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1977 - 2015

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Volume 31, issue 3, 1987

Half a century of operational research in the RAF pp. 271-275 Downloads
D. W. Daniel
Critical heuristics of social systems design pp. 276-283 Downloads
Werner Ulrich
A research study of human decision-making in higher level military command and control pp. 284-291 Downloads
Peter Moynihan and Ken Bowen
Real time gaming with real decision makers -- experiences from crises management gaming for the Swedish economic defence pp. 292-296 Downloads
Karl-Henrik Dreborg and Jan-Erik Svensson
Meaning and validity of interactive procedures as tools for decision making pp. 297-303 Downloads
B. Roy
The evaluation criteria of the venture capital investment activity: An interactive assessment pp. 304-313 Downloads
J. Siskos and C. Zopounidis
: Towards a negotiation support system pp. 314-334 Downloads
Matthias Jarke, M. Tawfik Jelassi and Melvin F. Shakun
An adaptation of to multiobjective linear programming pp. 335-341 Downloads
J. Ch. Pomerol and T. Trabelsi
Interactive multiple objective programming subject to flexible constraints pp. 342-349 Downloads
Brigitte Werners
with an interactive assessment of a piecewise linear utility function pp. 350-357 Downloads
Eric Jacquet-Lagreze, Rachid Meziani and Roman Slowinski
Optimal control of a removable server in an M/G/1 queue with finite capacity pp. 358-367 Downloads
J. Teghem
Dynamic estimation of queue behaviour in urban traffic pp. 368-375 Downloads
Bruno Betro, Fabio Schoen and M. Grazia Speranza
Nash fuzzy equilibrium: Theory and application to a spatial duopoly pp. 376-384 Downloads
Claude Ponsard

Volume 31, issue 2, 1987

Editorial pp. 163-164 Downloads
Jacquet-Lagre`ze, Eric
Address by first EURO Gold Metal recipient pp. 173-176 Downloads
Zimmermann, Hans-Ju[diaeresis]rgen
Localization in multifacility location theory pp. 177-184 Downloads
Christian Michelot
Microlay: An interactive computer program for factory layout planning on microcomputers pp. 185-193 Downloads
Wa[diaeresis]scher, Gerhard and Peter Chamoni
The more-for-less paradox in linear programming pp. 194-197 Downloads
A. Charnes, S. Duffuaa and Michael Ryan
An integrated model for the dynamic analysis of location-transport interrelations pp. 198-208 Downloads
C.S. Bertuglia, G. Leonardi, S. Occelli, G.A. Rabino and R. Tadei
Dynamic models for person transportation and their relationship to urban structure and change pp. 209-214 Downloads
Antonio Bellacicco, Sandro Cossetto and Alan G. Wilson
Multicriteria ranking of alternative locations for small scale hydro plants pp. 215-222 Downloads
N. Mladineo, J. Margeta, J.P. Brans and Bertrand Mareschal
Planning lot sizes and capacity requirements in a single stage production system pp. 223-231 Downloads
Gu[diaeresis]nther, H.O.
A heuristic algorithm for allocation of components in manufacturing processes pp. 232-239 Downloads
E. Trauwaert and A. Decrock
Nuclear fuel cycle optimization using multi-objective stochastic linear programming pp. 240-249 Downloads
P.L. Kunsch and J. Teghem
Energy in industry -- The role for OR pp. 250-258 Downloads
J.E. Barton

Volume 31, issue 1, 1987

Managing the modeling process: A personal reflection pp. 1-8 Downloads
Saul . Gass
Ambulance deployment analysis: A case study of Bangkok pp. 9-18 Downloads
Okitsugu Fujiwara, Thanet Makjamroen and Kapil Kumar Gupta
Cyclic nurse scheduling pp. 19-23 Downloads
E. S. Rosenbloom and N. F. Goertzen
Proportional allocation schemes for tour costs pp. 24-30 Downloads
P. C. Fishburn and H. O. Pollak
Simulation with too many factors: review of random and group-screening designs pp. 31-36 Downloads
Jack Kleijnen
Reliability, pricing and quality control pp. 37-45 Downloads
Charles S. Tapiero, Peter H. Ritchken and Arnold Reisman
Optimal software release policies with simultaneous cost and reliability requirements pp. 46-51 Downloads
Shigeru Yamada and Shunji Osaki
OR contributions to flexibility improvement in production/inventory systems pp. 52-60 Downloads
Paul van Beek and Cornelis van Putten
Stability of the constant cost dynamic lot size model pp. 61-65 Downloads
Knut Richter
On a modification of a step-size algorithm pp. 66-70 Downloads
Nada . Djuranovic-Milicic
A heuristic algorithm for a pseudo-cyclic delivery problem under window constraints pp. 71-77 Downloads
Giuseppe Paletta
An exact algorithm for the pallet loading problem pp. 78-84 Downloads
Kathryn A. Dowsland
An algorithm for set covering problem pp. 85-93 Downloads
John Beasley
Heuristic solutions and confidence intervals for the multicovering problem pp. 94-101 Downloads
David J. Gonsalvez, Nicholas G. Hall, WanSoo T. Rhee and Sue P. Siferd
Parametric-objective integer programming using knapsack facets and Gomory cutting planes pp. 102-109 Downloads
Larry Jenkins
Linear programming with a possibilistic objective function pp. 110-117 Downloads
M. K. Luhandjula
Simple solution procedures for nonlinear programming problems that are derivative decomposable pp. 118-126 Downloads
Robert C. Carlson, James E. Hodder and James V. Jucker
Generalizations and applications of a class of dynamic programming problems pp. 127-131 Downloads
Hans Ulrich Buhl
Means and variances of time averages in Markovian environments pp. 132-139 Downloads
Winfried Grassmann
A variance minimization problem for a Markov decision process pp. 140-145 Downloads
Hajime Kawai
OR software pp. 146-147 Downloads
Herve Thiriez

Volume 30, issue 3, 1987

The analysis of popular collective action pp. 223-229 Downloads
C. Tilly
Foraging society organization: A simple model of a complex transition pp. 230-236 Downloads
Dwight W. Read
A production system model of hunter-gatherer resource scheduling adaptations pp. 237-239 Downloads
Robert G. Reynolds
Modelling decision making and learning by low latitude hunter gatherers pp. 240-242 Downloads
Steven J. Mithen
Simulation modelling in archaeology: Reflections and trends pp. 243-245 Downloads
James A. Bell
Origin of the division of labour and a stochastic mechanism of differentiation pp. 246-250 Downloads
Ping Chen
The evolving economy pp. 251-257 Downloads
Richard H. Day
Macroeconomic dynamics and econometric modelling pp. 258-261 Downloads
Stefan Mittnik
Loss of control and returns to scale in organizations pp. 262-266 Downloads
Martin J. Beckmann
Chance-constrained activity analysis pp. 267-269 Downloads
Sten Thore
The Laurent series approach to structural modeling pp. 270-279 Downloads
William Barnett and Yul W. Lee
Rapprochement of artificial intelligence and dynamics pp. 280-290 Downloads
Michael Conrad
Toward a classification of complex systems pp. 291-293 Downloads
Robert W. Crosby
Path-dependent processes and the emergence of macro-structure pp. 294-303 Downloads
W. Brian Arthur, Yu. M. Ermoliev and Yuri (Yuriy) Kaniovski (Kaniovskyi)
Interaction of trip decisions and traffic systems dynamics pp. 304-317 Downloads
Hani S. Mahmassani and Robert Herman
Dynamic network equilibrium: Some comments pp. 318-320 Downloads
Moshe Ben-Akiva, André de Palma and Pavlos Kanaroglou
Bifurcation and disaggregation in urban/regional spatial modelling: A technical note pp. 321-326 Downloads
Yupo Chan and Ping Yi
An analysis of the efficacy and efficiency of hierarchical procedures for computing trajectories over complex surfaces pp. 327-338 Downloads
Terence R. Smith and Richard E. Parker
Resource allocation in a large decentralized enterprise pp. 339-343 Downloads
Denos C. Gazis
Cellular dynamics: How individual decisions lead to global urban change pp. 344-346 Downloads
Helen Couclelis
Time behavior of stressed nonhierarchical networks pp. 347-355 Downloads
Clayton M. Lockhart and Mario R. Garzia
Other than chance and necessity; intention and purpose by design pp. 356-358 Downloads
Harold G. Nelson

Volume 30, issue 2, 1987

Editorial pp. 95-96 Downloads
P. M. Allen, C. W. Schieve and R. N. Adams
Exploring complexity pp. 97-103 Downloads
Ilya Prigogine
Nonlinearity in high-order models of social systems pp. 104-109 Downloads
Jay W. Forrester
The epistemology of complex systems pp. 110-116 Downloads
Kenneth E. Boulding
Complexity, organization and uncertainty pp. 117-128 Downloads
Bruce J. West and Jonas Salk
On complex systems pp. 129-134 Downloads
Robert Rosen
System similarities and the existence of natural laws pp. 135-138 Downloads
John Casti
Simplifying the complex: The paradigms of ecological function and structure pp. 139-146 Downloads
C. S. Holling
Modelling complex human systems: A fisheries example pp. 147-167 Downloads
P. M. Allen and J. M. McGlade
Error, communication and learning in ant societies pp. 168-172 Downloads
J. L. Deneubourg, S. Aron, S. Goss and J. M. Pasteels
Growth and development: Variational principles reconsidered pp. 173-178 Downloads
Robert E. Ulanowicz
Problems in the modelling of socio-cultural systems pp. 179-192 Downloads
A. Colin Renfrew
Some observations on social evolution from an energy structure approach pp. 193-202 Downloads
Richard N. Adams
Historical systems as complex systems pp. 203-207 Downloads
Immanuel Wallerstein
Organizing the nation: Revolution and the modern state pp. 208-210 Downloads
Robert Artigiani
A critique of dissipative structures in the human realm pp. 211-221 Downloads
Peter Gould
Comments on the paper of P. Gould pp. 222-221 Downloads
P. M. Allen

Volume 30, issue 1, 1987

Eurobanking--Preface pp. 1-2 Downloads
Robert Park
Editorial pp. 3-5 Downloads
Jan Telgen and Maurizio Scalzo
Development of the variable rate preferred stock market pp. 6-12 Downloads
Lazaros P. Mavrides
A dynamic bank portfolio planning model with multiple scenarios, multiple goals and changing priorities pp. 13-23 Downloads
Antti Korhonen
Strategies simulation in an aggregate bank model pp. 24-29 Downloads
Marisa Bedoni
: A strategic balance sheet simulation model pp. 30-34 Downloads
N. Grubmann
Re-assignment and consolidation of credit authorizations pp. 35-41 Downloads
Brice G. Leibundgut
Management of banks' international lending: Country risk analysis and country exposure measurement and control pp. 42-47 Downloads
Ettore Pietrabissa
Branch planning through decentralised marketing and regional analysis studies pp. 48-54 Downloads
G. O. Eliopoulos and A. K. Kouzelis
The banking system in Sicily: A territorial analysis for planning and marketing purposes pp. 55-67 Downloads
Angela Sevosi and Marilena Troiani
Factor analysis and classification methods: An application to the study of corporate custom pp. 68-76 Downloads
L. Martin and J. Payet
Visual interactive modelling and manpower planning pp. 77-84 Downloads
J. N. Billington
Evaluating the interest aspect of cash management pp. 85-88 Downloads
V. van Gijlswijk
On the determinants of ATM performance pp. 89-94 Downloads
Andreas Kouzelis
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