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Volume 139, issue 3, 2002

A survey of maintenance policies of deteriorating systems pp. 469-489 Downloads
Hongzhou Wang
A lot-sizing problem in an automated foundry pp. 490-500 Downloads
Elisangela dos Santos-Meza, Maristela Oliveira dos Santos and Marcos Nereu Arenales
Improved attribute acceptance sampling plans in the presence of misclassification error pp. 501-510 Downloads
Edward P. Markowski and Carol A. Markowski
The multiparametric 0-1-integer linear programming problem: A unified approach pp. 511-520 Downloads
Alejandro Crema
Districting for salt spreading operations pp. 521-532 Downloads
L. Muyldermans, D. Cattrysse, D. Van Oudheusden and T. Lotan
Enumeration and interactive selection of efficient paths in a multiple criteria graph for scheduling an earth observing satellite pp. 533-542 Downloads
Virginie Gabrel and Daniel Vanderpooten
A novel chaotic search for quadratic assignment problems pp. 543-556 Downloads
Mikio Hasegawa, Tohru Ikeguchi, Kazuyuki Aihara and Kohji Itoh
A new variant of a vehicle routing problem: Lower and upper bounds pp. 557-577 Downloads
Holger Glaab
Solving some lexicographic multi-objective combinatorial problems pp. 578-584 Downloads
A. Volgenant
Accounting for time-varying queueing effects in workforce scheduling pp. 585-597 Downloads
Armann Ingolfsson, Md. Amanul Haque and Alex Umnikov
Technical efficiency and economies of scale: A non-parametric analysis of REIT operating efficiency pp. 598-612 Downloads
Randy . Anderson, Robert Fok, Thomas Springer and James Webb
On optimisation of agri chains by dynamic programming pp. 613-625 Downloads
J. K. Gigler, E. M. T. Hendrix, R. A. Heesen, V. G. W. van den Hazelkamp and G. Meerdink
A new venture's optimal entry time pp. 626-642 Downloads
Moren Levesque and Dean A. Shepherd
Exploring efficiency differences over time in the Spanish banking industry pp. 643-664 Downloads
Emili Tortosa-Ausina
The long-term impact of GHG reduction policies on global trade: A case study for the petrochemical industry pp. 665-681 Downloads
D. J. Gielen and H. Yagita
A note on an integrated model of customer buying behavior pp. 682-687 Downloads
Peter S. Fader and Bruce G. S. Hardie

Volume 139, issue 2, 2002

O.R. for innovation and quality of life pp. 191-192 Downloads
Benedetto Matarazzo and Jacques Teghem
Constraint deletion strategy in the inertia-controlling quadratic programming method pp. 193-205 Downloads
Manuel Gómez Suárez and Luis P. Pedreira
Multiparametric demand transportation problem pp. 206-219 Downloads
Carlo Filippi and Giorgio Romanin-Jacur
A period vehicle routing case study pp. 220-229 Downloads
Susana Baptista, Rui Carvalho Oliveira and Eduardo Zuquete
Using real time information for effective dynamic scheduling pp. 230-244 Downloads
Peter Cowling and Marcus Johansson
Nonpreemptive flowshop scheduling with machine dominance pp. 245-261 Downloads
Ondrej Cepek, Masanori Okada and Milan Vlach
Decentralized reactive Kanban system pp. 262-276 Downloads
Katsuhiko Takahashi and Nobuto Nakamura
Simultaneous lotsizing and scheduling on parallel machines pp. 277-292 Downloads
Herbert Meyr
An improved branch-and-bound algorithm for the two machine total completion time flow shop problem pp. 293-301 Downloads
F. Della Croce, M. Ghirardi and R. Tadei
Fuzzy interval and semi-orders pp. 302-316 Downloads
Emmanuel Haven
Determining the weights of criteria in the ELECTRE type methods with a revised Simos' procedure pp. 317-326 Downloads
Jose Figueira and Bernard Roy
Selecting land mine detection strategies by means of outranking MCDM techniques pp. 327-338 Downloads
Isabelle De Leeneer and Hugo Pastijn
Financial performance analysis of Ontario (Canada) Credit Unions: An application of DEA in the regulatory environment pp. 339-350 Downloads
Peter Pille and Joseph C. Paradi
Correlated ARCH (CorrARCH): Modelling the time-varying conditional correlation between financial asset returns pp. 351-370 Downloads
George A. Christodoulakis and Stephen E. Satchell
Multi-group discrimination using multi-criteria analysis: Illustrations from the field of finance pp. 371-389 Downloads
Constantin Zopounidis and Michael Doumpos
A multicriteria model for assigning new orders to service suppliers pp. 390-399 Downloads
Rui Carvalho Oliveira and Joao Carlos Lourenco
Optimizing acyclic traffic signal switching sequences through an Extended Linear Complementarity Problem formulation pp. 400-415 Downloads
Bart De Schutter
STEEDS: A strategic transport-energy-environment decision support pp. 416-435 Downloads
C. Brand, M. Mattarelli, D. Moon and R. Wolfler Calvo
Environmental site evaluation of waste management facilities embedded into EUGENE model: A multicriteria approach pp. 436-448 Downloads
Kathleen Vaillancourt and Jean-Philippe Waaub
A decision support system for the budgeting of the Belgian health care system pp. 449-460 Downloads
Alain Mosmans, Jean-Claude Praet and Christophe Dumont
Two applications of noninvertible maps in communication and information storage pp. 461-468 Downloads
C. Mira, G. Millerioux and S. Rouabhi

Volume 139, issue 1, 2002

A survey of the state-of-the-art of common due date assignment and scheduling research pp. 1-25 Downloads
Valery Gordon, Jean-Marie Proth and Chengbin Chu
A weight set decomposition algorithm for finding all efficient extreme points in the outcome set of a multiple objective linear program pp. 26-41 Downloads
Harold P. Benson and Erjiang Sun
Relief period optimization under budget constraints pp. 42-61 Downloads
Roger L. Tobin
A modified goal programming model for piecewise linear functions pp. 62-67 Downloads
Ching-Ter Chang
Evaluating environmental performance using statistical process control techniques pp. 68-83 Downloads
Charles J. Corbett and Jeh-Nan Pan
An efficient and flexible mechanism for constructing membership functions pp. 84-95 Downloads
Andres L. Medaglia, Shu-Cherng Fang, Henry L. W. Nuttle and James R. Wilson
Reliability of several component sets with inspections at random times pp. 96-114 Downloads
Laurence Dieulle
Non-parametric tests of returns to scale pp. 115-132 Downloads
Leopold Simar and Paul Wilson
Bayesian enhanced strategic decision making for reliability pp. 133-145 Downloads
David F. Percy
Optimal maintenance strategies for systems with partial repair options and without assuming bounded costs pp. 146-165 Downloads
Peter Bruns
A survey analysis of service quality for domestic airlines pp. 166-177 Downloads
Yu-Hern Chang and Chung-Hsing Yeh
Viability of infeasible portfolio selection problems: A fuzzy approach pp. 178-189 Downloads
T. Leon, V. Liern and E. Vercher

Volume 138, issue 3, 2002

The nonlinear knapsack problem - algorithms and applications pp. 459-472 Downloads
Kurt M. Bretthauer and Bala Shetty
Using logical surrogate information in Lagrangean relaxation: An application to symmetric traveling salesman problems pp. 473-483 Downloads
Luiz Antonio N. Lorena and Marcelo Goncalves Narciso
An algorithm to perform a complete parametric analysis relative to the constraint matrix for a 0-1-integer linear program pp. 484-494 Downloads
Alejandro Crema
A hierarchical model for the location of perinatal facilities in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro pp. 495-517 Downloads
Roberto D. Galvao, Luis Gonzalo Acosta Espejo and Brian Boffey
Dynamic scheduling of stochastic jobs on a single machine pp. 518-530 Downloads
Wooseung Jang
Using group theory and transition matrices to study a class of metaheuristic neighborhoods pp. 531-544 Downloads
J. W. Barnes, Bruce W. Colletti and David L. Neuway
Fuzzy inventory problems for perishable commodities pp. 545-553 Downloads
Hideki Katagiri and Hiroaki Ishii
An interactive decision support system for on-line process control pp. 554-568 Downloads
Kumar Rajaram and Ramchandran Jaikumar
Decomposed vs integrated control of a one-stage production system pp. 569-577 Downloads
Andreas L. A. Broersma, Gerard Sierksma and Jacob Wijngaard
Optimal pricing and inventory policies: Centralized and decentralized decision making pp. 578-600 Downloads
Steffen Jorgensen and Peter Kort
Prescribing product upgrades, prices and production levels over time in a stochastic environment pp. 601-621 Downloads
Wilbert E. Wilhelm and Kaihong Xu
Expanding competence sets for the consumer decision problem pp. 622-648 Downloads
Ting-Yu Chen
A goal programming model for partner selection decisions in international joint ventures pp. 649-662 Downloads
Yannis A. Hajidimitriou and Andreas C. Georgiou
Modelling enterprise networks: A master equation approach pp. 663-670 Downloads
D. W. Pearson, P. Albert, B. Besombes, M. -R. Boudarel, E. Marcon and G. Mnemoi
A note on "a dual-ascent approach to the fixed-charge capacitated network design problem" pp. 671-675 Downloads
Bernard Gendron

Volume 138, issue 2, 2002

MCDA methodologies for classification and sorting pp. 227-228 Downloads
Constantin Zopounidis
Multicriteria classification and sorting methods: A literature review pp. 229-246 Downloads
Constantin Zopounidis and Michael Doumpos
Rough sets methodology for sorting problems in presence of multiple attributes and criteria pp. 247-259 Downloads
Salvatore Greco, Benedetto Matarazzo and Roman Slowinski
Effectiveness evaluation of expert classification methods pp. 260-273 Downloads
Oleg Larichev, Artyom Asanov and Yevgeny Naryzhny
Construction of rule-based assignment models pp. 274-293 Downloads
R. Azibi and D. Vanderpooten
Combining discriminant methods in solving classification problems in two-group discriminant analysis pp. 294-301 Downloads
Kim Fung Lam and Jane W. Moy
A multiple objective programming approach for determining faculty salary equity adjustments pp. 302-319 Downloads
Minghe Sun
Electre-like clustering from a pairwise fuzzy proximity index pp. 320-331 Downloads
Raymond Bisdorff
An aggregation/disaggregation approach to obtain robust conclusions with ELECTRE TRI pp. 332-348 Downloads
Luis Dias, Vincent Mousseau, Jose Figueira and Joao Climaco
A multicriteria assignment procedure for a nominal sorting problematic pp. 349-364 Downloads
Julien Leger and Jean-Marc Martel
A multi-profile sorting procedure in the public administration pp. 365-379 Downloads
Maria Franca Norese and Susanna Viale
Assigning priorities for maintenance, repair and refurbishment in managing a municipal housing stock pp. 380-391 Downloads
Carlos A. Bana e Costa and Rui Carvalho Oliveira
Credit risk assessment using a multicriteria hierarchical discrimination approach: A comparative analysis pp. 392-412 Downloads
M. Doumpos, K. Kosmidou, G. Baourakis and C. Zopounidis
Policies for data archival in hierarchical storage management pp. 413-435 Downloads
Vijay S. Mookerjee
Genetic programming and rough sets: A hybrid approach to bankruptcy classification pp. 436-451 Downloads
Thomas E. McKee and Terje Lensberg
An application of nonlinear optimization in molecular biology pp. 452-458 Downloads
J. G. Ecker, M. Kupferschmid, C. E. Lawrence, A. A. Reilly and A. C. H. Scott

Volume 138, issue 1, 2002

Bootstrapped efficiency estimates for a model for groups and hierarchies in DEA pp. 1-8 Downloads
Matthias Staat
Development and evaluation of an assignment heuristic for allocating cross-trained workers pp. 9-20 Downloads
Gerard M. Campbell and Moustapha Diaby
An exact algorithm for the maximum k-club problem in an undirected graph pp. 21-28 Downloads
Jean-Marie Bourjolly, Gilbert Laporte and Gilles Pesant
Solving a large-scale industrial scheduling problem using MILP combined with a heuristic procedure pp. 29-42 Downloads
Janne Roslof, Iiro Harjunkoski, Tapio Westerlund and Johnny Isaksson
An asymmetric analog of van der Veen conditions and the traveling salesman problem (II) pp. 43-62 Downloads
Yoshiaki Oda
Controlling inventories with stochastic item returns: A basic model pp. 63-75 Downloads
Moritz Fleischmann, Roelof Kuik and Rommert Dekker
Inventory control of service parts in the final phase: A central depot and repair kits pp. 76-86 Downloads
Ruud H. Teunter and Willem K. Klein Haneveld
MRP performance effects due to forecast bias and demand uncertainty pp. 87-102 Downloads
S. T. Enns
General concepts of quality for discrete-event simulation pp. 103-117 Downloads
Stewart Robinson
Process mean and screening limits for filling processes under two-stage screening procedure pp. 118-126 Downloads
Min Koo Lee and Elsayed A. Elsayed
Age repair policies for the machine repair problem pp. 127-141 Downloads
Michael J. Armstrong
Metamodeling: Radial basis functions, versus polynomials pp. 142-154 Downloads
Mohammed F. Hussain, Russel R. Barton and Sanjay B. Joshi
A computational study on the performance of artificial neural networks under changing structural design and data distribution pp. 155-177 Downloads
Parag C. Pendharkar
Comparison of fuzzy and crisp systems via system dynamics simulation pp. 178-190 Downloads
Seckin Polat and Cafer Erhan Bozdag
Bayesian neural network learning for repeat purchase modelling in direct marketing pp. 191-211 Downloads
Bart Baesens, Stijn Viaene, Dirk Van den Poel, Jan Vanthienen and Guido Dedene
Market share analysis using semi-parametric attraction models pp. 212-225 Downloads
Harald Hruschka
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