244 Downloads
Sorin Burlacu, Cristina Alpopi and Roxana-Maria Bejan
Possible Future Applications of the Blockchain Technology pp. 245-251 Downloads
Ioan Radu, Cleopatra Sendroiu, Mihai Ludovic Demeter and Florin Cazacu
Strategic Communication about Organizations’ Employees pp. 252-259 Downloads
Roxana ªeitan
The Analysis of Some Determinants in the Efficiency of Social Inclusion Policies Using Data Mining Techniques pp. 260-272 Downloads
Cosmin Serbanescu, Adrian Vintilescu and Lacramioara Corches
Omni-Channel – a Solution for Romanian Companies to Achieve Competitiveness on the Global Market? pp. 273-279 Downloads
Cosmin Dobrin and Adriana Dima (Girneata)
Creating a Persona for Modern Organizations’ Decision-making Case Study: The Young Consumer of Statistic Data, in Romania pp. 280-288 Downloads
Iulia Alexandra Nicolescu
New Public Management in Romania pp. 289-296 Downloads
Andreea Drugãu-Constantin and Andra Karla Sienerth
Symbolic Management – Harnessing the Search for Identity in Today’s Economy pp. 297-303 Downloads
Cãtãlin Pîrvu
The Role of Government in Developing the Management Consulting Industry in Countries pp. 304-311 Downloads
Rahil Asadi
Education, Economic Growth and Unemployment: Evidence from Romania pp. 312-321 Downloads
Georgiana Cretan, Rodica Gherghina, Ioana Duca, Mirela Anca Postole and Marilena Ciobanasu
Foreign Language Education in ASE Bucharest – A Quantitative Approach pp. 322-333 Downloads
Viorela-Valentina Dima, Florina Mohanu, Raluca-Elena Hurduzeu, Maria-Antoaneta Lorentz and Cornelia Pãtru
Lifelong Learning for the Labor Market pp. 334-342 Downloads
Cornelia Pãtru, Maria-Antoaneta Lorentz, Viorela-Valentina Dima, Florina Mohanu and Raluca-Elena Hurduzeu
New Institutional Design in Higher Education Systems. Challenges and Features for Universities pp. 343-350 Downloads
Marta-Christina Suciu and Maria-Liana Lacatus
Using Information and Communication Technologies in Helping Children and Adults from Rural and Remote Areas to Benefit from Distance Education pp. 351-358 Downloads
Florentina Burlacu
The Influence of Foreign Direct Investments on Economic Policies in Romania pp. 359-364 Downloads
Laura Elly Naghi, Oana Ramona Glon? and Adina Alexandra Darmaz-Guzun
Fiscal Efficiency and Indirect Burdens for Entrepreneurship in the European Unions pp. 365-372 Downloads
Clara Volintiru, Mihai Volintiru and George ?tefan
Changes in Values of Public Expenditure and Government Revenue and their Impact on Economic Growth: A VAR Approach Related to Romania pp. 373-379 Downloads
Ramona-Mihaela Bâzgan
The Impact of the Intermodal Transport Infrastructure Connectivity on Foreign Direct Investment in the European Union pp. 380-387 Downloads
Cezar Teclean and Alexandru Fotia
The New EU Industrial Policy: A New Public Strategy or a New Business Strategy? pp. 388-394 Downloads
Mihaela Buica
Iraqi Investment Law, Advantages, Guarantees and Immunities from Punitive Damages pp. 395-402 Downloads
Al Jashami Muhammed Khariy Qsair
The True Meaning of “Taking Ownership” in the Pursuit of “Sustainable Development”: From Global to Local, from Macro to Micro, from Public to Private pp. 403-410 Downloads
Octavian-Dragomir Jora, Mihai-Vladimir Topan, Matei-Alexandru Apãvãloaei and Mihaela Iacob
The Importance of the Quadruple Helix Model in Emphasizing the Relationship between Higher Education and the Innovation Process pp. 411-416 Downloads
Laura Wahed, Camelia Candidatu and Liliana Nicoleta Grigore
The Role of Academic Education in Fostering Students’ Entrepreneurial Spirit and Skills to Face the Requirements of the Business Environment pp. 417-422 Downloads
Liliana Nicoleta Grigore, Camelia Candidatu and Laura Wahed
The Sharing Economy. A Demand for Sustainability pp. 423-429 Downloads
Bogdan Cristian Onete, Doru Ple?ea, Sonia Budz and Kejo D. Starosta
Apple’s Business Model in the Context of Internationalization pp. 430-436 Downloads
Claudiu Chiriac, Gheorghe Hurduzeu and Andreea-Alexandra Chiriac (ro?ca)
Marketing Between Big Data and Behavioral Sciences pp. 437-441 Downloads
Mihaela Eleonora Constantinescu, Cristina Balaceanu, Valentina Zaharia and Gheorghe Marinescu
Growth, Climate Change and Intergenerational Valuation pp. 442-451 Downloads
Valentin Cojanu and Roxana Bobulescu
International Mobility for Work: The Case of Romanian Youth pp. 452-459 Downloads
Monica Roman, Ioana Manafi, Daniela Marinescu, Laura Muresan and Dorel Paraschiv
The Impact of Celebrity Endorsement in Advertising pp. 460-465 Downloads
Daniela Serban, Corina Pelau and Laura Lazar
Differences in the Perception on Artificial Intelligence Depending on Age pp. 466-472 Downloads
Corina Pelau, Bogdan Nistoreanu and Irina Ene
Analysis of the Climate Change Framework International, EU and National Level pp. 473-482 Downloads
Daniela Zãnescu
Including the Ecological Dimension in Enterprise Strategies pp. 483-489 Downloads
Monica Petcu, Iulia David-Sobolevschi and Irina Diana Iordache
The Energy Strategy from the Perspective of Transition to Clean Energy. Comparative Analysis of the Bioenergy Field in Romania and Germany pp. 490-500 Downloads
Adrian Tantau and Ana Serbanescu
The Role of Educational Services in Reducing Poverty and Social Exclusion pp. 501-509 Downloads
Ruxandra Argatu, Ioana Marin, Maria Ioncicã and Andreea Marin-Pantelescu
Rebranding in the Tertiary Sector – Successful Experiences in Gaining Competitive Advantages pp. 510-516 Downloads
Rodica Pamfilie and Adina-Gabriela Croitoru
Medical Hotel – Connecting Hospital and Hospitality in an International Context pp. 517-524 Downloads
Floren?a Larisa Ile, Gabriela Tigu and Cãlin Ile
Migration Phenomenon and its Effects on the Romanian Labor Market pp. 525-531 Downloads
Andreea Simona Sãseanu and Rãzvan Dina
Investigating and Assessing Romanian Students’ Perceptions of E-Learning pp. 532-538 Downloads
Cristinel Vasiliu, Irina Albãstroiu and Mihai Felea
Beyond the Functional Dimension of the Innovative Product Design: What other Features do Consumers Value? pp. 539-546 Downloads
Roxana Procopie, Magdalena Bobe and Maria-Alexandra Toma
Migration Improving the Quality of Air Transport – A Current Problem pp. 547-552 Downloads
Bogdan Georgescu, Daniel Moise, Irina Maiorescu and Liliana Nicodim
Online Reviews: Measuring the Quality of Services on the 5* Hotel Market in Bucharest pp. 553-559 Downloads
Mihail-Ovidiu Tãnase, Nicolae Lupu, Cristina Maria Iorgulescu, Olimpia State and Madalina Lavinia ?alã
Online Reviews: The Role of Employees in Food Safety – a Matter of Attitude, Knowledge and Behaviour. An Exploratory Study among Those who Directly Interact with Customers in Public Catering Units in Bucharest pp. 560-567 Downloads
Claudia-Elena Þuclea, Iulian Gabriel Paun, Andreea Fortuna ªchiopu, Cristina Maria Iorgulescu and Iuliana Pop
General Overview of Gastronomy Tourism pp. 568-574 Downloads
Puiu Nistoreanu, Ana-Maria Nica, Mihaela Pãdurean, Andreea Fortuna ?chiopu and Mihail Ovidiu Tãnase
The Influence of Consumer Attitude – A Factor in Sustainable Marketing in Private Education Organizations pp. 575-578 Downloads
Ionel Dumitru and Mãdãlin-Lucian Cerceloiu
The Impact of an Improved Smartphone App’s User Experience on the Mobile Customer Journey on the Romanian Market pp. 579-588 Downloads
Theodor Purcarea, Irina Purcarea and Anca Purcarea
100 Years of Validity and Modernity of the Lectures Held at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Applied research – Virgil Madgearu’s Economic Discourse pp. 589-598 Downloads
Dalina Dumitrescu, Andreea Zamfir and Valentin Laza¢r
100 Years of Romanian Economics Research & Education pp. 599-605 Downloads
Marta-Christina Suciu, Luminita Chivu, Daniela Dumitru, Mina Fanea-Ivanovici and Laura-Gabriela Istudor
Is there Path Dependence for Romania’s Labor Market? Relevance and Impact pp. 606-613 Downloads
Laura Mariana Cismas and Cornelia Dumitru
Building a Function of Lifestyle in a Consumer Society pp. 614-620 Downloads
Alexandru Tas¸nadi, Iustin Emanuel Alexandru and Gheorghe Ustinescu
Interdisciplinary Communication Is a Successful Condition in an Organization pp. 621-625 Downloads
Silvia-Elena Iacob and Roxana-Lucia Mihai
Romania’s Competitive Advantage in a Knowledge Based Economy pp. 626-631 Downloads
Alexandru-Emil Popa and Ionut-Florin Zamfir
Recovery of Waste in the Context of Sustainable Development of Satu Mare County pp. 632-639 Downloads
Violeta Bran and Laurentiu Tescan
Analysis of the Main Problems of the World Economy pp. 640-644 Downloads
Constantin Constantinescu, Evelina Petronela Balu and Octavian Florin Matei
The Impact of Globalization Over Commercial Activities in the European Union pp. 645-649 Downloads
Ovidiu Buzoianu, Evelina Petronela Balu and Karimov Tural
Management to Promote Rural Tourism in Moldova pp. 650-655 Downloads
Teodor Cristian, Constantin Constantinescu and Carmen Georgiana Badea
The Society of Spectacle and Some of its Particularities in Romania pp. 656-662 Downloads
Teodor Mihai Negrea, Lelia Simona Voinea and Dorin Vicent?iu Popescu
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