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Volume 115, issue 3, 1999

Data envelopment scenario analysis for setting targets to electricity generating plants pp. 413-428 Downloads
Antreas D. Athanassopoulos, Nikos Lambroukos and Lawrence Seiford
A benchmark approach for baseball evaluation pp. 429-448 Downloads
Toshiyuki Sueyoshi, Kenji Ohnishi and Youichi Kinase
Productivity and customer satisfaction in Swedish pharmacies: A DEA network model pp. 449-458 Downloads
Mickael Lothgren and Magnus Tambour
Estimating and bootstrapping Malmquist indices pp. 459-471 Downloads
Leopold Simar and Paul Wilson
Performance benchmarking using interactive data envelopment analysis pp. 472-487 Downloads
Thierry Post and Jaap Spronk
Optimization modeling for estimating and enhancing relative efficiency with application to industrial companies pp. 488-496 Downloads
Minwir Al-Shammari
Measuring efficiency with quasiconcave production frontiers pp. 497-506 Downloads
Kuo-Ping Chang
A multiple criteria approach to data envelopment analysis pp. 507-517 Downloads
Xiao-Bai Li and Gary R. Reeves
Data envelopment analysis with a single DMU: A graphic projected-gradient approach pp. 518-528 Downloads
Shlomo Maital and Alexander Vaninsky
Fuzzy scores of technical efficiency pp. 529-541 Downloads
Jens Hougaard
A statistical test for detecting influential observations in DEA pp. 542-554 Downloads
Jesus Pastor, José Ruiz and Inmaculada Sirvent
Efficiency estimation and error decomposition in the stochastic frontier model: A Monte Carlo analysis pp. 555-563 Downloads
John Ruggiero
DEA-discriminant analysis in the view of goal programming pp. 564-582 Downloads
Toshiyuki Sueyoshi
Side effects of absolute weight bounds in DEA models pp. 583-595 Downloads
V. V. Podinovski
An enhanced DEA Russell graph efficiency measure pp. 596-607 Downloads
Jesus Pastor, José Ruiz and Inmaculada Sirvent
Qualitative company performance evaluation: Linear discriminant analysis and neural network models pp. 608-615 Downloads
K. Bertels, J. M. Jacques, L. Neuberg and L. Gatot
Measuring efficiency by a single price system pp. 616-623 Downloads
Enrique Ballestero
A process for generating quantitative belief functions pp. 624-633 Downloads
Bryson, Noel (Kweku-Muata) and Ayodele Mobolurin

Volume 115, issue 2, 1999

Editorial pp. 217-218 Downloads
Integrated production/distribution planning in supply chains: An invited review pp. 219-236 Downloads
S. Selcuk Erenguc, N. C. Simpson and Asoo J. Vakharia
Solving the medium newspaper production/distribution problem pp. 237-253 Downloads
Michael G. Van Buer, David L. Woodruff and Rick T. Olson
An integrated inventory-transportation system with modified periodic policy for multiple products pp. 254-269 Downloads
Wendy W. Qu, James H. Bookbinder and Paul Iyogun
Demand uncertainty and supplier's returns policies for a multi-store style-good retailer pp. 270-284 Downloads
Murali K. Mantrala and Kalyan Raman
Lagrangian-relaxation-based solution procedures for a multiproduct capacitated facility location problem with choice of facility type pp. 285-299 Downloads
Joseph B. Mazzola and Alan W. Neebe
Random lead times and expedited orders in (Q,r) inventory systems pp. 300-313 Downloads
James H. Bookbinder and Metin Cakanyildirim
Scheduling of resource tasks pp. 314-327 Downloads
Klaus H. Ecker
Robustness of capacity rationing policies pp. 328-338 Downloads
Nagraj Balakrishnan, J. Wayne Patterson and V. Sridharan
A combinatorial approach to the classification problem pp. 339-350 Downloads
N. Yanev and S. Balev
Making the information systems outsourcing decision: A transaction cost approach to analyzing outsourcing decision problems pp. 351-367 Downloads
Ojelanki K. Ngwenyama and Noel Bryson
Optimization models for recovery block schemes pp. 368-379 Downloads
Oded Berman and U. Dinesh Kumar
Minimising bins in transmission systems pp. 380-391 Downloads
Thomas W. Archibald, Menno B. Bokkers, Rommert Dekker and Andre van Vliet
Analysis of infinite servers polling systems with correlated input process and state dependent vacations pp. 392-412 Downloads
Lee, Thomas (Yew Sing)

Volume 115, issue 1, 1999

Optimization of a large-scale scallop hanging culture operation pp. 1-18 Downloads
R. P. Pelot and J. P. Cyrus
Analysis of the twisting department at Superior Cable Corporation: A case study pp. 19-35 Downloads
Jon C. Yingling, Chon-Huat Goh and Rajive Ganguli
Analysis of capacity management of the intensive care unit in a hospital pp. 36-46 Downloads
Seung-Chul Kim, Ira Horowitz, Karl K. Young and Thomas A. Buckley
Strategic options in re-engineering of a manufacturing system with uncertain completion time pp. 47-58 Downloads
John Liu and Dongqing Yao
A modeling approach to logistics in concurrent engineering pp. 59-76 Downloads
Shad Dowlatshahi
Concurrent optimization in designing for logistics support pp. 77-97 Downloads
Melanie L. Hatch and Ralph D. Badinelli
Multicriteria models for the allocation of design parameter targets pp. 98-112 Downloads
Robert D. Plante
Design of electronic assembly lines: An analytical framework and its application pp. 113-137 Downloads
Reza H. Ahmadi and Panagiotis Kouvelis
Job challenge as a motivator in a principal-agent setting pp. 138-157 Downloads
Suresh Radhakrishnan and Joshua Ronen
Modeling simultaneous worker learning and forgetting in dual resource constrained systems pp. 158-172 Downloads
Hemant V. Kher, Manoj K. Malhotra, Patrick R. Philipoom and Timothy D. Fry
Single-machine scheduling with learning considerations pp. 173-178 Downloads
Dirk Biskup
Evaluation of three production planning procedures for the use of recipe flexibility pp. 179-194 Downloads
J. W. M. Bertrand and W. G. M. M. Rutten
An investigation of lead-time effects in manufacturing/remanufacturing systems under simple PUSH and PULL control strategies pp. 195-214 Downloads
Erwin van der Laan, Marc Salomon and Rommert Dekker

Volume 114, issue 3, 1999

A stochastic and dynamic model for the single-vehicle pick-up and delivery problem pp. 447-464 Downloads
Michael R. Swihart and Jason D. Papastavrou
Optimizing dead mileage in urban bus routes through a nondominated solution approach pp. 465-473 Downloads
Satya Prakash, B. V. Balaji and Deepak Tuteja
An application of neurofuzzy modeling: The vehicle assignment problem pp. 474-488 Downloads
Katarina Vukadinovic, Dusan Teodorovic and Goran Pavkovic
Submodularity and the traveling salesman problem pp. 489-508 Downloads
Yale T. Herer
Weight distribution considerations in container loading pp. 509-527 Downloads
A. Paul Davies and Eberhard E. Bischoff
An exact algorithm for large multiple knapsack problems pp. 528-541 Downloads
David Pisinger
An application of simulated annealing to the cutting stock problem pp. 542-556 Downloads
Loris Faina
A sequential heuristic procedure for one-dimensional cutting pp. 557-568 Downloads
Miro Gradisar, Miroljub Kljajic, Gortan Resinovic and Joze Jesenko
An algorithm to perform a complete right-hand-side parametrical analysis for a 0-1-integer linear programming problem pp. 569-579 Downloads
Alejandro Crema
Interactive fuzzy programming for multi-level 0-1 programming problems through genetic algorithms pp. 580-588 Downloads
Masatoshi Sakawa, Ichiro Nishizaki and Masatoshi Hitaka
Optimization of neural networks: A comparative analysis of the genetic algorithm and simulated annealing pp. 589-601 Downloads
Randall S. Sexton, Robert E. Dorsey and John D. Johnson
The sensitivity analysis of binary networks via simulation pp. 602-609 Downloads
Neng-Hui Shih
A new analytical algorithm and generation of Gaussian quadrature formula for stochastic network pp. 610-625 Downloads
S. M. T. Fatemi Ghomi and S. S. Hashemin
Cognitive maps and fuzzy implications pp. 626-637 Downloads
Thierry Marchant
CORO, a modeling and an algorithmic framework for oil supply, transformation and distribution optimization under uncertainty pp. 638-656 Downloads
Laureano F. Escudero, Francisco J. Quintana and Javier Salmeron

Volume 114, issue 2, 1999

Heuristic algorithms for the portfolio selection problem with minimum transaction lots pp. 219-233 Downloads
Renata Mansini and Maria Grazia Speranza
Using data envelopment analysis for costing bank products pp. 234-248 Downloads
Andreas C. Soteriou and Stavros Zenios
The simulation of option prices with application to LIFFE options on futures pp. 249-262 Downloads
George A. Christodoulakis and Stephen E. Satchell
Business failure prediction using rough sets pp. 263-280 Downloads
A. I. Dimitras, R. Slowinski, R. Susmaga and C. Zopounidis
Evaluating predictive performance of judgemental extrapolations from simulated currency series pp. 281-293 Downloads
Andrew C. Pollock, Alex Macaulay, Dilek Onkal-Atay and Mary E. Wilkie-Thomson
Some basic problems in inventory theory: The financial perspective pp. 294-303 Downloads
Elisa Luciano and Lorenzo Peccati
Variance vs downside risk: Is there really that much difference? pp. 304-319 Downloads
Henk Grootveld and Winfried Hallerbach
Optimal exit and valuation under demand uncertainty: A real options approach pp. 320-329 Downloads
Luis Alvarez
Coordination of pricing and multi-period production for constant priced goods pp. 330-337 Downloads
Stephen M. Gilbert
Price subsidies and guaranteed buys of a new technology pp. 338-345 Downloads
Steffen Jorgensen and Georges Zaccour
Comparing performance of feedforward neural nets and K-means for cluster-based market segmentation pp. 346-353 Downloads
Harald Hruschka and Martin Natter
Automatic clustering of business processes in business systems planning pp. 354-362 Downloads
Hsuan-Shih Lee
Location of hubs in a competitive environment pp. 363-371 Downloads
Vladimir Marianov, Daniel Serra and Charles ReVelle
Location of an undesirable facility in a polygonal region with forbidden zones pp. 372-379 Downloads
Jose Munoz-Perez and Juan Jose Saameno-Rodriguez
A geometrical solution for quadratic bicriteria location models pp. 380-388 Downloads
Yoshiaki Ohsawa
A maxmin policy for bond management pp. 389-394 Downloads
Luca Luigi Ghezzi
The cutting stock problem with mixed objectives: Two heuristics based on dynamic programming pp. 395-402 Downloads
Julien Antonio, Fabrice Chauvet, Chengbin Chu and Jean-Marie Proth
Complexity of parallel machine scheduling with processing-plus-wait due dates to minimize maximum absolute lateness pp. 403-410 Downloads
T. C. Edwin Cheng and Mikhail Y. Kovalyov
Bounds for the position of the smallest job in completion time variance minimization pp. 411-419 Downloads
D. K. Manna and V. Rajendra Prasad
Two-machine flowshop scheduling with availability constraints pp. 420-429 Downloads
Chung-Yee Lee
An algorithm of global optimization for solving layout problems pp. 430-436 Downloads
Enmin Feng, Xilu Wang, Xiumei Wang and Hongfei Teng
Fast collision detection in four-dimensional space pp. 437-445 Downloads
M. D. S. Aliyu and K. S. Al-Sultan

Volume 114, issue 1, 1999

Decision making using multiple models pp. 1-14 Downloads
Manoj K. Malhotra, Subhash Sharma and Satish S. Nair
Multiple level production planning in rolling horizon assembly environments pp. 15-28 Downloads
N. C. Simpson
On the global optimal solution to an integrated inventory system with general time varying demand, production and deterioration rates pp. 29-37 Downloads
Zaid T. Balkhi
The multi-location inventory centralization problem with first-come, first-served allocation pp. 38-49 Downloads
Amit Eynan
Balancing assembly lines effectively - A computational comparison pp. 50-58 Downloads
Armin Scholl and Robert Klein
Exploiting process plan flexibility in production scheduling: A multi-objective approach pp. 59-71 Downloads
Paolo Brandimarte
A hierarchical approach for one-dimensional cutting stock problems in the steel industry that maximizes yield and minimizes overgrading pp. 72-82 Downloads
Francis J. Vasko, Dennis D. Newhart and Kenneth Stott
A spreadsheet modelling approach to the assortment problem pp. 83-92 Downloads
Barrie M. Baker
Capability indices for material balance accounting pp. 93-104 Downloads
Sameer Prasad and Ayhan Calis
Integer programming to schedule a hierarchical workforce with variable demands pp. 105-114 Downloads
Alain Billionnet
Portfolio selection based on upper and lower exponential possibility distributions pp. 115-126 Downloads
Hideo Tanaka and Peijun Guo
Exact solution methods for uncapacitated location problems with convex transportation costs pp. 127-140 Downloads
Kaj Holmberg
Genetic algorithm approach on multi-criteria minimum spanning tree problem pp. 141-152 Downloads
Gengui Zhou and Mitsuo Gen
Interval estimation of priorities in the AHP pp. 153-164 Downloads
Stan Lipovetsky and Asher Tishler
Lagrangean/surrogate relaxation for generalized assignment problems pp. 165-177 Downloads
Marcelo G. Narciso and Luiz Antonio N. Lorena
Technical efficiency and distance to a reverse convex set pp. 178-187 Downloads
W. Briec and B. Lemaire
The bilevel linear/linear fractional programming problem pp. 188-197 Downloads
Herminia I. Calvete and Carmen Gale
The finite criss-cross method for hyperbolic programming pp. 198-214 Downloads
Tibor Illes, Akos Szirmai and Tamas Terlaky
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