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Volume 143, issue 3, 2002

Quality function deployment: A literature review pp. 463-497 Downloads
Lai-Kow Chan and Ming-Lu Wu
Job-shop scheduling with blocking and no-wait constraints pp. 498-517 Downloads
Alessandro Mascis and Dario Pacciarelli
The maximum capture problem with random utilities: Problem formulation and algorithms pp. 518-530 Downloads
Stefano Benati and Pierre Hansen
A generalized class-teacher model for some timetabling problems pp. 531-542 Downloads
A. S. Asratian and D. de Werra
Enumeration of Pareto optimal multi-criteria spanning trees - a proof of the incorrectness of Zhou and Gen's proposed algorithm pp. 543-547 Downloads
Joshua D. Knowles and David W. Corne
The effect of product variety on supply-chain performance pp. 548-569 Downloads
Ulrich W. Thonemann and James R. Bradley
A single-vendor and multiple-buyers production-inventory policy for a deteriorating item pp. 570-581 Downloads
P. C. Yang and H. M. Wee
Fair transfer price and inventory holding policies in two-enterprise supply chains pp. 582-599 Downloads
Jonatan Gjerdrum, Nilay Shah and Lazaros G. Papageorgiou
An extension of Banerjee and Rahim's model for economic design of moving average control chart for a continuous flow process pp. 600-610 Downloads
Yun-Shiow Chen and Yit-Ming Yang
A model for conjunctive use of ground and surface water with opportunity costs pp. 611-624 Downloads
M. N. Azaiez
Separating managerial inefficiency and external conditions in data envelopment analysis pp. 625-643 Downloads
Manuel Muñiz

Volume 143, issue 2, 2002

IPM 2000. Continuous Optimization pp. 231-233 Downloads
Tibor Illes, Tamas Rapcsak and Tamas Terlaky
A new class of polynomial primal-dual methods for linear and semidefinite optimization pp. 234-256 Downloads
Jiming Peng, Cornelis Roos and Tamas Terlaky
The Mizuno-Todd-Ye algorithm in a larger neighborhood of the central path pp. 257-267 Downloads
Florian A. Potra
Analytic centers and repelling inequalities pp. 268-290 Downloads
Richard J. Caron, Harvey J. Greenberg and Allen G. Holder
Improving complexity of structured convex optimization problems using self-concordant barriers pp. 291-310 Downloads
François Glineur
Analyticity of the central path at the boundary point in semidefinite programming pp. 311-324 Downloads
Margareta Halicka
On the finite convergence of successive SDP relaxation methods pp. 325-341 Downloads
Masakazu Kojima and Levent Tuncel
On approximation of max-vertex-cover pp. 342-355 Downloads
Qiaoming Han, Yinyu Ye, Hantao Zhang and Jiawei Zhang
A note on lack of strong duality for quadratic problems with orthogonal constraints pp. 356-364 Downloads
Henry Wolkowicz
On minimization on Stiefel manifolds pp. 365-376 Downloads
T. Rapcsak
Factorization of Minty and Stampacchia variational inequality systems pp. 377-389 Downloads
Gabor Kassay, Jozsef Kolumban and Zsolt Pales
Linear semi-infinite programming theory: An updated survey pp. 390-405 Downloads
M. A. Goberna and M. A. Lopez
Some aspects of studying an optimization or decision problem in different computational models pp. 406-418 Downloads
K. Meer and G. W. Weber
PCG-inexact Newton methods for unary optimization pp. 419-431 Downloads
Jianzhong Zhang, Yi Xue, Ping Zhong and Naiyang Deng
Local analysis of a new multipliers method pp. 432-451 Downloads
Luis N. Vicente
A Riccati-based primal interior point solver for multistage stochastic programming pp. 452-461 Downloads
Jorgen Blomvall and Per Olov Lindberg

Volume 143, issue 1, 2002

Modeling and design of global logistics systems: A review of integrated strategic and tactical models and design algorithms pp. 1-18 Downloads
Marc Goetschalckx, Carlos J. Vidal and Koray Dogan
KKT transformation approach for multi-objective multi-level linear programming problems pp. 19-31 Downloads
Surabhi Sinha and S. B. Sinha
A slacks-based measure of super-efficiency in data envelopment analysis pp. 32-41 Downloads
Kaoru Tone
On the posynomial fractional programming problems pp. 42-52 Downloads
Ching-Ter Chang
A multiperiod degree constrained minimal spanning tree problem pp. 53-63 Downloads
Rakesh Kawatra
Minimizing the sum of squares lateness on a single machine pp. 64-79 Downloads
Jeffrey Schaller
Alternative formulations for a layout problem in the fashion industry pp. 80-93 Downloads
Zeger Degraeve, Willy Gochet and Raf Jans
A production planning model for an unreliable production facility: Case of finite horizon and single demand pp. 94-114 Downloads
Mohsen Elhafsi
Monolithic vs. hierarchical balancing and scheduling of a flexible assembly line pp. 115-124 Downloads
Tadeusz Sawik
Long term capacity decisions in uncertain markets for advanced manufacturing systems incorporating scope economies pp. 125-137 Downloads
Giovanni Perrone, Michele Amico, Giovanna Lo Nigro and Sergio Noto La Diega
Capacity selection under uncertainty with ratio objectives pp. 138-147 Downloads
Yigal Gerchak, Elkafi Hassini and Saibal Ray
Preference disaggregation for measuring and analysing customer satisfaction: The MUSA method pp. 148-170 Downloads
E. Grigoroudis and Y. Siskos
A buyer-seller game model for selection and negotiation of purchasing bids pp. 171-180 Downloads
Srinivas Talluri
Voting power in the European Union enlargement pp. 181-196 Downloads
J. M. Bilbao, J. R. Fernandez, N. Jimenez and J. J. Lopez
A dynamic analysis of protection and environmental policy in a small trading developing country pp. 197-209 Downloads
Amitrajeet Batabyal and Hamid Beladi
Optimization approach for data allocation in multidisk database pp. 210-217 Downloads
Ching-Ter Chang
Scheduling continuous casting of aluminum using a multiple objective ant colony optimization metaheuristic pp. 218-229 Downloads
Marc Gravel, Wilson L. Price and Caroline Gagne

Volume 142, issue 3, 2002

Review of properties of different precedence graphs for scheduling problems pp. 435-443 Downloads
Jacek Blazewicz and Daniel Kobler
On generalized semi-infinite optimization and bilevel optimization pp. 444-462 Downloads
Oliver Stein and Georg Still
On the core of semi-infinite transportation games with divisible goods pp. 463-475 Downloads
Joaquin Sanchez-Soriano, Natividad Llorca, Stef Tijs and Judith Timmer
Output-input ratio analysis and DEA frontier pp. 476-479 Downloads
Yao Chen and Agha Iqbal Ali
Infrastructure development for conversion to environmentally friendly fuel pp. 480-496 Downloads
Ravi Bapna, Lakshman S. Thakur and Suresh K. Nair
Quality improvement and setup reduction in the joint economic lot size model pp. 497-508 Downloads
John F. Affisco, M. Javad Paknejad and Farrokh Nasri
An integrated approach for planning the adoption of client/server systems pp. 509-522 Downloads
Ali Amiri
Commonality and postponement in multistage assembly systems pp. 523-538 Downloads
Shihua Ma, Wei Wang and Liming Liu
Joint reliability importance of k-out-of-n systems pp. 539-547 Downloads
J. S. Hong, H. Y. Koo and C. H. Lie
A preventive maintenance policy with sequential checking procedure for a Markov deteriorating system pp. 548-576 Downloads
Sophie Bloch-Mercier
A recursive method for the N policy G/M/1 queueing system with finite capacity pp. 577-594 Downloads
Jau-Chuan Ke and Kuo-Hsiung Wang
Non-uniform random variate generation by the vertical strip method pp. 595-609 Downloads
W. K. Pang, Z. H. Yang, S. H. Hou and P. K. Leung
Confrontations in health service management: Insights from drama theory pp. 610-624 Downloads
James W. Bryant
Three-person multi-objective conflict decision in reservoir flood control pp. 625-631 Downloads
Cheng Chuntian and K. W. Chau
The stock market's reaction to quality certification: Empirical evidence from Spain pp. 632-641 Downloads
Juan Nicolau and Ricardo Sellers
Measuring equity of educational outcomes in the presence of inefficiency pp. 642-652 Downloads
John Ruggiero, Jerry Miner and Lloyd Blanchard

Volume 142, issue 2, 2002

Graphs and Scheduling (ECCO XIII) pp. 219-220 Downloads
Gennaro Improta and Silvano Martello
A penalty function heuristic for the resource constrained shortest path problem pp. 221-230 Downloads
Pasquale Avella, Maurizio Boccia and Antonio Sforza
Diversification strategies in local search for a nonbifurcated network loading problem pp. 231-241 Downloads
Bernard Gendron, Jean-Yves Potvin and Patrick Soriano
An approximation algorithm for scheduling trees of malleable tasks pp. 242-249 Downloads
Renaud Lepere, Gregory Mounie and Denis Trystram
An Ant Colony Optimization algorithm to solve a 2-machine bicriteria flowshop scheduling problem pp. 250-257 Downloads
T'kindt, Vincent, Nicolas Monmarche, Fabrice Tercinet and Daniel Laugt
Combination between global and local methods for solving an optimization problem over the efficient set pp. 258-270 Downloads
Hoai An Le Thi, Dinh Tao Pham and Nguyen V. Thoai
Tabu search for single machine scheduling with distinct due windows and weighted earliness/tardiness penalties pp. 271-281 Downloads
Guohua Wan and Benjamin P. -C. Yen
Two models for a family of flowshop sequencing problems pp. 282-293 Downloads
Edward F. Stafford and Fan T. Tseng
Reducing passenger boarding time in airplanes: A simulation based approach pp. 294-308 Downloads
H. Van Landeghem and A. Beuselinck
A note on minimum makespan assembly plans pp. 309-320 Downloads
Giorgio Gallo and Maria Grazia Scutella
The impact of forecasting model selection on the value of information sharing in a supply chain pp. 321-344 Downloads
Xiande Zhao, Jinxing Xie and Janny Leung
Locating a waste treatment facility by using stochastic multicriteria acceptability analysis with ordinal criteria pp. 345-356 Downloads
Risto Lahdelma, Pekka Salminen and Joonas Hokkanen
A visual interactive tolerance approach to sensitivity analysis in MOLP pp. 357-381 Downloads
Ana Rosa Pereira Borges and Carlos Henggeler Antunes
Using neural networks for identifying organizational improvement strategies pp. 382-395 Downloads
Ray Montagno, Randall S. Sexton and Brien N. Smith
Performance analysis and optimization of web proxy servers and mirror sites pp. 396-418 Downloads
N. Gautam
Optimisation modelling of industrial energy systems using MIND introducing the effect of material storage pp. 419-433 Downloads
Mehrdad Heidari Tari and Mats Soderstrom

Volume 142, issue 1, 2002

Dynamic multi-objective heating optimization pp. 1-15 Downloads
Raimo P. Hamalainen and Juha Mantysaari
Modeling undesirable factors in efficiency evaluation pp. 16-20 Downloads
Lawrence Seiford and Joe Zhu
A geometric process equivalent model for a multistate degenerative system pp. 21-29 Downloads
Yeh Lam, Yuan Lin Zhang and Yao Hui Zheng
A solvable queueing network model for railway networks and its validation and applications for the Netherlands pp. 30-51 Downloads
Tijs Huisman, Richard J. Boucherie and Nico M. van Dijk
Single machine earliness-tardiness scheduling with resource-dependent release dates pp. 52-69 Downloads
Jose A. Ventura, Daecheol Kim and Frederic Garriga
A GRASP heuristic for the mixed Chinese postman problem pp. 70-80 Downloads
A. Corberan, R. Marti and J. M. Sanchis
Improving supply-chain performance by sharing advance demand information pp. 81-107 Downloads
U. W. Thonemann
Exploiting structure in adaptive dynamic programming algorithms for a stochastic batch service problem pp. 108-127 Downloads
Katerina P. Papadaki and Warren B. Powell
An optimization approach to plan for reusable software components pp. 128-137 Downloads
R. P. Sundarraj
Solving the multiple competitive facilities location problem pp. 138-151 Downloads
Tammy Drezner, Zvi Drezner and Said Salhi
The development and evaluation of a fuzzy logic expert system for renal transplantation assignment: Is this a useful tool? pp. 152-173 Downloads
Yufei Yuan, Stuart Feldhamer, Amiram Gafni, Fran Fyfe and David Ludwin
Evaluating the best main battle tank using fuzzy decision theory with linguistic criteria evaluation pp. 174-186 Downloads
Ching-Hsue Cheng and Yin Lin
A decision support model for selecting product/service benefit positionings pp. 187-202 Downloads
Abba M. Krieger and P. E. Green
Application of heuristic methods for conformance test selection pp. 203-218 Downloads
Tibor Csondes, Balazs Kotnyek and Janos Zoltan Szabo
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