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Volume 57, issue 3, 1992

Simulation in 1991 -- Ten years on pp. 305-308 Downloads
J. G. Crookes
Meeting seasonal demand in a dynamic production environment pp. 309-315 Downloads
Danny C. Myers
Vehicle crew scheduling to complete specific tasks and bulk-tasks at depots pp. 316-322 Downloads
Jacques A. Ferland and Serge Taillefer
Optimal due-date assignment and sequencing pp. 323-331 Downloads
Prabuddha De, Jay B. Ghosh and Charles E. Wells
Solving sequential interval cutting problems via dynamic programming pp. 332-338 Downloads
Knut Richter
The history of the application of mathematical programming to menu planning pp. 339-347 Downloads
Lilly M. Lancaster
Task scheduling with interprocessor communication delays pp. 348-354 Downloads
Philippe Chretienne
Lexicographic optimality in the multiple objective linear programming: The nucleolar solution pp. 355-359 Downloads
Ezio Marchi and Jorge Oviedo
Optimality and duality for multiobjective nonsmooth programming pp. 360-367 Downloads
Davinder Bhatia and Shashi Aggarwal
Generalized hyperplane methods for characterizing [Lambda]-extreme points and trade-off rates for multiobjective optimization problems pp. 368-380 Downloads
Masatoshi Sakawa and Hitoshi Yano
Multiple-objective programming with polynomial objectives and constraints pp. 381-394 Downloads
Michael M. Kostreva, Thomas J. Ordoyne and Malgorzata Wiecek
Gauss-Seidel-Newton-Armijo approach for minimization problems on the non-negative orthant; Application to spatial price equilibrium problems pp. 395-408 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Crouzeix, Jacques A. Ferland and Lourdes Zubieta
A note on weakly active constraints in connection with nonconvex quadratic programming pp. 409-411 Downloads
P. Frank Korner
A purification algorithm for semi-infinite programming pp. 412-420 Downloads
Teresa Leon and Enriqueta Vercher
A Markovian process in interactive multiobjective decision-making pp. 421-428 Downloads
Cesar G. Tapia and Bruce A. Murtagh

Volume 57, issue 2, 1992

Editorial pp. 135-428 Downloads
Sunderesh S. Heragu
Recent models and techniques for solving the layout problem pp. 136-144 Downloads
Sunderesh S. Heragu
Flow network design for manufacturing systems layout pp. 145-161 Downloads
Dilip Chhajed, Benoit Montreuil and Timothy J. Lowe
Integrating facility layout with process selection and capacity planning pp. 162-173 Downloads
Ronald G. Askin and M. George Mitwasi
A nonlinear optimization approach for solving facility layout problems pp. 174-189 Downloads
Drew J. van Camp, Michael W. Carter and Anthony Vannelli
Experimental analysis of simulated annealing based algorithms for the layout problem pp. 190-202 Downloads
Sunderesh S. Heragu and Attahiru Sule Alfa
Simulated annealing for machine layout problems in the presence of zoning constraints pp. 203-223 Downloads
Panagiotis Kouvelis, Wen-Chyuan Chiang and James Fitzsimmons
Layout design for flexible manufacturing systems pp. 224-230 Downloads
Bharat K. Kaku and Ram Rachamadugu
A multiattribute decision-theoretic approach for the layout design problem pp. 231-242 Downloads
Subhash C. Sarin, Pasu Loharjun, Charles J. Malmborg and Bhaskaran Krishnakumar
A graph-theoretic heuristic for designing loop-layout manufacturing systems pp. 243-252 Downloads
Janny Leung
A distance assignment approach to the facility layout problem pp. 253-270 Downloads
Meir J. Rosenblatt and Boaz Golany
Computational performance and efficiency of lower-bound procedures for the dynamic facility layout problem pp. 271-279 Downloads
Timothy L. Urban
Solutions for the constrained dynamic facility layout problem pp. 280-286 Downloads
Jaydeep Balakrishnan, F. Robert Jacobs and Munirpallam A. Venkataramanan
Performance evaluation of cellular flexible manufacturing systems: A decomposition approach pp. 287-304 Downloads
R. Ram and N. Viswanadham

Volume 57, issue 1, 1992

Optimization aspects of deadlock prevention in packet-switching networks pp. 1-12 Downloads
J. Blazewicz, J. Brzezinski and G. Gambosi
A test on a priori financial characteristics of the firm pp. 13-23 Downloads
Antti J. Kanto and Teppo Martikainen
Expert opinion in project management pp. 24-31 Downloads
B. Bhola, Roger Cooke, H. G. Blaauw and M. Kok
A practical heuristic for a large scale vehicle routing problem pp. 32-38 Downloads
Anirudh Raghavendra, T. S. Krishnakumar, R. Muralidhar, D. Sarvanan and B. G. Raghavendra
Generating statistically dependent pairs of random variables: A marginal distribution approach pp. 39-53 Downloads
Richard A. Grimlund
A distribution multi-echelon lot-size model pp. 54-70 Downloads
Moshe F. Friedman
A deterministic inventory model for deteriorating items with two warehouses and finite replenishment rate pp. 71-76 Downloads
T. P. M. Pakkala and K. K. Achary
All-units quantity-freight discounts with disposals pp. 77-88 Downloads
F. J. Arcelus and J. E. Rowcroft
A usage dependent model for warranty costing pp. 89-99 Downloads
D. N. P. Murthy
Replacement policies of a shock model with imperfect preventive maintenance pp. 100-110 Downloads
Masaaki Kijima and Toshio Nakagawa
A multi-stage parallel-processor flowshop problem with minimum flowtime pp. 111-122 Downloads
Chandrasekharan Rahendran and Dipak Chaudhuri
A pseudo-polynomial algorithm for detecting minimum weighted length paths in a network pp. 123-131 Downloads
C. E. Yang, L. R. Foulds and J. L. Scott
Job-shop (C codes) pp. 132-133 Downloads
P. Brucker, B. Jurisch and B. Sievers

Volume 56, issue 3, 1992

Strategies for service systems pp. 291-303 Downloads
Sue Perrott Siferd, W. C. Benton and Larry P. Ritzman
The optimisation of defence expenditure pp. 304-318 Downloads
R. G. Coyle
Measuring the quality of computer model performance pp. 319-331 Downloads
Daniel O'Leary
Estimating reorder points and other management science applications by bootstrap procedure pp. 332-342 Downloads
Min-Chiang Wang and S. Subba Rao
An in-depth empirical investigation of non-greedy approaches for the minimum spanning tree problem pp. 343-356 Downloads
F. Glover, D. Klingman, R. Krishnan and R. Padman
Multiobjective, preference-based search in acyclic OR-graphs pp. 357-363 Downloads
Chelsea C. White, Bradley S. Stewart and Robert L. Carraway
Minimum loss scheduling problems pp. 364-369 Downloads
W. M. Nawijn
An iterative scheduling technique for resource-constrained project scheduling pp. 370-379 Downloads
K. Y. Li and R. J. Willis
A comparative study of interactive tradeoff cutting plane methods for MOMP pp. 380-393 Downloads
Wan S. Shin and A. Ravindran
A linear algebraic formulation of the performance sensitivities of queueing networks pp. 394-406 Downloads
Xi-Ren Cao
The stochastic vehicle routing problem revisited pp. 407-412 Downloads
Cock Bastian and Alexander H. G. Rinnooy Kan
A control policy for replacement involving two machines and one repairman pp. 413-422 Downloads
Jangkab Noh, Sung-Jin Kang and Richard M. Feldman
Network optimization -- A computer course pp. 423-422 Downloads
D. Ivanchev, G. Bijev and T. Stacheva

Volume 56, issue 2, 1992

Editorial pp. 133-133 Downloads
Hannele Wallenius and Jyrki Wallenius
A 0-1 nonlinear programming model for coast guard fisheries law enforcement aircraft patrols pp. 134-145 Downloads
Robert L. Armacost
Optimizing the level of grant support for local government: An application of a behavioral model pp. 146-153 Downloads
Richard R. Barnett, Rosella Levaggi and Peter Smith
Using game theory to analyze electric transmission pricing policies in the United States pp. 154-171 Downloads
Benjamin Hobbs and Kevin A. Kelly
Decision support for risk analysis in energy policy pp. 172-183 Downloads
Raimo P. Hamalainen and Risto Karjalainen
The afforestation problem: A heuristic method based on simulated annealing pp. 184-191 Downloads
Rune Mork Jorgensen, Hans Thomsen and ReneVictor Valqui Vidal
Investment and harvest strategies of the Finnish forest sector under different forest-tax policies: A differential game approach with computer-based decision aid pp. 192-209 Downloads
Hannu Kivijarvi and Margareta Soismaa
Multiple objective analysis of long-term development strategies for a national economy pp. 210-218 Downloads
A. Lotov, O. Chernykh and O. Hellman
Multiple-criteria robust interactive decision analysis (MCRID) for optimizing public policies pp. 219-236 Downloads
Herbert Moskowitz, Paul V. Preckel and Aynang Yang
OR in energy planning for a small country pp. 237-248 Downloads
E. G. Read, J. G. Culy and S. J. Gale
Ordinal data in multicriteria decision making, a stochastic dominance approach to siting nuclear power plants pp. 249-262 Downloads
Piet Rietveld and Hans Ouwersloot
Transboundary air pollution in Europe: An interactive multicriteria tradeoff analysis pp. 263-277 Downloads
Antonie Stam, Markku Kuula and Herman Cesar
Interactive multiobjective analysis and assimilative capacity-based ocean disposal decisions pp. 278-289 Downloads
Thomas M. Leschine, Hannele Wallenius and William A. Verdini

Volume 56, issue 1, 1992

Editorial pp. 1-289 Downloads
Alan Mercer, Bernhard Tilanus and Hans-Jurgen Zimmermann
Packing problems pp. 2-14 Downloads
Kathryn A. Dowsland and William B. Dowsland
Developing an expert support system for tender enquiry evaluation: A case study pp. 15-29 Downloads
Gary John Phythian and Malcolm King
Multicriterion issues in energy policymaking pp. 30-40 Downloads
Reuven Karni, Paul Feigin and Avishai Breiner
Insufficient supply in a natural gas distribution system: A risk analysis pp. 41-53 Downloads
Christoph Haehling von Lanzenauer, William G. James and Don D. Wright
Understanding the competitive process A guide to effective intervention in the small firms sector pp. 54-66 Downloads
Martin Horne, Peter Lloyd, John Pay and Philip Roe
On bankruptcy information systems pp. 67-79 Downloads
Daniel O'Leary
Estimating preferred target input-output levels using data envelopment analysis pp. 80-97 Downloads
E. Thanassoulis and R. G. Dyson
Stochastic modeling of security returns: Evidence from the Helsinki Stock Exchange pp. 98-106 Downloads
G. Geoffrey Booth, John Hatem, Ilkka Virtanen and Paavo Yli-Olli
Multi-period production control in a centralized fully flexible manufacturing system pp. 107-118 Downloads
John J. Liu
Applying a modified coefficient reduction method to a dynamic production scheduling model pp. 119-130 Downloads
Monique Guignard and Matthew J. Liberatore
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