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Volume 141, issue 3, 2002

Multiobjective symmetric duality involving cones pp. 471-479 Downloads
S. K. Suneja, Sunila Aggarwal and Sonia Davar
Solving large-scale maximum expected covering location problems by genetic algorithms: A comparative study pp. 480-494 Downloads
Haldun Aytug and Cem Saydam
Obnoxious-facility location and data-envelopment analysis: A combined distance-based formulation pp. 495-514 Downloads
Peter Thomas, Yupo Chan, Lee Lehmkuhl and William Nixon
A cutting plane algorithm for the unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem pp. 515-525 Downloads
E. Mokotoff and P. Chretienne
Strategic commitment versus postponement in a two-tier supply chain pp. 526-543 Downloads
Viswanath Cvsa and Stephen M. Gilbert
A multi-phase mathematical programming approach for effective supply chain design pp. 544-558 Downloads
Srinivas Talluri and R. C. Baker
Efficient heuristics for flowshop sequencing with the objectives of makespan and flowtime minimisation pp. 559-569 Downloads
Jose M. Framinan, Rainer Leisten and Rafael Ruiz-Usano
The costs and benefits of commonality in assemble-to-order systems with a (Q,r)-policy for component replenishment pp. 570-586 Downloads
Mark S. Hillier
Calculating can-order policies for the joint replenishment problem by the compensation approach pp. 587-595 Downloads
Philip Melchiors
Evaluating correct classification probability for weighted voting classifiers with plurality voting pp. 596-607 Downloads
Gregory Levitin
Constructing a quasi-concave quadratic objective function from interviewing a decision maker pp. 608-640 Downloads
A. S. Tangian
Economic and financial prediction using rough sets model pp. 641-659 Downloads
Francis E. H. Tay and Lixiang Shen
A data-driven software tool for enabling cooperative information sharing among police departments pp. 660-678 Downloads
Michael Redmond and Alok Baveja
Using formal MS/OR modeling to support disaster recovery planning pp. 679-688 Downloads
(Noel) Bryson, Kweku-Muata, Harvey Millar, Anito Joseph and Ayodele Mobolurin
Optimal maintenance policy in a multistate deteriorating standby system pp. 689-698 Downloads
Chung-Chi Hsieh and Kuo-Chang Chiu

Volume 141, issue 2, 2002

Cutting and packing pp. 239-240 Downloads
P. Y. Wang and G. Wascher
Two-dimensional packing problems: A survey pp. 241-252 Downloads
Andrea Lodi, Silvano Martello and Michele Monaci
LP models for bin packing and cutting stock problems pp. 253-273 Downloads
J. M. Valerio de Carvalho
A cutting plane algorithm for the one-dimensional cutting stock problem with multiple stock lengths pp. 274-294 Downloads
G. Belov and G. Scheithauer
Decomposition approaches for solving the integer one-dimensional cutting stock problem with different types of standard lengths pp. 295-312 Downloads
Oliver Holthaus
Modeling multistage cutting stock problems pp. 313-327 Downloads
Eugene J. Zak
A solution procedure for a pattern sequencing problem as part of a one-dimensional cutting stock problem in the steel industry pp. 328-340 Downloads
Michael Armbruster
An effective quasi-human based heuristic for solving the rectangle packing problem pp. 341-358 Downloads
Yu-Liang Wu, Wenqi Huang, Siu-chung Lau, C. K. Wong and Gilbert H. Young
A 2-exchange heuristic for nesting problems pp. 359-370 Downloads
A. Miguel Gomes and Jose F. Oliveira
An algorithm for polygon placement using a bottom-left strategy pp. 371-381 Downloads
Kathryn A. Dowsland, Subodh Vaid and William B. Dowsland
Heuristics for the container loading problem pp. 382-392 Downloads
David Pisinger
Solving container loading problems by block arrangement pp. 393-409 Downloads
Michael Eley
Heuristic algorithms for the three-dimensional bin packing problem pp. 410-420 Downloads
Andrea Lodi, Silvano Martello and Daniele Vigo
An n-tet graph approach for non-guillotine packings of n-dimensional boxes into an n-container pp. 421-439 Downloads
Lauro Lins, Sostenes Lins and Reinaldo Morabito
An improved algorithm for the packing of unequal circles within a larger containing circle pp. 440-453 Downloads
Huaiqing Wang, Wenqi Huang, Quan Zhang and Dongming Xu
Pseudo-criteria versus linear utility function in stochastic multi-criteria acceptability analysis pp. 454-469 Downloads
Risto Lahdelma and Pekka Salminen

Volume 141, issue 1, 2002

Some thoughts on the development of integer programming during my research career - lecture delivered upon receiving the EURO Gold Medal, July 9, 2001, Rotterdam pp. 1-7 Downloads
Egon Balas
Deterministic versus stochastic sensitivity analysis in investment problems: An environmental case study pp. 8-20 Downloads
Willem Groenendaal and Jack Kleijnen
A variable returns to scale data envelopment analysis model for the joint determination of efficiencies with an example of the UK health service pp. 21-38 Downloads
P. F. Tsai and C. Mar Molinero
Optimal pricing for service facilities with self-optimizing customers pp. 39-57 Downloads
Thomas A. Grossman and Margaret L. Brandeau
Optimal dynamic law enforcement pp. 58-69 Downloads
Gustav Feichtinger, Waltraud Grienauer and Gernot Tragler
Applying environmental criteria to supplier assessment: A study in the application of the Analytical Hierarchy Process pp. 70-87 Downloads
Robert Handfield, Steven V. Walton, Robert Sroufe and Steven A. Melnyk
Timing and quality decisions for entrepreneurial product development pp. 88-106 Downloads
Michael J Armstrong and Moren Levesque
Stochastically dominating shifts and the competitive firm pp. 107-112 Downloads
Thomas Paulsson and Robert Sproule
Optimal and near-optimal inventory control policies for a make-to-order inventory-production system pp. 113-132 Downloads
Q. -M. He, E. M. Jewkes and J. Buzacott
A search heuristic for the sequence-dependent economic lot scheduling problem pp. 133-146 Downloads
Bret J. Wagner and Darwin J. Davis
Path critical index and activity critical index in PERT networks pp. 147-152 Downloads
S. M. T. Fatemi Ghomi and E. Teimouri
Product balancing under conditions of quality inflation, cost pressures and growth strategies pp. 153-166 Downloads
Jozsef Voros
A decentralized two-level transportation problem in a housing material manufacturer: Interactive fuzzy programming approach pp. 167-185 Downloads
Masatoshi Sakawa, Ichiro Nishizaki and Yoshio Uemura
Maximizing political efficiency via electoral cycles: An optimal control model pp. 186-199 Downloads
Arieh Gavious and Shlomo Mizrahi
On the use of information criteria in analytic hierarchy process pp. 200-216 Downloads
Indrani Basak
Defending against strategic manipulation in uninorm-based multi-agent decision making pp. 217-232 Downloads
Ronald R. Yager
Fractional programming with absolute-value functions pp. 233-238 Downloads
S. S. Chadha

Volume 140, issue 3, 2002

A network model for airline cabin crew scheduling pp. 531-540 Downloads
Shangyao Yan and Yu-Ping Tu
A goal programming approach to strategic resource allocation in acute care hospitals pp. 541-561 Downloads
John T. Blake and Michael W. Carter
Pricing and logit-based mode choice models of a transit and highway system with elastic demand pp. 562-570 Downloads
Hai-Jun Huang
Multiobjective optimization and marginal pollution abatement cost in the electricity sector - An Israeli case study pp. 571-583 Downloads
David Soloveitchik, Nissim Ben-Aderet, Mira Grinman and Alexander Lotov
Approximately global optimization for assortment problems using piecewise linearization techniques pp. 584-589 Downloads
Han-Lin Li, Ching-Ter Chang and Jung-Fa Tsai
A reduction technique for weighted grouping problems pp. 590-605 Downloads
Timo Knuutila and Olli Nevalainen
An efficient genetic algorithm for the traveling salesman problem with precedence constraints pp. 606-617 Downloads
Chiung Moon, Jongsoo Kim, Gyunghyun Choi and Yoonho Seo
A sweep-based algorithm for the fleet size and mix vehicle routing problem pp. 618-628 Downloads
Jacques Renaud and Fayez F. Boctor
The transportation problem with exclusionary side constraints and two branch-and-bound algorithms pp. 629-647 Downloads
Minghe Sun
Uniform distribution of inventory positions in two-echelon periodic review systems with batch-ordering policies and interdependent demands pp. 648-654 Downloads
Frank Y. Chen, Youyi Feng and David Simchi-Levi
Product and process yield estimation with Gaussian quadrature (GQ) reduction: Improvements over the GQ full factorial approach pp. 655-669 Downloads
Songquan Liu, Herbert Moskowitz, Robert Plante and Paul V. Preckel
A non-stationary periodic review production-inventory model with uncertain production capacity and uncertain demand pp. 670-683 Downloads
Tetsuo Iida
Forecasting sales of slow and fast moving inventories pp. 684-699 Downloads
Ralph Snyder

Volume 140, issue 2, 2002

Prologue: EURO 2000 pp. 165-166 Downloads
Jakob Krarup
The EURO 2000 feature issue of EJOR pp. 167-169 Downloads
Jakob Krarup and David Pisinger
Pivot versus interior point methods: Pros and cons pp. 170-190 Downloads
Tibor Illes and Tamas Terlaky
OR, Ethics and Decisions: the OATH of PROMETHEUS pp. 191-196 Downloads
J. Pierre Brans
Optimizing color picture tubes by high-cost nonlinear programming pp. 197-211 Downloads
Dick Den Hertog and Peter Stehouwer
The cultural roots linking Europe pp. 212-224 Downloads
Heiner Muller-Merbach
Operations research education for forgotten populations pp. 225-231 Downloads
Joze Andrej Cibej
Complex Societal Problems in Operational Research pp. 232-240 Downloads
Dorien J. DeTombe
McCockerel measuring individual punishment and reciprocity in a simple value-laden dilemma game pp. 241-248 Downloads
Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger, Joerg Schuetze and Alois Lafer
Review of ranking methods in the data envelopment analysis context pp. 249-265 Downloads
Nicole Adler, Lea Friedman and Zilla Sinuany-Stern
Recent research directions in automated timetabling pp. 266-280 Downloads
Edmund Kieran Burke and Sanja Petrovic
Applications of stochastic programming: Achievements and questions pp. 281-290 Downloads
Jitka Dupacova
Solving integer programs over monotone inequalities in three variables: A framework for half integrality and good approximations pp. 291-321 Downloads
Dorit S. Hochbaum
Advances in design and implementation of optimization software pp. 322-337 Downloads
Istvan Maros and Mohammad Haroon Khaliq
Formulating logical implications in combinatorial optimisation pp. 338-353 Downloads
Frank Plastria
Optimality in musical melodies and harmonic progressions: The travelling musician pp. 354-372 Downloads
Daniel Schell
Optimization with simulation and multiobjective analysis in industrial decision-making: A case study pp. 373-383 Downloads
. Alberto, C. Azcarate, F. Mallor and P. M. Mateo
An approach to solve the minimum expected makespan flow-shop problem subject to breakdowns pp. 384-398 Downloads
D. Alcaide, A. Rodriguez-Gonzalez and J. Sicilia
Optimal adaptive control of treatment planning in radiation therapy pp. 399-412 Downloads
G. Arcangeli, M. Benassi, L. Nieddu, C. Passi, G. Patrizi and M. T. Russo
A complex societal problem: Reintegration of partially disabled people in the workforce in the Netherlands pp. 413-426 Downloads
Stella den Uijl and Tineke Bahlmann
A bicriteria knapsack program for planning remediation of contaminated lightstation sites pp. 427-433 Downloads
Larry Jenkins
Decision support system for multicriterial R&D and information systems projects selection pp. 434-446 Downloads
Jindrich Klapka and Petr Pinos
Business process reengineering for health-care system using multicriteria mathematical programming pp. 447-458 Downloads
N. K. Kwak and Chang W. Lee
Measuring the success of the NATO operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1995-2000 pp. 459-481 Downloads
Nicholas J. Lambert
Europe in symplex diagrams: From statistical tables to insight pp. 482-498 Downloads
Heiner Muller-Merbach
Using factor analysis to identify consumer preferences for the protection of a natural area in Portugal pp. 499-516 Downloads
Paulo Nunes
Semi-autonomous planning using linear programming in the Chilean General Treasury pp. 517-529 Downloads
Marcos Singer, Patricio Donoso and Francisco Poblete

Volume 140, issue 1, 2002

A simulation model for the Kwai Chung container terminals in Hong Kong pp. 1-11 Downloads
A. A. Shabayek and W. W. Yeung
A new multiobjective evolutionary algorithm pp. 12-23 Downloads
Ruhul Sarker, Ko-Hsin Liang and Charles Newton
Data envelopment analysis with imprecise data pp. 24-36 Downloads
Dimitris K. Despotis and Yiannis G. Smirlis
The performance of stochastic dynamic and fixed mix portfolio models pp. 37-49 Downloads
Stein-Erik Fleten, Kjetil Hoyland and Stein Wallace
Extended block replacement policy with shock models and used items pp. 50-60 Downloads
Shey-Huei Sheu and William S. Griffith
Stochastic conditional and unconditional warfare pp. 61-87 Downloads
Kjell Hausken and John F. Moxnes
An additional result of Monsuur's paper about intrinsic consistency threshold for reciprocal matrices pp. 88-92 Downloads
Miroslaw Kwiesielewicz and Ewa van Uden
Mean utility in the assurance region model pp. 93-103 Downloads
Eduardo Conde
An analysis of distributions of priority values from alternative comparison scales within AHP pp. 104-117 Downloads
Malcolm Beynon
An interactive approach for hierarchical analysis of helicopter logistics in disaster relief operations pp. 118-133 Downloads
Gulay Barbarosoglu, Linet Ozdamar and Ahmet Cevik
A partial cooperation model for non-unique linear two-level decision problems pp. 134-141 Downloads
D. Cao and L. C. Leung
Combining expert judgment: On the performance of trimmed mean vote aggregation procedures in the presence of strategic voting pp. 142-147 Downloads
W. J. Hurley and D. U. Lior
DS/AHP method: A mathematical analysis, including an understanding of uncertainty pp. 148-164 Downloads
Malcolm Beynon
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