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Volume 18, issue 2, 1974

Effects of Depreciation on the Behavior of Regulated Firms pp. 4-12 Downloads
Robert E. Dansby
Estimation of the Quadratic Expenditure System: A Cross-Section Case pp. 13-38 Downloads
Howard Howe
The Pareto Properties of General Equilibrium with Indivisible Commodities pp. 39-41 Downloads
David Conn and Arthur Malloy
Endogenous Technical Change and Barriers to Entry pp. 42-53 Downloads
Richard Levin
Labor Migration, Relative Wage Levels, and Unemployment in Less Developed Countries pp. 55-62 Downloads
Ronald Eugene Sawyer
Corporation Income Tax Shifting in Investor-Owned Utilities pp. 63-70 Downloads
Robert T. Benton
Mechanization and Income Distribution in Indian Agriculture pp. 71-78 Downloads
Bharat Jhunjhunwala
Consumer Credit and the Money Supply pp. 80-83 Downloads
William Beebe
Stock Dispersion and the Rate of Return: A Study of the Chemical Industry pp. 84-89 Downloads
Dennis Minichello
Individual Optimization in an Urban Area: A Formalization of the Tiebout Hypothesis pp. 91-95 Downloads
Gerald McDougall
On Consolidating (Forward or Back) Difference and Differential Equation Versions of Dynamic Economic Processes: First Order Harrod-Domar Models pp. 96-102 Downloads
Roger Nils Folsom
The Classical Real Balance Effect pp. 103-106 Downloads
John P. Barrados
A Monetarist Model: A Note pp. 107-108 Downloads
E. Roy Weintraub
The Constant Term and Deviations about the Mean pp. 109-112 Downloads
David A. Belsley
Productivity and the Balance of Trade: Conditions for Improvement pp. 113-117 Downloads
Al Kretzmann
Impractical Economics: The Leontief Solution Examined pp. 118-120 Downloads
James A. Kuffel
The Disequilibrium Method in Macroeconomics: A Clarification and Elaboration pp. 122-123 Downloads
James M. Rock
Relative Position, Utility, and the Compensation Principle—A Comment pp. 124-124 Downloads
John P. Blair
A Note on Distribution of Federal Aid: An Interstate Comparison, 1933–1939 and 1961–1965 pp. 125-128 Downloads
Don C. Reading
Evaluation of Recreational Benefits Accruing to Recreators on Federal Water Projects - A Review Article: A Comment pp. 129-129 Downloads
James N. Wetzel
Reading Lists in Macroeconomics pp. 130-180 Downloads

Volume 18, issue 1, 1974

Resale Price Maintenance and the Market Position of the Seller in Monopolistic Competition pp. 3-10 Downloads
Patrick J. Welch
Racial Discrimination in Professional Basketball pp. 11-15 Downloads
Robert G. Mogull
Free Reserves as an Indicator of Turning Points in the Stock Market pp. 16-22 Downloads
Edward B. Selby
Another Look at Tests of Equality between Sets of Coefficients in Two Linear Regressions pp. 23-32 Downloads
Ronald Oaxaca
Barriers to Entry as a Measure of a Firms Monopoly Power pp. 33-35 Downloads
John Palmer
The Establishment of Serfdom in Eastern Europe and Russia pp. 36-41 Downloads
Richard Trethewey
Non-Traditional Demand Curves pp. 42-47 Downloads
A. N. P. Fisher
Some Evidence concerning the Informational Content of Advertising pp. 48-53 Downloads
Larry L. Duetsch
A Simple Quarterly Forecasting Model for Predicting Changes in Savings at Fslic Insured Savings and Loan Associations pp. 54-66 Downloads
Richard M. Thornton
Indexes of Concentration pp. 67-69 Downloads
Waldo Lombardi
Social Welfare Functions for the Future pp. 70-81 Downloads
William Schulze
Micro Economic Environmental Impact Methodology pp. 82-92 Downloads
Richard J. Ward
A Further Note on Entrepreneurial Behavior pp. 93-98 Downloads
M. D. McGrath
Some Reasons for the Low Rate of Inflation in Rhodesia since the Unilateral Declaration of Independence pp. 99-107 Downloads
C. A. Erbmann and J. R. Sheen
Reading List on African Development pp. 108-111 Downloads
Gary Gappert
Planning and Free Enterprise: A Philosophic Viewpoint pp. 112-123 Downloads
Rogene Buchholz
The Environmental Economics of the Soviet Union pp. 124-127 Downloads
Bill Bleyer
The Role of Money in the Pure Theory of International Trade: A Note pp. 128-132 Downloads
Ira G. Kawaller
Stock and Flow Approaches to Monetary Theory Classical, Walrasian, Keynesian and Fisherian pp. 133-138 Downloads
Daniel A. McGowan
A General Equilibrium Problem pp. 139-141 Downloads
Paul Rubin
On Goldfields, Libraries, Cities and Schumpeter pp. 142-144 Downloads
William H. Leahy and David L. McKee
A Note on the Durbin-Watson Test pp. 145-145 Downloads
Christopher Jehn and Walter J. Wadycki
Structures and Practices of Economic Development Planning Groups in the United States pp. 146-155 Downloads
Glenn L. Palmore
Industrial Concentration and Market Price Variance pp. 156-164 Downloads
Laurence A. Toenjes

Volume 17, issue 2, 1973

A Skeptical View of Radical Economics pp. 4-8 Downloads
Martin Bronfenbrenner
Economic Growth, Inequality, Hierarchy, Alienation: The Impact of Socialization Processes in Capitalist Society pp. 9-16 Downloads
James H. Weaver
Theses on Poverty and Inequality pp. 17-22 Downloads
Howard M. Wachtel
A Primer on the Critique of Marginal Distribution Theory pp. 23-27 Downloads
Gerald E. Peabody
A New Approach to the Theory of Consumer Behavior pp. 29-32 Downloads
Tibor Scitovsky
Equilibrium Growth of Capital and Labor pp. 33-45 Downloads
Arthur Strassl
Methodological Aspects of Forecasting Long-Term Socio-Economic Development pp. 46-48 Downloads
Nicolai P. Fedorenko
Economic Forecasting and Scientific and Technical Progress pp. 49-50 Downloads
V. S. Dadayan
Towards a Reexamination of Ragner Frisch's Proposal for a Multilateral Trade Clearing Agency in the Light of International Program Budgeting pp. 51-55 Downloads
Paul Medow
Government in Political Economy pp. 57-62 Downloads
William N. Leonard
Values Vs. Prices: What Marx “Really†Meant pp. 63-71 Downloads
William Baumol
Paradigm Polishing versus Critical Thought in Economics pp. 72-78 Downloads
Stephen Rousseas
Politically Feasible Income Redistribution in a Democracy pp. 79-84 Downloads
Kelvin Lancaster
The Perennial Problem of Economic Stability pp. 85-89 Downloads
Solomon Fabricant
The Empirical Sensitivity of the Phillips Curve pp. 90-112 Downloads
J. C. R. Rowley and D. A. Wilton
Family Size and Income Inequality pp. 113-121 Downloads
Barry Bressler
The Great Labor Force Projection Debate: Implications for 1980 pp. 122-129 Downloads
Marc Rosenblum
Skill Differentials and Their Determinants pp. 130-136 Downloads
John Palmer and Neil A. Palomba
Approaches to Health Manpower Analysis, with Special Reference to Physicians pp. 137-142 Downloads
Herbert E. Klarman
Energy and the Environment in New York State: A Balancing of Needs pp. 143-147 Downloads
Irwin M. Stelzer and Bruce C. Netschert
The Plan and the Market: The Models of Oskar Lange pp. 148-153 Downloads
Egon Neuberger
The Multinational Corporation pp. 154-160 Downloads
Andreas G. Papandreou
The Defense of Federalism, or, the Attack on Unitary Government pp. 162-169 Downloads
Anthony Scott

Volume 17, issue 1, 1973

Bargaining as Behavior towards Risk pp. 4-12 Downloads
Henri-Paul Rousseau
A Putty-Clay Growth Model with Induced Technical Change pp. 13-20 Downloads
John Henderson
The Emerging Theory of Comparative Economic Systems pp. 22-28 Downloads
Edward Ames
Defense, Education and Health Expenditures and Their Relation to GNP in Eastern Europe, 1960–1970 pp. 29-34 Downloads
Gregor Lazarcik
Value Implications of Economic Theory pp. 35-39 Downloads
Murray N. Rothbard
Chiles Dilemma: An Interpretive Analysis pp. 40-50 Downloads
Donald Solar
The Dual Urban Labor Market: Blacks and Whites pp. 51-59 Downloads
Ken Gagala
Beyond Positive Economics: Toward Moral Philosophy pp. 60-69 Downloads
David A. Martin
Capital and Output in Postwar Canada pp. 70-80 Downloads
John E. La Tourette
Economic Theory and Multicollinearity pp. 81-84 Downloads
Mark Z. Fabrycy
The Discount Facility and Staggered Reserve Periods pp. 85-92 Downloads
Peter I. Berman
The Growth of Trade and Competition: Japan's Exports to Pacific Asia, 1960–1969 pp. 93-101 Downloads
Thomas R. Kershner
A Portfolio Selection Model — A La Arrow pp. 103-114 Downloads
Dennis F. Ellis
The One Hundred Percent Reserve System pp. 115-127 Downloads
G. Russell Barber
Extensions of Selected Graphical Techniques in International Economics: A Theoretical Approach pp. 128-146 Downloads
T. Oliva
Interindustry Manpower Analysis: Theoretical Potential and Empirical Problems pp. 147-153 Downloads
Roger H. Bezdek
Rising Real Wages and the Growth of Industrial Output in India, 1946–61 pp. 154-157 Downloads
Srilata Gangulee
A Permanent Restatement of the IS-LM Model pp. 158-167 Downloads
Fred R. Glahe
Legitimating the Corporate State pp. 169-173 Downloads
Thomas Havrilesky
Radical Egalitarianism: The Chinese Experience pp. 174-177 Downloads
Eyal Winter
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