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Volume 65, issue 3, 1993

Editorial pp. 291-160 Downloads
Istvan Maros
Some experiments on heuristic code selection versus numerical performance in nonlinear programming pp. 292-304 Downloads
K. Schittkowski
A software system for multiextremal optimization pp. 305-313 Downloads
V. P. Gergel
The impact of accelerating tools on the interval subdivision algorithm for global optimization pp. 314-320 Downloads
Tibor Csendes and Janos Pinter
Quadratic convergence of an extrapolation method pp. 321-326 Downloads
Istvan Kun
Quasiconvex first-order approximations and Kuhn-Tucker type optimality conditions pp. 327-335 Downloads
S. Komlosi
A mathematical model and a heuristic procedure for the turbine balancing problem pp. 336-342 Downloads
Yahya Fathi and Krishna K. Ginjupalli
On using LP to collision detection between a manipulator arm and surrounding obstacles pp. 343-350 Downloads
R. Gallerini and A. Sciomachen
Sensitivity and parametric bound analysis for a single pass machining problem pp. 351-361 Downloads
S. M. Yacout
A mixed-integer programming model for a class of assortment problems pp. 362-367 Downloads
Chin-Sheng Chen, Sanjiv Sarin and Balasubramanian Ram
A branch-and-bound method for multicommodity location with balancing requirements pp. 368-382 Downloads
Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Louis Delorme and Pierre Dejax
Lagrangean heuristics for location problems pp. 383-399 Downloads
John Beasley
Group centre and group median of a tree pp. 400-406 Downloads
S. K. Gupta and Abraham P. Punnen
A convex form of the quadratic assignment problem pp. 407-416 Downloads
Douglas J. White
Dorn's duality for quadratic programs revisited: The nonconvex case pp. 417-424 Downloads
Hanif D. Sherali

Volume 65, issue 2, 1993

Facility siting and integer-friendly programming pp. 147-158 Downloads
Charles ReVelle
Multi-level lot-sizing in a rayon yarn company: A case study pp. 159-174 Downloads
A. Gunasekaran, S. K. Goyal, T. Martikainen and P. Yli-Olli
Inventory models with general backorder costs pp. 175-186 Downloads
Fangruo Chen and Yu-Sheng Zheng
A due date assignment algorithm for multiproduct manufacturing facilities pp. 187-198 Downloads
Hanan Luss and Moshe B. Rosenwein
Note on utilizing stochastic optimal control in aggregate production planning pp. 199-206 Downloads
C. E. Love and M. Turner
The controlled rounding problem: Complexity and computational experience pp. 207-217 Downloads
James P. Kelly, Bruce L. Golden and Arjang A. Assad
The maximum benefit Chinese postman problem and the maximum benefit traveling salesman problem pp. 218-234 Downloads
Chryssi Malandraki and Mark S. Daskin
Choice of the best time scale for system reliability analysis pp. 235-246 Downloads
Kh. B. Kordonsky and I. B. Gertsbakh
Tandem behavior of a telecommunication system with repeated calls: II, A general case without buffers pp. 247-258 Downloads
Behnam Pourbabai
Machine interference problem with a random environment pp. 259-269 Downloads
J. Sztrik and B. D. Bunday
Sample path properties of the G/D/m queue pp. 270-273 Downloads
Michael C. Fu and Jian-Qiang Hu
Computational experience with an optimal procedure for the scheduling of activities to maximize the net present value of projects pp. 274-277 Downloads
Willy S. Herroelen and Els Gallens
Osipov: The `Russian Lanchester' pp. 278-288 Downloads
Robert L. Helmbold

Volume 65, issue 1, 1993

Multiple objectives in transportation network design and routing pp. 1-3 Downloads
John Current
Multiobjective transportation network design and routing problems: Taxonomy and annotation pp. 4-19 Downloads
John Current and Michael Marsh
Indirect covering tree problems on spanning tree networks pp. 20-32 Downloads
Vicki Aaronson Hutson and Charles ReVelle
Multiobjective routing of hazardous materials in stochastic networks pp. 33-43 Downloads
Ajith B. Wijeratne, Mark A. Turnquist and Pitu B. Mirchandani
The multiobjective equilibrium network design problem revisited: A simulated annealing approach pp. 44-57 Downloads
Terry L. Friesz, G. Anandalingam, Nihal J. Mehta, Keesung Nam, Samir J. Shah and Roger L. Tobin
Interactive decision support for multiobjective transportation problems pp. 58-67 Downloads
Jaao N. Climaco, C. Henggeler Antunes and Maria J. Alves
Further results on the probabilistic traveling salesman problem pp. 68-95 Downloads
Dimitris Bertsimas and Louis H. Howell
Safety stock allocation in a two-echelon distribution system pp. 96-117 Downloads
Horst Tempelmeier
Exact analysis of production lines with no intermediate buffers pp. 118-137 Downloads
H. T. Papadopoulos and O'Kelly, M. E. J.
Limits on the analytic hierarchy process from its consistency index pp. 138-139 Downloads
Catherine Kuenz Murphy
The OR/MS contribution to maintenance management Comment on "Maintenance management decision making" pp. 140-142 Downloads
R. J. Ormerod

Volume 64, issue 3, 1993

Modelling and databases pp. 327-337 Downloads
P. Beynon-Davies and A. R. Hutchings
Fisheries development planning in Kuwait: An integer programming model pp. 338-353 Downloads
Motaz Khorshid
Economic planning in industrial wastewater systems using O.R. techniques and WODA package pp. 354-362 Downloads
Maria Madalena Teixeira de Araujo
Hierarchical mathematical programming for operational planning in a process industry pp. 363-369 Downloads
W. G. M. M. Rutten
Optimal file management in a hybrid storage system pp. 370-383 Downloads
T. D. Klastorin, K. Moinzadeh, G. Diehr and B. Han
A unified approach to AHP with linking pins pp. 384-392 Downloads
Bertram Schoner, William C. Wedley and Eng Ung Choo
Using central prices in the decomposition of linear programs pp. 393-409 Downloads
J. -L. Goffin, A. Haurie, J. -Ph. Vial and D. L. Zhu
Minimising trim loss in cutting rectangular blanks of a single size from a rectangular sheet using orthogonal guillotine cuts pp. 410-422 Downloads
P. K. Agrawal
Determining stock-sheet-sizes to minimise trim loss pp. 423-431 Downloads
P. K. Agrawal
Modeling vehicle routing with uncertain demands as a stochastic program: Properties of the corresponding solution pp. 432-441 Downloads
Moshe Dror
n-Person cooperative games with transferable utility: I. The formation of coalitions pp. 442-448 Downloads
M. A. Ball
n-Person cooperative games with transferable utility: II. Side-payment distribution and equilibrium coalition trees for indissoluble coalitions pp. 449-456 Downloads
M. A. Ball and Li Xiaoguang
The consequences for manufacturers of changes in retail distribution pp. 457-461 Downloads
Alan Mercer

Volume 64, issue 2, 1993

Editorial pp. 153-155 Downloads
Jacques Carlier and Luis Tavares
A new lower bound for the job-shop scheduling problem pp. 156-167 Downloads
Peter Brucker and Bernd Jurisch
Resource-constrained multi-project scheduling with tardy costs: Comparing myopic, bottleneck, and resource pricing heuristics pp. 168-187 Downloads
Stephen R. Lawrence and Thomas E. Morton
Scheduling a project to maximize its net present value: An integer programming approach pp. 188-198 Downloads
Kum Khiong Yang, F. Brian Talbot and James H. Patterson
Resource allocation via dynamic programming in activity networks pp. 199-215 Downloads
Salah E. Elmaghraby
The social psychology of project management conflict pp. 216-228 Downloads
Robert E. Jones and Richard F. Deckro
A revised critical path method for networks including both overlap relationships and variable-duration activities pp. 229-248 Downloads
Robert C. Leachman and Sooyoung Kim
The two-machine flow shop problem with arbitrary precedence relations pp. 249-257 Downloads
Graham B. McMahon and Chong-John Lim
Scheduling with monotonous earliness and tardiness penalties pp. 258-277 Downloads
Helmut G. Kahlbacher
Benchmarks for basic scheduling problems pp. 278-285 Downloads
E. Taillard
PERT and crashing revisited: Mathematical generalizations pp. 286-294 Downloads
Stephan Foldes and Francois Soumis
Early-tardy cost trade-offs in resource constrained projects with cash flows: An optimization-guided heuristic approach pp. 295-311 Downloads
Rema Padman and Dwight E. Smith-Daniels
Hierarchical models for multi-project planning and scheduling pp. 312-325 Downloads
M. Grazia Speranza and Carlo Vercellis

Volume 64, issue 1, 1993

Economic and environmental power dispatch pp. 2-11 Downloads
Radivoj Petrovic and Branimir Kralj
Production planning for an artists studio -- A case study pp. 12-20 Downloads
L. C. Hendry, P. Elings and D. Pegg
SIBILLA: An implementation of an intelligent library management system pp. 21-37 Downloads
Giacomo Patrizi
A Markov decision algorithm for optimal pest control through uniform catastrophes pp. 38-44 Downloads
E. G. Kyriakidis
Analysis of asymmetric patrolling repairman systems pp. 45-60 Downloads
Tapas K. Das and Martin A. Wortman
Streamlined computation for data envelopment analysis pp. 61-67 Downloads
Agha Iqbal Ali
The linear balancing flow problem pp. 68-82 Downloads
Giovanni Andreatta, Carlo Filippi and Giorgio Romanin-Jacur
Determining profit-maximizing production/shipping policies in a one-to-one direct shipping, stochastic demand environment pp. 83-102 Downloads
T. William Chien
Solving large scale generalized assignment problems -- An aggregation / disaggregation approach pp. 103-114 Downloads
Asa Hallefjord, Kurt Jörnsten and Peter Varbrand
An interactive multiobjective nonlinear programming procedure pp. 115-125 Downloads
M'silti, Abdelhalim and Pierre Tolla
A new interactive algorithm for multi-objective linear programming using maximally changeable dominance cone pp. 126-137 Downloads
Soung Hie Kim and Tomas Gal
On the computational complexity of (maximum) shift class scheduling pp. 138-151 Downloads
Antoon W. J. Kolen and Leo G. Kroon
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