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Volume 83, issue 3, 1995

Differential game models of advertising competition pp. 431-438 Downloads
Gary M. Erickson
Trip frequency scheduling for bus route management in Bangkok pp. 439-451 Downloads
Dirk L. van Oudheusden and William Zhu
Coal blending optimization under uncertainty pp. 452-465 Downloads
Jhih-Shyang Shih and H. Christopher Frey
Modeling investment uncertainty in the costs of global CO2 emission policy pp. 466-488 Downloads
John Birge and Charles H. Rosa
Stochastic annealing for synthesis under uncertainty pp. 489-502 Downloads
Laura Painton and Urmila Diwekar
Solving stochastic programming problems via Kalman filter and affine scaling pp. 503-513 Downloads
Sarat Puthenpura, Lakshman Sinha, Shu-Cherng Fang and Romesh Saigal
A new approach to stochastic programming problems: Discrete model pp. 514-529 Downloads
Rajani R. Joshi
Stochastic analysis of combat models under different termination decision rules pp. 530-546 Downloads
N. K. Jaiswal, Y. Sangeeta and S. C. Gaur
A cooperative fuzzy game theoretic approach to multiple objective design optimization pp. 547-567 Downloads
A. K. Dhingra and S. S. Rao
Fuzzy optimal flow on imprecise structures pp. 568-580 Downloads
S. Chanas, M. Delgado, J. L. Verdegay and M. A. Vila
Three models of fuzzy integer linear programming pp. 581-593 Downloads
F. Herrera and J. L. Verdegay
Grey integer programming: An application to waste management planning under uncertainty pp. 594-620 Downloads
Guo H. Huang, Brian W. Baetz and Gilles G. Patry
The bottleneck generalized assignment problem pp. 621-638 Downloads
Silvano Martello and Paolo Toth
Modelling pairwise comparisons on ratio scales pp. 639-654 Downloads
Noel Bryson, Ayodele Mobolurin and Ojelanki Ngwenyama
A new aggregation-disaggregation algorithm pp. 655-669 Downloads
Tadayoshi Shioyama and Kimiyuki Tanaka
Coupling the auxiliary problem principle with descent methods of pseudoconvex programming pp. 670-685 Downloads
Daoli Zhu and Patrice Marcotte
Automatic decrease of the penalty parameter in exact penalty function methods pp. 686-699 Downloads
Marcel Mongeau and Annick Sartenaer
Data envelopment analysis: Visualizing the results pp. 700-710 Downloads
Sami El-Mahgary and Risto Lahdelma
A note on exact algorithms for the bottleneck generalized assignment problem pp. 711-712 Downloads
Silvano Martello and Paolo Toth

Volume 83, issue 2, 1995

Tenth EURO summer institute pp. 249-252 Downloads
Catherine Roucairol, Herve Thiriez, Jakob Krarup, Gerard Plateau and Pierre Tolla
Some thoughts on combinatorial optimisation pp. 253-270 Downloads
Mette Helene Bjørndal, A. Caprara, P. I. Cowling, F. Della Croce, H. Lourenco, F. Malucelli, A. J. Orman, D. Pisinger, C. Rego and J. J. Salazar
FUN: A dynamic method for scheduling problems pp. 271-282 Downloads
B. Bugnon, K. Stoffel and M. Widmer
Heuristics for biquadratic assignment problems and their computational comparison pp. 283-300 Downloads
Rainer E. Burkard and Eranda Cela
A bound for the symmetric travelling salesman problem through matroid formulation pp. 301-309 Downloads
Peter Cowling and Francesco Maffioli
Generalized pairwise interchanges and machine scheduling pp. 310-319 Downloads
Federico Della Croce
Scheduling jobs within time windows on identical parallel machines: New model and algorithms pp. 320-329 Downloads
Virginie Gabrel
A comparative study of both standard and adaptive versions of threshold accepting and simulated annealing algorithms in three scheduling problems pp. 330-346 Downloads
C.K.Y. Lin, K. B. Haley and C. Sparks
Job-shop scheduling: Computational study of local search and large-step optimization methods pp. 347-364 Downloads
Helena Ramalhinho Lourenco
Lower bounds for the quadratic semi-assignment problem pp. 365-375 Downloads
Federico Malucelli and Daniele Pretolani
The inverse-parametric knapsack problem pp. 376-393 Downloads
Rainer E. Burkard and Ulrich Pferschy
A minimal algorithm for the multiple-choice knapsack problem pp. 394-410 Downloads
David Pisinger
Using Tabu search for solving a dynamic multi-terminal truck dispatching problem pp. 411-429 Downloads
Cesar Rego and Catherine Roucairol

Volume 83, issue 1, 1995

Optimization methods for electric utility resource planning pp. 1-20 Downloads
Benjamin Hobbs
An exact algorithm for orthogonal 2-D cutting problems using guillotine cuts pp. 21-38 Downloads
Nicos Christofides and Eleni Hadjiconstantinou
An exact algorithm for general, orthogonal, two-dimensional knapsack problems pp. 39-56 Downloads
Eleni Hadjiconstantinou and Nicos Christofides
A method for the cutting stock problem with different qualities pp. 57-68 Downloads
Mikael Ronnqvist
A classification of formulations for the (time-dependent) traveling salesman problem pp. 69-82 Downloads
Luis Gouveia and Vo[ss], Stefan
A new extension of local search applied to the Dial-A-Ride Problem pp. 83-104 Downloads
Patrick Healy and Robert Moll
Estimation and determination of shortest path length in a road network with obstacles pp. 105-116 Downloads
Nicolas Dubois and Frederic Semet
A differential game approach to the dynamic mixed behavior traffic network equilibrium problem pp. 117-136 Downloads
Byung-Wook Wie
Temporal distribution of public transport demand during the peak period pp. 137-153 Downloads
Attahiru Sule Alfa and Mingyuan Chen
Time depending shortest-path problems with applications to railway networks pp. 154-166 Downloads
K. Nachtigall
Refueling strategies to maximize the operational range of a nonidentical vehicle fleet pp. 167-181 Downloads
Yufei Yuan and Abraham Mehrez
Properties of expected costs and performance measures in stochastic models of scheduled transport pp. 182-199 Downloads
Malachy Carey and Andrzej Kwiecinski
The hub location and routing problem pp. 200-219 Downloads
Turgut Aykin
A smooth penalty function algorithm for network-structured problems pp. 220-236 Downloads
Stavros Zenios, Mustafa C. Pinar and Ron S. Dembo
A suboptimal solution to a hierarchial network design problem using dynamic programming pp. 237-244 Downloads
N. G. F. Sancho
A comment on "models, modelling and modellers: an application to risk analysis" by B. Wahlstrom European Journal of Operational Research 75 (1994) 477-487 pp. 245-246 Downloads
W. W. Cooper
Reply to W.W. Cooper European Journal of Operational Research 83 (1995) 245-246 pp. 247-248 Downloads
Bjorn Wahlstrom

Volume 82, issue 3, 1995

Activity nets: A guided tour through some recent developments pp. 383-408 Downloads
Salah E. Elmaghraby
On the development of educational policies pp. 409-421 Downloads
L. Valadares Tavares
Key features for model building decision support systems pp. 422-437 Downloads
Meral Binbasioglu
The strategic value of flexibility in sequential decision making pp. 438-457 Downloads
Saifallah Benjaafar, Thomas L. Morin and Joseph J. Talavage
Preference programming through approximate ratio comparisons pp. 458-475 Downloads
Ahti A. Salo and Raimo P. Hamalainen
Proper efficiency and cardinal utilities in multicriteria decision making pp. 476-489 Downloads
Zhimin Huang, Susan X. Li, Veeravalli Raghavan and D. Bruce Sun
The conflict analysis method: bridging the gap between ELECTRE, PROMETHEE and ORESTE pp. 490-502 Downloads
G. van Huylenbroeck
ZAPROS-LM -- A method and system for ordering multiattribute alternatives pp. 503-521 Downloads
O. I. Larichev and H. M. Moshkovich
Comparison of the REMBRANDT system with analytic hierarchy process pp. 522-539 Downloads
David L. Olson, Gene Fliedner and Karen Currie
Heuristics for scheduling in flowshop with multiple objectives pp. 540-555 Downloads
Chandrasekharan Rajendran
Multiobjective water resources investment planning under budgetary uncertainty and fuzzy environment pp. 556-591 Downloads
Sutardi, C. R. Bector and Ian Goulter
Simulated annealing for manufacturing systems layout design pp. 592-614 Downloads
Abdelghani Souilah
On a new class of bilevel programming problems and its use for reformulating mixed integer problems pp. 615-646 Downloads
Antonio Frangioni

Volume 82, issue 2, 1995

OR Models for Maintenance Management and Quality Control pp. 211-213 Downloads
Frank A. Van der Duyn Schouten and Charles S. Tapiero
The marginal cost analysis and its application to repair and replacement policies pp. 214-224 Downloads
Menachem P. Berg
Integrating optimisation, priority setting, planning and combining of maintenance activities pp. 225-240 Downloads
Rommert Dekker
An integrated and structured approach to improve maintenance pp. 241-257 Downloads
S. G. Vanneste and L. N. Van Wassenhove
A simple condition monitoring model for a direct monitoring process pp. 258-269 Downloads
A. H. Christer and W. Wang
A Bayesian failure model based on isotropic deterioration pp. 270-282 Downloads
Jan van Noortwijk, Roger Cooke and Matthijs Kok
Optimal maintenance policies in random environments pp. 283-294 Downloads
Suleyman Ozekici
Optimal repairman assignment in two symmetric maintenance models pp. 295-301 Downloads
Ger Koole
N parallel queueing systems with server breakdown and repair pp. 302-322 Downloads
Pieter Wartenhorst
Maintenance optimization of a production system with buffer capacity pp. 323-338 Downloads
F. A. Van der Duyn Schouten and S. G. Vanneste
Time scale decomposition in production planning for unreliable flexible manufacturing systems pp. 339-358 Downloads
A. Haurie
Turnpikes in flow control models of unreliable manufacturing systems pp. 359-372 Downloads
A. Haurie and Ch. van Delft
Contract design and the control of quality in a conflictual environment pp. 373-382 Downloads
Diane J. Reyniers and Charles S. Tapiero

Volume 82, issue 1, 1995

Mathematical models of brand choice behavior pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ajay K. Manrai
Application of goal programming in project selection decision -- A case study from the Indian coal mining industry pp. 18-25 Downloads
Kampan Mukherjee and Achintya Bera
Process technologies, learning and brand proliferation pp. 26-38 Downloads
Mihkel M. Tombak
A fuzzy set model for market share and preference prediction pp. 39-52 Downloads
I. Burhan Turksen and Ian A. Willson
Modeling global market entry decision by fuzzy logic with an application to country risk assessment pp. 53-78 Downloads
Joshua B. Levy and Eunsang Yoon
Qualitative multicriteria methods for fuzzy evaluation problems: An illustration of economic-ecological evaluation pp. 79-97 Downloads
Giuseppe Munda, Peter Nijkamp and Piet Rietveld
Warehouse-retailer system with stochastic demands -- Non-identical retailer case pp. 98-110 Downloads
Ek Peng Chew and Loon Ching Tang
Financial planning with fractional goals pp. 111-124 Downloads
Marc H. Goedhart and Jaap Spronk
Preventive maintenance with limited historical data pp. 125-144 Downloads
Edward A. Silver and Claude-Nicolas Fiechter
Verification and validation of simulation models pp. 145-162 Downloads
Jack Kleijnen
Water supply operations during drought: A discrete hedging rule pp. 163-175 Downloads
Jhih-Shyang Shih and Charles ReVelle
Tabu search for the multilevel generalized assignment problem pp. 176-189 Downloads
Manuel Laguna, James P. Kelly, JoseLuis Gonzalez-Velarde and Fred Glover
Exact and approximation algorithms for the operational fixed interval scheduling problem pp. 190-205 Downloads
Leo G. Kroon, Marc Salomon and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
Avoiding anomalies in the 2 algorithm by Martello and Toth pp. 206-208 Downloads
David Pisinger
A one-vendor multi-buyer integrated inventory model: A comment pp. 209-210 Downloads
S. K. Goyal
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