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Volume 93, issue 3, 1996

Performance measurement criteria in health care organizations: Review and future research directions pp. 449-468 Downloads
L. X. Li and W. C. Benton
Optimal realignments of the teams in the National Football League pp. 469-475 Downloads
Robert M. Saltzman and Richard M. Bradford
Optimal strategies for general price-quality decision models of new products with learning production costs pp. 476-489 Downloads
Jinn-Tsair Teng and Gerald L. Thompson
Genetic algorithms and traveling salesman problems pp. 490-510 Downloads
Sangit Chatterjee, Cecilia Carrera and Lucy A. Lynch
Using case-based reasoning approach to the support of ill-structured decisions pp. 511-521 Downloads
Pi-Sheng Deng
A simulated annealing heuristic for the one-dimensional cutting stock problem pp. 522-535 Downloads
Chuen-Lung S. Chen, Stephen M. Hart and Wai Mui Tham
Identifying Pareto-optimal settlements for two-party resource allocation negotiations pp. 536-549 Downloads
Jeffrey E. Teich, Hannele Wallenius, Jyrki Wallenius and Stanley Zionts
The synthetic hierarchy method: An optimizing approach to obtaining priorities in the AHP pp. 550-564 Downloads
Stan Lipovetsky
Upper robust mappings and vector minimization: an integral approach pp. 565-581 Downloads
M. M. Kostreva, Quan Zheng and Deming Zhuang
Examining the effect of second-order terms in mathematical programming approaches to the classification problem pp. 582-601 Downloads
Pradit Wanarat and Robert Pavur
Bifurcation and adaptation in evolutionary interactive multiobjective linear programming pp. 602-610 Downloads
Moshe Dror and Melvin F. Shakun
The logarithmic least squares and the generalized pseudoinverse in estimating ratios pp. 611-619 Downloads
M. Kwiesielewicz
Stochastic dominance in an ordinal world pp. 620-627 Downloads
Yishay Spector, Moshe Leshno and Moshe Ben Horin
A note on Kirkwood's algebraic method for decision problems pp. 628-638 Downloads
Rui Guo and Prakash P. Shenoy

Volume 93, issue 2, 1996

Neural networks and operations research/management science pp. 227-229 Downloads
Ramesh Sharda and Jun Wang
Parametric distance functions vs. nonparametric neural networks for estimating road travel distances pp. 230-243 Downloads
Ethem Alpaydin, I. Kuban Altinel and Necati Aras
A new neural network for solving linear programming problems pp. 244-256 Downloads
A. Cichocki, R. Unbehauen, K. Weinzierl and R. Holzel
An adaptive, multiple restarts neural network algorithm for graph coloring pp. 257-270 Downloads
Arun Jagota
Comparison of neural and heuristic methods for a timetabling problem pp. 271-287 Downloads
Helmut E. Mausser and Michael J. Magazine
A neural network model for scheduling problems pp. 288-299 Downloads
Ihsan Sabuncuoglu and Burckaan Gurgun
Traditional heuristic versus Hopfield neural network approaches to a car sequencing problem pp. 300-316 Downloads
Kate Smith, M. Palaniswami and M. Krishnamoorthy
Massively parallel analog tabu search using neural networks applied to simple plant location problems pp. 317-330 Downloads
Shivakumar Vaithyanathan, Laura I. Burke and Michael A. Magent
A neural network approach to solve the stable matching problem pp. 331-345 Downloads
Yufei Yuan and Li Wang
Comparative performance of the FSCL neural net and K-means algorithm for market segmentation pp. 346-357 Downloads
Balakrishnan, P. V. (Sundar), Martha C. Cooper, Varghese S. Jacob and Phillip A. Lewis
A comparison of nonlinear optimization methods for supervised learning in multilayer feedforward neural networks pp. 358-368 Downloads
James W. Denton and Ming S. Hung
Using neural networks for trauma outcome evaluation pp. 369-386 Downloads
Susan W. Palocsay, Scott P. Stevens, Robert G. Brookshire, William J. Sacco, Wayne S. Copes, Robert F. Buckman and J. Stanley Smith
Analyzing mathematical models with inductive learning networks pp. 387-401 Downloads
David M. Steiger and Ramesh Sharda
A comparison of SOM neural network and hierarchical clustering methods pp. 402-417 Downloads
Paul Mangiameli, Shaw K. Chen and David West
Feed-forward neural networks and feature construction with correlation information: an integrated framework pp. 418-427 Downloads
Selwyn Piramuthu
Heuristic and optimization approaches to extending the Kohonen self organizing algorithm pp. 428-448 Downloads
Mohamed A. Nour and Gregory R. Madey

Volume 93, issue 1, 1996

The job shop scheduling problem: Conventional and new solution techniques pp. 1-33 Downloads
Jacek Blazewicz, Wolfgang Domschke and Erwin Pesch
The generalized Shifting Bottleneck Procedure pp. 34-48 Downloads
Amar Ramudhin and Philippe Marier
Scheduling and common due date assignment with earliness-tardiness penalties and batch delivery costs pp. 49-60 Downloads
Zhi-Long Chen
A simulated annealing approach for the one-machine mean tardiness scheduling problem pp. 61-67 Downloads
M. Ben-Daya and M. Al-Fawzan
Determination of common due window location in a single machine scheduling problem pp. 68-74 Downloads
Surya D. Liman, Shrikant S. Panwalkar and Sansern Thongmee
Scheduling arrivals to a production system in a fuzzy environment pp. 75-87 Downloads
Paul M. Stanfield, Russell E. King and Jeff A. Joines
Fuzzy logic concepts applied to machine--component matrix formation in cellular manufacturing pp. 88-97 Downloads
Pradeep Narayanaswamy, C. R. Bector and Divakar Rajamani
Primary and secondary route selection in backbone communication networks pp. 98-109 Downloads
Ali Amiri and Hasan Pirkul
The Queueing Maximal availability location problem: A model for the siting of emergency vehicles pp. 110-120 Downloads
Vladimir Marianov and Charles ReVelle
A genetic algorithm for service level based vehicle scheduling pp. 121-134 Downloads
Charles J. Malmborg
Vehicle routing problem with trailers pp. 135-147 Downloads
Johanna C. Gerdessen
Linear programming model for finding optimal roadway grades that minimize earthwork cost pp. 148-154 Downloads
Ahmad A. Moreb
Chaos and nonlinear dynamics in financial and nonfinancial time series: Evidence from Finland pp. 155-172 Downloads
Kari Takala and Matti Viren
Analyzing risk and performance using the multi-factor concept pp. 173-184 Downloads
Erik M. Vermeulen, Jaap Spronk and Nico van der Wijst
Multi-period minimax hedging strategies pp. 185-204 Downloads
M. A. Howe, B. Rustem and M. J. P. Selby
A comparative evaluation of alternative models of the term structure of interest rates pp. 205-223 Downloads
Gianna Boero and Costanza Torricelli
OR software - ORSEP operations research software exchange program Edited by Professor H.W. Hamacher K_TREE/K_SUBGRAPH: A program package for minimal weighted K-cardinality trees and subgraphs pp. 224-225 Downloads
M. Ehrgott and J. Freitag

Volume 92, issue 3, 1996

Aspects of operational research: Tutorial and research review papers from EURO XIII/OR 36 pp. 441-442 Downloads
Valerie Belton and Denis Bouyssou
Model legitimisation in operational research pp. 443-457 Downloads
M. Landry, C. Banville and M. Oral
The development, validation and implementation of knowledge-based systems pp. 458-473 Downloads
O' Keefe, Robert M. and Alun D. Preece
Extensions of coloring models for scheduling purposes pp. 474-492 Downloads
D. de Werra
General local search methods pp. 493-511 Downloads
Marc Pirlot
Fuzzy linear programming and applications pp. 512-527 Downloads
Heinrich Rommelfanger
Non-traditional methods of forecasting pp. 528-536 Downloads
Derek W. Bunn
Value-focused thinking: Identifying decision opportunities and creating alternatives pp. 537-549 Downloads
Ralph L. Keeney
New operations research and artificial intelligence approaches to traffic engineering problems pp. 550-572 Downloads
Maurizio Bielli and Pierfrancesco Reverberi
Parallel processing for difficult combinatorial optimization problems pp. 573-590 Downloads
Catherine Roucairol
The EURO gold medal 1994 pp. 591-592 Downloads
Christer Carlsson
The space of freedom of the decision maker modelling the human brain pp. 593-602 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Brans
Rationality, emotion and preference change Drama-theoretic models of choice pp. 603-614 Downloads
Peter Bennett and Nigel Howard
An empirical application of the information-structures model: The postal authority case pp. 615-627 Downloads
Nava Carmi and Boaz Ronen
A fuzzy-linguistic approach to a multi-criteria sequencing problem pp. 628-636 Downloads
George I. Adamopoulos and Costas P. Pappis
Fuzzy part coding for group technology pp. 637-648 Downloads
D. Ben-Arieh, S. E. Lee and P. T. Chang
Markov-type fuzzy decision processes with a discounted reward on a closed interval pp. 649-662 Downloads
Masami Kurano, Masami Yasuda, Jun-ichi Nakagami and Yuji Yoshida

Volume 92, issue 2, 1996

A classification of literature on determining the lot size under quantity discounts pp. 219-238 Downloads
W. C. Benton and Seungwook Park
Exploiting timely demand information to reduce inventories pp. 239-253 Downloads
Karla E. Bourland, Stephen G. Powell and David F. Pyke
Estimating the demand distributions of single-period items having frequent stockouts pp. 254-265 Downloads
Hon-Shiang Lau and Amy Hing-Ling Lau
Economic replenishment strategies for announced price increases pp. 266-280 Downloads
Richard J. Tersine
Production strategies for a stochastic lot-sizing problem with constant capacity pp. 281-301 Downloads
N. P. Dellaert and M. T. Melo
A production lot size inventory model for deteriorating items and arbitrary production and demand rates pp. 302-309 Downloads
Zaid T. Balkhi and Lakdere Benkherouf
Linear programming for the 0-1 quadratic knapsack problem pp. 310-325 Downloads
Alain Billionnet and Frederic Calmels
Lagrangean methods for the 0-1 Quadratic Knapsack Problem pp. 326-341 Downloads
Philippe Michelon and Louis Veilleux
Integer-friendly formulations for the r-separation problem pp. 342-351 Downloads
E. Erkut, C. ReVelle and Y. Ulkusal
A new procedure for identifying the frame of the convex hull of a finite collection of points in multidimensional space pp. 352-367 Downloads
J. H. Dula and R. V. Helgason
Containment of a single polygon using mathematical programming pp. 368-386 Downloads
Roger B. Grinde and Tom M. Cavalier
The use of dynamic programming in genetic algorithms for permutation problems pp. 387-401 Downloads
Mutsunori Yagiura and Toshihide Ibaraki
Optimizing simulated annealing schedules with genetic programming pp. 402-416 Downloads
Andreas Bolte and Ulrich Wilhelm Thonemann
Fuzzy versus statistical linear regression pp. 417-434 Downloads
Kwang Jae Kim, Herbert Moskowitz and Murat Koksalan

Volume 92, issue 1, 1996

Queueing theory in manufacturing systems analysis and design: A classification of models for production and transfer lines pp. 1-27 Downloads
H. T. Papadopoulos and C. Heavey
Finding robust solutions for product design problems pp. 28-36 Downloads
Eligius M. T. Hendrix, Carmen J. Mecking and Theo H. B. Hendriks
An implementation of linear and nonlinear multicommodity network flows pp. 37-53 Downloads
J. Castro and N. Nabona
Application of multidimensional scaling techniques to facilities layout pp. 54-62 Downloads
M. Hossein Safizadeh and David R. McKenna
Optimal solutions for the machining economics problem with stochastically distributed tool lives pp. 63-68 Downloads
Eleftherios Iakovou, Chi M. Ip and Christos Koulamas
A model for a Mixed Continuous-Periodic Review One-Warehouse, N-Retailer inventory system pp. 69-82 Downloads
Sanjay L. Ahire and Charles P. Schmidt
On managing operating capacity to reduce congestion in service systems pp. 83-98 Downloads
Kut C. So and Christopher S. Tang
Analysis of an open tandem queueing network with population constraint and constant service times 1 pp. 99-111 Downloads
Young Rhee and Harry G. Perros
Analyzing EkErc queues pp. 112-124 Downloads
I. J. B. F. Adan, W. A. van de Waarsenburg and J. Wessels
Analysis of M/G/1 queues with delayed vacations and exhaustive service discipline pp. 125-134 Downloads
Huan Li and Yixin Zhu
Selecting the best choice in the weighted secretary problem pp. 135-147 Downloads
Young Hak Chun
Structural approach to parametric analysis of an IP on the case of the right-hand side pp. 148-156 Downloads
Hsiao-Fan Wang and Jyh-Shing Horng
Linear fractional goal programming in consideration of fuzzy solution pp. 157-165 Downloads
Hideichi Ohta and Toshikazu Yamaguchi
Analytic efficient solution set for multi-criteria quadratic programs pp. 166-181 Downloads
C. J. Goh and X. Q. Yang
Binary interactions and subset choice pp. 182-192 Downloads
Peter C. Fishburn and Irving H. LaValle
Mathematical model and method of searching for a local extremum for the non-convex oriented polygons allocation problem pp. 193-210 Downloads
Yu. G. Stoyan, M. V. Novozhilova and A. V. Kartashov
A tight lower bound for the completion time variance problem pp. 211-213 Downloads
C. T. Ng, X. Cai and T. C. E. Cheng
An addendum to the hierarchical network design problem pp. 214-216 Downloads
C. W. Duin and A. Volgenant
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