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2009 - 2023

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Volume 15, issue 12, 2023

Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Development in Circulation under the Background of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Zijian Long and Longling Li
Inheritance,Innovation and High-quality Development of Herbaceous Edible Oils in Hubei Province under the Strategy of Strengthening the Country with Intellectual Property Downloads
Li Gao, Yuanpeng Sun, Jin Zeng, Jianjun Zhang and Zhiguo Sun
Study on the Cultivation Problems and Strategies for New Professional Tobacco Farmers in China Downloads
Yifei Zhang, Jintao Wen, Jianyun Zhou and Yanan Sun
Strategies for High-quality Development of Greenhouse Vegetables in Zibo City,Shandong Province Downloads
Dongwen Sun, He Zhu, Bo Li, Jiaer Xu, Xinying Yan, Yuxin He and Yu Shi
Roles of Corporate Reputation and Service Recovery in Food Safety Crises: A Case Study of Food Hygiene Incidents in Hot Pot Restaurants Downloads
Feng Chen, Haiming Chen, Shuying Huang, Yunyao Liang and Yingyin Liu
Advances in Research of Biological Activity,Action Mechanism and Structure-Activity Relationship of Lentinan Downloads
Jiawen Li, Chao Zhao, Xiaojian Gong, Huaguo Chen and Xin Zhou
Expression Characteristics of AaHsp90 Gene in Antheraea assamensis under Different Temperature and Starvation Stress Downloads
Weike Yang, Zenghu Liu, Changxiong Hu and Fenfen Tang
Isolation,Identification and Characteristics of Cellulose-degrading Bacteria Downloads
Shasha Liu, Ruiji Lu and Nuo Chen
Effects of Different Sterilization Conditions on Active Components and Flavor of Apple Vinegar Downloads
Yanrui Ma, Xuezhen Li, Yongbo Dou, Yuan Meng, Yan Zhao, Gen Li, Yanlin Dong, Guangpeng Liu, Le Chu and Fengtao Zhu
New Advances in Plant Biology Research on Reevesia Lindley Downloads
Meiping Chen, Hailing Zhou, Yupeng Lin and Chengxiang Xu
Exploration of Scientific Research Mentorship on the Cultivation of Undergraduate Students Innovation Ability Downloads
Jie Zhu, Liping Zeng, Chengcheng Si, Yanli Chen and Guopeng Zhu
Research and Exploration on Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in the Course of Soil Science Experiment: Taking Pingdingshan University as an Example Downloads
Xining Geng, Yanjiao Li, Weishuang Tong, Shiping Cheng, Pengqiang Yao and Fengqin Huang

Volume 15, issue 11, 2023

Current Implementation and Experience of Natural Farming in Japan Downloads
Lulu Qian, Hong Li and Lei Ye
Intellectual Property Protection, Inheritance, Innovation and Development of Woody Edible Oilseeds in Hubei Province Downloads
Li Gao, Yuanpeng Sun, Jianjun Zhang, Jin Zeng and Zhiguo Sun
Development Countermeasures of County-level Edible Fungi Industry in Hebei Province from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Kun Tang, Ying Wang, Minhui Zhang, Wenjie Chen, Junhong Hu and Chunyan Xie
Strategies for Promoting Ethnic Unity through Hubei Border Tea Downloads
Jiandong Lai and Yi Sheng
Measurement of Digital Economy Development Level in Yangtze River Delta and Its Influence on Ecological Efficiency Downloads
Qing Qiao
Existing Problems and Countermeasures of Rural Industry Development in Bijie Experimental Area Downloads
Chengdong Wang, Xi Chen, Qin Ge and Li Xiao
Pesticide Residue Content in Vegetable Bases of Lhasa City Downloads
Yaodi Liu and Ruiyang Chen
Pharmacological Action and Molecular Mechanism of Formononetin Downloads
Xichun Huang, Wenshuang Hou, Quan Quan, Jingchao Wang, Mingxinzhi Wang, Xinyu Liu and Chenghao Jin
Requirements and Safeguard Measures for Using Soil Fertilizer in Organic Agriculture: A Case Study of Fushun City in Liaoning Province Downloads
Dan Song
Implementation Status and Strategy of Undergraduate Tutorial System in the Context of Academy System Downloads
Jie Zhu, Liping Zeng, Chengcheng Si, Yanli Chen and Guopeng Zhu
Study on Adaptability of Introduced Pear Varieties Downloads
Lianjun Wang
Teaching Reform of Fundamentals of Combustion for Energy and Power Engineering Majors in Agricultural Colleges and Universities in the Context of New Engineering Course Downloads
Shengyang Gao and Yanhua Ma

Volume 15, issue 10, 2023

Problems and Countermeasures of Fruit and Vegetable Logistics Distribution Development in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Downloads
Xi Xu and Bihong Feng
Research and Application of Ecological Outdoor Ground Structure with Composite Water Storage and Drainage Function Downloads
Peng Zhong, Yuqi Fan and Zhenggen Fan
Research Progress on Green Utilization of Red Mud Downloads
Lidan Cai, Chen Wang, Chenhao Liang and Qi Li
Solid Material Formula of Small Fragrant Chicken Soup Stock and Improvement of Boiling Process Downloads
Chaohang Chen, Dandan Lu, Maozhao Wu, Haiyan Wang, Jie Xie, Guanghui Yang, Shoumei Wan, Lingling Xiao, Shengxian Pan and Jinyu Zhao
Extraction Conditions of Essential Oil from Eucalyptus Leaves by Distillation Downloads
Shengjie Wang, Zongchen Wei and Shiming Qiu
Application of "Six Thinking Hats" in the Investigation and Improvement of Hidden Dangers in Food Safety Downloads
Peng Wan, Zhen Zhao, Guoyan Wen, Yunshuang Fu, Cuizhi Li and Zhiyong Lu
Bioinformatics Analysis of Q0D1P0 Gene of Mangrove Endophytic Fungus Aspergillus terreus Downloads
Hongbing Qi and Ziyang Chen
Evaluation and Exploration of Citrus Germplasm Resources in the Origin of Shatangju (Citrus flamea Hort.ex Tseng Shiyueju) Downloads
Yanjun Guo, Qianhua Ji, Liying Guo, Guochan Huang, Bingwa Fang, Liujian Huang, Hui Jiang, Fengmei Yang and Yaping Hu
Planting Adaptability of Four Kinds of Common Vegetables in Shanghai Downloads
Lianjun Wang
Development of Yimeng Red Tourism Resources from the Perspective of Tourist Perception Downloads
Xiaomei Liu, Hui Wang, Xiao Peng and Yan Li
Exploration of Nature Education Path for Teenagers: A Case Study of Yancheng Wetland Nature Education Based on the World Natural Heritage Site Downloads
Wenhui Li, Xiejuan Tang, Hongyang Li and Xingxing Sun
Research Progress on Metabolic Diseases in Rural Areas Downloads
Bing Dai, Xiaochao Gang, Mingjun Liu, Yuzhe Zhang, Jiechen Yang, Jinsheng Li, Zhenxiang Xiao, Xinyi Yuan, Zhengri Cong, Likun Zheng, Chaochao Hua, Jianfeng Liang and Junhao Hu

Volume 15, issue 09, 2023

National Protection Zone for Rapeseed Production and Industrial Cluster of Rape in Hubei Province Downloads
Li Gao, Yamin Peng, Leying Wu, Jin Zeng, Yuanpeng Sun and Zhiguo Sun
Present Situation, Problems and Strategies of Agricultural Credit Policy in Dingxi City Downloads
Xiaoli Zhu, Wenjie Fan and Zongli Zhang
Comprehensive Utilization Policies of Crop Straw at Home and Abroad and Its Implications for Xinjiang Downloads
Wanli Yu, Tumuer Dilinuer and Hegan Dong
Enterprise Internal Control Based on Risk Management with Moutai Group as an Example Downloads
Shumin Yu
Analysis on the Problems and Strategies of Marketing Channels of Agricultural Products:Taking Liujun Lotus Root as an Example Downloads
Yue Wang
Practice and Reflection on the Science and Technology Propaganda Work of Agricultural Research Institutes in the New Era:A Case Study of Changli Pomology Institute, Hebei Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences Downloads
Lixian Cui, Jinli Liu, Qingming Zeng and Zheng Chen
Species Composition and Diversity of Fagus longipetiolata in Leigong Mountain, Guizhou Province Downloads
Lidan Yang and Yingqiang Chen
Removal Effect of Coagulating Sedimentation Method on Polyethylene Microplastics in Water Downloads
Shasha Liu, Qiongru Zhuang, Hongji Huang, Xiaodan Lin, Yue Yang and Jinghua Wu
Bird Resources and Avifauna of Zijin Mountain in Nanjing Downloads
Peng Xu
Using ArcGIS to Study Transportation Accessibility of Cultural Tourism Resources with Wan’an County in Jiangxi Province as an Example Downloads
Qing Deng
Effect of Storage Time on Main Quality Indicators of Cotton Downloads
Yuxi Gu, Jin Wang, Gang Yuan, Junwei Jia, Wei Wang and Jinying Chen
Research Progress and Prospect of Intelligent Tea Garden Technology Application Downloads
Mingli Liu, Shunyu Li, Na Liu, Yun Peng, Haibo Peng, Xu Zeng, Yun Liu and Mingyong Li
Integration of the Historical Initiative Spirit into the Ideological and Political Course of Colleges and Universities:Value Implication, Main Contents and Practical Dimension Downloads
Dongming Li and Ying Wang
Connotation and Construction of "1+X" Certificate System in Higher Vocational Colleges:Taking Hetian Vocational and Technical College as an Example Downloads
Aizemaiti Tuerhong, Huiqin Liu, Hao Liu, Mingming Wang and Lanke Huang

Volume 15, issue 08, 2023

Intellectual Property Protection and High-Quality Development of Xinjiang Melons under the Big Food Concept Downloads
Miaomiao Xu, Yulan Bai, Jinjin Wang, Yuanpeng Sun, Jin Zeng and Zhiguo Sun
Age Structure and Change Trend of Tobacco Farmers: A Case Study of Shashi Town, Liuyang City, Hunan Province Downloads
Jianwen Wang, Liangjiao Liu, Zhengguang Zhai, Zhiqiang Deng, Tao Zhu and Sihan Huang
Marketing Strategies for Chinese Specialty Agricultural Products under the Internet Environment: Taking Tianshui Qinzhou Big Cherry Industry as an Example Downloads
Haiyan Cao
Influence of Family Financial Conditions on the Choice of Family Parenting Style: An Empirical Study Based on CEPS Data Downloads
Yifeng Lang
Impact of Sharp Fluctuations of Live Pig Prices on Financial Capacity of Pig Breeding Enterprises: An Analysis Based on the Data of Listed Enterprises from 2018 to 2021 Downloads
Qi Xue, Ruihan Li and Shufen Li
Construction of the "Three-integration" Rolling Development Mode in the Urban-rural Fringe from the Perspective of Thematic Business Engine: A Case Study of "Zhucheng Dinosaur Eco-city" in Shandong Province Downloads
Yanhong Ge, Ruhui Ma, Ruirui Duan, Yaxu Chen and Shuai Shang
Present Situation of Rural Regional Development and Agricultural Extension Policy Downloads
Xinran Zhao
Development Strategies of Chaidamu Wolfberry Downloads
Yishan Yang
Relationship between Rural Industry Revitalization and Land Resource Utilization and Its Practice in Ganning Town, Wanzhou District of Chongqing Downloads
Jinrong Yang, Linlin Cao and Zisheng Yang
Determination of Main Design Indicators of Patrol Road in Nature Reserves Downloads
Hongbo Liu and Shuangbei Zeng
Analysis of microRNA Expression Characteristics Related to Low Temperature Stress in Chewing Cane Downloads
Minghui Chen, Shiping Cheng, Jiansheng Wang and Junqing Wang
Sampling Methods and Countermeasures for Food Enterprises Downloads
Peng Wan, Zhen Zhao, Guoyan Wen, Yunshuang Fu, Cuizhi Li and Zhiyong Lu
Pollination Effects of Pear Trees by Honeybee and Its Influencing Factors Downloads
Jin Wang, Yaru Wang, Hongbao Wang, Xiao Li, Yingtao Wang, Yongbo Wang and Yong Li
Effect of Exogenous Gibberellin on Wheat Seed Germination under Salt Stress Downloads
Tureding Abudurousuli, Baotong Li and Aizemaiti Tuerhong

Volume 15, issue 07, 2023

Intellectual Property Protection and New Development Pattern Construction of Xinjiang Jujube Downloads
Miaomiao Xu, Yulan Bai, Jinjin Wang, Yuanpeng Sun, Jin Zeng and Zhiguo Sun
Current Situation, Reasons and Suggestions of Income and Consumption of Rural Residents Downloads
Wei Zhang, Xuejun Zhang and Xiejun Cheng
Analysis of Agricultural Product Marketing Channels with Tashan Pomegranate as an Example Downloads
Tiantian Xie
Problems and Recommendations for Export of Guizhou Tea in the Context of Rural Revitalization Strategy Downloads
Yanling Ren, Tao Wang, Jinyu Zhao, Yao Liu, Mei Li, Jian Tang, Xiaolei Ji and Jing Peng
Relationship between the Three Laws of Dialectics of Nature and Agricultural Development Downloads
Qianru Zhu
Analysis of Land Use Change and Driving Factors in Mojiang County Based on PLUS Model Downloads
Chunfeng Yang and Haiying Peng
Analysis of Application Status and Recommendations for Shade-Tolerant Lawns and Ground Cover Plants in the West Lake Scenic Area Downloads
Zhishan Ye, Yujie Chen, Yi Zhang, Jingqian Tang and Jin Ma
Cloing and Bioinformatics Analysis of ndk Gene from Vibrio alginolyticus Downloads
Yujia Zhang, Shi Wang, Jian Zhong, Weijie Zhang, Xing Xiao, Zhiqing Wei, Huanying Pang and Na Wang
Research Progress of Flower Bud Differentiation of Apple Downloads
Jinxin Wang, Jingmiao Huang, Jianming Li, Jie Hao and Xueying Li
Comprehensive Evaluation of Wheat Varieties in Southern Shandong Province by DTOPSIS Based on Entropy Weighting Downloads
Jing Wang, Lingguo Kong, Baoqiang Li, Long Li, Guoqiang Fan, Zhongxin Zhou and Qingfeng Fan
Design of Diversified Intelligent Control System for Energy-saving Optimization of Solar Greenhouse in North China Downloads
Yanmeng He and Baohui Ma
Determination of Lead in Lime-preserved Egg by Microwave Digestion and Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Downloads
Mimi Zhang
Effect of Caragana korshinskii Silage at Different Growth Stages on the Feeding of Livestock Downloads
Bai Han, Mei Han, Han Wu, Yuman Lin, Jinjun He and Rong Liu
Practice and Reflection on Strengthening Grassroots Party Building Work in Agricultural Research Institutes Downloads
Lixian Cui, Qingming Zeng and Jinli Liu
Strategies for "Mass Enterpreneurship and Innovation" Education in Local Universities to Promote Rural Revitalization through Integrating Industry and Education Downloads
Jiandong Lai and Hao Sun

Volume 15, issue 06, 2023

Exploration on the Path of Whole-region Comprehensive Land Consolidation under the Background of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Xueli Cai and Shiqin Yang
Geographical Indication Intellectual Property Protection and Regional Public Brand Construction of Rape Industry in China Downloads
Li Gao, Yamin Peng, Leying Wu, Jin Zeng, Yuanpeng Sun and Zhiguo Sun
Comparative Analysis of Rice Export Competitiveness in Heilongjiang Province of China Based on Index Method Downloads
Min Lu and Yafei Guo
Influencing Factors of Cultivation and Improvement of College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability under the New Normal Downloads
Shuli Song
Advances in the Research of Quality Management System of Dairy Enterprises Downloads
Peng Wan, Zhen Zhao, Guoyan Wen, Yunshuang Fu, Cuizhi Li and Zhiyong Lu
Summary of Research on Use of Sediment in Building Materials Downloads
Lidan Cai, Chen Wang, Wenkun Zou, Chenhao Liang and Qi Li
Practice and Features of Neo-Chinese Style in Rural Landscape in Zhejiang Province Downloads
Xianfen He and Haining Liu
Preventive and Therapeutic Effects of New Fungicides on Rice Blast Downloads
Jinqi Feng, Aiqing Feng, Xiaoyuan Zhu, Jianyuan Yang, Shen Chen and Jing Su
Effects of Different Proportions of Controlled Release Urea and Ordinary Urea on Peanut Yield Downloads
Hongjie Tang
Selection of Greenhouse Zucchini Varieties and High-Quality, High-Yield and High-Efficiency Cultivation Techniques Downloads
Haijuan Zhang, Guanghui Feng, Lifeng Yang, Bo Geng, Xiangying Hou and Dongwen Sun
Growth and Antimony Bioconcentration Characteristics of Wild Ramie (Boehmeria nivea) under Sb Stress in Different Valence States Downloads
Fulong Yang, Jiecheng Han, Yuan Wei, Xiaoqi Yang, Jinyun Peng, Zhi Wei, Xiaolian Yan, Beiyou Zhang, Qiaoshan Liu, Jing Zhou and Guiyuan Meng
Development of New Green Feed for Large Water Surface Ecological Fishery Downloads
Zhenyan Yang, Yichun Lou, Lixia Meng, Juntian Hao, Weiguo Chen and Aimei Wang
Feeding Management and Disease Prevention and Control of Pet Guinea Pigs Downloads
Yalu Zhang, Yuzhang Chen, Rui Zhou, Qiaolian Chai, Bin Dai and Zhenxing Zou
Construction of University Librarian Team in the Context of Double First-Class Initiative Downloads
Jin Meng

Volume 15, issue 05, 2023

Intellectual Property Protection and High-quality Development of Grape Industrial Clusters in Xinjiang Downloads
Miaomiao Xu, Jinjin Wang, Yulan Bai, Jin Zeng, Yuanpeng Sun and Zhiguo Sun
Construction of Industrialization Development Model for "1+4+X" Community-Based Elderly Care in Gannan Old Revolutionary Base Area in the Context of Population Aging Downloads
Chenxin Yang, Jun Xiao, Liyuan Wang, Jiaxin Liu and Yangkai Lu
Prediction of Total Output Value of Construction Industry in Jiangxi Province Based on Grey Prediction Model Downloads
Le Xu and Yuangui Liu
Treatment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediment and Its Resource Utilization in Building Ceramics Downloads
Chenhao Liang, Lidan Cai, Zhuoxu Nie, Xinhao Zhao, Chen Wang and Xiaohong Xiong
Responses of Carbon Sink of Ecosystem Vegetation to Land Use Changes in Kunming City Downloads
Bozhou Gong, Haiying Peng and Xinyou Lui
Preparation of Biomanganese Oxide-biochar Composite and Its Remediation of Arsenic Contamination Downloads
Dilixiati Abulizi
Amplification and Bioinformatics Analysis of vscN Gene from Vibrio alginolyticus Downloads
Linlin Yin, Wen Li, Haiyun Feng, Weijie Zhang, Junlin Wang, Huanying Pang and Na Wang
Preliminary Study on in Vitro Germination of Yangmei Pollen Downloads
Congling Fang, Guangru Chai and Shiqiang Chen
Effects of Different Dwarfing Rootstocks on Growth, Yield and Fruit Quality of ‘Tianhong 2’ Apple Trees Downloads
Jinxin Wang, Jingmiao Huang, Jianming Li, Suo, ,Xiangmin, Xueying Li, Jianzhong Feng and Jie Hso
Research Progress in Biological Control of Soft Rot of Amorphophallus konjac Downloads
Lisha Niu, Tongshu Dai, Zhenliang Cao, Boxuan Jia, Bo Huang, Lijuan Deng, Shuanglin Yang, Zhen Ren and Yu Zhong
Flower Characteristics and Resource Evaluation of Fruit Mulberry Downloads
Lianjun Wang
Techniques and Precautions of Sod Culture in Citrus Orchards in Sichuan Province Downloads
Ling Lin and Wei Song
Impacts and Demonstration Effects of Applying Long-acting Slow-release Fertilizer on Economic Yield of Peanut Downloads
Hongjie Tang, Jiejie Zhang , Qingfu Du and Yanxue Dang
Silage Fermentation Technology and Its Effects on Growth Performance of Local Pigs Downloads
Yunjian Zhang, Zhenyan Yang, Lixia Meng and Xibao Feng
Analysis on Value Rationality of Traditional Farm Tools in the Taomin Area Downloads
Tingting Wang

Volume 15, issue 04, 2023

Management Results and Financial Status of Rural Collective Economy under the Background of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Zijian He
Analysis of Visualization Mapping in the Field of Brand Community Based on CiteSpace III Downloads
Gaixian Chai
Poverty Alleviation Act: the Inevitable Product of the Development Law of Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Jiefang Zhu
Establishment of Molecular Biological Method for Identification of Bacteria by 16S rDNA and gyrB Gene Downloads
Xiaxia Hou, Yunxia Wang, Cuizhi Li and Zhiyong Lu
Anti-inflammatory, Bacteriostatic and Anticancer Effects of Madecassoside Downloads
Wenshuang Hou, Jinglong Cao, Jian Liu, Hui Xue, Yannan Li and Chenghao Jin
Amplification and Bioinformatics Analysis of h-ns Gene of Vibrio alginolyticus Downloads
Ying Chen, Shi Wang, Liangchuan Chen, Haiyun Feng, Junlin Wang, Huanying Pang and Na Wang
Pharmacological Effects and Molecular Mechanism of Synephrine Hydrochloride Downloads
Quan Quan, Jingchao Wang, Mingxinzhi Wang, Hai Chen, Anqi Wang and Chenghao Jin
Cloning and Bioinformatics Analysis of vscB Gene of T3SS Chaperone of Vibrio alginolyticus Downloads
Hongwei Zheng, Liangchuan Chen, Haiyun Feng, Yunsheng Chang, Yu Ding, Weijie Zhang, Huanying Pang and Na Wang
Effects of Addition of Amino Acids or Soybean Phospholipid in Diet on Slaughter Performance and Meat Quality of Pigs Downloads
Sicong Luo, Shaobo Li, Xiangyun Hu, Min Chen, Lingxiu Gan, Tingju Huang, Wenjie Lu, Junxiang Huang, Haimei Deng, Jiahuang Yang, Cui Yang and Xiuliang Li
Effects of Continuous Cropping and Crop Rotation on Fungal Diversity in Greenhouse Soil Downloads
Lei Gao
Changes in Soil Organic Matter, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Contents during Decomposition of Pear Branches Downloads
Yaxuan Zhong, Matistic Rukeyanmu, Aikebaier.Yilahong, Matiturum Turnisa and Abdushik Setivaldi
Experimental Research on Pomegranate Varieties Downloads
Lianjun Wang
Pollution-free Production Technology of Linshu Sweet Potato Downloads
Jiejie Zhang and Hongjie Tang
Exploration and Practice of Cultivation Pathway of Agricultural Professionals under the Background of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Yingjun Zhou, Jianfeng Xiao and Junhong Zhong
Teaching Practice of Integrating Labor Education into Specialized Courses: A Case Study of Plant Cultivation and Maintenance Downloads
Chuanlei Li and Nianhua Shen
Current Situation and Implementation Paths of International Understanding Education in Local Application-oriented Universities Downloads
Minzhang Yu

Volume 15, issue 03, 2023

Impacts of Changes in Structure of Rural Land Property Rights on Agricultural Performance Downloads
Yujing Li, Yongfang Yang, Yutian Xia and Hao Cheng
Problems and Countermeasures of Intelligent Elderly Care Service in the Context of Fewer Children in China Downloads
Shangwen Yin, Yanghong Luo, Aijiao Wu, Yuanqi Zhang and Xin Tang
Translocality:A Re-recognition of Locality in Western Geography Downloads
Xiuchuan Liu and Fei Su
Typical Experience and Legal Problems of Urban-rural Integration Development in Counties of Chongqing Downloads
Jicheng Su
Characteristics of Surface Water Quality Affected by Agricultural Non-point Sources in Guigang City Downloads
Yixin Xu, Peng Zhou, Lei Feng and Lifeng Chen
Distribution Characteristics of Soil Total Nitrogen in Low-efficiency Forest Land in the Northern Windy Desert Area of Jingbian County Downloads
Tingting Meng, Yingying Sun, Yan Li and Yuhu Luo
Impacts of Sulfur and Microalgae Co-fertilization on Saline-alkaline Soil of Sunflower Field in Hetao Irrigation District Downloads
Ruimin Dong, Liming Lai, Peng Zhang, Yanxiong Zhao, Yang Yang, Haiwei Wang, Man Wang and Yuelong Dong
Optimum Application Rate of Nitrogen in Summer Peanut in Southern Shandong Area Downloads
Hongjie Tang
Research Progress on Purification Process Optimization and Content Determination of Zeaxanthin Downloads
Jian Liu, Jinglong Cao, Yannan Li, Wenshuang Hou and Chenghao Jin
Research Progress on Manglietia ventii,A Wild Plant Species with Extremely Small Populations Downloads
Bin Wang, Xinglin An, Zherong Wu, Hongmei Zhao, Xiangxin Yu and Xingmei Ai
Effect of Magnetic Field Technology on Preservation Quality of Fresh-cut Apple Downloads
Le Chu , Jie Shen, Gen Li, Ye Song, Yinfei Ma, Guangpeng Liu, Maoyu Wu, Fatao He and Yan Zhao
Construction of Smart Library Based on the Agricultural Information from Metaverse Horizon Downloads
Weimin Yang and Zixuan Liu
Paths for Integrating Local Red Culture into Ideological and Political Courses of Agronomy Majors Downloads
Wenzhao Li, Xiong Yan, Feifei Huo, Bo Feng, Yunchao Wang and Zhan Yu
Teaching of Organic Chemistry of Cultivating Applied Pharmaceutical Talents Downloads
Hongying Huang, Yunli Yang, Jianxiao Li and Chuming Pang
Research and Exploration on the Teaching of World Medieval History under the Innovative Education Concept Downloads
Haojie Wang, Yanni Huang and Minzhang Yu
Exploration on Ideological and Political Construction of Higher Vocational English Course in Southern Xinjiang from the Perspective of "Cultural Confidence" Downloads
Huiqin Liu, Ababake Maierhaba, Lilian Yang and Lidan He
Functions of Karez to Xinjiang Agriculture in the Qing Dynasty from the Perspective of Historical Documents Downloads
Danyang Gong

Volume 15, issue 02, 2023

High-quality Development Path of Henan Agriculture and Rural Areas Empowered by Digital Inclusive Finance Downloads
Ling Ding
Connotation and Strategies of High-quality Development of Farmers' Cooperatives in Ethnic Minority Areas:A Case Study of Guizhou Province Downloads
Yuxin Luo
Current Situation and Countermeasures of Agricultural Industry Development in Linyi under the Background of Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Hongjie Tang
Relationship between Sustainable Land Use and Rural Economic Development:A Case Study of Meining Village, Pingma Town in Guangxi Downloads
Wenshu Wang and Qiuju Wu
Reform Paths of Rural Land Property Rights System in the Context of Agricultural Modernization Downloads
Mingyi Du
Temporal and Spatial Evolution Characteristics of Habitat Quality in Kunming Based on Land Use Change Downloads
Liping Gao and Dongmei Lei
Construction of Legal System of China's Farmland Protection under the Coexistence of Multiple Objectives: Historical Logic, Practical Problems and Optimization Paths Downloads
Shengnan Ma, Jiaxin Zhou and Yongfang Yang
Protection and Utilization of Chinese Giant Salamander Germplasm Resources Downloads
Jinxing Gu, Guoxi Li, Zhenjiang Yang, Bianzhi Liu, Huihui Wu and Daoquan Zhao
Distribution Characteristics of Soil Organic Carbon in Degraded Forest Land in the Sandstorm Area of Jingbian County, Shaanxi Province Downloads
Tingting Meng and Na Wang
Effects of Microplastics on Expression of Resistance Genes and Virulence Genes of Vibrio alginolyticus Downloads
Liangchuan Chen, Zehui Su, Haiyun Feng, Weijie Zhang, Huanying Pang and Na Wang
Application Effect of Functional Microbial Products in the Cultivation of Green Ecological Strawberry Downloads
Houjun He, Shuwei Yao, Defu Li, Muxiang Ji and Yushan Qiao
High-yield Cultivation Techniques of Drip Irrigation under Ground Membrane for Cotton Downloads
Juqing Ge
Construction and Quality Assurance of Outstanding Applied Horticultural Talent Training Curriculum System under the Background of New Agricultural Science: A Case Study of Huaiyin Institute of Technology Downloads
Xuqin Ren, Zhinan Huang, Guanglong Wang, Xiaochuan Sun, Weike Duan and Cong Jin
Teaching Reform and Practice of Finance under the Background of New Liberal Arts Downloads
Xiaofang Zou, Lu Tan, Hong Yang and Hong Li
Teaching Reform and Practice of Finance under the Background of New Liberal Arts Downloads
Minzhang Yu, Fengqiu Wang and Yunrong Pu
Research on the Value Positioning of University Library Based on Customer Delivered Value Downloads
Zixuan Liu and Weimin Yang
Application Practice of OMO Teaching Mode of "Two Courses, Three Links and Two Main Subjects" Based on the Wisdom Tree Platform Downloads
Chunyan Jia
Problems and Strategies of English Teaching in Rural Middle Schools in the Era of New Media Downloads
Ting Ma and Liwen Gan

Volume 15, issue 01, 2023

Technical Efficiency of "Master Switch" in Widening the Human Living Space by Fenlong Tillage Downloads
Benhui Wei
Promoting the Empowerment of Science and Technology to Ensure Food Safety Production: A Case Study of Huizhou City Downloads
Liqing Wang, Cijizhuoma and Zhenchang Liu
Research Status of Land Use and Carbon Emissions in China: A Visual Analysis Based on CiteSpace Downloads
Chen Wu
Review on Land Ecosystem Health Assessment Downloads
Nana Zhang
High-quality Development Evaluation System of Water Parks Downloads
Yongshen Tang, Hailong Zhang and Lei Zhang
Recommendations for Using Crop Straws to Produce Organic Fertilizers in Liaoning Province Downloads
Dan Song
Technique for Ecological Pond Breeding of Charybdis japonica Downloads
Lijun Shi, Liwei Shi , Hua Yang, Wenping Jia and Zhiru Fu
Volatile Components and Antitumor Activity of Ganoderma lucidum Spore Oil and Its Molecular Distillation Components Downloads
Mengxue Sun, Liying Ni, Yuhong Huang, Bin Wang, Ming Zhang, Chao Ma and Maoyu Wu
Extraction of Astragalus Polysaccharides and Ganoderma lucidum Mycelia Polysaccharides and Their in Vitro Antioxidative Effects Downloads
Hongping Lin and Yonglin Huang
Evaluation of Uncertainty for Determination of Stevioside Content in Fermented Milk by HPLC Downloads
Zhiyong Lu, Hong Yue, Yuelian Ning, Xiaoyan Huang, Wenhui Hu, Shuo Tang, Yuju Ren, Lijun Liu and Cuizhi Li
Effects of Combined Application of NRTUAs and ABP on Growth and Humoral Immunity of Chicks Downloads
Chao Ren and Ling Gui
Survey and Countermeasures on Current Situations of Farmer Training and Education Informatization in Western Liaoning Province Downloads
Zeguo Deng and Jianwei Liu
Reform and Exploration of Integrating "Service Learning" into the Teaching of Pathogenic Biology of Aquatic Animals to Help Rural Revitalization Downloads
Huangying Pang, Miao Xie, Shuanghu Cai, Ziling Wang, Shiping Yang, Yucong Huang and Jichang Jian
Research on Practice Problems and Strategies for Professional Master's Degree Candidates for Agriculture Downloads
Jun Jiao, Wenwen Zha, Huimin Ma, Cheng Zhu, Chao Wang and Lichuan Gu
Cultivation of Core Competencies of History in Middle Schools: Taking the Lesson of Primitive Farming Life as an Example Downloads
Ling Yang
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