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Volume 59, issue 3, 1992

The vehicle routing problem: An overview of exact and approximate algorithms pp. 345-358 Downloads
Gilbert Laporte
Many steps towards zero inventory pp. 359-369 Downloads
Herbert J. Grunwald and Leonard Fortuin
Optimal ordering policies when anticipating a disruption in supply or demand pp. 370-382 Downloads
Howard J. Weiss and Edward C. Rosenthal
Analysis of net inventory in continuous review models with random lead time pp. 383-392 Downloads
Katy S. Azoury and Percy H. Brill
Lot-sizing algorithm for a coordinated multi-item, multi-source distribution problem pp. 393-404 Downloads
Paul Iyogun
Analysis and comparison of two strategies for multi-item inventory systems with joint replenishment costs pp. 405-412 Downloads
M. J. G. van Eijs, R. M. J. Heuts and Jack Kleijnen
A comparison of two lot sizing-sequencing heuristics for the process industry pp. 413-424 Downloads
R. M. J. Heuts, H. P. Seidel and W. J. Selen
An algorithm based on a new sufficient condition of optimality in dynamic lot size model pp. 425-433 Downloads
Mir-Bahador Q. Aryanezhad
The EQQ model with stochastic demand and discounting pp. 434-443 Downloads
Hung-po Chao
Capacitated lot-sizing and scheduling by Lagrangean relaxation pp. 444-458 Downloads
M. Diaby, H. C. Bahl, M. H. Karwan and S. Zionts

Volume 59, issue 2, 1992

The traveling salesman problem: An overview of exact and approximate algorithms pp. 231-247 Downloads
Gilbert Laporte
Multicriteria analysis of the burden sharing in the European Community pp. 248-261 Downloads
Luc Hens, Hugo Pastijn and Wally Struys
Human migration networks pp. 262-274 Downloads
Anna Nagurney, Jie Pan and Lan Zhao
A game-theoretic model for mergers and acquisitions pp. 275-287 Downloads
Robin C. van den Honert and Theodor J. Stewart
Economic investment times for capacity expansion problems pp. 288-293 Downloads
Julia L. Higle and Charles Corrado
Optimal partition for shop floor control in semiconductor wafer fabrication pp. 294-297 Downloads
Pravin K. Johri
Single-machine sequencing with controllable processing times pp. 298-302 Downloads
S. S. Panwalkar and R. Rajagopalan
The G/G/1 (LCFS/P) queue with service depending on queue size pp. 303-307 Downloads
D. Fakinos
A generalized optimization strategy for dynamic CO2 enrichment in a greenhouse pp. 308-312 Downloads
Z. S. Chalabi
An optimal algorithm for integrating raw materials inventory in a single-product manufacturing system pp. 313-318 Downloads
Jae-Dong Hong and Jack C. Hayya
Prioritization models for frontier decision making units in DEA pp. 319-323 Downloads
Wade D. Cook, Moshe Kress and Lawrence Seiford
On the optimal entropy analysis pp. 324-329 Downloads
H. S. J. Tsao, S. C. Fang and D. N. Lee
Application of a measure of proximity to fuzzy control algorithms pp. 330-332 Downloads
Costas P. Pappis
A note on sequencing jobs with deadlines problem pp. 333-336 Downloads
Krzysztof Dudzinski and Krzysztof Szkatula
A note on modeling internal technological externalities in linear profit programs pp. 337-339 Downloads
Michael J. Panik
Correction to an article of Gavish and Pirkul pp. 340-341 Downloads
Jurgen Sommerschuh

Volume 59, issue 1, 1992

Modelling to predict or to learn? pp. 1-5 Downloads
A. P. de Geus
Introduction and background pp. 6-8 Downloads
John Morecroft
Executive knowledge, models and learning pp. 9-27 Downloads
John D. W. Morecroft
Model-building for group decision support: Issues and alternatives in knowledge elicitation pp. 28-41 Downloads
Jac A. M. Vennix, David F. Andersen, George P. Richardson and John Rohrbaugh
Policies, decisions and information sources for modeling pp. 42-63 Downloads
Jay W. Forrester
Modelling as learning: A consultancy methodology for enhancing learning in management teams pp. 64-84 Downloads
David C. Lane
Knowledge elicitation in conceptual model building: A case study in modeling a regional Dutch health care system pp. 85-101 Downloads
Jac A. M. Vennix and Jan W. Gubbels
Modelling the oil producers -- Capturing oil industry knowledge in a behavioural simulation model pp. 102-122 Downloads
John D. W. Morecroft and Kees A. J. M. van der Heijden
The definition and application of a stepwise approach to model conceptualisation and analysis pp. 123-136 Downloads
Eric F. Wolstenholme
Systems thinking and organizational learning: Acting locally and thinking globally in the organization of the future pp. 137-150 Downloads
Peter M. Senge and John D. Sterman
Model-supported case studies for management education pp. 151-166 Downloads
Alan K. Graham, John D. W. Morecroft, Peter M. Senge and John D. Sterman
Experimentation in learning organizations: A management flight simulator approach pp. 167-182 Downloads
Bent Bakken, Janet Gould and Daniel Kim
Overcoming limits to learning in computer-based learning environments pp. 183-196 Downloads
Williams Isaacs and Peter Senge
Software for model-building and simulation: An illustration of design philosophy pp. 197-202 Downloads
Steve Peterson
The system dynamics modelling process and DYSMPA2 pp. 203-209 Downloads
Brian Dangerfield
Participatory simulation software for managers: The design philosophy behind MicroWorld Creator pp. 210-215 Downloads
Ernst W. Diehl
Understanding models with Vensim(TM) pp. 216-219 Downloads
Robert L. Eberlein and David W. Peterson
Hexagons for systems thinking pp. 220-230 Downloads
Anthony M. Hodgson

Volume 58, issue 3, 1992

Maintenance management decision making pp. 301-317 Downloads
L. M. Pintelon and L. F. Gelders
Development of a reliability based dynamic dredging decision model pp. 318-334 Downloads
Samuel J. Ratick, Wei Du and David A. Moser
Number of bids, number of bidders and bidding behavior in outer-continental shelf oil lease auction markets pp. 335-343 Downloads
Reza Saidi and James R. Marsden
Time-series distributional properties of financial ratios: Empirical evidence from Finnish listed firms pp. 344-355 Downloads
Teppo Martikainen
Reorganization of forest districts via efficiency measurement pp. 356-362 Downloads
Chiang Kao and Yong Chi Yang
A branch-and-bound algorithm for the location of facilities causing atmospheric pollution pp. 363-373 Downloads
John Karkazis and Costas Papadimitriou
A model for scheduling postal distribution employees pp. 374-385 Downloads
Manoj K. Malhotra, Larry P. Ritzman, W. C. Benton and G. Keong Leong
Optimization of telephone wire gauges for transmission standards pp. 386-392 Downloads
Lorenzo F. Hernandez and Behrokh Khoshnevis
A cost-allocation system applied to Dutch hospitals pp. 393-403 Downloads
Piet A. Verheyen and Pieter F. P. M. Nederstigt
Some new efficient methods to solve the n/1/ri/[epsilon]Ti scheduling problem pp. 404-413 Downloads
C. Chu and M. -C. Portmann
An optimal method for solving the (generalized) multi-Weber problem pp. 414-426 Downloads
K. E. Rosing
Democracy and efficiency: A note on "Arrow's theorem is not a surprising result" pp. 427-430 Downloads
Denis Bouyssou

Volume 58, issue 2, 1992

EJOR special issue on practical combinatorial optimization pp. 147-148 Downloads
Roberto D. Galvao, Soren K. Jacobsen, Nelson Maculan and Francesco Maffioli
Topological design of computer communication networks -- The overall design problem pp. 149-172 Downloads
Bezalel Gavish
Production scheduling problems in a textile industry pp. 173-190 Downloads
Paolo Serafini and M. Grazia Speranza
Sequencing offshore oil and gas fields under uncertainty pp. 191-201 Downloads
Kurt Jörnsten
Location and sizing of offshore platforms for oil exploration pp. 202-214 Downloads
Pierre Hansen, Eugenio de Luna Pedrosa Filho and Celso Carneiro Ribeiro
Branch-and-bound algorithms for the multi-product assembly line balancing problem pp. 215-222 Downloads
Ilana Berger, Jean-Marie Bourjolly and Gilbert Laporte
Random pseudo-polynomial algorithms for some combinatorial programming problems pp. 223-235 Downloads
G. Galbiati and F. Maffioli
Reformulating nonlinear combinatorial optimization problems for higher computational efficiency pp. 236-249 Downloads
Muhittin Oral and Ossama Kettani
A Lagrangean heuristic for the pk-median dynamic location problem pp. 250-262 Downloads
Roberto Dieguez Galvao and Ernesto del R. Santibanez-Gonzalez
An and--or-graph approach for two-dimensional cutting problems pp. 263-271 Downloads
R. N. Morabito, M. N. Arenales and V. F. Arcaro
A heuristic procedure for the crew rostering problem pp. 272-283 Downloads
Lucio Bianco, Maurizio Bielli, Aristide Mingozzi, Salvatore Ricciardelli and Massimo Spadoni
A heuristic for Euclidean and rectilinear Steiner problems pp. 284-292 Downloads
John Beasley
Enhancing an algorithm for set covering problems pp. 293-300 Downloads
John Beasley and Kurt Jörnsten

Volume 58, issue 1, 1992

Warehouse design and operation pp. 1-2 Downloads
Ludo F. Gelders
A review of warehouse models pp. 3-13 Downloads
Gilles Cormier and Eldon A. Gunn
Design and operation of an order-consolidation warehouse: Models and application pp. 14-36 Downloads
Ann E. Gray, Uday S. Karmarkar and Abraham Seidmann
Zone shapes in class based storage and multicommand order picking when storage/retrieval machines are used pp. 37-47 Downloads
Marin Guenov and Robert Raeside
Storage layout of AS/RS racks based on recurrent orders pp. 48-56 Downloads
D. L. van Oudheusden and W. Zhu
Order batching procedures pp. 57-67 Downloads
David R. Gibson and Gunter P. Sharp
Setup cost stability region for the dynamic lot sizing problem with backlogging pp. 68-77 Downloads
Suresh Chand and Jozsef Voros
Asymptotic analysis of dichotomous search with search and travel costs pp. 78-89 Downloads
Refael Hassin and Reuven Hotovely
A fuzzy set-theoretic method for public facility location pp. 90-98 Downloads
Ki-ho Chung and Dong-wan Tcha
Multi-item batching heuristics for minimization of queueing delays pp. 99-111 Downloads
Uday S. Karmarkar, Sham Kekre and Sunder Kekre
Optimal preventive maintenance policies in an M/G/1 queue-like production system pp. 112-122 Downloads
Lie-Fern Hsu
Queueing models for performance analysis: Selection of single station models pp. 123-145 Downloads
Mark C. Springer and Paul K. Makens
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