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2004, volume 99

Does the Statistics Profession Have an Identity Crisis? pp. 1-6 Downloads
Robert L. Mason
Randomization Inference With Imperfect Compliance in the ACE-Inhibitor After Anthracycline Randomized Trial pp. 7-15 Downloads
Robert Greevy, Jeffrey H. Silber, Avital Cnaan and Paul R. Rosenbaum
Causal Models for Randomized Physician Encouragement Trials in Treating Primary Care Depression pp. 16-25 Downloads
Thomas R. Ten Have, Michael R. Elliott, Marshall Joffe, Elaine Zanutto and Catherine Datto
Dose-Finding Based on Multiple Toxicities in a Soft Tissue Sarcoma Trial pp. 26-35 Downloads
B. Nebiyou Bekele and Peter F. Thall
Bayesian Survival Analysis With Nonproportional Hazards: Metanalysis of Combination PravastatinAspirin pp. 36-44 Downloads
Scott M. Berry, Donald A. Berry, Kannan Natarajan, Chen-Sheng Lin, Charles H. Hennekens and Rene Belder
Analysis of Contaminant Co-Occurrence in Community Water Systems pp. 45-56 Downloads
J.R. Lockwood, Mark J. Schervish, Patrick L. Gurian and Mitchell J. Small
Estimating the Interest Rate Term Structure of Corporate Debt With a Semiparametric Penalized Spline Model pp. 57-66 Downloads
Robert Jarrow, David Ruppert and Yan Yu
Multicategory Support Vector Machines: Theory and Application to the Classification of Microarray Data and Satellite Radiance Data pp. 67-81 Downloads
Yoonkyung Lee, Yi Lin and Grace Wahba
Subsampling Methods to Estimate the Variance of Sample Means Based on Nonstationary Spatial Data With Varying Expected Values pp. 82-95 Downloads
Magnus Ekstrom and Sara Sjostedt-De Luna
Large-Scale Simultaneous Hypothesis Testing: The Choice of a Null Hypothesis pp. 96-104 Downloads
Bradley Efron
Semiparametric Failure Time Regression With Replicates of Mismeasured Covariates pp. 105-118 Downloads
Chengcheng Hu and D.Y. Lin
Kernel Estimators for Univariate Binary Regression pp. 119-126 Downloads
D.F. Signorini and M.C. Jones
A Two-Stage Regression Model for Epidemiological Studies With Multivariate Disease Classification Data pp. 127-138 Downloads
Nilanjan Chatterjee
Likelihood-Based Local Linear Estimation of the Conditional Variance Function pp. 139-144 Downloads
K. Yu and M.C. Jones
Testing Independence for Bivariate Current Status Data pp. 145-155 Downloads
A. Adam Ding and Weijing Wang
Monte Carlo Smoothing for Nonlinear Time Series pp. 156-168 Downloads
Simon J. Godsill, Arnaud Doucet and Mike West
Testing for Differences Between Conditional Means in a Time Series Context pp. 169-174 Downloads
Eva Ferreira and W. Stute
Computational Methods for Multiplicative Intensity Models Using Weighted Gamma Processes: Proportional Hazards, Marked Point Processes, and Panel Count Data pp. 175-190 Downloads
Hemant Ishwaran and Lancelot F. James
On the Statistical Analysis of Smoothing by Maximizing Dirty Markov Random Field Posterior Distributions pp. 191-204 Downloads
Sylvain Sardy and Paul Tseng
An ANOVA Model for Dependent Random Measures pp. 205-215 Downloads
Maria De Iorio, Peter Muller, Gary L. Rosner and Steven N. MacEachern
The IOS Test for Model Misspecification pp. 216-227 Downloads
Brett Presnell and Dennis D. Boos
Geometric Ergodicity of van Dyk and Meng's Algorithm for the Multivariate Student's t Model pp. 228-238 Downloads
Dobrin Marchev and James P. Hobert
Methodology for Evaluating a Partially Controlled Longitudinal Treatment Using Principal Stratification, With Application to a Needle Exchange Program pp. 239-249 Downloads
Constantine E. Frangakis, Ronald S. Brookmeyer, Ravi Varadhan, Mahboobeh Safaeian, David Vlahov and Steffanie A. Strathdee
Inconsistent Estimation and Asymptotically Equal Interpolations in Model-Based Geostatistics pp. 250-261 Downloads
Hao Zhang
Spatially Balanced Sampling of Natural Resources pp. 262-278 Downloads
Don L. Stevens and Anthony R. Olsen
Methods and Criteria for Model Selection pp. 279-290 Downloads
Joseph B. Kadane and Nicole A. Lazar
Configural Frequency Analysis: Methods, Models, and Applications. Alexander Von Eye pp. 292-293 Downloads
Joachim Krauth
Visualizing Statistical Models and Concepts. R. W. Farebrother pp. 292-292 Downloads
Brian J. Williams
Testing Statistical Hypotheses of Equivalence. Stefan Wellek pp. 293-293 Downloads
Axel Munk
Small Area Estimation. J. N. K. Rao pp. 294-295 Downloads
Gauri Sankar Datta
Stochastic Approximation and Its Applications. Han-Fu Chen pp. 295-296 Downloads
George Yin
Optimal Design of Blocked and Split-Plot Experiments. Peter Goos pp. 296-297 Downloads
Timothy J. Robinson
Parametric and Nonparametric Inference From Record-Breaking Data. Sneh Gulati and William J. Padgett pp. 297-297 Downloads
R. Scott Linder
Generalized Estimating Equations. James W. Hardin and Joseph M. Hilbe pp. 297-298 Downloads
James D. Williams
Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data (2nd ed.). Jerald F. Lawless pp. 298-299 Downloads
E. Boone
Variable Selection in Data Mining: Building a Predictive Model for Bankruptcy pp. 303-313 Downloads
Foster D.P. and Stine R.A.
Bayesian Factor Analysis for Spatially Correlated Data, With Application to Summarizing Area-Level Material Deprivation From Census Data pp. 314-324 Downloads
Hogan J.W. and Rusty Tchernis
A Classical Study of Catch-Effort Models for Hectors Dolphins pp. 325-333 Downloads
King R. and Brooks S.P.
Semiparametric Regression Analysis With Missing Response at Random pp. 334-345 Downloads
Wang Q., Oliver Linton and Wolfgang Härdle
Sieve Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Semiparametric Regression Models With Current Status Data pp. 346-356 Downloads
Xue H., Lam K.F. and Li G.
Estimation in Partially Linear Models With Missing Covariates pp. 357-367 Downloads
Liang H., Wang S., Robins J.M. and Carroll R.J.
Heteroscedastic One-Way ANOVA and Lack-of-Fit Tests pp. 368-382 Downloads
Akritas M.G. and Papadatos N.
Cholesky Residuals for Assessing Normal Errors in a Linear Model With Correlated Outcomes pp. 383-394 Downloads
Houseman E.A., Ryan L.M. and Coull B.A.
Multiple Comparison of Several Linear Regression Models pp. 395-403 Downloads
Wenyu Liu, Jamshidian M. and Zhang Y.
On Priors With a Kullback-Leibler Property pp. 404-408 Downloads
Walker S., Damien P. and Lenk P.
A Bayesian Insertion/Deletion Algorithm for Distant Protein Motif Searching via Entropy Filtering pp. 409-420 Downloads
Xie J., Li K-C. and Bina M.
Propriety of the Posterior Distribution and Existence of the MLE for Regression Models With Covariates Missing at Random pp. 421-438 Downloads
Chen M-H., Ibrahim J.G. and Shao Q-M.
Inferential Aspects of the Skew Exponential Power Distribution pp. 439-450 Downloads
DiCiccio T.J. and Monti A.C.
Robust Analysis of Generalized Linear Mixed Models pp. 451-460 Downloads
Sinha S.K.
Universal Optimality for Selected Crossover Designs pp. 461-466 Downloads
Hedayat A.S. and Yang M.
Modified Large-Sample Confidence Intervals for Linear Combinations of Variance Components: Extension, Theory, and Application pp. 467-478 Downloads
Lee Y., Shao J. and Chow S-C.
A Semiparametric Basis for Combining Estimation Problems Under Quadratic Loss pp. 479-487 Downloads
George Judge and Ron Mittelhammer
Testing Homogeneity in a Mixture Distribution via the L2 Distance Between Competing Models pp. 488-498 Downloads
Charnigo R. and Sun J.
A Conditionally Distribution-Free Multivariate Sign Test for One-Sided Alternatives pp. 499-509 Downloads
Larocque D. and Labarre M.
Equivalence Between Conditional and Mixture Approaches to the Rasch Model and Matched Case-Control Studies, With Applications pp. 510-522 Downloads
Rice K.M.
Monte Carlo State-Space Likelihoods by Weighted Posterior Kernel Density Estimation pp. 523-536 Downloads
P. de Valpine
Parameterization and Bayesian Modeling pp. 537-545 Downloads
Gelman A.
To Model or Not To Model? Competing Modes of Inference for Finite Population Sampling pp. 546-556 Downloads
Roderick Little
Block Designs: a Randomization Approach. Vol. I: Analysis. Block Designs: a Randomization Approach. Vol. II: Design. Tadeusz Calinski and Sanpei Kageyama pp. 558-560 Downloads
Bailey R.A.
Estimating Animal Abundance: Closed Populations. David Borchers, Stephen T. Buckland, and Walter Zucchini pp. 558-558 Downloads
Fewster R.M.
Probability Models for DNA Sequence Evolution. Rick Durrett pp. 560-561 Downloads
Rosenberg N.A.
Current Topics in Computational Molecular Biology. Tao Jiang, Ying Xu, and Michael Q. Zhang (eds.) pp. 560-560 Downloads
Gentleman R.
Nonlinear Estimation and Classification. David D. Denison, Mark H. Hansen, Christopher C. Holmes, Bani Mallick, and Bin Yu (eds.) pp. 561-561 Downloads
Yong Yang
Nonparametric Goodness-of-Fit Testing Under Gaussian Models. Yu I. Ingster and Irina A. Suslina pp. 561-562 Downloads
Pouet C.
Applied Probability. Kenneth Lange pp. 562-562 Downloads
Terrell G.R.
An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance: Options and Other Topics. Sheldon M. Ross pp. 563-563 Downloads
Korn R.
Risk Analysis in Engineering and Economics. Bilal M. Ayyub pp. 563-564 Downloads
Lockwood J.R.
Modeling Financial Time Series With S-PLUS. Eric Zivot and Jiahui Wang pp. 564-565 Downloads
McNeil A.J.
Applied Computational Economics and Finance. Mario J. Miranda and Paul L. Fackler pp. 565-566 Downloads
Philipp Schönbucher
Computational Statistics Handbook With MATLAB. Wendy Martinez and Angel R. Martinez pp. 566-566 Downloads
Wikle C.K.
The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction. Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, and Jerome Friedman pp. 567-567 Downloads
Ruppert D.
Statistical Process Adjustment Methods for Quality Control. Enrique del Castillo pp. 567-568 Downloads
Nembhard H.B.
Statistical Tables, Explained and Applied. Louis Laurencelle and Francois-A. Dupuis pp. 568-569 Downloads
Pillers Dobler C.
A Primer on Statistical Distributions. N. Balakrishnan and V. B. Nevzorov pp. 568-568 Downloads
Anderson-Cook C.M.
The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint. Edward R. Tufte pp. 569-569 Downloads
Lenth R.V.
Calibrated Probabilistic Mesoscale Weather Field Forecasting: The Geostatistical Output Perturbation Method pp. 575-583 Downloads
Yulia Gel, Adrian E. Raftery and Tilmann Gneiting
Comment pp. 583-586 Downloads
Claudia Tebaldi and Doug Nychka
Comment pp. 586-587 Downloads
William Briggs
Comment pp. 587-588 Downloads
Mark S. Roulston
Rejoinder pp. 588-590 Downloads
Yulia Gel, Adrian E. Raftery, Tilmann Gneiting and Veronica J. Berrocal
Relative Risk Forests for Exercise Heart Rate Recovery as a Predictor of Mortality pp. 591-600 Downloads
Hemant Ishwaran, Eugene H. Blackstone, Claire E. Pothier and Michael S. Lauer
Hierarchical Bayesian Neural Networks: An Application to a Prostate Cancer Study pp. 601-608 Downloads
Malay Ghosh, Tapabrata Maiti, Dalho Kim, Sounak Chakraborty and Ashutosh Tewari
Full Matching in an Observational Study of Coaching for the SAT pp. 609-618 Downloads
Ben B. Hansen
The Estimation of Prediction Error: Covariance Penalties and Cross-Validation pp. 619-632 Downloads
Bradley Efron
Comment pp. 632-633 Downloads
Prabir Burman
Comment pp. 633-634 Downloads
L. Denby, J.M. Landwehr and C.L. Mallows
Comment pp. 634-637 Downloads
Xiaotong Shen, Hsin-Cheng Huang and Jianming Ye
Comment pp. 637-640 Downloads
Chunming Zhang
Rejoinder pp. 640-642 Downloads
Bradley Efron
Smooth Design-Adapted Wavelets for Nonparametric Stochastic Regression pp. 643-658 Downloads
V. Delouille, J. Simoens and R. von Sachs
Variable Selection and Model Building via Likelihood Basis Pursuit pp. 659-672 Downloads
Hao Helen Zhang, Grace Wahba, Yi Lin, Meta Voelker, Michael Ferris, Ronald Klein and Barbara Klein
Stable and Efficient Multiple Smoothing Parameter Estimation for Generalized Additive Models pp. 673-686 Downloads
Simon N. Wood
Functional Convex Averaging and Synchronization for Time-Warped Random Curves pp. 687-699 Downloads
Xueli Liu and Hans-Georg Muller
Exact and Approximate Inferences for Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models With Missing Covariates pp. 700-709 Downloads
Lang Wu
New Estimation and Model Selection Procedures for Semiparametric Modeling in Longitudinal Data Analysis pp. 710-723 Downloads
Jianqing Fan and Runze Li
Survival Analysis With Heterogeneous Covariate Measurement Error pp. 724-735 Downloads
Yi Li and Louise Ryan
Nonlinear and Nonparametric Regression and Instrumental Variables pp. 736-750 Downloads
Raymond J. Carroll, David Ruppert, Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, Tor D. Tosteson and Margaret R. Karagas
Inference After Model Selection pp. 751-762 Downloads
Xiaotong Shen, Hsin-Cheng Huang and Jimmy Ye
Discrimination and Classification of Nonstationary Time Series Using the SLEX Model pp. 763-774 Downloads
Hsiao-Yun Huang, Hernando Ombao and David S. Stoffer
Unit Root Quantile Autoregression Inference pp. 775-787 Downloads
Roger Koenker and Zhijie Xiao
Optimal Bayesian Design by Inhomogeneous Markov Chain Simulation pp. 788-798 Downloads
Peter Muller, Bruno Sanso and Maria De Iorio
Getting It Right: Joint Distribution Tests of Posterior Simulators pp. 799-804 Downloads
John Geweke
The Invariance of Some Score Tests in the Linear Model With Classical Measurement Error pp. 805-809 Downloads
Chi-Lun Cheng and Chih-Ling Tsai
A Nonparametric Test for Spatial Isotropy Using Subsampling pp. 810-821 Downloads
Yongtao Guan, Michael Sherman and James A. Calvin
The Impact of Dichotomization on the Efficiency of Testing for an Interaction Effect in Exponential Family Models pp. 822-831 Downloads
Vern T. Farewell, Brian D.M. Tom and Patrick Royston
Improving the Efficiency of Relative-Risk Estimation in Case-Cohort Studies pp. 832-844 Downloads
Michal Kulich and D.Y. Lin
Unbiased Estimating Equations From Working Correlation Models for Irregularly Timed Repeated Measures pp. 845-853 Downloads
You-Gan Wang and Vincent J. Carey
Causal Inference With General Treatment Regimes: Generalizing the Propensity Score pp. 854-866 Downloads
Kosuke Imai and David A. van Dyk
Membership Functions and Probability Measures of Fuzzy Sets pp. 867-877 Downloads
Nozer D. Singpurwalla and Jane M. Booker
Comment pp. 877-879 Downloads
D.V. Lindley
Comment pp. 879-880 Downloads
Michael Laviolette
Comment pp. 880-881 Downloads
Lotfi A. Zadeh
Comment pp. 882-884 Downloads
A.P. Dempster
Rejoinder pp. 884-889 Downloads
Nozer D. Singpurwalla and Jane M. Booker
The Price of Kaplan-Meier pp. 890-896 Downloads
Paul Meier, Theodore Karrison, Rick Chappell and Hui Xie
Bayesian Nonparametrics. J. K. Ghosh and R. V. Ramamoorthi pp. 898-899 Downloads
Ilenia Epifani
Components of Variance. D. R. Cox and P. J. Solomon pp. 899-899 Downloads
Stephen D. Kachman
Statistical Tools for Environmental Quality Measurement. Michael E. Ginevan and Douglas E. Splitstone pp. 900-901 Downloads
Penelope S. Pooler
Data Analysis and Graphics Using R: An Example-Based Approach. John Maindonald and John Braun pp. 901-902 Downloads
Christine M. Anderson-Cook
2D Object Detection and Recognition: Models, Algorithms, and Networks. Yali Amit pp. 902-903 Downloads
Havard Rue
Advanced Calculus with Applications in Statistics (2nd ed.). Andre I. Khuri pp. 903-904 Downloads
Kenneth S. Berenhaut
Handbook of Statistics 22: Statistics in Industry. R. Khattree and C. R. Rao (eds.) pp. 904-904 Downloads
Christine M. Anderson-Cook
A Model-Based Background Adjustment for Oligonucleotide Expression Arrays pp. 909-917 Downloads
Zhijin Wu, Rafael A. Irizarry, Robert Gentleman, Francisco Martinez-Murillo and Forrest Spencer
Structural Mean Effects of Noncompliance: Estimating Interaction With Baseline Prognosis and Selection Effects pp. 918-928 Downloads
Krista Fischer and Els Goetghebeur
A Random Pattern-Mixture Model for Longitudinal Data With Dropouts pp. 929-937 Downloads
Wensheng Guo, Sarah J. Ratcliffe and Thomas Ten T. Have
Improved Semiparametric Time Series Models of Air Pollution and Mortality pp. 938-948 Downloads
Francesca Dominici, Aidan M.C. Dermott and Trevor J. Hastie
Location-Scale Depth pp. 949-966 Downloads
Ivan Mizera and Christine H. Muller
Comment pp. 966-969 Downloads
Mia Hubert, Peter Rousseeuw and Karlien Vanden Branden
Comment pp. 970-973 Downloads
Robert Serfling
Comment pp. 973-976 Downloads
Xuming He and Stephen Portnoy
Comment pp. 976-979 Downloads
David Eppstein
Comment pp. 980-981 Downloads
Peter McCullagh
Rejoinder pp. 981-989 Downloads
Ivan Mizera and Christine H. Muller
Optimal Sample Size for Multiple Testing: The Case of Gene Expression Microarrays pp. 990-1001 Downloads
Peter Muller, Giovanni Parmigiani, Christian Robert and Judith Rousseau
False Discovery Control for Random Fields pp. 1002-1014 Downloads
M. Perone Pacifico, C. Genovese, I. Verdinelli and L. Wasserman
Cross-Validation and the Estimation of Conditional Probability Densities pp. 1015-1026 Downloads
Peter Hall, Jeffrey Racine and Qi Li
On a Likelihood Approach for Monte Carlo Integration pp. 1027-1036 Downloads
Zhiqiang Tan
Fully Exponential Laplace Approximations Using Asymptotic Modes pp. 1037-1049 Downloads
Yoichi Miyata
Bayesian Estimation of the Spectral Density of a Time Series pp. 1050-1059 Downloads
Nidhan Choudhuri, Subhashis Ghosal and Anindya Roy
Models and Confidence Intervals for True Values in Interlaboratory Trials pp. 1060-1071 Downloads
Hari K. Iyer, C.M. Jack Wang and T Mathew
Smooth and Accurate Multivariate Confidence Regions pp. 1072-1081 Downloads
Bo Yang and John E. Kolassa
Testing for Trend in the Presence of Autoregressive Error pp. 1082-1091 Downloads
Anindya Roy, Barry Falk and Wayne A. Fuller
Local Global Neural Networks: A New Approach for Nonlinear Time Series Modeling pp. 1092-1107 Downloads
Mayte Suarez -Farinas, Carlos Pedreira and Marcelo Medeiros
Predicting the Conditional Probability of Discovering a New Class pp. 1108-1118 Downloads
Chang Xuan Mao
Predicting Random Effects From Finite Population Clustered Samples With Response Error pp. 1119-1130 Downloads
Edward J. Stanek and Julio M. Singer
Combining Independent Regression Estimators From Multiple Surveys pp. 1131-1139 Downloads
Takis Merkouris
Analysis of Time-to-Event Data With Incomplete Event Adjudication pp. 1140-1152 Downloads
Thomas D. Cook and Michael R. Kosorok
Joint Modeling and Estimation for Recurrent Event Processes and Failure Time Data pp. 1153-1165 Downloads
Chiung-Yu Huang and Mei-Cheng Wang
Smoothing Spline Nonlinear Nonparametric Regression Models pp. 1166-1175 Downloads
Chunlei Ke and Yuedong Wang
Nonparametric and Semiparametric Models for Missing Covariates in Parametric Regression pp. 1176-1189 Downloads
Hua Yun Chen
Optimal Experimental Designs When Some Independent Variables Are Not Subject to Control pp. 1190-1199 Downloads
Jesus Lopez-Fidalgo and Sandra A. Garcet-Rodriguez
Bayesian Reasoning in Data Analysis: A Critical Introduction. Giulio DAgostini pp. 1201-1202 Downloads
George Woodworth
Bayesian Survival Analysis. Joseph G. Ibrahim, Ming-hui Chen, and Debajyoti Sinha pp. 1202-1203 Downloads
Jun Yan
The Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments. Thomas J. Santner, Brian J. Williams, and William I. Notz pp. 1203-1204 Downloads
Max D. Morris
Introduction to Stochastic Search and Optimization: Estimation, Simulation, and Control. James C. Spall pp. 1204-1205 Downloads
Jesse Frey
Statistical Methods for Six Sigma in R&d and Manufacturing. Anand M. Joglekar pp. 1205-1206 Downloads
Christine M. Anderson-Cook
Power Analysis for Experimental Research: A Practical Guide For The Biological, Medical and Social Sciences. R. Barker Bausell and Yu-fang Li & Statistical Power Analysis: A Simple and General Model for Traditional and Modern Hypothesis Tests (2nd Ed.). Kevin R. Murphy and Brett Myors pp. 1206-1207 Downloads
Russell V. Lenth
Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis for Epidemiology: A Practical Guide. Jos W. R. Twisk pp. 1207-1208 Downloads
X. Joan Hu
Health Science Research: A Handbook of Quantitative Methods. Jennifer Peat pp. 1208-1208 Downloads
Jane C. Lindsey
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