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Volume 98, issue 3, 1997

Locational optimization problems solved through Voronoi diagrams pp. 445-456 Downloads
Atsuyuki Okabe and Atsuo Suzuki
The assembly of printed circuit boards: A case with multiple machines and multiple board types pp. 457-472 Downloads
Yves Crama, Olaf E. Flippo, Joris van de Klundert and Frits C. R. Spieksma
Scheduling staff using mixed integer programming pp. 473-484 Downloads
Nicholas Beaumont
Routing trains through railway stations: complexity issues pp. 485-498 Downloads
Leo G. Kroon, H. Edwin Romeijn and Peter J. Zwaneveld
Vehicle routing with a sparse feasibility graph pp. 499-511 Downloads
John Beasley and N. Christofides
Combination of local search and CLP in the vehicle-fleet scheduling problem pp. 512-521 Downloads
J. Psarras, E. Stefanitsis and N. Christodoulou
Dynamic control of multicommodity fleet management problems pp. 522-541 Downloads
Warren B. Powell and Tassio A. Carvalho
Formulating dynamic strategies using decision calculus pp. 542-554 Downloads
Philip M. Parker and Miklos Sarvary
Applying Bayesian methodology with a uniform prior to the single period inventory model pp. 555-562 Downloads
Roger M. Hill
LP-metric sensitivity analysis for single and multi-attribute decision analysis pp. 563-570 Downloads
Jeffrey L. Ringuest
On redundancy in multi criteria decision making pp. 571-586 Downloads
Per Agrell
A new PCCA method: IDRA pp. 587-601 Downloads
Salvatore Greco
Multiple criteria modelling and ordinal data: Evaluation in terms of subsets of criteria pp. 602-609 Downloads
Wade D. Cook, John Doyle, Rodney Green and Moshe Kress
Special cases of the tolerance approach in multiobjective linear programming pp. 610-616 Downloads
A. M. Marmol and J. Puerto
The core of a further m-sided assignment game pp. 617-625 Downloads
Ezio Marchi and Jorge Oviedo
Reducing the number of linear programs needed for solving the nucleolus problem of n-person game theory pp. 626-636 Downloads
Bastian Fromen

Volume 98, issue 2, 1997

New approaches for analyzing and evaluating the performance of financial institutions pp. 170-174 Downloads
Allen Berger, P. L. Brockett, W. W. Cooper and J. T. Pastor
Efficiency of financial institutions: International survey and directions for future research pp. 175-212 Downloads
Allen Berger and David B. Humphrey
DEA/AR profit ratios and sensitivity of 100 large U.S. banks pp. 213-229 Downloads
Russell G. Thompson, Emile J. Brinkmann, P. S. Dharmapala, M. D. Gonzalez-Lima and Robert M. Thrall
Measuring efficiency at U.S. banks: Accounting for heterogeneity is important pp. 230-242 Downloads
Loretta Mester
A diagnostic test for the distribution-free efficiency estimator: An example using U.S. commercial bank data pp. 243-249 Downloads
Robert DeYoung
Data transformations in DEA cone ratio envelopment approaches for monitoring bank performances pp. 250-268 Downloads
P. L. Brockett, A. Charnes, W. W. Cooper, Z. M. Huang and D. B. Sun
Best practice analysis of bank branches: An application of DEA in a large Canadian bank pp. 269-289 Downloads
Claire Schaffnit, Dan Rosen and Joseph C. Paradi
Target setting: An application to a bank branch network pp. 290-299 Downloads
C. Lovell and Jesus T. Pastor
Service quality and operating efficiency synergies for management control in the provision of financial services: Evidence from Greek bank branches pp. 300-313 Downloads
Antreas D. Athanassopoulos
Estimating input-specific technical inefficiency: The case of the Tunisian banking industry pp. 314-331 Downloads
Mohamed Chaffai
The impact of liberalization on the productive efficiency of Indian commercial banks pp. 332-345 Downloads
Arunava Bhattacharyya, C. Lovell and Pankaj Sahay
DEA/AR efficiency and profitability of Mexican banks a total income model pp. 346-363 Downloads
William M. Taylor, Russell G. Thompson, Robert M. Thrall and P. S. Dharmapala
The sources of productivity change in Spanish banking pp. 364-380 Downloads
E. Grifell-Tatje and C. Lovell
Profit efficiency for Spanish savings banks pp. 381-394 Downloads
Ana Lozano-Vivas
Efficiency analysis in banking firms: An international comparison pp. 395-407 Downloads
José Pastor, Francisco Perez and Javier Quesada
Efficiency of mutual funds and portfolio performance measurement: A non-parametric approach pp. 408-418 Downloads
B. P. S. Murthi, Yoon K. Choi and Preyas Desai
N.E.W.S.: A model for the evaluation of non-life insurance companies pp. 419-430 Downloads
Bert Kramer
Goal programming models and their duality relations for use in evaluating security portfolio and regression relations pp. 431-443 Downloads
W. W. Cooper, V. Lelas and T. Sueyoshi

Volume 98, issue 1, 1997

Strategic production-distribution models: A critical review with emphasis on global supply chain models pp. 1-18 Downloads
Carlos J. Vidal and Marc Goetschalckx
Choosing a solid waste management system using multicriteria decision analysis pp. 19-36 Downloads
Joonas Hokkanen and Pekka Salminen
The attrition of volunteers pp. 37-51 Downloads
Marnik Dekimpe and Zeger Degraeve
Coordinated condition-based repair strategies for components of a multi-component maintenance system with discounts pp. 52-63 Downloads
Diederik J. D. Wijnmalen and Jan A. M. Hontelez
Choice of the best time scale for preventive maintenance in heterogeneous environments pp. 64-74 Downloads
. Gertsbakh and Kh. B. Kordonsky
Optimal replacement policies with minimal repair and age-dependent costs pp. 75-84 Downloads
Mingchih Chen and Richard M. Feldman
Capturing decision maker preference: Experimental comparison of decision analysis and MCDM techniques pp. 85-97 Downloads
J. L. Corner and J. T. Buchanan
A general model for deriving preference structures from data pp. 98-110 Downloads
J. Montero, J. Tejada and C. Cutello
Tools for interactive multiattribute decisionmaking with incompletely identified information pp. 111-123 Downloads
Kyung Sam Park and Soung Hie Kim
Multi-objective optimization over convex disjunctive feasible sets using reference points pp. 124-137 Downloads
Boyan S. Metev and Irena T. Yordanova-Markova
Optimal transfer pricing schemes for work averse division managers with private information pp. 138-153 Downloads
Shu-Hsing Li and Kashi R. Balachandran
Scheduling about a common due date with kob-dependent asymmetric earliness and tardiness penalties pp. 154-168 Downloads
X. Cai, V. Y. S. Lum and J. M. T. Chan

Volume 97, issue 3, 1997

Planning models for freight transportation pp. 409-438 Downloads
Teodor Gabriel Crainic and Gilbert Laporte
Application of ELECTRE III for the integrated management of municipal solid wastes in the Greater Athens Area pp. 439-449 Downloads
Avraam Karagiannidis and Nicolas Moussiopoulos
The relative performance of bivariate causality tests in small samples pp. 450-464 Downloads
Jan Roelf Bult, Peter S. H. Leeflang and Dick R. Wittink
Improving PRETREE's predictive capabilities pp. 465-479 Downloads
Dennis H. Gensch and Sanjoy Ghose
Models for multi-echelon repairable item inventory systems with limited repair capacity pp. 480-492 Downloads
Angel Diaz and Michael C. Fu
The single-vendor single-buyer integrated production-inventory model with a generalised policy pp. 493-499 Downloads
Roger M. Hill
An improved algorithm for cyclic flowshop scheduling in a robotic cell pp. 500-508 Downloads
Eugene Levner, Vladimir Kats and Vadim E. Levit
Computational investigations of maximum flow algorithms pp. 509-542 Downloads
Ravindra K. Ahuja, Murali Kodialam, Ajay K. Mishra and James B. Orlin
Stochastic decision making using multiplicative AHP pp. 543-549 Downloads
R. Ramanathan
Model choice in multicriteria decision aid pp. 550-560 Downloads
Tarik Al-Shemmeri, Bashar Al-Kloub and Alan Pearman
A linear approximation model for the parameter design problem pp. 561-570 Downloads
Yahya Fathi
A branch and bound algorithm for the traveling purchaser problem pp. 571-579 Downloads
Kashi N. Singh and Dirk L. van Oudheusden
A generalization of Konig-Egervary graphs and heuristics for the maximum independent set problem with improved approximation ratios pp. 580-592 Downloads
Vangelis Th. Paschos and Marc Demange
Selecting the CP metric: A risk aversion approach pp. 593-596 Downloads
Enrique Ballestero
A note on "A discussion of testing DMUs' returns to scale" by Zhu and Shen European Journal of Operational Research 81 (1995) 590-596 pp. 597-599 Downloads
Kuo-Ping Chang
A ranked voting system using a DEA/AR exclusion model: A note pp. 600-604 Downloads
Akihiro Hashimoto

Volume 97, issue 2, 1997

Large-scale, high-priced applications: An introduction pp. 215-219 Downloads
M. Dror
Operations Research applications: Opportunities and accomplishments pp. 220-244 Downloads
Hanan Luss and Moshe B. Rosenwein
Crew pairing at Air France pp. 245-259 Downloads
G. Desaulniers, J. Desrosiers, Y. Dumas, S. Marc, B. Rioux, M. M. Solomon and F. Soumis
Solving large scale crew scheduling problems pp. 260-268 Downloads
Hai D. Chu, Eric Gelman and Ellis L. Johnson
Optimizing nuclear power plant refueling with mixed-integer programming pp. 269-280 Downloads
Fabrice Fourcade, Ellis Johnson, Mourad Bara and Philippe Cortey-Dumont
Locomotive assignment with heterogeneous consists at CN North America pp. 281-292 Downloads
Koorush Ziarati, Francois Soumis, Jacques Desrosiers, Sylvie Gelinas and Andre Saintonge
Evaluating the demand for supergauge trucks-on-trains services in Western Europe pp. 293-307 Downloads
John Higginson, Terence Hogan and Mark Weil
Environmental integrated production and recycling management pp. 308-326 Downloads
Th. Spengler, H. Puchert, T. Penkuhn and O. Rentz
Environmental integrated production planning for the ammonia synthesis pp. 327-336 Downloads
T. Penkuhn, Th. Spengler, H. Puchert and O. Rentz
Reducing overcapacity in chemical plants by linear programming pp. 337-347 Downloads
Gerd Oxe
Scheduling of flexible flow lines in an automobile assembly plant pp. 348-362 Downloads
A. Agnetis, A. Pacifici, F. Rossi, M. Lucertini, S. Nicoletti, F. Nicolo, G. Oriolo, D. Pacciarelli and E. Pesaro
HADTS: A decision technology system to support Army housing management pp. 363-379 Downloads
Guisseppi A. Forgionne
Developing scheduling systems for Daewoo Shipbuilding: DAS project pp. 380-395 Downloads
Jae Kyu Lee, Kyoung Jun Lee, Hung Kook Park, June Seok Hong and Jung Seung Lee
Intelligent control and optimization under uncertainty with application to hydro power pp. 396-407 Downloads
George B. Dantzig and Gerd Infanger

Volume 97, issue 1, 1997

Strategic financial risk management and operations research pp. 1-16 Downloads
John M. Mulvey, Daniel P. Rosenbaum and Bala Shetty
A note on the design of a two-sided, two-stage screening procedure with a prescribed outgoing quality pp. 17-21 Downloads
Do Sun Bai and Hyuck Moo Kwon
Audit scheduling with overlapping activities and sequence-dependent setup costs pp. 22-33 Downloads
Bajis Dodin and A. A. Elimam
The application of reliability constrained stochastic capacity planning models to the service sector pp. 34-40 Downloads
Jess S. Boronico
The DH/KD algorithm: a hybrid approach for unconstrained two-dimensional cutting problems pp. 41-52 Downloads
Mhand Hifi
Preference programming and inconsistent interval judgments pp. 53-62 Downloads
Rafikul Islam, M. P. Biswal and S. S. Alam
A Lagrangean heuristic for the facility location problem with staircase costs pp. 63-74 Downloads
Kaj Holmberg and Jonas Ling
Heuristic concentration: Two stage solution construction pp. 75-86 Downloads
K. E. Rosing and C. S. ReVelle
Weber problems with alternative transportation systems pp. 87-93 Downloads
Emilio Carrizosa and Antonio M. Rodriguez-Chia
A combined transportation and scheduling problem pp. 94-104 Downloads
Luisa Equi, Giorgio Gallo, Silvia Marziale and Andres Weintraub
Linear programs for constraint satisfaction problems pp. 105-123 Downloads
H. J. Zimmermann and Angelo Monfroglio
Mean value cross decomposition applied to integer programming problems pp. 124-138 Downloads
Kaj Holmberg
Fixing variables and generating classical cutting planes when using an interior point branch and cut method to solve integer programming problems pp. 139-148 Downloads
John E. Mitchell
Fuzzy programming for multiobjective 0-1 programming problems through revised genetic algorithms pp. 149-158 Downloads
Masatoshi Sakawa, Kosuke Kato, Hideaki Sunada and Toshihiro Shibano
Connectedness of efficient solutions in multiple criteria combinatorial optimization pp. 159-166 Downloads
Matthias Ehrgott and Kathrin Klamroth
Symmetric dual multiobjective programming pp. 167-171 Downloads
L. N. Das and S. Nanda
The partial sum criterion for Steiner trees in graphs and shortest paths pp. 172-182 Downloads
C. W. Duin and A. Volgenant
Algorithms for network piecewise-linear programs: A comparative study pp. 183-199 Downloads
Fernando A. S. Marins, Edson L. F. Senne, Ken Darby-Dowman, Arlene F. Machado and Clovis Perin
Simple Lagrangian heuristic for the set covering problem pp. 200-204 Downloads
Salim Haddadi
A method for convex curve approximation pp. 205-212 Downloads
X. Q. Yang and C. J. Goh
Error noted in a case study on fund allocation using goal programming pp. 213-214 Downloads
Fazle Baki and Niall M. Fraser
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