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Volume XVIII(2011), issue 9(562), 2011

Novum Organum Oeconomicum pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies: The Case of Romania pp. 5-16 Downloads
Niculae Feleagă, Liliana Feleagă, Voicu Dan Dragomir and Adrian Doru Bigioi
Banat-Crişana as Micro-destination – Elements of Tourism Image and Tourism Identity pp. 17-26 Downloads
Aurelia-Felicia Stăncioiu, Nicolae Teodorescu, Anca-Daniela Vlădoi, Codruta Baltescu and Marilena Stoian
News in Competition Regulation in Romania. Institutional Consolidation of the Competition Council pp. 27-32 Downloads
Cornelia Lefter and Oana OPREA (teodorescu)
Education and the Characteristics of Public Goods. Overlaps and Differences pp. 33-40 Downloads
Tatiana Moşteanu and Georgiana Cretan
The Remittance-GDP Relationship in the Liberalized Regime of Bangladesh: Cointegration and Innovation Accounting pp. 41-60 Downloads
Biru Paksha Paul and Anupam Das
Limiting Civil Liability in the Sphere of Business Auditing pp. 61-70 Downloads
Carmen Costuleanu, Ionel Bostan, Emil Horomnea, Marcel Costuleanu and Carmen Codreanu
Analysis of the Possibility to Organize the Management Accounting through the Target Costing (TC) Method in the Romanian Entities pp. 71-88 Downloads
Sorinel Capusneanu and Sorin Briciu
Enhancement of Cooperation and Communication between Universities and the Business Environment, Requirement for a Good Functioning of the Knowledge Triangle: Education, Research, Innovation pp. 89-102 Downloads
Laura Dindire, Mihaela Asandei and Cristina Gănescu
Predicting Bankruptcy in Pakistan pp. 103-128 Downloads
Abdul Rashid and Qaiser Abbas
Analysis of the Correlation between GDP and the Final Consumption pp. 129-138 Downloads
Constantin Anghelache
German SMEs Affected by the World Crisis pp. 139-148 Downloads
Roxana Gabriela Hodorogel
Contributions to the Legislative Provisions Governing the Management of Waste Containing Asbestos in Romania and EU pp. 149-154 Downloads
Silvian Ionescu
Tourism Competitiveness Index – An Empirical Analysis Romania vs. Bulgaria pp. 155-172 Downloads
Mihai Croitoru
Socio-economic Models During the Period of Crisis pp. 173-180 Downloads
Elena Manolescu

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 8(561), 2011

The Signaling Crisis pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Empirical Study on the Financial Reporting of Intangible Assets by Romanian Companies pp. 5-16 Downloads
Cristina-Ionela Fădur, Daniela Ciotină and Marilena Mironiuc
Optimum Repartition of Transport Capacities in the Logistic System using Dynamic Programming pp. 17-30 Downloads
Gheorghe Băşanu, Victor Teleaşă and Eduard Armeanu
User Types in Online Applications pp. 31-52 Downloads
Ion Ivan, Dragoş Palaghita and Sorin Vinturis
Optimality of Fiscal Policy in Romania in Terms of Laffer Curve pp. 53-60 Downloads
Adina Trandafir and Petre Brezeanu
The Causal Relationship between Health and Education Expenditures in Malaysia pp. 61-74 Downloads
Chor Foon Tang and Yew Wah Lai
Law Antimonopoly of China – a Model of European Inspiration pp. 75-82 Downloads
Cornelia Lefter and Oana OPREA (teodorescu)
Work: Social Status and the Role of Work along History – Since Ancient Times to Modern Times pp. 83-92 Downloads
Mirela Ionela Aceleanu
Determination of Import Demand in Pakistan: The Role of Expenditure Components pp. 93-110 Downloads
Muhammad Chani, Zahid Pervaiz and Amatul R. Chaudhary
Stock Markets Correlation: before and during the Crisis Analysis pp. 111-122 Downloads
Ioana Moldovan
The Decision to Invest and Economic Growth. Romania’s Case pp. 123-136 Downloads
Raluca Andreea Popa and Matei Crăciun
Economic Crisis Perspective between Current and Forecast pp. 137-147 Downloads
Cristina Burghelea

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 7(560), 2011

The Decline of Modernity pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Characteristics of Criteria for Selecting Investment Projects under Uncertainty pp. 5-18 Downloads
Dan Armeanu, Adrian Enciu and Dorina Poanta
Online Services Management Support for an Intelligent Locality pp. 19-30 Downloads
Lorena Batagan and Adrian Pocovnicu
The Meanings of “Made in Romania” among the Romanian Consumers pp. 31-42 Downloads
Cătălin Mihail Barbu
Forms and Strategies of the Banks to Enter on a Foreign Market pp. 43-52 Downloads
Nicoleta Hurduc and Alin Niţu
Effects of Macroeconomic Variables on the Stock Market: The Case of the Czech Republic pp. 54-64 Downloads
Yu Hsing
The European Recovery Economic Plan and Quality of Public Finances – Instruments for Monitoring and Improving Fiscal and Economic Systems pp. 65-72 Downloads
Mircea Soroceanu and Carolina Daniela Lupaşcu
An Optimization of the Risk Management using Derivatives pp. 73-84 Downloads
Ovidiu Şontea and Ion Stancu
Towards to the Respiritualization of the Economics pp. 85-100 Downloads
Constantin Popescu and Mihaela Comănescu
Financial Crisis from the Trust and Loss Aversion Perspective in Emerging Romanian Capital Market pp. 101-110 Downloads
Ciprian Alexandru and Nicoleta Caragea
The Contribution of the Neo-Schumpeterian Approach to the Development of the Economic Theory: Emphasis on the Meso-Economic Level pp. 111-132 Downloads
Radu Herman and Remus Avram
Dobrogea as Romanian Tourism Micro-destination pp. 133-142 Downloads
Aurelia-Felicia Stăncioiu, Nicolae Teodorescu, Anca-Daniela Vlădoi, Ion Pârgaru and Daniel Moise
The Rethinking of the Economic Activity Based on Principles of Eco-Efficiency pp. 143-154 Downloads
Daniela Vîrjan
The Correlation between the Conceptual System of the Political Economy and that of the Accountancy – a Solution for Reducing the Risks Connected to the Administration Activities in any Stage of the Economic pp. 155-164 Downloads
Aurelian Virgil Băluţă

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 6(559), 2011

Reloading Economics pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
The Impact of Sovereign Credit Ratings on the Issuance of Government Bonds in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 5-26 Downloads
Ion Stancu and Ana-Maria Minescu
Optimal Licensing Contracts with Adverse Selection and Informational Rents pp. 27-46 Downloads
Daniela Marinescu and Dumitru Marin
Morality, Ethics and True Image in Business Accounting pp. 47-54 Downloads
Ionel Bostan, Carmen Costuleanu, Emil Horomnea and Marcel Costuleanu
Intra-Industry Trade in Tourism Services pp. 55-62 Downloads
Nuno Leitão
Operational Risk Modeling pp. 63-72 Downloads
Gabriela Anghelache and Cosmin Olteanu
Trends in Trade and Investment Flows between the EU and the BRIC Countries pp. 73-112 Downloads
Iulia Oehler-Şincai
The Evaluation of the Competitiveness State of Manufacturing Companies in Romania – an Approach According to Mereuţă Model pp. 113-128 Downloads
Daniela Livia Traşcă
The Birth of the Regulated Company in the Macroeconomic Environment pp. 129-140 Downloads
Dumitru Alexandru Bodislav
FDI in the Service Sector – Propagator of Growth for India? pp. 141-156 Downloads
Chitrakalpa Sen
The Economic Theory and the Global Crisis, between Theoretical Solutions and the Economic Reality pp. 157-164 Downloads
Nicolae Moroianu and Daniel Belingher

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 5(558), 2011

The Fall of Hierarchical Systems pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Model for the Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Banking Supervision Activity pp. 5-16 Downloads
Nicolae Dardac and Elena Georgescu
The State and the Economy – Theoretical Aspects and Empirical Evidence for the EU pp. 17-44 Downloads
Simona-Gabriela Maşca
Fiat versus Representative Money under Debate, or How Right Keynes Was Once (!) pp. 45-58 Downloads
Liviu Andrei
Education and Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Some Evidence from Senegal pp. 59-76 Downloads
Barassou Diawara and Mazhar Mughal
Bayes-Nash Equilibrium and Game Theory in Public Expenditure Management pp. 77-90 Downloads
Petru Filip, Marcel Ioan Boloş and Cristian Ioan Otgon
The Economic Crisis and Several Effects on Global Economy pp. 91-106 Downloads
Florina Bran, Carmen Radulescu, Ildiko Ioan and Florentina Balu
Tourism as a Factor in Economic Recovery pp. 107-122 Downloads
Cristina Burghelea and Cristina Vişan
Economic Science and Postmodernism: Ethics Return pp. 123-134 Downloads
Cosmin Marinescu
Romanian Economic Environment Entrepreneurial Activities Analysis and Risk Evaluation pp. 135-146 Downloads
Georgeta Vintila, Dan Armeanu, Oana Filipescu, Maricica Moscalu and Paula Lazar
Transylvania – Romanian Tourism Micro-destination pp. 147-158 Downloads
Aurelia-Felicia Stăncioiu, Codruta Baltescu, Anca-Daniela Vlădoi, Ion Pârgaru and Virgil Nicula
The Crisis of Economic Theory in the Middle of the Economic Crisis pp. 159-168 Downloads
Silvia Marginean, Roberta Mihaela Stanef and Alina Ştefania Creţu

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 4(557), 2011

Making Instruments Fictitious pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Linear, Step by Step Managerial Performance, versus Exponential Performance pp. 5-16 Downloads
George Moldoveanu and Ion Gh. Roşca
Exploratory Study Regarding the Commercial Credit Policy of Romanian Companies pp. 17-36 Downloads
Cristina-Ionela Fădur, Daniela Ciotină and Marilena Mironiuc
A Critical Examination of Foreign Aid Policy. Why it Fails to Eradicate Poverty? pp. 37-48 Downloads
Vasile Dedu, Gabriel Staicu and Dan Costin Niţescu
Does Corporate Governance Impact Risk Management System? pp. 49-64 Downloads
Petre Brezeanu, Mohammed Subhi Al Essawi, Dorina Poanta and Leonardo Badea
Quality Management and the Reform of Public Administration in Several States in South-Eastern Europe. Comparative Analysis pp. 65-98 Downloads
Lucica Matei and Corina-Georgiana Lazăr
Transfer Pricing in the European Union pp. 99-110 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Daniela Pirvu
The Relationship between Gender Type in Mentorship and Mentees’ Advancement: An Empirical Study in Malaysia pp. 111-128 Downloads
Azman Ismail, Michael KHO KHIAN Jui and Norshima ZAINAL Shah
The Global Economic Crisis. Challenges for SMEs in Romania pp. 129-140 Downloads
Roxana Gabriela Hodorogel
Formal Institutions and Regional Development. Considerations Regarding Romania pp. 141-158 Downloads
Ramona Frunza
modelarea imaginii unui oraş. Studiu de caz: Bucureşti pp. 159-170 Downloads
Aurelia-Felicia Stăncioiu, Nicolae Teodorescu, Ion Pârgaru, Anca-Daniela Vlădoi and Codruta Baltescu

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 3(556), 2011

The Cognitive Isolationism pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Antithetic Foundations of Economics pp. 5-30 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Capital Budgeting: a Tax Shields’ “Mirage”? pp. 31-40 Downloads
Victor Dragotă and Lucian Tatu
Convergence of the Policies for Promoting Total Quality Management in the Public Administrations of Balkan States – European Union Member States pp. 41-76 Downloads
Ani Matei and Carmen Săvulescu
Industrial District as a Corporation pp. 77-94 Downloads
Reza MOHAMMADY Garfamy
Aspects of the Normalization of Managerial Accounting in Romania on a Microeconomic Level pp. 95-106 Downloads
Sorin Briciu and Sorinel Capusneanu
An Analysis of the Correlation between Size and Performance of Private Pension Funds pp. 107-116 Downloads
Vasile Robu and Maria Iuliana Sandu
Management of the Environmental Risk – an Economic-Social Priority pp. 117-130 Downloads
Constantin Anghelache
Implications of European Directives in the Assessment of Insurance Companies pp. 131-140 Downloads
Ionel Bostan

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 2(555), 2011

The Confusion of Methods pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Economics of Sustainable Development. Competitiveness and Economic Growth pp. 5-12 Downloads
Dorel Ailenei and Liviu-Cosmin Mosora
The Particularities of the Economic Crisis in the Knowledge-Based Society pp. 13-32 Downloads
Ion Ivan, Marius Popa, Dragoş Palaghita, Bogdan Vintilă and Mihai Doinea
Adverse Selection Models with Three States of Nature pp. 33-46 Downloads
Daniela Marinescu and Dumitru Marin
Sustaining an Effective ABC-ABM System pp. 47-58 Downloads
Gary Cokins and Sorinel Capusneanu
Consequences of the Budget Deficit in the Current Crisis in Romania. Implications on the Labor Market pp. 59-74 Downloads
Gabriela Molănescu and Mirela Ionela Aceleanu
Portfolio Risk Analysis using ARCH and GARCH Models in the Context of the Global Financial Crisis pp. 75-88 Downloads
Oana Mădălina Predescu and Stelian Stancu
Costs of Adopting a Common European Currency. Analysis in Terms of the Optimum Currency Areas Theory pp. 89-100 Downloads
Aura Gabriela Socol
The Effects of Economic Geography on Education in Romania pp. 101-110 Downloads
Jesus Lopez-Rodriguez, Andres Faiña and Cosmin-Gabriel Bolea
Statistical – Econometric Analysis of the Correlations between the Social Security Budget and the Main Macroeconomic Aggregates in Romania pp. 117-126 Downloads
Emilia Titan, Cristina Boboc, Simona Ghiţă and Daniela Todose
Effects of the Current Economic Crisis on the Fiscal Variables in EU Countries pp. 127-138 Downloads
Iulian Viorel Brasoveanu and Laura Obreja Brasoveanu
The Image of the Tourism Destination – a Supporting Element in the Development of the Regional Tourism Brand Study Case: Muntenia pp. 139-152 Downloads
Aurelia-Felicia Stăncioiu, Nicolae Teodorescu, Ion Pârgaru, Anca-Daniela Vlădoi and Codruta Baltescu
Economic Crises and the Complexity of Animal Spirits Modeling pp. 153-170 Downloads
Grigore Piroşcă
An Epistemological Perspective on the Quality of Life Concept pp. 171-180 Downloads
George Şerban-Oprescu
The Natural Rate of Unemployment and its Implications for Economic Policy pp. 181-194 Downloads
Monica Dobrescu, Claudia Paicu and Silvia Iacob
Estimation of Inflationary Expectations and the Effectiveness of Inflation Targeting Strategy pp. 195-206 Downloads
Amalia Cristescu and Mădălina Ecaterina Andreica
The Impact of Investments and Gross Value Added upon Earnings pp. 207-218 Downloads
Larisa Aparaschivei, Denisa Vasilescu and Nicolae Cătăniciu

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 12(565), 2011

The Negative of the World pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
The Monetary Policy and the Real Estate Market pp. 5-14 Downloads
Vasile Dedu and Tiberiu Stoica
Considerations regarding the Valuation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage pp. 15-32 Downloads
Filip Iorgulescu, Felicia Alexandru, Georgiana Cretan, Meral Kagitci and Mihaela Iacob
Institutional Metamorphoses regarding the Exercise of External Public Audit in Romania pp. 33-42 Downloads
Ionel Bostan
Oltenia – Micro-destination of Cultural and Medical Spa Tourism pp. 43-58 Downloads
Aurelia-Felicia Stăncioiu, Ion Pârgaru, Anca-Daniela Vlădoi, Nicolae Teodorescu and Carmen Puiu
The Challenges of Basel III for Romanian Banking System pp. 59-70 Downloads
Anca Elena Nucu
A Static Analysis of Pakistan’s Trade Policy with Selected Asian Countries pp. 71-88 Downloads
Summaira Malik and Amatual R. Chaudhary
Social and Environmental Issues in Corporative Management: A Romanian Story pp. 89-106 Downloads
Cornelia Dascălu, Chirata Caraiani, Raluca Guse, Camelia Iuliana Lungu and Anca Codreanu
General Equilibrium Analysis of Electricity Market Liberalization in Singapore: A Comparative Study pp. 107-114 Downloads
Fenglong Xiao
Equity Risk Premium for Investments Projects in Renewable Resources pp. 115-124 Downloads
Carmen Lipară, Anamaria Aldea and Anamaria Ciobanu

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 11(564), 2011

The Gnoseological Crisis pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Modeling the Market Risk in the Context of the Basel III Acord pp. 5-20 Downloads
Nicolae Dardac and Alina Grigore
Public Relations as Promotional Activity pp. 21-26 Downloads
Almira Curri-Memeti
Forecast Intervals for Inflation in Romania pp. 27-34 Downloads
Mihaela Bratu
Brief Reflections on the Development of the FDI Theory pp. 35-42 Downloads
Early School Leaving: Reasons and Consequences pp. 43-52 Downloads
Erika Gyã–nã–s
Impact of FDI and Trade Openness on Economic Growth: A Comparative Study of Pakistan and Malaysia pp. 53-58 Downloads
Zaheer Khan Kakar and Bashir Ahmad Khilji
Dissolution of the Commercial Companies due to the Passing of Time Established as a Duration of the Company – Theoretical and Practical Aspects pp. 59-66 Downloads
Cornelia Lefter and Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru
National and Regional Competitiveness in the Crisis Context. Successful Examples pp. 67-78 Downloads
Gina Cristina Dimian and Aniela Danciu
The Global Crisis and Cyclical Theory pp. 79-88 Downloads
George Haralambie

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 10(563), 2011

The Ideological Reductionism pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Optimal Licensing Contracts with Three Innovation Types pp. 5-22 Downloads
Daniela Marinescu and Dumitru Marin
Novelties in Competition Regulation in Romania. Impact on Competitors pp. 23-28 Downloads
Cornelia Lefter and Oana OPREA (teodorescu)
A Cause and Effect Analysis of University – Business Cooperation for Regional Innovation in Romania pp. 29-44 Downloads
Cristina Şerbănică
Moldavia and Maramureş – Micro-destinations for Relaunching the Romanian Tourism pp. 45-56 Downloads
Aurelia-Felicia Stăncioiu, Ion Pârgaru, Nicolae Teodorescu, Anca-Daniela Vlădoi and Monica Ratiu
Corporate Social Responsibility – between Desideratum and Reality pp. 57-74 Downloads
Anca Maria Hristea
Identification of Critical Points in the Quality Management System pp. 75-90 Downloads
Tünde Szabó
Econometric Modeling of GDP Time Series pp. 91-98 Downloads
Elena-Adriana Andrei and Elena Bugudui
Impact of Institutional Credit on Agricultural Output: A Case Study of Pakistan pp. 99-120 Downloads
Nawaz Ahmad
The Management of Waste Containing Asbestos in Romania and the European Union pp. 121-126 Downloads
Silvian Ionescu
Technological Innovation: Concept, Process, Typology and Implications in the Economy pp. 127-144 Downloads
Mihaela Diaconu

Volume XVIII(2011), issue 1(554), 2011

The Circularity of Ideologies pp. 1-2 Downloads
Marin Dinu
Considerations Regarding the Mix of Anticrisis Fiscal Policies in Romania pp. 5-24 Downloads
Ioan Talpoş and Alexandru Avram
Women Entrepreneurship in the Western Romania. Research Results and Policy Recommendations pp. 25-48 Downloads
Anca Dodescu, Alina Badulescu, Adriana Giurgiu and Ioana Pop-Cohuţ
How to Improve Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Profitability by Practicing an Efficient Human Resources Management pp. 49-64 Downloads
Antonio GARCÍA Sánchez, Dan Popescu, Iulia Chivu, Alina Ciocârlan-Chitucea and Daniela Oana Popescu
Time and Causality in the Economic Process – a Critical Approach Based on Consistency Criteria pp. 65-74 Downloads
Cristina Tanasescu, Vasile Brătian and Camelia Oprean
The Reform of the National Public Policies Process under the Influence of Europeanization Changes in the Policy-Making in Romania on Institutional and Legislative Level pp. 75-110 Downloads
Ani Matei and Tatiana-Camelia Dogaru
Re-modeling the Romanian Fiscal Policy under the Terms of the Economic Crisis pp. 111-120 Downloads
Aura Gabriela Socol and Dorin Măntescu
New Hypothesis on Service Management within the Global World pp. 121-128 Downloads
Ion Plumb and Andreea Zamfir
Current Economic and Financial Crisis – New Issues or Returning to the Old Problems? Paradigms, Causes, Effects and Solutions Adopted pp. 129-150 Downloads
Felix Totir and Ingrid Dragota
Contributions of Agriculture to Economic Fluctuations in Romania pp. 151-162 Downloads
Anca Dachin
Foreign Direct Investments Expansion – Essential Globalization Factor pp. 163-172 Downloads
Cătălin Emilian HUIDUMAC Petrescu, Radu-Marcel Joia, Gheorghe Hurduzeu and Liviu Bogdan Vlad
Implications of Asymmetric Information in the Real Estate Crisis in US pp. 173-188 Downloads
Marta Christina Suciu, Luciana Picioruş and Cosmin Ionuţ Imbrişcă
The Crowding out Effect on the Labor Market in Romania pp. 189-196 Downloads
Mihaela Hrisanta Dobre
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