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Volume 202, issue 3, 2010

A survey of berth allocation and quay crane scheduling problems in container terminals pp. 615-627 Downloads
Christian Bierwirth and Frank Meisel
On the K shortest path trees problem pp. 628-635 Downloads
Antonio Sedeño-Noda and Carlos González-Martín
An optimization-based heuristic for the robotic cell problem pp. 636-645 Downloads
Jacques Carlier, Mohamed Haouari, Mohamed Kharbeche and Aziz Moukrim
A new dynamic programming formulation for scheduling independent tasks with common due date on parallel machines pp. 646-653 Downloads
Nguyen Huynh Tuong, Ameur Soukhal and Jean-Charles Billaut
Lower bounds for the axial three-index assignment problem pp. 654-668 Downloads
Bum-Jin Kim, William L. Hightower, Peter M. Hahn, Yi-Rong Zhu and Lu Sun
Scheduling three chains on two parallel machines pp. 669-674 Downloads
Alessandro Agnetis, Marta Flamini, Gaia Nicosia and Andrea Pacifici
A dynamic rationing policy for continuous-review inventory systems pp. 675-685 Downloads
Mehmet Murat FadIloglu and Önder Bulut
Vendor managed inventory for environments with stochastic product usage pp. 686-695 Downloads
Vera Hemmelmayr, Karl F. Doerner, Richard F. Hartl and Martin W.P. Savelsbergh
A lead-time based approach for planning rail-truck intermodal transportation of dangerous goods pp. 696-706 Downloads
Manish Verma and Vedat Verter
Robust placement of sensors in dynamic water distribution systems pp. 707-716 Downloads
Jianhua Xu, Michael P. Johnson, Paul S. Fischbeck, Mitchell J. Small and Jeanne M. VanBriesen
Quality investment and inspection policy in a supplier-manufacturer supply chain pp. 717-729 Downloads
Chung-Chi Hsieh and Yu-Te Liu
Applying Ant System for solving Unequal Area Facility Layout Problems pp. 730-746 Downloads
Komarudin and Kuan Yew Wong
Optimizing glass coating lines: MIP model and valid inequalities pp. 747-755 Downloads
C. Gicquel, N. Miégeville, M. Minoux and Y. Dallery
An exact algorithm for a vehicle routing problem with time windows and multiple use of vehicles pp. 756-763 Downloads
Nabila Azi, Michel Gendreau and Jean-Yves Potvin
A quantile-based approach to system selection pp. 764-772 Downloads
D. Batur and F. Choobineh
Processing games with restricted capacities pp. 773-780 Downloads
Hans Reijnierse, Peter Borm, Marieke Quant and Marc Meertens
Availability optimization of systems subject to competing risk pp. 781-788 Downloads
Y. Zhu, E.A. Elsayed, H. Liao and L.Y. Chan
On the predictive ability of narrative disclosures in annual reports pp. 789-801 Downloads
Ramji Balakrishnan, Xin Ying Qiu and Padmini Srinivasan
Efficient risk simulations for linear asset portfolios in the t-copula model pp. 802-809 Downloads
Halis Sak, Wolfgang Hörmann and Josef Leydold
Integrating categorical variables in Data Envelopment Analysis models: A simple solution technique pp. 810-818 Downloads
Gerrit Löber and Matthias Staat
Handling multicriteria preferences in cluster analysis pp. 819-827 Downloads
Eduardo Fernandez, Jorge Navarro and Sergio Bernal
Multiscale decision-making: Bridging organizational scales in systems with distributed decision-makers pp. 828-840 Downloads
Christian Wernz and Abhijit Deshmukh
Robustness and information levels in case-based multiple criteria sorting pp. 841-852 Downloads
Rudolf Vetschera, Ye Chen, Keith W. Hipel and D. Marc Kilgour
A methodology for analyzing decision networks, based on information theory pp. 853-863 Downloads
Maryam Ehsani, Ahmad Makui and Soheil Sadi Nezhad
Exact and heuristic solutions of the global supply chain problem with transfer pricing pp. 864-879 Downloads
Sylvain Perron, Pierre Hansen, Sébastien Le Digabel and Nenad Mladenovic
Please or Squeeze? Brand performance implications of constrained and unconstrained multi-item promotions pp. 880-892 Downloads
Bram P.J. Foubert and Els Gijsbrechts
Flexible working arrangements in context: An empirical investigation through self-organizing maps pp. 893-902 Downloads
Eleni Stavrou, Stelios Spiliotis and Chris Charalambous
Solving a manpower scheduling problem for airline catering using metaheuristics pp. 903-921 Downloads
Sin C. Ho and Janny M.Y. Leung

Volume 202, issue 2, 2010

The school bus routing problem: A review pp. 311-319 Downloads
Junhyuk Park and Byung-In Kim
Solving the response time variability problem by means of a genetic algorithm pp. 320-327 Downloads
Alberto García-Villoria and Rafael Pastor
A new model for maximal coverage exploiting GIS capabilities pp. 328-338 Downloads
George Alexandris and Ioannis Giannikos
A cooperative local search-based algorithm for the Multiple-Scenario Max-Min Knapsack Problem pp. 339-346 Downloads
Abdelkader Sbihi
Three-dimensional bin packing problem with variable bin height pp. 347-355 Downloads
Yong Wu, Wenkai Li, Mark Goh and Robert de Souza
Maximizing the net present value of a project under uncertainty pp. 356-367 Downloads
Wolfram Wiesemann, Daniel Kuhn and Berç Rustem
A worst case analysis of a dynamic programming-based heuristic algorithm for 2D unconstrained guillotine cutting pp. 368-378 Downloads
X. Song, C.B. Chu, R. Lewis, Y.Y. Nie and J. Thompson
The nurse rostering problem: A critical appraisal of the problem structure pp. 379-389 Downloads
Celia A. Glass and Roger A. Knight
The Tree of Hubs Location Problem pp. 390-400 Downloads
Ivan Contreras, Elena Fernández and Alfredo Marín
An adaptive memory methodology for the vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pick-ups and deliveries pp. 401-411 Downloads
Emmanouil E. Zachariadis, Christos D. Tarantilis and Chris T. Kiranoudis
Performance evaluation of distribution strategies for the inventory routing problem pp. 412-419 Downloads
Jianxiang Li, Haoxun Chen and Feng Chu
The impact of two-product joint lifecycles on capacity planning of remanufacturing networks pp. 420-433 Downloads
Patroklos Georgiadis and Efstratios Athanasiou
Worst-case analysis of demand point aggregation for the Euclidean p-median problem pp. 434-443 Downloads
Lian Qi and Zuo-Jun Max Shen
Strategic wholesale pricing in a supply chain with a potential entrant pp. 444-455 Downloads
Tiaojun Xiao and Xiangtong Qi
Optimization of order policies in supply networks pp. 456-465 Downloads
S. Göttlich, M. Herty and C. Ringhofer
On the empirical performance of (T, s, S) heuristics pp. 466-472 Downloads
M. Zied Babai, Aris A. Syntetos and Ruud Teunter
An integrated vendor-buyer inventory model with order-processing cost reduction and permissible delay in payments pp. 473-478 Downloads
Chao-Kuei Huang, Deng-Maw Tsai, Ji-Cheng Wu and Kun-Jen Chung
Logistics network design for product recovery in fuzzy environment pp. 479-490 Downloads
Zhongfeng Qin and Xiaoyu Ji
Distribution systems design with role dependent objectives pp. 491-501 Downloads
Jörg Kalcsics, Stefan Nickel, Justo Puerto and Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía
Optimal inventory decisions in a multiperiod newsvendor problem with partially observed Markovian supply capacities pp. 502-517 Downloads
Haifeng Wang, Bocheng Chen and Houmin Yan
Operations risk management by optimally planning the qualified workforce capacity pp. 518-527 Downloads
Emmanuel Fragnière, Jacek Gondzio and Xi Yang
Credit scoring for profitability objectives pp. 528-537 Downloads
Steven Finlay
A tabu search algorithm for scheduling pharmaceutical packaging operations pp. 538-546 Downloads
Luca Venditti, Dario Pacciarelli and Carlo Meloni
Optimizing the marriage market: An application of the linear assignment model pp. 547-553 Downloads
Nguyen Vi Cao, Emmanuel Fragnière, Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, Marlène Sapin and Eric D. Widmer
Forecasting cancellation rates for services booking revenue management using data mining pp. 554-562 Downloads
Dolores Romero Morales and Jingbo Wang
Efficiency and equity in private and public education: A nonparametric comparison pp. 563-573 Downloads
Laurens Cherchye, Kristof De Witte, Erwin Ooghe and Ides Nicaise
Using bid data for the management of sequential, multi-unit, online auctions with uniformly distributed bidder valuations pp. 574-583 Downloads
Edieal Pinker, Abraham Seidmann and Yaniv Vakrat
Firm and industry level profit efficiency analysis using absolute and uniform shadow prices pp. 584-594 Downloads
Timo Kuosmanen, Mika Kortelainen, Timo Sipiläinen and Laurens Cherchye
Cost efficiency measures in data envelopment analysis with data uncertainty pp. 595-603 Downloads
A. Mostafaee and F.H. Saljooghi
Data envelopment analysis with nonlinear virtual inputs and outputs pp. 604-613 Downloads
Dimitris K. Despotis, Lamprini V. Stamati and Yiannis G. Smirlis

Volume 202, issue 1, 2010

The single-machine total tardiness scheduling problem: Review and extensions pp. 1-7 Downloads
Christos Koulamas
Dynamic pickup and delivery problems pp. 8-15 Downloads
Gerardo Berbeglia, Jean-François Cordeau and Gilbert Laporte
Multi-criteria decision making approaches for supplier evaluation and selection: A literature review pp. 16-24 Downloads
William Ho, Xiaowei Xu and Prasanta K. Dey
Multiparametric linear programming: Support set and optimal partition invariancy pp. 25-31 Downloads
Milan Hladík
Nondifferentiable multiobjective programming under generalized dI-invexity pp. 32-41 Downloads
Hachem Slimani and Mohammed Said Radjef
A competitive and cooperative co-evolutionary approach to multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm design pp. 42-54 Downloads
C.K. Goh, K.C. Tan, D.S. Liu and S.C. Chiam
A compromise solution for the multiobjective stochastic linear programming under partial uncertainty pp. 55-59 Downloads
Fouad Ben Abdelaziz and Hatem Masri
A multiobjective immune algorithm based on a multiple-affinity model pp. 60-72 Downloads
Zhi-Hua Hu
Heuristics and exact methods for number partitioning pp. 73-81 Downloads
João Pedro Pedroso and Mikio Kubo
Two- and three-index formulations of the minimum cost multicommodity k-splittable flow problem pp. 82-89 Downloads
Mette Gamst, Peter Neergaard Jensen, David Pisinger and Christian Plum
Batch scheduling of simple linear deteriorating jobs on a single machine to minimize makespan pp. 90-98 Downloads
Min Ji and T.C.E. Cheng
Facility location problems in the plane based on reverse nearest neighbor queries pp. 99-106 Downloads
S. Cabello, J.M. Díaz-Báñez, S. Langerman, C. Seara and . Ventura
Multi-product newsboy problem with limited capacity and outsourcing pp. 107-113 Downloads
Bin Zhang and Shaofu Du
The rectilinear distance Weber problem in the presence of a probabilistic line barrier pp. 114-121 Downloads
Mustafa S. Canbolat and George O. Wesolowsky
A tabu search heuristic for the split delivery vehicle routing problem with production and demand calendars pp. 122-130 Downloads
Marie-Claude Bolduc, Gilbert Laporte, Jacques Renaud and Fayez F. Boctor
Inventory problems with perishable items: Fixed lifetimes and backlogging pp. 131-137 Downloads
Fredrik Olsson and Patrik Tydesjö
Deriving the DEA frontier for two-stage processes pp. 138-142 Downloads
Yao Chen, Wade D. Cook and Joe Zhu
The day-of-the-week effects on the volatility: The role of the asymmetry pp. 143-152 Downloads
Combining integer programming and the randomization method to schedule employees pp. 153-163 Downloads
Armann Ingolfsson, Fernanda Campello, Xudong Wu and Edgar Cabral
Constrained optimization in expensive simulation: Novel approach pp. 164-174 Downloads
Jack P.C. Kleijnen, Wim van Beers and Inneke van Nieuwenhuyse
Using the Black-Derman-Toy interest rate model for portfolio optimization pp. 175-181 Downloads
Alex Weissensteiner
Applying relation algebra and RelView to measures in a social network pp. 182-195 Downloads
Rudolf Berghammer, Agnieszka Rusinowska and Harrie de Swart
Uncertainty and stepwise investment pp. 196-203 Downloads
Peter Kort, Pauli Murto and Grzegorz Pawlina
Evolution of bank efficiency in Brazil: A DEA approach pp. 204-213 Downloads
Roberta Blass Staub, Geraldo da Silva e Souza and Benjamin Miranda Tabak
Analysis of supply chains with quantity based fixed incentives pp. 214-222 Downloads
Abolhassan Halati and Yuanjie He
Approximative solutions to the bicriterion Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows pp. 223-231 Downloads
Juliane Müller
How to measure single-name credit risk concentrations pp. 232-238 Downloads
Pierpaolo Uberti and Silvia Figini
Mean-variance-skewness model for portfolio selection with fuzzy returns pp. 239-247 Downloads
Xiang Li, Zhongfeng Qin and Samarjit Kar
The emissions trading paradox pp. 248-254 Downloads
Florian Jaehn and Peter Letmathe
Can international environmental cooperation be bought? pp. 255-264 Downloads
Cristina Fuentes-Albero and Santiago Jose Rubio
Decision support approach based on multiple objectives and resources for assessing the relocation plan of dangerous hillside aggregations pp. 265-272 Downloads
Yi-Kai Juan, Daniel Castro and Kathy Roper
Improving discrimination in data envelopment analysis: PCA-DEA or variable reduction pp. 273-284 Downloads
Nicole Adler and Ekaterina Yazhemsky
Fuzzy adaptive decision-making for boundedly rational traders in speculative stock markets pp. 285-293 Downloads
Stelios Bekiros
Evaluation of German parties and coalitions by methods of the mathematical theory of democracy pp. 294-307 Downloads
Andranik Tangian
Erratum to "Network DEA: A slacks-based measure approach" [European Journal of Operational Research 197 (2009) 243-252] pp. 308-309 Downloads
Kaoru Tone and Miki Tsutsui
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