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Volume 79, issue 3, 1994

Flexible automation investments: A problem formulation and solution procedure pp. 383-404 Downloads
Vahid Lotfi and Nallan C. Suresh
Extended block replacement policy with used item and general random minimal repair cost pp. 405-416 Downloads
Shey-Huei Sheu
An analysis of shift class design problems pp. 417-430 Downloads
Antoon W. J. Kolen and Leo G. Kroon
Design of a two-stage procedure for three-class screening pp. 431-442 Downloads
Chung Tae Kim, Kwei Tang and Michael Peters
An interactive algorithm for solving multiple objective integer linear programming problems pp. 443-450 Downloads
Subhash C. Narula and Vassil Vassilev
The general multi-retailer EOQ problem with vehicle routing costs pp. 451-473 Downloads
Shoshana Anily
Data-level parallel solution of min-cost network flow problems using [epsilon]-relaxations pp. 474-488 Downloads
Xiaoye Li and Stavros Zenios
Modelling a large, sparse spatial interaction matrix using data relating to a subset of possible flows pp. 489-500 Downloads
T. C. Bailey and A. G. Munford
Lagrangian relaxation based approaches to capacitated hub-and-spoke network design problem pp. 501-523 Downloads
Turgut Aykin
A TSSP + 1 decomposition strategy for the vehicle routing problem pp. 524-536 Downloads
Charles E. Noon, John Mittenthal and Rekha Pillai
Pseudoconvex optimization for a special problem of paint industry pp. 537-548 Downloads
Tibor Illes, Janos Mayer and Tamas Terlaky
The job shop tardiness problem: a corrected model pp. 549-550 Downloads
S. Wilhelm

Volume 79, issue 2, 1994

A comparative study in DSS development pp. 153-157 Downloads
Kees M. van Hee and Jan Karel Lenstra
`PLATE': A decision support system for resource constrained scheduling problems pp. 158-166 Downloads
A. T. M. Aerts, A. Jansen, L. Klieb, C. Noorlander and G. Wolf
A network flow algorithm for just-in-time project scheduling pp. 167-175 Downloads
E. V. Levner and A. S. Nemirovsky
Development of a heuristic project scheduler under resource constraints pp. 176-182 Downloads
R. Minciardi, M. Paolucci and P. P. Puliafito
A decision support system for the resource constrained project scheduling problem pp. 183-195 Downloads
E. Nowicki and C. Smutnicki
MIPS: A DSS for multiobjective interactive project scheduling pp. 196-207 Downloads
Tomasz Rys, Rafal Stanek and Wieslaw Ziembla
A decomposition approach in a DSS for a resource constrained scheduling problem pp. 208-219 Downloads
P. Serafini and M. G. Speranza
DSS for multiobjective project scheduling pp. 220-229 Downloads
Roman Slowinski, Boleslaw Soniewicki and Jan Weglarz
On the usefulness of standard industrial classifications in comparative financial statement analysis pp. 230-238 Downloads
Roy Dahlstedt, Timo Salmi, Martti Luoma and Arto Laakkonen
Resource allocation for a stochastic CPM-type network through perturbation analysis pp. 239-248 Downloads
Yat-wah Wan
Group preference aggregation methods employed in AHP: An evaluation and an intrinsic process for deriving members' weightages pp. 249-265 Downloads
R. Ramanathan and L. S. Ganesh
A robust strategy approach to a strategic mobility problem pp. 266-276 Downloads
Gunduz Ulusoy and Reha Uzsoy
Valued preference structures pp. 277-286 Downloads
Janos C. Fodor and Marc Roubens
A local constraint based analysis approach to project scheduling under general resource constraints pp. 287-298 Downloads
Linet Ozdamar and Gunduz Ulusoy
The Travelling Salesman Problem with pick-up and delivery pp. 299-310 Downloads
Gur Mosheiov
Inspection error effects on economic selection of target value for a production process pp. 311-324 Downloads
Shieh-Liang Chen and Kun-Jen Chung
On the coordination of product and by-product flows in two-level distribution networks: Model formulations and solution procedures pp. 325-339 Downloads
Jacqueline Bloemhof-Ruwaard, Marc Salomon and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
Combinatorial algorithms for some 1-facility median problems in the plane pp. 340-351 Downloads
H. W. Hamacher and S. Nickel
The k-neighbor, r-domination problems on interval graphs pp. 352-368 Downloads
Dipti S. Joshi, Sridhar Radhakrishnan and N. Chandrasekharan
A quadratically convergent global algorithm for the linearly-constrained minimum cross-entropy problem pp. 369-378 Downloads
S. C. Fang and H. S. J. Tsao
Estimation of returns to scale using data envelopment analysis: A comment pp. 379-382 Downloads
Rolf Fare and Shawna Grosskopf

Volume 79, issue 1, 1994

One machine scheduling problem with fuzzy duedates pp. 1-12 Downloads
Sangsu Han, Hiroaki Ishii and Susumu Fujii
Optimal recycling of waste materials in a plastic extrusion production process pp. 13-24 Downloads
S. P. Ladany and K. C. So
A Lagrangean decomposition solution to a single line multiproduct scheduling problem pp. 25-37 Downloads
Renato de Matta
Group scheduling jobs on a single machine: A multi-objective approach with preemptive priority structure pp. 38-50 Downloads
S. P. Rana and N. Singh
Reliability of interconnected scheduled services pp. 51-72 Downloads
Malachy Carey
Operationalizing approximate multiattribute utility functions for use in practice pp. 73-84 Downloads
James L. Corner
A simple algorithm to incorporate transactions costs in quadratic optimisation pp. 85-94 Downloads
C. J. Adcock and N. Meade
A polyhedral approach to the rural postman problem pp. 95-114 Downloads
A. Corberan and J. M. Sanchis
Decision making under partial probability information pp. 115-122 Downloads
Celik Parkan
Optimal and heuristic inventory replenishment models for deteriorating items with exponential time-varying demand pp. 123-137 Downloads
Moncer A. Hariga and Lakdere Benkherouf
A surrogate heuristic for set covering problems pp. 138-150 Downloads
Luiz Antonio N. Lorena and Fabio Belo Lopes

Volume 78, issue 3, 1994

Optimization by pattern search pp. 277-303 Downloads
Yosef S. Sherif and Bruce A. Boice
An interactive technique for the cutting stock problem with multiple objectives pp. 304-317 Downloads
Reda M. S. Abd El-Aal
The design of optimum component test plans in the demonstration of system reliability pp. 318-333 Downloads
Ismail Kuban Altinel
Supplier pricing and lot sizing when demand is price sensitive pp. 334-354 Downloads
P. L. Abad
A dynamic service quality cost model with word-of-mouth advertising pp. 355-366 Downloads
N. P. Archer and G. O. Wesolowsky
A multiple-criteria composite index model for quantitative and qualitative data pp. 367-379 Downloads
Wade D. Cook and Moshe Kress
A fuzzy set theoretic approach to qualitative analysis of causal loops in system dynamics pp. 380-393 Downloads
Pankaj, Kiran Seth and Sushil
Single machine scheduling with start time dependent processing times: Some solvable cases pp. 394-403 Downloads
P. S. Sundararaghavan and A. S. Kunnathur
Necessary and sufficient conditions of unacceptable solutions in NLP discriminant analysis pp. 404-412 Downloads
Baichun Xiao
Topology related index for performance comparison of blocking symmetrical networks pp. 413-425 Downloads
Vittoria de Nitto Persone
Waiting time estimation in a manufacturing system using the number of machine idle periods pp. 426-440 Downloads
Jaejin Jang and C. Richard Liu
Carry on with redundancy in lexicographic goal programming pp. 441-442 Downloads
Carlos Romero

Volume 78, issue 2, 1994

Editorial pp. 145-442 Downloads
Luis V. Tavares and Carlo Vercellis
Adjustment of heads and tails for the job-shop problem pp. 146-161 Downloads
J. Carlier and E. Pinson
Optimal resource leveling using non-serial dyanamic programming pp. 162-177 Downloads
M. Bandelloni, M. Tucci and R. Rinaldi
A multi-project management framework for new product development pp. 178-191 Downloads
Adriano De Maio, Roberto Verganti and Mariano Corso
Strategic decision processes in matrix organizations pp. 192-203 Downloads
Robert E. Jones, K. Michelle Jones and Richard F. Deckro
Capacity analysis in repetitive assemble-to-order manufacturing systems pp. 204-215 Downloads
F. Fumero and C. Vercellis
The three-machine flow-shop problem with arbitrary precedence relations pp. 216-223 Downloads
Chong John Lim and Graham B. McMahon
Maximizing the value of a space mission pp. 224-241 Downloads
Nicholas G. Hall and Michael J. Magazine
Scheduling project activities in a distributed environment pp. 242-251 Downloads
Amar Ramudhin, Benoit Montreuil and Pierre Lefrancois
Real-time piloting of flexible manufacturing systems pp. 252-261 Downloads
R. Tawegoum, E. Castelain and J. C. Gentina
A stochastic model to control project duration and expenditure pp. 262-266 Downloads
L. Valadares Tavares
Constrained multi-project plannings problems: A Lagrangean decomposition approach pp. 267-275 Downloads
Carlo Vercellis

Volume 78, issue 1, 1994

A comparison of graphical techniques for decision analysis pp. 1-21 Downloads
Prakash P. Shenoy
Personnel selection using fuzzy MCDM algorithm pp. 22-33 Downloads
Gin-Shuh Liang and Mao-Jiun J. Wang
Canonical fuzzy bags and bag fuzzy measures as a basis for MADM with mixed non cardinal data pp. 34-48 Downloads
Abdelwaheb Rebai
Single-shift off-day scheduling of a hierarchical workforce with variable demands pp. 49-57 Downloads
Rudy Hung
A column generation approach to job grouping for flexible manufacturing systems pp. 58-80 Downloads
Yves Crama and Alwin Oerlemans
Dynamic programming formulation of the group interview problem with a general utility function pp. 81-92 Downloads
Young H. Chun, Herbert Moskowitz and Robert D. Plante
The most critical path in a PERT network: A heuristic approach pp. 93-105 Downloads
H. M. Soroush
Minimization of a quadratic pseudo-Boolean function pp. 106-115 Downloads
A. Billionnet and A. Sutter
A Lagrangean heuristic for the capacitated concave minimum cost network flow problem pp. 116-129 Downloads
Torbjorn Larsson, Athanasios Migdalas and Mikael Ronnqvist
A bounding scheme for deriving the minimal cycle time of a single-transporter N-stage process with time-window constraints pp. 130-140 Downloads
Ronald Armstrong, Lei Lei and Shanhong Gu
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