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Volume 47, issue 1, 2018

The Legal Academy's Ideological Uniformity pp. 1 - 43 Downloads
Adam Bonica, Adam Chilton, Kyle Rozema and Maya Sen
What Drives Bankruptcy Forum Shopping? Evidence from Market Data pp. 119 - 149 Downloads
Jared A. Ellias
Detection and Correction of Case-Publication Bias pp. 151 - 180 Downloads
Edward K. Cheng
In-Kind Transfers and the Law of Torts pp. 181 - 207 Downloads
Assaf Jacob, Alon Klement and Yuval Procaccia
Improved Statistical Methods for the Calculation of Damages in Discrimination Lawsuits pp. 209 - 234 Downloads
Scott Susin and Ioan Voicu
Reputation and Litigation: Why Costly Legal Sanctions Can Work Better than Reputational Sanctions pp. 45 - 82 Downloads
Scott Baker and Albert H. Choi
Does Reason Writing Reduce Decision Bias? Experimental Evidence from Judges in China pp. 83 - 118 Downloads
Zhuang Liu

Volume 46, issue 2, 2017

The Inevitability and Ubiquity of Cycling in All Feasible Legal Regimes: A Formal Proof pp. 237 - 280 Downloads
Leo Katz and Alvaro Sandroni
Harmful, Harmless, and Beneficial Uncertainty in Law pp. 281 - 307 Downloads
Scott Baker and Alex Raskolnikov
Discretionary Disenfranchisement: The Case of Legal Financial Obligations pp. 309 - 338 Downloads
Marc Meredith and Michael Morse
Shared Ownership of Intangible Property Rights: The Case of Patent Coassignments pp. 339 - 369 Downloads
Andrea Fosfuri, Christian Helmers and Catherine Roux
Affiliation Bias in Arbitration: An Experimental Approach pp. 371 - 398 Downloads
Sergio Puig and Anton Strezhnev
Stretch It but Don't Break It: The Hidden Cost of Contract Framing pp. 399 - 426 Downloads
Richard R. W. Brooks, Alexander Stremitzer and Stephan Tontrup
Patient Patents: Can Certain Types of Patent Litigation Be Beneficially Delayed? pp. 427 - 448 Downloads
Doug Lichtman

Volume 46, issue 1, 2017

You Are in Charge: Experimentally Testing the Motivating Power of Holding a Judicial Office pp. 1 - 50 Downloads
Christoph Engel and Lilia Zhurakhovska
Board Interlocks and Outside Directors' Protection pp. 129 - 160 Downloads
Michal Barzuza and Quinn Curtis
Vicarious Liability for Managerial Myopia pp. 161 - 185 Downloads
James Cameron Spindler
Jurors' Presumption of Innocence pp. 187 - 206 Downloads
Nicholas Scurich and Richard S. John
Adam Smith, Prophet of Law and Economics pp. 207 - 236 Downloads
Paul G. Mahoney
After the Override: An Empirical Analysis of Shadow Precedent pp. 51 - 92 Downloads
Brian J. Broughman and Deborah A. Widiss
Mandatory Minimums and the Sentencing of Federal Drug Crimes pp. 93 - 128 Downloads
David Bjerk

Volume 45, issue S2, 2016

Contracting over Privacy: Introduction pp. S1 - S11 Downloads
Omri Ben-Shahar and Lior Jacob Strahilevitz
Contracting for Privacy Precaution (and a Laffer Curve for Crime) pp. S123 - S136 Downloads
Ian Ayres
Self-Regulation and Competition in Privacy Policies pp. S13 - S39 Downloads
Florencia Marotta-Wurgler
Optimal Defaults in Consumer Markets pp. S137 - S161 Downloads
Oren Bar-Gill and Omri Ben-Shahar
Ambiguity in Privacy Policies and the Impact of Regulation pp. S163 - S190 Downloads
Joel R. Reidenberg, Jaspreet Bhatia, Travis D. Breaux and Thomas B. Norton
Do Privacy Notices Matter? Comparing the Impact of Violating Formal Privacy Notices and Informal Privacy Norms on Consumer Trust Online pp. S191 - S215 Downloads
Kirsten Martin
Simplification of Privacy Disclosures: An Experimental Test pp. S41 - S67 Downloads
Omri Ben-Shahar and Adam Chilton
Is Privacy Policy Language Irrelevant to Consumers? pp. S69 - S95 Downloads
Lior Jacob Strahilevitz and Matthew B. Kugler
A Query-Theory Perspective of Privacy Decision Making pp. S97 - S121 Downloads
Idris Adjerid, Sonam Samat and Alessandro Acquisti

Volume 45, issue 2, 2016

The Supreme Court, the Media, and Public Opinion: Comparing Experimental and Observational Methods pp. 223 - 254 Downloads
Katerina Linos and Kimberly Twist
Justice Is Less Blind, and Less Legalistic, than We Thought: Evidence from an Experiment with Real Judges pp. 255 - 280 Downloads
Holger Spamann and Lars Klöhn
Relative Judgments pp. 281 - 330 Downloads
Adi Leibovitch
Black Sheep or Scapegoats? Implementable Monitoring Policies under Unobservable Levels of Misbehavior pp. 331 - 366 Downloads
Berno Buechel and Gerd Muehlheusser
Prenups pp. 367 - 400 Downloads
Peter Leeson and Joshua Pierson
Supreme Court Justices' Loyalty to the President pp. 401 - 436 Downloads
Lee Epstein and Eric A. Posner
Is the Government Fiscally Blind? An Empirical Examination of the Effect of the Compensation Requirement on Eminent-Domain Exercises pp. 437 - 469 Downloads
Ronit Levine-Schnur and Gideon Parchomovsky
The Heavy Costs of High Bail: Evidence from Judge Randomization pp. 471 - 505 Downloads
Arpit Gupta, Christopher Hansman and Ethan Frenchman

Volume 45, issue 1, 2016

The Prison Boom and Sentencing Policy pp. 1 - 41 Downloads
Derek Neal and Armin Rick
Punitive Police? Agency Costs, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Procedure pp. 105 - 141 Downloads
Dhammika Dharmapala, Nuno Garoupa and Richard H. McAdams
Multiple Causation, Apportionment, and the Shapley Value pp. 143 - 171 Downloads
Samuel Ferey and Pierre Dehez
Sharing Residual Liability: The Cheapest Cost Avoider Revisited pp. 173 - 201 Downloads
Emanuela Carbonara, Alice Guerra and Francesco Parisi
Evenwel, Voting Power, and Dual Districting pp. 203 - 221 Downloads
Paul H. Edelman
A Theory of Whistleblower Rewards pp. 43 - 72 Downloads
Yehonatan Givati
Law Enforcement in a Federal System: On the Strategic Choice of Sanction Levels pp. 73 - 103 Downloads
Tim Friehe and Thomas J. Miceli

Volume 44, issue S2, 2015

Introduction: Legal Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty pp. S319 - S335 Downloads
David Weisbach
A Bayesian Framework for the Precautionary Principle pp. S337 - S365 Downloads
Nabil I. Al-Najjar
Randomizing Regulatory Approval for Adaptive Diversification and Deterrence pp. S367 - S385 Downloads
Charles Manski
Regulating Ambiguous Risks: The Less than Rational Regulation of Pharmaceuticals pp. S387 - S422 Downloads
W Viscusi and Richard Zeckhauser
Abating Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Electric Power Generation: Model Uncertainty and Regulatory Epistemology pp. S423 - S445 Downloads
Alan H. Sanstad
On Sturdy Policy Evaluation pp. S447 - S473 Downloads
William Brock and Steven Durlauf
Rationally Arbitrary Decisions in Administrative Law pp. S475 - S507 Downloads
Adrian Vermeule
Gambling over Growth: Economic Uncertainty, Discounting, and Regulatory Policy pp. S509 - S528 Downloads
Daniel A. Farber

Volume 44, issue S1, 2015

Introduction pp. S1 - S6 Downloads
Thomas J. Miles and Omri Ben-Shahar
The Role of Competence in Promotions from the Lower Federal Courts pp. S107 - S131 Downloads
Stephen J. Choi, Mitu Gulati and Eric A. Posner
Judicial Decision Making: A Dynamic Reputation Approach pp. S133 - S159 Downloads
Alma Cohen, Alon Klement and Zvika Neeman
Partisanship in State Supreme Courts: The Empirical Relationship between Party Campaign Contributions and Judicial Decision Making pp. S161 - S185 Downloads
Michael S. Kang and Joanna M. Shepherd
Is Justice Really Blind? Race and Reversal in US Courts pp. S187 - S229 Downloads
Maya Sen
Do Attorney Surveys Measure Judicial Performance or Respondent Ideology? Evidence from Online Evaluations pp. S231 - S267 Downloads
Thomas J. Miles
Do the Justices Vote Like Policy Makers? Evidence from Scaling the Supreme Court with Interest Groups pp. S269 - S293 Downloads
Joshua B. Fischman
Revisiting the Ideology Rankings of Supreme Court Justices pp. S295 - S317 Downloads
Lee Epstein, William M. Landes and Richard A. Posner
The Law and Positive Political Theory of Panel Effects pp. S35 - S58 Downloads
Emerson H. Tiller
The Politics of Opinion Assignment and Authorship on the US Court of Appeals: Evidence from Sexual Harassment Cases pp. S59 - S85 Downloads
Sean Farhang, Jonathan P. Kastellec and Gregory J. Wawro
Salience Theory of Judicial Decisions pp. S7 - S33 Downloads
Pedro Bordalo, Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer
Judicial Noncompliance with Mandatory Procedural Rules under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act pp. S87 - S105 Downloads
M. Todd Henderson and William H. J. Hubbard

Volume 44, issue 2, 2015

Disgorgement Damages for Accidents pp. 249 - 276 Downloads
Robert Cooter and Ariel Porat
An Empirical Study of Political Bias in Legal Scholarship pp. 277 - 314 Downloads
Adam S. Chilton and Eric A. Posner
An Economic Analysis of Black-White Disparities in the New York Police Department's Stop-and-Frisk Program pp. 315 - 360 Downloads
Decio Coviello and Nicola Persico
Decriminalizing Delinquency: The Effect of Raising the Age of Majority on Juvenile Recidivism pp. 361 - 388 Downloads
Charles E. Loeffler and Ben Grunwald
On the Equilibrium Effects of Nudging pp. 389 - 416 Downloads
Ran Spiegler
The Failure of Constitutional Torture Prohibitions pp. 417 - 452 Downloads
Adam S. Chilton and Mila Versteeg
Price Caps in Multiprice Markets pp. 453 - 476 Downloads
Oren Bar-Gill

Volume 44, issue 1, 2015

Testing for Racial Prejudice in the Parole Board Release Process: Theory and Evidence pp. 1 - 37 Downloads
Shamena Anwar and Hanming Fang
The Hierarchical Influence of Courts of Appeals on District Courts pp. 113 - 141 Downloads
Christina L. Boyd
Does the Endowment Effect Justify Legal Intervention? The Debiasing Effect of Institutions pp. 143 - 182 Downloads
Jennifer Arlen and Stephan Tontrup
Do Institutional Investors Value the Rule 10b-5 Private Right of Action? Evidence from Investors' Trading Behavior following Morrison v. National Australia Bank Ltd pp. 183 - 227 Downloads
Robert P. Bartlett
Does the Social Cost of Carbon Matter? Evidence from US Policy pp. 229 - 248 Downloads
Robert W. Hahn and Robert Ritz
Assessing Racial Disparities in Parole Release pp. 39 - 74 Downloads
Stéphane Mechoulan and Nicolas Sahuguet
Free at Last? Judicial Discretion and Racial Disparities in Federal Sentencing pp. 75 - 111 Downloads
Crystal S. Yang
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