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Volume 74, issue 3, 1994

Fuzzy sets theory applications in traffic and transportation pp. 379-390 Downloads
Dusan Teodorovic
Unified interactive multiple objective programming pp. 391-406 Downloads
Lorraine R. Gardiner and Ralph E. Steuer
Avoiding rank reversal in AHP decision-support models pp. 407-419 Downloads
Stan Schenkerman
Reply to Schenkerman's avoiding rank reversal in AHP decision support models pp. 420-425 Downloads
Luis G. Vargas
Highlights and critical points in the theory and application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process pp. 426-447 Downloads
Thomas L. Saaty
Throughput analysis in manufacturing networks pp. 448-465 Downloads
G. R. Bitran and Chandan Sarkar
Stochastic frontier production analysis: Measuring performance of public telecommunications in 24 OECD countries pp. 466-478 Downloads
Toshiyuki Sueyoshi
Mathematical programming models for ownership and control of European and American groups of companies pp. 479-494 Downloads
J. S. H. Kornbluth and G. R. Salkin
The log bucking problem: A comparison of dynamic programming versus branch and bound pp. 495-508 Downloads
Paul M. Bobrowski
Overlapping machine groups in semiconductor wafer fabrication pp. 509-518 Downloads
Pravin K. Johri
A decision modes for shift scheduling of nurses pp. 519-527 Downloads
Sue Perrott Siferd and W. C. Benton
Stochastic allocation of a resource among partially interchangeable activities pp. 528-539 Downloads
Alain Martel and Jean Ouellet
Working set generation methods for labor tour scheduling pp. 540-551 Downloads
Stephen E. Bechtold and Michael J. Brusco
The dynamics of make or buy decisions pp. 552-571 Downloads
Srinivasan Balakrishnan
On the role of discrete bid levels in oral auctions pp. 572-581 Downloads
Michael H. Rothkopf and Ronald Harstad

Volume 74, issue 2, 1994

Editorial pp. 197-581 Downloads
Teppo Martikainen, Ilkka Virtanen and Paavo Yli-Olli
World wide security market regularities pp. 198-229 Downloads
William T. Ziemba
Distributional analysis to model atypical behavior pp. 230-242 Downloads
Dirk-Emma Baestaens
An interest rate risk management model for commercial banks pp. 243-256 Downloads
Wolfgang Bessler and G. Geoffrey Booth
Threshold margins, growth, and inflation: Creating real economic value pp. 257-272 Downloads
Barry Doyle, Daniel L. Blakely and L. William Murray
Nonlinear dependence in Finnish stock returns pp. 273-283 Downloads
G. Geoffrey Booth, Teppo Martikainen, Salil K. Sarkar, Ilkka Virtanen and Paavo Yli-Olli
A diagnostic model for improving the efficiency of an existing portfolio pp. 284-293 Downloads
David J. Bradfield
A market utility approach to investment valuation pp. 294-309 Downloads
Eero Kasanen and Lenos Trigeorgis
The theory of geometric stable distributions and its use in modeling financial data pp. 310-324 Downloads
Tomasz J. Kozubowski and Svetlozar T. Rachev
The diversification of currency loans: A comparison between safety-first and mean-variance criteria pp. 325-343 Downloads
Juha Seppala
The economic explanation of the strategy of a self financing firm during the recession period pp. 344-349 Downloads
Piet A. Verheyen
Evaluating probabilistic forecasts of stock prices in a developing stock market pp. 350-358 Downloads
Dilek Onkal and Yaz Muradoglu
The economic value of stock and call options on the Swedish financial market pp. 359-377 Downloads
Ralf Ostermark and Jaana Aaltonen

Volume 74, issue 1, 1994

Equity measurement in facility location analysis: A review and framework pp. 1-17 Downloads
Michael T. Marsh and David A. Schilling
Multiproduct integrated production--distribution systems pp. 18-49 Downloads
David F. Pyke and Morris A. Cohen
Valuing fixed price supply contracts pp. 50-60 Downloads
Bardia Kamrad and Peter Ritchken
Measuring dynamic efficiency under risk aversion pp. 61-69 Downloads
Jati K. Sengupta
An insight into dynamic channel assignment in cellular mobile communications systems pp. 70-77 Downloads
Pravin K. Johri
A stochastic dominance analysis of ranked voting systems with scoring pp. 78-85 Downloads
William E. Stein, Philip J. Mizzi and Roger C. Pfaffenberger
A multi-echelon queueing model with dynamic priority scheduling pp. 86-94 Downloads
Amit Gupta and Scott Webster
A decomposition approximation for finite-buffered flow lines of exponential queues pp. 95-110 Downloads
Mark C. Springer
Scheduling jobs to minimize total cost pp. 111-119 Downloads
Y. L. Chen
Scheduling jobs with release times on a machine with finite storage pp. 120-127 Downloads
W. M. Nawijn, W. Kern and S. Baas
A note on worst-case analysis of approximation algorithms for a scheduling problem pp. 128-134 Downloads
Eugeniusz Nowicki and Czeslaw Smutnicki
A search strategy for the one-size assortment problem pp. 135-142 Downloads
Horacio Hideki Yanasse
Value considerations in three-dimensional packing -- A heuristic procedure using the fractional knapsack problem pp. 143-151 Downloads
Bidhu B. Mohanty, Kamlesh Mathur and Nancy J. Ivancic
Decomposition method application to a large scale linear programming WIP projection model pp. 152-160 Downloads
Jong Soo Kim and Robert C. Leachman
A computational analysis of the Auction algorithm pp. 161-169 Downloads
B. L. Schwartz
An approximate algorithm for nonlinear integer programming pp. 170-178 Downloads
Vassil Vassilev and Krassimira Genova
Stability in multiobjective possibilistic linear programs pp. 179-187 Downloads
Robert Fuller and Mario Fedrizzi
An ordered independence system and its applications to scheduling problems pp. 188-195 Downloads
Yixun Lin

Volume 73, issue 3, 1994

Review of delay-time OR modelling of engineering aspects of maintenance pp. 407-422 Downloads
R. D. Baker and A. H. Christer
A generalized oil exploration problem pp. 423-429 Downloads
Lakdere Benkherouf
An information-economics approach to quality control attribute sampling pp. 430-442 Downloads
Boaz Ronen
Weighted matching with vertex weights: An application to scheduling training sessions in NASA space shuttle cockpit simulators pp. 443-449 Downloads
Colin E. Bell
The case for research in decision support systems pp. 450-457 Downloads
Sid S. Syam and James F. Courtney
Determination of reorder points for spare parts in a two-echelon inventory system: The case of non identical maintenance facilities pp. 458-464 Downloads
Avraham Shtub and Moti Simon
Ordering policies for the cyclical replenishment problem given leadtime-dependent discounts pp. 465-471 Downloads
Khalil F. Matta
Maximal wearing-out of a deteriorating system: An optimal stopping approach pp. 472-479 Downloads
W. Stadje
An adaptive statistical method for the discriminant problem pp. 480-486 Downloads
Carol A. Markowski
Efficiency improvement in data envelopment analysis pp. 487-494 Downloads
Chiang Kao
Solution procedures for cutting lumber into furniture parts pp. 495-501 Downloads
Celso Carnieri, Guillermo A. Mendoza and Luciano G. Gavinho
On tabu search for the location of interacting hub facilities pp. 502-509 Downloads
Darko Skorin-Kapov and Jadranka Skorin-Kapov
Weights improvement in column aggregation pp. 510-516 Downloads
Sverre Storoy
Strong linear programming relaxations for the orienteering problem pp. 517-523 Downloads
Adrienne C. Leifer and Moshe B. Rosenwein
Controlled dual perturbations for central path trajectories in geometric programming pp. 524-531 Downloads
J. Zhu, K. O. Kortanek and S. Huang
An algorithm for decomposing the parametric space in multiobjective dynamic programming problems pp. 532-538 Downloads
Mahmoud A. Abo-Sinna and Mohammad L. Hussein
Obtaining clique, cover and coefficient reduction inequalities as Chvatal-Gomory inequalities and Gomory fractional cuts pp. 539-546 Downloads
B. L. Dietrich and L. F. Escudero
Derivation of duality in mathematical programming and optimization theory pp. 547-554 Downloads
Pravin K. Johri
A multi-KP modeling for the maximum-clique problem pp. 555-561 Downloads
Federico Della Croce and Roberto Tadei
The three-dimensional bottleneck assignment problem with capacity constraints pp. 562-568 Downloads
S. Geetha and M. N. Vartak
Complexity of a class of nonlinear combinatorial problems related to their linear counterparts pp. 569-576 Downloads
Suresh Sethi and Wieslaw Kubiak
Pseudo-invexity and symmetric duality in nonlinear fractional programming pp. 577-582 Downloads
S. Nanda and L. N. Das
On some classes of matrices related to solving linear complementarity problems as linear programs pp. 583-589 Downloads
Abdelaziz Foul
A global approach for general 0-1 fractional programming pp. 590-596 Downloads
Han-Lin Li

Volume 73, issue 2, 1994

EJOR special issue on stochastic control theory and operational research pp. 205-208 Downloads
Reinhard Neck
Applicable stochastic control: From theory to practice pp. 209-225 Downloads
Charles S. Tapiero
Optimum design of measurement channels and control policies for linear-quadratic stochastic systems pp. 226-236 Downloads
Tamer Basar and Rajesh Bansal
Boundedly optimal control of piecewise deterministic systems pp. 237-251 Downloads
A. Haurie, A. Leizarowitz and Ch. van Delft
Some comments on a simple nonlinear filter with application to adaptive control pp. 252-264 Downloads
N. Christopeit
Modeling economic time series by forward and backward state space innovation models and IV estimators pp. 265-278 Downloads
Masanao Aoki
On polychotomous search problems pp. 279-294 Downloads
Karl Hinderer and Michael Stieglitz
Risk-sensitivity, large deviations and stochastic control pp. 295-303 Downloads
P. Whittle
Stochastic and robust control of nonlinear economic systems pp. 304-318 Downloads
Berc Rustem
On the complexity of linear quadratic control pp. 319-330 Downloads
Alfred Lorn Norman
Optimal feedback production planning in a stochastic two-machine flowshop pp. 331-345 Downloads
S. Lou, Suresh Sethi and Q. Zhang
Aggregate production planning by stochastic control pp. 346-359 Downloads
Randolph F. C. Shen
The stochastic dynamic product cycling problem pp. 360-373 Downloads
Uday S. Karmarkar and Jinsung Yoo
A dynamic model of the firm with uncertain earnings and adjustment costs pp. 374-383 Downloads
Peter Kort
Stochastic optimum control of macroeconometric models using the algorithm OPTCON pp. 384-405 Downloads
Reinhard Neck and Josef Matulka

Volume 73, issue 1, 1994

Models for the optimization of regional wastewater treatment systems pp. 1-16 Downloads
Joao Joanaz de Melo and Antonio S. Camara
A goal programming approach to investment decisions: A case study of fund allocation among different shopping malls pp. 17-22 Downloads
Reza Khorramshahgol and A. Ason Okoruwa
On operational research and decision aid pp. 23-26 Downloads
Bernard Roy
A note on the predictability of Finnish stock market returns: Evidence from stock index futures markets pp. 27-32 Downloads
Teppo Martikainen and Vesa Puttonen
The short-run shutdown decision when output price and initial wealth are random pp. 33-38 Downloads
Robert Sproule
A compromise solution for claims problems pp. 39-43 Downloads
Somdeb Lahiri
The value of a firm with periodically changing profitability pp. 44-49 Downloads
Luca Luigi Ghezzi
EOQ models with general demand and holding cost functions pp. 50-54 Downloads
M. Goh
Determining optimal pool size of a temporary call-in work force pp. 55-64 Downloads
Oded Berman and Richard C. Larson
A parts selection model with one-way substitution pp. 65-69 Downloads
Suresh Chand, James E. Ward and Z. Kevin Weng
Multivariate multiple linear regression based on the minimum sum of absolute errors criterion pp. 70-75 Downloads
Subhash C. Narula and Pekka Korhonen
Decision making by classical test procedures using an optimal level of significance pp. 76-84 Downloads
C. Das
Combining regression diagnostics with simulation metamodels pp. 85-94 Downloads
Renato P. Panis, Raymond H. Myers and Ernest C. Houck
Simultaneous determination of capacities and load in parallel M/M/1 queues pp. 95-102 Downloads
Heeseok Lee
Practical methods for queue length behaviour for bulk service queues of the form M/G0,C/1 and M(t)/G0,C/1 pp. 103-113 Downloads
Juan Mejia-Tellez and David Worthington
The median tour and maximal covering tour problems: Formulations and heuristics pp. 114-126 Downloads
John R. Current and David A. Schilling
An approximation algorithm for the license and shift class design problem pp. 127-131 Downloads
Klaus Jansen
Discharge allocation for hydro-electric generating stations pp. 132-138 Downloads
E. M. Klein and S. H. Sim
Some results concerning post-infeasibility analysis pp. 139-143 Downloads
Nilotpal Chakravarti
A note on deriving weights from pairwise comparison ratio matrices pp. 144-149 Downloads
Akihiro Hashimoto
Constructing the set of efficient objective values in linear multiple objective transportation problems pp. 150-163 Downloads
Richard J. Gallagher and Ossama A. Saleh
Characterizing an optimal solution to the linear bilevel programming problem pp. 164-166 Downloads
Yi-Hsin Liu and Stephen M. Hart
On the Dietrich-Escudero approach for solving the 0-1 knapsack problem with a 0-1 objective function pp. 167-168 Downloads
L. F. Escudero, G. Perez and A. Garin
A computational note on the Martello-Toth knapsack algorithm pp. 169-171 Downloads
Francis J. Vasko
The Newton direction and the cutting plane pp. 172-174 Downloads
M. Gaudioso and M. F. Monaco
On the generalized 2-peripatetic salesman problem pp. 175-180 Downloads
J. B. J. M. De Kort and A. Volgenant
An experimental comparison of three heuristics for the WVCP pp. 181-184 Downloads
Per. S. Laursen
Comment on elmaghraby and herroelen's "The scheduling of activities to maximize the net present value of projects" pp. 185-187 Downloads
Canan Sepil
A computational improvement for a shortest paths ranking algorithm pp. 188-191 Downloads
JoseAugusto de Azevedo, Joaquim Joao E. R. Silvestre Madeira, Ernesto Q. Vieira Martins and Filipe Manuel A. Pires
A linear time algorithm to solve the weighted perfect domination problem in series-parallel graphs pp. 192-198 Downloads
Chain-Chin Yen and R. C. T. Lee
The growth of multi-constraint random knapsacks with various right-hand sides of the constraints pp. 199-204 Downloads
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