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Volume 12, issue 12, 2020

Construction of Evaluation System for High-quality Development of Characteristic Towns from the Perspective of Production-Living-Ecology Integration Downloads
Hongxia Dong and Hui Wang
Opening and Sharing of Large-scale Instruments and Equipment in Agricultural Research Institutes: A Case Study of Environment and Plant Protection Institute of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Downloads
Yanmei Cui, Xiaoqiang Chu, Huaping Huang, Xinchun Zhang, Ye Li and Shuchang Wang
Analysis on the Problem of Rural Surplus Labor and Recommendations for Rural Labor Transfer Downloads
Shenghua Huang
Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Shaxi Township of Lichuan City Downloads
Sijia Cheng and Shuhui Shao
Rural Land Consolidation in the Context of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Cong Li, Xiaoyun Li and Wenkang Dai
Sustainable Utilization of Agricultural Land in Chengdu Metropolitan Area Based on Emergy Analysis Downloads
Kai Lan and Qinghong Ran
Protection and Development of Traditional Villages from the Perspective of Territorial Spatial Planning: Taking Baisi Village, Henan Province as an Example Downloads
Bo Zhou and Shangzhe Li
Using "Three-dimensional Space Resources" for Fenlong Technology to Improve Grain Ecology and Expand Human Living Spaces Downloads
Benhui Wei
Planning Strategy of Tourism Service Towns under the Land and Space Planning System: A Case Study of Taiping Town in Nanchang City Downloads
Xulin Liu and Qi Luo
Genome-wide Association Analysis of Maize Flowering Traits Downloads
Haiying Zhang, Shu Gao, Binyang Li, Haixu Zhong, Zhicheng Zhang and Bowen Luo
Effect of Different Processing Methods on Storage Quality of Strawberries Downloads
Jun Wang, Feng Miao and Rui Zhou
Decorative Art of Doors and Windows in Southern Jiangxi: Taking Bailu Ancient Village as an Example Downloads
Yuting Xiao, Xiaoyun Li and Yishun Zhou
Development Strategy of Soundscape in Rural Tourism Based on Tourist Perception:A Case Study of Some Villages in Jiangxi Province Downloads
Kan Zheng, Haifang He and Jiawei Gao
Physicochemical Characteristics of Calamondin (Citrus microcarpa) from Hainan Downloads
Yi Zou, Hongjian Zhang and Lianhe Zheng
Quality Evaluation of Threshing and Redrying Process Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process Downloads
Xiaohan Guo, Chaohua Tang, Jing Tan, Qiuguo Wu, Bowen Xie and Zhuangyu Chen
A New Record of Orchidaceae from Guangxi: Galeola nudifolia Lour Downloads
Xueqiang Cui, Changyan Huang, Jieling Deng, Qian Song, Haixia Yan, Xuan Tang and Zibin Zhang
Classroom Teaching Evaluation of Chinese Painting as a Form of Fine Arts in Rural Junior High Schools Downloads
Haishan Zhu and Shuifeng Lan
Teaching Reform of Courses for Ideological and Political Education Based on Simulation Information Technology: Taking the Course Group of Engineering Valuation in Jiangxi Normal University for Example Downloads
Wenhai Zeng, Wentao Zhong, Yifeng Liang, Chen Wang and Zhangsheng Liu
Construction and Research of Formative Evaluation System in Fine Art Classroom Teaching in Rural Primary Schools Downloads
Haishan Zhu and Ziye Wang
Practice of Mind Mapping Technology in “Re-flipped Classroom” Teaching Mode: A Case Study of the Course Principles of Residential District Planning Downloads
Liwen Liu, Xiquan Chen, Xiaoyun Li and Jianrong Zhang

Volume 12, issue 11, 2020

Exploration on Ecological Compensation Mechanism of Family Farm Downloads
Qiang Zhang
Research on Dairy Consumption of Rural Residents in Yanqing District of Beijing Downloads
Huidong Gao, Rao Chen, Weimin Yang and Shilong Zhang
Mechanism and Countermeasures for Action of Scientific and Technological Innovation on Integration of Industrialization and Urbanization Downloads
Xiaolu Wu
Research on Perfecting Innovation Policy and Solving the Dilemma of Private Innovation in the Context of "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Downloads
Hui Wang and Chunxiao Chen
SWOT Analysis of Forest Carbon Sink Projects in Yunnan Province and Recommendations for Enhancing Competitiveness Downloads
Xiaolin Fang, Lan Gao and Jing Zhao
Evaluation and Renovation Strategy of Buildings in Mountainous Towns from the Perspectives of Nature and Culture: Taking Ciping Town, Jinggangshan as an Example Downloads
Xuanming Chen and Qi Luo
Characteristics of Soil Seed Banks of Typical Plant Communities in Hilly Area of Funiu Mountain Downloads
Yanjiao Li, Pengsen Cai, Weishuang Tong, Huashan Gao, Yan Zhao and Limin Wang
Protection of Ecological Environment in Territorial Spatial Planning Downloads
Chen Bao, Xiaoyun Li and Meipeng Le
Resident Relocation of Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage Site Based on Community Participation Theory Downloads
Qindan Fan and Yuhui Wu
Influence of Social Capital on Rural Tourism Development Downloads
Xiu Li and Yuguo Wang
Development Strategies for Rural Tourism in Mountainous Areas under the Background of Rural Revitalization: Taking Xujia Village, Meiling Town, Nanchang City as an Example Downloads
Qiang Liu and Xulin Liu
Human-centered Design for Green Landscape of Urban Streets Downloads
Yingchuan Zhao and Zhi Li
Comparison of Spatial Forms between Villages under Different Cultures in Jiangxi Province: Taking Meipi Village and Zhuqiao Village as Examples Downloads
Yucheng Liu
Distribution of Dongxiang Folk Story Resources in Dongxiang Autonomous County, Gansu Province Downloads
Modern British Scientific and Technological Societies and Agricultural Development Downloads
Wenyuan Zhao
An Analysis of the Demand for Education for the Elderly in Rural Areas: A Case Study of the Suburbs of Hangzhou Downloads
Ning Wang
Actual Value of Rural Cultural Auditorium Construction from the Perspective of Social Transformation: A Case Study of Wenzhou City Downloads
Aijun Shen

Volume 12, issue 10, 2020

Enlightenment of Development of Japanese and German Agricultural Management Main Body to China Downloads
Zehong Niu, Rao Chen, Weimin Yang and Shilong Zhang
High-quality Development of Selenium-enriched Industry in Guangxi Driven by Scientific and Technological Innovation Downloads
Yongxian Liu, Ying Xing, Xue Tang, Zhong He, Liping Pan, Jinping Chen, Boqian Chen, Qi Liang, Jingmao Xu, Zepu Jiang, Panxia Liang, Qing Liao and Taiqing Huang
Application of Robust Strategies in Location Selection of Logistics Distribution Center for Fresh Agricultural Products Downloads
Liu Yang, Bing Zhao, Pinyuan Zhao, Bingqing Zhang and Xuejie Bai
Protection and Utilization of Yellow Cattle Breed Resources in China Downloads
Jia Yao and Dacai Peng
Empirical Study on Impact of China's Economic Growth on Agricultural Trade Downloads
Dandan Liang
Functional Positioning of Pastoral Complex in the Context of Rural Revitalization Strategy: A Case Study of Pavlo Eco Valley in Gaoan City of Jiangxi Province Downloads
Hancheng Zhao
Thoughts on Science and Technology Service in Agricultural Research Institutes: Taking Institute of Plant Protection of Hebei Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences as an Example Downloads
Zheng Chen, Lixian Cui, Chunhong Liu and Guangyuan Ma
Construction of Rural Community Governance Path: Based on the Empirical Analysis of Chaoyang Community in Dazhou, Sichuan Downloads
Jianghua He
Thoughts on the Village Planning in the Context of Land Spatial Planning: A Case Study of Wentang Village, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province Downloads
Bo Zhou and Xun Wang
Efficiency Assessment of Land Use Types in Tan Binh Commune, Dak Doa District, Gia Lai Province, Vietnam Downloads
Buinhat Hung, Qingsheng Hao, Nguyenminh Thanh, Nguyenthi Linh, Levan Cuong, Nguyenthibich Phuong, Levan Long and Meiqi Zhang
Some Thoughts on China’s Territorial Spatial Planning in the New Period Downloads
Guilin Cheng, Xiaoyun Li and Jingxin Zeng
cDNA-SCoT Analysis of Differential Expressed Genes in Allium tuberosum Induced by Botrytis cinerea Downloads
Minghui Chen, Zhilu Zhang, Yanjiao Li, Pengqiang Yao, Shiping Cheng and Ganqing Zhao
Identification and Detection of Dyeing Components in Counterfeit Cinnabar (Elutriation) Downloads
Hailin Ran
Strategy for Human-oriented Living Street Based on the Needs of the Elderly: Taking Dieshan Road as an Example Downloads
Heng Zhang and Zhi Li
Geographical Indication of Unique Production Technology of Bahu Lotus Root Downloads
Huaen Yang, Yangang Liu, Shiliang Liu, Zhaotang Shen, Jing Wang, Hui Zuo, Chuanguang Li, Xiugang Yu and Deyou Liu
Cultivation and Primary Processing of Medicinal Chrysanthemums Downloads
Huashan Gao, Mengke Song, Guanhua Wang, Yulin Mo, Yuyuan Xu and Weishuang Tong
Contents of Main Nutrients in Leaves of ‘Jianyang Juyou’ Downloads
Yanfei Huang, Guifen Chen, Yuyi Huang, Liumei Xiong and Bin Liu
Cultivation Techniques of Salix carmanica Bornm, a Genuine Herb in Xinjiang Downloads
Nurbolat Aidarhan, Yanhua Gao, Abulimiti Yili, Huixia Ning, Geyu Liu and Haji Akber Aisa
Nutrition Bowl “Double Covering” Cutting Propagation Technique for Llex cornuta var. fortunei S.Y.Hu Downloads
Xiaojiao Yin, Xing Li and Xuyou Li
Research Progress on Diagnosis and Treatment of Bovine Mastitis Downloads
Jia Yao, Dacai Peng and Zhengmei Cheng

Volume 12, issue 09, 2021

Empirical Analysis of Relationship between Farmers’ Income Structure and Consumption in Guizhou Province in the Context of Large-scale Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Wuxu Tian, Jingwei Liu and Zhentao Wang
Study of Customer Relationship Asset Management from the People-oriented Perspective Downloads
Yuguo Wang
Early Warning of Agricultural Industrial Security in Hunan Province: Based on Entropy Weighted Grey Relational Analysis Downloads
Wenxing Xiao, Yongjun Ma, Yanhua Liu and Juan Zhang
Study on Distribution of Edible Fungus Variety Rights of Mori Sangyo Co., Ltd Downloads
Xueming Wu and Gao Ye
Development Situations and Countermeasures of Gastrodia elata Industry in Zhaotong City Downloads
Xuewei Zhu, Qifa Li and Yujie He
Current Situation and Application of Commercial Complex in Metro Stations: A Case Study of Nanchang City Downloads
Guihai Liu, Jiang Yu and Xiaoai Cai
Survey and Analysis of Community Care Service in Cities and Towns from the Perspective of Internet Downloads
Jiaxu Huang, Jiaqi Li, Yanfei Li, Ying Wang and Shuli Song
Present Situation and Development Measures of Beef Cattle Industry in Xuanhan County Downloads
Wei Wang, Zhimin Liao, Donghui Fang, Yi Shi, Jia Gan, Maozhong Fu, Cheng Gui, Desheng Qu, Zhicai Zuo and Jun Yi
New Utilization Model of Karst Rocky Desertified Land in Southwest China: Ecological Planting of Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo on Bare Rocky Mountains Mengyuan CHEN, Zisheng YANG* Institute of Land & Resources and Sustainable Development, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Kunming 650221, China Abstract The Yunnan-Guangxi-Guizhou rocky desertified area in southwestern China is one of the contiguous extremely poor areas identified in the Outline of Poverty Alleviation and Development in the Rural Areas of China (2011-2020). In rocky desertified areas, due to long-term severe soil erosion, large areas of bedrock are exposed or gravels are accumulated. This bare rock and gravel-mulched land has become the main land type in the rocky mountains. Under normal circumstances, it cannot be directly used for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery production, and is classified as land that is difficult to be utilized. In recent years, in Debao County, Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, as a deeply impoverished county in the Yunnan-Guangxi-Guizhou rocky desertified area, a new land use model of karst rocky desertified land, that is, planting Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo on bare rocky ground, has emerged, and certain poverty alleviation benefits have been achieved initially. In this article, on the basis of analyzing the suitability of planting D. officinale Kimura et Migo on karst rocky desertified land, the practice of planning D. officinale Kimura et Migo on the rocky desertified land in Debao County was elucidated, and then suggestions for reasonable promotion of ecological planting of D. officinale Kimura et Migo in karst rocky desertified areas were put forward. Key words Karst rocky desertified land, New utilization model, Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo, Poverty alleviation benefit Downloads
Mengyuan Chen and Zisheng Yang
Determination of Aroma Composition of Santalum album linn by Solid-phase Microextraction-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Downloads
Guotong Chen, Meiqin Li, Chao Huang, Na Wen and Aixia Wang
Optimization of Formulation and Processing Process of Milk Drink Supplemented with Whole Oat Kernels Downloads
Peng Yu
Production Mode and Economic Benefit of Improved No-tillage Intercropping with Potato in New mode Citrus Orchard Downloads
Yanjun Guo, Yibo Hu, Qianhua Ji, Liying Guo, Hui Jiang, Fengmei Yang and Xianwei Cao
Comparative Study on the Effect of Ethephon Treatment on the Growth of Two Grape Varieties Kyoho and Shine-Muscat Downloads
Jiayu Han, Hongyan Li, Rongrong Guo, Ying Zhang, Jinbiao Liu and Youqi Huang
Occurrence Regularity and Control Measures of Powdery Mildew in Strawberry Downloads
Hui Dong, Li Li, Jingfang Fan, Li Yang, Lei Yang and Yanan Li
A New Perspective of Rural Tourism and Leisure Agriculture Integration: An Empirical Analysis of Rural Tourism Satisfaction and Loyalty in Dalishu Village Downloads
Guanglu Liu
An Evaluation System for Agriculture and Tourism Coupling Degree of Rural Complex Based on Production-living-ecological Space Downloads
Yan Wang, Keying Linghu, Yiwei Feng, Jingyi Yang, Chang Zhong and Junyi Wei
Rooting Regional Characteristic Culture and Cultivating Students' Design Consciousness: Taking the Teaching Reform of Architectural Landscape Design as an Example Downloads
Haifang He and Kan Zheng

Volume 12, issue 08, 2021

Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic on the International Food Supply Chain and Countermeasures of Shandong Province Downloads
Fangyao Yuan, Ping Yang, Feng Xu and Tongkai Han
Integrated Development of Agricultural Recreation and Health and Wellness Industry in the Big Health Era Downloads
Mengdie Wang
Current Development Situations and Countermeasures of Edible Fungus Industry in Heilongjiang Province in the Context of Rural Revitalization Downloads
Runqing Chen
Countermeasures for Constructing Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park: Taking Jellyfish Industry, the Leading Industry of Yingkou City as an Example Downloads
Qiuxiang Han, Shengzhong Dong, Ting Liu and Xianghong Liu
Study of Factors Influencing China-ASEAN Agricultural Product Trade Development in the Context of “the Belt and Road” Downloads
Yanyu Yue and Dongdi Xie
Survey Report on Accelerating Development of Modern Vegetable Industry in Zibo City, Shandong Province Downloads
Dongwen Sun, Bo Geng, Fuling Kong and Haijuan Zhang
Comprehensive Evaluation on the Level of Agricultural Economic Development in Hubei Province Based on Principal Component Analysis Downloads
Simian Li
Key Progress of Rural Land Research in China from 2000 to 2019 Downloads
Zizhou Chen
Cloning and Bioinformatics Analysis of pepck Gene in Vibrio alginolyticus Downloads
Fuyuan Zeng, Yin Zhao, Shihui Zhou, Chuanhao Pan, Miao Xie and Huanying Pang
Effect of Foliar Application of Selenium Fertilizer on Yield, Selenium Content and Heavy Metal Contents of Waxy Maize Downloads
Chenglin Zou, Ruining Zhai, Kaijian Huang, Hua Tan, Debo Zheng, Aihua Huang, Xinxing Wei, Runxiu Mo, Faqian Xiong, Hui Wei and Shanzhu Wei
Comparative Study on Natural Selenium-enriching Ability of 7 Main Cultivars of Pueraria lobata Downloads
Kunpeng Ou, Yuanning Yang, Xueli Wang, Risheng Huang, Chengcheng Feng, Honghua Huang and Yan Wang
Effects of Applying Trace Clements on Yield and Quality of Flue-cured Tobacco Cuibi-1 Downloads
Xingchuan Hu, Yifeng Wang, Yufeng Du, Yukuo Hu and Shanhe Xu
Effects of Different Propagation Materials and Cultivation Years on the Yield of Polygonatum odoratum under the Forest Downloads
Yunwei Liu, Hongxue Wang and Shang Dong
Water Bath Extraction Optimization of Polyphenols from Qing Brick Tea and Raw Material Selection for Tea Polyphenol Extraction Downloads
Xuejie Wu, Guangping Ding and Jiandong Lai
Analysis of the Correlation between Middle-season Rice Yield and Meteorological Factors in Jingdong County from 2009 to 2016 Downloads
Bingyu Yang, Zhengyou Wang, Min Gao and Baofeng Huang
Successful Cultivation of Albino Mauremys mutica for the First Time Downloads
Zhenming Ren, Keming Ren, Shaoming Ren, Bingjing Liu and Yue Zhao
Survey and Analysis on the Students' Satisfaction with Undergraduate Teaching Management in Local Agricultural Colleges and Universities:A Case Study of Tianjin Agricultural University Downloads
Chunjie Li and Yongyi Wang
Application of Multiple Evaluation in Art Classroom Teaching in Rural Primary Schools Downloads
Haishan Zhu and Liping Liang
Study on the Path of Ideological and Political Education in the Process of Training New Agricultural Science and Technology Talents Downloads
Wei Huang, Daobo Wang and Zhaoliang Liu
Online Teaching Practice under the Epidemic Situation of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Downloads
Liwen Liu, Xiquan Chen, Xiaoyun Li, Yan Zeng and Chunying Zhang
The Way to Realize the Morality-establishing and Talent-cultivating Responsibilities of Postgraduate Tutors in Agricultural and Forestry Universities Downloads
Man Wang and Fengjun Zhang
Analysis on the Binary Marginal Characteristics of Chinese Bamboo and Rattan Products Export Downloads
Ye Deng and Kang Yu

Volume 12, issue 07, 2021

Return of Rural Migrants in Southwest China: An Empirical Study Based on 2010 Copies of Questionnaires Downloads
Guiyan Sun and Yu Wang
Construction Approaches of Enterprise Innovation Network from the Perspective of Social Network Downloads
Guanghe Han, Siqi Li and Jiayu Zhou
Economic Development Strategies and Optimization of High-tech Development Zones from the Perspective of "Four-transform and Three-famous": Taking Nanchang High-tech Development Zone as an Example Downloads
Zhikang Deng and Meixuan Ren
Plight and Countermeasures of Petty Credit Loan in Rural Financial Institutions in the Context of Rural Revitalization Strategy Downloads
Xiaofang Zou
Coupling Relationship between Integrated Land Consolidation and Farmland Scale Management in Villages over Coal Resources: A Case Study of Zezhou County in Shanxi Province Downloads
Yaying Wu
Current Research Situations, Problems and Recommendations of Land Use Structure and Layout Optimization Downloads
Yuting Dong and Zisheng Yang
Study on the Present Situation and Strategies of Rural Waste Classification Treatment in Northeast China Downloads
Ting Liu, Mengmeng Zhang, Xia Peng, Qiuxiang Han and Shengzhong Dong
Importance of Comprehensive Ecological Restoration of Mountains, Rivers, Forests, Farmland, Lakes and Grass: A Case Study of the Shichuan River Downloads
Shenglan Ye
Application of Molecular Marker Technologies in Stress Resistance Breeding of Rapeseed Downloads
Suping Guo, Yuan Yan and Ba Dan
Breeding and Promotion of Dunyu 107, a High-yielding and Stable-yielding Maize Variety Downloads
Jikun Guo, Zhibin Yan, Yang Xi, Yanbiao Yan and Xiang Li
Key Points of Breeding and Cultivation Techniques of Wushan Crisp Plum: a New Cultivar of Green Crisp Plum Downloads
Wei Xiong, Ming Huang, Ming Zeng, Linling Kou, Wenbin Kong, Jun Tang, Fang Xiang and Tao He
Introduction Performance of New Labor-saving Grape Variety Miguang in Southern Guangxi and Its Two-harvest-a-year Cultivation Technique Downloads
Jiayu Han, Ying Zhang, Xiongjun Cao, Rongrong Guo, Ling Lin and Changfu Cheng
Key Technology for Liquid Spawn Production and Green and High-yield Cultivation of Pleurotus eryngii Downloads
Yali Zhang, Shuguang Zhao, Yu Li, Zhengpeng Li, Cuie Zhang and Xiaotao Sun
Advances in Research on Rape Sclerotia and Resistance Breeding Downloads
Yan Yuan, Suping Guo, Guanghuan Yang and Ba Dan
Review of Research Situation of Brassica oleracea var.italica Downloads
Ying Gao
Effect of Different Inoculation Methods on Pathogenicity of Fusarium proliferatum to Alfalfa Downloads
Yinghua Luo, Mengteng Li, Congyu Li, Chenghao Jin and Xiangping Liu
Comparative Analysis of Semen between Debao Pony and American Pearl Pony Downloads
Zhengyu Chen, Qisheng Yang, Chunhua Huang, Lu Gan, Zihao Wang and Kejun Liu
Research on the Mixed Teaching Model in Colleges and Universities in the Context of "Internet+" Downloads
Wei Bao

Volume 12, issue 06, 2021

Empirical Study on Relationship between Income Structure and Consumption of Rural Residents in Jiangsu Downloads
Wei Zhang and Xiejun Cheng
Estimation of Economic and Ecological Value of Raising Sheep in Pastoral Area Downloads
Zenghai Luo, Shengzhen Hou, Zhiyou Wang, Yuchun Xin, Huakun Zhou and Guiying Yuan
Construction of Platform-based Business Ecosystem Downloads
Guanghe Han, Siqi Li and Jiayu Zhou
Analysis of Industrial Transformation of Resource-based Towns in Qingyang City: Taking Qingcheng County as an Example Downloads
Dan Wu
Treatment Effect of Pig Manure-derived Biochar-based Metal Catalyst for Pig Breeding Wastewater Downloads
Zhijun Zhang, Yijue Gao, Jiangcheng Shu and Jiawei Hu
Practice and Exploration of Scientific Recycling of Agricultural Plastic Film in Nanchong City Downloads
Chunlei Pu, Yi Wang, Pan Ding, Hongjiang Wang and Tianying Jiang
Ecological Landscape Planning and Design of Zhuxi River in Chongqing Downloads
Guoqing Li, Jie Zhu and Guohua Wu
Tillage Effect and Development Prospect of Fenlong Farming Tools with “Drill” Downloads
Benhui Wei
New Superior Cultivar of Red-fleshed Kiwifruit in the Jiugongshan Area and Its Application Prospect Downloads
Guorong Mao and Qingjia Mao
Report on Screening Test of Dazhou Superior Ramie Germplasm Resources Downloads
Yaling Li, Zhonggang Cui, Yun Guo, Zhaoxia Tang, Yan Yang, Wenmei Wu and Zhonghua Zhang
Advances in Research of Cutting Breeding Technology of Xanthoceras sorbifolium Bunge Downloads
Tao Liu, Mei Yu, Lei Wang, Dan Wu, Xiaoman Xie, Zhen Wang, Xueyong Zhang and Yongjun Zhao
Introduction Performance of Aornia melanocarpa in 4 Districts of Tianjin Downloads
Chenxi Wang, Jingyuan Xie, Yi Pei, Wen Xu, Jiangli Nie and Ya Su
An Analysis on the Forestry Technology Work after Afforestation Downloads
Yulong Shi, Xue Li, Rujing Yang, Jin Huang and Yi Zhang
Application Advantages of Fan-Water Curtain Cooling System in Pig Production Downloads
Taiyin Li, Jiarong Wu, Kejun Liu, Hongying Deng, Zhengyu Chen, Qisheng Yang and Chunhua Huang
Effects of Nano Chinese Herbal Medicine Feed Additive on Growth Performance, Meat Quality and Disease Resistance of Chickens Downloads
Zhenxing Zou, Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai and Yongling Hu
Conservative Breeding of Debao Pony in Nanning, Guangxi Downloads
Qisheng Yang, Kejun Liu, Shuwei Cao, Zihao Wang, Zhengyu Chen, Chunhua Huang and Lu Gan
A Preliminary Study on the Teaching Evaluation Language of Art Teachers in Rural Middle Schools Downloads
Haishan Zhu and Ting Huang

Volume 12, issue 05, 2021

Intellectual Property Protection and High Quality Development of Radix Glycyrrhizae for Treatment of COVID-19 Downloads
Yuanpeng Sun, Yanling Sun, Zheng Cheng, Yusi Liu and Zhe Wu
Research on Strategies for the Development of Selenium-enriched Tea in Ankang City of Shaanxi Province in the Context of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Jianbin Yang, Hui Zhang and Yuan Chang
Current Situation, Problems and Optimization Countermeasures of Rice and Shrimp Cultivation Industry in Hubei Province Downloads
Hong Li
Forage Forest in Natural Grassland: Important Role and Development Recommendations Downloads
E Binquan
Geographical Indications and Unique Production Techniques of Tangya Tribute Rice Downloads
Yangang Liu, Lijuan Liu, Guixiu Jin, Xiangkui Li, Ruihua Zhang, Jing Wang, Deyou Liu and Xiushan Zhao
Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Urbanization Development on Food Production Downloads
Yuan Mao
An Evaluation Study on Water Ecological Civilization Construction in Coal Mining Subsidence Area Downloads
Xiaolin Xia
Study on the Status and Topographic Heterogeneity of the Headwater Region of the Three Rivers Downloads
Dan Wu
Discussions about Construction of Agricultural Ecological Geochemical Survey Database Downloads
Li Ma
Identification of Genetic Relationship of Hybrid Rice Varieties to Their Parents with PRC Products Downloads
Lu Liu, Shujuan Hu, Xi Chen, Weizheng Peng, Bin Yang and Qingcai Zhan
Effects of Combined Organic-inorganic Fertilization on Quality and Water Use Efficiency of Spring Maize under Equal Nitrogen Fertilization Downloads
Defeng Wu
Multiple Regression Analysis of Influencing Factors on Yield of New Sugarcane Variety Yuetang 03-373 Downloads
Fangyin Pan, Fuye Liu, Mingfu Wen and Qingwen Luo
Design and Prototype Test of 9FQM1000 Branch and Straw Hammer Mill Downloads
Xiangquan Cui, Hansong Li, Feng Zhao, Zongchao Zhang, Dayong Guo and Bin Wang
Performance Evaluation Method of Discipline Construction Members in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Value Management Downloads
Hong Fang
Research on the Construction of a Fully-participatory Extracurricular Learning Platform with Multiple Linkage Effects Downloads
Jiasen Pan, Xuewei Zhu, Qifa Li and Jiang Yu
Key Factors Affecting the Learning Effect of Ideological and Political Students in Colleges and Universities Downloads
Yingce Zhan, Qitao Li and Mingcong Zhang
Research on the Path of Mathematics Discipline Construction Based on Demand Orientation: A Case Study of Tianjin Agricultural University Downloads
Huilan Jin

Volume 12, issue 04, 2021

Discussions of Exploring “41635” Potential of Food for More than 400 Million People through Developing “Fenlong Agriculture” Downloads
Benhui Wei
Empirical Study on the Benefit Increase of New Contract Farming 1 + 3 + X Model Downloads
Jiaohu Yang, Zhong Cheng, Hao Zhou and Peter Zhang
Developing Honeybee Breeding Industry to Revitalize Rural Economy Downloads
Zhaluo and Wenfeng Wang
Problems and Countermeasures in Benefit Linkage between Agricultural Leading Enterprises and Farmers Downloads
Rao Chen, Weimin Yang and Zhenghe Zhang
Study on the Present Situation and Influencing Factors of Farmers' Agricultural Insurance Demand in Poverty-Stricken Mountainous Areas: Survey and Analysis of 115 Farmers in Enshi Autonomous Prefecture of Hubei Province Downloads
Liu Yang, Liwen Xiang and Jing Zeng
Brief Introduction of Guidelines of Urban Street Design Downloads
Chenjun Zhang
Disinfection Technology for Auricularia auricula in Bag Cultivation: Problems and Countermeasures Downloads
Xianggang Wang, Yanfang Li, Fengzhi Zang, Yuanxia Miao, Hui Wang, Xiaoyu Yin and Chunge Shi
Nutritional Quality of Oat from Different Producing Areas in China Downloads
Wenting Liu, Xinjun Zhang, Cai Yang, Jing Bai, Xiaohong Yang, Tianliang Li and Haitao Zhou
Advances in the Study of Molecular Genetics of Grain Hardness in Wheat Downloads
Qiqi Zhang
Effects of Herba Picriae Extract on Growth performance and Immune Organ Index of Guangxi Partridge Chickens Downloads
Cui Yang, Xiaoguang Liao, Siqian Wu, Huofu Han, Jing Shi, Huihui Cao, Linling Zhao, Dawei Lai, Fanquan Zeng, Fulin Wang, Jiahuang Yang and Zhuyue Wu
Students’ Political Belief Education in Agricultural and Forestry Colleges and Universities in Network Environment: Taking Northwest A & F University as an Example Downloads
Long Ran
Strategies for Informatization Construction of Continuing Education Management in Higher Vocational Colleges: Taking Pharmacology Courses as an Example Downloads
Qun Chen, Rui Wang, Yingli Wang and Tianyu Niu

Volume 12, issue 03, 2020

Organic Connection between Small Farmers and Modern Agriculture Development Based on Farmers’ Cooperatives in China Downloads
Liying Wang, Shuyu Ding and Houping Liu
The Upward Issue of Agricultural Products Based on Farmer Cooperatives in the Context of Internet Downloads
Hong Yang and Ju He
Present Situation and Development Measures of River Crab Industry in Nanjing City Downloads
Jian Lu, Peipei Wang and Guoqin Zhou
Research on the Development of Rural Collective Economy in Shandong Province Downloads
Xiaoyan Zhang, Jingxue He, Lili Wang and Feng Liu
Modes and Approaches of Promoting Rural Rejuvenation through the Integration of Industry-Universities-Research Institutions Downloads
Yanting Lu, Shenghai Ye, Guofu Zhu, Liehong Wu, Huasheng Yu, Rongrong Zhai, Jing Ye and Xiaoming Zhang
Study on the Development of Modern Characteristic Agriculture in Ethnic Minority Areas in China Downloads
Haiyan Gan
Construction of Vitality of Public Space in New Urban Area: A Case Study of Honggutan New District of Nanchang City Downloads
Xiangyu Zeng
Adaptability Evaluation and Annual Production Model of Chinese Vegetable Varieties in Burundi Downloads
Kaiqiang Liu, Chengcheng Feng, Jiazuo Liang, Yuyi Huang, Guoqing Gao and Rukui Huang
Effects of Partial Replacement of Chemical Fertilizer by Bio-organic Fertilizer Kunyijian on Yield and Quality of Tobacco Leaves Downloads
Folin Li, Bingbing Lu, Lina Yang, Ronghui Yang, Facong Qian, Xingyang Xu and Jie Li
Progress in Research on Propagation Technology of Machilus Nees Downloads
Yin Xu, Yifei Lu, Jiao Zhao and Zhijian Feng
Effects of Soil Testing and Formulated Fertilization on Yield and Economic Benefit of Major Crops in Burundi Downloads
Kaiqiang Liu, Yuyi Huang, Yanfei Huang, Guifen Chen and Guoqing Gao
Application of Genetic Rules of Quality Traits in the Selection of Watermelon Inbred Lines Downloads
Xiaodan Luo, Shengcan Hou, Zhibang Huo, Zhiqiang Cheng and Junlong Fan
Spectral Characteristics and Quantitative Analysis of Troxerutin-Cu2+ Complex Downloads
Yu Lin, Liujun Liang, Wen Liu, Zhenzhen Pan and Fengfeng Xie
The Practical Significance of Marx's Theory of Natural Force Resources Downloads
Jiefang Zhu
Optimization for Dissemination Factors of Core Socialist Values in the Process of Citizenization of Migrant Workers Downloads
Yun He
Discussion on the Performance Evaluation Index System of Basic Course Teaching Team in Colleges and Universities Downloads
Hong Fang

Volume 12, issue 02, 2020

An Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Rural Financial Development on the Income Gap between Urban and Rural Residents in Heilongjiang Province Downloads
Guanghe Han, Jiayu Zhou, Siqi Li and Zhiming Shen
Empirical Research on E-commerce to Increase the Scale of Agricultural Products Trade: Taking Guangxi Hezhou Zhengfeng Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. as an Example Downloads
Changliang Pan and Jinfang Li
Current Status and Development Countermeasures of Forest Land Resources in Southern Cixi City Downloads
Congling Fang, Hefeng Zhou, Shaoqing Xu and Guangru Chai
Research on the Problem Investigation and Standardized Improvement Paths of Farmers' Cooperatives Downloads
Kaihua Liu
A Preliminary Study on the Rational Utilization of Land Resources in the Poverty-Stricken Mountainous Areas in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River: A Case Study of Xueshan Township Downloads
Jia Wang and Leijin Long
Effects of Tillage Methods on Soil Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen Content in the Loess Plateau Downloads
Tingting Meng
Evaluation of Mountain Land Ecological Security Based on DPSIR Model and Entropy Weight Method Downloads
Kai Rao and Zisheng Yang
The Inspiration of Poetic and Picturesque Literati Garden to Chinese Modern Gardening Downloads
Qi Luo and Yanling Li
Research on the Design of Ecological Roof Based on Intelligent Management System Downloads
Jiasen Pan, Ruiqi Li, Riying Xu, Qifa Li and Xuewei Zhu
Optimization of Acetic Acid Fermentation Process of Apple Cider Vinegar Downloads
Guangpeng Liu, Fengtao Zhu, Bo Zhao, Yan Zhao, Jiwu Wang, Miaomiao Sun and Fatao He
Development of Acidification-resistant Organic Fertilizer for Improvement of Acid Red Soil in Guangxi Downloads
Wei Huang, Zongkang Wang, Yongxian Liu, Yulin Zhu, Yu Zhang and Daobo Wang
Organic Carbon: A New Concept for Development of Modern Fertilizers and Plant Nutrition Theory Downloads
Youming Wei, Zongwen Liao and Xiaoyun Mao
Application Status and Development Measures of Biogas Fertilizer in Agricultural Production Downloads
Jing Xiao
Land Suitability Evaluation of Zanthoxylum schinifolium in Dry and Hot Valley of Jinsha River: A Case Study of Jiaopingdu Town of Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County, Yunnan Province Downloads
Meiqi Shao and Zisheng Yang
Effects of Light Time, Light Intensity and Light Color on the Growth and Quality of Cordyceps militaris Downloads
Wei Huang, Niu Cheng, Han He, Daobo Wang, Xujian Chen and Xiuying Huang
Rethinking of Teaching Reform of Land Resource Management Discipline in Local Normal Colleges and Universities under the New Situation Downloads
Junxia Huang and Wei Wu
Study on the Anti-tumor Mechanism of Immunological Checkpoint Inhibitor PD-1 Downloads
Yu Zhang, Tong Zhang, Shinong Wang, Hui Xue, Wenbo Zuo, Yannan Li and Chenghao Jin

Volume 12, issue 01, 2020

Changes in Utilization of Contracted Land in Xundian County, Yunnan Province in the Background of Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Chenhao Lu and Zisheng Yang
Management Models and Development Strategies of the Farmers' Professional Cooperatives in the Western Poor Counties and Regions of China: A Case Study of Long’an County, Guangxi Downloads
Yanting Hu, Yongxian Liu, Dongmei Wang, Liping Pan, Jinping Chen and Zhilian Fan
Development Model of Rural Complex against the Backdrop of Rural Revitalization Strategy:A Case Study of "Baixianggu" in Jing'an County Downloads
Ying Yu, Zhiming Wang, Jiangnan Huang and Simin Xiong
Modes and Approaches of Promoting Rural Revitalization by Science and Technology Commissioners:A Case Study of Science and Technology Commissioners from the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences Downloads
Yanting Lu, Shenghai Ye, Guofu Zhu, Baogang Lin, Faming Yu, Rongrong Zhai, Jing Ye and Xiaoming Zhang
Research on the Policy of "Man-Land-Money" Linkage in the Process of Urbanization Downloads
Huilin Zeng
Reform of Japan's Land Planning and Implications to China Downloads
Meilin Zhong and Yiqiang Zhong
Countermeasures for Establishing a Long-term Security Mechanism for Landless Farmers Downloads
Jiefang Zhu
Analysis of Style of Rockery Building and Stone Stacking Technique in the Royal Garden of the Song Dynasty: A Case Study of Genyue Royal Garden Downloads
Siyu Huang and Qi Luo
Land Use Regionalization in Poor Counties in Mountainous Areas Based on Targeted Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Qiude Li and Zisheng Yang
Work Effectiveness, Problems and Countermeasures of Third-Party Assessment Teams from Colleges and Universities for Targeted Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Jia Wang, Zisheng Yang, Zhiqing Yan and Shiqin Yang
Effects of Straw Utilization Methods on Dry Matter Production and Yield of Japonica Rice in Northern China Downloads
Yuefeng Cui, Tiegang Lu, Guocai Sun, Guiyan Wang, Jian Wang and Wenjia Huang
Influencing Factors of Determination of Total Arsenic in Soil by Atomic Fluorescence (AFS-9760) Method Downloads
Tingting Meng
Effects of Cultivation Method on Seed Yield and Quality of Bitter Gourd Downloads
Tianzhu Zhang, Caixia Liu, Zhiqiang Mi and Xueyuan Zhang
Progress of Land Engineering Discipline and Comparative Study on Teaching Methods Downloads
Pei Fu
Mode Innovation of School-Enterprise Cooperation on Food Safety Testing Laboratory Reform Downloads
Bin Dong
Construction and Exploration of Teaching Reform about the Horticultural Plant Biotechnology Course Downloads
Jie Zhu and Ping Chen
Remaining True to the Aspiration and Striving to Improve the Teaching Effect of the Current Ideological and Political Course Downloads
Jiarui Xu, Lu Chen and Ruxue Zhang
Impacts of Nanchang Metro on Accessibility of Public Transport Network and Fairness of Travel for Indemnificatory Housing Residents Downloads
Ying Zou, Zhi Li and Lichao Xu
Influencing Factors of Rural Land Internal Circulation Market in Guangdong Province Downloads
Shiyin Chen and Zhiyu Ma
Effect of Land Use on Flood Resilience Downloads
Jing Li and Shaoyu Tong
Recent Advances in Research on Soil Microbial Community Diversity under Conservation Tillage Downloads
Mingcong Zhang and Feng Zhang
Current Development Status of Cucumber Industry in Linyi City and Countermeasures for Improving Quality and Benefits Downloads
Yongtao Zhang, Xuyuan Zhou, Peng Leng, Zhaoshuai Gu and Deqiang Cao
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