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Volume 104, issue 3, 1998

The behavior of extreme values in Germany's stock index futures: An application to intradaily margin setting pp. 393-402 Downloads
John Broussard and G. Geoffrey Booth
A hierarchical decision support system for production planning (with case study) pp. 403-422 Downloads
Linet Ozdamar, M. Ali Bozyel and S. Ilker Birbil
On the (R, s, Q) inventory model when demand is modelled as a compound Bernoulli process pp. 423-436 Downloads
Fred Janssen, Ruud Heuts and Ton de Kok
Manufacturer incentives to improve retail service levels pp. 437-450 Downloads
Ricardo Ernst and Stephen G. Powell
Optimal television schedules in alternative competitive environments pp. 451-473 Downloads
Christina M. L. Kelton and Linda G. Schneider Stone
A framework for analysing decisions under risk pp. 474-484 Downloads
Mats Danielson and Love Ekenberg
Comparing multicriteria methods in the context of environmental problems pp. 485-496 Downloads
Pekka Salminen, Joonas Hokkanen and Risto Lahdelma
Reserve assemblage of critical areas: A zero-one programming approach pp. 497-509 Downloads
Justin C. Williams and Charles S. ReVelle
Design of a distributed fiber transport network with hubbing topology pp. 510-520 Downloads
Moon-gil Yoon, Young-ho Baek and Dong-wan Tcha
A parallel implementation of the PROMETHEE method pp. 521-531 Downloads
Luis C. Dias, Joao P. Costa and Joao N. Climaco
Stochastic models and variable returns to scales in data envelopment analysis pp. 532-548 Downloads
Susan X. Li
An experimental evaluation of the efficacy of four multi-objective linear programming algorithms pp. 549-558 Downloads
C. E. Downing and J. L. Ringuest
A model to optimize project resource allocation by construction of a balanced histogram pp. 559-571 Downloads
Peter D. Konstantinidis
Solving a two-dimensional trim-loss problem with MILP pp. 572-581 Downloads
Tapio Westerlund, Johnny Isaksson and Iiro Harjunkoski
Cyclic and non-cyclic scheduling of 12 h shift nurses by network programming pp. 582-592 Downloads
Harvey H. Millar and Mona Kiragu
The [beta]-assignment problems pp. 593-600 Downloads
Gerard J. Chang and Pei-Hsin Ho
An objective hyperplane search procedure for solving the general all-integer linear programming (ILP) problem pp. 601-614 Downloads
Anito Joseph, Saul . Gass and Noel Bryson
Symmetric duality for nonlinear programming problem involving [eta]-bonvex functions pp. 615-621 Downloads
G. Devi

Volume 104, issue 2, 1998

Twelveth EURO summer institute: Locational analysis pp. 265-268 Downloads
J. Barcelo
Some personal views on the current state and the future of locational analysis pp. 269-287 Downloads
P. Avella, S. Benati, L. Canovas Martinez, K. Dalby, D. Di Girolamo, B. Dimitrijevic, G. Ghiani, . Giannikos, N. Guttmann, T. H. Hultberg, J. Fliege, A. Marin, M. Munoz Marquez, M. M. Ndiaye, S. Nickel, P. Peeters, D. Perez Brito, S. Policastro, F. A. Saldanha de Gama and P. Zidda
Efficiency in constrained continuous location pp. 288-298 Downloads
M. Ndiaye and C. Michelot
Some new algorithms for location problems on networks pp. 299-309 Downloads
Peter H. Peeters
Coincidence conditions in multifacility location problems with positive and negative weights pp. 310-320 Downloads
Jorg Fliege
A multi-modal approach to the location of a rapid transit line pp. 321-332 Downloads
Giuseppe Bruno, Gianpaolo Ghiani and Gennaro Improta
A multiobjective programming model for locating treatment sites and routing hazardous wastes pp. 333-342 Downloads
Ioannis Giannikos
Restricted center problems under polyhedral gauges pp. 343-357 Downloads
Stefan Nickel
The Weber problem with regional demand pp. 358-365 Downloads
E. Carrizosa, M. Munoz-Marquez and J. Puerto
A new assignment rule to improve seed points algorithms for the continuous k-center problem pp. 366-374 Downloads
B. Pelegrin and L. Canovas
The return plant location problem: Modelling and resolution pp. 375-392 Downloads
Alfredo Marin and Blas Pelegrin

Volume 104, issue 1, 1998

Forest management challenges for operational researchers pp. 1-17 Downloads
David L. Martell, Eldon A. Gunn and Andres Weintraub
Monitoring pollution accidents pp. 18-30 Downloads
Hans W. Gottinger
Relationships between the decision support system subspecialities and reference disciplines: An empirical investigation pp. 31-45 Downloads
Sean B. Eom
The structure of qualitative decision-making pp. 46-62 Downloads
Cathal M. Brugha
The structure of adjustment decision-making pp. 63-76 Downloads
Cathal M. Brugha
The structure of development decision-making pp. 77-92 Downloads
Cathal M. Brugha
Heuristic concentration and Tabu search: A head to head comparison pp. 93-99 Downloads
K. E. Rosing, C. S. ReVelle, E. Rolland, D. A. Schilling and J. R. Current
Exact and heuristic algorithms for the uncapacitated multiple allocation p-hub median problem pp. 100-112 Downloads
Andreas T. Ernst and Mohan Krishnamoorthy
An empirical study of a new metaheuristic for the traveling salesman problem pp. 113-128 Downloads
Shigeru Tsubakitani and James R. Evans
New edges not used in shortest tours of TSP pp. 129-138 Downloads
Katsuaki Sakakibara
Minimum directed 1-subtree relaxation for score orienteering problem pp. 139-153 Downloads
Seiji Kataoka, Takeo Yamada and Susumu Morito
New algorithms for product positioning pp. 154-174 Downloads
Pierre Hansen, Brigitte Jaumard, Christophe Meyer and Jacques Thisse
Capacity planning for phased implementation of flexible manufacturing systems under budget restrictions pp. 175-186 Downloads
Seung-Kil Lim and Yeong-Dae Kim
A cyclic production problem: an application of max-algebra pp. 187-200 Downloads
Wim M. Nawijn
The design of service systems with queueing time cost, workload capacities and backup service pp. 201-217 Downloads
Ali Amiri
Diagnosis and treatment of congestion in central urban areas pp. 218-230 Downloads
Penina Roberg and Christopher R. Abbess
A new Markovian description of the M/G/1 retrial queue pp. 231-240 Downloads
A. Rodrigo, M. Vazquez and G. Falin
Network-based formulations of the quadratic assignment problem pp. 241-249 Downloads
Michael O. Ball, Bharat K. Kaku and Andrew Vakhutinsky
Minimal spanning trees with a constraint on the number of leaves pp. 250-261 Downloads
Lucinda Matos Fernandes and Luis Gouveia

Volume 103, issue 3, 1997

Q-analysis for modeling and decision making pp. 411-425 Downloads
Lucien Duckstein and Steven A. Nobe
Two engineering applications of a constrained shortest-path model pp. 426-438 Downloads
A. A. Elimam and David Kohler
Heuristics for scheduling in a Kanban system with dual blocking mechanisms pp. 439-452 Downloads
B. Sharadapriyadarshini and Chandrasekharan Rajendran
Role of design-philosophies in interfacing manufacturing with marketing pp. 453-469 Downloads
Nagraj Balakrishnan, Amiya K. Chakravarty and Sanjoy Ghose
Does cooperation in auditing matter? A comparison of a non-cooperative and a cooperative game model of auditing pp. 470-482 Downloads
J. Cook, D. Hatherly, L. Nadeau and L. C. Thomas
Ensuring quality in resource constrained project scheduling pp. 483-496 Downloads
Oya Icmeli-Tukel and Walter O. Rom
Tool planning models for flexible manufacturing systems pp. 497-514 Downloads
Zubair M. Mohamed and John J. Bernardo
Storage controlled pile-up systems, theoretical foundations pp. 515-530 Downloads
J. Rethmann and E. Wanke
Simulation techniques for the sensitivity analysis of multi-criteria decision models pp. 531-546 Downloads
John Butler, Jianmin Jia and James Dyer
A branch and bound algorithm for the two-stage assembly scheduling problem pp. 547-556 Downloads
A. M. A. Hariri and C. N. Potts
Reordering strategies for a newsboy-type product pp. 557-572 Downloads
Hon-Shiang Lau and Amy Hing-Ling Lau
Optimal ordering and pricing policies in a single-period environment with multivariate demand and markdowns pp. 573-583 Downloads
Timothy L. Urban and R. C. Baker
The asymptotic value-to-capacity ratio for the multi-class stochastic knapsack problem pp. 584-594 Downloads
Tae-Eog Lee and Geun Tae Oh
Dynamic server assignment in a two-queue model pp. 595-609 Downloads
O. J. Boxma and D. G. Down
Minimizing waiting times in integrated fixed interval timetables by upgrading railway tracks pp. 610-627 Downloads
Karl Nachtigall and Stefan Voget
Operations research applications in Taiwan: A linguistic approach pp. 628-634 Downloads
Chiang Kao and Shiang-Tai Liu

Volume 103, issue 2, 1997

Artificial intelligence tools for decision support systems pp. 275-276 Downloads
Camille Rosenthal-Sabroux and Pascale Zarate
A comparative study of methodologies for designing IDSSs pp. 277-295 Downloads
Andrew Blair, John Debenham and Jenny Edwards
Knowledge acquisition issues in the design of decision support systems in quality control pp. 296-311 Downloads
V. Deslandres and H. Pierreval
Comparison of some AI and statistical classification methods for a marketing case pp. 312-325 Downloads
D. Montgomery, G. Swinnen and K. Vanhoof
Driving Tabu Search with case-based reasoning pp. 326-338 Downloads
Stephan Grolimund and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
Financial decision support with hybrid genetic and neural based modeling tools pp. 339-349 Downloads
Ned Kumar, Ravindra Krovi and Balaji Rajagopalan
Supporting a complex audit judgment task: An expert network approach pp. 350-372 Downloads
Jefferson T. Davis, Anne P. Massey and Ronald E. R. Lovell
A framework for group decision support systems: Combining AI tools and OR techniques pp. 373-388 Downloads
Nikos . Karacapilidis and Costas P. Pappis
Negotiation support systems: A multi-criteria and multi-agent approach pp. 389-409 Downloads
Bernard Espinasse, Guy Picolet and Eugene Chouraqui

Volume 103, issue 1, 1997

Quantitative models for reverse logistics: A review pp. 1-17 Downloads
Moritz Fleischmann, Jacqueline Bloemhof-Ruwaard, Rommert Dekker, Erwin van der Laan, Jo A. E. E. van Nunen and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
A103 (1997) 18-27 in heavily congested cities pp. 18-27 Downloads
Marius Sinclair and Dirk L. van Oudheusden
Estimating returns to scale in DEA pp. 28-37 Downloads
Boaz Golany and Gang Yu
A multicriteria decision aid approach for energy planning problems: The case of renewable energy option pp. 38-54 Downloads
E. Georgopoulou, D. Lalas and L. Papagiannakis
Nervousness in inventory management: Comparison of basic control rules pp. 55-82 Downloads
Ton de Kok and Karl Inderfurth
The option value of advanced R & D pp. 83-94 Downloads
Enrico Pennings and Onno Lint
A multi-level composite heuristic for the multi-depot vehicle fleet mix problem pp. 95-112 Downloads
S. Salhi and M. Sari
A two-machine preemptive openshop scheduling problem: An elementary proof of NP-completeness pp. 113-116 Downloads
A. A. Gladky
Allocation of warehouse inventory with electronic data interchange and fixed order intervals pp. 117-128 Downloads
Ricardo Ernst and Bardia Kamrad
An efficient heuristic for scheduling in a flowshop to minimize total weighted flowtime of jobs pp. 129-138 Downloads
Chandrasekharan Rajendran and Hans Ziegler
An evaluation of due date, resource allocation, project release, and activity scheduling rules in a multiproject environment pp. 139-154 Downloads
Kum-Khiong Yang and Chee-Chuong Sum
Multifleet routing and multistop flight scheduling for schedule perturbation pp. 155-169 Downloads
Shangyao Yan and Yu-ping Tu
Relative risk--value models pp. 170-185 Downloads
James S. Dyer and Jianmin Jia
Handling missing prices in a thinly traded stock market: implications for the specification of event study methods pp. 186-197 Downloads
Juha-Pekka Kallunki
A tabu search Hooke and Jeeves algorithm for unconstrained optimization pp. 198-208 Downloads
K. S. Al-Sultan and M. A. Al-Fawzan
Exact algorithms for the stochastic shortest path problem with a decreasing deadline utility function pp. 209-229 Downloads
Ishwar Murthy and Sumit Sarkar
Investigation of path-following algorithms for signomial geometric programming problems pp. 230-241 Downloads
Hsu-Hao Yang and Dennis L. Bricker
An analysis of the impact of chaotic dynamics on management information flow models pp. 242-254 Downloads
Charlene Riggle and Gregory Madey
Models for 1-out-of Q systems with stochastic lead times and expedited ordering options for spares inventory pp. 255-272 Downloads
Tadashi Dohi, Takeshi Shibuya and Shunji Osaki
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