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2009 - 2019

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Volume 11, issue 12, 2019

Problems of Grassroots Multiple Governance in Rural Areas and Recommendations Downloads
Xiangfeng Xu
Economic Logic of Development and Value Basis of Reform of China’s Rural Land System Downloads
Yalan He
Path for Building Characteristic Towns in Industrial Towns: A Case Study of Chengkou Town in Wudi County Downloads
Yuqi Fan
Status and Development Countermeasures of Moderate-scale Management of Grain and Oil in Nanchong City Downloads
Chunlei Pu, Shaolin Fang, Wenbin He, Li Liu and Feng Luo
Research Status of Land Transfer under the Background of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Yi Lou and Zisheng Yang
Theoretical Research on Cultivated Land Ecological Compensation Based on Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Development Downloads
Shiqin Yang, Zisheng Yang, Leijin Long, Meiqi Shao and Yimei He
Management of World Heritage Sites from the Perspective of Administrative Division Adjustment: A Case Study of Lushan, Jiangxi Province Downloads
Yongwei Kang and Zhihua Liang
Technical Specification for Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Monitoring of Rocky Desertification in Karst Area Downloads
Zhongmei Deng, Liwen Deng, Liang Wang, Gaoyu Zhou and Bangqun Lu
Study on the Construction of Ecological Drainage Pipe with Critter Crossing Function Downloads
Zhenggen Fan, Jiasen Pan, Dengwei Ding and Jiang Yu
Thinking on Exploitation of Tourism Resources and Development of Tourism Industry in the Republic of Kiribati Downloads
Jin Xu
Practice of Poverty Alleviation in Ethnic Minority Areas and Its Enlightenment to Rural Revitalization Strategy: A Case Study of Qiandongnan Prefecture Downloads
Wen Zhou and Dafeng Peng
Evaluation of E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Effect in the Context of Rural Revitalization Strategy Downloads
Luming Yang, Nan Nan and Pianpian Qian
“Fenlong Law” and Its Scientific Significance Downloads
Benhui Wei
Effects of Illumination on Growth and Development and Quality of Cut Flowers of Eustoma grandiflorum (Raf.) Shinners Downloads
Yanrong Bai and Yalian Jiang
Content Determination of Chlorogenic Acid and Luteoloside in Flos Lonicerae Downloads
Huan Wang, Ya Su, Yi Pei, Zhenghui Liu, Yuejun Zhang, Wenjun Sun, Jiangli Nie and Chenxi Wang
Present Situation, Existing Problems and Recommendations for Orchard Fertilization Technology Downloads
Shuwei Wei, Shaomin Wang, Yao Tong, Xiaochang Dong, Ran Dong, Hongwei Wang, Kun Ran and Yong Zhang
Application and Popularization of New Green Prevention and Control Technology for Greenhouse Vegetables in Shouguang City, Shandong Province Downloads
Zengwen Liang, Jinfeng Wu, Jinling Li, Zhaoxia Yang, Junming Li and Jinbo Li
Chemical Composition of Special Glutinous Rice and Its Effect on the Quality of Brewed Wine Downloads
Jiayong Xiang, Yuanyuan Peng, Liye Lu, Lu Xie, Qinxin Xie, Guiyuan Meng and Rong Xiao
Exploration on the Teaching Method for Surveying and Mapping Practice in Ancient Architecture Downloads
Yapeng Duan, Zhendong Liu, Junli Liu, Dingtao Cai and Shaomin Ni
A Preliminary Study on Eliminating Nonsensical Courses and Creating First-rate Courses:Taking the Basic Mathematics Course in University as an Example Downloads
Huilan Jin
A Case Study of Cultivation of Teachers' Teaching Ability in the Context of New Era Downloads
Hong Fang
A Summary of the Development Course of the Basic Issues of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Downloads
Rui Su

Volume 11, issue 11, 2019

Yield Gap Analysis of Wheat in Rice-wheat Rotation Regions of Anhui Province, China Downloads
Xianfang He, Li Zhao, Ze Liu, Muhammad Sajjad and Jianlai Wang
Application Effects of Stabilized Fertilizer with Reduced Amount and Frequency on Rice Downloads
Nana Fang, Lihong Yu and Zongyun Lu
High-yield and High-efficiency Standardized Cultivation Technique for Wheat Interplanting with Peanuts Downloads
Yaping Zheng, Zulin Zheng, Lili Wang, Chunxiao Wang, Zeqi Lu, Wei Jiang, Hongwei Zang, Hao Feng, Yongmei Zheng and Caibin Wang
Application of Three-dimensional Laser Scanning Technology in the Teaching Practice of Surveying and Mapping of Ancient Buildings Downloads
Yapeng Duan, Junli Liu, Zhendong Liu, Dingtao Cai and Shaomin Ni

Volume 11, issue 10, 2019

The Filial Piety Thought in The Analects and Its Implications for the Filial Culture Education in Rural Areas of China Downloads
Lixia Yao

Volume 11, issue 09, 2019

Influence of International Trade on the Urbanization in the Pearl River Delta Downloads
Shaowen Yang, Ruping Huan and Suting Tang
A Preliminary Study on Patent Application and Management of Agricultural Scientific Research Institutions Downloads
Lizhen Chen, Xiuhua Wang, Yonghua Liu and Jianqiu Ye
Integrated Development of Rural Tourism and Rural Poverty Alleviation in the Context of Rural Revitalization:A Case Study of Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province Downloads
Ziqiang Zhang, Hong Wei and Ai Ma
Research and Forecast of Egg Price Fluctuation in China Downloads
Shuai Chen
Objectives and Strategies of Online Public Opinion Analysis on Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products Downloads
Chen Liu
Study on the Effect of "Crayfish-Rice Continuous Cropping" on Grain Production:A Case Study of Hubei Province Downloads
Qifei Tang
Research on Scientifically and Rationally Promoting the Fallow of Cultivated Land under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Ai Ma, Jun Zheng and Jiafeng Yu
Study on Deepening Rural Land Reform and Farmers' Income Downloads
Jing Peng
Land system, Land reform, Farmers’ income Downloads
Siao Lu and Hui Lin
Construction of Spatial Pattern of Garden Plant Landscape in Urban Waterfront Downloads
Xiaogang Chen, Yuanfu Zhang and Hui Lin
Groundwater Nitrate Contamination and Driving Forces from Intensive Cropland in the North China Plain Downloads
Jing Liu, Chengjun Zhang, Peng Li, Shunjiang Li, Maoting Ma, Guoyin Zhang, Xianbiao Gao, Changlin Kou, Lihua Jiang and Tongke Zhao
Comprehensive Disaster Risk Prevention of "the Belt and Road Initiative": Important Significance, Catastrophe Risk, International Cooperation and Strategic Countermeasure Downloads
Feng Kong
Poverty Alleviation by Helping the Disabled in Impoverished Mountainous Areas of Western China: Taking Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County in Yunnan Province as an Example Downloads
Kai Rao and Zisheng Yang
Poverty Alleviation by Helping the Disabled in Impoverished Mountainous Areas of Western China: Taking Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County in Yunnan Province as an Example Downloads
Chenhao Lu and Zisheng Yang
Poverty Alleviation in Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County by Promoting Labor Migration Downloads
Chenhao Lu and Zisheng Yang
Analysis of Problems and Policy Recommendations for the Third-party Evaluation in the Present Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Bosheng Zhang, Zisheng Yang, Wen Zhong, Feng Qiu, Chenhao Lu, Yi Lou and Meiqi Shao
Fusarium Wilt Resistance Identification and Genetic Analysis of Momordica charantia L. Germplasm Downloads
Ziji Liu, Gongfu Du, Yu Niu and Yan Yang
Development of Rural E-commerce from the Perspective of Agricultural New Kinetic Energy Cultivation: Based on Survey on the “E-commerce Entering Villages and Households” Project of Jurong City Downloads
Yanqiong Peng, Kai Gao, Dan Liu, Mingfeng Zhang, Genbao Ji and Yajun Xu
Research Progress on the Development of Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Park Downloads
Weizhong Liu, Zhijuan Wang and Junpeng Ren
Exploration of a New Task-driven Model for Botany Field Practice Downloads
Ying Zhang, Shisheng Li, Jingcai Li, Juan Chen, Yuanping Fang, Fu Xing and Jun Xiang

Volume 11, issue 08, 2019

Problems and Countermeasures of Taihu Port Farm in Jingzhou City after Function Reform of Running the Society Downloads
Hefan Xu, Jun Zheng and Jiafeng Yu
Review of Domestic Studies of Urban Agglomerations Downloads
Ying Zou
Study on the Poverty Alleviation Model of Internet + Agricultural Industry: Taking Anhua Dark Tea Industry as an Example Downloads
Zhixian Hou and Canping Chen
Difference of Regional Benefits after Linking Newly-added Cropland Quotas with Amount of Land Used for Construction Based on Targeted Poverty Alleviation:A Case Study of Xinjiang Downloads
Xionghua Yuan and Weiliang Tu
Study on the Influencing Factors of Land Transfer Price in the Context of Rural Land Reform Downloads
Runzhi Wang
The Poverty Alleviation Model for the Solitary Elderly People in the Poor Mountainous Areas of Southwest China:Analysis of "Five Batches Project" in Xundian County Downloads
Yuting Dong and Zisheng Yang
The Model of Health Poverty Alleviation in Poor Mountainous Areas in Southwest China:A Case Study of "5+5" Model of Health Poverty Alleviation in Xundian County Downloads
Wanying Du and Zisheng Yang
Ecological Compensation-assisted Relocation in Extreme Poverty-stricken Counties in China's Ecologically Vulnerable Areas: Taking Dongchuan District of Yunnan Province as an Example Downloads
Feng Qiu and Zisheng Yang
Variation Diagnosis and Regional Comparison of Different Intensity of Rainfalls and Their Contribution to Total Rainfall in China in the Context of Global Warming Downloads
Feng Kong
Effects of Microbial Pesticides on Control of Cucumber Downy Mildew Downloads
Jingqin Tang, Hengjuan Lun, Chunhui Zhao, Minzheng Yun, Yuefeng Ma and Jianlin Wang
Outdoor Domestication Cultivation and Survival Mechanism for Tissue Culture Seedlings of Paeonia suffruticosa Downloads
Xianglong Ma, Jingxu Wu, Yixin Liang, Shaohua Liu and Yongmei Wang
Analysis of Nutritional Ingredients and Planting Techniques of Quinoa Downloads
Zhimin Wei, Chuan Lu, Changzheng Qi, Xinyu Wang, Hanzhang Zhou, Shunguo Li and Wei Lu
Effects of Water-Soluble Fertilizer on Yield and Quality of Asparagus in Greenhouse under Chemical Fertilizer Reduction Downloads
Jieqiong Feng, Ying Wang and Yingjun Xu
Inhibition Effects of Salvianolic Acid M and Rosmarinic Acid in Salvia deserta Schang on Human Aldose Reductase Downloads
Qian He, Jie Wu, Xinling Wang and Jian Yang
Science and Technology Innovation Promoting the Development of Intelligent Agriculture in Shandong Province Downloads
Yong Li and Xinling Gan
Application of Flipped Classroom in Architectural Design Course of Architecture Discipline Downloads
Shaomin Ni, Haoran Leng and Dingtao Cai
Rural Survey Thoughts and Practice Activities of Dong Shijin Downloads
Siyuan Li and Peng Yang

Volume 11, issue 07, 2019

Evaluation of the Degree of Opening to the Outside World in Guizhou Province Downloads
Kaifeng Yu
Analysis on Regional Development Model of Rural E-commerce Downloads
Ning Wang
Current Situation of College Students' Entrepreneurship and Employment in the Countryside in the Context of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Xu Fang and Xingchen Hu
Effects of Agricultural Insurance on Poverty Alleviation under Uncertain Price of Agricultural Products Downloads
Jian Zhang, Boyu Yang and Lina Zhao
Impact of Ningbo Port Logistics on Regional Economic Development of Zhejiang Province Downloads
Ye Tian
Research on the Sustainable Development of Agriculture Downloads
Yiming Liu, Xinyu Wang, Chuan Lu, Zhimin Wei and Wei Lu
Coastal Environmental Changes and Management in China in the Context of Global Changes and Human Activities Downloads
Yunfeng Zhang, Yingying Chen, Xiaobin Hua, Shiqing Yan and Lili Zou
Application of Biogas in North China Downloads
Zhimin Wei, Shijia Song, Xinyu Wang, Wei Lu, Haiyan Jia and Shunguo Li
Planning, Protection and Construction of Ancient Villages in Jiangxi under the Background of New Urbanization: Taking the Water Management System of Mingkou Village in Leping City, Jiangxi Province as an Example Downloads
Haoran Leng, Zhiyuan Bai and Shaomin Ni
Countermeasures against Prominent Problems of Forestry in Yutian County under the New Normal Downloads
Yongzhen Lei
The Poverty Alleviation Model for Poor Nationalities in the Mountainous Areas of Western China:A Case Study of “Promotion for the Entire Lisu Nationality” in Naimu Danxia Village Group Downloads
Chang Su and Zisheng Yang
Poverty Alleviation in the Poor Mountainous Areas of Western China by Supporting Industry: A Case Study of Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County in Yunnan Province Downloads
Bosheng Zhang and Zisheng Yang
Poverty Alleviation through Employment Promotion in Extreme Poverty-stricken Areas in Western China: A Case Study of Targeted Poverty Alleviation through Employment Promotion in Awang Town, Dongchuan District Downloads
Yi Lou and Zisheng Yang
Effects of Tillage Methods on Soil Available Phosphorus and Available Potassium in the Loess Plateau Downloads
Tingting Meng and Lu Zhang
Optimal Method of Extraction Process of Flavonoids from Ginkgo biloba Downloads
Qun Chen, Lang Tang and Shitang Ma
Grafting Propagation Techniques of Red Sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus), a Precious Hongmu Tree Species Downloads
Xiaonan Huang, Yanming Li, Yiqing Li, Tingting Liu, Siting Chen, Chengxiang Xu, Yingshan Qiu and Yesheng Liang
Main Components and Antioxidant Activity of Callisia repens Extracts Downloads
Bo Leng, Shaoru Cai, Xiumin Li, Jiafu Huang, Yu Xue, Zhichao Lin, Wensong Chen and Chunxian Li
Analysis on Mechanical Grain Harvesting Characteristics of Different New Maize Varieties Downloads
Yanlong Han
Research on the Significance of Incremental Utilization of Natural Resources Based on “Fenglong Science of Natural Resources” Downloads
Benhui Wei
Study on Teaching Practice of the “Site Design” Course Downloads
Dingtao Cai, Shaomin Ni and Haoran Leng
The Model of Poverty Alleviation through Education in the Poor Mountainous Areas of Southwest China:Accurately Building "Well Education in Poor County" in Luquan County Downloads
Jia Wang

Volume 11, issue 06, 2019

Study on Cost of Environmental Degradation Based on Cost-Benefit Analysis Downloads
Xu Fang, Jiaming Zhu and Penghui Yang
Study on Agricultural Intellectual Property Protection and High-Quality Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Ginseng Downloads
Yuanpeng Sun, Zhe Wu, Xueqin Sima, Yanling Sun and Zheng Cheng
Cost-benefit Analysis of Land Development Projects Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model Downloads
Zhengben Dai, Xingchen Hu and Haoran Cheng
Status and Development Strategies of Grassland Agriculture: A case study of Dafang County Downloads
Jiahai Wu, Wenzhong Chen, Feng Xue, Xiaodong Li, Jun Xiong, Fen Lou, Guangji Chen and Qiong Mou
Depth Distribution Pattern of Soil Organic Carbon in Forest from Taowan Basin of Funiu Mountain Area Downloads
Xifeng Ning, Lina Song and Yaowu Tian
Does Rapid Urbanization Trigger Significant Increase of Cumulative Heavy Rains in China? Downloads
Feng Kong
Changes in Sedimentation Rate of Tidal Flat and Environmental Significance at Qidong Foreland of the Yangtze Estuary Downloads
Yunfeng Zhang, Zhenke Zhang, Hang Ren and Yingying Chen
Heavy Metal Pollution and Ecological Risk Assessment in Sediments of the Xiling Channel Inland Waterway Guangdong Province Downloads
Jianqiao Qin and Xiaoping Huang
Simultaneous Denitrification and Carbon Removal in Microbial Fuel Cells Downloads
Zhenbo Sun, Yujin Li, Kejia Wei, Jiqiang Zhang, Haiying Guo and Jing Cai
Prediction and Countermeasures for Reuse and Reclamation of Urban Sewage in Ningxia Downloads
Zixi Liu, Yarong Qi and Lian Tang
Research Progress of Molecular Markers in Genetic Diversity of Rapeseed Downloads
Guanghuan Yang, Jibin Nan, Suping Guo, Yan Yuan and Ba Dan
Industrial Poverty Alleviation Model in Deep Poverty-stricken Villages in the Dry-hot Valley of Jinsha River: A case study of poverty alleviation in the green prickleyash planting industry in Laopingzi Village, Luquan County Downloads
Meiqi Shao and Zisheng Yang
Poverty Alleviation Model of "Three Stresses and Three Commentaries" to Stimulate Endogenous Motivation in Xundian County Downloads
Chenhao Lu and Zisheng Yang
The Model of "Party Branch+" in Promoting Industrial Poverty Alleviation in Poverty-stricken Mountainous Areas of China:A Case Study of Xundian in Yunnan Province Downloads
Zhiqing Yan and Zisheng Yang
Drought Tolerance Identification and Eevluation of Maize during Flowering Stage in Guangxi Downloads
Chenglin Zou, Hua Tan, Debo Zheng, Ruining Zhai, Aihua Huang, Runxiu Mo, Xinxing Wei and Kaijian Haung
Supporting Techniques for High Yield and High Quality Huayu 22 Peanut Downloads
Chunxiao Wang, Zulin Zheng, Peng Wang, Yanlin Jiao, Hao Feng, Xuewu Xun, Yongmei Zheng and Caibin Wang
Comparison of Soil Nutritional Status between Different Muscat Hamburg Vineyards in Coastal Areas of Tianjin Downloads
Xin He, Jinghui Yang, Xin Jiang, Ke Song, Bochao Qiao and Bing Li
Screening and Analysis of Cadmium-tolerant Rice Variety Resources Downloads
Jing Zhou, Weiqing Fu, Guohui Ma and Guiyuan Meng
Value of Horizontal Inscribed Boards in Jiuxia Village from the Perspective of Farming-reading Culture Downloads
Qi Luo, Shaomin Ni, Zihan Wen and Xiyu Chen
Personnel Cultivation Program for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Biopharmaceutical Discipline under the Credit System Downloads
Chunlong Sun

Volume 11, issue 05, 2019

Thoughts on the Development Planning of Pomelo Industry in Meizhou City Downloads
Qihe Yang
Influence of Sino-US Agricultural Trade on China's Total Agricultural Output Value Based on Cointegration Model Downloads
Zhiyao Li
Regional Advantages of Green Feed Production in China: Based on Panel Data of 31 Provinces in China from 2014 to 2016 Downloads
Jianwei Yan
Childcare, Elderly Caring and Off-farm Employment of Rural Couples in China Downloads
Ye Li
A Summary of Research on the Realization Process of "Separation of Three Rights” of Rural Land Downloads
Shi Liu
Comprehensive Risk Prevention of "Ice Silk Road" Construction in the Context of Global Warming Downloads
Feng Kong
Preliminary Exploration on Design of Green Landscape of Urban Streets: A Case Study of Guangchang East Road in Xihu District of Nanchang City Downloads
Yiqian Yang
Delimitation and Zoning of Natural Ecological Spatial Boundary Based on GIS Downloads
Yonghao Wang, Hengji Li and Jun Ren
The Strategy of Outdoor Space Micro-Renewal under the Goal of Communities for All Ages: A Case Study of Xingchaibeiyuan Community in Nanchang City Downloads
Meipeng Le, Yulian Wu, Yuting Xiao and Taojian He
Pilot-scale Study on NCMBR Process for Upgrading of Sewage Treatment Plant in Industrial Park Downloads
Zhengcheng Meng, Pin Xian, Fuping Huang, Zhining Huang, Yulan Qin and Jinguo Dai
Present Situation and Renovation Strategies of Farmhouses in Yingxi Village, Fuliang County, Jingdezhen Downloads
Shizhu Lu and Jiahui Zhao
Application Progress of Headspace Gas Chromatography in Analytical Chemistry Downloads
Fengfeng Zhang, Yu Zhang and Xiaoxiang Qiu
Optimization of Technology for Increasing Total Ester Content of Jujube Wine by Adding Nutrients Downloads
Guangpeng Liu, Fatao He, Yongbo Dou, Fengtao Zhu, Ling Gao, Chu Le and Yan Zhao
Screening and Simple Identification of Drought-resistant Lines in Sugarcane Breeding Downloads
Fangyin Pan, Qingwen Luo, Wenlong Wu, Fuye Liu, Jiantao Wu, Dongyong Peng and Yongsheng Chen
Cultivation and Management Technologies for New Banana Cultivar ‘Refen 1’(Musa Spp. ABB, Pisang Awak Subgroup) Downloads
Fenling Tang, Yanxia Li, Fei Lin, Yujia Li, Jiashui Wang, Anbang Wang, Yi Xu, Dongmei Huang, Shun Song, Qing Wei, Xiaoping Zang, Tao Jing and Jingyang Li
Key Points of Ridge Cultivation of Lane Late Navel Orange Downloads
Zhiwei Zeng, Ronghai Yang, Long Zhou, Ming Shen, Jianhai Yang, Qingxiong Yang, Jixu Fan and Derong Yang
Effects of Different Herbicides on the Control of Malachium aquaticum L. and Poa annua L Downloads
Guiyuan Meng, Yanyan Chen, Ye Jin, Jing Zhou, Sijia Yu and Maoyuan Wang
Significance, Path and Typical Cases of Integration of Grassroots Party Construction and Targeted Poverty Alleviation Team Construction in Colleges and Universities Downloads
Zhiqing Yan, Zisheng Yang, Shiqin Yang and Jia Wang
Research Progress on Poverty Alleviation by Ecological Compensation Downloads
Feng Qu and Zisheng Yang
Career Planning Education Paths for Students of Aquatic Animal Medicine Discipline in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative: A Case Study of Construction Achievement of Guangdong Ocean University Downloads
Ziling Wang, Huanying Pang, Shuanghu Cai and Jichang Jian
Cultivation and Improvement of Autonomous Learning Ability Downloads
Jie Zhu, Ping Chen and Wenjun Jia

Volume 11, issue 04, 2019

Application of Big Data in Agricultural Informationization in Shandong Province under the Background of "Internet +" Downloads
Xinling Gan and Yong Li
Comparison and Enlightenment of China’s and EU’s Food Safety Supervision Systems Downloads
Yanyu Deng and Xing Wu
Survey on Factors Influencing the Decline in Chicken Consumption of Urban Residents in Liaoning Province Downloads
Na Ding, Chunling Pan, Zhe Zhang and Shanshan Gao
Recommendations for Promoting High Quality Development of Sericulture Industry in Dongtai City Downloads
Changqing Wang, Jun Cheng, Bin Yang and Yun Hong
Intensive Land Use and New Urbanization Measurement and Coupling Coordination —— A Case Study of 31 Provinces (Cities or Regions) in Mainland China Downloads
Jianjie Jiao, Rongxin Zhang and Xuetao Li
Review of Related Studies on Eco-city Theory Downloads
Jindong Zhang
Risk Assessment and Service Benefit Evaluation of Forestry Meteorological Disasters in Guangxi Downloads
Shuyan Huang, Yanjun Li, Youhua Li, Shan Gao and Wei Li
Ecological Restoration Technology and Benefit Assessment of Karst Rocky Desertification Mountains in Xixiu District of Anshun City Downloads
Li Lai, Ying Peng, Yujie Liu and Hongwei Xing
Brief Study on Application of New Indoor Lawn in Northern Areas of China Downloads
Yinghua Luo, Shanmin Qu, Xiangping Liu and Chenghao Jin
Cultivation Countermeasures of Farmers’ Ecological Consciousness and Behavior in Eco-civilization Construction—A Case Study of Agricultural Waste Recycling Downloads
Chengying Han, Min Tian, Biyan Xiao and Zhenhong Qi
Rules of Changes in Soil Nutrients and Enzyme Activities of Larix principis-rupprechtii in Different Forest Ages Downloads
Shenglan Ye and Guangyu Lei
Research Advances in Functional Constituents of Chickpea Downloads
Haitian Yu, Aiqing Zheng, Meiyuan Lu, Feng Yang, Chaoqin Hu, Xin Yang, Yuhua He and Liping Wang
Effects of Different Preservation Methods on Vitamin C and Nitrate Content in Vegetables Downloads
Lili Song and Huijuan Zhang
Comprehensive Management Measures for Chicken Rearing in Tea Gardens in Karst Region Downloads
Peiqiang Duan, Fangyan Pan, Kaiwang Guo and Xue Han
Effects of Seaweed Extracts on Promoting Growth and Improving Stress Resistance in Sugarcane Downloads
Diwen Chen, Ying Huang, Dachun Shen, Wenling Zhou, Junhua Ao, Yong Jiang, Zhenrui Huang, Hassan Munir and Rasul Fahd
High-yielding Fertilization Technology for Citrus grandis Downloads
Derong Yang, Ming Shen, Zhiwei Zeng and Long Zhou
Different Fertilization Modes of Sugarcane in Latosolic Red Soil of Guangxi Downloads
Shixie Meng, Xiaomin Wang, Guosheng Huang, Yanfei Lu, Pingxi Huang and Guoying Lu
Ridge Covering High-yield Cultivation Techniques of Jinhong Apple in Cold Region Downloads
Chang Liu, Zhangli Feng, Siyang Tang, Haidong Bu, Minggang Xiao, Guangjun Gu, Xianmin Cheng, Wenquan Yu and Wanjun Ye
Practice Instruction of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Training Program for Aquatic Animal Medicine Students Downloads
Huanying Pang, Miao Xie, Ziling Wang, Xiuying Yang, Huiling Liu, Changling Li and Jichang Jian
Advantages and Disadvantages of Fragmented Learning and Recommendations Downloads
Jie Zhu, Ping Chen and Wenjun Jia
Application Status and Promotion Strategy of Integrated Network Teaching Platform——Taking Northwest A&F University as an example Downloads
Na Wang and Yinghui Zhang

Volume 11, issue 03, 2019

Impact of Sino-US Trade Friction on Import and Export Trade Pattern of Soybean in Heilongjiang Downloads
Junde Han, Junjie Song and Tianzhen Qi
Study of the Discount on Private Placements and Risk of Stock Market Crash in Listed Companies Downloads
Qi Hu and Botan Xu
Study on Communication Effect of Food Safety Risk in Social Media: the Influence of Response Effort Level on Consumption Willingness Change Downloads
Wenlin Fang and Fengyuan Shi
Discussions on the Path of Precise Poverty Alleviation in Dongxiang County Downloads
Dehua Qiao, Chungui He, Xiaoli Dou, Min Wang, Weidong Cheng, Fu Chen, Zhenfu He, Jie Huang, Helan Bai, Jinhui Liu and Haiquan Pu
Impact of Equity Pledge Behavior on Cash Holdings Downloads
Peiyuan Li
Spatio-temporal Variability of Disastrous Convective Weather in China from 1961 to 2016 Downloads
Feng Kong
Investigation and Analysis on Diversity of Lucanidae spp. in Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve Downloads
Zihao Yang
Present Situation of Eutrophication of Landscape Water Body and Its Prevention and Control Measures Downloads
Qingyu Lu, Wei Xin, Yan Zhang and Yi Pei
Application of Combined Prediction Model in Predicting Total Water Consumption in Ningxia Downloads
Yongliang Wang, JIongli Chen and Lian Tang
Industrial Poverty Alleviation Model in Southwestern High-altitude Mountainous Areas of China —— A Case Study of Industrial Poverty Alleviation of Xueshan Township in Luquan County of Yunnan Province through Planting Codonopsis pilosula Downloads
Zisheng Yang, Renyi Yang, Yanbo He, Chonghui Lu, En Zhu, Yaohan Pi, Mingxin Wu and Ying Xiong
Land Remediation Projects in Poverty-stricken Counties in Tibetan Areas Help to Fight Poverty——A Case Study of Songpan County, Sichuan Province Downloads
Feng Qiu and Zisheng Yang
Establishment and Optimization of Two-dimensional Electrophoresis System for Spleen Proteome of Sillago sihama Forsskål Downloads
Junlin Wang, Xiulan Chen, Zhonghong Hu, Jing Li, Huanying Pang and Yang Huang
Content Determination of Trace Elements in Several Vegetables by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Downloads
Zhaoying Zhang and Kuiliang Shen
Preliminary Study on Shelf Life of Artificial Feed of Chilo suppressalis Downloads
Xiaoying Ma, Changgeng Dai and Yang Hu
Influence of Different Fertilization Levels on Maize Yield and Fertilizer Effect Based on the "3414" Experimental Design Scheme Downloads
Derong Yang, Zhiwei Zeng, Long Zhou, Jinping Li, Fang Wang and Weili Zhao
Research Progress of Cellulase Downloads
Lili Song and Xinxin Liu
Identification and Control of HLB Disease in Citrus grandis Downloads
Derong Yang, Zhiwei Zeng, Long Zhou, Jinping Li, Chen Xu, Lingxiang Zhou and Fang Wang
Breeding of a New Tussah Variety "Gaoyou 1" Downloads
Dadong Hao, Xingyou Zhu, Jun Wan, Yang Zhang, Xiangdong Jin, Zhenhai Xue and Jianhua Han
Development of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability under the Model of Personalized Education Downloads
Chenghao Jin, Yinghua Luo, Hu'nan Sun, Guinan Shen, Yinghao Han, Meihua Jin and Yanqing Zang

Volume 11, issue 02, 2019

Driving Force of China's Agricultural Exports to Japan Downloads
Yinguo Dong and Lijuan Pu
Profit Delivery Proportion, Operation Performance and Bond Rating of Agricultural State-owned Enterprises Downloads
Weisheng Jin and Yu Liu
Study on Village Renovation Planning and Design Oriented by "Endogenous Development"—A Case Study of Zengjia Village, Guangchang County, Fuzhou City Downloads
Shizhu Lu and Zhian Lu
Risk Control Strategies for Loan of Commercial Banks to Small Agricultural Enterprises Downloads
Yu Liu and Rui Zhao
Cultivating New Agricultural Operators to Promote the Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Agriculture——A Case Study of Nanchong City Downloads
Hui Li, Wanqiu Wang, Changjia Peng, Shipei Li, Yong Du, Fengrong Zhou, Jielin Zhang, Honghuan Xiao, Ya Zhou and Xiangyou Cheng
Customer Information Disclosure and Analyst Forecasts: Empirical Evidence from Analysts’ Perspective Downloads
Rui Zhao and Weisheng Jin
Non-equilibrium Analysis of Migrant Workers' Medical Insurance System under the Background of Citizenization Downloads
Hui Ren
Development of Rural Characteristic Industries under the Background of Beautiful Countryside——A case study of Wanan County of Jiangxi Province Downloads
Ying Yu, Ling Meng and Peng Zhong
Research on Satisfaction of ex situ Relocated Households Downloads
Pengfei Xu
Development and Utilization of Rural Idle Homesteads in the Context of Rural Revitalization —— A Case Study of Leisure Agriculture Downloads
Dingpu Liu
Reconstruction Mode of Rural Dilapidated Houses in Alpine and Gorge Area of Southwest China—A Case Study of Scientific Identification and Precision Reconstruction of Rural Dilapidated Houses in Luquan County, Yunnan Province Downloads
Zisheng Yang, Renyi Yang, Kaibo Tian, Zhenghong Dai, Decai Pan and Ying Xiong
Cobbett on the Problem of Rural Poverty in Modern Britain Downloads
Wenyuan Zhao
The Mode of Promotion Industrial Targeted Poverty Alleviation through Land Circulation in Western Mountainous Region of China—A Case Study of Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County in Yunnan Province Downloads
Jing Liu, Zisheng Yang, Ying Xiong, Yanbo He, Chonghui Lu, Yimei He and Renyi Yang
Investigation and Analysis on Agricultural Biological Resources of Wuchuan Gelao and Miao Autonomous County, Guizhou Province Downloads
Haiping Wang, Lin Yang, Tengwen Hu, Jie Jin, Xiangqun Tang, Jian Zhang and Xixiang Li
Landscape Space Creation of Red Star • Xintiandi Exhibition Area in Liuzhou Downloads
Mingli Hu
Biological Characteristics of Morel and Analysis of Its Cultivation Adaptability in Tianjin Downloads
Shufang Li, Xiaoming Chen, Jianhua Liu, Shichun Yang, Jinze Yu, Na Zhang and Zhijun Zhang
High Efficiency Hypocrellin Production by a Novel Mutant Isolated from Shiraia bambusicola Downloads
Wen Du and Baogui Wang
Mechanized Grafting Technology for Apple Seedlings Downloads
Zhiru Li, Xiaofeng Wu, Lizhi Han, Quangang Li and Beihang Zhang
Economic Value Evaluation of Fine Individual Plants of Ribes rubrum Linn. Based on AHP Downloads
Yu Chen, Yulan Guo and Kewu Liu
Effects of Bacterial Manure from Cassava Alcohol Fermentation Mash on Yield and Starch Content of Cassava Downloads
Qingsong Yang, Fushan Li, Xiaohui Cao and Qonguang Yu
Causes of Recurrence of Rice Chilo suppressalis (Walker) in Longyou County and Prevention and Control measures Downloads
Ying Wang, Yong Zhang, Chenguang Zhang, Runzhong Lou, Xinxin Xu and Xiaowei Xu
Design and Realization of Communication Platform “CDream Creating a Dream” for College Students Downloads
Xiaoxuan Ma, Shengzhong Dong, Zhuoran Xu, Nuo Mei, Qianhui Sun and Decai Shi

Volume 11, issue 01, 2019

Reform of Rural Planting Structure in China since the Reform and Opening-up and Its Main Problems Downloads
Shigang Zhang and Wenjing Yang
Dilemma and Path for Rural Mutual Aid Elderly Care Model in Underdeveloped Areas — A Case Study of Dazhou City in Sichuan Province Downloads
Junpu Zhang
Analysis on the Impacts of Precise Poverty Alleviation on Folk Customs and Control Measures Downloads
Xuetao Li and Xiaoyan Du
Innovation and Prospects of Development of Flower Industry — A Case Study of Guangxi Downloads
Jnye Zhou, Zhaoyang Bu, Xueqiang Cui and Zibin Zhang
Possibility of Socio-economic Attributes and ICT Application in Improving Quality of Farmers Downloads
Adnan Rayit, Qiao Zhang, Ke Wang, SIDDIQUI Badar Naseem, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Yaseen and Xuan Zuo
Analysis of the Impact of Interest Rate Changes on Chinese Consumer Behavior Downloads
Zhongtao Wen
An Analysis of Theme Positioning of Tourism-oriented Characteristic Towns —— A Case Study of Jiangwan Town, Jiangxi Province Downloads
Xiaotian Liu and Qunhong Liu
A Positive Mutual Impact between Inclusive Finance and Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Huijie Zhao and Luochuan Chen
Reform of Agricultural Land Transfer of Different Types of Farmers’ Willingness Downloads
Hongbing Zhou, Ruiqi Li and Dengwei Ding
A Study of Japanese Traditional Rice Production Technique in Warm Areas and Its Modern Ecological Value Downloads
Lei Ye and Lulu Qian
Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Sediments of Coastal Wetlands Downloads
Huanqiang Zheng and Kun Rong
Expression Regulation of Starch and Storage Protein Synthesis Related Genes in Rice Grains Downloads
Bo Peng, Dongyan Kong, Yu Peng, Lulu He, Yue Jiang, Jingbo Yu, Mengshi Sun, Qin Dai, Yuchen Liu, Qingqing Xin, Ruihua Pang, Yanfang Sun, Xiaohua Song, Huilong Li, Juan Peng, Qiying Zhou, Jintao Li, Quanxiu Wang, Bin Duan, Shizhi Song and Hongyu Yuan
Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles of Rice Mutant SLR1 Based on Microarray Data Downloads
Weihua Liu, Yue Chen, Lingxian Wang, Ge Huang, Qian Zou, Zhenhua Zhu and Mingliang Ding
Overlapped Tray Seedling Raising Model for Mechanical Transplanting of Rice Downloads
Defeng Zhu, Yuejun Wang, Huizhe Chen, Yicheng Xu and Yiping Chen
Cucumber Downy Mildew: Research Progress and Registered Fungicides Downloads
Yongming Chen, Lili Gu, Shuangxi Lin, Ping Wang, Lei Ding, Shujing Wu, Wei Tang and Yanzhi Mao
Effects of Different Seedling Raising Substrates on Quality of Rice Seedlings Downloads
Xiangdong Wang and Zaigao Chen
Research Progress of Adansonia digitata Downloads
Yang Liu, Xiangtao Zhong, Guanming Chen, Guomin Liu, Meipeng Chen and Hongyang Li
Safety Assessment and Distribution Characteristics of Heavy Metal Pollutants in Livestock and Poultry Meat from Different Regions of China Downloads
Yajie Wang, Heng Tao, Kai Chen, Hu Xia, Jinlin He and Guangcan Tao
Optimization of Fermentation Process of Carrot Juice by Probiotics and Analysis of Aroma Components Downloads
Xiaotian Li, Guangpeng Liu, Jinglong Li, Fengtao Zhu, Bo Zhao, Yan Zhao and Fatao He
Hu Foods and Production Methods in Qimin Yaoshu (Important Arts for the People's Welfare) Downloads
Na Wang
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