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Volume 39, issue 3, 1989

Competitive spatial models pp. 231-242 Downloads
H. A. Eiselt and G. Laporte
An investigation into adequate data for estimating annual earnings time series models pp. 243-253 Downloads
John B. Guerard
The value of information from multiple sources of uncertainty in decision analysis pp. 254-260 Downloads
D. Samson, A. Wirth and J. Rickard
Quality control and product servicing: A decision framework pp. 261-273 Downloads
Charles S. Tapiero and Hau L. Lee
Overtime decision rule experiments with a model of a real shop pp. 274-283 Downloads
N. S. Adshead and D. H. R. Price
MEDICIS: An expert system for computer-aided diagnosis using the PROMETHEE multicriteria method pp. 284-292 Downloads
Ph. Du Bois, J. P. Brans, F. Cantraine and Bertrand Mareschal
Using weighting vectors to solve multiple attribute problems: A framework pp. 293-304 Downloads
D. J. White
A finite improvement algorithm for the linear complementarity problem pp. 305-324 Downloads
Konstantinos Paparrizos and Daniel Solow
A Lagrangean approach to the degree-constrained minimum spanning tree problem pp. 325-331 Downloads
A. Volgenant
Reducing the hierarchical network design problem pp. 332-344 Downloads
Cees Duin and Anton Volgenant

Volume 39, issue 2, 1989

New approaches for heuristic search: A bilateral linkage with artificial intelligence pp. 119-130 Downloads
Fred Glover and Harvey J. Greenberg
End-user optimization with spreadsheet models pp. 131-137 Downloads
Asim Roy, Leon Lasdon and Donald Plane
Simulation modelling: A comparison of visual interactive and traditional approaches pp. 138-149 Downloads
Paul Kirkpatrick and Peter C. Bell
The effect of ignoring routes when locating depots pp. 150-156 Downloads
Said Salhi and Graham K. Rand
On the exact solution of large-scale simple plant location problems pp. 157-173 Downloads
Manfred Korkel
An economic production quantity model with flexibility and reliability considerations pp. 174-179 Downloads
T. C. E. Cheng
Optimal policy surfaces for a multi-item inventory problem pp. 180-191 Downloads
Helmut Schneider and Dan B. Rinks
A queueing-location model with expected service time dependent queueing disciplines pp. 192-205 Downloads
Rajan Batta
Optimal replace-repair strategy for servicing products sold with warranty pp. 206-212 Downloads
D. G. Nguyen and D. N. P. Murthy
A structural lagrangean relaxation for two-duty period bus driver scheduling problems pp. 213-222 Downloads
Jose Paixao and Margarida Pato

Volume 39, issue 1, 1989

Markov decision processes pp. 1-16 Downloads
Chelsea C. White and Douglas J. White
Production scheduling: Practice and theory pp. 17-31 Downloads
Geoff Buxey
The efficiency of uni-directionally patrolled machines with two robot repairmen pp. 32-39 Downloads
Brian D. Bunday and Esmaile Khorram
On the long-term stability and cross-country invariance of financial ratio patterns pp. 40-53 Downloads
Paavo Yli-olli and Ilkka Virtanen
Fuzzy input-output analysis pp. 54-60 Downloads
J. J. Buckley
A unified approach for characterizing Pareto optimal solutions of multiobjective optimization problems: The hyperplane method pp. 61-70 Downloads
Hitoshi Yano and Masatoshi Sakawa
Models and exact solutions for a class of stochastic location-routing problems pp. 71-78 Downloads
Gilbert Laporte, Francois Louveaux and Helene Mercure
Boltzmann machines for travelling salesman problems pp. 79-95 Downloads
Emile H. L. Aarts and Jan H. M. Korst
Constrained spanning trees and the traveling salesman problem pp. 96-102 Downloads
Matthias Leclerc and Franz Rendl
On the relation of max-flow to min-cut for generalized networks pp. 103-107 Downloads
P. Simin Pulat
Assign-Rank pp. 108-109 Downloads
Lee B. Metrick and John D. Maybee
Guide to simulation pp. 108-107 Downloads
Linus Schrage

Volume 38, issue 3, 1989

Overcoming environmental turbulence pp. 269-273 Downloads
Rolfe C. Tomlinson
EURO Gold Medal 1986: A parable on two-level parallelism pp. 274-276 Downloads
Jakob Krarup
A short discussion of the OR crisis pp. 277-281 Downloads
Pierre Hansen
The future of operations research is bright pp. 282-285 Downloads
Alexander H. G. Rinnooy Kan
The OR contribution to strategy formulation in a turbulent environment pp. 286-289 Downloads
Jacques Lesourne
Making models matter -- Lessons from experience pp. 290-300 Downloads
T. H. Lee
Some experimental findings on decision making under risk and their implications pp. 301-306 Downloads
Jean-Yves Jaffray
New models of decision under uncertainty: An interpretative essay pp. 307-317 Downloads
Bertrand Munier
Option analysis: Making better decision faster pp. 318-328 Downloads
Rik R. G. Van Landeghem
Time preference and the life cycle: The logic of long-term high risk vs. short-term low risk pp. 329-349 Downloads
Robert U. Ayres and Shunsuke Mori
Not forecasts but multiple scenarios when coping with uncertainties in the competitive environment pp. 350-357 Downloads
Tarja Meristo
Performance measurement in universities pp. 358-368 Downloads
J. C. Higgins
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth pp. 369-375 Downloads
Maurice Shutler and Ernest Field

Volume 38, issue 2, 1989

The APL phenomenon: An operational research perspective pp. 141-155 Downloads
Moshe Sniedovich
Survey of scheduling research involving due date determination decisions pp. 156-166 Downloads
T. C. E. Cheng and M. C. Gupta
Optimization of the movements of a component placement machine pp. 167-177 Downloads
Timo Leipala and Olli Nevalainen
Combat modeling with partial differential equations pp. 178-183 Downloads
V. Protopopescu, R. T. Santoro and J. Dockery
Closed two node priority queueing networks pp. 184-201 Downloads
M. Rumsewicz and W. Henderson
On the non-homogeneous service system MX/G/[infinity] pp. 202-207 Downloads
U. Chatterjee and S. P. Mukherjee
The assignment of minimum crews among bases in an airlift operation pp. 208-212 Downloads
Jae-Dong Hong, M. Jeya Chandra and Tom M. Cavalier
Vehicles scheduling with sliding time windows pp. 213-226 Downloads
Jacques A. Ferland and Luc Fortin
A branch and bound algorithm to minimize the number of late jobs in a permutation flow-shop pp. 227-226 Downloads
A. M. A. Hariri and C. N. Potts
Integer programming formulations for the multi-depot vehicle routing problem: Comments on a paper by Kulkarni and Bhave pp. 228-237 Downloads
Gilbert Laporte
A hybrid method for solving nonlinear knapsack problems pp. 238-241 Downloads
Frank Korner
The knapsack problem with generalized upper bounds pp. 242-254 Downloads
Salah E. Elmaghraby
Time-cost tradeoff in a three dimensional assignment problem pp. 255-258 Downloads
S. Geetha and M. N. Vartak

Volume 38, issue 1, 1989

Editorial pp. 1-261 Downloads
Alan Mercer, Bernhard Tilanus and Hans-Jurgen Zimmermann
Joint replenishment inventory control: Deterministic and stochastic models pp. 2-13 Downloads
Suresh K. Goyal and Ahmet T. Satir
Plant location and vehicle routing in the Malaysian rubber smallholder sector: A case study pp. 14-26 Downloads
Jay M. Nambiar, Ludo F. Gelders and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
A set covering approach to metallurgical grade assignment pp. 27-34 Downloads
Francis J. Vasko, Floyd E. Wolf and Kenneth L. Stott
Diagnostics design: A product support strategy pp. 35-43 Downloads
G. G. Hegde and Peter Kubat
Practical approximations for finite-buffer queueing models with batch arrivals pp. 44-55 Downloads
R. D. Nobel
Optimizing single hole mine cuts by dynamic programming pp. 56-62 Downloads
Mark E. Gershon and Frederic H. Murphy
Sensitivity analysis in multiple objective linear programming: The tolerance approach pp. 63-69 Downloads
Pierre Hansen, Martine Labbe and Richard E. Wendell
Triangle inequality and symmetry in connection with the assignment and the traveling salesman problem pp. 70-75 Downloads
Bernd Jeromin and Frank Korner
A network relaxation based enumeration algorithm for set partitioning pp. 76-85 Downloads
Agha Iqbal Ali and Hemalatha Thiagarajan
Using martingales to make stochastic simulations more precise pp. 86-93 Downloads
R. W. Ashford and E. M. L. Beale
Group centre and group median of a network pp. 94-97 Downloads
S. K. Gupta and A. P. Punnen
Minimizing wood raw material cost in cabinet manufacturing pp. 98-103 Downloads
Clinton H. Lenoir and Honorio F. Carino
A dynamic programming based heuristic for industrial buying of cardboard pp. 104-112 Downloads
Willy Gochet and Martina Vandebroek
Research pertaining to the development of operations research: The case of Turkey pp. 113-116 Downloads
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