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Volume 86, issue 3, 1995

Progress with single-item lot-sizing pp. 395-401 Downloads
Laurence A. Wolsey
A structured model to manage a large number of transactions pp. 402-421 Downloads
Alfio Andronico, Laura Cossa, Marco Gagliardi and Cosimo Spera
A pulsing model of advertising competition: A game theoretic approach, part B -- Empirical application and findings pp. 422-433 Downloads
Hani I. Mesak and James A. Calloway
Multinational plant location as a game of timing pp. 434-451 Downloads
Mihkel M. Tombak
A double annealing algorithm for discrete location/allocation problems pp. 452-468 Downloads
Giovanni Righini
Parametric uncapacitated facility location pp. 469-479 Downloads
Dong-wan Tcha, Young-soo Myung and Ki-ho Chung
Improvement heuristics for the Vehicle Routing Problem based on simulated annealing pp. 480-490 Downloads
Alex Van Breedam
Heuristic procedures for minimizing makespan and the number of required pallets pp. 491-502 Downloads
Chengbin Chu, Jean-Marie Proth and Suresh Sethi
The numerical solution of stochastic automata networks pp. 503-525 Downloads
William J. Stewart, Karim Atif and Brigette Plateau
Minimax regret solution to linear programming problems with an interval objective function pp. 526-536 Downloads
Masahiro Inuiguchi and Masatoshi Sakawa
An investigation of the use of goal programming to fit response surfaces pp. 537-548 Downloads
Robert P. Lewis and Hamdy A. Taha
A nonlinear programming model for partially observable Markov decision processes: Finite horizon case pp. 549-564 Downloads
Yasemin Serin
Thermostatistical persistency: A powerful improving concept for simulated annealing algorithms pp. 565-579 Downloads
Pierre Chardaire, Jean Luc Lutton and Alain Sutter
Interdicting the activities of a linear program -- A parametric analysis pp. 580-591 Downloads
Maw-Sheng Chern and Kao-Cheng Lin

Volume 86, issue 2, 1995

Handling multiple sources of variation using influence diagrams pp. 189-200 Downloads
Jim Q. Smith
Optimal location of routes for vehicles transporting hazardous materials pp. 201-215 Downloads
J. Karkazis and T. B. Boffey
Production analysis in different time periods: An application of data envelopment analysis pp. 216-230 Downloads
Toshiyuki Sueyoshi
A pulsing model of advertising competition: A game theoretic approach, part A -- Theoretical foundation pp. 231-248 Downloads
Hani I. Mesak and James A. Calloway
Cost analysis of alternative formulations for personnel scheduling in continuously operating organizations pp. 249-261 Downloads
Michael J. Brusco and Larry W. Jacobs
V- and GG-shaped properties for optimal single machine schedules for a class of non-separable penalty functions pp. 262-269 Downloads
John Mittenthal, M. Raghavachari and Arif I. Rana
Application of multiattribute theory in a safety monitor for the planning of maintenance jobs pp. 270-280 Downloads
W. Heins and M. W. M. Roling
EOQ models for perishable items under stock dependent selling rate pp. 281-292 Downloads
G. Padmanabhan and Prem Vrat
On an inventory model with deteriorating items and decreasing time-varying demand and shortages pp. 293-299 Downloads
Lakdere Benkherouf
Modeling quantity discounts under general price-sensitive demand functions: Optimal policies and relationships pp. 300-314 Downloads
Z. Kevin Weng
Assessing priority weights from subsets of pairwise comparisons in multiple criteria optimization problems pp. 315-331 Downloads
Eiji Takeda and Po-Lung Yu
On the properly efficient points of nonconvex sets pp. 332-336 Downloads
Dinh The Luc
A bilevel bottleneck programming problem pp. 337-344 Downloads
Kanchan Mathur and M. C. Puri
Design of optimal maintenance policies based on on-line sampling plans pp. 345-357 Downloads
Lie-Fern Hsu and Shyanjaw Kuo
Optimal sequential file search: A reduced-state dynamic programming approach pp. 358-365 Downloads
Charles Blair and George E. Monahan
Purposive contradiction, intervening duality and the nature of probability pp. 366-373 Downloads
Michael Ryan
RAGNU: A microcomputer package for two-group mathematical programming-based nonparametric classification pp. 374-388 Downloads
Antonie Stam and David R. Ungar

Volume 86, issue 1, 1995

Ninth EURO summer institute pp. 1-3 Downloads
Schneewei[beta], Christoph, Bernhard Fleischmann and Luk Van Wassenhove
Hierarchical structures in organisations: A conceptual framework pp. 4-31 Downloads
Schneewei[beta], Christoph
A hierarchical approach for the FMS scheduling problem pp. 32-42 Downloads
Jan Paulli
Hierarchical production planning in a make-to-order company: A case study pp. 43-56 Downloads
Maria Antonia Carravilla and Jorge Pinho de Sousa
A hierarchical approach for capacity coordination in multiple products single-machine production systems with stationary stochastic demands pp. 57-72 Downloads
Jan C. Fransoo, V. Sridharan and J.Will M. Bertrand
Hierarchically integrated lot size optimization pp. 73-90 Downloads
Volkmar Sohner and Christoph Schneeweiss
Hierarchical resource planning for shipping companies pp. 91-102 Downloads
Raffaele Pesenti
Decentralization of responsibility for site decontamination projects: A budget allocation approach pp. 103-119 Downloads
Charles J. Corbett, Frank J.C. Debets and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
Decomposition and iterative aggregation in hierarchical and decentralised planning structures pp. 120-141 Downloads
Kurt Jörnsten and Rainer Leisten
Hierarchical model for production planning in the case of uncertain demand pp. 142-161 Downloads
Helmut Gfrerer and Gunther Zapfel
An interactive heuristic for financial planning in decentralized organizations pp. 162-175 Downloads
Marc H. Goedhart and Jaap Spronk
The design of supply contracts as a problem of delegation pp. 176-187 Downloads
Heike Y. Schenk-Mathes

Volume 85, issue 3, 1995

Productivity measurement in industrial operations pp. 435-453 Downloads
Ephraim F. Sudit
Confidentiality control of tabulated data: Some practical network models pp. 454-472 Downloads
John A. George, Juin-Kuan Chong and Brendan J. Ring
Three practical criteria of comparison among ordinal preference aggregating rules pp. 473-487 Downloads
Joaquín Pérez and S. Barba-Romero
Multiperiod allocation of substitutable resources pp. 488-503 Downloads
Rachelle S. Klein, Hanan Luss and Uriel G. Rothblum
Method for evaluating the strength of retarding steps on a marshalling yard hump pp. 504-514 Downloads
Zoran Z. Avramovic
Minimizing makespan for flow shop scheduling by combining simulated annealing with sequencing knowledge pp. 515-531 Downloads
Seyed Hessameddin Zegordi, Kenji Itoh and Takao Enkawa
Optimal setup time reduction for a single product with dynamic demands pp. 532-540 Downloads
Moustapha Diaby
Minimizing total tardiness in permutation flowshops pp. 541-555 Downloads
Yeong-Dae Kim
Optimal lot streaming for multiple products in a two-machine flow shop pp. 556-575 Downloads
R. G. Vickson
Minimization of agreeably weighted variance in single machine systems pp. 576-592 Downloads
X. Cai
Backtracking of jobs in one-dimensional machine location problems pp. 593-609 Downloads
Bhaba R. Sarker, Wilbert E. Wilhelm, Gary L. Hogg and Min-Hong Han
A result on projection for the vehicle routing ptoblem pp. 610-624 Downloads
Luis Gouveia
Average shadow price in a mixed integer linear programming problem pp. 625-635 Downloads
Alejandro Crema
Extended optimal replacement model with random minimal repair costs pp. 636-649 Downloads
Shey-Huei Sheu, William S. Griffith and Toshio Nakagawa
Periodicity of the profile process in Markov manpower systems pp. 650-669 Downloads
Ioannis I. Gerontidis
Stochastic analysis of a non-homogeneous Markov system pp. 670-685 Downloads
N. Tsantas

Volume 85, issue 2, 1995

Interactions between operational research and environmental management pp. 229-243 Downloads
Jacqueline Bloemhof-Ruwaard, Paul van Beek, Leen Hordijk and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
The search for information -- A patient perspective on multiple opinions pp. 244-262 Downloads
A. Mehrez, Y. Yuan and A. Gafni
Talking to Sibilla: An approach to context dependent natural language comprehension pp. 263-281 Downloads
Giovanni Felici
A stochastic programming model for money management pp. 282-296 Downloads
Bennett Golub, Martin Holmer, Raymond McKendall, Lawrence Pohlman and Stavros Zenios
A unified framework for the selection of a Flexible Manufacturing System pp. 297-315 Downloads
Jen Shang and Toshiyuki Sueyoshi
Accounting for complexity in costing high technology manufacturing pp. 316-326 Downloads
William W. Cooper, Kingshuk K. Sinha and Robert S. Sullivan
A comparison of stochastic scheduling rules for maximizing project net present value pp. 327-339 Downloads
Kum Khiong Yang, Lee Choo Tay and Chee Chuong Sum
Optimal inspection effort and scheduling for a manufacturing process with repair pp. 340-351 Downloads
Elizabeth M. Jewkes
On performance measures for evacuation systems pp. 352-367 Downloads
Gunnar G. Lovas
A maximin procedure for the optimal insertion timing of ad executions pp. 368-382 Downloads
(Sundar) Balakrishnan, P. V. and Nicholas G. Hall
Multiobjective optimization of table olive preparation systems pp. 383-398 Downloads
Gerassimos C. Kopsidas
Distributional efficiency in multiobjective stochastic linear programming pp. 399-415 Downloads
F. Ben Abdelaziz, P. Lang and R. Nadeau
A bibliography of expert system applications for business (1984-1992) pp. 416-432 Downloads
Bo K. Wong and John A. Monaco

Volume 85, issue 1, 1995

Theoretical models of sales promotions: Contributions, limitations, and a future research agenda pp. 1-17 Downloads
Jagmohan S. Raju
A classified bibliography of recent research relating to project risk management pp. 18-38 Downloads
Terry Williams
A proposal on improved procedures for estimating task-time distributions in PERT pp. 39-52 Downloads
Hon-Shiang Lau and C. Somarajan
A neural network for classifying the financial health of a firm pp. 53-65 Downloads
R. C. Lacher, Pamela K. Coats, Shanker C. Sharma and L. Franklin Fant
Financial statement planning in the presence of tax constraints pp. 66-81 Downloads
B. Back and R. J. R. Back
Optimal investment policies for a polluting firm in an uncertain environment pp. 82-96 Downloads
Peter Kort
Determining the optimal warranty price based on the producer's and customers' risk preferences pp. 97-110 Downloads
Young Hak Chun and Kwei Tang
The impact of information timeliness on the predictability of stock and futures returns: An application of vector models pp. 111-131 Downloads
Ralf Ostermark and Hannu Hernesniemi
Period and phase of customer replenishment: A new approach to the Strategic Inventory/Routing problem pp. 132-148 Downloads
Ian R. Webb and Richard C. Larson
A single-server retrial queue with server vacations and a finite number of input sources pp. 149-160 Downloads
Li Hui and Tao Yang
Delay analysis for discrete-time queueing systems with multiple randomly interrupted servers pp. 161-177 Downloads
Koenraad Laevens and Herwig Bruneel
Approximate analysis for queueing networks with finite capacity and customer loss pp. 178-191 Downloads
Leyuan Shi
Brownian motion approximations for tankage assessment and stock control pp. 192-204 Downloads
Roelant A. J. J. Nieboer and Rommert Dekker
Validation and statistical analysis procedures under the common random number correlation-induction strategy for multipopulation simulation experiments pp. 205-220 Downloads
Shirish Joshi and Jeffrey D. Tew
HOPDM (version 2.12) -- A fast LP solver based on a primal-dual interior point method pp. 221-225 Downloads
Jacek Gondzio
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