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2009 - 2018

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Volume 10, issue 12, 2018

Anti-Poverty Cooperation between China and West Asian and North Arican Countries in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative Downloads
Xiaoxing Wang
Study on Natural Rubber Development in Thailand Downloads
Huide Huang and Haolun Huang
Implications and Recommendations for Rural Revitalization Strategy Based on Domestic and Foreign Experience Downloads
Ning Wang
Effects of Human Capital Investment on Entrepreneurial Capability of New Generation of Migrant Workers —— An Empirical Study Based on Questionnaire Survey in Chongqing Downloads
Li Hao
Ideas for Accelerating Development of Deep Processing Industry of Agricultural Products —— A Case Study of Nanchong City Downloads
Fengyuan Li, Changjia Peng, Jun Luo, Jiawei Du, Ying Gao and Ning Lu
Analysis on the Impact of Folk Custom on Targeted Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Xuetao Li
Development Paths of Characteristic Towns in Underdeveloped Areas in Central China—— A Case Study of Yichun, Jiangxi Downloads
Cuiping Huang, Wei Wu and Xiying Hu
MEC Based Study of Brand Building of Hongyue Garden Maker Downloads
Yuhui Yan, Yueli Zhang, Jinsong Chen, Zaiqiang Wang, Chengchen Xu and Hanjiu Yao
Influencing Factors and Dynamic Mechanism of Industrial Structure from the Perspective of Supply-side Reform Downloads
Deng Gao and Shuhui Shao
Land Use Analysis of Yichun-Wanzai Expressway Downloads
Hongchun Guo, Wei Wu and Xiying Hu
Native Plant Resources and Garden Landscaping in Longnan of Gansu Province Downloads
Quan Liu, Zhanpeng Li, Xiaolin Li, Huili Yan and Hong Liu
Study on Landscape Construction of Sustainable Urban Rooftop Farms Downloads
Li Liu
Effects of Biogas Slurry Recirculation on Anaerobic Digestion Performance of Maize Straw Silage Downloads
Xinhe Liu, Nan Li, Mengya Yang, Benyue Zhang, Guangbo Xu, Renzhe Piao and Hongyan Zhao
Impacts of Bad Weathers in the Growing Season on Apples and Post-disaster Management Measures Downloads
Xueying Li, Jie Hao, Jianzhong Feng, Xinmin Yan, Xian'ge Wang, Wenzhang Ji, Xuehua Li and Xiangmin Suo
Review of Research Situation of Lagenaria siceraria (Molina) Standl Downloads
Ya Su, Yi Pei, Wei Zhao, Jiangli Nie and Baiming Wang
Effects of Different Water-soluble Fertilizers on Yield and Quality of Strawberry under Integrated Application of Water and Fertilizer Downloads
Rong Kang, Jianbiao Niu, Zhengren Chen and Jizu Zhang
Effects of Bio-organic Selenium on Agronomic Economic Traits and Selenium Absorption and Distribution in Rice Downloads
Xiaoling Long, Duanwu Cai, Jinlong Liu and Wei Zheng
Effects of Different Times of Bagging on Fruit Quality and Disease and Pest Incidence of Fuji Apple Downloads
Guiping Wang, Xiaomin Xue, Ru Chen and Jinzheng Wang
Optimization of Germinated Conditions for Somatic Embryos in Liriodendron Hybrids Downloads
Wentao Sheng and Qiangqiang Cheng
Analysis and Prospect of Innovation and Extension Mode of Agricultural Research Institutes: Hybrid Foxtail Millet Entering Ethiopia Downloads
Guangyu Fan, Lina Zhang, Xiaojie Liu, Feng Wang, Chen Zhao, Wenjie Bai, Shuai Meng and Zhihai Zhao
A Study on the Training Model of Discipline-oriented Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents——Taking Agricultural, Forestry and Normal Universities as an Example Downloads
Wei Wu, Zuoming Zhong and Min Chen
Marx’s Theory of Humanity and Nature Downloads
Jiefang Zhu
Some Thoughts on Talent Cultivation in Local Agricultural Colleges and Universities—— A Case Study of Tianjin Agricultural University Downloads
Xiaolan Yun

Volume 10, issue 11, 2018

Development of Agricultural Products Trade between China and Four South Asian Countries —— An Empirical Analysis Based on Trade Competitiveness and Complementarity Downloads
Xiaoyu Hu and Chunjie Qi
Agricultural Total Factor Productivity and Income Gap between Urban and Rural Residents —— An Empirical Study Based on Provincial Panel Data Downloads
Chen Chen
Strategic Measures for Implementing 300 Demonstration Projects to Lead the Construction of Modern Agricultural Industrial Clusters with Output of 100 Billion Yuan Downloads
Ying Gao, Changjia Peng, Fengyuan Li, Jun Luo, Jiawei Du, Feng Luo and Ning Lu
Present Situation and Development Countermeasures of Modern Agriculture Industrial Clusters of 100 Billion Output in Nanchong City Downloads
Fengyuan Li, Changjia Peng, Jun Luo, Jiawei Du, Ying Gao and Ning Lu
Impacts of Globalization on Agriculture Logistics Efficiency in the Context of China Downloads
Xiaoxun Ouyang and Yuqin Dai
Analysis of Factors Influencing Forest Carbon Sequestration Project in Guangdong Province and Recommendations Downloads
Xiaolin Fang and Lan Gao
Research on Development of Natural Rubber in Indonesia Downloads
Huide Huang and Haolun Huang
Development Status of Grape Industry in Wuhan City and Recommendations Downloads
Changlin Li, Zhi Tang, Shoukun Yang, Li Jin, Fuyuan Su, PEI.Xian, Xianbao Liu, Xiaomei Ji, Aixin Wang, Xubai Chen, Yanxing Yao, Yang Qin, Hongying Liu, Yiman Liu and Weidong Chen
Rural Land Consolidation Based on Integration of Three Industries Downloads
Jianghua He
Optimization of Urban Land Use Structure Based on the Perspective of GMOP-GA—— A Case Study of the Urban Districts of Hohhot Downloads
Tongyu Tian, Mei Yu and Hong Su
Landscape Design of Roof Gardens of Urban Public Buildings Downloads
Li Liu
Current Development and Prospects of Pond Smelt (Hypomesus olidus) Farming Industry in China Downloads
CHAI.Qingyu, Fangying Chai, Ting Yu, Yongfu Ju and Hongxian Yu
Curing Technology for Improving the Quality of Upper Tobacco Leaves Downloads
Weijun Zhang, Xiangli Dong, Musen Lin, Zhimo Li, Yi Wang, Zhixiao Yang, Haiqian Xia and Shengdong Xie
Advances in Domestic and Foreign Studies about Banana in 2013-2014 from the Perspective of Literature Downloads
Xiaochan Hu
Effects of Compound Plant Extract on Growth Performance of Sujiang Pigs Downloads
Yong Tao, Shanmao Ren, Huifan Ji, Hualongchuan Qiu and Wenhong Jiang
Tissue Culture of Betula microphylla Bunge var. paludosa Downloads
Aihua Chen, Gang Liu and Wei Hu
Environmental Factors for Different Growth Stages of Small Watermelons in Spring Greenhouse in Beijing Downloads
Ying Zhang, Chao Ma, Li Zhu, Jianbo Zeng, Yanli Chen, Yunfei Li and Ting Li
Utilization of Agricultural Climatic Resources under the Spring Maize-Spring Potato Intercropping Pattern in Pengzhou City Downloads
Ren Rong, Hao Fu, Xin Che, Le Chen, Qiang Kang, Nan He and Yangyuan Liu
Comprehensive Evaluation of New Fresh Edible Sweet-glutinous Maize Varieties Based on Entropy Weight Method Downloads
Junwei Yang, Jianjun Wang, Linsheng Shao, Yanliang Li, Bianping Zhao, Xin Jia and Qi Luo
Talking about the Reform Ideas of the Course of "Introduction to the MICE Industry" in Combination with Agricultural Exhibitions Downloads
Jing Gu
An Analysis of the Present Situation of Migrant Workers' Education and Training——Taking Zhejiang as an Example Downloads
Xianghong Ju

Volume 10, issue 10, 2018

Labor Market Changes during Transformation and Upgrading of China’s Three Major Special Economic Zones Downloads
Lili Han
Research on the Developing Trend and Realizing Way of Grain E-commerce in Hubei Province under the New Situation Downloads
Jing Zeng
Value, Characteristics and Innovation Direction of Poverty Alleviation by Enterprises in the Era of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Downloads
Jianmin Song
Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Agricultural Products Export on Economic Growth in China Downloads
Dandan Liang
Present Situation and Protection of Agricultural Cultural Heritage of Species in Wuhan City Downloads
Shuyan Lei, Ran Wang, Xiao Feng and Yanyang Xia
Current Situations of Internet Based Transformation and Upgrade of Hubei Comfort International Travel Service Co., Ltd Downloads
Huimin Ma and Chengfeng Yu
Suitability Analysis of Scale Management in Northeast China Based on Efficiency Evaluation Downloads
Wenxin Liu and Xiuli He
Sense of Happiness of Left-behind Elderly People in the Context of Rural Labor Transfer —— A Case Study of Guizhou Province Downloads
Ping Liang, Xiongfei Cai, Xing Cheng and Ji Wang
Analysis on Construction and Recommendations for Development of Yiwan Economic Corridor Downloads
Xiying Hu and Hongchun Guo
Successful Experience and Poverty Alleviation Model in the Implementation of Precise Poverty Alleviation —— A Case Study of Zhengjia Village in Hubei Province Downloads
Jun Li and Junrong Deng
Research on Status and Development of Oil Palm Industry in the World Downloads
Huide Huang and Haolun Huang
Development Status and Countermeasures of Se-enriched Functional Agriculture in Cenxi City Downloads
Lei Liao and Wei Huang
Safeguard Measures for Implementing the Overall Land Use Planning Downloads
Yan Tian
Improvement of Evaluation Methods for Cultivated Land Quality Downloads
Yanhua Song and Xihui Yang
TOPSIS Based Assessment of Sustainable Water Resources Utilization Downloads
Lian Tang, Yongliang Wang, Zixi Liu and Jiayue Shao
Study on Tissue Culture and Rapid Propagation of Platycodon grandiflorus Downloads
Huiying Jiao, Yaqi Qiao, Yi Pei, Zhichen Liu, Yanjun Liu, Ya Su, Chenxi Wang and Jiangli Nie
Biological Characteristics of Persimmon Anthracnose Pathogen Colletotrichum horii and Screening of Inhibitory Fungicides Downloads
Xianmei Yu, Changming Hou, Kunpeng Zhang, Jie Wang, Ya'nan Ma, Hao Zhai, Miao An and Chengxiang Ai
Application of Prochloraz-nano-titanium Dioxide Complex Fresh-keeping Agent in Refrigeration of Dioscorea alata Lirm. sp Downloads
Dongdi Xie, Yanpei Wei, Xiaoping Wei and Wanwei Wu
Sowing and Seedling Experiment on Different Substrate Nutrient Bags for Sarcandra glabra Downloads
Zhenwei Tu
Comparison of Fruit Traits and Yield among Different Olive Cultivars Downloads
Qianghong Zhao, Yu Deng, Huiming Wang and Siwei Yang
Stability and Antioxidant Activity of Anthocyanins from Flowers of Rhododendron pulchrum Sweet Downloads
Mei Zhang, Benyong Lou, Yanjie Zhang and Haoxi Fu
Content Analysis of Baicalin and Heavy Metals in Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi Cultivated in Jizhou District Downloads
Chenxi Wang, Yi Pei, Ming Yang, Wen Xu, Huiying Jiao, Yaqi Qiao, Jiangli Nie and Ya Su
Effects of Different Picking Time and Different Geographical Provenances on Oil Content of Camellia oleifera Downloads
Zhen Zhang, Xiaoqin Mo, Yongzhong Chen, Yanming Xu, Yinghe Peng, Longsheng Chen, Li Ma, Rui Wang, Shaofeng Peng, Zhigang Li, Xiangnan Wang, Meiqun Li and Wei Tang
Study on Performance Evaluation of Micro-course Teaching Team Downloads
Innovative Study on Graduate Student Recruitment Work in Provincial Agricultural Research Institutions Downloads
Lei Fan

Volume 10, issue 09, 2018

Benefit Analysis of Chemical Fertillzer Input for Staple Grain Production Based on Threshold Panel Data Model Downloads
Tengda Zuo and Wan Nie
Study on the Strategy of Rural Industry Development in the Central China under the Background of Urban-Rural Integration Downloads
Ling Meng, Wenhai Zeng, Zewen Gan, Hongbing Zhou and Peng Zhong
Development of Oil Palm Industry in Indonesia Downloads
Huide Huang and Haolun Huang
Influence Mechanism for Assessment of Implementation Effect of Policy of Relocating the Poor Downloads
Shengyin Xiong
Current Situations and Development Recommendations for Pomegranate Industry in Lintong District of Xi'an City Downloads
Jianbin Yang
Development Status and Policy Path of Cultivating Marine Bio-industry Cluster in Zhanjiang City Downloads
ZHAO.Nan and Fuchen Bai
Overview of Major Tropical Crop Production in Asian Countries in 2015 Downloads
Jinhui Wang
Analysis and Thinking on Citrus Production and Marketing Situation of Hunan Province in 2017 Downloads
Ruifeng Yin
Analysis on the Strategy of Precise Poverty Alleviation under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy Downloads
Lang Wang and Puming He
Paradigm Shift in Urban-rural Integration in the Context of China Downloads
Chang Gao and Xu Zhao
Survey on Germplasm Resources of Araliaceae Plants in Southeastern Tibet and Study on Their Landscape Application Downloads
Kuang Wang, Junli An, Zhen Xing, Xuesen Liu and Weilie Zheng
Study and Application of Constructed Wetlands in Wastewater Treatment of Aquaculture Downloads
Yu Zhang, Yiran Niu, Tianle Li and Jidong Zhan
Inhibitory Effects of Prunus mume, Coptis chinensis, and Crataegus pinnatifida on Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Its Biofilm in Vitro Downloads
Zhicheng Zhai, Lin Lin, Kaishan Liang, Huanying Pang, Miao Xie, Hao Wu, Yang Huang and Jichang Jian
Effects of Nano-Carbon Water-Retaining Fertilizer on Yield and Nitrogen and Phosphorus Utilization Efficiency of Tuber Mustard Downloads
Chen Wang, Ruitong Wang and Zhanbin Huang
Model of Tourism for Poverty Alleviation in Danjiangkou City Downloads
Huimin Ma and Xia Yu
{0> Remediation Technology for Combined Pollution of Lead and Cadmium in Farmland Soil Downloads
Jun Tan, Yongxian Liu, Xiangfeng Wei, Yanfei Huang, Liumei Xiong, Liping Pan, Jinping Chen, Bin Liu and Chaolan Zhang
Effect of Different Cultivation Practices on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties for Greenhouse Vegetables under Long-Term Continuous Cropping Downloads
Lijuan Gao, Guoyuan Zou, Lianfeng Du, Shunjiang Li, Jing Liu and Hongkai Duan
Analysis on Free Spindle Pruning Mode and Related Factors in Fuji Apple Downloads
Jie Hao, Xian'ge Wang, Xueying Li, Xiangmin Suo, Liang Wei, Xinmin Yan and Jianzhong Feng
Effects of Soil Types and Moisture Contents on Emergence Rate of Contarinia morulae Jiang Downloads
Jiequn Ren, Li Chen, Zhinian Li, Mingjian Guo, Yi Yang, Minghai Zhang and Zhangyun Zheng
Incorporation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into Teaching of Ideological and Political Theories in Colleges and Universities——A Case Study of Accomplishments in Morality and Introduction to Law Downloads
Long Ran
Construction of Position Capacity Modular Curriculum System for Grassroots Agricultural Meteorological Observation Downloads
Jiazhi Fan, Shiqi Tan, Yu Luo and Man Luo
Construction of Position Capacity Modular Curriculum System for Grassroots Agricultural Meteorological Observation Downloads
Jiazhi Fan, Shiqi Tan, Yu Luo and Man Luo

Volume 10, issue 08, 2018

Thoughts on Participation of Supply and Marketing Cooperative System in Agricultural Social Service Downloads
Yong Yang, Wensheng Wang and Min Li
Food Safety Evaluation of On-line Take-out Food Service Enterprises Downloads
Xiaoming Chuai, Chao Fan and Hui Chen
Business Model, Current Situation and Development Countermeasures of Maize in Shiyan City, Hubei Province Downloads
Qingsong Ye, Guangming Qin, Nengwu Xiao, Chengguo Wu and Fei An
Demand and Development of New Generation of Migrant Workers in Hebei Province Downloads
Min Li, Lanwei Yang, Qian Gao, Xinshi Zhang, Guirong Wang and Xindong Wang
Study on Development of Oil Palm in Malaysia Downloads
Huide Huang and Haolun Huang
Ecological Significance in Marx's Theory of Metabolic Rift and Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas Downloads
Yunshan Liu
Analysis of Vegetable Production Trends and Dominant Varieties in Zhangjiakou City of Hebei Province Downloads
ZHANG.Qian, LU.Jianbin, Feng Yu and Haiguang Zheng
Analysis and Development Proposals of Aronia mealnocarpa Planting Industry in Heilongjiang Province Downloads
Shunjie Zhang, Jinguang Zhao, Chenyang Xie, Ming Tan and Hui Li
Analysis of Factors Affecting the Growth of New Agricultural Operating Entities Downloads
Xiaofang Zou
Prevention and Control of Rural Environmental Pollution Based on Rural Revitalization Strategy Downloads
Qin Hu and Junying Wei
Legal Control Paths for Corruption of China’s Rural Cadres Downloads
Dongfang Chen
Impact of Reclamation in Coal mining Subsidence Area on Urban Spatial Expansion of Huaibei City Downloads
Shanshan Li and Zhu Sun
Spatial and Temporal Variation Pattern of Vegetation NPP in Guangxi Based on GIS Downloads
Chungui Liao, Xiaoju Xiong, Haizhen Zhu, Baoqing Hu and Yuelian Chen
Soil Physical and Chemical Properties of Pure Pinus massoniana and Its Mixed Forests in Different Ages in Southern Guangxi Downloads
Zhongming Hao, Shuirong Wu, Lin Qin, Ling Tan and Wenfu Guo
Problems in Transplanting Large Trees to Cities and Recommendations Downloads
Dongmei Huang
Inhibitory Effects of Prunus mume, Coptis chinensis, and Crataegus pinnatifida on Vibrio alginolyticus and Its Biofilm In Vitro Downloads
Xumin Lai, Peiwen Wu, Siyao Zheng, Weijie Zhang, Huanying Pang, Hao Wu, Miao Xie, Yang Huang and Jichang Jian
Safe and High-efficient Cultivation Technology for Facility Carrot Industrialization Downloads
Qimao Liu, Yongqing Ding, Ruiping Chi and Peiyu Dong
Effect of soil on the Growth and Quality of Pepper during Different Durations of Continuous Planting Downloads
Chunyan Zhao, Gengsheng Liang, Guoliang Zhao, Juan Wang, Hongchang Wen, Ruiyong Tang and Fenglin Cheng
Variation and Statistic Analysis of Agronomic Traits of Recombinant Inbred Lines of Brassica juncea L Downloads
Entang Tian, Lufeng Li, Shiyan Jia and Shuchun Lin
Survey and Analysis of Vegetable Germplasm Resources in Hubei Province Downloads
Yanxu Yin, Minghua Yao, Fei Wang, Ning Li and Chunhai Jiao
Research and Experiment on Performance Stability of Facility Greenhouse Environmental Monitoring System Downloads
Hao Wang, Xuefei Zhang, Xiang Sun, Haibo Sun and Yixin Xu
Production Performance of Different Generations of Muchuan Black-bone Chicken Downloads
Mohan Qiu, Zengrong Zhang, Xiaosong Jiang, Huarui Du, Qingyun Li, Chunlin Yu, Xia Xiong, Lihe Zou and Chaowu Yang
Rural Survey of the Communist Party of China during the Agrarian Revolutionary War and Practical Enlightenment Downloads
Bao Zhang and Peng Yang

Volume 10, issue 07, 2018

Present Situation and Development Model of Chinese Farmers' Cooperative Organizations Downloads
Yong Yang, Wensheng Wang and Meng Han
Causes for Middle Income Trap and Recommendations for China's Leaping Paths Downloads
Zhenyu Xu and Zhenquan Tao
Measurement and Analysis of Agricultural Production Efficiency in Taiwan of China Based on Three-stage DEA Model Downloads
Mengyuan Jiang and Chunjie Qi
Analysis on Causes of "Micro-corruption" of Rural Cadres in China and Recommendations Downloads
Dongfang Chen
Research and Analysis of Transformation and Development of China's Green Economy under the New Normal Downloads
Qi'nan Zhang and Fanfan Zhang
Connotation of Xi Jinping's Thought on Construction of Ecological Civilization in the New Era Downloads
Xuhui Yin and Jing Zhang
An Empirical Study on the Relationship between the Price of Maize and Wheat Downloads
Lang Wang and Puming He
Development Situations and Recommendations for Zanthoxylum schinifolium Industry in Zhaoyang District of Yunnan Province Downloads
Ning Zhang, Lianming Wen and Zhanghua Li
Planning and Design of Rural Land Renovation in Arid Area of Northwest China——A case study of Lanjiabao, Shaanxi Downloads
Jiong Jiang
Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Land transfer in the Process of Agricultural Industrialization in the Qinling-Daba Mountains (Shiyan) Downloads
Qingsong Ye, Fei An, Zhen Zhang and Nengwu Xiao
Informatization Construction for Personnel Management in Agricultural Research Institutions Downloads
Ran Zhang
Current Situation and Hot Spots of Domestic Climate Changes —— Based on Bibliometric Analysis of CSSCI Source Periodicals in 1996-2016 Downloads
Fangyu Han
Development Ideas of Meteorological Index Insurance for Crop Pests and Diseases Downloads
Yan Li and Shengwei Chen
Effects of Different Irrigation Methods on Growth, Fruit Quality and Yield of Apple Trees Downloads
Ru Chen, Yongye Huang, Xinglu Ji, Yuehua Xu, Xiaomin Xue and Jinzheng Wang
Effects of Coupling Treatment of Acid and Aluminum under Soilless Culture on Water Content of Ginkgo biloba L Downloads
Qiuliang Yu, Huilan Su, Chunlan Chen and Zhongfang Li
Genetic Variation and Correlation Analysis on Seed Oil and Protein Content of Brassica campestris L. Germplasm Resources Downloads
Entang Tian, Lufeng Li, Shiyan Jia and Shuchun Lin
Application Status and Prospect of Biogas Fertilizer in Modern Agricultural Production Downloads
Jianshuo Shi, Junfang Yang, Liying Wang, Li Guo, Yanli Ren, Fengzhi Zhai and Xuan Sun
Analysis and Evaluation of Grain Quality in Main Wheat Production Areas of Anhui Province Downloads
Qiqi Zhang, Yingxiu Wan, Wenxin Cao, Yan Li, Yao Li and Pingzhi Zhang
Effect of Ultra-high Pressure Treatment on the Quality of Persimmon Pulp Downloads
Zhihong Liang, Xiaoping Li, Huiling Ru and Yingzhong Lu
Research Advances in Mechanization of Pesticide Spraying Technology for Facility Agriculture Downloads
Dejiang Liu, Yan Gong, Guo Wang, Xiao Chen, Xiao Zhang and Guozhi Wu
A Survey Research on Agricultural College Undergraduates’ Attitudes towards In-class and Out-of-class Activities Based on the Mixed Teaching Model Downloads
Guihua Li
Psychological Problems and Countermeasures of Boarding Students in Rural Primary Schools——Based on the Investigation of County L in Shaanxi Province Downloads
Hua Wang and Xiaotong Liu
Relationship between Poor Family Environment and Early Childhood Development in Rural Areas and Recommendations Downloads
Tianyi Wang
Research Progress on Chemical Composition and Clinical Effect of Ocimum basilicum Downloads
Qun Chen, Xing Zhang and Jie Wang

Volume 10, issue 06, 2018

Spatial Differences in the Development Level of Agricultural Producer Services in China Downloads
Chao Yin and Ningyang Huang
Study of Efficiency of Agricultural Listed Companies Based on DEA Model Downloads
Maozhang Hou and Lingying Li
Current Development and Prospect of Selenium-enriched Moringa oleifera Industry in Guangxi Downloads
Panxia Liang, Yongxian Liu, Guoxin Sha, Liping Pan, Ying Xing, Qing Liao, Zepu Jiang, Xiu Lan, Jinping Chen and Shiyang Lu
Current Situation and Approaches Relating to Construction of Agricultural Production and operation Development Capacity for Rural Households in Hubei Province Downloads
Jing Zeng
Farmers' Land Transfer-out Behavior from the Perspective of Household Livelihood Endowment Based on the Survey in Anhui, Hubei and Sichuan Downloads
Zhangjin Fei
Problems and Causes of Land Corruption in China Downloads
Dongfang Chen
Site Selection of Land Consolidation Project Based on Farmland Quality Evaluation in Yanjin County of Henan Province Downloads
Peng Fan, Yan Tian, Qingwei Yang, Lei Wang, Xihui Yang and Juncheng Ma
Marx's Theory of Natural Resources and Economic Development Downloads
Jiefang Zhu
Research and Application on Hypobaric Storage Technology in Agriculture and Food Industry in China Downloads
Xianzhang Zheng
Variation and Correlation of Erucic Acid, Oleic Acid and Glucosinolate Contents in Brassica rapa Seeds Downloads
Entang Tian, Hailun Liang, Junjun Wang, Jun Guo, Huilin Cao and Shuchun Lin
Efficient Extraction and Isolation of Mangiferin from Mango Leaves by Ethyl Acetate Impurity Removal Method Downloads
Huiping Wei, Yi Zheng, Hongbo Han and Yuanhong Shang
Photoresponse Characteristics of Chamaenerion spp. in Mount Shergyla Downloads
Lusheng Wan, Zhen Xing, Xinyue Chang, Jiang Liu and Guorong Zhang
Maize Cultivation Techniques in Tonnage Farmlands in Tunliu County Downloads
Naikuan Feng, Xiulian Dai, Linfang Hao and Suyun Ma
High-yield Cultivation Techniques of Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl. in Gannan Area of Jiangxi Province Downloads
SHENG.Wentao, Jianlan Deng, Xuewen Chai, RAO.Yousheng and Baoan Zhou
Effects of Slow-release Fertilizers and Sugarcane-specific fertilizers on Yield and Quality of Sugarcane Downloads
Qing Liao, Zepu Jiang, Ying Xing, Shao'e Yang, Guifen Chen and Panxia Liang
Correlations between Light Rare Earth Elements in Soil and Navel Orange Tree System in Gannan Area Downloads
Xiaoling Wang, Xiaojuan Tian and Zhu Gao
Development and Experiment of 2ZB-79 Shallow Rice Seedling Transplanter Downloads
YANG.Xinchun and Meihua Jin
Analysis of Products Related to Vegetation Blanket Downloads
Cao.shengxu, Yan Yin, Dan Qian, Xiaoqing Huang, Ming Guo, Duping Fan and Xinjie He
Impact of Labor Mobility and College Volunteers’ Fixed-position Teaching Experience on Rural Households——Based on survey data about teaching sites and volunteer teachers Downloads
Jingyu Zhou
Construction of the Style of Study in Colleges and Universities in the New Period Downloads
Jinzhu Hua, Pengyang Wu, Zebin Chen, Aiping Yang, Li Qin and Liyuan Yao
Cultivation Path of "Four Matters of Confidence" of Agricultural and Forestry College Students—A Case Study of Northwest A&F University Downloads
Long Ran
Micro-morphological Features of Topsoil under Long-term Cultivation of Grain and Cotton Crops in Northwestern Shandong Downloads
Baohua Zhang, Ziting Liu, Jianrong Cao and Baoxian Tao
Cultivation Path of "Four Matters of Confidence" of Agricultural and Forestry College Students—A Case Study of Northwest A&F University Downloads
Long Ran

Volume 10, issue 05, 2018

Current Situations and Problems of Investment in Agricultural Capital Construction from the Perspective of Investment of Different Ministries and Commissions and Recommendations Downloads
Lin Zhai and Jiliang Ma
Conditions and Paths of Transformation of Agricultural Producing Methods in China Downloads
Feng Ye and Jinggui Ma
Causes of "High Income Trap" in Developed Countries and Coping Strategies Downloads
Meijuan Wang
Status, Existing Problems and Countermeasures of Industrialization of Se-enriched Agriculture in Guangxi Downloads
Guoxin Sha, Wei Huang, Yongxian Liu, Daobo Wang, Liping Pan, Yan Song and Yu Zhang
Analysis on Development Pathway of Farmer Organization under the Background of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Junpu Zhang
Willingness of Agricultural Workers to Conduct E-commerce of Agricultural Products Based on GEM Model Downloads
Zhen Wang
Analysis of Rubber Planting in Malaysia Downloads
Huide Huang and Haolun Huang
Causes of Corruption in China's Rural Areas in the New Period and Countermeasures Downloads
Miracle of Fruit Sales: Pagoda's through Retail-pull Industrialization Downloads
Hui Li
Accumulation Characteristics and Safety Evaluation of Heavy Metals in Four Kinds of Aquatic Products from Lake Taihu Downloads
Xiaowen Zhang, Liuyi Shao and Bin Lian
Research Progress of Anaerobic Digestion Pretreatment of Antibiotic Waste Downloads
Shengnan Zhao, Yanru Cui, Hai Gao, Yeming Zhao, Fengxian Pang, Xiaodong Cheng, Jiao Xie, Xin Wang and Wei Ou
Analysis and Dynamic Prediction of Ecological Environment Development Capacity of Qingshui River Basin Downloads
Rongmin Xu
Construction Strategy of Sponge City in the Old Urban Area of Kunming Based on LID Concept Downloads
Jinzhu Hua, Zebin Chen, Dingkang Wang, Jingxiang Hu, Liyuan Yao, Yuyu Zhang, Lifang Yin and Hao Li
Japanese Aquatic Resources Management and Its Enlightenment to China Downloads
Jiahua Le, Yuan Dai and Chunxiao Wang
Optimum Application Time and Application Rate of Nitrogen Fertilizer in Brassica napus L Downloads
Junping He, Shufen Zhang, Jiacheng Zhu, Jinhua Cao, Yancheng Wen, Dongfang Cai, Lei Zhao, Dongguo Wang and Jianping Wang
Analysis of Soil Fertility and Biological Changes under Long-term Conservation Tillage Downloads
Juan Li
Effect of Soil Selenium on Nutritional Quality of Vegetables in the Selenium-enriched Areas of Qinghai Plateau Downloads
Yu Zhang
A Study on Tourist Interaction in Mountain-type Scenic Spots Downloads
Zhuo Li, Yumeng Xie and Yingchun Hu
Effects of Iron and Zinc Fertilizers on Antioxidant Activity of Pear-Jujube in Loess Hilly Region Downloads
Shenglan Ye
Effects of Calcium Application Rate on Dry Matter Accumulation and Yield of Peanut Downloads
Junjie Xiu and Xueliang Liu
Yielding Ability and Stability and Adaptability of Proso Millet Varieties Downloads
Yanmiao Jiang, Jinying Xiang, Haiquan Li, Ming Dong, Lingling Geng, Xuehai Zhu and Guoqing Liu
Development of Qinba Mountainous Area in the Historical Period from the Perspective of Man-Land Relationship Downloads
Siyu You and Zhimin Fan
Construction of Guiding System for Growth and Development of College Students under the Student-oriented Concept Downloads
Shuzhen Wang and Qing Tang
Innovation of Moral Education Mode in Agricultural and Forestry Colleges and Universities in the New Period Downloads
Mei Liu

Volume 10, issue 04, 2018

Influence of Aging Trend on Consumption Rate of Rural Residents —— Empirical Analysis Based on Provincial Panel Data Downloads
Yuhua Jiang and Feng Chang
Childbearing or Working?—Impact of Childbirth on Rural Women’s Interruption of Off-farm Employment Downloads
Biying Zhou
Customer Concentration and Corporate Social Responsibility—— An Empirical Study Based on Chinese Agricultural Listed Companies Downloads
Cheng Zhao
Effect of Optimization of Agricultural Supply-side Factors on Characteristic Modern Agriculture Downloads
Nihong Xie, Xizhao Feng and Shudong Zhao
Strategic Deviance, Customer Concentration and Enterprise Value—A Case Study of Agricultural Listed Enterprises Downloads
Pan Huang
Present Situation and Recommendations on the Development of Dalbergia odorifera in Hainan Downloads
Huide Huang and Haolun Huang
Current Situation of Hemp Industry in Heilongjiang Province and Recommendations for Development Downloads
Fenghua Huang
Study of Problems in the Development of Non-profit Organizations in Urban Communities Downloads
Ting Liang
Advantages of Nanchong City in Developing Late-maturing Citrus and Countermeasures Downloads
Zhen He and Guoqin Wen
Study on Rural Stock Cooperatives Based on Tangyue Village Model Downloads
Fanfan Zhang, Qi'nan Zhang and Xinghong Yang
Study on Antibiotic Prophylactic Use Behavior and Influencing Factors of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Farms and Households from Risk Cognitive Perspective Downloads
Chengxing Mao
Differentiated Competitiveness of China's Listed Banks and Competitive Strategies for Agricultural Bank of China Downloads
Sidian Qu
Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Livable City Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method Downloads
Ao Xu, Jinchao Zhang and Mingyuan Li
Research on Agricultural Subsidy Policy Adjustment under the Guidance of Green Development Downloads
Qin Hu and Junying Wei
A Study on Development of Leisure Tourism in Yichang City of Hubei Province Downloads
Hui Wang and Jinggui Ma
Influence of Artificial Cofferdam and Spartina alterniflora Expansion on Evolution of Suaeda salsa Marsh in Yancheng Coastal Wetland of East China Downloads
Shuang Han, Yan Zhen, Yufeng Li and Huabing Zhang
Investigation of Habitats and Causes of Population Decline of Euonymus sanguineus in Tibet Downloads
Kuang Wang, Junli An, Yi Gao, Zhen Xing and Weilie Zheng
Identification and Analysis of Components of Glucosinolates in Succulent Roots and Leaves of Fruity Radish (Raphanus sativas L.) Downloads
Weiling Yuan, Shangyong Yuan, Leifu Chen, Zhixiong Liu, Ke Wang and Zhengming Qiu
Supporting Seeder and Planting Technology for Spring Corn in Arid Areas Downloads
Xiuping Zhang, Lin Chen, Guochang Fan, Xudong Yan, Xingmao Yuan, Yazhen Zhang, Yu Xiao and Zile Han
Investigation and Analysis of Nutrition Components of Wild Chives Collected from Hezhang County of Guizhou Province Downloads
Haiping Wang, Yang Qiu, Fangwei Li, Jiangping Song, Xiaohui Zhang and Xixiang Li
Analysis of Undergraduates' Ideal and Belief Education under the Perspective of New Media Downloads
Zhuo Chen
Discussions about Magic Weapon of CPC’s Work Based on Study of Mao Zedong’s Rural Surveys Downloads
Xiaoting Meng and Peng Yang

Volume 10, issue 03, 2018

A Brief Analysis of Development of Tibetan Farmers' and Herdsmen's Economic Cooperation——A Case Study of Nagqu Area Downloads
Yan He and YU.La
Net Primary Productivity and Management Potential of Artificial Pinus tabulaeformis Forest in Shanxi Province Downloads
Lanying Fan, Jianguo Chang, Yaqin Cui and Tuohuan Sun
Financial Management in New Types of Agricultural Businesses——A Case Study of Farmer's Cooperatives in Weixian County Downloads
Ling Zhang and Siliang Li
Environmental Improvement Problems of Village in Town and Countermeasures Downloads
Can Zhang and Hui Lin
Research on the Current Situation of Mental Health in Rural Community and Urban Community Downloads
Daozheng Qu, Gongyi Zhang, Wei Huang and Meiling Xu
Study on the Role of Land Circulation in Promoting Poverty Reduction through Industrial Development——A Case Study of Mopi Village, Xinping County, Yunnan Province Downloads
Chenxi Wang and Zisheng Yang
Discussion on the Land Consolidation to Promote Development-oriented Poverty Alleviation in Binchuan County of Yunnan Province Downloads
Pengfei Li and Zisheng Yang
Development and Prospect of Zoning Mode in the Three Rounds of Overall Land Use Planning of China Downloads
Ying Xiong and Zisheng Yang
Promoting Poverty Alleviation through the Project of Linkage of Urban Construction Land Increase with Rural Construction Land Decrease —— A Case Study of Binchuan County in Yunnan Province Downloads
Jing Liu and Zisheng Yang
Path Analysis on Environmental Factors Controlling Runoff and Sediment Yields in Shelter Forests in Three Gorges Reservoir Region Downloads
Yaowu Tian, Zhilin Huang, Lixiong Zeng, Wenfa Xiao and Xiaodong Geng
Practical Significance of Marxist Natural Force Resources Theory Downloads
Jiefang Zhu
Study on Spatial Variation of Soil Moisture in Coal Mining Subsidence Area in Mu Us Sandy Land Downloads
Guoping Zhao, Haiyan Wang, Junbao Li and Hui Guo
The Impacts on Spinach Growth and Yield by Biological Organic Fertilizer Downloads
Hongdou Liu, Hailin Jin, Nan Li, Xinhe Liu, Xue Li, Fanteng Cong, Renzhe Piao and Hongyan Zhao
High Yield and Efficient Cultivation Techniques of Rice under Rice-fish Intergrowth Model in Chengdu Downloads
Liangyu Li, Shun He, Hong Tang, Xia Chen, Ma Yang, Xiaoli Zhang, Jian Chen, Jiaxing Liu and Wenyan Wei
Research of Protected Cultivation Techniques of Toona sinensis on Mountain Slopes Downloads
Qingzhen Yin, Chengtong Gu, Liyong Zhang and Mingyue Gu
Effects of Different Water Treatment on Yield and Agronomic Traits of Wheat Downloads
Weiwei Wang, Liang Yu, Liya Niu, Wei Wang, Li Lu, Fengzhi Wang and Songshan Zhao
An Empirical Study on Agritainment Consumption Behavior of Urban Residents —— A Case Study of Huangpi District of Wuhan City Downloads
Xiao Xiao
Characteristic Town Environment Design Based on Brand Community——A Case Study of the Forest Hot Spring Township in Ninghai Downloads
Yong Zhao and Xiaogang Chen
Predicament of College Students with Economic Difficulties in Career Development and Assistance Strategies Downloads
Hong Jin
Development Status and Industrial Security Countermeasures of Maize Deep-processing Industry in Shandong Province Downloads
Hui Wang
Corruption of Village Cadres and Construction of Clean Government in Rural Land Management in China Downloads
Dongfang Chen
Corruption of Village Cadres and Construction of Clean Government in Rural Land Management in China Downloads
Wenxing Xiao, Yongjun Ma, Yanhua Liu and Juan Zhang

Volume 10, issue 02, 2018

Stable Development Path Choice of Shandong Cotton Production in the Context of Supply-side Reform Downloads
Guifeng Wang, Xuewen Wei, Yan Wang and Wenquan Dong
Optimal Mode of Agricultural Moderate Scale Management Based on Measurement of Moderate Scale of Wugang City in Henan Province Downloads
Yujing Yang
Advances in Studies about Rural Financial Poverty Alleviation from the Perspective of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Ling Zhang and Wei Qin
Production Forecast of Citrus in China and Production and Marketing Situation of Citrus in Chongqing in 2016 Production Season Downloads
Wenbin Kong, Zhuohua Zeng, Wei Xiong, Zhengliang Wu and Renbin Xia
Adsorption Properties of Poplar Leaves Treated by Different Modification Treatment Methods to Methylene Blue Downloads
Jiqiang Zhang
Research on the Status Quo and Supervision Mechanism of Food Safety in China Downloads
Shengzhong Dong, Fangxu Xu, Siyuan Tao, Longkun Wu and Xingang Zhao
Research on Agricultural Co-efficiency of Farmer Professional Cooperative Union[ ] Downloads
Zhenzhong Bai, Ran Ren, Lanqian Ye and Yu'e Song
Application of Security Index in Evaluation of Agricultural Insurance Security Level Downloads
Xuan Zuo, Qiao Zhang and Ke Wang
Development Situation and Strategy Analysis of Waxy Corn Processing Industry in Chongqing Municipality Downloads
Yuan Wu, Lijun Gao and Bo Li
Cloning and characterization of a Tyrosine Aminotransferase (TAT) Gene in Gerbera hybrida Downloads
Nigarish Munir, Min Kyaw Thu, Muhammad Azher Nawaz, Yuling Lin, Chunzhen Cheng and Zhongxiong Lai
Problems of Application of Internet of Things in Agricultural Informationization and Recommendations for Shandong Province Downloads
Yong Li
Determination of 18 kinds of Amino Acids in Fresh Tea Leaves by HPLC Coupled With Pre-column Derivatization Downloads
Shangwen Dong, Tengfei Liu and Minghui Dong
A Study on How to Eliminate Spiritual Poverty to Achieve the Accurate Poverty Alleviation in a Real Sense Downloads
Hongping Lu and Nannan Chen
Development of Inclusive Private Kindergartens in Rural Areas in the Context of "Precision" Poverty Alleviation Policy Downloads
Chao Geng
A New Cultivation Technique of Cangmai 6005 for High Yield in Cangzhou Dry-alkali Land Downloads
Liang Yu, Weiwei Wang, Liya Niu, Wei Wang, Li Lu, Fengzhi Wang, Lianpeng Wang, Yan Wang and Xiujin Zang
Effects of Different Sowing and Transplanting Time on Quality and Economic Benefit of Tobacco Variety Yunyan 105 Downloads
Yihong Pan, Yumin Gu, Quanzhen Wang, Yongqi Wang, Sen Yang and Xiaolong Zhang
Influence of Climatic Conditions on Planting of Hami Melon Downloads
Jiangang Wang, Min Jiang, Yuchao Li and Guangjun Li
Advances in Studies of Biological Nitrogen Saving Technology for Wheat Downloads
Liya Niu, Liang Yu, Wei Wang, Weiwei Wang, Jing Fu, Fengzhi Wang and Songshan Zhao
Consumption Motivation and Behavior of College Students in Western-style Fast Food Restaurants on Campus Downloads
Xiaohong Zou

Volume 10, issue 01, 2018

Promoting Cotton Green Production in Shandong through Accelerating Simplified Cultivation Technique Downloads
WANG,Guifeng, WEI,Xuewen, WANG,Yan and DONG,Wenquan
Analysis of Volatility Spillover Effect of Soybean Price between Domestic and International Markets Downloads
Xuegui Lin
A Study on Input-Output Efficiency of Citrus in Jiangxi Province Downloads
Yu Zhong
An Analysis of Development Trend of Food Industry in Three Northeastern Provinces of China Downloads
Wenxin Liu and Xiuli He
The Construction and Practice of Ecological Villages and Aquatic Biological Systems Downloads
Yusheng Liu
Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Heavy Metals Cu and Zn in Coastal Wetland Sediments Downloads
Huanqiang Zheng, Zaiwang Zhang and Chenxi Zhang
Dynamic Water and Salt Changes in Saline Wasteland on the Lower Edge of Plain Reservoirs in the Desert Oasis Region Downloads
Haiyan Sun
Detection of Cyanide in Pollution-free Livestock Product Breeding Water by Ion Chromatography Downloads
Dongya Huang, Youkai Peng and Jinting Yan
Rules for Access of Foreign Capitals to Agricultural Field in Countries along the “Belt and Road” Downloads
Haitao Tang
A Simple and High Quality Method for Isolation and Extraction of Total RNA of Pholiota adipose Downloads
Zhimin Wei, Shunguo Li, Meng Liu, Xueyan Xia, Yu Zhao, Hanzhang Zhou and Chengang Guo
Technical Regulations for Production of Green Food—Adzuki Beans Downloads
Junshi Hu
Screening Test of Maize Varieties in Mountainous Arid Areas Downloads
Xiaojun Guo, Ping Wang, Chengjun Xie, Guoyu Wang, Jianping Hu and Long Wei
Effects of Sowing Depth and Sowing Equipment on Growth and Yield of Mechanized Sowing Maize Downloads
Yan Qin, Yongkang Zhao, Hong Yang, Lan Li and Jin Yang
A Comparative Experimental Research on the Traditional Cultivation Technology and Intensive Cultivation Technology of Olea europaea Downloads
Zhengwu Zhang
Comprehensive Evaluation of Main Traits of Sugarcane Germplasm Resources with High Sucrose Content Downloads
Hairong Huang, Lin Xu, Lunwang Wang, Hui Zhou, Xiang Li, Yuchi Deng, Yan Jing, Shiyun Tang, Fang Tan and Wu Xian
An Analysis on Leaf Traits of 22 Helianthus tuberosus Germplasm Resources Introduced from Abroad Downloads
Mengliang Zhao, Qiwen Zhong, Mingchi Liu and Li Li
Effect of Temperature and Humidity Changes inside and outside Insect-proof Net in the Spring on the Spring Shoot Growth of Citrus Shatangju Downloads
Xiaofeng Zhang, Yanjun Guo, Hui Jiang, Liying Guo, Xiqin Zhou, Yaping Hu and Qianhua Ji
Interaction between Hosts and Guests of Rural Tourism in Northeast China Based on Symbolic Interaction Theory Downloads
Shuheng Xu, Xiaoxin Sun and Yingchun Hu
Value Appeal of Harmonious Moral Life of Chinese College Students Downloads
Nannan Chen
System Factors for Land Corruption in China Downloads
Dongfang Chen
Path Analysis of Agricultural Project Design Based on Function Expansion: A Case Study of Naya Mountain Villa Downloads
Yuehong Sun, Yongsheng Wu, Rui Chen and Xue Yang
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