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Volume 22, issue 2, 1978

Resources and Economic Growth pp. 5-11 Downloads
Robert Solow
Mutual Savings and Loan Conversions pp. 12-22 Downloads
Kim J. Kowalewski
The Effect of Off-Track Betting in New York State on Revenues to the State and Local Governments, 1971–1974 pp. 23-29 Downloads
Douglas Coate and Gary Ross
The Demand for Higher Education at Private Institutions of Moderate Selectivity pp. 30-34 Downloads
Odin K. Knudsen and Paul J. Servelle
Principal Components Estimators and Restricted Least Squares—An Alternative Perspective pp. 35-39 Downloads
Carter Hill and S. R. Johnson
An Analysis of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and its Socio-Economic Environment, 1965–1973 pp. 40-49 Downloads
John D. Robertson
Determinants of the Adoption of Agricultural Innovations pp. 50-55 Downloads
Mario M. Carrillo-Huerta
Pricing Behavior of Attorneys in Northern Virginia after Goldfarb pp. 56-60 Downloads
William Wood
Patterns of American Interregional Commodity Trade: North to South, 1824–1839 pp. 61-66 Downloads
Lawrence A. Herbst
Lags and the Assignment Problem: A Note pp. 67-70 Downloads
Harvey Lapan and Walter Enders
An Application of the Lexis Ratio to the Detection of Racial Quotas in Professional Sports: A Note pp. 71-75 Downloads
Daniel R. Vining and James F. Kerrigan
Portfolio Analysis with Indirect Utility: A Comment pp. 76-76 Downloads
C. Timothy Koeller
A Survey of Microeconomics Reading Materials in Universities in Canada and the United States: Bibliography pp. 77-80 Downloads
Tadiboyina Venkateswarlu
Book Review: Economics in Our Time: Concepts and Issues pp. 81-82 Downloads
W. E. Spellman
Book Review: Property and Industrial Organization in Communist and Capitalist Nations pp. 81-81 Downloads
Luther C. Thompson
Book Review: Welfare Economics: A Liberal Restatement pp. 82-83 Downloads
Dana N. Stevens
Book Review: Race and Slavery in the Western Hemisphere: Quantitative Studies pp. 83-83 Downloads
Don R. Leet
Book Review: Did Monetary Forces Cause the Great Depresion? pp. 84-84 Downloads
Flory Pinigis
Book Review: The Politics of Global Economic Relations pp. 84-86 Downloads
Forrest Blodgett
Book Review: The Economics of Poverty and Discrimination pp. 86-87 Downloads
Virginia A. Trueman
Book Review: The Economic Approach to Human Behavior pp. 87-88 Downloads
James M. Roc
Book Review: Beyond Economic Man: A New Foundation for Microeconomics pp. 88-89 Downloads
William C. Adams
Book Review: Case Studies in Decision Analysis pp. 89-89 Downloads
Edward Deak

Volume 22, issue 1, 1978

Position Paper: Higher Education pp. 5-6 Downloads
Herman A. Berliner
Differential Pricing, Firm Capitalization, and the Regulatory Process in the Electric Power Industry pp. 7-11 Downloads
John H. Crockett
Economic Variables and the Decision to Have Additional Children: Evidence from the Survey of Economic Opportunity pp. 12-16 Downloads
Donald Snyder
Welfare Implications of Rationing and Tax-Rebate Programs pp. 17-19 Downloads
Lawrence Shepard
A Comparative Static Model for the Pareto Optimal Allocation of Expenditures on Research and Development pp. 20-21 Downloads
John F. O'Connell
A Theory of the Banking Firm pp. 22-25 Downloads
James A. Fellows
Default Risk and the Theory of the Firm pp. 26-32 Downloads
Russell P. Boisjoly
Policy Prescriptions, Presuppositions, and Unemployment pp. 33-36 Downloads
Jack R. Wegman
The Effect of the Growth of Multimarket Firms on Economic Performance: The Milk Industry pp. 37-45 Downloads
Glenn N. Pettengill
An Empirical Estimation of Labor Supply in Response to Primary and Secondary Wages pp. 46-50 Downloads
James Clarke and Charles Zech
Political Goods and Trade Theory pp. 51-59 Downloads
John Tressler
The Control of Inflation in a Small, Underdeveloped Open Economy — The Barbadian Experience pp. 60-65 Downloads
Judy A. Gittens
A Note on Production outside the “Economic†Stages: Some Common Errors and Omissions pp. 66-71 Downloads
Shmuel Sharir
A Theoretical Foundation for the Empirical Analysis of Household Monetary Donations: A Note pp. 72-76 Downloads
Frank D. Tinari
A Note on Two Curiosities in Linear Regression pp. 77-78 Downloads
Dale J. Poirier
The Effect of Deregulating Crude Oil Prices on the Pump Price of Gasoline: A Note pp. 79-82 Downloads
Chris W. Paul
The Division of Labor is Limited by the Extent of Worker Alienation: A Comment pp. 83-83 Downloads
Keith Newton
Book Review: Progress against Poverty: A Review of the 1964–1974 Decade pp. 84-84 Downloads
David Jones
Book Review: Labor Economics: Wages, Employment, and Trade Unionism, Readings in Labor Economics and Labor Relations, the Practice of Collective Bargaining pp. 85-86 Downloads
Keith E. Bernard
Book Review: Money, Banking, and the United States Economy, the Monetary Process: Essentials of Money and Banking, Money, Banking, and Economic Analysis., Principles of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets., Money and the Financial System: Fundamentals pp. 86-88 Downloads
Bernard J Rose
Book Review: Economics of Racism, U.S.A.: Roots of Black Inequality pp. 88-88 Downloads
Michael A. Winfield Senior
Recently Published Books pp. 89-89 Downloads
Chapter Roll pp. 90-95 Downloads

Volume 21, issue 2, 1977

Some Major Changes in the Principles of Economics as Exemplified by the Principles of Economics of Paul Samuelson, 1948–1973 pp. 3-11 Downloads
W. Robert Brazelton
The Empirical Evidence from the Fertility Demand Functions: A Review of the Literature pp. 12-22 Downloads
Marcel Fulop
Marshall, Walras and the Cobweb Theorem pp. 23-29 Downloads
Thomas E. Holland
Some Reflections on the Economics of Nutrition: Deprived Urban Black and Mexican American Youth pp. 30-34 Downloads
John P. Walter
Adam Smith's Laissez Faire pp. 35-39 Downloads
Tahany Naggar
Marxian Alienation and Economic Organization: An Alternate View pp. 40-48 Downloads
David M. Lefever and J. Timothy Lefever
Socio-Economic “Interest Groups†and the Formation of Soviet Foreign Policy pp. 49-58 Downloads
Daniel McGovern
Some Simple Analytics of the Phillips Curve: A Geometric Derivation pp. 59-61 Downloads
Keith Newton
Information and Optimal Economic Stabilization Policy: A Qualitative Discussion pp. 62-66 Downloads
Mo-Yin S. Tam
Inconsistencies and Omissions in the Treatment of Fixed Costs: A Note pp. 67-70 Downloads
William D. Gunther
The Power of Positive Publishing: A Note pp. 70-70 Downloads
Thomas Johnson
A Note on Racial Discrimination in Professional Basketball: A Reevaluation of the Evidence pp. 71-75 Downloads
Robert G. Mogull
A Derivation of the Production Possibility Curve: A Note pp. 76-77 Downloads
David Harrison
A Note on Substitutability When the Demand Function is Homogeneous of Degree Zero pp. 77-77 Downloads
F. E. Banks
A New Approach to the Theory of Consumer Behavior: A Note pp. 78-79 Downloads
Douglas M. Brown
A Note on Current Terminology in Discussions of Externalities pp. 80-80 Downloads
Ann N. P. Fisher
A Contribution to the Analysis of the Relationship between the Full Employment Budget Surplus and GNP: A Note pp. 81-82 Downloads
J. Kirker Stephens and Terry Grapentine
Book Review: How Corporate and Municipal Debt is Rated: An inside Look at Standard and Poor's Rating System pp. 83-83 Downloads
Kung-Mo Kuo
Book Review: Introductory Economic Statistics pp. 83-84 Downloads
Lawrence Cole
Book Review: Economic Scenes: Theory in Today's World, Economics of Social Issues pp. 84-84 Downloads
Michael Ellis
Book Review: The Theory of Macroeconomic Policy pp. 85-85 Downloads
Irene Kyriakopoulos
Book Review: The Economics of the Public Sector pp. 85-86 Downloads
Irene Kyriakopoulos
Book Review: Women and the American Economy: A Look to the 1980's pp. 86-87 Downloads
Donald E. Lewis
Book Review: Managing the Modern Economy: An Introduction to Macroeconomics pp. 86-86 Downloads
Irene Kyriakopoulos
Book Review: Public Policy-Making pp. 87-88 Downloads
John O. Ward
Book Review: The Urban Experience pp. 88-88 Downloads
C. J. Daly
Recently Published Books pp. 89-90 Downloads

Volume 21, issue 1, 1977

A Survey of the Literature on the Economic Theory of Fertility Behavior pp. 5-13 Downloads
Marcel Fulop
A Survey of Recent Research in Health Economics pp. 14-20 Downloads
Michael Grossman
The Benefits of International Portfolio Diversification: Industry and National Diversification pp. 21-29 Downloads
Sheldon Novack
The Demand for Bus Transportation in Houston—An Analysis of Price and Service Sensitivity pp. 30-33 Downloads
Robert Loy Pitts
A Simplified and Generalized Graphical Proof of the Downward Slope of a Factor Demand Curve pp. 34-38 Downloads
Charles E. Scott
The Sociological and Institutional Background of Perroux's Economic Domination Theory pp. 39-43 Downloads
Ducarmel Bocage
Observations on Recreation-Led Growth in Appalachia pp. 44-50 Downloads
Robin R. Gottfried
Some Empirical Evidence on the Demand for Money in Nigeria pp. 51-54 Downloads
Simeon Ibi Ajayi
The Shortest Way to Success: A Review of Defoe's The Complete English Tradesman pp. 55-59 Downloads
Dana N. Stevens
Racial Discrimination in Professional Basketball: A Reply pp. 60-62 Downloads
Robert G. Mogull
A Note on the Treatment of Aggregate Supply in Some Textbooks pp. 63-63 Downloads
Thomas P. Reinwald
An Inventory Model Allowing for Back Orders: A Note pp. 64-66 Downloads
John R. McKean and Ronald R. Miller
A ‘Keynesian’ Construct in Hicksian Is-LM Analysis: A Comment pp. 67-69 Downloads
Charles T. Koeller
A Note on the Discriminatory Effects of Monetary Policy and the Use of Trade Credit pp. 70-71 Downloads
Frank Fabozzi and Stephen Feldman
A Note on Equal Proportional Sacrifice pp. 72-72 Downloads
Richard Cebula
What Price Graduate School? A Note pp. 73-75 Downloads
Daniel Feenberg
A Bibliographic Survey of Health Economics Reading Materials in American and Canadian Universities pp. 76-85 Downloads
Tadiboyina Venkateswarlu
Book Review: Comparative Economic Systems: A Decision-Making Approach pp. 86-86 Downloads
Cho Kin Leung
Book Review: The Eco-Spasm Report pp. 86-88 Downloads
Allen Early
Book Review: Applied Managerial Economics, Business Economics, Managerial Economics pp. 88-89 Downloads
Jerome T. Bentley
Book Review: Economics of Markets: An Introduction to Economic Analysis pp. 89-89 Downloads
Dalton E. Brannen
Book Review: The Principles of Monetary Economics pp. 89-90 Downloads
Janice Spence
Book Review: Microeconomics Applied to Press Reports pp. 90-90 Downloads
Susan A. Simmons
Book Review: Macroeconomics pp. 90-91 Downloads
W. E. Spellman
Chapter Roll pp. 92-96 Downloads
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