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Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Binary Response Panel Data Models: Empirical Evidence Using Alternative Approaches , pp 1-39 Downloads
Kenneth Y. Chay and Dean Hyslop
To Be or Not to Be a Scientist? , pp 1-39 Downloads
Arnaud Chevalier
Convergences in Men’s and Women’s Life Patterns: Lifetime Work, Lifetime Earnings, and Human Capital Investment: The authors would like to thank the participants of the IZA Workshop on Gender Convergence in April 2014 and the seminar participants at Middlebury College, Wesleyan University and the IAFFE Annual Conference for helpful comments. The authors also would like to thank the editors Sol Polachek and Kostas Tatsiramos and two anonymous referees for their helpful suggestions on this paper , pp 1-33 Downloads
Joyce Jacobsen, Melanie Khamis and Mutlu Yuksel
Gender and Dynamic Agency: Theory and Evidence on the Compensation of Top Executives , pp 1-59 Downloads
Stefania Albanesi, Claudia Olivetti and María José Prados
Inequality of Opportunity in Europe: Is There a Role for Institutions? , pp 1-44 Downloads
Daniele Checchi, Vito Peragine and Laura Serlenga
Explaining the Revolution in U.S. Fertility, Schooling, and Women’s Work among Households Formed in 1875, 1900, and 1925 , pp 1-78 Downloads
Matthias Cinyabuguma, William Lord and Christelle Viauroux
A Comparison of Major World Inequality Data Sets: LIS, OECD, EU-SILC, WDI, and EHII , pp 1-48 Downloads
James K. Galbraith, Jaehee Choi, Béatrice Halbach, Aleksandra Malinowska and Wenjie Zhang
Did Trade Liberalization Help Women? the Case of Mexico in the 1990s , pp 1-35 Downloads
Ernesto Aguayo-Téllez, Jim Airola, Chinhui Juhn and Carolina Villegas-Sanchez
A Biological Basis for the Gender Wage Gap: Fecundity and Age and Educational Hypogamy: Part of this paper was written while Solomon W. Polachek was a visiting scholar at the NBER in Cambridge, MA. We thank Vikesh Amin, Talia Bar, Erling Barth, Fran Blau, Richard Burkhauser, Henry Farber, Dan Feenberg, Richard Freeman, Claudia Goldin, David Hacker, Larry Kahn, Subal Kumbhakar, Shelly Lundberg, Haim Ofek, Thomas Rawski, Susan Wolcott, Dennis Yang, Xi Yang, seminar participants at Cornell University, IZA, Kasetsart University (Thailand), Rutgers University, SUNY-Albany, and SUNY-Buffalo, as well as Kostas Tatsiramos and two anonymous referees for valuable comments and suggestions , pp 35-88 Downloads
Solomon Polachek, Xu Zhang and Xing Zhou
The Short-Term Effects of the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship on Student Outcomes , pp 37-76 Downloads
Timothy Bartik and Marta Lachowska
Cross-National Deployment of “Graduate Jobs”: Analysis Using a New Indicator Based on High Skills Use , pp 41-79 Downloads
Golo Henseke and Francis Green
The Dynamics of Social Assistance Benefit Receipt in Britain , pp 41-79 Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari and Stephen Jenkins
Household Lifetime Inequality Estimates in the U.S. Labor Market , pp 45-82 Downloads
Luca Flabbi, James Mabli and Mauricio Salazar
Decomposing Changes in Male Wage Distribution in Brazil , pp 49-78 Downloads
Yang Wang, Nora Lustig and Otávio Bartalotti
Gender Differences in Risk Preferences: An Empirical Study using Attitudinal and Behavioral Specifications of Risk Aversion , pp 61-91 Downloads
Jyoti Rai and Jean Kimmel
The Impact of Wage Dispersion on Labor Productivity: Evidence from Finnish workers , pp 77-103 Downloads
Laura Arranz-Aperte
Integrating Retirement Models: Understanding Household Retirement Decisions , pp 79-112 Downloads
Alan L. Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
Changes in Welfare with a Heterogeneous Workforce: The Case of Peru , pp 79-107 Downloads
Adrian Robles and Marcos Robles
Deconstructing Theories of Overeducation in Europe: A Wage Decomposition Approach , pp 81-127 Downloads
Seamus McGuinness and Konstantinos Pouliakas
State Dependence in Social Assistance Receipt in Canada , pp 81-105 Downloads
Jorgen Hansen, Magnus Lofstrom, Xingfei Liu and Xuelin Zhang
Estimating the Intergenerational Elasticity and Rank Association in the United States: Overcoming the Current Limitations of Tax Data , pp 83-129 Downloads
Bhashkar Mazumder
Parental Leave and the Glass Ceiling in Sweden: This research was supported by a grant from IFAU, Uppsala. A presentation based on this material was given as the Presidential Address by the first author at the European Society of Population Economics in Braga, Portugal, in June 2014 , pp 89-114 Downloads
James Albrecht, Peter Skogman Thoursie and Susan Vroman
Childcare Reform: Effects on Earnings and Employment among Native Swedish and Immigrant Mothers , pp 93-129 Downloads
Magnus Wikström, Elena Kotyrlo and Niklas Hanes
Tenure, Wage Profiles and Monitoring , pp 105-162 Downloads
John G. Sessions and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos
State Dependence in Social Assistance Benefit Receipt in Germany Before and After the Hartz Reforms , pp 107-150 Downloads
Sebastian Königs
Why is Income Inequality so High in Spain? , pp 109-177 Downloads
Carlos Gradín
The Role of Degree Attainment in the Differential Impact of Job Corps on Adolescents and Young Adults , pp 113-156 Downloads
Maria Bampasidou, Carlos A. Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes and Daniel Parisian
The Family Gap in Career Progression: The author gratefully acknowledges the comments by the editors, two anonymous referees, Amalia R. Miller, Øivind A. Nilsen, Kai Liu, Vanessa Dräger, colleagues at IZA and participants at the IZA Workshop on Gender Convergence in Bonn in April 2014. Kunze is grateful to the Research Council of Norway and the E.ON Ruhrgas Fund for financial support. All remaining errors are the author’s own responsibility , pp 115-142 Downloads
Astrid Kunze
The Changing Occupational Distribution by College Major , pp 129-171 Downloads
Michael R. Ransom and Aaron Phipps
Intra-Household Resource Allocation and Gender Bias in Iran , pp 131-157 Downloads
Ebrahim Azimi
Income Shocks or Insurance – What Determines Consumption Inequality? , pp 131-166 Downloads
Johannes Ludwig
Common Law Marriage, Labor Supply, and Time Use: A Partial Explanation for Gender Convergence in Labor Supply: We thank the editors, two anonymous referees, and participants at an IZA workshop on gender convergence for helpful suggestions , pp 143-175 Downloads
Shoshana Grossbard and Victoria Vernon
How Do Exit Rates from Social Assistance Benefit in Belgium Vary with Individual and Local Agency Characteristics? , pp 151-187 Downloads
Sarah Carpentier, Karel Neels and Karel Van den Bosch
Insecure, Sick and Unhappy? Well-Being Consequences of Temporary Employment Contracts , pp 157-193 Downloads
Vincenzo Carrieri, Cinzia Di Novi, Rowena Jacobs and Silvana Robone
Why Has the College Gender Gap Expanded? , pp 159-203 Downloads
Sarah Kroeger
Are Dangerous Jobs Paid Better? European Evidence , pp 163-192 Downloads
Nikolaos Georgantzís and Efi Vasileiou
The Role of Establishments and the Concentration of Occupations in Wage Inequality , pp 167-193 Downloads
Elizabeth Weber Handwerker and James R. Spletzer
Skilled or Educated? Educational Reforms, Human Capital, and Earnings , pp 173-197 Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari, Paolo Castelnovo, Daniele Checchi and Marco Leonardi
Skill Disparities and Unequal Family Outcomes: An earlier version of this paper was presented at the 2014 AEA Meetings in Philadelphia. I would like to thank Richard Startz, Gabriella Conti, and participants in the IZA Workshop on Gender Convergence and seminars at the University of Mannheim and University of Zurich for valuable comments on this project. I also appreciate the excellent assistance and comments I’ve received from Jenna Stearns. Financial support from the Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research at UCSB is gratefully acknowledged , pp 177-212 Downloads
Shelly Lundberg
The Effects of the Minimum Wage on Earnings Inequality: Evidence from China , pp 179-212 Downloads
Carl Lin and Myeong-Su Yun
The Effects of Mandatory Activation on Welfare Entry and Exit Rates , pp 189-217 Downloads
Anna Persson and Ulrika Vikman
Involuntary Unemployment and Efficiency-Wage Competition , pp 193-210 Downloads
Marco Guerrazzi
The Effect of Land Title on Child Labor Supply: Empirical Evidence from Brazil , pp 195-222 Downloads
Mauricio Moura and Rodrigo Bueno
Inequality and Changes in Task Prices: Within and between Occupation Effects , pp 195-226 Downloads
Nicole Fortin and Thomas Lemieux
Labor Market Mismatch and Labor Productivity: Evidence from PIAAC Data , pp 199-241 Downloads
Muge Adalet and Dan Andrews
The Gender Gap in Starting Salaries for New College Graduates , pp 205-229 Downloads
Robert J. Thornton and Judith A. McDonald
Playing Hard to Get: Theory and Evidence on Layoffs, Recalls, and Unemployment , pp 211-258 Downloads
Núria Rodríguez-Planas
Trading Places: A Decade of Earnings Mobility in Chile and Nicaragua , pp 213-237 Downloads
Rafael Novella, Laura Ripani, Agustina Suaya, Luis Tejerina and Claudia Vazquez
Who Cares – and Does it Matter? Measuring Wage Penalties for Caring Work: Helpful comments were received from Paula England, Meghan Skira, Aaron Sojourner, the editors, referees, and participants at the IZA Workshop and a Georgia State University seminar. Julia Manzella appreciates funding received from the Dan E. Sweat Dissertation Fellowship designed to support research addressing urban, community, or education policy issues , pp 213-275 Downloads
Barry T. Hirsch and Julia Manzella
The Impact of Temporary Assistance Programs on Disability Rolls and Re-employment , pp 219-258 Downloads
Stephan Lindner and Austin Nichols
The Changing Time use of U.S. Welfare Recipients between 1992 and 2005 , pp 223-255 Downloads
Marie Connolly
Intergenerational Transmission of Skills and Differences in Labor Market Outcomes for Blacks and Whites , pp 227-286 Downloads
Tsunao Okumura and Emiko Usui
Wage Growth and Job Mobility in the Early Career: Testing a Statistical Discrimination Model of the Gender Wage Gap , pp 231-260 Downloads
Philippe Belley, Nathalie Havet and Guy Lacroix
Much Ado about Nothing? The Wage Penalty of Holding a PhD Degree but Not a PhD Job Position , pp 243-277 Downloads
Giuseppe Gaeta, Giuseppe Lubrano Lavadera and Francesco Pastore
Does Higher Education Quality Matter in the UK? , pp 257-292 Downloads
Arnaud Chevalier
Economic and Health Implications of Long-Term Unemployment: Earnings, Disability Benefits, and Mortality , pp 259-305 Downloads
Kenneth A. Couch, Gayle L. Reznik, Christopher R. Tamborini and Howard M. Iams
What Impact does Old-age Pension Receipt Have on the Use of Public Assistance Programs Among the Elderly? , pp 259-295 Downloads
Norma Coe and April Yanyuan Wu
Selection into Occupations and the Intergenerational Mobility of Daughters and Sons , pp 261-306 Downloads
Julia Schwenkenberg
Gender Complementarities in the Labor Market: We would like to thank Kostas Tatsiramos, Solomon Polachek and two anonymous referees for their constructive comments. We are also indebted to Massimo Anelli, Magda Bianco, Benjamin Elsner, Francesca Lotti, Anna Laura Mancini, Elisabetta Olivieri, Daniele Paserman, Emiliano Rustichelli, Ugo Troiano, Roberta Zizza, and seminar participants at the Bank of Italy, Bocconi University, the XXVIII Annual Congress of the European Economic Association and the IZA Workshop on Gender Convergence. Davide Crapis provided able research assistance. Part of this project was completed while Giacomo De Giorgi and Marco Paccagnella were visiting UC Berkeley, which they wish to thank for the hospitality. Giacomo De Giorgi is also Research Professor (on leave) at ICREA/MOVE, Barcelona GSE and UAB. The views expressed in this paper are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the OECD or the Bank of Italy , pp 277-298 Downloads
Giacomo De Giorgi, Marco Paccagnella and Michele Pellizzari
Rethinking Under-Skilling in Europe , pp 279-304 Downloads
Ilias Livanos and Imanol Núñez
The College Wage Premium over Time: Trends in Europe in the Last 15 Years , pp 287-328 Downloads
Elena Crivellaro
Business Visits and the Quest for External Knowledge , pp 293-324 Downloads
Massimiliano Tani
The Right Tail and the Right Tale: The Gender Wage Gap in Mexico: We thank Solomon Polachek, Konstantinos Tatsiramos and two anonymous referees as well as participants from the IZA Workshop on Gender Convergence in Bonn in April 2014 for helpful comments and suggestions. All errors are our own , pp 299-341 Downloads
Sonia R. Bhalotra, Manuel Fernandez Sierra and Atheendar S. Venkataramani
Are Skill Deficits always Bad? Toward a Learning Perspective on Skill Mismatches , pp 305-343 Downloads
Rolf Van der Velden and Dieter Verhaest
Rising Wage Inequality, Real Wage Stagnation and Unions , pp 329-354 Downloads
Stephen Machin
The Effect of Female Leadership on Establishment and Employee Outcomes: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data: We would like to thank two anonymous referees, seminar participants at the AFA 2014 Meeting, the IZA Workshop on Gender Convergence 2014 and Mills-Bocconi, for their insightful comments , pp 343-375 Downloads
Stefano Gagliarducci and M. Daniele Paserman
Work-Related Learning and Skill Development in Europe: Does Initial Skill Mismatch Matter? , pp 345-407 Downloads
Maria Ferreira Sequeda, Annemarie Künn-Nelen and Andries de Grip
Is There an Advantage to Working? The Relationship between Maternal Employment and Intergenerational Mobility , pp 355-405 Downloads
Martha H. Stinson and Peter Gottschalk
Does Income Inequality in Early Childhood Predict Self-Reported Health in Adulthood? A Cross-National Comparison of the United States and Great Britain , pp 407-476 Downloads
Richard V. Burkhauser, Markus H. Hahn, Dean R. Lillard and Roger Wilkins
Job Design and Skill Development in the Workplace , pp 409-445 Downloads
Giovanni Russo
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