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2002, volume 97

Statistical Bridges pp. 1-7 Downloads
Scheaffer R. L.
Bayesian Analysis of Rank Data With Application to Primate Intelligence Experiments pp. 8-17 Downloads
Johnson V. E., Deaner R. O. and P. van Schaik C.
Prediction of Reservoir Variables Based on Seismic Data and Well Observations pp. 18-28 Downloads
Lien Eide A., Omre H. and Ursin B.
Selecting Therapeutic Strategies Based on Efficacy and Death in Multicourse Clinical Trials pp. 29-39 Downloads
Thall P. F., Sung H-G. and Estey E. H.
Analysis of Multivariate Longitudinal Outcomes With Nonignorable Dropouts and Missing Covariates: Changes in Methadone Treatment Practices pp. 40-52 Downloads
Roy J. and Lin X.
Latent Class Models for Joint Analysis of Longitudinal Biomarker and Event Process Data: Application to Longitudinal Prostate-Specific Antigen Readings and Prostate Cancer pp. 53-65 Downloads
Lin H., Turnbull B. W., McCulloch C. E. and Slate E. H.
Clustering of Translocation Breakpoints pp. 66-76 Downloads
Segal M. R. and Wiemels J. L.
Comparison of Discrimination Methods for the Classification of Tumors Using Gene Expression Data pp. 77-87 Downloads
Dudoit S., Fridlyand J. and Speed T. P
Bayesian Models for Gene Expression With DNA Microarray Data pp. 88-99 Downloads
Ibrahim J. G., Chen M-H. and Gray R. J.
Air Pollution and Mortality: Estimating Regional and National Dose-Response Relationships pp. 100-111 Downloads
Dominici F., Daniels M., Zeger S. L. and Samet J. M.
Bayesian Spatial Prediction of Random Space-Time Fields With Application to Mapping PM2.5 Exposure pp. 112-124 Downloads
Kibria B.M.G., Sun L., Zidek J. V. and Le N. D.
Combining Images Across Multiple Subjects: A Study of Direct Cortical Electrical Interference pp. 125-135 Downloads
Miglioretti D. L., McCulloch C. and Zeger S. L.
Inconsistency of Resampling Algorithms for High-Breakdown Regression Estimators and a New Algorithm pp. 136-159 Downloads
Hawkins D. M. and Olive D. J.
Bayesian Smoothing and Regression Splines for Measurement Error Problems pp. 160-169 Downloads
Berry S. M., Carroll R. J and Ruppert D.
Nonparametric Estimation of a Distribution Subject to a Stochastic Precedence Constraint pp. 170-182 Downloads
Arcones M. A., Kvam P. H. and Samaniego F. J.
Attributing Effects to Treatment in Matched Observational Studies pp. 183-192 Downloads
Rosenbaum P. R.
Estimation With Survey Data Under Nonignorable Nonresponse or Informative Sampling pp. 193-200 Downloads
Qin J., Leung D. and Shao J.
Length-Biased Sampling With Right Censoring: An Unconditional Approach pp. 201-209 Downloads
Asgharian M., MLan C.E. and Wolfson D. B.
Adaptive Model Selection pp. 210-221 Downloads
Shen X. and Ye J.
Asymptotic Normality of Semiparametric and Nonparametric Posterior Distributions pp. 222-235 Downloads
Shen X.
Recursive Combination Tests pp. 236-244 Downloads
Brannath W., Martin Posch and Bauer P.
Adjusted Nelson-Aalen Estimates With Retrospective Matching pp. 245-256 Downloads
Winnett A. and Sasieni P.
Statistical Methods in Assessing Agreement: Models, Issues, and Tools pp. 257-270 Downloads
Lin L., Hedayat A. S., Sinha B. and Yang M.
Conditional Second-Order Generalized Estimating Equations for Generalized Linear and Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models pp. 271-283 Downloads
Vonesh E. F., Hui Wang, Nie L. and Majumdar D.
Bootstrap Tests for Distributional Treatment Effects in Instrumental Variable Models pp. 284-292 Downloads
Alberto Abadie
Multiple Test Procedures for Identifying the Minimum Effective and Maximum Safe Doses of a Drug pp. 293-301 Downloads
Tamhane A. C. and Logan B. R.
Latent Variable Analysis of Multivariate Spatial Data pp. 302-317 Downloads
Christensen W. F. and Amemiya Y.
Calibration Regression of Censored Lifetime Medical Cost pp. 318-327 Downloads
Huang Y.
Inference on Multivariate M Estimators Based on Bivariate Censored Data pp. 328-336 Downloads
I. Van Keilegom and Hettmansperger T. P.
Bayesian Methods for Hidden Markov Models: Recursive Computing in the 21st Century pp. 337-351 Downloads
Scott S. L.
Stochastic Declustering of Space-Time Earthquake Occurrences pp. 369-380 Downloads
Zhuang J., Ogata Y. and Vere-Jones D.
Hierarchical Bayesian Nonresponse Models for Binary Data From Small Areas With Uncertainty About Ignorability pp. 381-388 Downloads
Nandram B. and Choi J.W.
Estimation of Waning Vaccine Efficacy pp. 389-397 Downloads
Kanaan M.N. and Farrington C.P.
A Nonparametric Test of Gene Region Heterogeneity Associated With Phenotype pp. 398-408 Downloads
Kowalski J., Pagano M. and DeGruttola V.
Empirical Bayes and Item-Clustering Effects in a Latent Variable Hierarchical Model: A Case Study From the National Assessment of Educational Progress pp. 409-419 Downloads
Scott S.L. and Ip E.H.
The Effect of Duration and Delay of Licensure on Risk of Crash: A Bayesian Analysis of Repeated Time-To-Event Measures pp. 420-431 Downloads
Elliott M.R., Raghunathan T.E. and Shope J.T.
Multiple-Output Production With Undesirable Outputs: An Application to Nitrogen Surplus in Agriculture pp. 432-442 Downloads
Fernandez C., Gary Koop and Mark Steel
Sieve Bootstrap With Variable-Length Markov Chains for Stationary Categorical Time Series pp. 443-471 Downloads
Buhlmann P.
Corrected Score Estimation via Complex Variable Simulation Extrapolation pp. 472-481 Downloads
Novick S.J. and Stefanski L.A.
Marginal Longitudinal Nonparametric Regression: Locality and Efficiency of Spline and Kernel Methods pp. 482-493 Downloads
Welsh A.H., Lin X. and Carroll R.J.
Locally Efficient Estimation of a Multivariate Survival Function in Longitudinal Studies pp. 494-507 Downloads
M.J. van der Laan, Hubbard A.E. and Robins J.M.
Detecting the Presence of Mixing with Multiscale Maximum Likelihood pp. 508-513 Downloads
Walther G.
Semiparametric Mixed-Effects Models for Clustered Failure Time Data pp. 514-522 Downloads
Cai T., Cheng S.C. and Wei L.J.
Estimating a Changepoint, Boundary, or Frontier in the Presence of Observation Error pp. 523-534 Downloads
Hall P. and Leopold Simar
Efficient Estimation of Quadratic Finite Population Functions in the Presence of Auxiliary Information pp. 535-543 Downloads
Sitter R.R. and Wu C.
Sample Correlation Coefficients Based on Survey Data Under Regression Imputation pp. 544-552 Downloads
Shao J. and Wang H.
An Exact Multivariate Model-Based Structural Decomposition pp. 553-564 Downloads
Casals J., Miguel Jerez and Sotoca S.
Double-Semiparametric Method for Missing Covariates in Cox Regression Models pp. 565-576 Downloads
Chen H.Y.
Estimating the Expected Total Number of Events in a Process pp. 577-589 Downloads
Maller R.A., Sun L. and Zhou X.
Nonseparable, Stationary Covariance Functions for Space-Time Data pp. 590-600 Downloads
Gneiting T.
A Powerful Portmanteau Test of Lack of Fit for Time Series pp. 601-610 Downloads
Pena D. and Joaquin Rodriguez
Model-Based Clustering, Discriminant Analysis, and Density Estimation pp. 611-631 Downloads
Fraley C. and Raftery A.E.
Combining Incompatible Spatial Data pp. 632-648 Downloads
Gotway C.A. and Young L.J.
Accounting for the Black-White Wealth Gap: A Nonparametric Approach pp. 663-673 Downloads
Robert Barsky, John Bound, Charles K.K. and Lupton J.P.
A Unified Approach to Conjoint Analysis Models pp. 674-682 Downloads
Marshall P. and Bradlow E.T.
A Marked Point Process Model for the Source Proximity Effect in the Indoor Environment pp. 683-691 Downloads
McBride S.J.
Modeling Spatial Variation in Disease Risk: A Geostatistical Approach pp. 692-701 Downloads
Kelsall J. and Eld J.W.
On the Relative Importance of Input Factors in Mathematical Models: Safety Assessment for Nuclear Waste Disposal pp. 702-709 Downloads
Saltelli A. and Tarantola S.
Comparing the Performance of Baseball Players: A Multiple-Output Approach pp. 710-720 Downloads
Gary Koop
Latent Class Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data: Application to Dietary Data pp. 721-741 Downloads
Patterson B.H., Dayton C.M. and Graubard B.I.
Adjusting for Population Heterogeneity and Misspecified Haplotype Frequencies When Testing Nonparametric Null Hypotheses in Statistical Genetics pp. 742-758 Downloads
Rabinowitz D.
Identification of Shared Components in Large Ensembles of Time Series Using Dimension Reduction pp. 759-765 Downloads
Li K-C. and Shedden K.
Smoothers and the Cp, Generalized Maximum Likelihood, and Extended Exponential Criteria: A Geometric Approach pp. 766-782 Downloads
Kou S.C. and Efron B.
Markov Chain Marginal Bootstrap pp. 783-795 Downloads
He X. and Hu F.
Invariance, Identifiability, and Morphometrics pp. 796-806 Downloads
Lele S.R. and McCulloch C.E.
Dynamically Weighted Importance Sampling in Monte Carlo Computation pp. 807-821 Downloads
Liang F.
An Adaptive, Rate-Optimal Test of Linearity for Median Regression Models pp. 822-835 Downloads
Horowitz J.L. and Spokoiny V.G.
Saddlepoint Approximation and Bootstrap Inference for the Satterthwaite Class of Ratios pp. 836-846 Downloads
Butler R.W. and Paolella M.S.
Designing Follow-Up Times pp. 847-858 Downloads
Inoue L.Y.T. and Parmigiani G.
Predictive Variable Selection in Generalized Linear Models pp. 859-871 Downloads
Meyer M.C. and Laud P.W.
Three-Step Censored Quantile Regression and Extramarital Affairs pp. 872-882 Downloads
Han Hong and Victor Chernozhukov
Local Polynomial Mixed-Effects Models for Longitudinal Data pp. 883-897 Downloads
Wu H. and Zhang J-T.
Optimal Crossover Designs in a Model With Self and Mixed Carryover Effects pp. 898-906 Downloads
Kunert J. and Stufken J.
Nonparametric Estimation of a Bivariate Mean Residual Life Function pp. 907-917 Downloads
Kulkarni H.V. and Rattihalli R.N.
Mathematics and Sports (Mathematical World, Vol. 3) pp. 919-920 Downloads
Lock R.H.
Curve Ball: Baseball, Statistics, and the Role of Chance in the Game pp. 919-919 Downloads
Schell M.J.
Time-Series Forecasting pp. 920-920 Downloads
Trindade A.A.
Probability, Econometrics and Truth: The Methodology of Econometrics pp. 921-923 Downloads
Aris Spanos
Asymptotic Theory for Econometricians (rev. ed.) pp. 921-921 Downloads
Timothy Vogelsang
Probability and Finance: Its Only a Game! pp. 923-923 Downloads
Delbaen F.
Introductory Statistics and Random Phenomena: Uncertainty, Complexity and Chaotic Behavior in Engineering and Science pp. 924-925 Downloads
Goldsman D.
Experimental Quality: A Strategic Approach to Achieve and Improve Quality pp. 924-924 Downloads
Lenth R.V.
Limit Distributions for Sums of Independent Random Vectors pp. 925-926 Downloads
Feldman R.E.
Probabilistic Risk Analysis: Foundations and Methods pp. 925-925 Downloads
Jensen U.
Applying and Interpreting Statistics, A Comprehensive Guide (2nd ed.) pp. 926-927 Downloads
Rogness N.
An Invariant Approach to Statistical Analysis of Shapes pp. 927-928 Downloads
Jammalamadaka S.R.
Scan Statistics pp. 927-927 Downloads
Jammalamadaka S.R.
Discovering Combinations of Genomic Aberrations Associated With Cancer pp. 931-942 Downloads
Newton M.A.
The Clustering of Infected SIV Cells in Lymphatic Tissue pp. 943-954 Downloads
Reilly C., Schacker T., Haase A.T., Wietgrefe S. and Krason D.
A Joint Model for Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models With Censoring and Covariates Measured With Error, With Application to AIDS Studies pp. 955-964 Downloads
Wu L.
Modeling Spatial Variation in Leukemia Survival Data pp. 965-972 Downloads
Henderson R., Shimakura S. and Gorst D.
Semiparametric Estimation of Brand Choice Behavior pp. 973-982 Downloads
Briesch R.A., Pradeep Chintagunta and Rosa Matzkin
Modeling the Survival of Chinook Salmon Smolts Outmigrating Through the Lower Sacramento River System pp. 983-993 Downloads
Newman K.B. and Rice J.
Nearest-Neighbor Variance Estimation (NNVE): Robust Covariance Estimation via Nearest-Neighbor Cleaning pp. 994-1019 Downloads
Wang N. and Raftery A.E.
Modeling Regression Error With a Mixture of Polya Trees pp. 1020-1033 Downloads
Hanson T. and Johnson W.O.
A Unified Theory of Two-Stage Adaptive Designs pp. 1034-1041 Downloads
Liu Q., Proschan M.A. and Pledger G.W.
Penalized Spline Estimation for Partially Linear Single-Index Models pp. 1042-1054 Downloads
Yu Y. and Ruppert D.
Hidden Markov Models and Disease Mapping pp. 1055-1070 Downloads
Green P.J. and Richardson S.
Marginal Methods for Incomplete Longitudinal Data Arising in Clusters pp. 1071-1080 Downloads
Yi G.Y. and Cook R.J.
Exact Distributions of Multiple Comparisons Rank Statistics pp. 1081-1089 Downloads
M.A. van de Wiel
Latent Space Approaches to Social Network Analysis pp. 1090-1098 Downloads
Hoff P.D., Raftery A.E. and Handcock M.S.
Semiparametric Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis to Evaluate Biomarkers for Disease pp. 1099-1107 Downloads
Cai T. and Pepe M.S.
Coordinate Based Empirical Likelihood-Like Estimation in Ill-Conditioned Inverse Problems pp. 1108-1121 Downloads
Ron Mittelhammer, George Judge, M. van Akkeren and Cardell N.S.
Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing for a Spatial Signal pp. 1122-1140 Downloads
Shen X., Huang H-C. and Cressie N.
Parsimonious Covariance Matrix Estimation for Longitudinal Data pp. 1141-1153 Downloads
Michael Smith and Robert Kohn
Independent and Identically Distributed Monte Carlo Algorithms for Semiparametric Linear Mixed Models pp. 1154-1166 Downloads
Ishwaran H. and Takahara G.
Forecasting Using Principal Components From a Large Number of Predictors pp. 1167-1179 Downloads
Stock J.H. and Mark Watson
Rank Regression in Ranked-Set Samples pp. 1180-1191 Downloads
Ozturk O.
Extended RC Association Models Allowing for Order Restrictions and Marginal Modeling pp. 1192-1199 Downloads
Francesco Bartolucci and Forcina A.
The Science of Conjecture: Evidence and Probability Before Pascal pp. 1201-1202 Downloads
Cleary R.J.
Statisticians of the Centuries pp. 1201-1201 Downloads
Dobler C.P.
Mathematical Statistics With Mathematica pp. 1202-1203 Downloads
B McCullough
Empirical Likelihood pp. 1203-1204 Downloads
Zhao Y. and Shen X.
Conditional Specification of Statistical Models pp. 1204-1205 Downloads
Kolassa J.
Runs and Scans With Applications pp. 1205-1205 Downloads
Roos M.
Matrix Algebra for Applied Economics, and Matrix Algebra Exercises and Solutions pp. 1206-1206 Downloads
Jammalamadaka S.R.
Analysis of Messy Data, Vol III: Analysis of Covariance pp. 1206-1207 Downloads
Koehler K.
Analysis of Time Series Structure: SSA and Related Techniques pp. 1207-1208 Downloads
Elsner J.B.
Foundations of Time Series Analysis and Prediction Theory pp. 1207-1207 Downloads
Parzen E.
Asymptotic Theory of Statistical Inference for Time Series pp. 1208-1209 Downloads
Corradi V.
Stochastic Processes: From Physics to Finance pp. 1209-1210 Downloads
Viens F.
The Laplace Distribution and Generalizations: A Revisit With Applications to Communications, Economics, Engineering, and Finance pp. 1210-1211 Downloads
McNeil A.J.
Ruin Probabilities pp. 1211-1212 Downloads
Dassios A.
Introduction to Stochastic Networks pp. 1212-1213 Downloads
Bauerle N.
Probability Essentials pp. 1213-1213 Downloads
Shepp L.A.
Practical Considerations in Computer-Based Testing pp. 1213-1214 Downloads
Swygert K.
Independent Component Analysis: Principles and Practice pp. 1214-1215 Downloads
Grimes C.
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