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2008, volume 103, issue 484

Statistics: Harnessing the Power of Information pp. 1331-1333 Downloads
Mary Ellen Bock
Can Nonrandomized Experiments Yield Accurate Answers? A Randomized Experiment Comparing Random and Nonrandom Assignments pp. 1334-1344 Downloads
William R. Shadish, M. H. Clark and Peter M. Steiner
Comment pp. 1344-1346 Downloads
Roderick Little, Qi Long and Xihong Lin
Comment pp. 1346-1350 Downloads
Jennifer Hill
Comment: The Design and Analysis of Gold Standard Randomized Experiments pp. 1350-1353 Downloads
Donald B. Rubin
Rejoinder pp. 1353-1356 Downloads
William R. Shadish, M. H. Clark and Peter M. Steiner
Branching Processes as Models of Progenitor Cell Populations and Estimation of the Offspring Distributions pp. 1357-1366 Downloads
Andrei Y. Yakovlev, Vessela K. Stoimenova and Nikolay M. Yanev
Comparing Stochastic Optimization Methods for Variable Selection in Binary Outcome Prediction, With Application to Health Policy pp. 1367-1381 Downloads
Dimitris Fouskakis and David Draper
Records in Athletics Through Extreme-Value Theory pp. 1382-1391 Downloads
John Einmahl and Jan R. Magnus
Does Finasteride Affect the Severity of Prostate Cancer? A Causal Sensitivity Analysis pp. 1392-1404 Downloads
Bryan E. Shepherd, Mary W. Redman and Donna P. Ankerst
Domain-Level Covariance Analysis for Multilevel Survey Data With Structured Nonresponse pp. 1405-1418 Downloads
O’Malley, A. James and Alan M. Zaslavsky
The Dynamics of Economic Functions: Modeling and Forecasting the Yield Curve pp. 1419-1437 Downloads
Clive Bowsher and Roland Meeks
High-Dimensional Sparse Factor Modeling: Applications in Gene Expression Genomics pp. 1438-1456 Downloads
Carlos M. Carvalho, Jeffrey Chang, Joseph E. Lucas, Joseph R. Nevins, Quanli Wang and Mike West
Hierarchical Insurance Claims Modeling pp. 1457-1469 Downloads
Edward W. Frees and Emiliano Valdez
A Case Study in Pharmacologic Colon Imaging Using Principal Curves in Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography pp. 1470-1480 Downloads
Brian S. Caffo, Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, Lijuan Deng and Craig W. Hendrix
Multiple Inference and Gender Differences in the Effects of Early Intervention: A Reevaluation of the Abecedarian, Perry Preschool, and Early Training Projects pp. 1481-1495 Downloads
Michael Anderson
Assessing the Effect of Selection at the Amino Acid Level in Malaria Antigen Sequences Through Bayesian Generalized Linear Models pp. 1496-1507 Downloads
Daniel Merl, Raquel Prado and Escalante, Ananías A.
Bayesian Inference on Changes in Response Densities Over Predictor Clusters pp. 1508-1517 Downloads
David B. Dunson, Amy H. Herring and Anna Maria Siega-Riz
A Few Remarks on “A Capture–Recapture Approach for Screening Using Two Diagnostic Tests With Availability of Disease Status for the Test Positives Only†by Böhning and Patilea pp. 1518-1519 Downloads
Haitao Chu and Lei Nie
Semiparametric Estimation of Covariance Matrixes for Longitudinal Data pp. 1520-1533 Downloads
Jianqing Fan and Yichao Wu
Functional Additive Models pp. 1534-1544 Downloads
Müller, Hans-Georg and Fang Yao
Covariance Tapering for Likelihood-Based Estimation in Large Spatial Data Sets pp. 1545-1555 Downloads
Cari G. Kaufman, Mark J. Schervish and Douglas W. Nychka
Variable Selection in Nonparametric Varying-Coefficient Models for Analysis of Repeated Measurements pp. 1556-1569 Downloads
Lifeng Wang, Hongzhe Li and Jianhua Z. Huang
Parameter Estimation for Differential Equation Models Using a Framework of Measurement Error in Regression Models pp. 1570-1583 Downloads
Hua Liang and Hulin Wu
Bandwidth Selection in Nonparametric Kernel Testing pp. 1584-1594 Downloads
Jiti Gao and Gijbels, Irène
Nonparametric Quantile Estimations for Dynamic Smooth Coefficient Models pp. 1595-1608 Downloads
Zongwu Cai and Xiaoping Xu
Nonparametric Variable Selection: The EARTH Algorithm pp. 1609-1620 Downloads
Kjell Doksum, Shijie Tang and Kam-Wah Tsui
On Adaptive Extensions of Group Sequential Trials for Clinical Investigations pp. 1621-1630 Downloads
Qing Liu and Keaven M. Anderson
A Multiple-Index Model and Dimension Reduction pp. 1631-1640 Downloads
Yingcun Xia
Optimal Crossover Designs for Two Treatments in the Presence of Mixed and Self-Carryover Effects pp. 1641-1647 Downloads
J. Kunert and J. Stufken
Model Selection Criteria for Missing-Data Problems Using the EM Algorithm pp. 1648-1658 Downloads
Joseph G. Ibrahim, Hongtu Zhu and Niansheng Tang
Properties and Implementation of Jeffreys’s Prior in Binomial Regression Models pp. 1659-1664 Downloads
Ming-Hui Chen, Joseph G. Ibrahim and Sungduk Kim
Smoothly Clipped Absolute Deviation on High Dimensions pp. 1665-1673 Downloads
Yongdai Kim, Hosik Choi and Hee-Seok Oh
Order Selection in Finite Mixture Models With a Nonsmooth Penalty pp. 1674-1683 Downloads
Jiahua Chen and Abbas Khalili
Correlation-Based Functional Clustering via Subspace Projection pp. 1684-1692 Downloads
Jeng-Min Chiou and Pai-Ling Li
Multiply Robust Inference for Statistical Interactions pp. 1693-1704 Downloads
Stijn Vansteelandt, Tyler J. VanderWeele, Eric J. Tchetgen and James M. Robins

2008, volume 103, issue 483

Multiple Model Evaluation Absent the Gold Standard Through Model Combination pp. 897-909 Downloads
Edwin S Iversen, Giovanni Parmigiani and Sining Chen
Nonparametric Risk Management With Generalized Hyperbolic Distributions pp. 910-923 Downloads
Ying Chen, Härdle, Wolfgang and Seok-Oh Jeong
War and Wages pp. 924-933 Downloads
Dylan S Small and Paul R Rosenbaum
Spatial Analysis to Quantify Numerical Model Bias and Dependence pp. 934-947 Downloads
Mikyoung Jun, Reto Knutti and Douglas W Nychka
A Bayesian Capture–Recapture Population Model With Simultaneous Estimation of Heterogeneity pp. 948-960 Downloads
Ross Corkrey, Steve Brooks, David Lusseau, Kim Parsons, John W Durban, Philip S Hammond and Paul M Thompson
Stochastic Networks in Nanoscale Biophysics pp. 961-975 Downloads
S. C Kou
Breast Cancer Relative Hazard Estimates From Case–Control and Cohort Designs With Missing Data on Mammographic Density pp. 976-988 Downloads
Jinbo Chen, Rajeev Ayyagari, Nilanjan Chatterjee, David Y Pee, Catherine Schairer, Celia Byrne, Jacques Benichou and Mitchell H Gail
Assessing Identification Risk in Survey Microdata Using Log-Linear Models pp. 989-1001 Downloads
Chris Skinner and Natalie Shlomo
Analysis of Smoking Cessation Patterns Using a Stochastic Mixed-Effects Model With a Latent Cured State pp. 1002-1013 Downloads
Sheng Luo, Ciprian M Crainiceanu, Thomas A Louis and Nilanjan Chatterjee
Exploring Voting Blocs Within the Irish Electorate pp. 1014-1027 Downloads
Isobel Claire Gormley and Thomas Brendan Murphy
Imputing Risk Tolerance From Survey Responses pp. 1028-1038 Downloads
Miles Kimball, Claudia Sahm and Matthew Shapiro
A Test for Partial Differential Expression pp. 1039-1049 Downloads
Wessel N van Wieringen, Mark A van de Wiel and Aad W van der Vaart
Election Forecasts Using Spatiotemporal Models pp. 1050-1059 Downloads
Pavía, Jose Manuel, Beatriz Larraz and Montero, Jose Marí
A Directional Model for the Estimation of the Rotation Axes of the Ankle Joint pp. 1060-1069 Downloads
Louis-Paul Rivest, Sophie Baillargeon and Michael Pierrynowski
Model-Independent Estimates of Dark Matter Distributions pp. 1070-1084 Downloads
Xiao Wang, Matthew Walker, Jayanta Pal, Michael Woodroofe and Mario Mateo
Prediction of Protein Interdomain Linker Regions by a Nonstationary Hidden Markov Model pp. 1085-1099 Downloads
Kyounghwa Bae, Bani K Mallick and Christine G Elsik
Modeling Price Dynamics in eBay Auctions Using Differential Equations pp. 1100-1118 Downloads
Shanshan Wang, Wolfgang Jank, Galit Shmueli and Paul Smith
Bayesian Treed Gaussian Process Models With an Application to Computer Modeling pp. 1119-1130 Downloads
Robert B Gramacy and Herbert K. H Lee
The Nested Dirichlet Process pp. 1131-1154 Downloads
Rodríguez, Abel, David B Dunson and Alan E Gelfand
Combining Registration and Fitting for Functional Models pp. 1155-1165 Downloads
Alois Kneip and James O Ramsay
An Informational Measure of Association and Dimension Reduction for Multiple Sets and Groups With Applications in Morphometric Analysis pp. 1166-1176 Downloads
Ross Iaci, Xiangrong Yin, T. N Sriram and Christian Peter Klingenberg
On a Projective Resampling Method for Dimension Reduction With Multivariate Responses pp. 1177-1186 Downloads
Bing Li, Songqiao Wen and Lixing Zhu
Estimating Equations Inference With Missing Data pp. 1187-1199 Downloads
Yong Zhou, Alan Wan and Xiaojing Wang
Partially Linear Additive Hazards Regression With Varying Coefficients pp. 1200-1213 Downloads
Guosheng Yin, Hui Li and Donglin Zeng
Power-Transformed Linear Quantile Regression With Censored Data pp. 1214-1224 Downloads
Guosheng Yin, Donglin Zeng and Hui Li
Optimal Designs for Dose-Finding Studies pp. 1225-1237 Downloads
Holger Dette, Frank Bretz, Andrey Pepelyshev and Pinheiro, José
On Consistent Nonparametric Intensity Estimation for Inhomogeneous Spatial Point Processes pp. 1238-1247 Downloads
Yongtao Guan
Binary Time Series Modeling With Application to Adhesion Frequency Experiments pp. 1248-1259 Downloads
Ying Hung, Veronika Zarnitsyna, Yan Zhang, Cheng Zhu and C. F. Jeff Wu
Tests Based on Intrinsic Priors for the Equality of Two Correlated Proportions pp. 1260-1269 Downloads
Guido Consonni and Luca La Rocca
Empirical Likelihood-Based Estimation of the Treatment Effect in a Pretest–Posttest Study pp. 1270-1280 Downloads
Chiung-Yu Huang, Jing Qin and Dean A Follmann
Statistical Significance of Clustering for High-Dimension, Low–Sample Size Data pp. 1281-1293 Downloads
Yufeng Liu, David Neil Hayes, Andrew Nobel and J. S Marron
Selection of Variables for Cluster Analysis and Classification Rules pp. 1294-1303 Downloads
Ricardo Fraiman, Ana Justel and Marcela Svarc

2008, volume 103

On Student's 1908 Article pp. 1-7 Downloads
S.L. Zabell
Comment pp. 7-8 Downloads
Stephen M. Stigler
Comment pp. 8-11 Downloads
John Aldrich
Comment pp. 11-13 Downloads
A.W.F. Edwards
Comment pp. 13-13 Downloads
Eugene Seneta
Comment pp. 16-19 Downloads
Persi Diaconis and Erich Lehmann
Rejoinder pp. 19-20 Downloads
S.L. Zabell
Bivariate Binomial Spatial Modeling of Loa loa Prevalence in Tropical Africa pp. 21-37 Downloads
Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, Peter J. Diggle and Barry Rowlingson
Comment pp. 37-40 Downloads
Christopher J. Paciorek
Comment pp. 40-41 Downloads
David B. Dunson
Comment pp. 42-43 Downloads
Madeleine C. Thomson
Rejoinder pp. 43-43 Downloads
Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, Peter J. Diggle and Barry Rowlingson
Joint Modeling of Time Series Measures and Recurrent Events and Analysis of the Effects of Air Quality on Respiratory Symptoms pp. 48-60 Downloads
Heping Zhang, Yuanqing Ye, Peter Diggle and Jian Shi
On Estimating Diagnostic Accuracy From Studies With Multiple Raters and Partial Gold Standard Evaluation pp. 61-73 Downloads
Paul S. Albert and Lori E. Dodd
Skill, Luck, and Streaky Play on the PGA Tour pp. 74-88 Downloads
Robert Connolly and Richard J. Rendleman
Bayesian Gaussian Mixture Models for High-Density Genotyping Arrays pp. 89-100 Downloads
Chiara Sabatti and Kenneth Lange
Principal Stratification for Causal Inference With Extended Partial Compliance pp. 101-111 Downloads
Hui Jin and Donald B. Rubin
Estimating Flight Departure Delay DistributionsA Statistical Approach With Long-Term Trend and Short-Term Pattern pp. 112-125 Downloads
Yufeng Tu, Michael O. Ball and Wolfgang S. Jank
A Test for Anchoring and Yea-Saying in Experimental Consumption Data pp. 126-136 Downloads
Arthur van Soest and Michael Hurd
Relating Ambient Particulate Matter Concentration Levels to Mortality Using an Exposure Simulator pp. 137-148 Downloads
Catherine A. Calder, Christopher H. Holloman, Steven M. Bortnick, Warren Strauss and Michele Morara
A Flexible Method to Measure Synchrony in Neuronal Firing pp. 149-161 Downloads
Christel Faes, Helena Geys, Geert Molenberghs, Marc Aerts, Carmen Cadarso-Suarez, Carlos Acuna and Monica Cano
Spatial-Temporal Modeling of Forest Gaps Generated by Colonization From Below- and Above-Ground Bark Beetle Species pp. 162-177 Downloads
Jun Zhu, Jakob G. Rasmussen, Jesper Moller, Brian H. Aukema and Kenneth F. Raffa
Individual Prediction in Prostate Cancer Studies Using a Joint Longitudinal SurvivalCure Model pp. 178-187 Downloads
Menggang Yu, Jeremy M.G. Taylor and Howard M. Sandler
Bayesian Clustering of Transcription Factor Binding Motifs pp. 188-200 Downloads
Shane T. Jensen and Jun S. Liu
Application of Multidimensional Selective Item Response Regression Model for Studying Multiple Gene Methylation in SV40 Oncogenic Pathways pp. 201-211 Downloads
Haiqun Lin, Ziding Feng, Yan Yu, Yingye Zheng, Narayan Shivapurkar and Adi F. Gazdar
A CaptureRecapture Approach for Screening Using Two Diagnostic Tests With Availability of Disease Status for the Test Positives Only pp. 212-221 Downloads
Dankmar Bohning and Valentin Patilea
A Mixture Model With Dependent Observations for the Analysis of CSFELabeling Experiments pp. 222-239 Downloads
Ollivier Hyrien and Martin S. Zand
Aberrant Effects of Treatment pp. 240-247 Downloads
Paul R. Rosenbaum and Jeffrey H. Silber
Goodness of Fit of Social Network Models pp. 248-258 Downloads
David R. Hunter, Steven M. Goodreau and Mark S. Handcock
Modeling Disease Progression With Longitudinal Markers pp. 259-270 Downloads
Lurdes Y.T. Inoue, Ruth Etzioni, Christopher Morrell and Peter Muller
Randomization Inference in a GroupRandomized Trial of Treatments for Depression: Covariate Adjustment, Noncompliance, and Quantile Effects pp. 271-279 Downloads
Dylan S. Small, Thomas R. Ten Have and Paul R. Rosenbaum
Using SIMEX for Smoothing-Parameter Choice in Errors-in-Variables Problems pp. 280-287 Downloads
Aurore Delaigle and Peter Hall
Sequential Experimental Designs for Generalized Linear Models pp. 288-298 Downloads
Hovav A. Dror and David M. Steinberg
A Uniform Improvement of Bonferroni-Type Tests by Sequential Tests pp. 299-308 Downloads
Martin Posch and Andreas Futschik
Hierarchical False Discovery RateControlling Methodology pp. 309-316 Downloads
Daniel Yekutieli
The Matrix Stick-Breaking Process: Flexible Bayes Meta-Analysis pp. 317-327 Downloads
David B. Dunson, Ya Xue and Lawrence Carin
Bayesian Hierarchical Curve Registration pp. 328-339 Downloads
Donatello Telesca and Lurdes Y.T. Inoue
Penalized Normal Likelihood and Ridge Regularization of Correlation and Covariance Matrices pp. 340-349 Downloads
David I. Warton
Point and Interval Estimation of Variogram Models Using Spatial Empirical Likelihood pp. 350-361 Downloads
Daniel J. Nordman and Petruta C. Caragea
Time-Dependent Predictive Values of Prognostic Biomarkers With Failure Time Outcome pp. 362-368 Downloads
Yingye Zheng, Tianxi Cai, Margaret S. Pepe and Wayne C. Levy
Efficient Local Estimation for Time-Varying Coefficients in Deterministic Dynamic Models With Applications to HIV-1 Dynamics pp. 369-384 Downloads
Jianwei Chen and Hulin Wu
Equivalence Between Conditional and Random-Effects Likelihoods for Pair-Matched Case-Control Studies pp. 385-396 Downloads
Kenneth Rice
An Approach to Multivariate Covariate-Dependent Quantile Contours With Application to Bivariate Conditional Growth Charts pp. 397-409 Downloads
Ying Wei
Mixtures of g Priors for Bayesian Variable Selection pp. 410-423 Downloads
Feng Liang, Rui Paulo, German Molina, Merlise Clyde and Jim O. Berger
Essentials of Statistical Inference. G. A. Young and R. L. Smith pp. 425-426 Downloads
Jane L. Harvill
Modern Experimental Design. Thomas P. Ryan pp. 426-427 Downloads
Christine M. Anderson-Cook
Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models: A Modern Perspective (2nd ed.). Raymond J. Carroll, David Ruppert, Leonard A. Stefanski, and Ciprian M. Crainiceanu pp. 427-427 Downloads
Daniel B. Hall
Linear Mixed Models: A Practical Guide Using Statistical Software. Brady T. West, Kathleen B. Welch, and Andrzej T. Galecki pp. 427-428 Downloads
Gregory E. Gilbert
Sampling Algorithms. Yves Tille pp. 428-429 Downloads
Ralf Munnich
A Course on Queueing Models. Joti Lal Jain, Sri Gopal Mohanty, and Walter Bohm pp. 429-430 Downloads
Maria Vlasiou
Elements of Information Theory (2nd ed.). Thomas M. Cover and Joy A. Thomas pp. 429-429 Downloads
Yuhong Yang
Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning. Carl Edward Rasmussen and Christopher K. I. Williams pp. 429-429 Downloads
Songthip T. Ounpraseuth
Statistical Monitoring of Clinical Trials: A Unified Approach. Michael A. Proschan, K. K. Gordon Lan, and Janet Turk Wittes pp. 430-431 Downloads
Somesh Chattopadhyay and Thomas Hammerstrom
Stochastic Switching Systems: Analysis and Design. El-Kebir Boukas pp. 430-430 Downloads
Peter C. Kiessler
Pharmacometrics: The Science of Quantitative Pharmacology. Ene I. Ette and Paul J. Williams pp. 431-432 Downloads
Andreas Krause
Adaptive Design Methods in Clinical Trials. Shein-Chung Chow and Mark Chang pp. 431-431 Downloads
Yuko Palesch
Likelihood, Bayesian and MCMC Methods in Quantitative Genetics. Daniel Sorensen and Daniel Gianola pp. 432-432 Downloads
Rudy Guerra
Bayesian Core: A Practical Approach to Computational Bayesian Statistics. Jean-Michel Marin and Christian P. Robert pp. 432-433 Downloads
Jarrett J. Barber
Estimating Incumbency Advantage and Its Variation, as an Example of a BeforeAfter Study pp. 437-446 Downloads
Andrew Gelman and Zaiying Huang
Comment pp. 446-448 Downloads
Jonathan Katz
Comment pp. 448-449 Downloads
James S. Hodges
Rejoinder pp. 449-451 Downloads
Andrew Gelman
Eye-Movement Analysis of Search Effectiveness pp. 452-461 Downloads
Ralf van der Lans, Rik Pieters and Michel Wedel
Longitudinal Nested Compliance Class Model in the Presence of Time-Varying Noncompliance pp. 462-473 Downloads
Julia Y. Lin, Thomas R. Ten Have and Michael R. Elliott
Causal Inference in Hybrid Intervention Trials Involving Treatment Choice pp. 474-484 Downloads
Qi Long, Roderick Little and Xihong Lin
Bayesian Hidden Markov Modeling of Array CGH Data pp. 485-497 Downloads
Subharup Guha, Yi Li and Donna Neuberg
Analysis of Episodic Data With Application to Recurrent Pulmonary Exacerbations in Cystic Fibrosis Patients pp. 498-510 Downloads
Jun Yan and Jason P. Fine
How Useful Is Bagging in Forecasting Economic Time Series? A Case Study of U.S. Consumer Price Inflation pp. 511-522 Downloads
Atsushi Inoue and Lutz Kilian
Bayesian Accelerated Failure Time Model With Multivariate Doubly Interval-Censored Data and Flexible Distributional Assumptions pp. 523-533 Downloads
Arnost Komarek and Emmanuel Lesaffre
Bayesian Selection and Clustering of Polymorphisms in Functionally Related Genes pp. 534-546 Downloads
David B. Dunson, Amy H. Herring and Stephanie M. Engel
Statistical Treatment Choice: An Application to Active Labor Market Programs pp. 547-558 Downloads
Markus Frölich
Two-Sided Estimation of Mate Preferences for Similarities in Age, Education, and Religion pp. 559-569 Downloads
John Allen Logan, Peter D. Hoff and Michael A. Newton
Computer Model Calibration Using High-Dimensional Output pp. 570-583 Downloads
Dave Higdon, James Gattiker, Brian Williams and Maria Rightley
Daytime Arctic Cloud Detection Based on Multi-Angle Satellite Data With Case Studies pp. 584-593 Downloads
Tao Shi, Bin Yu, Eugene E. Clothiaux and Amy J. Braverman
Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Robust Synthesis of Nanostructures pp. 594-603 Downloads
Tirthankar Dasgupta, Christopher Ma, V. Roshan Joseph, Z.L. Wang and C. F. Jeff Wu
Inference for a Proton Accelerator Using Convolution Models pp. 604-613 Downloads
Herbert K.H. Lee, Bruno Sanso, Weining Zhou and David M. Higdon
Estimation of SpaceTime Branching Process Models in Seismology Using an EMType Algorithm pp. 614-624 Downloads
Alejandro Veen and Frederic P. Schoenberg
Penalized Clustering of Large-Scale Functional Data With Multiple Covariates pp. 625-636 Downloads
Ping Ma and Wenxuan Zhong
Survival Analysis With Quantile Regression Models pp. 637-649 Downloads
Limin Peng and Yijian Huang
Semiparametric Analysis of Heterogeneous Data Using Varying-Scale Generalized Linear Models pp. 650-660 Downloads
Minge Xie, Douglas G. Simpson and Raymond J. Carroll
Variable Selection and Model Averaging in Semiparametric Overdispersed Generalized Linear Models pp. 661-671 Downloads
Remy Cottet, Robert Kohn and David J. Nott
Penalized Estimating Functions and Variable Selection in Semiparametric Regression Models pp. 672-680 Downloads
Brent A. Johnson, D.Y. Lin and Donglin Zeng
The Bayesian Lasso pp. 681-686 Downloads
Trevor Park and George Casella
Robust and Efficient Adaptive Estimation of Binary-Choice Regression Models pp. 687-696 Downloads
Pavel Cizek
Trimmed Comparison of Distributions pp. 697-704 Downloads
Pedro Cesar Alvarez-Esteban, Eustasio del Barrio, Juan Antonio Cuesta-Albertos and Carlos Matran
A Unified Approach to Nonparametric Comparison of Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves for Longitudinal and Clustered Data pp. 705-713 Downloads
Gang Li and Kefei Zhou
Wavelet-Based Nonparametric Functional Mapping of Longitudinal Curves pp. 714-725 Downloads
Wei Zhao and Rongling Wu
Density Estimation in the Presence of Heteroscedastic Measurement Error pp. 726-736 Downloads
John Staudenmayer, David Ruppert and John P. Buonaccorsi
Covariate Bias Induced by Length-Biased Sampling of Failure Times pp. 737-742 Downloads
Pierre-Jerome Bergeron, Masoud Asgharian and David B. Wolfson
Cure Rate Model With Mismeasured Covariates Under Transformation pp. 743-756 Downloads
Yanyuan Ma and Guosheng Yin
Laplace Periodogram for Time Series Analysis pp. 757-768 Downloads
Ta-Hsin Li
Second-Order Analysis of Inhomogeneous Spatial Point Processes With Proportional Intensity Functions pp. 769-777 Downloads
Yongtao Guan, Rasmus Waagepetersen and Colin M. Beale
Learning Causal Bayesian Network Structures From Experimental Data pp. 778-789 Downloads
Byron Ellis and Wing Hung Wong
Partially Collapsed Gibbs Samplers: Theory and Methods pp. 790-796 Downloads
David A. van Dyk and Taeyoung Park
Efficient and Doubly Robust Imputation for Covariate-Dependent Missing Responses pp. 797-810 Downloads
Jing Qin, Jun Shao and Biao Zhang
Sliced Regression for Dimension Reduction pp. 811-821 Downloads
Hansheng Wang and Yingcun Xia
Sufficient Dimension Reduction With Missing Predictors pp. 822-831 Downloads
Lexin Li and Wenbin Lu
Toward Causal Inference With Interference pp. 832-842 Downloads
Michael G. Hudgens and M. Elizabeth Halloran
Surveillance Strategies for Detecting Changepoint in Incidence Rate Based on Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Methods pp. 843-853 Downloads
Yuping Dong, A.S. Hedayat and B.K. Sinha
Fiducial Intervals for Variance Components in an Unbalanced Two-Component Normal Mixed Linear Model pp. 854-865 Downloads
E. Lidong, Jan Hannig and Hari Iyer
Current Methods for Recurrent Events Data With Dependent Termination: A Bayesian Perspective pp. 866-878 Downloads
Debajyoti Sinha, Tapabrata Maiti, Joseph G. Ibrahim and Bichun Ouyang
Applying Statistics in the Courtroom: A New Approach for Attorneys and Expert Witnesses. Phillip I. Good; The Expert: The Statistical Analyst in Litigation. Stephan Michelson pp. 880-881 Downloads
M. Last
Applied Linear Statistical Models (5th ed.). Michael H. Kutner, Christopher J. Nachtsheim, John Neter, and William Li pp. 880-880 Downloads
Herman F. Senter
Data Quality and Record Linkage Techniques. Thomas N. Herzog, Fritz J. Scheuren, and William E. Winkler pp. 881-881 Downloads
Jerome Reiter
Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science. Brian Everitt and David Howell pp. 881-882 Downloads
Dalene K. Stangl
Extreme Value Theory: An Introduction. Laurens de Haan and Ana Ferreira pp. 882-883 Downloads
Peter C. Kiessler
An Introduction to Bayesian Analysis: Theory and Methods. Jayanta K. Ghosh, Mohan Delampady, and Tapas Samanta pp. 883-884 Downloads
C. Shane Reese
An Introduction to Random Sets. Hung T. Nguyen; Theory of Random Sets. Ilya Molchanov pp. 884-884 Downloads
Peter C. Kiessler
Linear Models: An Integrated Approach. Debasis Sengupta and Sreenivasa Rao Jammalamadaka pp. 884-885 Downloads
Xin Yan
Nonparametric Econometrics: Theory and Practice. Qi Li and Jeffrey Scott Racine pp. 885-886 Downloads
Michael Wolf
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Christopher M. Bishop pp. 886-887 Downloads
Thomas Burr
Reliability, Life Testing, and the Prediction of Service Lives for Engineers and Scientists. Sam C. Saunders pp. 887-888 Downloads
Christine M. Anderson-Cook
Response Surfaces, Mixtures, and Ridge Analyses (2nd ed.). George E. P. Box and Norman R. Draper pp. 888-888 Downloads
Christine M. Anderson-Cook
Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods. Ricardo A. Maronna, R. Douglas Martin, and Victor J. Yohai pp. 888-889 Downloads
David E. Tyler
Sampling for Natural Resource Monitoring. Jaap de Gruijter, Dick Brus, Marc Bierkens, and Martin Knot Ters pp. 889-890 Downloads
Sharad D. Gore
Simulation and Monte Carlo: With Applications in Finance and MCMC. J. S. Dagpunar pp. 890-891 Downloads
Samuel J. Frame
Statistical Analysis of Cost-Effectiveness Data. Andrew R. Willan and Andrew H. Briggs pp. 891-891 Downloads
Elamin H. Elbasha
On Banerjee and Bhattacharyya (1976) pp. 894-895 Downloads
Albert C. Bemmaor and Daniel Hoppe
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