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Volume 34, issue 05, 2017

Cost Efficiency Measurement in Data Envelopment Analysis with Dynamic Network Structures: A Relational Model pp. 1-13 Downloads
Soheila Seyedboveir, Sohrab Kordrostami, Behrouz Daneshian and Alireza Amirteimoori
Tactical Production and Lot Size Planning with Lifetime Constraints: A Comparison of Model Formulations pp. 1-24 Downloads
Andrea Raiconi, Julia Pahl, Monica Gentili, Stefan Voß and Raffaele Cerulli
Grain Price Forecasting Using a Hybrid Stochastic Method pp. 1-24 Downloads
Yu Zhao, Xi Zhang, Zhongshun Shi and Lei He
Rescheduling to Minimize the Maximum Lateness Under the Sequence Disruptions of Original Jobs pp. 1-12 Downloads
Qiulan Zhao and Jinjiang Yuan
A Mathematical Programming Model with Equilibrium Constraints for Competitive Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design pp. 1-31 Downloads
Yuxiang Yang, Zuqing Huang, Qiang Patrick Qiang and Gengui Zhou
A Computational Algorithm for Equilibrium Asset Pricing Under Heterogeneous Information and Short-Sale Constraints pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jun Tong, Jian-Qiang Hu and Jiaqiao Hu
A Novel Weighting Method for Finding Common Weights in DEA pp. 1-21 Downloads
Qing Wang, Zhaojun Liu and Yang Zhang
Online Single Machine Scheduling to Minimize the Maximum Starting Time pp. 1-9 Downloads
Lingfa Lu and Liqi Zhang

Volume 34, issue 04, 2017

A Bicriteria Approach for Single Machine Scheduling with Resource Allocation, Learning Effect and a Deteriorating Maintenance Activity pp. 1-16 Downloads
Zhusong Liu, Zhenyou Wang and Yuan-Yuan Lu
A Broad Case-Based Distance Approach for Screening with Different Target Points pp. 1-16 Downloads
Li-Ching Ma
A Game Theoretical Real Options Framework for Investment Decisions in Mobile TV Infrastructure pp. 1-34 Downloads
Amal Abdel Razzac, Linda Salahaldin, Salah Eddine Elayoubi, Yezekael Hayel and Tijani Chahed
Joint Optimization of Production Plan and Preventive Maintenance Schedule by Stackelberg Game pp. 1-28 Downloads
Jiawen Hu, Zuhua Jiang and Hong Wang
Stochastic Multi-Objectives Supply Chain Optimization with Forecasting Partial Backordering Rate: A Novel Hybrid Method of Meta Goal Programming and Evolutionary Algorithms pp. 1-28 Downloads
Ata Allah Taleizadeh
Input Demand Under Joint Energy and Output Prices Uncertainties pp. 1-12 Downloads
Moawia Alghalith, Xu Guo, Cuizhen Niu and Wing-Keung Wong
Proportionate Flow Shop Scheduling with Rejection pp. 1-13 Downloads
Shi-Sheng Li, Qian De-Liang and Ren-Xia Chen
Two-Machine and Two-Agent Flow Shop with Special Processing Times Structures pp. 1-17 Downloads
Byung-Gyoo Kim, Byung-Cheon Choi and Myoung-Ju Park
A Partial Backordering Inventory Model with a Drop-Shipping Option Under Purchase Dependence pp. 1-20 Downloads
Changkyu Park

Volume 34, issue 03, 2017

An Ideal Software Release Policy for an Improved Software Reliability Growth Model Incorporating Imperfect Debugging with Fault Removal Efficiency and Change Point pp. 1-21 Downloads
Subhashis Chatterjee and Ankur Shukla
An Optimal Control Problem in a Risk Model with Stochastic Premiums and Periodic Dividend Payments pp. 1-18 Downloads
Xixi Yang, Jiyang Tan, Hanjun Zhang and Ziqiang Li
Bicriteria Scheduling on a Single Batching Machine with Transportation and Deterioration to Minimize Total Completion Time and Production Costs pp. 1-18 Downloads
Hua Gong, Ermei Zhang and Fang Liu
A Weighted Euclidean Distance based TOPSIS Method for Modeling Public Subjective Judgments pp. 1-18 Downloads
Turan Arslan
Identifying a Set of Key Members in Social Networks Using SDP-Based Stochastic Search and Integer Programming Algorithms pp. 1-22 Downloads
Wentao Wu, Wai Kin Victor Chan, Lei Chi and Zhiguo Gong
How to Assess Sustainability of Suppliers in the Presence of Dual-Role Factor and Volume Discounts? A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach pp. 1-25 Downloads
Mohammad Izadikhah, Reza Farzipoor Saen and Kourosh Ahmadi
Solving the Periodic Edge Routing Problem in the Municipal Waste Collection pp. 1-13 Downloads
Chefi Triki
Preface of Special Issue of APJOR Operational Research (OR) and Environment pp. 1-2 Downloads
Lixin Tang, Ilias Mamat and Tatsuo Oyama
A Risk-Averse Newsvendor Model Under Trade Credit Contract with CVaR pp. 1-20 Downloads
Jianxin Chen and Yong-Wu Zhou

Volume 34, issue 02, 2017

Online Order Scheduling Problem with the Same Order Size on Two Identical Machines pp. 1-9 Downloads
Qian Cao, Yi Li and Guohua Wan
Forecasting Oil Price Trends with Sentiment of Online News Articles pp. 1-22 Downloads
Jian Li, Zhenjing Xu, Huijuan Xu, Ling Tang and Lean Yu
Research on Innovation Efficiency and Technology Gap in China Economic Development pp. 1-22 Downloads
Jian-Wen Fang and Yung-ho Chiu
Simulation Optimization for MRO Systems Operations pp. 1-23 Downloads
Pai Liu, Xi Zhang, Zhongshun Shi and Zewen Huang
Optimal Design on Customized Bundling Strategy of Information Goods for Customers with Two-Dimensional Heterogeneity pp. 1-32 Downloads
Xiaoxiao Luo, Minqiang Li, Nan Feng and Fuzan Chen
The Supplying Chain Scheduling with Outsourcing and Transportation pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jianfeng Ren, Guo Sun and Yuzhong Zhang
Scheduling with Rejection and a Deteriorating Maintenance Activity on a Single Machine pp. 1-17 Downloads
Shi-Sheng Li and Ren-Xia Chen
Demand Forecasting and Pricing Decision with the Entry of Store Brand under Various Information Sharing Scenarios pp. 1-26 Downloads
Ting Zhang, Xiaowei Zhu and Qinglong Gou
Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Invasive Weed Optimization via Priority Based Encoding for Location-Allocation Decisions in a Three-Stage Supply Chain pp. 1-44 Downloads
Mohammad Saeid Atabaki, Mohammad Mohammadi and Bahman Naderi
Impact of Emergency Order in Price-Dependent Newsvendor Problems pp. 1-20 Downloads
Wensi Zhang, Jinlin Li, Ran Zhang and Yahong Chen

Volume 34, issue 01, 2017

Retail Order-Taking Strategies Under Competing Trade Credit Policies With Varying Demands pp. 1-17 Downloads
Juanjuan Qin, Aina Zhang, Liangjie Xia and Mengqi Liu
Predicting Retweeting Behavior Based on BPNN in Emergency Incidents pp. 1-17 Downloads
Xuejun Ding and Yong Tian
Forecast Information Sharing for Managing Supply Chains in the Big Data Era: Recent Development and Future Research pp. 1-26 Downloads
Bin Shen and Hau-Ling Chan
Pricing and Design of After-Sales Service Contract: The Value of Mining Asymmetric Sales Cost Information pp. 1-25 Downloads
Yanfei Lan, Zhibing Liu and Baozhuang Niu
Designing and Forecasting the Differentiated Carbon Tax Scheme Based on the Principle of Ability to Pay pp. 1-25 Downloads
Lian-Biao Cui and Ma-Lin Song
Impacts of Leader–Follower Structure on Pricing and Production Strategies in a Decentralized Assembly System pp. 1-24 Downloads
Guo Li, Hui Mao and Lei Xiao
Preface pp. 1-3 Downloads
Tsan-Ming Choi, Hing Kai Chan and Xiaohang Yue
Blog Recommendation and Management Implications in an Emergency Context: An Information Entropy Perspective pp. 1-22 Downloads
Siqing Shan, Jihong Shi and Qi Yan
Estimating the Constant Elasticity of Variance Model with Data-Driven Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods pp. 1-23 Downloads
Shuang Xiao, Guo Li and Yunjing Jia
An Evolutionary Behavior Forecasting Model for Online Lenders and Borrowers in Peer-to-Peer Lending pp. 1-14 Downloads
Wei Liu and Li-Qiu Xia
Forecasting and Analyzing Internet Users of China with Lotka–Volterra Model pp. 1-18 Downloads
Xiaoxia Fu, Ping Zhang and Juzhi Zhang
Carbon Emission Reduction and Pricing Strategies of Supply Chain under Various Demand Forecasting Scenarios pp. 1-27 Downloads
Juanjuan Qin, Liguo Ren and Liangjie Xia

Volume 33, issue 06, 2016

Information Disclosure Model Under Supply Chain Competition with Asymmetric Demand Disruption pp. 1-35 Downloads
Kebing Chen, Renxing Xu and Hanwei Fang
Soft Quadratic Surface Support Vector Machine for Binary Classification pp. 1-22 Downloads
Jian Luo, Shu-Cherng Fang, Zhibin Deng and Xiaoling Guo
A Multi-Period Multiple Objective Uncertain Programming Model to Allocate Order for Supplier Selection Problem pp. 1-40 Downloads
Alireza Eydi and Leyla Fazli
Scheduling Deteriorating Jobs with Availability Constraints to Minimize the Makespan pp. 1-10 Downloads
Chuanli Zhao and Hengyong Tang
A Fast Approach to Solve Matrix Games with Payoffs of Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers pp. 1-14 Downloads
Sanjiv Kumar, Ritika Chopra and Ratnesh R. Saxena
Alternative Reductions and Axiomatizations of the Unit-Level-Core pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ling-Yun Chung, Yu-Hsien Liao, Wen-Ying Hsieh, Tsu-Yin Chen and Chen-Kun Lin
A Systematic Overview of Operations Research/Management Science Research in Mainland China: Bibliometric Analysis of the Period 2001–2013 pp. 1-26 Downloads
Dengsheng Wu, Yongjia Xie, Qianzhi Dai and Jianping Li
Data Envelopment Analysis with Output-Bounded Data pp. 1-17 Downloads
Juan Du, Jiazhen Huo and Joe Zhu
Optimization of an M/M/∞ Queueing System with Free Experience Service pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ying Shi, Xin Li and Ping Fan
A Decision Model for Berth Allocation Under Uncertainty Considering Service Level Using an Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm pp. 1-28 Downloads
Changchun Liu, Xi Xiang, Canrong Zhang and Li Zheng

Volume 33, issue 05, 2016

An Ordered Flow Shop with Two Agents pp. 1-24 Downloads
Byung-Cheon Choi and Myoung-Ju Park
Ranking One Million Simple Paths in Road Networks pp. 1-20 Downloads
Antonio Sedeño-Noda
Single Machine Two-Agent Scheduling with Deteriorating Jobs pp. 1-17 Downloads
Zhenyou Wang, Cai-Min Wei and Yu-Bin Wu
Linear Programming Formulation of Idle Times for Single-Server Discrete-Event Simulation Models pp. 1-17 Downloads
Wai Kin Victor Chan
Algorithms for Finding Copulas Minimizing Convex Functions of Sums pp. 1-26 Downloads
Carole Bernard and Don McLeish
Planning Strategies for Home Health Care Delivery pp. 1-26 Downloads
Mike Hewitt, Maciek Nowak and Nisha Nataraj
A TODIM-Based Decision Support Framework for G-Resilient Supplier Selection in Fuzzy Environment pp. 1-40 Downloads
Dilip Kumar Sen, Saurav Datta and Siba Sankar Mahapatra
A Faster FPTAS for a Supply Chain Scheduling Problem to Minimize Holding Costs with Outsourcing pp. 1-11 Downloads
Shang-Chia Liu and Chin-Chia Wu
Equilibrium and Socially Optimal Balking Strategies in Markovian Queues with Vacations and Sequential Abandonment pp. 1-34 Downloads
Gopinath Panda, Veena Goswami and Abhijit Datta Banik
The Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic TOPSIS Method Based on Novel Information Measures pp. 1-22 Downloads
Qian-Yun Tan, Cui-Ping Wei, Qi Liu and Xiang-Qian Feng

Volume 33, issue 04, 2016

A Method for Generating a Well-Distributed Pareto Set in Multiple Objective Mixed Integer Linear Programs Based on the Decision Maker’s Initial Aspiration Level pp. 1-23 Downloads
S. Razavyan
Modeling and Analysis of Zone-Based Registration in Mobile Communication Network by Considering Busy-Line Effect and Implicit Registration pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jong Hun Park, Jihee Jung and Janghyun Baek
Online Machine Scheduling with Family Setups pp. 1-16 Downloads
Lele Zhang and Andrew Wirth
Weighted Constrained Position Shift Model for Aircraft Arrival Sequencing and Scheduling Problem pp. 1-22 Downloads
Bo Xu, Weimin Ma, Hui Huang and Lei Yue
Permutation Flow Shop Problem with Shortening Job Processing Times pp. 1-14 Downloads
Zhenyou Wang, Cai-Min Wei and Yuan-Yuan Lu
A Sequential Convex Program Approach to an Inverse Linear Semidefinite Programming Problem pp. 1-26 Downloads
Jia Wu, Yi Zhang, Liwei Zhang and Yue Lu
On the Calculation of Directional Scale Elasticity in Data Envelopment Analysis pp. 1-17 Downloads
Mahdi Mirjaberi and Reza Kazemi Matin
Stochastic Periodic-Review Models with Duration- and Quantity-Dependent Inventory Costs: Properties and Approximations pp. 1-25 Downloads
Tal Avinadav
On Low Rank Approximation of Linear Operators in p-Norms and Some Algorithms pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yang Liu
Quantifying the Effect of Sharing Information in a Supply Chain Facing Supply Disruptions pp. 1-28 Downloads
Yi Tao, Loo Hay Lee and Ek Peng Chew

Volume 33, issue 03, 2016

Polynomial-Time Solvability of Dynamic Lot Size Problems pp. 1-20 Downloads
Chung-Lun Li and Qingying Li
MO2TOS: Multi-Fidelity Optimization with Ordinal Transformation and Optimal Sampling pp. 1-26 Downloads
Jie Xu, Si Zhang, Edward Huang, Chun-Hung Chen, Loo Hay Lee and Nurcin Celik
Comparative Analysis of Some Metaheuristics for Discrete-Continuous Project Scheduling with Activities of Identical Processing Rates pp. 1-32 Downloads
Grzegorz Waligóra
Improved Consistency Ratio for Pairwise Comparison Matrix in Analytic Hierarchy Processes pp. 1-19 Downloads
L. N. Pradeep Kumar Rallabandi, Ravindranath Vandrangi and Subba Rao Rachakonda
Bullwhip Effect Analysis in Two-Level Supply Chain Distribution Network Using Different Demand Forecasting Technology pp. 1-23 Downloads
Xi Gang Yuan and Nan Zhu
On Maximum Discounted Effort Reward Search Problem pp. 1-30 Downloads
Mohamed Abd Allah El-Hadidy
Development of a Multi-period Output Model for Considering Time Lag Effect pp. 1-18 Downloads
Yanshuang Zhang and Byung Ho Jeong
Equilibrium Strategies and Optimal Control for a Double-Ended Queue pp. 1-18 Downloads
Ying Shi and Zhaotong Lian

Volume 33, issue 02, 2016

Ordinal Optimization with Computing Budget Allocation for Selecting an Optimal Subset pp. 1-17 Downloads
Mohammad H. Almomani and Mahmoud H. Alrefaei
Online Work-Break Problem and its Competitive Analysis pp. 1-17 Downloads
Weimin Ma and Xiaodong Ji
Some Conditions for Characterizing Anchor Points pp. 1-17 Downloads
Amin Mostafaee and Majid Soleimani-Damaneh
A Goal Programming Model for Selection and Scheduling of Advertisements on Online News Media pp. 1-41 Downloads
Prerna Manik, Anshu Gupta, P. C. Jha and Kannan Govindan
Descent Symmetrization of the Dai–Liao Conjugate Gradient Method pp. 1-10 Downloads
Saman Babaie-Kafaki and Reza Ghanbari
No Gap Second-order Optimality Conditions for a Matrix Cone Programming Induced by the Nuclear Norm pp. 1-20 Downloads
Ning Zhang and Liwei Zhang
Dominance Relationship Among the Retailer’s Strategies Under the Semi-Stackelberg Newsvendor Situation with Quantity Discounts pp. 1-20 Downloads
Youkyung Won

Volume 33, issue 01, 2016

Unrelated Parallel-Machine Scheduling with Controllable Processing Times and Impact of Deteriorating Maintenance Activities under Consideration pp. 1-16 Downloads
Chun-Lai Liu and Jian-Jun Wang
Optimal Remanufacturing and Pricing Strategies Under Name-Your-Own-Price Auctions and Stochastic Demand pp. 1-22 Downloads
Jianbin Li, Qifei Wang, Hong Yan and Stuart X. Zhu
Recovery of Low Rank Symmetric Matrices via Schatten p Norm Minimization pp. 1-11 Downloads
Li Cui, Lu Liu, Di-Rong Chen and Jian-Feng Xie
Ranking Two-Stage Production Units in Data Envelopment Analysis pp. 1-19 Downloads
Roza Azizi and Reza Kazemi Matin
Colored-Edge Graph Approach for the Modeling of Multimodal Transportation Systems pp. 1-21 Downloads
Andrew Ensor and Felipe Lillo
An Evolutionary Sequential Sampling Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization pp. 1-21 Downloads
Aristotelis E. Thanos, Nurcin Celik and Juan P. Sáenz
Cooperative Fuzzy Games with Convex Combination Form pp. 1-25 Downloads
Fanyong Meng and Xiaohong Chen
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