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97-12: Fiscal Federalism, Political Equilibrium and Distributive Politics
Guillaume Cheikbossian
97-11: The New Geography of Eastern European Trade
Guillaume Cheikbossian and Mathilde Maurel
97-10: Oligarchy, Democracy, Inequality and Growth
François Bourguignon and Thierry Verdier
97-09: Transition and the Output Fall
Gérard Roland and Thierry Verdier
97-08: Social Security with heteregeneous populations subject to demographic shocks
Gabrielle Demange and Guy Laroque
97-07: Dynamics in a Two-sector Partial Equilibrium
Kirsten Ralf
97-06: The Choice between Market Failures and Corruption
Daron Acemoglu and Thierry Verdier
97-05: Privatisation de masse et macroéconomie: un modèle théorique d'une petite économie ouverte
Thierry Verdier and Carlos Winograd
97-04: On the Cultural Transmission of Preferences for Social Status
Alberto Bisin and Thierry Verdier
97-03: The Economics of Cultural Transmission and the Dynamics of Preferences
Alberto Bisin and Thierry Verdier
97-02: Wage Inequality as explained by endogenous labor market segmentation
L. Rioux
97-01: Economic Integration, Factor Mobility, and Wage Convergence
Gilles Saint-Paul
96-26: Privatisation massive, finances publiques et macroéconomie: le cas de l'Argentine et du Chili
G. Larrain R and Carlos Winograd
96-25: Human Capital, Trade Openess and Convergence: The Economic Growth Of Argentina in the XXth Century
Marie-Ange Véganzonès and Carlos Winograd
96-24: The macroeconomic impact of mass privatisation: the case of Argentina
G. Rozenwurcel, L. Simpson and Carlos Winograd
96-23: Can intermediaries replace the Walrasian auctioneer?
M. O. Yanelle
96-22: Common knowledge and the information revealed through prices: some conjectures
Gabriel Desgranges and Roger Guesnerie
96-21: The rise and persistence of rigidities
Gilles Saint-Paul
96-20: Bequests motives and models of inheritance: a survey of the literature
André Masson and Pierre Pestieau
96-19: Bequest and inheritance: empirical issues and France-U.S. comparison
Luc Arrondel, André Masson and Pierre Pestieau
96-18: Growing through cycles
Kiminori Matsuyama
96-17: Coordination of heterogenous agents in a unique equilibrium with random regime switches
Christophe Chamley
96-16: Trois enjeux des privatisations à l'Est
Irena Grosfeld and Claudia Senik
96-15: Equity and economic growth: permanent questions and changing answers?
François Bourguignon
96-14: Asymétrie d'information, coûts de mandat et financement des entreprises françaises, 1890-1936
Pierre Hautcoeur
96-13: The Rise and Fall of Elites: A Theory of Economic Development and Social Polarization in Rent-Seeking Societies
A. Ades and Thierry Verdier
96-12: Property Rights, Corruption and the Allocation of Talent: A General Equilibrium Approach
Daron Acemoglu and Thierry Verdier
96-11: Distribution of Export Price Risk in a Developing Country
François Bourguignon, Sylvie Lambert and Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann
96-10: Divisible Conspicuous Good
Stefano Bosi
96-09: Nonemptiness of the Core: Low Multidimensional Decisions Spaces and One-Dimensional Preferences
Gabrielle Demange and Roger Guesnerie
96-08: Exterior Differential Calculus and Aggregation Theory: A Presentation and Some New Results
Pierre Chiappori and I. Ekeland
96-07: Coordination Problems with Fixed and Flexible Wages: The Role of the Keynesian Multiplier
Roger Guesnerie
96-06: Capitalist Versus Family Bequest: An Econometric Model with Two Endogenous Regimes
Luc Arrondel and Anne Laferrere
96-05: The Capital Structure of Firms in Central and Eastern Europe
F. Cornelli, Richard Portes and Mark Schaffer
96-04: Social Security and Demographic Shocks
Gabrielle Demange and Guy Laroque
96-03: Exploring Labor Market Institutions: A Political Economy Analysis
Gilles Saint-Paul
96-02: Voting for Jobs: Policy Persistence and Unemployment
Gilles Saint-Paul
96-01: Labour Rigidities and the Performance of the French Economy
Gilles Saint-Paul
95-38: Is Labour Rigidity Harming Europe's Competitiveness? The Effect of Job Protection on the Pattern of Trade and Welfare
Gilles Saint-Paul
95-37: Inégalites, rigidité salariale et pressions redistributives: vers une remise en cause du "modèle Européen"?
Gilles Saint-Paul
95-36: The Pure Ricardian Theory of Privatization
Gilles Saint-Paul
95-35: Heterogeneity, Matching, and Endogenous Labour Market Segmentation
L. Rioux
95-34: Seigniorage, Delegation and Common Currency
Guillaume Cheikbossian
95-33: Industrial Restructuring in Russia. Early Reactions of Firms to the Shock of Liberalization
Claudia Senik and Esther Duflo
95-32: Inequality and Development: The Role of Dualism
François Bourguignon and C. Morrisson
95-31: Employment Protection, International Specialization, and Innovation
Gilles Saint-Paul
95-30: Labour Market Institutions and the Cohesion of the Middle Class
Gilles Saint-Paul
95-29: Wealth Distribution and Asset Prices
Gabrielle Demange
95-28: Incentives and Disagglomerative Forces: Some Modelling Problems
Roger Guesnerie
95-27: Currencies and the Allocation of Risk: The Welfare Effect of a Monetary Union
Pablo Neumeyer
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