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Volume 102, issue 3, 1997

Integrated assessment models for acid rain pp. 405-417 Downloads
Leen Hordijk and Carolien Kroeze
Demand estimation with failure and capacity constraints: An application to prisons pp. 418-431 Downloads
Pamela K. Lattimore and Joanna R. Baker
Integration of price-depending demand reactions in an optimising energy emission model for the development of CO2-mitigation strategies pp. 432-444 Downloads
M. Wietschel, W. Fichtner and O. Rentz
On the interaction between indirect cost allocations and the firm's objectives pp. 445-454 Downloads
F. J. Arcelus, J. Bhadury and G. Srinivasan
Computer aided decision support system for water strategic planning in Jordan pp. 455-472 Downloads
Tarik Al-Shemmeri, Bashar Al-Kloub and Alan Pearman
A neural network approach to the vessel dispatching problem pp. 473-487 Downloads
Katarina Vukadinovic, Dusan Teodorovic and Goran Pavkovic
Designing paced assembly lines with fixed number of stations pp. 488-501 Downloads
H. Fatih Ugurdag, Ram Rachamadugu and Christos A. Papachristou
One-machine job-scheduling with non-constant capacity -- Minimizing weighted completion times pp. 502-512 Downloads
H. F. Amaddeo, W. M. Nawijn and A. van Harten
A neighbourhood scheme with a compressed solution space for the early/tardy scheduling problem pp. 513-527 Downloads
R. J. W. James and J. T. Buchanan
Heuristics for unrelated machine scheduling with precedence constraints pp. 528-537 Downloads
Jeffrey Herrmann, Jean-Marie Proth and Nathalie Sauer
A Monte Carlo investigation of incomplete pairwise comparison matrices in AHP pp. 538-553 Downloads
Frank J. Carmone, Ali Kara and Stelios H. Zanakis
A procedure for optimizing tactical response in oil spill clean up operations pp. 554-574 Downloads
Anand V. Srinivasa and Wilbert E. Wilhelm
Bank asset and liability management under uncertainty pp. 575-600 Downloads
Cemal Berk Oguzsoy and Sibel Guven
A reference direction approach to multiple objective quadratic-linear programming pp. 601-610 Downloads
Pekka Korhonen and GuangYuan Yu
Lagrangian heuristics for the two-echelon, single-source, capacitated facility location problem pp. 611-625 Downloads
Suda Tragantalerngsak, John Holt and Mikael Ronnqvist
A constrained nonlinear 0-1 program for data allocation pp. 626-647 Downloads
Rathindra Sarathy, Bala Shetty and Arun Sen
Fuzzy sharing problem by possibility measure pp. 648-656 Downloads
Takeshi Itoh and Hiroaki Ishii
On the convergence of the block principal pivotal algorithm for the LCP pp. 657-666 Downloads
Samer Takriti and Katta G. Murty

Volume 102, issue 2, 1997

Fourteenth EURO Summer Institute: Environmental planning pp. 247-666 Downloads
Costas Pappis
Operations research and environmental planning pp. 248-263 Downloads
S. E. Daniel, D. C. Diakoulaki and C. P. Pappis
Production planning and inventory control with remanufacturing and disposal pp. 264-278 Downloads
Erwin van der Laan and Marc Salomon
How to benefit from decision analysis in environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) pp. 279-294 Downloads
Pauli Miettinen and Raimo P. Hamalainen
Semi-obnoxious location models: A global optimization approach pp. 295-301 Downloads
Dolores Romero-Morales, Emilio Carrizosa and Eduardo Conde
The obnoxious p facility network location problem with facility interaction pp. 302-319 Downloads
S. B. Welch and S. Salhi
A decisional procedure for water resources planning taking into account water quality constraints pp. 320-334 Downloads
E. Avogadro, R. Minciardi and M. Paolucci
Collaborative environmental planning with GeoMed pp. 335-346 Downloads
Nikos Karacapilidis, Dimitris Papadias, Thomas Gordon and Hans Voss
An interactive decision-making approach based on intelligent systems to redraw district boundaries in regional planning pp. 347-363 Downloads
Idir Moualek
Multicriteria analysis vs. externalities assessment for the comparative evaluation of electricity generation systems pp. 364-379 Downloads
S. Mirasgedis and D. Diakoulaki
A model for long-term global air quality prediction and development of efficient control strategies in Turkey pp. 380-392 Downloads
Gurkan S. Kumbaroglu
Solving an equilibrium model for trade of CO2 emission permits pp. 393-403 Downloads
Benno Bueler

Volume 102, issue 1, 1997

Repairable inventory theory: Models and applications pp. 1-20 Downloads
V. Daniel R. Guide and Rajesh Srivastava
Aircrew schedule generation using repeated matching pp. 21-35 Downloads
Peter Wark, John Holt, Mikael Ronnqvist and David Ryan
Purchasing demand information in a stochastic-demand inventory system pp. 36-57 Downloads
Gregory A. DeCroix and Vijay S. Mookerjee
Joint planning of combined heat and power and electric power systems: An efficient model formulation pp. 58-72 Downloads
Douglas T. Gardner and J. Scott Rogers
Scheduling installations in the telecommunications industry pp. 73-87 Downloads
J. J. Shade and A. J. Orman
Project scheduling under resource and mode identity constraints: Model, complexity, methods, and application pp. 88-110 Downloads
Frank Salewski, Andreas Schirmer and Andreas Drexl
Single machine scheduling when processing times are correlated normal random variables pp. 111-123 Downloads
R. J. Boys, K. D. Glazebrook and C. M. McCrone
Inclusion of flexibility benefits in discounted cash flow analyses for investment evaluation: A simulation/optimization model pp. 124-141 Downloads
Ranga V. Ramasesh and Maliyakal D. Jayakumar
A hybrid two-stage flowshop with part family, batch production, major and minor set-ups pp. 142-156 Downloads
Shanling Li
Estimating the Held-Karp lower bound for the geometric TSP pp. 157-175 Downloads
Christine L. Valenzuela and Antonia J. Jones
On the analytic representation of the Leximin ordering and its application to flexible constraint propagation pp. 176-192 Downloads
Ronald R. Yager
Distribution requirements and compactness constraints in school timetabling pp. 193-214 Downloads
Andreas Drexl and Frank Salewski
Introduction to a new weighting method -- Hierarchy consistency analysis pp. 215-226 Downloads
Yuh-Yuan Guh
Waiting times of a finite-capacity multi-server model with non-preemptive priorities pp. 227-241 Downloads
Dietmar Wagner
DECOPOL -- Codes for decomposing a polygon into convex subpolygons pp. 242-243 Downloads
J. Fernandez, L. Canovas and B. Pelegrin

Volume 101, issue 3, 1997

Supply chain partnerships: Opportunities for operations research pp. 419-429 Downloads
Michael J. Maloni and W.C. Benton
Spatial organization of an industrial area: Distribution of the environmental cost and equity policies pp. 430-441 Downloads
John Karkazis and Brian Boffey
Multicriteria decision analysis in a decision tree pp. 442-451 Downloads
Freerk A. Lootsma
A framework for decision support systems for scheduling problems pp. 452-462 Downloads
Klaus Ecker, Jatinder N.D. Gupta and Gunter Schmidt
The teacher assignment problem: A special case of the fixed charge transportation problem pp. 463-473 Downloads
Tim H. Hultberg and Domingos M. Cardoso
Lead time and response time in a pull production control system pp. 474-485 Downloads
Ilhyung Kim and Christopher S. Tang
Robust autoregressive estimates using quadratic programming pp. 486-498 Downloads
G. Zioutas, L. Camarinopoulos and E. Bora Senta
A dynamic programming heuristic for the P-median problem pp. 499-508 Downloads
Michelle Hribar and Mark S. Daskin
Direct shipping and the dynamic single-depot/multi-retailer inventory system pp. 509-518 Downloads
Dawn Barnes-Schuster and Yehuda Bassok
A multi-product loading problem: a model and solution method pp. 519-531 Downloads
Umit Yuceer
Supply rationing in multi-echelon divergent systems pp. 532-549 Downloads
M.C. van der Heijden
Setting the length of the planning horizon in the vehicle replacement problem pp. 550-559 Downloads
Jorge Freire de Sousa and Rui Campos Guimaraes
Variance of the throughput of an N-station production line with no intermediate buffers and time dependent failures pp. 560-576 Downloads
Baris Tan
Using an interior point method for the master problem in a decomposition approach pp. 577-587 Downloads
J. Gondzio, R. Sarkissian and J.-P. Vial
Rendezvous search on the line with bounded resources: expected time minimization pp. 588-597 Downloads
Steve Alpern and Anatole Beck
Facets for node packing pp. 598-608 Downloads
Alan T. Murray and Richard L. Church

Volume 101, issue 2, 1997

Thirteenth EURO Summer Institute: Stochastic Optimization pp. 229-229 Downloads
G. Ch. Pflug and Andrzej Ruszczynski
On nonsmooth and discontinuous problems of stochastic systems optimization pp. 230-244 Downloads
Yuri M. Ermoliev and Vladimir . Norkin
Optimal allocation of simulation experiments in discrete stochastic optimization and approximative algorithms pp. 245-260 Downloads
A. Futschik and G. Ch. Pflug
Stochastic gradient algorithm with random truncations pp. 261-284 Downloads
Vladislav Tadic
Estimated stochastic programs with chance constraints pp. 285-305 Downloads
Nicole Growe
A cutting-plane approach to mixed 0-1 stochastic integer programs pp. 306-316 Downloads
Claus C. Caroe and Jorgen Tind
The augmented system variant of IPMs in two-stage stochastic linear programming computation pp. 317-327 Downloads
Csaba Meszaros
Accelerating the regularized decomposition method for two stage stochastic linear problems pp. 328-342 Downloads
Andrzej Ruszczynski and Artur Swietanowski
Modelling and analysis of multistage stochastic programming problems: A software environment pp. 343-359 Downloads
E. Messina and G. Mitra
Stochastic optimization on Bayesian nets pp. 360-373 Downloads
F. Archetti, A. Gaivoronski and Fabio Stella
Discretized reality and spurious profits in stochastic programming models for asset/liability management pp. 374-392 Downloads
Pieter Klaassen
Fast simulation of blocking probabilities in loss networks pp. 393-405 Downloads
Michel Mandjes
An applied study on recursive estimation methods, neural networks and forecasting pp. 406-417 Downloads
Joao C. Teixeira and Antonio J. Rodrigues

Volume 101, issue 1, 1997

A state space condition monitoring model for furnace erosion prediction and replacement pp. 1-14 Downloads
A. H. Christer, W. Wang and J. M. Sharp
Sensitivity analysis in linear programming: just be careful! pp. 15-28 Downloads
B. Jansen, J. J. de Jong, C. Roos and T. Terlaky
The balanced linear programming problem pp. 29-38 Downloads
Ravindra K. Ahuja
Rank-based statistical procedures in analytic hierarchy process pp. 39-50 Downloads
Indrani Basak
Equivalences between Data Envelopment Analysis and the theory of redundancy in linear systems pp. 51-64 Downloads
J. H. Dula
Response surface methodology: A neural network approach pp. 65-73 Downloads
M. Farooq Anjum, Imran Tasadduq and Khaled Al-Sultan
Greedy sets and related problems pp. 74-80 Downloads
Eberhard Girlich, Mikhail Kovalev and Dmitri M. Vasilkov
Computational experience with approximation algorithms for the set covering problem pp. 81-92 Downloads
Tal Grossman and Avishai Wool
A branch-and-bound algorithm for the mini-max spanning forest problem pp. 93-103 Downloads
Takeo Yamada, Hideo Takahashi and Seiji Kataoka
An enumerative algorithm framework for a class of nonlinear integer programming problems pp. 104-121 Downloads
Mohamed Djerdjour
Second order symmetric duality for nonlinear minimax mixed integer programs pp. 122-129 Downloads
T. R. Gulati and Izhar Ahmad
A contraction algorithm for the multiparametric integer linear programming problem pp. 130-139 Downloads
Alejandro Crema
A simple SLP algorithm for solving a class of nonlinear programs pp. 140-154 Downloads
Ruhul A. Sarker and Eldon A. Gunn
A new penalty function algorithm for convex quadratic programming pp. 155-163 Downloads
M. Ben-Daya and K. S. Al-Sultan
The most-obtuse-angle row pivot rule for achieving dual feasibility: A computational study pp. 164-176 Downloads
Ping-Qi Pan
Stochastic linear programs with restricted recourse pp. 177-192 Downloads
Hercules Vladimirou and Stavros Zenios
Modelling stochastic decision systems using dependent-chance programming pp. 193-203 Downloads
Baoding Liu and Kakuzo Iwamura
Decomposition of the fuzzy parametric space in multiobjective nonlinear programming problems pp. 204-219 Downloads
Mohamed Abd El-Hady Kassem
A note on a global approach for general 0-1 fractional programming pp. 220-223 Downloads
Tai-Hsi Wu
OR software -- ORSEP Operations Research Software Exchange Program Edited by Professor H.W. Hamacher GP -- A C language implementation of genetic programming pp. 224-225 Downloads
M. A. Pollatschek
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