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2023: Key indicators for SME`s development in 2022 Downloads
Vera Barinova and Pavel Levakov
2022: Causes and consequences of global inflation Downloads
Eugene Goryunov
2022: Development of measures of demographic policy and a system of relevant targets characterizing achievement of the 2030 national development goals Downloads
Igor Efremov, Kirill Novikov and Denis Pustovalov
2022: Issues and prospects of further reforms of the extended producer responsibility institution in the context of "garbage reform" Downloads
Anastasia Kireeva
2022: Methodological approaches to forecasting non-oil and non-gas tax revenues of the budget system of the Russian Federation Downloads
Sergey Belev, Nikita Moguchev and Evgeniy Matveev
2022: Methodological foundations of cross-innovation projects in creative industries Downloads
Maria Kazakova
2022: Assessment of the human capital contribution to the total factor productivity in Russia Downloads
Andrey Kaukin
2022: Bank competition development against the backdrop of digitization Downloads
Alexey Vedev
2022: The Future of Global Economic Power Downloads
Andrey Zubarev, Kristina Nesterova, Maria Kazakova, Seth Benzell, Laurence Kotlikoff, Guillermo LaGarda and Victor Yifan Ye
2022: The role of national development institutions in Russian export diversification Downloads
Alexander Knobel, Dmitry Kuznetsov and Anna Loshchenkova
2021: Estimating the wage elasticity of labor supply for married women in Russia Downloads
Andrey Polbin
2021: The influence of education on investment decision-making Downloads
Andrei Simonov and Eduard Inozemtsev
2021: Country factors determining the impact of foreign direct investment on economic development Downloads
Alexander Knobel, Dmitry Kuznetsov and Ivan Lyubimov
2021: The research of the fiscal policy problems and experiences in context of spread of the coronavirus infection in 2020 Downloads
Sergey Belev, Nikita Moguchev, Anna Komarnitskaya, Tatiana Tishchenko and E. Matveev
2021: Characteristics of urbanization in the cities of southern Russia - results of a quantitative investigation Downloads
Irina Starodubrovskaya and Konstantin Kazenin
2021: Current problems of banking regulation to ensure economic growth in the context of declining oil prices and the development of ecosystems Downloads
Alexey Vedev
2020: Assessment of the prospects for reforming the system of environmental payments Downloads
Anastasia Kireeva
2020: Creative industries as a new source of growth for the Russian economy amid the global economic slowdown and low oil prices Downloads
Maria Kazakova
2020: The Dynamics of social capital in traditional and post-traditional communities: the case of Dagestan Downloads
Irina Starodubrovskaya and Daniil Sitkevich
2020: Credit score thresholds as a source of inefficiency in lending processes Downloads
Eduard Inozemtsev and Andrei Simonov
2020: The Role of the Educational Status of the Population in Contemporary Russian Demographic Dynamics Downloads
Igor Efremov, Kirill Novikov and Denis Pustovalov
2020: Assessment of conditions for business and entrepreneurship development in Russia on the basis of international ratings Downloads
Vera Barinova and Yulia Tsareva
2020: Improvement of small business taxation in the Russian Federation Downloads
Sergey Belev, Konstantin Vekerle, A. Evdokimova and Aleksander Krasnoselskikh
2018: The Results of Global Goods and Services Trade Development in 2017 Downloads
Alexander Pakhomov and Knyaz Bagdasaryan
Nikolai Milogolov
2018: On Bootstrap Implementation of Likelihood Ratio Test for a Unit Root Downloads
Anton Skrobotov
2017: The Effect of Interest Rates on Economic Growth Downloads
Sergey Drobyshevsky, Alexandra Bozhechkova, Pavel Trunin and Elena Sinelnikova-Muryleva
2017: Regional Equalization: Do Any Incentives for Regional Development Still Exist? Downloads
Alexander Deryugin
2017: Monetary Policy: The Specific Features of Its Implementation in the Current Phase of Economic Development Downloads
Anna Kiyutsevskaya
2017: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Natural Gas Pricing in Domestic and Foreign Markets: The Case of Russia Downloads
Georgy Idrisov and Dmitry Gordeev
2016: Конституционная экономика: защита частной собственности Примеры того, как конституция может защищать права собственности и способствовать долгосрочному процветанию Downloads
Konstantin Yanovskiy and Sergey Zhavoronkov
2016: Wild Bootstrap Seasonal Unit Root Tests for Time Series with Periodic Non-Stationary Volatility Downloads
Anton Skrobotov, Giuseppe Cavaliere and Robert Taylor
2016: Confidence Sets for the Break Date in Cointegrating Regressions Downloads
Anton Skrobotov and Eiji Kurozumi
2016: One Year of Government 34 of Israel: Leading Parties’ Positions on Key Issues Downloads
Konstantin Yanovskiy, Zatkovetsky Ilia and Asya Entov
2016: О некоторых свойствах наблюдаемого экономического роста в Китае (On Some Features of the Observed Economic Growth in China) Downloads
Konstantin Yanovskiy and Dmitry Maslov
2016: To Kill Hope? In Search of a Reliable Strategy to Fight Terrorism Downloads
Sergey Zhavoronkov, Konstantin Yanovskiy, Timofey Ginker and Ilia Zatkovetsky
2016: Government Wealth Funds and Monetary Policy Downloads
Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev and Pavel Trunin
2016: Uncovering Regional Clustering of high technology SMEs: Russian Case Downloads
Vera Barinova, Denis Burkov, Stepan Zemtsov and Vladimir Eremkin
2016: On Trend Breaks and Initial Condition in Unit Root Testing Downloads
Anton Skrobotov
2015: Political Factors of the Cuts and Surges in Government Spending: The Effects on Old Market Democracies and Post-Communist Countries Downloads
Sergey Zhavoronkov, Konstantin Yanovskiy and Kirill Rodionov
2015: Плоды социального либерализма и некоторые причины устойчивости выбора неэффективных стратегий (Fruits of the Social Liberalism and some reasons of inefficient strategies choices' stability) Downloads
Sergey Zhavoronkov and Konstantin Yanovskiy
2015: Do we need a global ‘central planner’ and ‘optimal’ economic policy for all? Downloads
Sergey Drobyshevsky
2015: Capital humano: desafios para a Rússia Downloads
Vladimir Mau
2015: Комплексное Исследование Региональных Рынков Труда: Структурные Дисбалансы и Поведение Участников. Мониторинг Заработной Платы, Опыт Реформирования Системы Оплаты Труда Работников Бюджетной Сферы (Complex Study of Regional Labor Markets: Structural Imbalances and Participants Behavior. Monitoring of the Labor Remuneration, Experience of Reforming Compensation System for the Public Servants) Downloads
Tatyana Maleva, Maria Kirillova, Nikita Mkrtchyan, Yuliya Florinskaya and Victor Lyashok
2015: Оценка Уровня Поддержки Сельского Хозяйства и Разработка Механизмов Синхронизации Федеральной и Региональных Аграрных Политик в Условиях Членства России в ВТО (Assessment of the Assistance Level of Agriculture and Development of Mechanisms for Syncronization of Federal and Regional Agrarian Policies in the Wake of Russia's Membership in WTO Downloads
Natalia Shagaida, Vasily Uzun, Ekaterina Gataulina and Renata Yanbykh
2015: Механизмы и Результаты Аграрной Реформы в Постсоветской России (Mechanisms and Results of Agrarian Reform in the Post Soviet Russia) Downloads
Natalia Shagaida and Vasily Uzun
2015: Северные Территории Российской Федерации, Стран Европы и Америки: Компаративистский Анализ Перспектив Сельского Развития (Northern Territories of the Russian Federation, European Countries and America: Comparative Analysis of the Prospects for Agricultural Development) Downloads
Alexander Nikulin, Irina Trotsuk and Inna Kopoteva
2015: Географическая Концентрация Советской Промышленности: Сравнительный Анализ (Geographical Concentration of the Soviet Industry: Comparative Analysis) Downloads
Dmitry Kofanov, Tatiana Mikhailova and Anton Shurygin
2015: Анализ Последствий Либерализации Внешней Торговли Российской Федерации в Рамках Присоединения России К Вто и Региональной Экономической Интеграции (Analysis of the Consequences of the RF Foreign Trade Liberalization within Russia's Accession to the WTO and Regional Economic Integration) Downloads
Evgeny Gushchin, Boris Taganov, M. Ptashkina and Roman Istomin
2015: Оценка Готовности Стран СНГ к Созданию Валютного Союза c Россией (Readiness Assessment of the CIS Member States to Create a Monetary Union with Russia) Downloads
Alexander Knobel and Alexey Mironov
2015: Вопросы Модернизации. Роль Социального Капитала (Issues of Modernization. The Role of Social Capital) Downloads
Vladimir Komarov, V. Ivanov, Pavel Pavlov and Nikita Rumyantsev
2015: Банк России На Перепутье: Стоит Ли Смягчать Денежно-Кредитную Политику? (The Bank of Russia at a Crossroads: Whether to Ease Monetary Policy?) Downloads
Pavel Trunin and Eugene Goryunov
2015: Правовые Проблемы Администрирования Контролируемых Иностранных Компаний (Legal Problems of the Administration of Controlled Foreign Companies) Downloads
Natalia Kornienko and Elisa Velikova
2015: Вызовы Профессионального Образования (Challenges of Vocational Education) Downloads
Tatiana Klyachko
2015: Образование в России: Основные Проблемы и Возможные Решения (Education in Russia: Main Issues and Potential Solutions) Downloads
Tatiana Klyachko
2015: О Новых Тенденциях и Проблемах в Реформировании Системы Финансирования Вузов (On New Trends and Issues in the Reform of the Financing System of Universities) Downloads
Tatiana Klyachko and Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev
2015: Принципы Формирования и Проведения Структурной Политики (Principles of Formation and Implementation of Structural Policy) Downloads
Olga Berezinskaya
2015: Будущее Университетов (Future of Universities) Downloads
Vladimir Mau and Tatiana Klyachko
2015: Структурные сдвиги в российской экономике: сравнительный анализ динамики основных показателей (Structural Shifts in the Russian Economy: comparative analysis of main indicators' dynamics) Downloads
Olga Izryadnova
2015: Глобальный Кризис и Вызовы Экономической Политики Современной России (Global Crisis and the Economic Policy Challenges of Modern Russia) Downloads
Vladimir Mau and Sergey Ulyukaev
2015: Человеческий капитал: вызовы для России Downloads
Vladimir Mau
2015: Human Capital: Challenges for Russia Downloads
Vladimir Mau
2015: The Role of Precedent in the Tax Legislation Downloads
Anna Zolotareva and Stanislav Shatalov
2015: Food Security in Russia: Monitoring, Trends and Threats Downloads
Natalia Shagaida and Vasily Uzun
2015: Analysis of Economic Agenda of G20 Member States and Their Current Economic Outlook Downloads
Sergey Drobyshevsky, Pavel Trunin, Alla Sorokina, Anna Kiyutsevskaya and I. Bakalova
2015: Methodology of Compiling Sectoral Financial Balances in the National Economy Downloads
Alexey Vedev and Mikhail Khromov
2015: Main Characteristics of the Development and Structure of the Russian Financial and Bank System at Various Levels of Modern Development (1999-2012) Downloads
Alexey Vedev
2015: Prospects for the Russian Ruble to Become Regional Reserve Currency Downloads
Pavel Trunin and Sergey Narkevich
2015: Social Policy in the Provinces. Urgent Issues Downloads
Irina Starodubrovskaya
2015: Coordination of Spatial and Sectoral Development within Clusters. International Experience Downloads
Alla Sorokina
2015: The Impact of Strategic Management System on the Quality of Budgetary Process in Russia Downloads
Ilya Sokolov
2015: How to scrap modern military Justice to restore Army's deterrence capacity Downloads
Konstantin Yanovskiy and Ilia Zatcovetsky
2015: Theoretical foundations of fiscal gap as a long-term fiscal sustainability indicator and its estimates for Russia Downloads
Eugene Goryunov, Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev and Laurence Kotlikoff
2015: Institutional Constraints on Modern Economic Growth Downloads
Konstantin Yanovskiy, Sergey Zhavoronkov, Ilia Zatcovetsky, Vladimir Lisin, Dmitry Cherny and Sergey Shulgin
2015: In defense of Private Discrimination: The case for religious freedom to deny services to individuals Downloads
Konstantin Yanovskiy, Sergey Zhavoronkov and Ilia Zatcovetsky
Konstantin Yanovskiy and Sergey Shulgin
2015: XX Knesset Elections: What these parties stand for, really? Downloads
Konstantin Yanovskiy, Ilia Zatcovetsky and Asya Entov
2015: The First Intifada, the Oslo Accords, and the Escalation of Terror: Causalities Revisited Downloads
Konstantin Yanovskiy, Ilia Zatcovetsky and Vadim Rotenberg
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