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Volume 20, issue 2, 1976

Smith Vs. Marx on Business Morality and the Social Interest pp. 1-6 Downloads
William Baumol
Exchange-Rate Devaluations and the Dynamics of Inflation in Korea, 1955–1969 pp. 7-15 Downloads
Eric Y. Lee
Technology, Environment and Economic Policies pp. 16-23 Downloads
Manoucher Parvin
The Consumption Effects of Mandatory Beverage Container Deposit Legislation pp. 24-26 Downloads
Paul Schnitzel
Testing the Black and Scholes Model of Call Option Valuation pp. 27-34 Downloads
Michael Asay
The Diet Problem Revisited pp. 35-39 Downloads
L. J. Bassi
John R. Commons and the Theory of the Firm pp. 40-46 Downloads
Carl M. Guelzo
Gerrard De Malynes and the Inverse Cause-Effect Relationship of the Exchange Rate and the Balance of Payments pp. 47-50 Downloads
William H. Phillips
Labor Market Discrimination: A Statistical Approach pp. 51-53 Downloads
Matthew S. Goldberg
Observations on Recreation-Led Growth in Appalachia pp. 54-60 Downloads
Robert R. Gottfried
Intermediate Goods and the Production Possibility Frontier pp. 61-63 Downloads
Randall I. Mount and John D. Huffnagle
How to Fabricate an Article: The Authors' View pp. 64-68 Downloads
Uri Ben-Zion and Barry Keating
The Legal Cost of Dying Rich pp. 69-73 Downloads
Mark Clifford Schechter
The Energy Crisis and the Individual's Use of the Market, a Pedagogical Note pp. 74-75 Downloads
Raymond J. Ballard
A Note on the Demand for Skilled Leisure pp. 76-79 Downloads
John McKean and Roy Allen
The Monetary Policy of Henry Simons: Comment pp. 80-82 Downloads
George Tavlas
Book Review: The Economy, the New World of Economics: Explorations into the Human Experience, Economics: Concepts, Applications, Analysis pp. 83-85 Downloads
Joseph E. Pluta
Book Review: Selected Economic Essays and Adresses pp. 85-86 Downloads
Bernard Newton

Volume 20, issue 1, 1976

A Review of Industry Aggregation in Input-Output Models pp. 5-10 Downloads
Kern O. Kymn and John Norsworthy
Human-Capital Intensity of U.S. Foreign Trade: 1947–70 pp. 11-14 Downloads
A. E. Fareed
Estimating from a More General Time-Series Cum Cross-Section Data Structure pp. 15-21 Downloads
Sukesh K. Ghosh
Entropy and Corrective Taxes pp. 22-25 Downloads
W. Crain and Douglas K. Glasgow
Risk and the Structure of the Black Market for Addictive Drugs pp. 26-29 Downloads
Richard Bookstaber
Factors Affecting Tax Rate Pressure on Central Cities pp. 30-36 Downloads
Bernard Okun
Corporate Investment Rules in a Capital Asset Pricing Model pp. 37-43 Downloads
Robert S. Harris
An Empirical Test of the Benefits for International Investment pp. 44-50 Downloads
Sheldon Novack
Net Inward Migration and the Canadian Economy 1950–1967 pp. 51-58 Downloads
William L. Marr
Racial Discrimination in Professional Basketball Revisited pp. 59-64 Downloads
Charles E. Rockwood and Ephraim Asher
A Note on Discrimination by Race in Professional Basketball pp. 65-67 Downloads
Joseph M. Markmann
Growth Patterns in Employment by SMSA Size Class: A Comment pp. 68-71 Downloads
Charles B. Garrison and Vernon E. Roddy
The Welfare Implications of Public Production: A Comment pp. 72-72 Downloads
Clyde T. Bates and Don M. Soule
Crime as an Externality of Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis: Comments pp. 73-73 Downloads
Jerome T. Bentley
A Note on Racial Differences in the Added-Worker/Discouraged-Worker Controversy pp. 74-75 Downloads
Samuel Kleinman
A Note on Trade and Welfare under Increasing, Constant and Decreasing Cost pp. 76-77 Downloads
Yeong-Her Yeh
A Bibliographic Survey of Course Reading Lists in Urban Economics at Canadian and United States Universities pp. 78-87 Downloads
Tadiboyina Venkateswarlu
Book Review: The Benefits and Costs of Import Substitution in India: A Microeconomic Study pp. 88-89 Downloads
Richard W. Lichty
Book Review: The Theory of Environmental Policy, the Economics of Environmental Improvement pp. 89-90 Downloads
Marshall R. Colberg
Book Review: Water Supplies and Economic Growth in an Arid Environment: An Arizona Case Study pp. 90-91 Downloads
John R. McKean

Volume 19, issue 2, 1975

The Public Economy: Stabilizer or Destabilizer? pp. 3-8 Downloads
Paul E. Smith
The Demand for Short Term Hospital Admissions under Medicare pp. 9-17 Downloads
Louise Russell
The Division of Labor is Limited by the Extent of Worker Alienation pp. 18-20 Downloads
Frank J. Jones
Planning the Media Mix through Goal Programming pp. 21-26 Downloads
Ahmed Rifai and Nessim Hanna
Achieving Operationalism in Economics pp. 27-30 Downloads
J. M. Scheidell and L. R. Wonnacott
On Selecting Unlevered Portfolios, and Financial Intermediation pp. 31-33 Downloads
Gary Leff
The Economics of American Empire: The View of Brooks Adams and Charles Arthur Conant pp. 34-37 Downloads
Gary Marotta
Economic Development with Special Attention to the Role Played by Human Capital: The Cases of Israel and Puerto Rico Selected Observations pp. 38-42 Downloads
Alfred M. Fuerst
The Determination of Bonuses in Professional Sports pp. 43-46 Downloads
Gary Neil Ross
The Offsetting Debt of inside Money pp. 47-50 Downloads
James T. Lindley
Some Remarks on the Approximation of the Production Effects Resulting from the Formation of Lafta pp. 51-55 Downloads
John O. Ward
Corporate Taxes, Government Debt, and the Rate of Interest pp. 56-59 Downloads
Richard Rosenberg
Labor Force Participation of Deprived Urban Youth in a Developing Country pp. 60-63 Downloads
John P. Walter
A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Fertility pp. 64-68 Downloads
Paul S. Fisher and William C. Quinn
A Reinterpretation of Ricardian Rent Theory pp. 69-73 Downloads
Ronald E. Bird
A Note on the Paradox of the Paradox of Thrift pp. 75-76 Downloads
Lee R. McPheters and Milton B. Redman
On Non-Traditional Demand Curves—A Comment pp. 77-78 Downloads
Charles T. Koeller
Racial Discrimination in Professional Basketball—A Comment pp. 79-80 Downloads
Benjamin S. Meyer
Racial Discrimination in Professional Basketball—A Comment pp. 81-81 Downloads
C. S. Mason
Government Budget Constraint and Balance of Payment: A Note pp. 82-83 Downloads
Eden S. H. Yu and Steve K. Shea
Free Reserves as an Indicator of Turning Points in the Stock Market: A Comment pp. 84-85 Downloads
David H. Vrooman
The Constant Term and Deviations about the Mean—A Comment pp. 86-87 Downloads
P. O. Burk
The Role of Money in the Pure Theory of International Trade: A Comment pp. 88-88 Downloads
Mitchell Kellman
Politically Feasible Income Redistributions in a Democracy: A Note pp. 89-89 Downloads
Yaakov Kondor
Book Review: Strategy, Structure and Economic Performance pp. 91-92 Downloads
R. Dennis Murphy
Book Review: The Chinese Worker pp. 93-93 Downloads
William H. Leahy
Book Review: Foreign Trade under Central Planning pp. 94-95 Downloads
Dan Markovich
Book Review: International Economics: A Self-Teaching Introduction to the Basic Concepts pp. 96-96 Downloads
Donald E. Lewis
Book Review: Progressivism and Economic Growth: The Wisconsin Income Tax 1911–1929 pp. 97-97 Downloads
W. E. Spellman
Book Review: The Politics of City Revenue pp. 98-98 Downloads
Donald Vitaliano
Book Review: Economic Growth and Social Equity in Developing Countries pp. 99-99 Downloads
Joe A. Stone
Book Review: American City Planning since 1890 pp. 100-100 Downloads
Jane Allen

Volume 19, issue 1, 1975

Thorstein Veblen as an Economic Theorist pp. 5-9 Downloads
Kenneth Arrow
Non-Convexity and the Optimal Allocation of Risk in an Exchange Economy pp. 10-18 Downloads
Dennis F. Ellis
2SLS When the Left-Hand Dependent Endogenous Variables are Calculated Values pp. 19-22 Downloads
Kern O. Kymn
Technological Adaptation, Optimum Level of Backwardness and the Rate of per Capita Income Growth: An Econometric Approach pp. 23-31 Downloads
Manoucher Parvin
Portfolio Analysis with Indirect Utility pp. 32-37 Downloads
Yalcin Tuncer
Value Freedom in Economics pp. 38-41 Downloads
Walter Block
Environmental Externalities and the FRB Industrial Production Index pp. 42-44 Downloads
Arthur E. Hartman
Crime as an Externality of Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis pp. 45-47 Downloads
David D. Hemley and Lee R. McPheters
On the Rybczynski Theorem: A Note pp. 48-49 Downloads
Yeong-Her Yeh
The Welfare Implications of Public Production pp. 50-51 Downloads
Tancredi Zollo
Spectral Analysis, Phase Estimates, and Lead-Lag Relationships pp. 52-54 Downloads
Mel Stone
How to Fabricate an Article pp. 55-59 Downloads
Alice Vandermeulen
The Bluejeans Effect pp. 60-60 Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
Growth Patterns in Employment by SMSA Size Class pp. 61-66 Downloads
Thomas Hyclak
Some Preliminary Findings on the Factor Intensity of Foreign Direct Investment in United States Manufacturing pp. 67-73 Downloads
John M. Volpe
On the Relationship between Tariff Rates, Terms of Trade and Domestic Prices—A Geometrical Exposition pp. 74-76 Downloads
Yeong-Her Yeh
Taxes, Undistributed Corporate Profits, and Quarterly Depreciation in Israel: 1964 – 1969 pp. 77-84 Downloads
Warren L. Young
A Parking Model—The Effect of Supply on Demand pp. 85-86 Downloads
Richard W. Douglas
Reading Lists in Industrial Organization pp. 87-115 Downloads
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