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Volume 151, issue 3, 2003

Nurse rostering problems--a bibliographic survey pp. 447-460 Downloads
B. Cheang, H. Li, A. Lim and B. Rodrigues
On the convergence of conditional [var epsilon]-subgradient methods for convex programs and convex-concave saddle-point problems pp. 461-473 Downloads
Torbjorn Larsson, Michael Patriksson and Ann-Brith Stromberg
The gradual covering decay location problem on a network pp. 474-480 Downloads
Oded Berman, Dmitry Krass and Zvi Drezner
Augmented neural networks for task scheduling pp. 481-502 Downloads
Anurag Agarwal, Hasan Pirkul and Varghese S. Jacob
BFC, A branch-and-fix coordination algorithmic framework for solving some types of stochastic pure and mixed 0-1 programs pp. 503-519 Downloads
Antonio Alonso-Ayuso, Laureano F. Escudero and M. Teresa Ortuno
New savings based algorithms for time constrained pickup and delivery of full truckloads pp. 520-535 Downloads
Manfred Gronalt, Richard F. Hartl and Marc Reimann
Periodic review, push inventory policies for remanufacturing pp. 536-551 Downloads
B. Mahadevan, David F. Pyke and Moritz Fleischmann
Model calibration as a testing strategy for system dynamics models pp. 552-568 Downloads
Rogelio Oliva
An MCDM analysis of agricultural risk aversion pp. 569-585 Downloads
Jose A. Gomez-Limon, Manuel Arriaza and Laura Riesgo
Formulation of confidence intervals for estimated actual distances pp. 586-601 Downloads
Halit Uster and Robert F. Love
Management of non-maturing deposits by multistage stochastic programming pp. 602-616 Downloads
Karl Frauendorfer and Michael Schurle
Determinants of mutual fund underperformance: A Bayesian stochastic frontier approach pp. 617-632 Downloads
Jan Annaert, Julien van den Broeck and Rudi Vander Vennet

Volume 151, issue 2, 2003

Guidelines for the use of meta-heuristics in combinatorial optimization pp. 247-252 Downloads
Alain Hertz and Marino Widmer
Data mining with genetic algorithms on binary trees pp. 253-264 Downloads
Kenneth Sorensen and Gerrit K. Janssens
Lexicographic local search and the p-center problem pp. 265-279 Downloads
Refael Hassin, Asaf Levin and Dana Morad
A tabu search algorithm for self-healing ring network design pp. 280-295 Downloads
Bernard Fortz, Patrick Soriano and Christelle Wynants
Genetic algorithms to minimize the weighted number of late jobs on a single machine pp. 296-306 Downloads
Marc Sevaux and Stephane Dauzere-Peres
Job-shop scheduling with processing alternatives pp. 307-332 Downloads
Tamas Kis
Upper and lower bounds for the single source capacitated location problem pp. 333-351 Downloads
Maria Joao Cortinhal and Maria Eugenia Captivo
Genetic local search with distance preserving recombination operator for a vehicle routing problem pp. 352-364 Downloads
Andrzej Jaszkiewicz and Pawel Kominek
Variable neighborhood tabu search and its application to the median cycle problem pp. 365-378 Downloads
Jose A. Moreno Perez, J. Marcos Moreno-Vega and Inmaculada Rodriguez Martin
A variable neighborhood search for graph coloring pp. 379-388 Downloads
Cedric Avanthay, Alain Hertz and Nicolas Zufferey
Solving spread spectrum radar polyphase code design problem by tabu search and variable neighbourhood search pp. 389-399 Downloads
N. Mladenovic, J. Petrovic, V. Kovacevic-Vujcic and M. Cangalovic
Solving the continuous flow-shop scheduling problem by metaheuristics pp. 400-414 Downloads
Andreas Fink and Vo[ss], Stefan
A contribution to the stochastic flow shop scheduling problem pp. 415-433 Downloads
Michel Gourgand, Nathalie Grangeon and Sylvie Norre
A simulated annealing approach for manufacturing cell formation with multiple identical machines pp. 434-446 Downloads
Ana R. Xambre and Pedro M. Vilarinho

Volume 151, issue 1, 2003

Real-time vehicle routing: Solution concepts, algorithms and parallel computing strategies pp. 1-11 Downloads
Gianpaolo Ghiani, Francesca Guerriero, Gilbert Laporte and Roberto Musmanno
Coordinated ordering decisions for short life cycle products with uncertainty in delivery time and demand pp. 12-24 Downloads
Z. Kevin Weng and Tim McClurg
On optimal inventory control with independent stochastic item returns pp. 25-37 Downloads
Moritz Fleischmann and Roelof Kuik
Return handling options and order quantities for single period products pp. 38-52 Downloads
Dimitrios Vlachos and Rommert Dekker
The comparative efficacy of imputation methods for missing data in structural equation modeling pp. 53-79 Downloads
Alan Olinsky, Shaw Chen and Lisa Harlow
An optimal hostage rescue problem pp. 80-102 Downloads
Fengbo Shi
The interactive analysis of the multicriteria shortest path problem by the reference point method pp. 103-118 Downloads
Janusz Granat and Francesca Guerriero
Computation of ideal and Nadir values and implications for their use in MCDM methods pp. 119-139 Downloads
Matthias Ehrgott and Dagmar Tenfelde-Podehl
Analysis of heuristic solutions to the best choice problem pp. 140-152 Downloads
William E. Stein, Darryl A. Seale and Amnon Rapoport
A discrete-time model of American put option in an uncertain environment pp. 153-166 Downloads
Yuji Yoshida
Human resource selection for software development projects using Taguchi's parameter design pp. 167-180 Downloads
Hsien-Tang Tsai, Herbert Moskowitz and Lai-Hsi Lee
Optimal grouping for a nuclear magnetic resonance scanner by means of an open queueing model pp. 181-192 Downloads
Nico Vandaele, Inneke Van Nieuwenhuyse and Sascha Cupers
Progressive option bounds from the sequence of concurrently expiring options pp. 193-223 Downloads
Peter J. Ryan
Comparative statics under uncertainty: The case of mean-variance preferences pp. 224-232 Downloads
Andreas Wagener
A method for discriminating efficient candidates with ranked voting data pp. 233-237 Downloads
Tsuneshi Obata and Hiroaki Ishii
Logic cuts for multilevel generalized assignment problems pp. 238-246 Downloads
Maria A. Osorio and Manuel Laguna

Volume 150, issue 3, 2003

Financial modelling and extreme events pp. 463-465 Downloads
Anoop Rai and Nico van der Wijst
The efficiency effects of a single market for financial services in Europe pp. 466-481 Downloads
Allen Berger
Comparative performance evaluation under uncertainty pp. 482-495 Downloads
Jaap Spronk and Erik M. Vermeulen
Multiple criteria decision making combined with finance: A categorized bibliographic study pp. 496-515 Downloads
Ralph E. Steuer and Paul Na
Value at risk calculation through ARCH factor methodology: Proposal and comparative analysis pp. 516-528 Downloads
J. David Cabedo Semper and Ismael Moya Clemente
The practice of Delta-Gamma VaR: Implementing the quadratic portfolio model pp. 529-545 Downloads
Giuseppe Castellacci and Michael J. Siclari
Simulated annealing for complex portfolio selection problems pp. 546-571 Downloads
Y. Crama and M. Schyns
The optimal portfolio problem with coherent risk measure constraints pp. 572-584 Downloads
Stefano Benati
Network simplex algorithm for the general equal flow problem pp. 585-600 Downloads
Herminia I. Calvete
Models for a fuzzy inventory of two replaceable merchandises without backorder based on the signed distance of fuzzy sets pp. 601-616 Downloads
Jing-Shing Yao, Liang-Yuh Ouyang and Hung-Chi Chang
Strategic commitment to price to stimulate downstream innovation in a supply chain pp. 617-639 Downloads
Stephen M. Gilbert and Viswanath Cvsa
Multiobjective programming methods in the reserve selection problem pp. 640-652 Downloads
Dimitris P. Memtsas
Product line selection and pricing under a share-of-surplus choice model pp. 653-671 Downloads
Ursula G. Kraus and Candace Arai Yano
A model and solution method for multi-period sales promotion design pp. 672-687 Downloads
Suresh K. Nair and Peter Tarasewich

Volume 150, issue 2, 2003

Distributed decision making--a unified approach pp. 237-252 Downloads
Christoph Schneeweiss
Multicriteria heuristic search pp. 253-280 Downloads
L. Mandow and J. L. Perez de la Cruz
Parametric on-line algorithms for packing rectangles and boxes pp. 281-292 Downloads
F. K. Miyazawa and Y. Wakabayashi
The analysis of optimal control model in matching problem between manufacturing and marketing pp. 293-303 Downloads
Miao-Sheng Chen and Mei-Chen Chu
Offsetting inventory cycles of items sharing storage pp. 304-319 Downloads
Nagesh N. Murthy, W. C. Benton and Paul A. Rubin
Fuzzy inventory with backorder for fuzzy order quantity and fuzzy shortage quantity pp. 320-352 Downloads
Kweimei Wu and Jing-Shing Yao
Learning by doing in a T-period production planning: Analytical solution pp. 353-369 Downloads
Francisco Alvarez Gonzalez and Emilio Cerdá
Optimization of multi-feeder (depot) printed circuit board manufacturing with error guarantees pp. 370-394 Downloads
Burak Kazaz and Kemal Altinkemer
Retail promotions with negative brand image effects: Is cooperation possible? pp. 395-405 Downloads
Steffen Jorgensen, Sihem Taboubi and Georges Zaccour
Optimal allocation of multi-state elements in linear consecutively connected systems with vulnerable nodes pp. 406-419 Downloads
Gregory Levitin
A two-stage decision procedure for monitoring processes with low fraction nonconforming pp. 420-436 Downloads
L. Y. Chan, C. D. Lai, M. Xie and T. N. Goh
A metamodeling methodology involving both qualitative and quantitative input factors pp. 437-450 Downloads
S. Tunali and I. Batmaz
Sequential condition-based maintenance scheduling for a deteriorating system pp. 451-461 Downloads
L. Dieulle, C. Berenguer, A. Grall and M. Roussignol

Volume 150, issue 1, 2003

OR applied to health services: Planning for the future with scarce resources pp. 1-2 Downloads
M. S. Rauner and J. M. H. Vissers
How many AEDs in which region? An economic decision model for the Austrian Red Cross pp. 3-18 Downloads
Marion S. Rauner and Nikolaus Bajmoczy
Towards incorporating human behaviour in models of health care systems: An approach using discrete event simulation pp. 19-31 Downloads
Sally Brailsford and Bernd Schmidt
Prioritising waiting lists: how and why? pp. 32-45 Downloads
Penelope M. Mullen
How likely is it that a run of poor outcomes is unlikely? pp. 46-52 Downloads
Steve Gallivan
The evaluation of disease prevention and treatment using simulation models pp. 53-66 Downloads
Ruth Davies, Paul Roderick and James Raftery
Priorities and allocation of health care resources in developing countries: A case-study from the Mtwara region, Tanzania pp. 67-80 Downloads
Steffen Flessa
A systems modelling approach for the prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy pp. 81-91 Downloads
P. R. Harper, M. G. Sayyad, V. de Senna, A. K. Shahani, C. S. Yajnik and K. M. Shelgikar
Estimating bed requirements for an intermediate care facility pp. 92-100 Downloads
Martin Utley, Steve Gallivan, Katie Davis, Patricia Daniel, Paula Reeves and Jennifer Worrall
Integrating simulation and optimisation in health care centre management pp. 101-114 Downloads
Vanda De Angelis, Giovanni Felici and Paolo Impelluso
Local search with annealing-like restarts to solve the VRPTW pp. 115-127 Downloads
Haibing Li and Andrew Lim
The design of reverse distribution networks: Models and solution procedures pp. 128-149 Downloads
Vaidyanathan Jayaraman, Raymond A. Patterson and Erik Rolland
Neighborhood search heuristics for the uncapacitated facility location problem pp. 150-162 Downloads
Diptesh Ghosh
Approximate solutions for a stochastic lot-sizing problem with partial customer-order information pp. 163-180 Downloads
N. P. Dellaert and M. T. Melo
Local optimization of observed points with no need to observations pp. 181-193 Downloads
Yu-zheng Hong
A method for choosing from among alternative transportation projects pp. 194-203 Downloads
Paolo Ferrari
Incorporating wealth information into a multiple criteria decision making model pp. 204-219 Downloads
Esra Koktener Karasakal and Wojtek Michalowski
The pairwise egalitarian solution pp. 220-231 Downloads
Joaquin Sanchez-Soriano
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