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Volume 24, issue 2, 1980

The Politics of Socialist Efficiency pp. 5-11 Downloads
Abram Bergson
A Brief Survey of the Literature on the Economic Analysis of Marriage and Divorce pp. 12-18 Downloads
Marcel Fulop
Maximizing the Rate of Return from Land Usage: A Theoretical Model and Case Study pp. 19-22 Downloads
Philip Levine
On the Poverty of Economics: The Pygmalion Syndrome pp. 23-26 Downloads
Graydon K. Anderson
R&D and Israel's Industrial Export Performance: An Application of Multidimensional Scaling pp. 27-34 Downloads
Mitchell Kellman and Menachem Spiegel
Analysis of Manufacturer Location and Relocation in the Cleveland Metropolitan Area: 1966–1971 pp. 35-42 Downloads
Carol J. Simon
The Pain of Failing a PH.D. Oral Exam, and an Unfortunate Confusion in Economic Thought pp. 43-46 Downloads
Julian L. Simon
Working Women in America: Factors Which Influence Their Participation and Attachment to the Labor Force pp. 47-52 Downloads
Michael L. Smirlock
The Demand for Higher Education: A Disaggregate Approach pp. 53-55 Downloads
Corbette Doyle and James Cicarelli
Friedman and the Quantity Theory pp. 56-61 Downloads
Michael J. Gootzeit
Recent Changes in Export Performances of U.S. Manufacturing Industries pp. 62-67 Downloads
Steven Globerman
Social Security and Interregional Transfers of Income pp. 68-78 Downloads
Steven Matusz and Michael S. McMahon
A Diagrammatical Exposition of Joan Robinson's Decreasing Demand and Rising Producer Prices pp. 79-83 Downloads
R. D. Peterson
Book Review: On Revolutions and Progress in Economic Knowledge, Knowledge and Ignorance in Economics, Keynes v. the ‘Keynesians’…? pp. 84-85 Downloads
James M. Rock
Book Review: Keynes, Cambridge and the General Theory: The Process of Criticism and Discussion Connected with the Development of the General Theory., Keynes and Laissez-Faire pp. 85-86 Downloads
James M. Rock
Book Review: Must Corporate Income Be Taxed Twice? pp. 86-87 Downloads
Ki R. Shim

Volume 24, issue 1, 1980

Those Empty Boxes: A Grumble and a Parallel pp. 3-9 Downloads
Thomas E. Holland
The Supply and Demand for Municipal Crime Prevention pp. 10-17 Downloads
Emanuel Haas
A Generalization of the Economic Theory of Clubs pp. 18-23 Downloads
S. Sadik Gokturk
Testing a Model for Predicting Commodity Future Prices pp. 24-31 Downloads
William A. Brooks, Henry A. Wiebe, James A. Hier and C. E. Francis
Effects of Devaluation in the Presence of Nontraded Goods, and Capital Mobility pp. 32-36 Downloads
Satya P. Das
The Determinants of Income for Primary and Secondary Laborers pp. 37-41 Downloads
Jerome A. Castellini
Quality and Consumer Demand pp. 42-45 Downloads
Michael M. Murphy
The Contribution of Oil Exports to Economic Development: A Study of the Major Oil Exporting Countries pp. 46-51 Downloads
Ahmad A. Kader
The Effect of Government Debt on Interest Rates pp. 52-56 Downloads
Pradeep Ganguly
Two Simple Proofs of the Inferior Input Theorem pp. 57-61 Downloads
Moshe Syrquin
The Effect of Gasoline Prices on Automobile Sales pp. 62-66 Downloads
Roger S. Duncan
A Note on the Technological Progress and Income Distribution pp. 67-70 Downloads
Y. H. Yeh
A Further Note on Production outside the “Economic†Region of Production pp. 71-75 Downloads
E. C. Pasour
On Estimating Money Flexibility: A Note pp. 76-78 Downloads
Grant Scobie
A Note on the Demand for Savings Deposits: Some Evidence from Nigeria pp. 79-81 Downloads
John R. Kaatz and Daniel E. O'Neill
Equilibrium in a Theory of the Banking Firm: A Comment pp. 82-83 Downloads
David G. Dickinson and Michael J. Driscoll
A Specification Error in the Standard Leisure-Income Model When Work Affects Utility Directly? pp. 84-85 Downloads
Shmuel Sharir
Book Review: Labor Issues of American International Trade and Investment pp. 86-86 Downloads
William H. Leahy
Book Review: Economics of Business Decisions., Mathematics in Management pp. 86-87 Downloads
Jerome T. Bentley
Book Review: The New State of the Economy pp. 87-88 Downloads
William C. Adams
Book Review: The Twisted Dream: Capitalist Development in the United States since 1776 pp. 88-89 Downloads
Kenneth N. Hamilton
Book Review: Essays on Hayek pp. 89-90 Downloads
Clair E. Morris
Book Review: Management and Economics Journals: A Guide to Information Sources pp. 90-90 Downloads
Edward J. Deak
Chapter Roll pp. 91-96 Downloads

Volume 23, issue 2, 1979

The Effects of Risk and Disequilibrium on the Investment Behavior of U.S. Electric Utility Industry pp. 3-5 Downloads
Uri Ben-Zion and Yash P. Mehra
A Cross-Section Study on the Demand for State Lottery Tickets pp. 6-12 Downloads
Roland Y. Wu
Oligopoly: A Unified View pp. 13-18 Downloads
Dilip K. Ghosh
Taxes, Quotas and Environmental Policies: A Comment on Economic Efficiency pp. 19-23 Downloads
Jerrold M. Peterson and Richard W. Lichty
Representation of Choice in Long-Term Planning pp. 24-30 Downloads
Peter Murrell
Forecasting Rules as Equilibrium Strategies in Duopoly Models pp. 31-36 Downloads
Charles Holt
Arson: An Economic Phenomenon? pp. 37-43 Downloads
Thomas C. Spillman and Thomas A. Zak
Profit Maximizing Behavior in Concentrated Industries pp. 44-49 Downloads
Richard A. Wald
A Study of the Labor Force Participation Rate of Single Women pp. 50-55 Downloads
Francis Ahking
Two Suggestions for the Improvement of Methodological Work in Economics pp. 56-61 Downloads
Bruce Caldwell
A Note on the Stochastic Structure of the Velocity of Money: Some Reservations pp. 62-64 Downloads
Houston H. Stokes and Hugh Neuburger
Education, Alienation, and the Production Function: A Comment pp. 65-66 Downloads
Lawrence Thurston
A Comment on the Aggregate Supply Function pp. 67-67 Downloads
Kehar S. Sangha
Empirical Evidence on Returns to Scale, Expectations and Demand for Labor: A Case Study of Indian Manufacturing pp. 68-70 Downloads
Kanhaya L. Gupta
The Demand for Bus Transportation in Houston-An Analysis of Price and Service Sensitivity: A Comment pp. 71-72 Downloads
Snowden Bunch
A Note on Positively Sloped is Curves pp. 73-76 Downloads
Jack E. Gelfand and Thad W. Mirer
Book Review: A Century of Agricultural Growth in Japan: Its Relevance to Asian Development pp. 77-77 Downloads
John O. Ward
Book Review: Aggregate Investment: Selected Readings pp. 77-78 Downloads
David J. Smyth
Book Review: How Japan's Economy Grew So Fast: The Sources of Postwar Expansion pp. 78-79 Downloads
Gustav Donald Jud
Book Review: Friedman on Galbraith and on Curing the British Disease pp. 79-80 Downloads
R. Stanley Herren
Book Review: Rice and Risk: Decision Making among Low Income Farmers pp. 80-81 Downloads
Ashok Bhargava
Book Review: International Economics., Introduction to International Economics pp. 81-82 Downloads
Byron B. Brown
Book Review: Classical Economics Reconsidered., History of Economic Analysis: A Guide to Information Sources pp. 82-83 Downloads
Louis A. Dow
Book Review: Urban Economics pp. 83-84 Downloads
Donald Vitaliano
Book Review: Transportation Economics: A Guide to Information Sources pp. 84-85 Downloads
Gerald Brock
Book Review: Electricity Economics: Essays and Case Studies pp. 85-85 Downloads
Gerald Brock
Book Review: Guerrilla Economy: The Development of the Shensi-Kansu-Ninghsia Border Region, 1937–1945 pp. 85-86 Downloads
W. E. Spellman
Book Review: Business, Government and the Public pp. 86-87 Downloads
Dwight Phaup
Book Review: Government Policy and the Distribution of Income in Peru, 1963–1973 pp. 87-88 Downloads
J. S. Uppal
Book Review: Method and Appraisal in Economics pp. 88-89 Downloads
Douglas W. Hands
Book Review: An Introduction to Mathematical Economics: Methods and Applications pp. 89-89 Downloads
Douglas W. Hands

Volume 23, issue 1, 1979

Position Paper: Higher Education pp. 5-6 Downloads
Prepensely Prejudicing Preferences. Prologue to a Probe of Propaganda and Proselytizing pp. 7-15 Downloads
Bengt-Arne Wickström
The Effect of Crime on Residential Rents and Property Values pp. 16-21 Downloads
Mario J. Rizzo
The Distribution of Unpriced Public Goods: A Framework with Some Empirical Results for Police Services pp. 22-27 Downloads
David Kennett
An Analysis of Market Adjustments under a Price Floor pp. 28-34 Downloads
David L. Sjoquist
Contemporary Macroeconomics Texts: A Review pp. 35-40 Downloads
Charles F. Peake
The Differential Impact in Competition and Monopoly of a Change in Costs on Price and Quantity pp. 41-43 Downloads
David R. Kamerschen and Paul Rubin
A Joint Product Approach to Capital Market Equilibrium pp. 44-48 Downloads
Uri Ben-Zion
A New Measurement of Income Inequality as An Economic and Social Index pp. 49-52 Downloads
Byung Sung Lee
A Note on Education, Alienation, and the Production Function pp. 53-54 Downloads
E. G. West and Rik Hafer
A Note concerning a Basic Inconsistency between the Theory of Production and the Theory of Costs pp. 55-58 Downloads
Samuel D. Ramenofsky and A. Ross Shepherd
A Note on Optimal Income Taxation pp. 59-64 Downloads
David Colander
The Effect of Petroleum-Related News Shocks on Stock Prices pp. 65-73 Downloads
Thomas Berner
Classification of Technical Change: Diagrammatic Illustration pp. 74-78 Downloads
David Bigman
The Derivation of the Price Elasticity of Demand from the Response of Total Revenue to Price Changes: A Comment pp. 79-79 Downloads
Donald L. Bumpass
Book Review: The Soviet-Type Economies: Performance and Evolution pp. 80-80 Downloads
Cho Kin Leung
Book Review: The Economy: Old Myths and New Realities pp. 81-82 Downloads
James O. Smith
Book Review: Awakening from the American Dream: The Social and Political Limits to Growth pp. 81-81 Downloads
Dana J. Swan
Book Review: The Concept and Measurement of Involuntary Unemployment pp. 82-83 Downloads
Cho Kin Leung
Book Review: The Making of Economic Society pp. 83-84 Downloads
Hugh Daniel
Book Review: Consumer Product Development pp. 84-85 Downloads
Mark M. Caruth
Book Review: The Arena of International Finance pp. 85-86 Downloads
Ahmad Faruqui
Book Review: The Economics of Marx: Selected Readings of Exposition and Criticism pp. 86-87 Downloads
Ann Hansen
Book Review: The Passions and the Interests, Political Arguments for Capitalism before its Triumph pp. 87-88 Downloads
Dana N. Stevens
Book Review: Economists at Bay: Why the Experts Will Never Solve Your Problems pp. 88-89 Downloads
J. Ron Stanfield
Book Review: The American Economy, 1929–1970: Resources, Production, Income Distribution and Use of Product, an Introduction pp. 89-89 Downloads
Leonard Succar
Chapter Roll pp. 91-96 Downloads
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