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2009, volume 104, issue 488

A Bayesian Model for Cross-Study Differential Gene Expression pp. 1295-1310 Downloads
Robert B. Scharpf, Tjelmeland, HÃ¥kon, Giovanni Parmigiani and Andrew B. Nobel
Comment pp. 1310-1314 Downloads
Debashis Ghosh and Hyungwon Choi
Comment pp. 1314-1318 Downloads
Xiaodan Fan and Jun S. Liu
Rejoinder pp. 1318-1323 Downloads
Robert B. Scharpf, Tjelmeland, HÃ¥kon, Giovanni Parmigiani and Andrew B. Nobel
Analysis of Multifactor Affine Yield Curve Models pp. 1324-1337 Downloads
Siddhartha Chib and Bakhodir Ergashev
Bayesian Calibration of Microsimulation Models pp. 1338-1350 Downloads
Carolyn M. Rutter, Diana L. Miglioretti and James E. Savarino
Option Pricing With Model-Guided Nonparametric Methods pp. 1351-1372 Downloads
Jianqing Fan and Loriano Mancini
Semiparametric Efficient Estimation for Incomplete Longitudinal Binary Data, With Application to Smoking Trends pp. 1373-1384 Downloads
Jamie Perin, John S. Preisser and Paul J. Rathouz
Modeling and Inference for Measured Crystal Orientations and a Tractable Class of Symmetric Distributions for Rotations in Three Dimensions pp. 1385-1397 Downloads
Melissa A. Bingham, Daniel J. Nordman and Stephen B. Vardeman
Amplification of Sensitivity Analysis in Matched Observational Studies pp. 1398-1405 Downloads
Paul R. Rosenbaum and Jeffrey H. Silber
A Factor Model Approach to Multiple Testing Under Dependence pp. 1406-1415 Downloads
Friguet, Chloé, Maela Kloareg and David Causeur
Local Polynomial Quantile Regression With Parametric Features pp. 1416-1429 Downloads
Anouar El Ghouch and Marc G. Genton
Poisson Autoregression pp. 1430-1439 Downloads
Konstantinos Fokianos, Anders Rahbek and Tjøstheim, Dag
Competing Risks Quantile Regression pp. 1440-1453 Downloads
Limin Peng and Jason P. Fine
Learn From Thy Neighbor: Parallel-Chain and Regional Adaptive MCMC pp. 1454-1466 Downloads
Radu V. Craiu, Jeffrey Rosenthal and Chao Yang
Simultaneous Testing of Grouped Hypotheses: Finding Needles in Multiple Haystacks pp. 1467-1481 Downloads
T. Tony Cai and Wenguang Sun
On Nonparametric Variance Estimation for Second-Order Statistics of Inhomogeneous Spatial Point Processes With a Known Parametric Intensity Form pp. 1482-1491 Downloads
Yongtao Guan
Empirical Likelihood in Missing Data Problems pp. 1492-1503 Downloads
Jing Qin, Biao Zhang and Denis H. Y. Leung
Sequential Implementation of Monte Carlo Tests With Uniformly Bounded Resampling Risk pp. 1504-1511 Downloads
Axel Gandy
Forward Regression for Ultra-High Dimensional Variable Screening pp. 1512-1524 Downloads
Hansheng Wang
On Multivariate Runs Tests for Randomness pp. 1525-1538 Downloads
Davy Paindaveine
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Multivariate Normal Mixture Model pp. 1539-1549 Downloads
Otilia Boldea and Jan R. Magnus
Generalized Multilevel Functional Regression pp. 1550-1561 Downloads
Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, Ana-Maria Staicu and Chong-Zhi Di
Efficient Global Approximation of Generalized Nonlinear â„“1-Regularized Solution Paths and Its Applications pp. 1562-1574 Downloads
Ming Yuan and Hui Zou
Logistic Regression With Brownian-Like Predictors pp. 1575-1585 Downloads
Martin A. Lindquist and Ian W. McKeague
Multivariate Statistical Process Control Using LASSO pp. 1586-1596 Downloads
Changliang Zou and Peihua Qiu
Median-Based Classifiers for High-Dimensional Data pp. 1597-1608 Downloads
Peter Hall, D. M. Titterington and Jing-Hao Xue
The Analysis of Two-Way Functional Data Using Two-Way Regularized Singular Value Decompositions pp. 1609-1620 Downloads
Jianhua Z. Huang, Haipeng Shen and Andreas Buja
Empirical Likelihood Methods Based on Characteristic Functions With Applications to Lévy Processes pp. 1621-1630 Downloads
Ngai Hang Chan, Song Chen, Liang Peng and Cindy L. Yu
Local Rank Inference for Varying Coefficient Models pp. 1631-1645 Downloads
Lan Wang, Bo Kai and Runze Li
Nonparametric Bayes Conditional Distribution Modeling With Variable Selection pp. 1646-1660 Downloads
Yeonseung Chung and David B. Dunson
Testing for Efficacy in Primary and Secondary Endpoints by Partitioning Decision Paths pp. 1661-1670 Downloads
Yi Liu and Jason Hsu
p-Values for High-Dimensional Regression pp. 1671-1681 Downloads
Nicolai Meinshausen, Lukas Meier and Bühlmann, Peter
What Are the Limits of Posterior Distributions Arising From Nonidentified Models, and Why Should We Care? pp. 1682-1695 Downloads
Paul Gustafson
Conditional Quantile Estimation for Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity Models pp. 1696-1712 Downloads
Zhijie Xiao and Roger Koenker

2009, volume 104, issue 487

Attributing Effects to a Cluster-Randomized Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign pp. 873-885 Downloads
Ben B. Hansen and Jake Bowers
Weighted Normal Spatial Scan Statistic for Heterogeneous Population Data pp. 886-898 Downloads
Lan Huang, Ram C. Tiwari, Zhaohui Zou, Martin Kulldorff and Eric J. Feuer
Modeling Spatiotemporal Forest Health Monitoring Data pp. 899-911 Downloads
Nicole H. Augustin, Monica Musio, Klaus von Wilpert, Edgar Kublin, Simon N. Wood and Martin Schumacher
Joint Modeling of Self-Rated Health and Changes in Physical Functioning pp. 912-928 Downloads
Rebecca A. Hubbard, Lurdes Y. T. Inoue and Paula Diehr
Predicting Vehicle Crashworthiness: Validation of Computer Models for Functional and Hierarchical Data pp. 929-943 Downloads
M. J. Bayarri, James O. Berger, Marc C. Kennedy, Athanasios Kottas, Rui Paulo, Jerry Sacks, John A. Cafeo, Chin-Hsu Lin and Jian Tu
Singular Value Decomposition–Based Alternative Splicing Detection pp. 944-953 Downloads
Jianhua Hu, Xuming He, Gilbert J. Cote and Ralf Krahe
Bayesian Model Averaging Continual Reassessment Method in Phase I Clinical Trials pp. 954-968 Downloads
Guosheng Yin and Ying Yuan
Active Learning Through Sequential Design, With Applications to Detection of Money Laundering pp. 969-981 Downloads
Xinwei Deng, V. Roshan Joseph, Agus Sudjianto and C. F. Jeff Wu
Thresholding Events of Extreme in Simultaneous Monitoring of Multiple Risks pp. 982-992 Downloads
John Einmahl, Jun Li and Regina Y. Liu
Nonparametric Prediction in Measurement Error Models pp. 993-1003 Downloads
Raymond J. Carroll, Aurore Delaigle and Peter Hall
Comment pp. 1003-1007 Downloads
Jianqing Fan and Yang Feng
Comment pp. 1007-1010 Downloads
Susanne Schennach
Comment pp. 1010-1012 Downloads
John Staudenmayer
Comment pp. 1012-1013 Downloads
Jiayang Sun and Xiaofeng Wang
Rejoinder pp. 1013-1014 Downloads
Raymond J. Carroll, Aurore Delaigle and Peter Hall
Empirical Bayes Estimates for Large-Scale Prediction Problems pp. 1015-1028 Downloads
Bradley Efron
The Multiset Sampler pp. 1029-1041 Downloads
Scotland C. Leman, Yuguo Chen and Michael Lavine
Nonparametric Bayes Modeling of Multivariate Categorical Data pp. 1042-1051 Downloads
David B. Dunson and Chuanhua Xing
Testing for the Supremacy of a Multinomial Cell Probability pp. 1052-1059 Downloads
Dan Nettleton
Semiparametric Estimation Methods for Panel Count Data Using Monotone B-Splines pp. 1060-1070 Downloads
Minggen Lu, Ying Zhang and Jian Huang
Confidence Regions for the Multinomial Parameter With Small Sample Size pp. 1071-1079 Downloads
Chafaï, Djalil and Didier Concordet
Constructing Confidence Regions of Optimal Expected Size pp. 1080-1089 Downloads
Chad M. Schafer and Philip B. Stark
Split Samples and Design Sensitivity in Observational Studies pp. 1090-1101 Downloads
Ruth Heller, Paul R. Rosenbaum and Dylan S. Small
Nonparametric Transition-Based Tests for Jump Diffusions pp. 1102-1116 Downloads
Aït-Sahalia, Yacine, Jianqing Fan and Heng Peng
Locally Weighted Censored Quantile Regression pp. 1117-1128 Downloads
Huixia Judy Wang and Lan Wang
Quantile Regression With Measurement Error pp. 1129-1143 Downloads
Ying Wei and Raymond J. Carroll
Cox Models With Smooth Functional Effect of Covariates Measured With Error pp. 1144-1154 Downloads
Yu-Jen Cheng and Ciprian M. Crainiceanu
Reweighting Estimators for Cox Regression With Missing Covariates pp. 1155-1167 Downloads
Qiang Xu, Myunghee Cho Paik, Xiaodong Luo and Wei-Yann Tsai
A Semiparametric Regression Cure Model for Interval-Censored Data pp. 1168-1178 Downloads
Hao Liu and Yu Shen
Statistical Estimation in Generalized Multiparameter Likelihood Models pp. 1179-1191 Downloads
Ming-Yen Cheng, Wenyang Zhang and Lu-Hung Chen
Analyzing Length-Biased Data With Semiparametric Transformation and Accelerated Failure Time Models pp. 1192-1202 Downloads
Yu Shen, Jing Ning and Jing Qin
Intrinsic Regression Models for Positive-Definite Matrices With Applications to Diffusion Tensor Imaging pp. 1203-1212 Downloads
Hongtu Zhu, Yasheng Chen, Joseph G. Ibrahim, Yimei Li, Colin Hall and Weili Lin
On Large Margin Hierarchical Classification With Multiple Paths pp. 1213-1223 Downloads
Junhui Wang, Xiaotong Shen and Wei Pan
Jackknife Empirical Likelihood pp. 1224-1232 Downloads
Bing-Yi Jing, Junqing Yuan and Wang Zhou
Tail Index Regression pp. 1233-1240 Downloads
Hansheng Wang and Chih-Ling Tsai
A Class of Semiparametric Mixture Cure Survival Models With Dependent Censoring pp. 1241-1250 Downloads
Megan Othus, Yi Li and Ram C. Tiwari
An Incomplete-Data Quasi-Likelihood Approach to Haplotype-Based Genetic Association Studies on Related Individuals pp. 1251-1260 Downloads
Zuoheng Wang and Mary Sara McPeek
Assessing Robustness of Intrinsic Tests of Independence in Two-Way Contingency Tables pp. 1261-1271 Downloads
George Casella and Moreno, Elías
Note: Modeling Future Record Performances in Athletics pp. 1293-1294 Downloads
Joseph Hilbe

2009, volume 104, issue 486

Joint Models for the Association of Longitudinal Binary and Continuous Processes With Application to a Smoking Cessation Trial pp. 429-438 Downloads
Xuefeng Liu, Michael J. Daniels and Bess Marcus
Bayesian Analysis of Cancer Rates From SEER Program Using Parametric and Semiparametric Joinpoint Regression Models pp. 439-452 Downloads
Pulak Ghosh, Sanjib Basu and Ram C. Tiwari
Nonparametric Priors for Ordinal Bayesian Social Science Models: Specification and Estimation pp. 453-454 Downloads
Jeff Gill and George Casella
A Statistical Framework to Infer Functional Gene Relationships From Biologically Interrelated Microarray Experiments pp. 465-473 Downloads
Siew Leng Teng and Haiyan Huang
Assessing Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors of Young Women: A Joint Model with Nonlinear Time Effects, Time Varying Covariates, and Dropouts pp. 474-485 Downloads
Pulak Ghosh and Wanzhu Tu
Inferring Optimal Peer Assignment From Experimental Data pp. 486-500 Downloads
Debopam Bhattacharya
Sensitivity Analysis for Equivalence and Difference in an Observational Study of Neonatal Intensive Care Units pp. 501-511 Downloads
Paul R. Rosenbaum and Jeffrey H. Silber
Random Effects Models in a Meta-Analysis of the Accuracy of Two Diagnostic Tests Without a Gold Standard pp. 512-523 Downloads
Haitao Chu, Sining Chen and Thomas A. Louis
Repeated Measurements on Distinct Scales With Censoring—A Bayesian Approach Applied to Microarray Analysis of Maize pp. 524-540 Downloads
Tanzy Love and Alicia Carriquiry
Nonparametric Signal Extraction and Measurement Error in the Analysis of Electroencephalographic Activity During Sleep pp. 541-555 Downloads
Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, Brian S. Caffo, Chong-Zhi Di and Naresh M. Punjabi
Nonparametric Residue Analysis of Dynamic PET Data With Application to Cerebral FDG Studies in Normals pp. 556-571 Downloads
O'Sullivan, Finbarr, Mark Muzi, Alexander M. Spence, David M. Mankoff, O'Sullivan, Janet N., Niall Fitzgerald, George C. Newman and Kenneth A. Krohn
Modeling Hazard Rates as Functional Data for the Analysis of Cohort Lifetables and Mortality Forecasting pp. 572-585 Downloads
Jeng-Min Chiou and Müller, Hans-Georg
Density Estimation for Protein Conformation Angles Using a Bivariate von Mises Distribution and Bayesian Nonparametrics pp. 586-596 Downloads
Kristin P. Lennox, David B. Dahl, Marina Vannucci and Jerry W. Tsai
Log-Linear Models for Gene Association pp. 597-607 Downloads
Jianhua Hu, Adarsh Joshi and Valen E. Johnson
Mapping Ancient Forests: Bayesian Inference for Spatio-Temporal Trends in Forest Composition Using the Fossil Pollen Proxy Record pp. 608-622 Downloads
Christopher J. Paciorek and Jason S. McLachlan
Regression Models for Identifying Noise Sources in Magnetic Resonance Images pp. 623-637 Downloads
Hongtu Zhu, Yimei Li, Joseph G. Ibrahim, Xiaoyan Shi, Hongyu An, Yashen Chen, Wei Gao, Weili Lin, Daniel B. Rowe and Bradley S. Peterson
Intrinsically Autoregressive Spatiotemporal Models With Application to Aggregated Birth Outcomes pp. 638-649 Downloads
Jonathan D. Norton and Xu-Feng Niu
Sequential Design for Microarray Experiments pp. 650-660 Downloads
Gilles Durrieu and Laurent Briollais
Doubly Robust Internal Benchmarking and False Discovery Rates for Detecting Racial Bias in Police Stops pp. 661-668 Downloads
Greg Ridgeway and John M. MacDonald
Intervention and Causality: Forecasting Traffic Flows Using a Dynamic Bayesian Network pp. 669-681 Downloads
Catriona M. Queen and Casper J. Albers
On Consistency and Sparsity for Principal Components Analysis in High Dimensions pp. 682-693 Downloads
Iain M. Johnstone and Arthur Yu Lu
Discussion pp. 694-697 Downloads
Boaz Nadler
Discussion pp. 698-699 Downloads
Daniela M. Witten, Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani
Comments pp. 700-700 Downloads
James O. Ramsay
Rejoinder pp. 701-703 Downloads
Iain M. Johnstone and Arthur Yu Lu
Estimating Derivatives for Samples of Sparsely Observed Functions, With Application to Online Auction Dynamics pp. 704-717 Downloads
Bitao Liu and Müller, Hans-Georg
On the Concept of Depth for Functional Data pp. 718-734 Downloads
López-Pintado, Sara and Juan Romo
Partial Correlation Estimation by Joint Sparse Regression Models pp. 735-746 Downloads
Jie Peng, Pei Wang, Nengfeng Zhou and Ji Zhu
Shrinkage Estimation of the Varying Coefficient Model pp. 747-757 Downloads
Hansheng Wang and Yingcun Xia
Bayesian Mixture Labeling by Highest Posterior Density pp. 758-767 Downloads
Weixin Yao and Bruce G. Lindsay
Prior Distributions From Pseudo-Likelihoods in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters pp. 768-774 Downloads
Laura Ventura, Stefano Cabras and Walter Racugno
Confidence Intervals for Population Ranks in the Presence of Ties and Near Ties pp. 775-788 Downloads
Minge Xie, Kesar Singh and Cun-Hui Zhang
Computationally Efficient Nonparametric Importance Sampling pp. 788-802 Downloads
Jan C. Neddermeyer
A Class of Transformed Mean Residual Life Models With Censored Survival Data pp. 803-815 Downloads
Liuquan Sun and Zhigang Zhang
A Multivariate Extension of the Dynamic Logit Model for Longitudinal Data Based on a Latent Markov Heterogeneity Structure pp. 816-831 Downloads
Francesco Bartolucci and Alessio Farcomeni
Hunting for Significance With the False Discovery Rate pp. 832-840 Downloads
Martin Posch, Sonja Zehetmayer and Peter Bauer
Adversarial Risk Analysis pp. 841-854 Downloads
Insua Rios Insua, Jesus Rios and David Banks

2009, volume 104, issue 485

Communicating Statistics and Developing Professionals: The 2008 ASA Presidential Address pp. 1-4 Downloads
Peter A. Lachenbruch
A Spatio-Temporal Model for Mean, Anomaly, and Trend Fields of North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature pp. 5-18 Downloads
Ricardo T. Lemos and Sansó, Bruno
Comment pp. 18-20 Downloads
D. Higdon
Comment pp. 20-22 Downloads
Roy Mendelssohn
Comment pp. 22-23 Downloads
C. K. Wikle and R. F. Milliff
Rejoinder pp. 23-25 Downloads
R. T. Lemos and Sansó, B.
Bayesian Semiparametric Joint Models for Functional Predictors pp. 26-36 Downloads
Jamie L. Bigelow and David B. Dunson
A Case Study in Exploratory Functional Data Analysis: Geometrical Features of the Internal Carotid Artery pp. 37-48 Downloads
Laura M. Sangalli, Piercesare Secchi, Simone Vantini and Alessandro Veneziani
Estimating the Effect of a Time-Dependent Treatment by Levels of an Internal Time-Dependent Covariate: Application to the Contrast Between Liver Wait-List and Posttransplant Mortality pp. 49-59 Downloads
Douglas E. Schaubel, Robert A. Wolfe, Camelia S. Sima and Robert M. Merion
Robust Estimation of Mean Functions and Treatment Effects for Recurrent Events Under Event-Dependent Censoring and Termination: Application to Skeletal Complications in Cancer Metastatic to Bone pp. 60-75 Downloads
Richard J. Cook, Jerald F. Lawless, Lajmi Lakhal-Chaieb and Ker-Ai Lee
Bayesian Emulation and Calibration of a Stochastic Computer Model of Mitochondrial DNA Deletions in Substantia Nigra Neurons pp. 76-87 Downloads
Daniel A. Henderson, Richard J. Boys, Kim J. Krishnan, Conor Lawless and Darren J. Wilkinson
Estimating the Time-Varying Rate of Transmission of SARS in Singapore and Hong Kong Under Two Environments pp. 88-96 Downloads
Anthony Y. C. Kuk and C. C. Tan
Bayesian Modeling of Uncertainty in Ensembles of Climate Models pp. 97-116 Downloads
Richard L. Smith, Claudia Tebaldi, Doug Nychka and Linda O. Mearns
On the Determination of General Scientific Models With Application to Asset Pricing pp. 117-131 Downloads
A. Gallant and Robert E. McCulloch
Bayesian Analysis of Isochores pp. 132-141 Downloads
Paul Fearnhead and Despina Vasileiou
A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Analysis of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms Diversity in Multilocus, Multipopulation Samples pp. 142-154 Downloads
Feng Guo, Dipak K. Dey and Kent E. Holsinger
Estimating Response-Maximized Decision Rules With Applications to Breastfeeding pp. 155-165 Downloads
Erica E. M. Moodie, Robert W. Platt and Michael S. Kramer
Likelihood-Based Analysis of Causal Effects of Job-Training Programs Using Principal Stratification pp. 166-176 Downloads
Junni L. Zhang, Donald B. Rubin and Fabrizia Mealli
Generalized Thresholding of Large Covariance Matrices pp. 177-186 Downloads
Adam J. Rothman, Elizaveta Levina and Ji Zhu
Order Selection in Finite Mixture Models With a Nonsmooth Penalty pp. 187-196 Downloads
Jiahua Chen and Abbas Khalili
Likelihood-Based Sufficient Dimension Reduction pp. 197-208 Downloads
R. Dennis Cook and Liliana Forzani
Local Multidimensional Scaling for Nonlinear Dimension Reduction, Graph Drawing, and Proximity Analysis pp. 209-219 Downloads
Lisha Chen and Andreas Buja
Shrinkage Estimators for Robust and Efficient Inference in Haplotype-Based Case-Control Studies pp. 220-233 Downloads
Yi-Hau Chen, Nilanjan Chatterjee and Raymond J. Carroll
Variable Selection for Partially Linear Models With Measurement Errors pp. 234-248 Downloads
Hua Liang and Runze Li
Local Spectral Analysis via a Bayesian Mixture of Smoothing Splines pp. 249-262 Downloads
Ori Rosen, David S. Stoffer and Sally Wood
A Bayesian Reassessment of Nearest-Neighbor Classification pp. 263-273 Downloads
Lionel Cucala, Jean-Michel Marin, Christian P. Robert and D. M. Titterington
A Bayesian Hierarchical Nonoverlapping Random Disc Growth Model pp. 274-283 Downloads
Athanasios C. Micheas and Christopher K. Wikle
Time Series Modelling With Semiparametric Factor Dynamics pp. 284-298 Downloads
Byeong U. Park, Enno Mammen, Härdle, Wolfgang and Szymon Borak
Consistent Classification of Nonstationary Time Series Using Stochastic Wavelet Representations pp. 299-312 Downloads
Piotr Fryzlewicz and Hernando Ombao
Testing the Nullity of GARCH Coefficients: Correction of the Standard Tests and Relative Efficiency Comparisons pp. 313-324 Downloads
Christian Francq and Zakoïan, Jean-Michel
Testing Dependence Among Serially Correlated Multicategory Variables pp. 325-337 Downloads
M Pesaran and Allan Timmermann
Estimation of Parameters Subject to Order Restrictions on a Circle With Application to Estimation of Phase Angles of Cell Cycle Genes pp. 338-347 Downloads
Cristina Rueda, Fernández, Miguel A. and Shyamal Das Peddada
A Design-Adaptive Local Polynomial Estimator for the Errors-in-Variables Problem pp. 348-359 Downloads
Aurore Delaigle, Jianqing Fan and Raymond J. Carroll
Robust Response Transformations Based on Optimal Prediction pp. 360-370 Downloads
Alfio Marazzi, Ana J. Villar and Victor J. Yohai
Nonparametric Quantile Estimations for Dynamic Smooth Coefficient Models pp. 371-383 Downloads
Zongwu Cai and Xiaoping Xu
Rank-Based Estimation and Associated Inferences for Linear Models With Cluster Correlated Errors pp. 384-390 Downloads
John D. Kloke, Joseph W. McKean and M. Mushfiqur Rashid
Screening Experiments for Developing Dynamic Treatment Regimes pp. 391-408 Downloads
S. A. Murphy and D. Bingham
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