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Volume 127, issue 3, 2000

Sorting cropping systems on the basis of their impact on groundwater quality pp. 467-482 Downloads
Cecile Arondel and Philippe Girardin
Decentralized inventory control in a two-level distribution system pp. 483-506 Downloads
Jonas Andersson and Johan Marklund
Second order symmetric duality in mathematical programming with F-convexity pp. 507-518 Downloads
S. K. Mishra
The core of a repeated n-person cooperative game pp. 519-524 Downloads
Jorge Oviedo
Network distance characteristics that affect computational effort in p-median location problems pp. 525-536 Downloads
D. A. Schilling, K. E. Rosing and C. S. ReVelle
An optimal procurement policy for items with an inventory level-dependent demand rate and fixed lifetime pp. 537-545 Downloads
Hark Hwang and Kyu Hun Hahn
Scheduling two machines that require multiple types of maintenance, for a single operation pp. 546-564 Downloads
Gadi Rabinowitz, Shai Goren and Abraham Mehrez
Positioning automated guided vehicles in a loop layout pp. 565-573 Downloads
A. J. R. M. Gademann and S. L. van de Velde
Efficient lot-sizing under a differential transportation cost structure for serially distributed warehouses pp. 574-593 Downloads
Mark Vroblefski, R. Ramesh and Stanley Zionts
An object relational approach for the design of decision support systems pp. 594-610 Downloads
Ananth Srinivasan and David Sundaram
Further discussion on linear production functions and DEA pp. 611-618 Downloads
Joe Zhu
Bidirectional planning: improving priority rule-based heuristics for scheduling resource-constrained projects pp. 619-638 Downloads
Robert Klein

Volume 127, issue 2, 2000

Sixth International Workshop on Project Management and Scheduling pp. 217-219 Downloads
Gunduz Ulusoy and Selcuk Karabati
On criticality and sensitivity in activity networks pp. 220-238 Downloads
Salah E. Elmaghraby
Improving project cost estimation by taking into account managerial flexibility pp. 239-251 Downloads
Trond Jorgensen and Stein W. Wallace
Optimal timing of project control points pp. 252-261 Downloads
Tzvi Raz and Erdal Erel
An equitable approach to the payment scheduling problem in project management pp. 262-278 Downloads
Gunduz Ulusoy and Serkan Cebelli
The impact of resource flexibility and staffing decisions on cellular and departmental shop performance pp. 279-296 Downloads
John B. Jensen
A polynomial activity insertion algorithm in a multi-resource schedule with cumulative constraints and multiple modes pp. 297-316 Downloads
Christian Artigues and Francois Roubellat
The disjunctive graph machine representation of the job shop scheduling problem pp. 317-331 Downloads
Jacek Blazewicz, Erwin Pesch and Malgorzata Sterna
On Not-First/Not-Last conditions in disjunctive scheduling pp. 332-343 Downloads
Philippe Torres and Pierre Lopez
Using intelligent backtracking to improve branch-and-bound methods: An application to Open-Shop problems pp. 344-354 Downloads
Christelle Gueret, Narendra Jussien and Christian Prins
A linear programming and constraint propagation-based lower bound for the RCPSP pp. 355-362 Downloads
Peter Brucker and Sigrid Knust
A new LP-based lower bound for the cumulative scheduling problem pp. 363-382 Downloads
Jacques Carlier and Emmanuel Neron
A cutting plane algorithm for a single machine scheduling problem pp. 383-393 Downloads
Kristina Soric
Experimental evaluation of state-of-the-art heuristics for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem pp. 394-407 Downloads
Sonke Hartmann and Rainer Kolisch
A multicriteria heuristic method to improve resource allocation in multiproject scheduling pp. 408-424 Downloads
Antonio Lova, Concepcion Maroto and Pilar Tormos
Procedures for resource leveling and net present value problems in project scheduling with general temporal and resource constraints pp. 425-443 Downloads
K. Neumann and J. Zimmermann
Minimizing weighted tardiness of jobs with stochastic interruptions in parallel machines pp. 444-457 Downloads
Manuel Laguna, Pilar Lino, Angeles Perez, Sacramento Quintanilla and Vicente Valls
Scheduling multiple variant programs under hard real-time constraints pp. 458-465 Downloads
Piotr Jedrzejowicz and Izabela Wierzbowska

Volume 127, issue 1, 2000

DEA and its use in the regulation of water companies pp. 1-13 Downloads
Emmanuel Thanassoulis
The role of OR specialists in `do it yourself' spreadsheet development pp. 14-27 Downloads
John S. Edwards, Paul N. Finlay and John M. Wilson
On comparing interval numbers pp. 28-43 Downloads
Atanu Sengupta and Tapan Kumar Pal
Application of Grey theory and multiobjective programming towards airline network design pp. 44-68 Downloads
Chaug-Ing Hsu and Yuh-Horng Wen
The one-period bus touring problem: Solved by an effective heuristic for the orienteering tour problem and improvement algorithm pp. 69-77 Downloads
Ray Deitch and Shaul P. Ladany
A directed acyclic graph representation of routing manufacturing flexibility pp. 78-93 Downloads
Denis Borenstein
New modeling approaches for the design of local access transport area networks pp. 94-108 Downloads
Hanif D. Sherali, Youngho Lee and Taehyung Park
Counting your customers: Compounding customer's in-store decisions, interpurchase time and repurchasing behavior pp. 109-119 Downloads
Couchen Wu and Hsiu-Li Chen
Flow shop and open shop scheduling with a critical machine and two operations per job pp. 120-125 Downloads
George J. Kyparisis and Christos Koulamas
Minimizing maximum lateness with job families pp. 126-139 Downloads
Kenneth R. Baker and Michael J. Magazine
Digital data networks design using genetic algorithms pp. 140-158 Downloads
Chao-Hsien Chu, G. Premkumar and Hsinghua Chou
Reliability optimization of a series system with multiple-choice and budget constraints pp. 159-171 Downloads
C. S. Sung and Y. K. Cho
Performance evaluation and design of base stock systems pp. 172-188 Downloads
C. Duri, Y. Frein and M. Di Mascolo
A dynamic programming algorithm for the local access telecommunication network expansion problem pp. 189-202 Downloads
Olaf E. Flippo, Antoon W. J. Kolen, Arie M. C. A. Koster and Robert L. M. J. van de Leensel
A transformed two-stage method for reducing the part-usage variation and a comparison of the product-level and part-level solutions in sequencing mixed-model assembly lines pp. 203-216 Downloads
Jin Zhu and Fong-Yuen Ding

Volume 126, issue 3, 2000

Fuzzy multicriteria analysis for performance evaluation of bus companies pp. 459-473 Downloads
Chung-Hsing Yeh, Hepu Deng and Yu-Hern Chang
Sequencing jobs on a single machine: A neural network approach pp. 474-490 Downloads
Ahmed El-Bouri, Subramaniam Balakrishnan and Neil Popplewell
The value of runway time slots for airlines pp. 491-500 Downloads
Jia-Ming Cao and Adib Kanafani
Assessing the relative efficiency and productivity growth of vehicle inspection services: An application of DEA and Malmquist indices pp. 501-514 Downloads
James Odeck
The generalized DEA model and the convex cone constrained game pp. 515-525 Downloads
Gang Hao, Quanling Wei and Hong Yan
Pattern classification with principal component analysis and fuzzy rule bases pp. 526-533 Downloads
V. Ravi, P. J. Reddy and H. -J. Zimmermann
Optimal burn-in decision for products with an unimodal failure rate function pp. 534-540 Downloads
Dong Shang Chang
Minimax reference point approach and its application for multiobjective optimisation pp. 541-556 Downloads
Jian-Bo Yang
Minimizing maximum lateness under linear deterioration pp. 557-566 Downloads
Aleksander Bachman and Adam Janiak
Analysis of reactive scheduling problems in a job shop environment pp. 567-586 Downloads
. Sabuncuoglu and M. Bayiz
An exponential queue with competition for service pp. 587-602 Downloads
P. H. Brill and M. Hlynka
Capacitated inventory problems with fixed order costs: Some optimal policy structure pp. 603-613 Downloads
Guillermo Gallego and Alan Scheller-Wolf
The exact overall time distribution of a project with uncertain task durations pp. 614-636 Downloads
Craig W. Schmidt and Ignacio E. Grossmann
Resolution of fuzzy regression model pp. 637-650 Downloads
Hsiao-Fan Wang and Ruey-Chyn Tsaur
A sampling-based method for generating nondominated solutions in stochastic MOMP problems pp. 651-661 Downloads
Jeffrey L. Ringuest and Samuel B. Graves
New stopping criterion for genetic algorithms pp. 662-674 Downloads
Haldun Aytug and Gary J. Koehler
Multiobjective second order symmetric duality with cone constraints pp. 675-682 Downloads
S. K. Mishra
On consistency of the weighted geometric mean complex judgement matrix in AHP pp. 683-687 Downloads
Z. Xu

Volume 126, issue 2, 2000

The first decade of G-networks pp. 231-232 Downloads
Erol Gelenbe
G-networks: A versatile approach for work removal in queueing networks pp. 233-249 Downloads
J. R. Artalejo
Multiple class G-networks with list-oriented deletions pp. 250-272 Downloads
J. -M. Fourneau, L. Kloul and D. Verchere
Reliability modelling using G-queues pp. 273-287 Downloads
Peter G. Harrison, Naresh M. Patel and Edwige Pitel
Reinforcement learning with internal expectation for the random neural network pp. 288-307 Downloads
Ugur Halici
On G-networks and resource allocation in multimedia systems pp. 308-318 Downloads
Erol Gelenbe and Hadas Shachnai
Survey of random neural network applications pp. 319-330 Downloads
Hakan Bakircioglu and Taskin Kocak
Training the random neural network using quasi-Newton methods pp. 331-339 Downloads
Aristidis Likas and Andreas Stafylopatis
A global optimization algorithm for the three-dimensional packing problem pp. 340-354 Downloads
Loris Faina
An operational decision model for lead-time and price quotation in congested manufacturing systems pp. 355-370 Downloads
Mohsen Elhafsi
Input control in a batch production system with lead times, due dates and random yields pp. 371-385 Downloads
Yunzeng Wang and Yigal Gerchak
A simple method for obtaining weakly efficient points in multiobjective linear fractional programming problems pp. 386-390 Downloads
Boyan Metev and Dessislava Gueorguieva
On weighted centers for semidefinite programming pp. 391-407 Downloads
Jos F. Sturm and Shuzhong Zhang
A Lagrangean relax-and-cut approach for the two-stage capacitated facility location problem pp. 408-421 Downloads
Andreas Klose
Optimal planning in large multi-site production networks pp. 422-435 Downloads
Christian H. Timpe and Josef Kallrath
The use of data envelopment analysis in the regulation of UK water utilities: Water distribution pp. 436-453 Downloads
Emmanuel Thanassoulis
A note on a modified simplex approach for solving bilevel linear programming problems pp. 454-458 Downloads
Manoel Campelo and Susana Scheimberg

Volume 126, issue 1, 2000

A framework for the description of evolutionary algorithms pp. 1-12 Downloads
Alain Hertz and Daniel Kobler
Heuristics for the stochastic/dynamic user-optimal route choice problem pp. 13-30 Downloads
Huey-Kuo Chen and Ginny Feng
Valid inequalities for a class of assembly system problems pp. 31-50 Downloads
Anulark Pinnoi and Wilbert E. Wilhelm
Using DEA to obtain efficient solutions for multi-objective 0-1 linear programs pp. 51-68 Downloads
Fuh-Hwa Franklin Liu, Chueng-Chiu Huang and Yu-Lee Yen
Approximation of linear programs by Bregman's DF projections pp. 69-79 Downloads
Peter Kas, Emil Klafszky, Levente Malyusz and Gokhan Izbirak
Allocation of tasks to specialized processors: A planning approach pp. 80-88 Downloads
K. J. Becker, D. P. Gaver, K. D. Glazebrook, P. A. Jacobs and S. Lawphongpanich
Economic expectations, fuzzy sets and financial planning pp. 89-105 Downloads
Manuel Tarrazo and Luis Gutierrez
An effective implementation of the Lin-Kernighan traveling salesman heuristic pp. 106-130 Downloads
Keld Helsgaun
Scheduling multipurpose batch process industries with no-wait restrictions by simulated annealing pp. 131-151 Downloads
W. H. M. Raaymakers and J. A. Hoogeveen
A multi-criteria agency model with incomplete preference information pp. 152-165 Downloads
Rudolf Vetschera
Design of parallel algorithms for the single resource allocation problem pp. 166-174 Downloads
D. Morales, F. Almeida, F. Garcia, J. L. Roda and C. Rodriguez
Restricting weights in value efficiency analysis pp. 175-188 Downloads
Merja Halme and Pekka J. Korhonen
Marketing-production coordination in channels of distribution pp. 189-217 Downloads
K. Ravi Kumar, Arvinder P. S. Loomba and George C. Hadjinicola
A fuzzy satisficing method for electric power plant coal purchase using genetic algorithms pp. 218-230 Downloads
Isao Shiromaru, Masahiro Inuiguchi and Masatoshi Sakawa
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