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Volume 90, issue 3, 1996

Inspection games in arms control pp. 383-394 Downloads
Rudolf Avenhaus, Morton Canty, D. Marc Kilgour, Bernhard von Stengel and Shmuel Zamir
Cost-effective sulphur emission reduction under uncertainty pp. 395-412 Downloads
Anna Altman, Markus Amann, Ger Klaassen, Andrzej Ruszczynski and Wolfgang Schopp
A simulation model for emergency evacuation pp. 413-419 Downloads
M. Pidd, F. N. de Silva and R. W. Eglese
Determining dominant wind directions pp. 420-426 Downloads
Shokri Z. Selim and A. H. Al-Rabeh
Applying the flow-capturing location-allocation model to an authentic network: Edmonton, Canada pp. 427-443 Downloads
M. John Hodgson, K. E. Rosing, A. Leontien and G. Storrier
Location-allocation on a line with demand-dependent costs pp. 444-450 Downloads
Zvi Drezner and George O. Wesolowsky
Robustness of the efficient DMUs in data envelopment analysis pp. 451-460 Downloads
Joe Zhu
Preference voting and project ranking using DEA and cross-evaluation pp. 461-472 Downloads
Rodney H. Green, John R. Doyle and Wade D. Cook
A decision-support model for investment decisions in new ventures pp. 473-486 Downloads
Bharat A. Jain and Barin N. Nag
A survey of business failures with an emphasis on prediction methods and industrial applications pp. 487-513 Downloads
A. I. Dimitras, S. H. Zanakis and C. Zopounidis
On the methodology of the World Competitiveness Report pp. 514-535 Downloads
Muhittin Oral and Habib Chabchoub
Residence exchange wanted: A stable residence exchange problem pp. 536-546 Downloads
Yufei Yuan
On the optimal spacing of currency denominations pp. 547-552 Downloads
Leo van Hove and Bruno Heyndels
On the measurement of technical efficiency in the public sector pp. 553-565 Downloads
John Ruggiero
Efficiency of the Turkish Stock Exchange with respect to monetary variables: A cointegration analysis pp. 566-576 Downloads
Yaz Muradoglu and Kivilcim Metin Özcan
Using neural networks to forecast the systematic risk of stocks pp. 577-588 Downloads
Hans-Georg Wittkemper and Manfred Steiner
Strategic new product pricing when demand obeys saturation effects pp. 589-598 Downloads
Engelbert J. Dockner and Andrea Gaunersdorfer
A differential game model of a market of substitutable products pp. 599-608 Downloads
David W. K. Yeung
The system dynamics of future warfare pp. 609-618 Downloads
J. Moffat
A new model of conflict analysis -- the three dimensional graph model pp. 619-624 Downloads
Yuhua Wu, Dewen Cheng and M. Wolfe
Monotone second-best optimal contracts pp. 625-637 Downloads
George E. Monahan and Vijay Vemuri

Volume 90, issue 2, 1996

Project management and scheduling pp. 197-199 Downloads
Willy S. Herroelen and Erik L. Demeulemeester
Local search heuristics for single-machine scheduling with batching to minimize the number of late jobs pp. 200-213 Downloads
H. A. J. Crauwels, C. N. Potts and L. N. Van Wassenhove
Polynomial algorithms for resource-constrained and multiprocessor task scheduling problems pp. 214-226 Downloads
Peter Brucker and Andreas Kramer
The two-machine total completion time flow shop problem pp. 227-237 Downloads
F. Della Croce, V. Narayan and R. Tadei
Two branch and bound algorithms for the permutation flow shop problem pp. 238-251 Downloads
Jacques Carlier and Ismail Rebai
Extending the shifting bottleneck procedure to real-life applications pp. 252-268 Downloads
Philip Ivens and Marc Lambrecht
A computational study of constraint satisfaction for multiple capacitated job shop scheduling pp. 269-284 Downloads
W. P. M. Nuijten and E. H. L. Aarts
A graph colouring model for assigning a heterogeneous workforce to a given schedule pp. 285-302 Downloads
Vicente Valls, Angeles Perez and Sacramento Quintanilla
A branch and bound algorithm for minimizing the number of crossing arcs in bipartite graphs pp. 303-319 Downloads
Vicente Valls, Rafael Marti and Pilar Lino
Serial and parallel resource-constrained project scheduling methods revisited: Theory and computation pp. 320-333 Downloads
Rainer Kolisch
An efficient optimal solution procedure for the preemptive resource-constrained project scheduling problem pp. 334-348 Downloads
Erik L. Demeulemeester and Willy S. Herroelen
A new and efficient heuristic for scheduling projects with resource restrictions and multiple execution modes pp. 349-361 Downloads
Fayez F. Boctor
A framework for an interactive project scheduling system under limited resources pp. 362-375 Downloads
Gunduz Ulusoy and Linet Ozdamar
: A generator of testsets for project activity nets pp. 376-382 Downloads
M. K. Agrawal, S. E. Elmaghraby and W. S. Herroelen

Volume 90, issue 1, 1996

Practical aspects of route planning for magazine and newspaper wholesalers pp. 1-12 Downloads
Roland Dillmann, Burkhard Becker and Volker Beckefeld
Scheduling for a multifunction phased array radar system pp. 13-25 Downloads
A. J. Orman, C. N. Potts, A. K. Shahani and A. R. Moore
Tactical design of rail freight networks. Part I: Exact and heuristic methods pp. 26-44 Downloads
Angel Marin and Javier Salmeron
A restricted dynamic programming heuristic algorithm for the time dependent traveling salesman problem pp. 45-55 Downloads
Chryssi Malandraki and Robert B. Dial
An efficient algorithm for facility location in the presence of forbidden regions pp. 56-70 Downloads
Steven E. Butt and Tom M. Cavalier
Optimizing solid waste collection in Brussels pp. 71-77 Downloads
Thierry Kulcar
An axiomatic characterization of some locations in trees pp. 78-84 Downloads
Rakesh Vohra
VARMAX-modelling of blast furnace process variables pp. 85-101 Downloads
Ralf Ostermark and Henrik Saxen
Generalized bilinear programming: An application in farm management pp. 102-114 Downloads
Jacqueline Bloemhof-Ruwaard and Eligius M. T. Hendrix
Interactions between members of a marketing-production channel under seasonal demand pp. 115-141 Downloads
Vijay S. Desai
Determination of paths to vendor market efficiency using parallel coordinates representation: A negotiation tool for buyers pp. 142-155 Downloads
Charles A. Weber and Anand Desai
Computational approximations of renewal process relating to a warranty problem: The case of phase-type lifetimes pp. 156-170 Downloads
Edward P. C. Kao and Marion Spokony Smith
A stocking policy for spare part provisioning under age based preventive replacement pp. 171-181 Downloads
A. B. M. Zohrul Kabir and Ahmed S. Al-Olayan
Dynamic setup reduction in production lot sizing with nonconstant deterministic demand pp. 182-196 Downloads
Jae-Dong Hong, Seung-Lae Kim and Jack C. Hayya

Volume 89, issue 3, 1996

The application of fuzzy integrals in multicriteria decision making pp. 445-456 Downloads
Michel Grabisch
A note on the use of PROMETHEE multicriteria methods pp. 457-461 Downloads
Wim De Keyser and Peter Peeters
InterQuad: An interactive quad tree based procedure for solving the discrete alternative multiple criteria problem pp. 462-472 Downloads
Minghe Sun and Ralph E. Steuer
Equivalence and implementation of alternative methods for determining returns to scale in data envelopment analysis pp. 473-481 Downloads
Rajiv D. Banker, Hsihui Chang and William W. Cooper
Efficiency bounds in Data Envelopment Analysis pp. 482-490 Downloads
Rodney H. Green, John R. Doyle and Wade D. Cook
Towards an optimal model of food nutrition structure relating to production development for the region of the middle-lower reach of the Yangtze in China pp. 491-495 Downloads
C. Haitao, Z. Hongyan, L. Xuehong and L. Qingping
On the robustness of the bowl phenomenon pp. 496-515 Downloads
Frederick S. Hillier and Kut C. So
A general lower bound for the makespan problem pp. 516-524 Downloads
S. T. Webster
A multiple-tree search procedure for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem pp. 525-542 Downloads
Wendell P. Simpson and James H. Patterson
Resource allocation in state-dependent emergency evacuation networks pp. 543-555 Downloads
David L. Bakuli and J. MacGregor Smith
A neural network approach to facility layout problems pp. 556-563 Downloads
Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, Sunil Bharitkar and Yoshiyasu Takefuji
A heuristic for blocking flow algorithms pp. 564-569 Downloads
Jesper Larsson Traff
An amalgation of games pp. 570-580 Downloads
Peter Borm, Ignacio Garcia-Jurado, Jos Potters and Stef Tijs
Nonparametric econometric modelling: A neural network approach pp. 581-592 Downloads
Shouhong Wang
Optimal batch size and raw material ordering policy for a production system with a fixed-interval, lumpy demand delivery system pp. 593-608 Downloads
Bhaba R. Sarker and Gyana R. Parija
LP relaxation of the two dimensional knapsack problem with box and GUB constraints pp. 609-617 Downloads
Ansuman Bagchi, Nalinaksha Bhattacharyya and Nilotpal Chakravarti
Generalized optimal designs and contingency plans in linear systems pp. 618-641 Downloads
Yong Shi, Po-Lung Yu and Dazhi Zhang
Auxiliary tool allocation in flexible manufacturing systems pp. 642-659 Downloads
Tankut S. Atan and Ram Pandit
The joint distribution of the number of occurrences of two interrelated Poisson processes pp. 660-667 Downloads
Barry P. Cuffe and Moshe F. Friedman
Some notes on the time-variant Lyapunov theory pp. 668-670 Downloads
S. Molnar and F. Szidarovszky
A comment on "Grey integer programming: an application to waste management planning under uncertainty" by Guo H. Huang, Brian W. Baetz, Gilles G. Patry: European Journal of Operational Research 83 (1995) 594-620 pp. 671-670 Downloads
Larry Jenkins

Volume 89, issue 2, 1996

The management of congestion pp. 223-225 Downloads
Ann van Ackere
Pricing, routing, and incentive compatibility in multiserver queues pp. 226-236 Downloads
Richard M. Bradford
Cost of congestion, operational efficiency and management accounting pp. 237-245 Downloads
Kashi R. Balachandran and Suresh Radhakrishnan
An appointment-based service center with guaranteed service pp. 246-258 Downloads
Yair M. Babad, Maqbool Dada and Aditya N. Saharia
Manufacturing lead times, system utilization rates and lead-time-related demand pp. 259-268 Downloads
Z. Kevin Weng
A lot sizing model with queueing delays: The issue of safety time pp. 269-276 Downloads
Marc R. Lambrecht, Shaoxiang Chen and Nico J. Vandaele
Optimizing steady state Markov chains by state reduction pp. 277-284 Downloads
Winfried K. Grassmann
A generalized maintenance model for stochastically deteriorating equipment pp. 285-301 Downloads
Wolfgang Stadje and Dror Zuckerman
Capacity planning under different inspection strategies pp. 302-312 Downloads
Haresh Gurnani, Zvi Drezner and Ram Akella
Optimal time varying lot-sizing models under inflationary conditions pp. 313-325 Downloads
M. A. Hariga and M. Ben-Daya
Integrated multi-item production-inventory systems pp. 326-340 Downloads
Antonio Arreola-Risa
Distribution planning for a divergent depotless two-echelon network under service constraints pp. 341-354 Downloads
J. H. C. M. Verrijdt and A. G. de Kok
Modelling setup times, process batches and transfer batches using activity network logic pp. 355-365 Downloads
Erik L. Demeulemeester and Willy S. Herroelen
Task scheduling with and without communication delays: A unified approach pp. 366-379 Downloads
Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy and Kemal Efe
A decision model for interdependent information system project selection pp. 380-399 Downloads
Radhika Santhanam and George J. Kyparisis
A note on an iterative forward/backward scheduling technique with reference to a procedure by Li and Willis pp. 400-407 Downloads
Linet Ozdamar and Gunduz Ulusoy
Comparative studies in interactive multiple objective mathematical programming pp. 408-422 Downloads
Yasemin Aksoy, Timothy W. Butler and Elliott D. Minor
An O(m log n) algorithm for the max + sum spanning tree problem pp. 423-426 Downloads
Abraham P. Punnen and K. P. K. Nair
A Thurstonian view of the analytic hierarchy process pp. 427-444 Downloads
David B. MacKay, William M. Bowen and Joseph L. Zinnes

Volume 89, issue 1, 1996

Optimization models for salesforce compensation pp. 1-17 Downloads
Sönke Albers
Performance assessment in higher education in Britain pp. 18-33 Downloads
Jill Johnes
State realization with exogenous variables - A test on blast furnace data pp. 34-52 Downloads
Henrik Saxen and Ralf Ostermark
Piecewise affine approximations for the control of a one-reservoir hydroelectric system pp. 53-69 Downloads
Nicol Drouin, Antoine Gautier, Bernard F. Lamond and Pascal Lang
Team coordination in decision support projects pp. 70-85 Downloads
Gregory N. Mentzas
Multi-level, single-machine lot sizing and scheduling (with initial inventory) pp. 86-99 Downloads
A. Kimms
Minimizing mean tardiness subject to unspecified minimum number tardy for a single machine pp. 100-107 Downloads
M. Ben-Daya, S. O. Duffuaa and A. Raouf
A heuristic algorithm for the asymmetric capacitated vehicle routing problem pp. 108-126 Downloads
Daniele Vigo
Optimal access control for broadband services: Stochastic knapsack with advance information pp. 127-134 Downloads
Steve Y. Chius, Leonard Lu and Louis Anthony Cox
Solving the failure-to-fit problem for plant layout: By changing department shapes and sizes pp. 135-146 Downloads
Jin-Ling Lin, Bobbie Foote, Simin Pulat, Chir-Ho Chang and John Y. Cheung
Analysis of a synchronization station for the performance evaluation of a kanban system with a general arrival process of demands pp. 147-163 Downloads
Maria Di Mascolo
On the M/G/1 machine interference model with spares pp. 164-171 Downloads
U. C. Gupta and T. S. S. Srinivasa Rao
Preemptive scheduling in a two-stage multiprocessor flow shop is NP-hard pp. 172-175 Downloads
J. A. Hoogeveen, J. K. Lenstra and B. Veltman
Optimal expansion of capacitated transshipment networks pp. 176-184 Downloads
R. K. Ahuja, J. L. Batra, S. K. Gupta and A. P. Punnen
An interactive approach for vector optimization problems pp. 185-192 Downloads
Mohammad L. Hussein and F. S. Abd El-Ghaffar
Using aspiration levels in an interactive interior multiobjective linear programming algorithm pp. 193-201 Downloads
Ami Abel and Pekka Korhonen
Using approximate gradients in developing an interactive interior primal-dual multiobjective linear programming algorithm pp. 202-211 Downloads
Ami Arbel and Shmuel S. Oren
A note on programming problems with linear-plus-linear-fractional objective functions pp. 212-214 Downloads
Joachim Hirche
Comment on D.J. White, "A characterization of the feasible set of objective function vectors in linear multiple objective problems": European Journal of Operational Research 52 (1991) 361-366 pp. 215-220 Downloads
Alexander V. Lotov
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