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Volume 133, issue 3, 2001

Perfect, ideal and balanced matrices pp. 455-461 Downloads
Michele Conforti, Gerard Cornuejols, Ajai Kapoor and Kristina Vuskovic
A multiple criteria decision making framework for regional aquaculture development pp. 462-482 Downloads
Omar F. El-Gayar and PingSun Leung
Multicriteria hub decision making for rural area telecommunication networks pp. 483-495 Downloads
Heeseok Lee, Yong Shi, Sufi M. Nazem, Sung Yeol Kang, Tae Ho Park and Myung Ho Sohn
An algorithm for generalized fuzzy binary linear programming problems pp. 496-511 Downloads
Chian-Son Yu and Han-Lin Li
From efficiency measurement to efficiency improvement: The choice of a relevant benchmark pp. 512-520 Downloads
Eduardo González Fidalgo and Antonio Alvarez
Aggregate production planning with multiple objectives in a fuzzy environment pp. 521-536 Downloads
Reay-Chen Wang and Hsiao-Hua Fang
Berth planning and resources optimisation at a container terminal via discrete event simulation pp. 537-547 Downloads
Pasquale Legato and Rina M. Mazza
Fuzzy goal programming with different importance and priorities pp. 548-556 Downloads
Liang-Hsuan Chen and Feng-Chou Tsai
Modelling curling as a Markov process pp. 557-565 Downloads
Kent J. Kostuk, Keith A. Willoughby and Anton P. H. Saedt
Modeling and simulating Poisson processes having trends or nontrigonometric cyclic effects pp. 566-582 Downloads
Michael E. Kuhl and James R. Wilson
An efficient mean field approach to the set covering problem pp. 583-595 Downloads
Mattias Ohlsson, Carsten Peterson and Bo Soderberg
Siting noxious facilities under uncertainty pp. 596-607 Downloads
K. A. Killmer, G. Anandalingam and S. A. Malcolm
Meaningful and meaningless solutions for cooperative n-person games pp. 608-623 Downloads
Aleksandar Pekec
Two-stage heuristic algorithms for part input sequencing in flexible manufacturing systems pp. 624-634 Downloads
Yeong-Dae Kim, Dong-Ho Lee and Chi-Moon Yoon
Claim pricing and hedging under market incompleteness and "mean-variance" preferences pp. 635-652 Downloads
Fabio Mercurio
A single-period model for conjunctive use of ground and surface water under severe overdrafts and water deficit pp. 653-666 Downloads
M. N. Azaiez and M. Hariga
Computational algorithms for modeling unreliable manufacturing systems based on Markovian property pp. 667-684 Downloads
S. H. Choi and J. S. L. Lee

Volume 133, issue 2, 2001

Goal programming model: A glorious history and a promising future pp. 225-231 Downloads
Belaid Aouni and Ossama Kettani
Slack-adjusted DEA for time series analysis: Performance measurement of Japanese electric power generation industry in 1984-1993 pp. 232-259 Downloads
Toshiyuki Sueyoshi and Mika Goto
Density theorems for ideal points in vector optimization pp. 260-266 Downloads
A. Balbas, M. Ballve and P. Jimenez Guerra
An inner approximation method incorporating a branch and bound procedure for optimization over the weakly efficient set pp. 267-286 Downloads
Syuuji Yamada, Tetsuzo Tanino and Masahiro Inuiguchi
A fuzzy goal programming approach to portfolio selection pp. 287-297 Downloads
M. Arenas Parra, A. Bilbao Terol and M. V. Rodriguez Uria
Efficient assignment of financial resources within a university system. Study of the University of Malaga pp. 298-309 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero, T. Galache, T. Gomez, J. Molina and A. Torrico
Goal programming: Application in the management of the miombo woodland in Mozambique pp. 310-322 Downloads
. Nhantumbo, J. B. Dent and G. Kowero
Multiple objectives decomposition-coordination methods for hierarchical organizations pp. 323-341 Downloads
T. Gomez, M. Gonzalez, M. Luque, F. Miguel and F. Ruiz
Magnitude adjustment for AHP benefit/cost ratios pp. 342-351 Downloads
William C. Wedley, Eng Ung Choo and Bertram Schoner
Application of goal programming in a multi-objective reservoir operation model in Tunisia pp. 352-361 Downloads
Ben Abdelaziz Foued and Mejri Sameh
PariTOP: A goal programming-based software for real estate assessment pp. 362-376 Downloads
Ossama Kettani and Karim Khelifi
On measuring the inefficiency with the inner-product norm in data envelopment analysis pp. 377-393 Downloads
Akiko Takeda and Hisakazu Nishino
Planning and coordination of production and distribution facilities for multiple commodities pp. 394-408 Downloads
Vaidyanathan Jayaraman and Hasan Pirkul
Cone of recession and unboundedness of convex functions pp. 409-415 Downloads
W. T. Obuchowska and K. G. Murty
Assessing the technical and allocative efficiency of hospital operations in Greece and its resource allocation implications pp. 416-431 Downloads
Antreas Athanassopoulos and Chrysostomos Gounaris
Regional economic impacts of fish resources utilization from the Barents Sea: Trade-offs between economic rent, employment and income pp. 432-446 Downloads
PingSun Leung, Knut Heen and Hermann Bardarson
Single machine scheduling with release times, deadlines and tardiness objectives pp. 447-453 Downloads
Christos Koulamas and George J. Kyparisis

Volume 133, issue 1, 2001

A review of planning and scheduling systems and methods for integrated steel production pp. 1-20 Downloads
Lixin Tang, Jiyin Liu, Aiying Rong and Zihou Yang
Models for a Steiner ring network design problem with revenues pp. 21-31 Downloads
Luis Gouveia and Jose Manuel Pires
Routing order pickers in a warehouse with a middle aisle pp. 32-43 Downloads
Kees Jan Roodbergen and Rene de Koster
Constraint proposal method for computing Pareto solutions in multi-party negotiations pp. 44-61 Downloads
Pirja Heiskanen, Harri Ehtamo and Raimo P. Hamalainen
Entry strategies for multinational enterprises and host countries pp. 62-68 Downloads
Jinn-Tsair Teng, Maw-Sheng Chern and Ki-Hee Kim
A multiple criteria ranking procedure based on distance between partial preorders pp. 69-80 Downloads
Xiaozhan Xu, Jean-Marc Martel and Bernard F. Lamond
Determining the value of dedicated multimodal cargo facilities in a multi-region distribution network pp. 81-93 Downloads
Donald P. Warsing, Gilvan C. Souza and Noel P. Greis
Issues of feasibility, coherence, and robustness in a premise-to-claim model of argumentation: Results from four experiments pp. 94-119 Downloads
Masoud H. Saeedi and John A. A. Sillince
Optimal ambushing search for a moving target pp. 120-129 Downloads
Ryusuke Hohzaki and Koji Iida
Product recovery in stochastic remanufacturing systems with multiple reuse options pp. 130-152 Downloads
K. Inderfurth, A. G. de Kok and S. D. P. Flapper
The optimality of myopic stocking policies for systems with decreasing purchasing prices pp. 153-159 Downloads
Yunzeng Wang
A modification of the stochastic ruler method for discrete stochastic optimization pp. 160-182 Downloads
Mahmoud H. Alrefaei and Sigrun Andradottir
A divide and merge heuristic for the multiprocessor scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times pp. 183-189 Downloads
Michel Gendreau, Gilbert Laporte and Eduardo Morais Guimaraes
Multicriteria compensability analysis pp. 190-209 Downloads
Alfio Giarlotta
Simulation model of multi-compartment distribution in the catering supply chain pp. 210-224 Downloads
Derrien R. Jansen, Arjen van Weert, Adrie J. M. Beulens and Ruud B. M. Huirne

Volume 132, issue 3, 2001

Comparing the adaptive control methodology (ACM) to the financial planning practice of a large international group pp. 479-489 Downloads
P. Kunsch, A. Chevalier and J. P. Brans
Selection and sequencing heuristics to reduce variance in gas turbine engine nozzle assemblies pp. 490-504 Downloads
Patrick Johanns, Tim Lowe and Robert Plante
A taxonomy of strategic decisions and tactics for uncovering alternatives pp. 505-527 Downloads
Paul C. Nutt
A flexible flowshop problem with total flow time minimization pp. 528-538 Downloads
Meral Azizoglu, Ergin Cakmak and Suna Kondakci
A new Lagrangean relaxation approach for the hop-constrained minimum spanning tree problem pp. 539-552 Downloads
Luis Gouveia and Cristina Requejo
A note on DEA vs principal component analysis: An improvement to Joe Zhu's approach pp. 553-560 Downloads
. M. Premachandra
On the optimal management of a class of aquatic ecological-economic systems pp. 561-568 Downloads
Amitrajeet Batabyal and Hamid Beladi
A quadratic programming approach to the determination of an upper bound on the weighted stability number pp. 569-581 Downloads
Carlos J. Luz and Domingos M. Cardoso
Analysis of upper bounds for the Pallet Loading Problem pp. 582-593 Downloads
Adam N. Letchford and Andre Amaral
A comparison of genetic and conventional methods for the solution of integer goal programmes pp. 594-602 Downloads
S. Keyvan Mirrazavi, Dylan F. Jones and M. Tamiz
Dynamic capacitated user-optimal departure time/route choice problem with time-window pp. 603-618 Downloads
H. K. Chen, M. S. Chang and C. Y. Wang
Characterization of certain orders using their associated choice functions pp. 619-627 Downloads
Isabel Rodriguez-Galiano and Jacinto Gonzalez-Pachon
Optimal inventory policies under decreasing cost functions via geometric programming pp. 628-642 Downloads
Hoon Jung and Cerry M. Klein
Flow shop scheduling algorithms for minimizing the completion time variance and the sum of squares of completion time deviations from a common due date pp. 643-665 Downloads
K. Gowrishankar, Chandrasekharan Rajendran and G. Srinivasan
An investigation of model selection criteria for neural network time series forecasting pp. 666-680 Downloads
Min Qi and Guoqiang Peter Zhang
Conditional investment policy under uncertainty and irreversibility pp. 681-686 Downloads
Fatih Yilmaz
Scheduling problems with a learning effect pp. 687-693 Downloads
Gur Mosheiov
Intervention methodology for complex problems: The FAcT-Mirror method pp. 694-702 Downloads
Gilles Le Cardinal, Jean-Francois Guyonnet, Bruno Pouzoullic and Julie Rigby

Volume 132, issue 2, 2001

Data envelopment analysis at the European Summer Institute XVI University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, 16-26 August 1998 pp. 243-244 Downloads
R. G. Dyson, V. V. Podinovski and E. A. Shale
Pitfalls and protocols in DEA pp. 245-259 Downloads
R. G. Dyson, R. Allen, A. S. Camanho, V. V. Podinovski, C. S. Sarrico and E. A. Shale
Evaluation of deregulated airline networks using data envelopment analysis combined with principal component analysis with an application to Western Europe pp. 260-273 Downloads
Nicole Adler and Boaz Golany
DEA-like models for efficiency evaluations of specialized and interdependent units pp. 274-286 Downloads
Lorenzo Castelli, Raffaele Pesenti and Walter Ukovich
Product mixes as objects of choice in non-parametric efficiency measurement pp. 287-295 Downloads
Laurens Cherchye and Tom Van Puyenbroeck
A quasi-concave DEA model with an application for bank branch performance evaluation pp. 296-311 Downloads
David Dekker and Thierry Post
Measuring ecological efficiency with data envelopment analysis (DEA) pp. 312-325 Downloads
H. Dyckhoff and K. Allen
DEA with efficiency classification preserving conditional convexity pp. 326-342 Downloads
Timo Kuosmanen
An application of DEA for comparative analysis and ranking of regions in Serbia with regards to social-economic development pp. 343-356 Downloads
Milan Martic and Gordana Savic
Decomposing school and school-type efficiency pp. 357-373 Downloads
Maria Silva Portela and Emmanuel Thanassoulis
Transconcave data envelopment analysis pp. 374-389 Downloads
Thierry Post
Techniques for the assessment of influence in DEA pp. 390-399 Downloads
Jose L. Ruiz and Inmaculada Sirvent
Undesirable outputs in efficiency valuations pp. 400-410 Downloads
Holger Scheel
An adaptive approach to controlling kanban systems pp. 411-424 Downloads
Valerie Tardif and Lars Maaseidvaag
Generation and presentation of nearly optimal solutions for mixed-integer linear programming, applied to a case in farming system design pp. 425-438 Downloads
David Makowski, Eligius M. T. Hendrix, Martin K. van Ittersum and Walter A. H. Rossing
Constructive and composite heuristic solutions to the P//[summation operator]Ci scheduling problem pp. 439-452 Downloads
Jiyin Liu and Colin R Reeves
Solution of a large-scale two-stage decision and scheduling problem using decomposition pp. 453-465 Downloads
Faiz Al-Khayyal, Paul M. Griffin and Neale R. Smith
The multi-item single period problem with an initial stock of convertible units pp. 466-477 Downloads
Edward A. Silver and Ilkyeong Moon

Volume 132, issue 1, 2001

Premediation analysis of the energy taxation dispute in Finland pp. 1-16 Downloads
Johanna Bragge
Comments on properties of the minmax solutions in goal programming pp. 17-21 Downloads
Wlodzimierz Ogryczak
A Tabu search heuristic for the generalized assignment problem pp. 22-38 Downloads
Juan A. Diaz and Elena Fernandez
On the efficacy of modeling multi-attribute decision problems using AHP and Sinarchy pp. 39-49 Downloads
Lawrence C. Leung and Dong Cao
Expansion formulae for characteristics of cumulative cost in finite horizon production models pp. 50-61 Downloads
Hayriye Ayhan and Sabine Schlegel
Comparisons and evaluations of alternative approaches to the treatment of congestion in DEA pp. 62-74 Downloads
W. W. Cooper, Bisheng Gu and Shanling Li
Alternative treatments of congestion in DEA: A rejoinder to Cooper, Gu, and Li pp. 75-80 Downloads
Laurens Cherchye, Timo Kuosmanen and Thierry Post
Note: Alternative treatments of congestion in DEA - a response to the Cherchye, Kuosmanen and Post critique pp. 81-87 Downloads
W. W. Cooper, Bisheng Gu and Shanling Li
Dual-based approach for a hub network design problem under non-restrictive policy pp. 88-105 Downloads
C. S. Sung and H. W. Jin
Inspection schedules when the lifetime distribution of a single-unit system is completely unknown pp. 106-115 Downloads
Francis Kit-nam Leung
Progressive hedging as a meta-heuristic applied to stochastic lot-sizing pp. 116-122 Downloads
Kjetil K. Haugen, Arne Lokketangen and David L. Woodruff
An impulse control problem of a production model with interruptions to follow stochastic demand pp. 123-145 Downloads
J. L. F. Salles and J. B. R. do Val
The relationship between preventive maintenance and manufacturing system performance pp. 146-162 Downloads
Diwakar Gupta, Yavuz Gunalay and Mandyam M. Srinivasan
Reliability bounds on HNBUE life distributions with known first two moments pp. 163-175 Downloads
Kan Cheng and Yeh Lam
Group preference aggregation with the AHP - implications for multiple-issue agendas pp. 176-186 Downloads
Anne Chwolka and Matthias G. Raith
Design of the sum-of-conforming-run-length control charts pp. 187-196 Downloads
Zhang Wu, Xiaolan Zhang and Song Huat Yeo
Optimal tax depreciation with uncertain future cash-flows pp. 197-209 Downloads
Menachem Berg, Anja De Waegenaere and Jacco L. Wielhouwer
On a finite horizon production lot size inventory model for deteriorating items: An optimal solution pp. 210-223 Downloads
Zaid T. Balkhi
A memetic algorithm for the total tardiness single machine scheduling problem pp. 224-242 Downloads
Paulo M. Franca, Alexandre Mendes and Pablo Moscato
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