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6899: Educational Effects of Early or Later Secondary School Tracking in Germany Downloads
Andrea Mühlenweg
6898: Inventors? Response to Firm Acquisitions Downloads
Katrin Hussinger
6897: How to Limit Discrimination? Analyzing the Effects of Innovative Workplace Practices on Intra-Firm Gender Wage Gaps Using Linked Employer-Employee Data Downloads
Elke Wolf and Anja Heinze
6896: What Explains the Spread Between the Euro Overnight Rate and the ECB's Policy Rate? Downloads
Tobias Linzert and Sandra Schmidt
6895: Mitarbeiteranreizsysteme und Innovationserfolg Downloads
Dirk Czarnitzki and Kornelius Kraft
6894: Determinants of Child Care Participation Downloads
Katja Coneus, Kathrin Goeggel and Grit Muehler
6893: Spillovers of Innovation Activities and Their Profitability Downloads
Dirk Czarnitzki and Kornelius Kraft
6892: Life Scientist Mobility from Academe to Industry: Does Academic Entrepreneurship Induce a Costly ?Brain Drain? on the Not-for-Profit Research Sector? Downloads
Andrew A. Toole and Dirk Czarnitzki
6891: The Effects of Multinationals? Profit Shifting Activities on Real Investments Downloads
Michael Overesch
6890: The Phillips Curve and NAIRU Revisited: New Estimates for Germany Downloads
Bernd Fitzenberger, Wolfgang Franz and Oliver Bode
6889: Exports and productivity: Comparable evidence for 14 countries Downloads
Joachim Wagner, Leonhard Pertl, Stefano Schiavo, Mirabelle Muuls, Mauro Pisu, Roberto Alvarez, Patricio Jaramillo, Ricardo López Rago, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Loren Brandt, Yifan Zhang, Ana M. Fernandes, Alberto Isgut, Rasmus Jørgensen, Ulrich Kaiser, Flora Bellone, Liza Jabbour, Patrick Musso, Lionel Nesta, Helmut Fryges, Davide Castellani, Francesco Serti, Chiara Tomasi, Antonello Zanfei, Stefanie Haller, Frances Ruane, Joze P. Damijan, Crt Kostevc, Sašo Polanec, Jose C. Fariñas, Juan A. Mañez, Ana Martin, Maria E. Rochina, Juan A. Sanchis Llopis, Martin Andersson, Sara Johansson, David Greenaway, Richard Kneller and Holger Görg
6888: Projecting the Medium-Term: Outcomes and Errors for GDP Growth Downloads
Marcus Kappler
6887: Price Discovery for Cross-Listed Securities from Emerging Eastern European Countries Downloads
Marco Wölfle
6886: Nachgelagerte Besteuerung privater Altersvorsorgeaufwendungen: Auswirkungen auf die Alterseinkommen ausgewählter Haushaltstypen Downloads
Peter Westerheide
6885: Get Training or Wait? Long-Run Employment Effects of Training Programs for the Unemployed in West Germany Downloads
Robert Völter, Aderonke Osikominu and Bernd Fitzenberger
6814: Firm Acquisitions and Technology Strategy: Corporate versus Private Equity Investors Downloads
Katrin Hussinger and Christoph Grimpe
6813: Hydrogen in Passenger Transport: A Macroeconomic Analysis Downloads
Tim Mennel and Sabine Jokisch
6802: Climate Policy and Ancillary Benefits: A Survey and Integration into the Modelling of International Negotiations on Climate Change Downloads
Karen Pittel and Dirk Rübbelke
6801: Do Equity Preferences Matter in Climate Negotiations? An Experimental Investigation Downloads
Astrid Dannenberg, Bodo Sturm and Carsten Vogt
6800: Search Patterns and Absorptive Capacity: A Comparison of Low- and High-Technology Firms from Thirteen European Countries Downloads
Christoph Grimpe and Wolfgang Sofka
677: Genetic algorithms: a tool for optimization in econometrics - basic concept and an example for empirical applications Downloads
Thorsten Doherr and Dirk Czarnitzki
676: What's Spurious, What's Real? Measuring the Productivity Impacts of ICT at the Firm-Level Downloads
Thomas Hempell
675: Does Experience Matter? Innovations and the Productivity of ICT in German Services Downloads
Thomas Hempell
674: Flexibility Provisions in Multilateral Environmental Treaties Downloads
Bernhard Boockmann and Paul W. Thurner
673: Wage Penalties for Career Interruptions: An Empirical Analysis for West Germany Downloads
Miriam Beblo and Elke Wolf
672: The Measurement of Effective Tax Rates: Common Themes in Business Management and Economics Downloads
Lothar Lammersen
671: Investment Decisions and Tax Revenues Under an Allowance for Corporate Equity Downloads
Lothar Lammersen
670: Why Are Asset Returns Predictable? Downloads
Erik Lüders
667: Explaining the Level of Relative Investment Specialisation: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of EU Regions Downloads
Claudia Stirböck
6661: Review of the Literature on the Impact of Mergers on Innovation Downloads
Norbert Schulz
6659: International Cooperation on Innovation: Empirical Evidence for German and Portuguese Firms Downloads
Pedro de Faria and Tobias Schmidt
6657: Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives in Russia: An Overview Downloads
Waldemar Rotfuß
6655: The Accuracy and Efficiency of the Consensus Forecasts: A Further Application and Extension of the Pooled Approach Downloads
Philipp Ager, Marcus Kappler and Steffen Osterloh
6654: The Globalization of Tax Policy: What German Politicians Believe Downloads
Friedrich Heinemann and Eckhard Janeba
6653: Public Universities, Tuition and Competition: A Tiebout Model Downloads
Robert Schwager
6652: What Makes Foreign Knowledge Attractive to Domestic Innovation Managers? Downloads
Wolfgang Sofka
6651: Self-Productivity in Early Childhood Downloads
Friedhelm Pfeiffer and Katja Coneus
6650: On the Role of Entrepreneurial Experience for Start-up Financing: An Empirical Investigation for Germany Downloads
Georg Metzger
6649: Personal Experience: A Most Vicious and Limited Circle!? On the Role of Entrepreneurial Experience for Firm Survival Downloads
Georg Metzger
6357: Inflation Expectations of Experts and ECB Communication Downloads
Katrin Ullrich
6356: Self-Productivity in Early Childhood Downloads
Katja Coneus and Friedhelm Pfeiffer
6355: Non-technological and Technological Innovation: Strange Bedfellows? Downloads
Tobias Schmidt and Christian Rammer
6354: Duration and Intensity of Kindergarten Attendance and Secondary School Track Choice Downloads
Tim Landvoigt, Grit Muehler and Friedhelm Pfeiffer
6353: Older Workers and the Adoption of New Technologies Downloads
Jenny Meyer
6088: Inequity Aversion and Individual Behavior in Public Good Games: An Experimental Investigation Downloads
Bodo Sturm, Thomas Riechmann, Astrid Dannenberg and Carsten Vogt
6087: Earnings Prospects for People with Migration Background in Germany Downloads
Stephan Thomsen, Johannes Gernandt and Alisher Aldashev
6086: Rising Wage Inequality in Germany Downloads
Johannes Gernandt and Friedhelm Pfeiffer
6085: Application of a simple nonparametric conditional quantile function estimator in unemployment duration analysis Downloads
Ralf Wilke and Laura Wichert
5875: Bounds Analysis of Competing Risks: A Nonparametric Evaluation of the Effect of Unemployment Benefits on Imigration in Germany Downloads
Ralf Wilke, Simon Lo and Melanie Arntz
5874: The Returns to Continuous Training in Germany: New Evidence from Propensity Score Matching Estimators Downloads
Grit Muehler, Michael Beckmann and Bernd Schauenberg
5873: On the Role of Entrepreneurial Experience for Start-up Financing: An Empirical Investigation for Germany Downloads
Georg Metzger
5872: Personal experience: a most vicious and limited circle!? On the role of entrepreneurial experience for firm survival Downloads
Georg Metzger
5871: Internationalizing R&D Co-opetition: Dress for the Dance with the Devil Downloads
Anja Schmiele and Wolfgang Sofka
5870: Independence and Accountability of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Committees Downloads
Alexander Mihailov and Katrin Ullrich
5869: Harmonisierung der Konzernbesteuerung innerhalb und an den Außengrenzen der Europäischen Union Downloads
Christoph Spengel and Carsten Wendt
5868: Which Program for Whom? Evidence on the Comparative Effectiveness of Public Sponsored Training Programs in Germany Downloads
Martin Biewen, Bernd Fitzenberger, Aderonke Osikominu and Marie Waller
5867: On the Definition of Unemployment and its Implementation in Register Data: The Case of Germany Downloads
Thomas Kruppe, Eva Müller, Laura Wichert and Ralf Wilke
572: Continuous Training and Firm Productivity in Germany Downloads
Thomas Zwick
571: European schemes of social assistance: an empirical analysis of set-ups and distributive impacts Downloads
Margit Kraus and Katja Hölsch
570: Inwieweit eignen sich die International Accounting Standards für die steuerliche Gewinnermittlung? Downloads
Christoph Spengel
5699: Computers as Pedagogical Tools in Brazil: A Pseudo-panel Analysis Downloads
Maresa Sprietsma
5698: Implications of Network Convergence on Local Access Regulation in the U.S. and the EU Downloads
Margit Vanberg
5697: Developing Supra-European Emissions Trading Schemes: An Efficiency and International Trade Analysis Downloads
Victoria Alexeeva-Talebi and Niels Anger
5696: The Effect of Relative Age in the First Grade of Primary School on Long-Term Scholastic Results: International Comparative Evidence using PISA 2003 Downloads
Maresa Sprietsma
5695: Local Governments in the Wake of Demographic Change: Efficiency and Economies of Scale in German Municipalities Downloads
Benny Geys, Friedrich Heinemann and Alexander Kalb
5694: Tax Harmonisation in Europe: The Determination of Corporate Taxable Income in the EU Member States Downloads
Andreas Oestreicher and Christoph Spengel
5693: Inequity Aversion and Individual Behavior in Public Good Games: An Experimental Investigation Downloads
Astrid Dannenberg, Thomas Riechmann, Bodo Sturm and Carsten Vogt
5692: Explaining Women's Success: Technological Change and the Skill Content of Women's Work Downloads
Sandra Black and Alexandra Spitz-Oener
5691: Exports and Productivity Growth: First Evidence from a Continuous Treatment Approach Downloads
Helmut Fryges and Joachim Wagner
5690: Earnings Prospects for People with Migration Background in Germany Downloads
Alisher Aldashev, Johannes Gernandt and Stephan Thomsen
569: Allokationseffekte der Besteuerung im Rahmen des Fremdvergleichsgrundsatzes und des Einheitsprinzips Downloads
André Schröer
5689: Lost in Transmission? Stock Market Impacts of the 2006 European Gas Crisis Downloads
Ulrich Oberndorfer and Dirk Ulbricht
5688: Is the Welfare State Self-destructive? A Study of Government Benefit Morale Downloads
Friedrich Heinemann
5687: Heterogeneity of Patenting Activity and Its Implications for Scientific Research Downloads
Dirk Czarnitzki, Wolfgang Glänzel and Katrin Hussinger
568: Optimal Cover Prices and the Effects of Website Provision on Advertising and Magazine Demand Downloads
Ulrich Kaiser
567: What Determines Relative Sectoral Investment Patterns in EU Regions? Downloads
Claudia Stirböck
566: Forecasting economic activity in Germany: how useful are sentiment indicators? Downloads
Michael Schröder and Felix P. Hüfner
5590: Pre-empting Technology Competition Through Firm Acquisitions Downloads
Christoph Grimpe and Katrin Hussinger
5589: Macroeconomic Impacts of the Clean Development Mechanism: The Role of Investment Barriers and Regulations Downloads
Niels Anger, Christoph Böhringer and Ulf Moslener
5588: On the Self-serving Use of Equity Principles in International Climate Negotiations Downloads
Andreas Lange, Andreas Löschel, Carsten Vogt and Andreas Ziegler
5587: Would you Marry me? The Effects of Marriage on German Couples? Allocation of Time Downloads
AbdelRahmen El Lahga and Nicolas Moreau
5586: Apprenticeship Training in Germany? Investment or Productivity Driven? Downloads
Thomas Zwick
557: The Prospects of Capital Markets in Central and Eastern Europe Downloads
Michael Schröder and Jens Köke
556: Zur Rolle von Beteiligungskapitalgebern in ihren Portfoliounternehmen: Eine ökonometrische Analyse Downloads
Dirk Engel
553: Backwardation and Normal Backwardation in Energy Futures Markets: With an Application to Metallgesellschaft's Short-Dated Rollover Hedging of Long-Term Contracts Downloads
Richard Deaves and Narat Charupat
5514: Verteilungseffekte der öffentlichen Finanzierung der Hochschulbildung in Deutschland: Eine Längsschnittbetrachtung auf der Basis des sozioökonomischen Panels Downloads
Sarah Borgloh, Frank Kupferschmidt and Berthold Wigger
5513: Research Cooperation and Research Expenditures with Endogenous Absorptive Capacity: Theory and Microeconometric Evidence for the German Service Sector Downloads
Ulrich Kaiser
5512: Measuring Knowledge Spillovers in Manufacturing and Services: An Empirical Assessment of Alternative Approaches Downloads
Ulrich Kaiser
5511: Regional Stabilization by Fiscal Equalization? Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence from Germany Downloads
Thiess Büttner
5510: Towards a Theory and Policy of Eco-Innovation - Neoclassical and (Co-)Evolutionary Perspectives Downloads
Klaus Rennings
551: The Rationale for Wage Rigidity: Survey Evidence from German and US Firms Downloads
Friedhelm Pfeiffer and Wolfgang Franz
5509: Dynamik von akademischen Spinoff-Gründungen in Österreich Downloads
Jürgen Egeln, Helmut Fryges, Sandra Gottschalk and Christian Rammer
5508: The Returns to Pencil Use Revisited Downloads
Alexandra Spitz-Oener
5507: What Does Europe Pay for Clean Energy? Review of Macroeconomic Simulation Studies Downloads
Astrid Dannenberg, Tim Mennel and Ulf Moslener
5506: Motives for Innovation Co-operation? Evidence from the Canadian Survey of Innovation Downloads
Tobias Schmidt
5505: Sinkende Bildungsrenditen durch Bildungsreformen? Evidenz aus Mikrozensus und SOEP Downloads
Kathrin Göggel
5504: Double Standards in Educational Standards: Are Disadvantaged Students Being Graded More Leniently? Downloads
Oliver Himmler and Robert Schwager
5503: Age-dependent Skill Formation and Returns to Education Downloads
Friedhelm Pfeiffer and Karsten Reuß
5502: Seniority and Job Stability: A Quantile Regression Approach Using Matched Employer-Employee Data Downloads
Bernhard Boockmann and Susanne Steffes
5501: The Influence of Strategic Patenting on Companies' Patent Portfolios Downloads
Knut Blind, Katrin Cremers and Elisabeth Mueller
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