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Volume 56, issue 1, 2024

Nonlinear Transmission of Financial Shocks: Some New Evidence pp. 5-33 Downloads
Mario Forni, Luca Gambetti, Nicolò Maffei‐faccioli and Luca Sala
Does Monetary Policy Affect Income Inequality in the Euro Area? pp. 35-80 Downloads
Anna Samarina and Anh D.M. Nguyen
Communicating Data Uncertainty: Multiwave Experimental Evidence for UK GDP pp. 81-114 Downloads
Ana Beatriz Galvão and James Mitchell
Global Banks and Synthetic Funding: The Benefits of Foreign Relatives pp. 115-152 Downloads
Fernando Eguren‐martin, Matias Ossandon Busch and Dennis Reinhardt
Introducing New Forms of Digital Money: Evidence from the Laboratory pp. 153-184 Downloads
Gabriele Camera
Cryptocurrency, Security, and Financial Intermediation pp. 185-223 Downloads
Nicholas Glenn and Robert Reed
Money, Bitcoin, and Monetary Policy pp. 225-256 Downloads
Kee‐youn Kang and Seungduck Lee
Credit Market Frictions and Coessentiality of Money and Credit pp. 257-278 Downloads
Ohik Kwon and Manjong Lee
Population Aging and International Monetary Transmission pp. 279-304 Downloads
Myunghyun Kim
Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity and Determinacy of Equilibrium pp. 305-316 Downloads
Tomohide Mineyama

Volume 55, issue 8, 2023

A Theory of Intrinsic Inflation Persistence pp. 1961-2000 Downloads
Takushi Kurozumi and Willem van Zandweghe
How Does Monetary Policy Affect Welfare? Some New Estimates Using Data on Life Evaluation and Emotional Well‐Being pp. 2001-2025 Downloads
Lina El‐jahel, Robert Macculloch and Hamed Shafiee
Does Real‐Time Macroeconomic Information Help to Predict Interest Rates? pp. 2027-2059 Downloads
Alberto Caruso and Laura Coroneo
Superkurtosis pp. 2061-2091 Downloads
Stavros Degiannakis, George Filis, Grigorios Siourounis and Lorenzo Trapani
Does the Exchange Rate Respond to Monetary Policy in Mexico? Solving an Exchange Rate Puzzle in Emerging Markets pp. 2093-2113 Downloads
Pavel Solís
News Shocks, Business Cycles, and the Disinflation Puzzle pp. 2115-2151 Downloads
Hafedh Bouakez and Laurent Kemoe
Debt Overhang and Lack of Lender's Commitment pp. 2153-2185 Downloads
Keiichiro Kobayashi, Tomoyuki Nakajima and Shuhei Takahashi
Endogenous Growth, Skill Obsolescence, and Output Hysteresis in a New Keynesian Model with Unemployment pp. 2187-2213 Downloads
Wolfgang Lechthaler and Mewael F. Tesfaselassie
Disagreement in Consumer Inflation Expectations pp. 2215-2241 Downloads
Tomasz Łyziak and Xuguang Simon Sheng

Volume 55, issue 7, 2023

Historical Patterns of Inequality and Productivity around Financial Crises pp. 1641-1665 Downloads
Pascal Paul
Revolving versus Convenience Use of Credit Cards: Evidence from U.S. Credit Bureau Data pp. 1667-1701 Downloads
Scott L. Fulford and Scott Schuh
Bringing Back the Jobs Lost to Covid‐19: The Role of Fiscal Policy pp. 1703-1747 Downloads
Christian Bredemeier, Falko Juessen and Roland Winkler
Changing Supply Elasticities and Regional Housing Booms pp. 1749-1783 Downloads
Knut Are Aastveit, Bruno Albuquerque and André K. Anundsen
The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book: Implications for Portfolio and Risk Management in the Banking Sector pp. 1785-1816 Downloads
Orla McCullagh, Mark Cummins and Sheila Killian
Macroeconomic Effects of Credit Deepening in Latin America pp. 1817-1855 Downloads
Carlos Carvalho, Nilda Pasca, Laura Souza and Eduardo Zilberman
Demographics, Monetary Policy, and the Zero Lower Bound pp. 1857-1887 Downloads
Marcin Bielecki, Michał Brzoza‐brzezina and Marcin Kolasa
Monetary Policy, Neutrality, and the Environment pp. 1889-1906 Downloads
Joao R. Faria, Peter McAdam and Bruno Viscolani
The Time‐Varying Response of Hours Worked to a Productivity Shock pp. 1907-1935 Downloads
Huachen Li
Inflation Expectations, Inflation Target Credibility, and the COVID‐19 Pandemic: Evidence from Germany pp. 1937-1953 Downloads
Winnie Coleman and Dieter Nautz

Volume 55, issue 6, 2023

Delayed Adjustment and Persistence in Macroeconomic Models pp. 1325-1356 Downloads
Thijs van Rens and Marija Vukotić
Geographic Cross‐Sectional Fiscal Spending Multipliers and the Role of Local Autonomy: Evidence from European Regions pp. 1357-1396 Downloads
Markus Brueckner, Evi Pappa and Ákos Valentinyi
Supply and Demand Effects of Bank Bailouts: Depositors Need Not Apply and Need Not Run pp. 1397-1442 Downloads
Allen N. Berger, Martien Lamers, Raluca A. Roman and Koen Schoors
Are the Liquidity and Collateral Roles of Asset Bubbles Different? pp. 1443-1473 Downloads
Lise Clain‐chamosset‐yvrard, Xavier Raurich and Thomas Seegmuller
Treasury Safety, Liquidity, and Money Premium Dynamics: Evidence from Debt Limit Impasses pp. 1475-1506 Downloads
David Cashin, Erin E. Syron Ferris and Elizabeth Klee
What Is in a Name? Purchases and Sales of Financial Assets as a Monetary Policy Instrument pp. 1507-1533 Downloads
Ronald Mau
Explaining Monetary Spillovers: The Matrix Reloaded pp. 1535-1568 Downloads
Jonathan Kearns, Andreas Schrimpf and Fan Dora Xia
Monetary Policy in a Schumpeterian Growth Model with Vertical R&D Sectors pp. 1569-1607 Downloads
Chien‐yu Huang, Youchang Wu, Yibai Yang and Zhijie Zheng
The Formation of Inflation Expectations: Microdata Evidence from Japan pp. 1609-1632 Downloads
Junichi Kikuchi and Yoshiyuki Nakazono

Volume 55, issue 5, 2023

Nonlinear Employment Effects of Tax Policy pp. 1001-1042 Downloads
Domenico Ferraro and Giuseppe Fiori
Does Competition Affect Bank Risk? pp. 1043-1076 Downloads
Liangliang Jiang, Ross Levine and Chen Lin
CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation) Market and Corporate Lending pp. 1077-1118 Downloads
Angela Gallo and Min Park
Information Aggregation Bias and Samuelson's Dictum pp. 1119-1145 Downloads
Yongok Choi, Giacomo Rondina and Todd B. Walker
Talking Over Time ‐ Dynamic Central Bank Communication pp. 1147-1176 Downloads
Laura Gáti
The 1932 Federal Reserve Open‐Market Purchases as a Precedent for Quantitative Easing pp. 1177-1212 Downloads
Michael D. Bordo and Arunima Sinha
Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity and Inflation Dynamics during and after the Great Recession pp. 1213-1244 Downloads
Tomohide Mineyama
The Effect of Monetary Policy on Consumption Inequality: An Analysis of Transmission Channels through TANK Models pp. 1245-1270 Downloads
Momo Komatsu
Phillips Correlation and Price‐Change Distributions under Declining Trend Inflation pp. 1271-1305 Downloads
Sohei Kaihatsu, Mitsuru Katagiri and Noriyuki Shiraki
How Powerful Is Unannounced, Sterilized Foreign Exchange Intervention? pp. 1307-1319 Downloads
Alain Naef and Jacob Weber

Volume 55, issue 4, 2023

The Role of Money in Monetary Policy at the Lower Bound pp. 681-716 Downloads
Roberto Billi, Ulf Söderström and Carl Walsh
Inflation and Welfare in a Competitive Search Equilibrium with Asymmetric Information pp. 717-746 Downloads
Lorenzo Carbonari, Fabrizio Mattesini and Robert J. Waldmann
House Price Markups and Mortgage Defaults pp. 747-782 Downloads
Paul Carrillo, William Doerner and William D. Larson
Policy Uncertainty and Bank Mortgage Credit pp. 783-823 Downloads
Gazi I. Kara and Youngsuk Yook
Effects of State‐Dependent Forward Guidance, Large‐Scale Asset Purchases, and Fiscal Stimulus in a Low‐Interest‐Rate Environment pp. 825-858 Downloads
Günter Coenen, Carlos Montes‐galdón and Frank Smets
Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity Meets the Zero Lower Bound pp. 859-887 Downloads
Robert Amano and Stefano Gnocchi
Credit Crunch and Downward Nominal Wage Rigidities pp. 889-914 Downloads
Jean‐françois Rouillard
A Dilemma between Liquidity Regulation and Monetary Policy: Some History and Theory pp. 915-944 Downloads
Eric Monnet and Miklos Vari
Normalizing the Central Bank's Balance Sheet: Implications for Inflation and Debt Dynamics pp. 945-974 Downloads
Begoña Domínguez and Pedro Gomis‐porqueras
Housing Rents and Inflation Rates pp. 975-992 Downloads
Brent Ambrose, N. Edward Coulson and Jiro Yoshida

Volume 55, issue 2-3, 2023

Fast Rises, Slow Declines: Asymmetric Unemployment Dynamics with Matching Frictions pp. 349-378 Downloads
Domenico Ferraro
Consumption, Credit, and the Missing Young pp. 379-405 Downloads
Daniel Cooper, Olga Gorbachev and María José Luengo‐prado
A Model of QE, Reserve Demand, and the Money Multiplier pp. 407-439 Downloads
Ellen Ryan and Karl Whelan
Deposit Insurance and Depositor Monitoring: Quasi‐Experimental Evidence from the Creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation pp. 441-464 Downloads
Haelim Anderson, Gary Richardson and Brian Yang
Calibrating the Magnitude of the Countercyclical Capital Buffer Using Market‐Based Stress Tests pp. 465-501 Downloads
Maarten van Oordt
Banks' Strategic Responses to Supervisory Coverage: Evidence from a Natural Experiment pp. 503-530 Downloads
Ivan T. Ivanov, Ben Ranish and James Wang
System‐Wide Runs and Financial Collapse pp. 531-558 Downloads
Dongik Kang
Out of Bounds: Do SPF Respondents Have Anchored Inflation Expectations? pp. 559-576 Downloads
Carola Binder, Wesley Janson and Randal Verbrugge
Are Some Forecasters Really Better than Others? A Note* pp. 577-593 Downloads
Ulrich Hounyo and Kajal Lahiri
A Money‐Financed Fiscal Stimulus: Redistribution and Social Welfare pp. 595-617 Downloads
Chiara Punzo and Lorenza Rossi
Lower Bound Uncertainty and Long‐Term Interest Rates pp. 619-634 Downloads
Christian Grisse
Changing Impact of Shocks: A Time‐Varying Proxy SVAR Approach pp. 635-654 Downloads
Haroon Mumtaz and Katerina Petrova
A Simple Model of Voluntary Reserve Targets with Tolerance Bands pp. 655-672 Downloads
Garth Baughman and Francesca Carapella

Volume 55, issue 1, 2023

Search Frictions, Labor Supply, and the Asymmetric Business Cycle pp. 5-42 Downloads
Domenico Ferraro and Giuseppe Fiori
Institutional Arrangements and Inflation Bias: A Dynamic Heterogeneous Panel Approach pp. 43-76 Downloads
Vasco Gabriel, Ioannis Lazopoulos and Diana Lima
Mortgage Lending, Default, and the Community Reinvestment Act pp. 77-102 Downloads
Daniel Ringo
Understanding Bank and Nonbank Credit Cycles: A Structural Exploration pp. 103-142 Downloads
C. Bora Durdu and Molin Zhong
Uncertainty and the Cost of Bank versus Bond Finance pp. 143-169 Downloads
Christian Grimme
Money Illusion and TIPS Demand pp. 171-214 Downloads
Abraham Lioui and Andrea Tarelli
The Effect of Inflation on Wage Inequality: A North–South Monetary Model of Endogenous Growth with International Trade pp. 215-249 Downloads
Oscar Afonso and Tiago Sequeira
Conditional Equity Premium and Aggregate Corporate Investment pp. 251-295 Downloads
Hui Guo and Buhui Qiu
Central Bank Digital Currency, Credit Supply, and Financial Stability pp. 297-321 Downloads
Young Sik Kim and Ohik Kwon
Liquidity Requirements, Free‐Riding, and the Implications for Financial Stability Evidence from the Early 1900s pp. 323-341 Downloads
Mark Carlson and Matthew Jaremski
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