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Volume 113, issue 3, 1999

Social theory and system dynamics practice pp. 501-527 Downloads
David C. Lane
A heuristic algorithm for the symmetric and asymmetric vehicle routing problems with backhauls pp. 528-543 Downloads
Paolo Toth and Daniele Vigo
An exact algorithm for the capacitated facility location problems with single sourcing pp. 544-559 Downloads
Kaj Holmberg, Mikael Ronnqvist and Di Yuan
Ranking of generalised multi-stage KANBAN policies pp. 560-567 Downloads
Sven Axsater and Kaj Rosling
Lot sizing with quality improvement and setup time reduction pp. 568-574 Downloads
Jozsef Voros
Scheduling of design projects with uncertain number of iterations pp. 575-592 Downloads
Peter B. Luh, Feng Liu and Bryan Moser
Optimal fuzzy counterparts of scheduling rules pp. 593-609 Downloads
Ertunga C. Ozelkan and Lucien Duckstein
Optimal control for an MX/G/1 queue with two service modes pp. 610-619 Downloads
Rein D. Nobel and Henk Tijms
Approximation method for M/PH/1 retrial queues with phase type inter-retrial times pp. 620-631 Downloads
Jeffrey E. Diamond and Attahiru Sule Alfa
Adapting the Warmack-Gonzalez algorithm to handle discrete data pp. 632-642 Downloads
Paul A. Rubin
Evaluation and refinement of aspiration-based methods in MCDM pp. 643-652 Downloads
Theodor J. Stewart
Regular packing of congruent polygons on the rectangular sheet pp. 653-675 Downloads
Yu. G. Stoyan and A. V. Pankratov
O(n log n) procedures for tightening cover inequalities pp. 676-687 Downloads
L. F. Escudero, A. Garin and G. Perez
Intervening duality and bargaining with a farmer-landowner example pp. 688-699 Downloads
Michael Ryan

Volume 113, issue 2, 1999

Editorial pp. 235-699 Downloads
Intelligent multicriteria decision support: Overview and perspectives pp. 236-246 Downloads
Y. Siskos and A. Spyridakos
Facilitators, decision makers, D.I.Y. users: Is intelligent multicriteria decision support for all feasible or desirable? pp. 247-260 Downloads
Valerie Belton and Julie Hodgkin
A DSS for multiple criteria decision analysis with imprecisely specified trade-offs pp. 261-270 Downloads
Victor V. Podinovski
Solving multiple criteria choice problems by interactive trichotomy segmentation pp. 271-280 Downloads
A. Jaszkiewicz and A. B. Ferhat
Using artificial intelligence and visual techniques into preference disaggregation analysis: The MIIDAS system pp. 281-299 Downloads
Y. Siskos, A. Spyridakos and D. Yannacopoulos
The `Light Beam Search' approach - an overview of methodology and applications pp. 300-314 Downloads
Andrzej Jaszkiewicz and Roman Slowinski
Decision Support Systems in action: Integrated application in a multicriteria decision aid process pp. 315-335 Downloads
Carlos A. Bana e Costa, Leonardo Ensslin, Emerson C. Correa and Jean-Claude Vansnick
MARKEX: An intelligent decision support system for product development decisions pp. 336-354 Downloads
Nikolaos F. Matsatsinis and Yannis Siskos
Interactive multicriteria procedure exploiting a knowledge-based module to select electricity production alternatives: The CASTART system pp. 355-373 Downloads
Xavier Gandibleux
Multi-objective modeling for engineering applications: DIDASN++ system pp. 374-389 Downloads
Andrzej P. Wierzbicki and Janusz Granat
Deterministic job-shop scheduling: Past, present and future pp. 390-434 Downloads
A. S. Jain and S. Meeran
A bicriteria approach to the two-machine flow shop scheduling problem pp. 435-449 Downloads
Serpil Sayin and Selcuk Karabati
Sequencing and due-date determination in the stochastic single machine problem with earliness and tardiness costs pp. 450-468 Downloads
H. M. Soroush
Guided local search and its application to the traveling salesman problem pp. 469-499 Downloads
Christos Voudouris and Edward Tsang

Volume 113, issue 1, 1999

Brand positioning under lexicographic choice rules pp. 1-16 Downloads
J. Bhadury and H. A. Eiselt
Multi-resource investment strategies: Operational hedging under demand uncertainty pp. 17-29 Downloads
J. Michael Harrison and Jan A. Van Mieghem
Can-order policies for coordinated inventory replenishment with Erlang distributed times between ordering pp. 30-41 Downloads
Helle Schultz and Soren Glud Johansen
Some stochastic inventory models with deterministic variable lead time pp. 42-51 Downloads
Moncer Hariga and Mohamed Ben-Daya
An (s,[punctuation space]S) random lifetime inventory model with a positive lead time pp. 52-63 Downloads
Liming Liu and Tao Yang
Stepwise decomposition approaches for large scale cell formation problems pp. 64-79 Downloads
Ja-Shen Chen and Sunderesh S. Heragu
A branch and bound based heuristic for multi-product resource constrained scheduling problem in FMS environment pp. 80-90 Downloads
Kripa Shanker and Bimal K. Modi
On the minimization of total weighted flow time with identical and uniform parallel machines pp. 91-100 Downloads
Meral Azizoglu and Omer Kirca
Stochastically minimizing total flowtime in flowshops with no waiting space pp. 101-112 Downloads
Ali Allahverdi
Heuristics for scheduling in a flow shop with multiple processors pp. 113-122 Downloads
Shaukat A. Brah and Luan Luan Loo
Some new results on simulated annealing applied to the job shop scheduling problem pp. 123-136 Downloads
M. Kolonko
A new approach for solving repair limit problems pp. 137-146 Downloads
J. S. Dagpunar
Analysis of centroid aggregation for the Euclidean distance p-median problem pp. 147-168 Downloads
Peiwu Zhao and Rajan Batta
Simulation optimization with qualitative variables and structural model changes: A genetic algorithm approach pp. 169-182 Downloads
Farhad Azadivar and George Tompkins
Determination of the optimal externality: Efficiency versus equity pp. 183-192 Downloads
Carlos Romero
Cooperative games with stochastic payoffs pp. 193-205 Downloads
Jeroen Suijs, Peter Borm, Anja De Waegenaere and Stef Tijs
Estimating returns to scale using non-parametric deterministic technologies: A new method based on goodness-of-fit pp. 206-214 Downloads
Kristiaan Kerstens and Philippe Vanden Eeckaut
On a 2-dimensional equipartition problem pp. 215-231 Downloads
Francesco Conti, Federico Malucelli, Sara Nicoloso and Bruno Simeone

Volume 112, issue 3, 1999

Multicriterion decision making in performance evaluation of an irrigation system pp. 479-488 Downloads
Komaragiri Srinivasa Raju and C. R. S. Pillai
Ship maintenance scheduling by genetic algorithm and constraint-based reasoning pp. 489-502 Downloads
Safaai Deris, Sigeru Omatu, Hiroshi Ohta, Lt. Cdr Shaharudin Kutar and Pathiah Abd Samat
Extended optimal replacement model for deteriorating systems pp. 503-516 Downloads
Shey-Huei Sheu
Sensitivity analysis of a railway station track layout with respect to a given timetable pp. 517-530 Downloads
Michiel A. Odijk
Using the generalized assignment problem in scheduling the ROSAT space telescope pp. 531-541 Downloads
Jorg Nowakovski, Werner Schwarzler and Eberhard Triesch
Evaluating the impact of operating conditions on the performance of appointment scheduling rules in service systems pp. 542-553 Downloads
Chrwan-Jyh Ho and Hon-Shiang Lau
Optimal warranties, reliabilities and prices for durable goods in an oligopoly pp. 554-569 Downloads
Gregory A. DeCroix
A model for allocated versus actual costs in assignment and transportation problems pp. 570-581 Downloads
Chris Pilot and Steve Pilot
Travel time analysis for general item location assignment in a rectangular warehouse pp. 582-597 Downloads
Ek Peng Chew and Loon Ching Tang
Optimizing the natural gas supply mix of local distribution utilities pp. 598-612 Downloads
Jean-Michel Guldmann and Fahui Wang
Optimization models for quality and cost of modular software systems pp. 613-619 Downloads
Ho-Won Jung and Byoungju Choi
Clusters in a group: Decision making in the vector space formulation of the analytic hierarchy process pp. 620-634 Downloads
Sajjad Zahir
Bandwidth packing with queuing delay costs: Bounding and heuristic solution procedures pp. 635-645 Downloads
Ali Amiri, Erik Rolland and Reza Barkhi
Sojourn times in a random queue with and without preemption pp. 646-653 Downloads
A. J. Field and P. G. Harrison
Tighter relaxations for the cutting stock problem pp. 654-663 Downloads
Christoph Nitsche, Guntram Scheithauer and Johannes Terno
A new upper bound for the 0-1 quadratic knapsack problem pp. 664-672 Downloads
Alain Billionnet, Alain Faye and Eric Soutif
Implied constraints and LP duals of general nonlinear programming problems pp. 673-681 Downloads
Pravin K. Johri
Fuzzy MCDM based on ideal and anti-ideal concepts pp. 682-691 Downloads
Gin-Shuh Liang
A note on rough sets and common knowledge events pp. 692-695 Downloads
Hannu Salonen and Hannu Nurmi

Volume 112, issue 2, 1999

Multicriterion decision making in river basin planning and development pp. 249-257 Downloads
Komaragiri Srinivasa Raju and C. R. S. Pillai
Layout designs in cellular manufacturing pp. 258-272 Downloads
Massoud Bazargan-Lari
Reserve design for species preservation pp. 273-283 Downloads
Michael Clemens, Charles S. ReVelle and Justin C. Williams
Operations planning for a multi-stage kanban system pp. 284-303 Downloads
Bhaba R. Sarker and Chidambaram V. Balan
Stochastically minimizing the makespan in two-machine flow shops without blocking pp. 304-309 Downloads
Jerzy Kamburowski
Financial credit-risk evaluation with neural and neurofuzzy systems pp. 310-321 Downloads
Selwyn Piramuthu
Computing lower bounds by destructive improvement: An application to resource-constrained project scheduling pp. 322-346 Downloads
Robert Klein and Armin Scholl
The multiple resource constrained project scheduling problem: A breadth-first approach pp. 347-366 Downloads
Terence Nazareth, Sanjay Verma, Subir Bhattacharya and Amitava Bagchi
Transitive calibration of the AHP verbal scale pp. 367-372 Downloads
J. S. Finan and W. J. Hurley
Geometry of decision making and the vector space formulation of the analytic hierarchy process pp. 373-396 Downloads
Sajjad Zahir
A subjective and objective integrated approach to determine attribute weights pp. 397-404 Downloads
Jian Ma, Zhi-Ping Fan and Li-Hua Huang
Robust and neutral methods for aggregating preferences into an outranking relation pp. 405-412 Downloads
Ph. Vincke
An improved BL-algorithm for genetic algorithm of the orthogonal packing of rectangles pp. 413-420 Downloads
Dequan Liu and Hongfei Teng
On the inverse problem of linear programming and its application to minimum weight perfect k-matching pp. 421-426 Downloads
Siming Huang and Zhenhong Liu
A note on efficient solutions for the linear bilevel programming problem pp. 427-431 Downloads
Margareta Soismaa
Gradient projection and local region search for multiobjective optimisation pp. 432-459 Downloads
Jian-Bo Yang
A decomposition approach for the fuel-constrained economic power-dispatch problem pp. 460-466 Downloads
Samer Takriti and Benedikt Krasenbrink
Graphical solution of (nxm) matrix of a game theory pp. 467-471 Downloads
Sanjay Kumar and D. S. N. Reddy
Solution of 3 x 3 games using graphical method pp. 472-478 Downloads
K. G. K. Nair and G. Ranjith

Volume 112, issue 1, 1999

Editorial pp. 1-478 Downloads
Resource-constrained project scheduling: Notation, classification, models, and methods pp. 3-41 Downloads
Peter Brucker, Andreas Drexl, Rolf Mohring, Klaus Neumann and Erwin Pesch
Improving the efficiency of the purchasing process using total cost of ownership information: The case of heating electrodes at Cockerill Sambre S.A pp. 42-53 Downloads
Zeger Degraeve and Filip Roodhooft
Formulating and solving production planning problems pp. 54-80 Downloads
Larry J. LeBlanc, Avraham Shtub and G. Anandalingam
Match-up scheduling under a machine breakdown pp. 81-97 Downloads
M. Selim Akturk and Elif Gorgulu
Measuring and designing flexibility as a generalized service degree pp. 98-106 Downloads
Ch. Schneeweiss and H. Schneider
An approximation for computing the throughput of closed assembly-type queueing networks pp. 107-121 Downloads
Hayriye Ayhan and Martin A. Wortman
The general routing polyhedron: A unifying framework pp. 122-133 Downloads
Adam N. Letchford
The asymmetric travelling salesman problem and a reformulation of the Miller-Tucker-Zemlin constraints pp. 134-146 Downloads
Luis Gouveia and Jose Manuel Pires
A simulated annealing algorithm with the random compound move for the sequential partitioning problem of directed acyclic graphs pp. 147-157 Downloads
Taichi Kaji and Azuma Ohuchi
Approximation algorithms for the oriented two-dimensional bin packing problem pp. 158-166 Downloads
Andrea Lodi, Silvano Martello and Daniele Vigo
Multiple bottleneck assignment problem pp. 167-173 Downloads
Y. P. Aneja and A. P. Punnen
Optimization of dual response systems: A comprehensive procedure for degenerate and nondegenerate problems pp. 174-186 Downloads
Enrique Del Castillo, Shu-Kai Fan and John Semple
Average-discounted equilibria in stochastic games pp. 187-195 Downloads
J. Flesch, F. Thuijsman and O. J. Vrieze
Product form stationary distributions for the MGk group-arrival group-departure loss system under a general acceptance policy pp. 196-206 Downloads
A. Economou and D. Fakinos
Development of a Neuro-Fuzzy approach for treating multimodal distributions and spurious clusters pp. 207-219 Downloads
Gabor Pauler
Decision making under partial probability information using pair-wise comparisons pp. 220-235 Downloads
Celik Parkan, Lian-Fen Wang and Ming-Lu Wu
A note on the kinks at the mean variance frontier pp. 236-239 Downloads
J. Voros, J. Kriens and Leo Strijbosch
A note on robustness of the efficient DMUs in data envelopment analysis pp. 240-244 Downloads
Valter Boljunčić
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