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Volume 34, issue 4, 2022

Introduction pp. 613-614 Downloads
Ivan Moscati, Paolo Paesani and Antonella Stirati
Alfred Marshall, Evolutionary Economics and Climate Change pp. 615-632 Downloads
Sheila Dow
MMT, Sovereign Currencies and the Eurozone pp. 633-646 Downloads
Marc Lavoie
Are Shadow Moneys Money Proper? A Critical Discussion from the Perspective of the History of Monetary Theory pp. 647-664 Downloads
Bruna Ingrao, Francesco Ruggeri and Claudio Sardoni
Framing Institutional Choice, 1937–1973: New Institutional Economics and the Neglect of the Commons pp. 665-691 Downloads
Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay and Aleksandar Stojanović
The Macroeconomics of Government Spending: Distinguishing Between Government Purchases, Government Production, and Job Guarantee Programs pp. 692-708 Downloads
Thomas Palley
General Theory-Special Case Relationships: Keynes and Neoclassicism pp. 709-734 Downloads
Rod O’Donnell
The Future of Work: Conceptual Considerations and a New Analytical Approach for the Political Economy pp. 735-765 Downloads
Christine Ngoc Ngo, Marco R. Di Tommaso, Mattia Tassinari and John Marcus Dockerty
Allyn Young on Henry George and the Single Tax pp. 766-788 Downloads
Ramesh Chandra
External Shocks and Inflationary Pressures in Argentina: A Post-Keynesian-Structuralist Empirical Approach pp. 789-806 Downloads
Gabriel Montes-Rojas and Fernando Toledo
Democratizing the Economics Debate. Pluralism and Research Evaluation pp. 807-810 Downloads
Daniele Tori
Labour and Value: Rethinking Marx’s Theory of Exploitation pp. 810-812 Downloads
Ermanno C. Tortia

Volume 34, issue 3, 2022

How ‘Monetization’ Really Works — Examples from Three Asian Nations’ Responses to Covid-19 pp. 397-419 Downloads
Jesus Felipe and Scott Fullwiler
Monetary Policy Responses to Covid-19: A Comparison with the 2008 Crisis and Implications for the Future of Central Banking pp. 420-445 Downloads
Matheus R. Grasselli
Keynes and Smith, Opponents or Allies? Part II: Smith, and Keynes-Smith Parallels pp. 446-467 Downloads
Rod O’Donnell
Satisfaction with Democracy and Social Capital: Multi-Level Model Evidence for the Pre- and Post-Crisis Era pp. 468-503 Downloads
Evangelos Bekiaris and Irene Daskalopoulou
A New, Simple SFC Open Economy Framework pp. 504-533 Downloads
Emilio Carnevali
The Evidence for Free Trade and Its Background Assumptions: How Well-Established Causal Generalisations Can Be Useless for Policy pp. 534-563 Downloads
Luis Mireles-Flores
Does Inflation Targeting Really Promote Economic Growth? pp. 564-584 Downloads
Najib Khan
Continuity and Change in the International Monetary System: The Dollar Standard and Capital Mobility pp. 585-597 Downloads
Lilia Costabile
The Origins of Capitalism as a Social System: The Prevalence of an Aleatory Encounter pp. 598-599 Downloads
Giorgos Galanis
How the World Works: The Story of Human Labor from Prehistory to the Modern Day pp. 599-603 Downloads
Bill Jefferies
A Tribute to Alain Parguez 1940–2022 pp. 604-611 Downloads
Riccardo Bellofiore, Louis-Philippe Rochon, Mario Seccareccia, Hassan Bougrine, Massimo Cingolani, Thomas Ferguson, James K. Galbraith, Alicia Girón, Joseph Halevi, Wesley Marshall, Edward Nell, John Smithin, Pavlina Tcherneva and Slim Thabet

Volume 34, issue 2, 2022

Matching Risks with Instruments in Development Banks pp. 197-223 Downloads
Stephany Griffith-Jones, Shari Spiegel, Jiajun Xu, Marco Carreras and Natalya Naqvi
The Global Development Banks’ Architecture pp. 224-248 Downloads
José Antonio Ocampo and Victor Ortega
Should National Development Banks be Subject to Basel III? pp. 249-267 Downloads
Ricardo Gottschalk, Lavinia B. Castro and Jiajun Xu
Can Development Banks Step Up to the Challenge of Sustainable Development? pp. 268-285 Downloads
Régis Marodon
Scaling Up Public Development Banks’ Transformative Alignment with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development pp. 286-317 Downloads
Maria Alejandra Riaño, Jihane Boutaybi, Damien Barchiche and Sébastien Treyer
From Global to Local: Subnational Development Banks in the Era of Sustainable Development Goals pp. 318-339 Downloads
Sergio Gusmão Suchodolski, Adauto Modesto Junior, Cinthia Helena de Oliveira Bechelaine and Leila Maria Bedeschi Costa
Understanding Full Investment and the Potential Role of Public Banks pp. 340-355 Downloads
Wesley C. Marshall and Louis-Philippe Rochon
A Dynamic Theory of Public Banks (and Why it Matters) pp. 356-371 Downloads
Thomas Marois
Public Banks, Public Purpose, and Early Actions in the Face of Covid-19 pp. 372-390 Downloads
Diana V. Barrowclough and Thomas Marois
The Deficit Myth, Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People’s Economy pp. 391-392 Downloads
David M. Fields
What is Heterodox Economics? Conversations with Leading Economists pp. 392-396 Downloads
Timothy Koechlin

Volume 34, issue 1, 2022

Housing is NOT ONLY the Business Cycle: A Luxemburg-Kalecki External Market Empirical Investigation for the United States pp. 1-22 Downloads
José A. Pérez-Montiel and Riccardo Pariboni
From Orchestra Conductor to Principal's Agent: How Internal Financialization of Top Management Has Enabled External Financialization of the Firm pp. 23-44 Downloads
Laurent Baronian and Matari Pierre
How Different is Heterodox Economists’ Thinking on Teaching? A Contrastive Evaluation of Interview Data pp. 45-68 Downloads
Andrew Mearman, Sebastian Berger and Danielle Guizzo
Keynes and Smith, Opponents or Allies? Part I: Keynes on Smith pp. 69-92 Downloads
Rod O’Donnell
Keynes and Marx Reconsidered: The Case of Maurice Dobb pp. 93-106 Downloads
J. E. King
Does Securitisation Make Monetary Policy Less Effective? pp. 107-123 Downloads
Jalal Qanas and Hamid Raza
Center–periphery Relationships of Pharmaceutical Value Chains: A Critical Analysis based on Goods and Knowledge Trade Flows pp. 124-145 Downloads
Cristina Reis and José Paulo Guedes Pinto
The Inflation-Distribution Nexus: A Theoretical and Empirical Approach pp. 146-164 Downloads
Rafael Ribeiro, Stefan D’Amato and Wallace M. Pereira
Price-Value Deviations and the Labour Theory of Value: Evidence from 42 Countries, 2000–2017 pp. 165-180 Downloads
Güney Işıkara and Patrick Mokre
Why Minsky Matters: An Introduction to the Work of a Maverick Economist pp. 181-184 Downloads
Phil Armstrong
The Elgar Companion to John Maynard Keynes pp. 184-187 Downloads
Jacob Assa
The Selected Letters of John Kenneth Galbraith pp. 187-190 Downloads
Charles M. A. Clark
The Age of Fragmentation / Gender Challenges pp. 191-194 Downloads
Marcella Corsi
Geoffrey Colin Harcourt pp. 195-196 Downloads
Peter Kriesler

Volume 33, issue 4, 2021

The Consolidation of Dollar Hegemony After the Collapse of Bretton Woods: Bringing Power Back in pp. 529-551 Downloads
Matías Vernengo
Bretton Woods After 50 pp. 552-569 Downloads
Barry Eichengreen
Keynes, Knight, and Fundamental Uncertainty: A Double Centenary 1921–2021 pp. 570-584 Downloads
Robert Dimand
Keynes's Treatise on Probability: The First Century pp. 585-610 Downloads
Rod O’Donnell
A Structural Economic Dynamics Approach to ‘Stagnationist’ Unbalanced Growth pp. 611-630 Downloads
Theo Santini Antunes and Ricardo Araujo
Reacting to Samuelson: Early Development Economics and the Factor-Price Equalization Theorem pp. 631-655 Downloads
Mauro Boianovsky
Understanding Dollarisation: A Keynesian/Kaleckian Perspective pp. 656-686 Downloads
Marco Missaglia
Negative Interest Rate Policy to Fight Secular Stagnation: Unfeasible, Ineffective, Irrelevant, or Inadequate? pp. 687-710 Downloads
Stefano Di Bucchianico
Recession, Financial Instability, Social Inequality and the Health Crisis pp. 711-724 Downloads
Gregorio Vidal
Wages, Income Distribution and Economic Growth: Long-Run Perspectives in Scandinavia, 1900–2010 pp. 725-745 Downloads
Erik Bengtsson and Engelbert Stockhammer
Reconstructing Marx’s Theory of Credit and Payment Crises under Simple Circulation pp. 746-768 Downloads
Andrew B. Trigg
Timing Does Matter: Institutional Flaws and the European Debt Crisis pp. 769-792 Downloads
Valerio Filoso, Carlo Panico, Erasmo Papagni, Francesco Purificato and Marta Vázquez Suárez

Volume 33, issue 3, 2021

Correction pp. i-ii Downloads
The Editors
What Have We Yet to Learn From the COVID-19 Crisis? pp. 373-376 Downloads
Louis-Philippe Rochon and Mario Seccareccia
Infection Is the Cycle: Unemployment, Output and Economic Policies in the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 377-393 Downloads
Maria Cristina Barbieri Góes and Ettore Gallo
The Winters of Our Discontent and the Social Production Economy pp. 394-413 Downloads
Riccardo Bellofiore
Economic Policies and the Coronavirus Crisis in the UK pp. 414-431 Downloads
Malcolm Sawyer
Are EU Policies Effective to Tackle the Covid-19 Crisis? The Case of Italy pp. 432-461 Downloads
Rosa Canelli, Giuseppe Fontana, Riccardo Realfonzo and Marco Veronese Passarella
Teaching the Economic Impact of COVID-19 with a Simple Short-run Macro-model: Simultaneous Supply and Demand Shocks pp. 462-479 Downloads
Sebastien Charles, Thomas Dallery and Jonathan Marie
Notes on Covid-19, Potential GDP, and Hysteresis pp. 480-486 Downloads
Thomas Michl
Distribution and Productivity Growth: An Empirical Exercise Applied to Selected Latin American Countries pp. 487-510 Downloads
Douglas Alencar, Frederico G. Jayme, Gustavo Britto and Claudio Puty
Theoretical Practice and the Foundational Level of Macroeconomic Analysis: Reflections on the Work of Fernando Cardim de Carvalho pp. 511-528 Downloads
Gary Dymski and Danielle Guizzo

Volume 33, issue 2, 2021

A Word from the Editor pp. 167-169 Downloads
Louis-Philippe Rochon
What Does It Take to Be Top Women Economists? An Analysis Using Rankings in RePEc pp. 170-193 Downloads
Giulia Zacchia
Exclusion in ‘Ricardian’ Trade Models pp. 194-211 Downloads
Eduardo Crespo, Ariel Dvoskin and Guido Ianni
The Rise of Corporate Net Lending Among G7 Countries: A Firm-Level Analysis pp. 212-235 Downloads
Davide Villani
Monetary Policy Under Steindlian Mark-up Dynamics pp. 236-260 Downloads
Soumya Datta
On the Role of Finance in the Sraffian System pp. 261-277 Downloads
Ariel Dvoskin and German Feldman
Introduction to the STOREP symposium pp. 278-279 Downloads
Antonella Stirati and Carlo Zappia
Walras or Pareto: Who is to Blame for the State of Modern Economic Theory? pp. 280-302 Downloads
Alan Kirman
The Impact of Financialization on the Rate of Profit pp. 303-326 Downloads
Stefano Di Bucchianico
Reflexivity, Financial Instability and Monetary Policy: A ‘Convention-Based’ Approach pp. 327-343 Downloads
Emanuele Citera and Lino Sau
The Driving Forces Behind the Rise of Experimental Economics pp. 344-361 Downloads
Andrej Svorenčík
Post-Keynesian monetary theory: selected essays pp. 362-363 Downloads
John E. King
Unbound: How Inequality Constricts our Economy and What We Can Do about It pp. 364-366 Downloads
Tracey Freiberg
Transition Economies: Transformation, Development, and Society in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union pp. 366-369 Downloads
Artyom H. Tonoyan
In Memoriam Eugenia Correa pp. 370-371 Downloads
Jesus Ferreiro

Volume 33, issue 1, 2021

The Aptly or Wrongly Named Development Economics: An Introduction to New Perspectives and Models pp. 1-6 Downloads
Natalia Bracarense
Underdevelopment and Dependence: The Fundamental Connections pp. 7-15 Downloads
Celso Furtado
The Myth of Economic Development and the Future of the Third World pp. 16-27 Downloads
Celso Furtado
Celso Furtado and the Myth of Economic Development: Rethinking Development from Exile pp. 28-43 Downloads
Pedro Loureiro, Fernando Rugitsky and Alfredo Saad-Filho
Growth, Distribution, and External Constraints: A Post-Kaleckian Model Applied to Brazil pp. 44-66 Downloads
Douglas Alencar, Frederico G. Jayme and Gustavo Britto
The Limitations of International Relations Regarding MNCs and the Digital Economy: Evidence from Brazil pp. 67-87 Downloads
Marcos Vinícius Isaias Mendes
Keynes on State and Economic Development pp. 88-102 Downloads
Fábio Henrique Bittes Terra, Fernando Ferrari Filho and Pedro Cezar Dutra Fonseca
Capital Flows to Latin America (2003–17): A Critical Survey from Prebisch’s Business Cycle Theory pp. 103-125 Downloads
Roberto Lampa
Institutions and Development From a Historical Perspective: the Case of the Brazilian Development Bank pp. 126-144 Downloads
Alex Wilhans Antonio Palludeto and Roberto Alexandre Zanchetta Borghi
Institutional Change in Nepal: Liberalization, Maoist Movement, Rise of Political Consciousness and Constitutional Change pp. 145-166 Downloads
Kalpana Khanal and Natalia Bracarense
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