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Volume 121, issue 3, 2000

Operational research techniques in medical treatment and diagnosis: A review pp. 435-466 Downloads
F. Bartolozzi, A. de Gaetano, E. Di Lena, S. Marino, L. Nieddu and G. Patrizi
Potential effect of internal markets on hospitals' waiting time pp. 467-475 Downloads
Tor Iversen
An optimal, dynamic policy for hotel yield management pp. 476-503 Downloads
Ralph D. Badinelli
Fuzzy multicriteria models for quality function deployment pp. 504-518 Downloads
Kwang-Jae Kim, Herbert Moskowitz, Anoop Dhingra and Gerald Evans
A model for parallel machine replacement with capacity expansion pp. 519-531 Downloads
Suresh Chand, Tim McClurg and Jim Ward
A minimum mean cycle cancelling method for nonlinear multicommodity flow problems pp. 532-548 Downloads
A. Ouorou and P. Mahey
A DEA model for the efficiency evaluation of nondominated paths on a road network pp. 549-558 Downloads
Dorotea De Luca Cardillo and Tiziana Fortuna
Efficiency measurement for multi-product industries: A comparison of classic and recent techniques based on simulated data pp. 559-578 Downloads
Andrea Resti
Valuation network representation and solution of asymmetric decision problems pp. 579-608 Downloads
Prakash P. Shenoy
Solving linear programming relaxations associated with Lagrangean relaxations by Fenchel cutting planes pp. 609-626 Downloads
Jesus Saez
Relative measurement and the power function pp. 627-640 Downloads
Cathal M. Brugha
Productivity change model in the airline industry: A parametric approach pp. 641-655 Downloads
Rakhmat Ceha and Hiroshi Ohta

Volume 121, issue 2, 2000

Editorial pp. 217-655 Downloads
S. Salhi and B. Boffey
On finding dissimilar paths pp. 232-246 Downloads
Vedat Akgun, Erhan Erkut and Rajan Batta
Support system development for forest ecosystem management pp. 247-258 Downloads
Richard L. Church, Alan T. Murray, Michael A. Figueroa and Klaus H. Barber
A continuous location model for siting a non-noxious undesirable facility within a geographical region pp. 259-274 Downloads
J. Fernandez, P. Fernandez and B. Pelegrin
Selecting scenarios for environmental disaster planning pp. 275-286 Downloads
L. Jenkins
Environmental efficiency with multiple environmentally detrimental variables; estimated with SFA and DEA pp. 287-303 Downloads
Stijn Reinhard, C. Lovell and Geert J. Thijssen
Remanufacturing planning for the reverse Wagner/Whitin models pp. 304-315 Downloads
Knut Richter and Mirko Sombrutzki
Using GIS to assess the risks of hazardous materials transport in networks pp. 316-329 Downloads
Jianjun Zhang, John Hodgson and Erhan Erkut
Algorithms for the decomposition of a polygon into convex polygons pp. 330-342 Downloads
J. Fernandez, L. Canovas and B. Pelegrin
Decreasing the sensitivity of open-loop optimal solutions in decision making under uncertainty pp. 343-362 Downloads
J. Darlington, C. C. Pantelides, B. Rustem and B. A. Tanyi
Storage management of items in two levels of availability pp. 363-379 Downloads
Barouch Matzliach and Michal Tzur
Minimizing functions of infeasibilities in a two-machine flow shop pp. 380-393 Downloads
Irene N. Lushchakova
Valid inequalities for non-unit demand capacitated spanning tree problems with flow costs pp. 394-411 Downloads
Luis Gouveia and Maria Joao Lopes
A multiperiod planning model for the capacitated minimal spanning tree problem pp. 412-419 Downloads
R. Kawatra and D. Bricker
Lower-bounding and heuristic methods for a refuse collection vehicle routing problem pp. 420-434 Downloads
M. Candida Mourao and M. Teresa Almeida

Volume 121, issue 1, 2000

Scheduling with limited machine availability pp. 1-15 Downloads
Gunter Schmidt
Shortest path problems with partial information: Models and algorithms for detecting dominance pp. 16-31 Downloads
Luis Dias and Joao N. Climaco
Shortest paths in a network with time-dependent flow speeds pp. 32-39 Downloads
Kiseok Sung, Michael G. H. Bell, Myeongki Seong and Soondal Park
Conflict graphs in solving integer programming problems pp. 40-55 Downloads
Alper Atamturk, George L. Nemhauser and Martin W. P. Savelsbergh
On the equivalence of two optimization methods for fuzzy linear programming problems pp. 56-63 Downloads
Stefan Chanas and Pawel Zielinski
Multivariate composite distributions for coefficients in synthetic optimization problems pp. 64-77 Downloads
Raymond R. Hill and Charles H. Reilly
On the numerical treatment of linearly constrained semi-infinite optimization problems pp. 78-91 Downloads
T. Leon, S. Sanmatias and E. Vercher
The distribution problem, the more for less (nothing) paradox and economies of scale and scope pp. 92-104 Downloads
Michael Ryan
Multi-objective routing within large scale facilities using open finite queueing networks pp. 105-123 Downloads
Laoucine Kerbache and J. MacGregor Smith
A self-organizing neural network approach for the single AGV routing problem pp. 124-137 Downloads
Mustafa Soylu, Nur E. Ozdemirel and Sinan Kayaligil
Measuring technical efficiency pp. 138-150 Downloads
John Ruggiero
An inverse DEA model for inputs/outputs estimate pp. 151-163 Downloads
Quanling Wei, Jianzhong Zhang and Xiangsun Zhang
Industry performance and structural efficiency measures: Solutions to problems in firm models pp. 164-174 Downloads
Svante Ylvinger
Determination of economic production-shipment policy for a single-vendor-single-buyer system pp. 175-178 Downloads
Suresh K. Goyal and Fassil Nebebe
A problem reduction and decomposition approach for scheduling for a flowshop of batch processing machines pp. 179-192 Downloads
Chang Sup Sung, Young Hwan Kim and Sang Hum Yoon
Differential games with nonconvexities and positive spillovers pp. 193-204 Downloads
Emilio Barucci
On the relativity of relative measures - accommodating both rank preservation and rank reversals in the AHP pp. 205-212 Downloads
Ido Millet and Thomas L. Saaty
Generalized golden sections, repeated bisections and aesthetic pleasure pp. 213-216 Downloads
S. Lipovetsky and F. A. Lootsma

Volume 120, issue 3, 2000

Formal methods in pattern recognition: A review pp. 459-495 Downloads
Luciano Nieddu and Giacomo Patrizi
A study of high-level managerial decision processes, with implications for MCDM research pp. 496-510 Downloads
Eero Kasanen, Hannele Wallenius, Jyrki Wallenius and Stanley Zionts
Optimal multiple stage expansion of competence set pp. 511-524 Downloads
Jian-Ming Li, Chin-I Chiang and Po-Lung Yu
The Greek banking system: Reanalysis of performance pp. 525-534 Downloads
Adi Raveh
Sequential buying policies pp. 535-544 Downloads
Peng-Sheng You
Tool capacity planning for semiconductor fabrication facilities under demand uncertainty pp. 545-558 Downloads
Jayashankar M. Swaminathan
Minimizing makespan on a single burn-in oven in semiconductor manufacturing pp. 559-574 Downloads
C. S. Sung and Y. I. Choung
Optimal production run length for products sold with warranty pp. 575-582 Downloads
Ruey Huei Yeh, Wen-Tsung Ho and Sheng-Tsaing Tseng
Generalized spanning trees pp. 583-592 Downloads
M. Dror, M. Haouari and J. Chaouachi
An evolutionary approach for finding optimal trees in undirected networks pp. 593-602 Downloads
David K. Smith and Godfrey A. Walters
Finding the critical path in an activity network with time-switch constraints pp. 603-613 Downloads
Hsu-Hao Yang and Yen-Liang Chen
The capacitated multiple allocation hub location problem: Formulations and algorithms pp. 614-631 Downloads
Jamie Ebery, Mohan Krishnamoorthy, Andreas Ernst and Natashia Boland
On the law of the iterated logarithm in open queueing networks pp. 632-640 Downloads
L. L. Sakalauskas and S. Minkevicius
Quasi-birth-and-death Markov processes with a tree structure and the MMAP[K]/PH[K]/N/LCFS non-preemptive queue pp. 641-656 Downloads
Qi-Ming He
A comparison of procedures for estimating the parent probability distribution from a given set of fractiles pp. 657-670 Downloads
Hon-Shiang Lau, Amy Hing-Ling Lau and John F. Kottas

Volume 120, issue 2, 2000

Editorial pp. 223-227 Downloads
Scheduling with batching: A review pp. 228-249 Downloads
Chris N. Potts and Mikhail Y. Kovalyov
Scheduling the production of two-component jobs on a single machine pp. 250-259 Downloads
Alex E. Gerodimos, Celia A. Glass and Chris N. Potts
The Kanban assignment problem - A non-integral approach pp. 260-276 Downloads
Yale T. Herer and Levi Shalom
Scheduling jobs with release dates and tails on two unrelated parallel machines to minimize the makespan pp. 277-288 Downloads
Giuseppe Lancia
Two linear approximation algorithms for the subset-sum problem pp. 289-296 Downloads
Hans Kellerer, Renata Mansini and Maria Grazia Speranza
A tabu search method guided by shifting bottleneck for the job shop scheduling problem pp. 297-310 Downloads
Ferdinando Pezzella and Emanuela Merelli
Simultaneous lotsizing and scheduling by combining local search with dual reoptimization pp. 311-326 Downloads
H. Meyr
A combined cutting-stock and lot-sizing problem pp. 327-342 Downloads
Sigrid Lise Nonås and Anders Thorstenson
Complexity of mixed shop scheduling problems: A survey pp. 343-351 Downloads
Natalia V. Shakhlevich, Yuri N. Sotskov and Frank Werner
The CLWS heuristic for single machine scheduling problem pp. 352-358 Downloads
Kristina Soric
Using metaheuristics in multiobjective resource constrained project scheduling pp. 359-374 Downloads
Ana Viana and Jorge Pinho de Sousa
Minimizing tardy jobs in a flowshop with common due date pp. 375-381 Downloads
Federico Della Croce, Jatinder N. D. Gupta and Roberto Tadei
On-line scheduling in a surface treatment system pp. 382-392 Downloads
Fabrice Chauvet, Eugene Levner, Leonid K. Meyzin and Jean-Marie Proth
Fuzzy programming for multiobjective job shop scheduling with fuzzy processing time and fuzzy duedate through genetic algorithms pp. 393-407 Downloads
Masatoshi Sakawa and Ryo Kubota
Algorithms for mixed-model sequencing with due date restrictions pp. 408-422 Downloads
Robin H. Lovgren and Michael J. Racer
A mathematical programming model for scheduling steelmaking-continuous casting production pp. 423-435 Downloads
Lixin Tang, Jiyin Liu, Aiying Rong and Zihou Yang
Performance of hybrid cellular manufacturing systems: A computer simulation investigation pp. 436-458 Downloads
Girish Shambu and Nallan C. Suresh

Volume 120, issue 1, 2000

Operational research in practice: Consultancy in industry revisited pp. 1-13 Downloads
Leonard Fortuin and Mynt Zijlstra
A methodology for fitting and validating metamodels in simulation pp. 14-29 Downloads
Jack Kleijnen and Robert G. Sargent
A bilevel programming approach to determining tax credits for biofuel production pp. 30-46 Downloads
Jonathan F. Bard, John Plummer and Jean Claude Sourie
A stochastic 0-1 program based approach for the air traffic flow management problem pp. 47-62 Downloads
Antonio Alonso, Laureano F. Escudero and M. Teresa Ortuno
Procedures for providing robust gate assignments for arriving aircrafts pp. 63-80 Downloads
Ahmet Bolat
Airline crew scheduling using Potts mean field techniques pp. 81-96 Downloads
Martin Lagerholm, Carsten Peterson and Bo Soderberg
Analysis of a dual sourcing inventory model with normal unit demand and Erlang mixture lead times pp. 97-107 Downloads
Duncan K. H. Fong, Virginia M. Gempesaw and Keith Ord
Fast high precision decision rules for valuing manufacturing flexibility pp. 108-117 Downloads
Markus Feurstein and Martin Natter
Lead times, order release mechanisms, and customer service pp. 118-130 Downloads
Enver Yucesan and Xavier de Groote
Effect of maintenance on the economic design of -control chart pp. 131-143 Downloads
M. Ben-Daya and M. A. Rahim
Choice functions and mechanisms for linguistic preference relations pp. 144-161 Downloads
F. Herrera and E. Herrera-Viedma
Assessing the quality of negotiated proposals using the REMBRANDT system pp. 162-173 Downloads
R. C. Van den Honert and F. A. Lootsma
A vertex algorithm for collision detection pp. 174-180 Downloads
M. D. S. Aliyu
Optimum target values for two machines in series with 100% inspection pp. 181-189 Downloads
K. S. Al-Sultan and M. F. S. Pulak
Review of guidelines for the use of combined forecasts pp. 190-204 Downloads
Lilian M. de Menezes, Derek W. Bunn and James W. Taylor
An analytically tractable interest rate model with humped volatility pp. 205-214 Downloads
F. Mercurio and J. M. Moraleda
A note on the location of an obnoxious facility on a network pp. 215-217 Downloads
Oded Berman and Zvi Drezner
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