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Volume 38, issue 2, 2009

Bargaining around Bankruptcy: Small Business Workouts and State Law pp. 255-307 Downloads
Edward R. Morrison
Are "Pay Now, Terms Later" Contracts Worse for Buyers? Evidence from Software License Agreements pp. 309-343 Downloads
Florencia Marotta-Wurgler
All-or-Nothing versus Proportionate Damages pp. 345-382 Downloads
Shmuel Leshem and Geoffrey P. Miller
Less Can Be More: Conflicting Ballot Proposals and the Highest Vote Rule pp. 383-418 Downloads
Michael D. Gilbert and Joshua M. Levine
Citation to Legislative History: Empirical Evidence on Positive Political and Contextual Theories of Judicial Decision Making pp. 419-443 Downloads
Michael Abramowicz and Emerson H. Tiller
Do Norms Reduce Torture? pp. 445-470 Downloads
Michael J. Gilligan and Nathaniel H. Nesbitt
The Laws of Lawlessness pp. 471-503 Downloads
Peter Leeson
Conflicts of Interest, Disclosure, and (Costly) Sanctions: Experimental Evidence pp. 505-532 Downloads
Bryan K. Church and Xi (Jason) Kuang
Constitutional Agreement during the Drafting of the Constitution: A New Interpretation pp. 533-567 Downloads
Ben Baack, Robert A. McGuire and T. Norman Van Cott

Volume 38, issue 1, 2009

Implicit Quotas pp. 1-20 Downloads
Roland G. Fryer, Jr.
Negative Liability pp. 21-59 Downloads
Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci
The Economics of Presidential Pardons and Commutations pp. 61-88 Downloads
William Landes and Richard A. Posner
Asymmetric Information and the Law of Servitudes Governing Land pp. 89-120 Downloads
Antony Dnes and Dean Lueck
Plaintiphobia in State Courts? An Empirical Study of State Court Trials on Appeal pp. 121-155 Downloads
Theodore Eisenberg and Michael Heise
Legal Change: Selective Litigation, Judicial Bias, and Precedent pp. 157-168 Downloads
Thomas Miceli
The Influence of Retention Politics on Judges' Voting pp. 169-206 Downloads
Joanna M. Shepherd
The Role of Politics and Economics in Explaining Variation in Litigation Rates in the U.S. States pp. 205-233 Downloads
Tonja Jacobi
Advantage Defendant: Why Sinking Litigation Costs Makes Negative-Expected-Value Defenses but Not Negative-Expected-Value Suits Credible pp. 235-253 Downloads
Warren F. Schwartz and Abraham L. Wickelgren

Volume 37, issue S2, 2008

Introduction to the Conference on Law and Happiness pp. S1-S4 Downloads
Eric A. Posner and Cass Sunstein
Measuring Well-Being for Public Policy: Preferences or Experiences? pp. S5-S31 Downloads
Paul Dolan and Tessa Peasgood
Happiness Inequality in the United States pp. S33-S79 Downloads
Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers
Who Is the Happy Warrior? Philosophy Poses Questions to Psychology pp. S81-S113 Downloads
Martha C. Nussbaum
Two Recommendations on the Pursuit of Happiness pp. S115-S132 Downloads
Christopher K. Hsee, Fei Xu and Ningyu Tang
Hive Psychology, Happiness, and Public Policy pp. S133-S156 Downloads
Jonathan Haidt, J. Patrick Seder and Selin Kesebir
Illusory Losses pp. S157-S194 Downloads
Cass Sunstein
Pain and Suffering Awards: They Shouldn't Be (Just) about Pain and Suffering pp. S195-S216 Downloads
Peter A. Ubel and George Loewenstein
Death, Happiness, and the Calculation of Compensatory Damages pp. S217-S251 Downloads
Andrew Oswald and Nattavudh Powdthavee
Happiness Research and Cost-Benefit Analysis pp. S253-S292 Downloads
Matthew Adler and Eric A. Posner
What Does Happiness Research Tell Us About Taxation? pp. S293-S324 Downloads
David A. Weisbach
The Effect of Crime on Life Satisfaction pp. S325-S353 Downloads
Mark Cohen

Volume 37, issue 2, 2008

Transnational Forum Shopping as a Trade and Investment Issue pp. 339-378 Downloads
Alan O. Sykes
Case Law versus Statute Law: An Evolutionary Comparison pp. 379-430 Downloads
Giacomo Ponzetto and Patricio A. Fernandez
A Switching Costs Explanation of Tying and Warranties pp. 431-458 Downloads
Edward Iacobucci
The Human and Economic Dimensions of Altruism: The Case of Organ Transplantation pp. 459-501 Downloads
Richard A. Epstein
Completing Contracts in the Shadow of Costly Verification pp. 503-534 Downloads
Albert Choi and George Triantis
Taxing Cap-and-Trade Environmental Regulation pp. 535-550 Downloads
Ethan Yale
Does Nonprofit Status Signal Quality? pp. 551-576 Downloads
Anup Malani and Guy David
Realistic Standards: Optimal Negligence with Limited Liability pp. 577-594 Downloads
Juan-José Ganuza and Fernando Gómez

Volume 37, issue 1, 2008

Judicial Fact Discretion pp. 1-35 Downloads
Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer
On Optimal Legal Change, Past Behavior, and Grandfathering pp. 37-85 Downloads
Steven Shavell
Bias in Judicial Citations: A Window into the Behavior of Judges? pp. 87-129 Downloads
Stephen J. Choi and G. Mitu Gulati
How Much Irrationality Does the Market Permit? pp. 131-159 Downloads
Alan Schwartz
Social Distance and Self-Enforcing Exchange pp. 161-188 Downloads
Peter Leeson
Don't Buy Shares without It: Limited Liability Comes to American Express pp. 189-227 Downloads
Mark I. Weinstein
The Fairness Opinion Puzzle: Board Incentives, Information Asymmetry, and Bidding Strategy pp. 229-272 Downloads
Yasuhiro Ohta and Kenton Yee
A Primary-Activity Approach to Proof Burdens pp. 273-313 Downloads
Chris Sanchirico
The Effect of Conflicting Moral and Legal Rules on Bargaining Behavior: The Case of No-Fault Divorce pp. 315-338 Downloads
Tess Wilkinson-Ryan and Jonathan Baron

Volume 36, issue S2, 2007

Introduction: Current Research on Medical Malpractice Liability pp. S1-S8 Downloads
Anup Malani
Physicians' Insurance Limits and Malpractice Payments: Evidence from Texas Closed Claims, 1990-2003 pp. S9-S45 Downloads
Kathryn Zeiler, Charles Silver, Bernard Black, David A. Hyman and William M. Sage
When Tort Resolutions Are "Wrong": Predictors of Discordant Outcomes in Medical Malpractice Litigation pp. S47-S78 Downloads
David M. Studdert and Michelle M. Mello
The Impact of Malpractice Risk on the Use of Obstetrics Procedures pp. S79-S119 Downloads
Beomsoo Kim
Medical Malpractice Reform and Physicians in High-Risk Specialties pp. S121-S142 Downloads
Jonathan Klick and Thomas Stratmann
Does Malpractice Liability Keep the Doctor Away? Evidence from Tort Reform Damage Caps pp. S143-S182 Downloads
David A. Matsa
An Empirical Study of the Impact of Tort Reforms on Medical Malpractice Settlement Payments pp. S183-S229 Downloads
Ronen Avraham
An Empirical Assessment of Early Offer Reform for Medical Malpractice pp. S231-S259 Downloads
Joni Hersch, Jeffrey O'Connell and W Viscusi
Unlimited Subrogation: Improving Medical Malpractice Liability by Allowing Insurers to Take Charge pp. S261-S289 Downloads
Kenneth S. Reinker and David Rosenberg

Volume 36, issue 2, 2007

Mandatory Disclosure and Stock Returns: Evidence from the Over-the-Counter Market pp. 213-251 Downloads
Allen Ferrell
Contingent Fees, Moral Hazard, and Attorney Rents: A Laboratory Experiment pp. 253-273 Downloads
Michael McKee, Rudy Santore and Joel Shelton
The Condominium versus Cooperative Puzzle: An Empirical Analysis of Housing in New York City pp. 275-324 Downloads
Michael H. Schill, Ioan Voicu and Jonathan Miller
Contractual Holdup and Legal Intervention pp. 325-354 Downloads
Steven Shavell
The Economics of Stigma: Why More Detection of Crime May Result in Less Stigmatization pp. 355-377 Downloads
Alon Harel and Alon Klement
Sanctions by Social Norms and the Law: Substitutes or Complements? pp. 379-396 Downloads
Yoshinobu Zasu
Qualified Ratification: Explaining Reservations to International Human Rights Treaties pp. 397-429 Downloads
Eric Neumayer
A Unilateral Accident Model under Ambiguity pp. 431-477 Downloads
Joshua Teitelbaum

Volume 36, issue 1, 2007

Post-Siliconix Freeze-Outs: Theory and Evidence pp. 1-26 Downloads
Guhan Subramanian
Economic Efficiency, Nuisance, and Sewage: New Lessons from Attorney-General v. Council of the Borough of Birmingham, 1858–95 pp. 27-62 Downloads
Leslie Rosenthal
Total Liability for Excessive Harm pp. 63-80 Downloads
Robert Cooter and Ariel Porat
Punishing the Innocent along with the Guilty: The Economics of Individual versus Group Punishment pp. 81-106 Downloads
Thomas Miceli and Kathleen Segerson
The Problematic Value of Mathematical Models of Evidence pp. 107-140 Downloads
Ronald J. Allen and Michael S. Pardo
Comparisons of the Incentive for Insolvency under Different Legal Regimes pp. 141-170 Downloads
Elizabeth Klee and Lewis Kornhauser
The Effect of Judicial Expedience on Attorney Fees in Class Actions pp. 171-187 Downloads
Eric Helland and Jonathan Klick
If Only Half of International Agreements Have Dispute Resolution Provisions, Which Half Needs Explaining? pp. 189-212 Downloads
Barbara Koremenos
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