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2006, volume 101

Inverse Decision Theory: Characterizing Losses for a Decision Rule With Applications in Cervical Cancer Screening pp. 1-8 Downloads
Richard J. Swartz, Dennis D. Cox, Scott B. Cantor, Kalatu Davies and Michele Follen
Bayesian Model Averaging With Applications to Benchmark Dose Estimation for Arsenic in Drinking Water pp. 9-17 Downloads
Knashawn H. Morales, Joseph G. Ibrahim, Chien-Jen Chen and Louise M. Ryan
A Quantitative Study of Gene Regulation Involved in the Immune Response of Anopheline Mosquitoes: An Application of Bayesian Hierarchical Clustering of Curves pp. 18-29 Downloads
Nicholas A. Heard, Christopher C. Holmes and David A. Stephens
Quality Control and Robust Estimation for cDNA Microarrays With Replicates pp. 30-40 Downloads
Raphael Gottardo, Adrian E. Raftery, Ka Yee Yeung and Roger E. Bumgarner
Estimation of Expression Indexes for Oligonucleotide Arrays Using the Singular Value Decomposition pp. 41-50 Downloads
Jianhua Hu, Fred A. Wright and Fei Zou
Causal Vaccine Effects on Binary Postinfection Outcomes pp. 51-64 Downloads
Michael G. Hudgens and M. Elizabeth Halloran
Piecewise Constant Cross-Ratio Estimation for Association of Age at a Marker Event and Age at Menopause pp. 65-77 Downloads
Bin Nan, Xihong Lin, Lynda D. Lisabeth and Sioban D. Harlow
Adaptive Thresholds: Monitoring Streams of Network Counts pp. 78-88 Downloads
Diane Lambert and Chuanhai Liu
Likelihood-Based Inference on Haplotype Effects in Genetic Association Studies pp. 89-104 Downloads
D.Y. Lin and D. Zeng
Comment pp. 104-106 Downloads
Chiara Sabatti
Comment pp. 107-108 Downloads
Glen A. Satten, Andrew S. Allen and Michael P. Epstein
Comment pp. 108-111 Downloads
Nilanjan Chatterjee, Christine Spinka, Jinbo Chen and Raymond J. Carroll
Comment pp. 111-114 Downloads
Jung-Ying Tzeng and Kathryn Roeder
Comment pp. 114-115 Downloads
Hongzhe Li
Rejoinder pp. 116-118 Downloads
D.Y. Lin and D. Zeng
Prediction by Supervised Principal Components pp. 119-137 Downloads
Eric Bair, Trevor Hastie, Debashis Paul and Robert Tibshirani
Convexity, Classification, and Risk Bounds pp. 138-156 Downloads
Peter L. Bartlett, Michael I. Jordan and Jon D. McAuliffe
Objective Bayesian Variable Selection pp. 157-167 Downloads
George Casella and Elias Moreno
Variable Selection for Model-Based Clustering pp. 168-178 Downloads
Adrian E. Raftery and Nema Dean
Order-Based Dependent Dirichlet Processes pp. 179-194 Downloads
Jim Griffin and Mark Steel
Partial Linear Regression Models for Clustered Data pp. 195-204 Downloads
Kani Chen and Zhezhen Jin
A Note on Lack-of-Fit Tests for Linear Models Without Replication pp. 205-210 Downloads
Zhaohui Su and Shie-Shien Yang
Improved Estimation of Dissimilarities by Presmoothing Functional Data pp. 211-222 Downloads
David B. Hitchcock, George Casella and James G. Booth
Structural Break Estimation for Nonstationary Time Series Models pp. 223-239 Downloads
Richard A. Davis, Thomas C.M. Lee and Gabriel A. Rodriguez-Yam
Discrimination of Locally Stationary Time Series Based on the Excess Mass Functional pp. 240-253 Downloads
Gabriel Chandler and Wolfgang Polonik
Fiducial Generalized Confidence Intervals pp. 254-269 Downloads
Jan Hannig, Hari Iyer and Paul Patterson
Parameter Estimation for the Truncated Pareto Distribution pp. 270-277 Downloads
Inmaculada B. Aban, Mark M. Meerschaert and Anna K. Panorska
Sample Size Determination for Robust Bayesian Analysis pp. 278-291 Downloads
Fulvio De Santis
High-Breakdown Inference for Mixed Linear Models pp. 292-300 Downloads
Samuel Copt and Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser
Estimation of Finite Population Domain Means: A Model-Assisted Empirical Best Prediction Approach pp. 301-311 Downloads
Jiming Jiang and P. Lahiri
Replication Variance Estimation for Two-Phase Stratified Sampling pp. 312-320 Downloads
Jae Kwang Kim, Alfredo Navarro and Wayne A. Fuller
Distribution of the Length of the Longest Significance Run on a Bernoulli Net and Its Applications pp. 321-331 Downloads
Jihong Chen and Xiaoming Huo
Count Data Distributions: Some Characterizations With Applications pp. 332-340 Downloads
Pedro Puig and Jordi Valero
Global Validation of Linear Model Assumptions pp. 341-354 Downloads
Edsel A. Pena and Elizabeth H. Slate
Clustering Categorical Data Based on Distance Vectors pp. 355-367 Downloads
Peng Zhang, Xiaogang Wang and Peter X.K. Song
A Reference-Free Cuscore Chart for Dynamic Mean Change Detection and a Unified Framework for Charting Performance Comparison pp. 368-386 Downloads
Dong Han and Fugee Tsung
Gaussian Markov Random Fields: Theory and Applications. Harvard Rue and Leonhard Held pp. 388-389 Downloads
Jun Yan
Statistical Methods for Spatial Data Analysis. Oliver Schabenberger and Carol A. Gotway pp. 389-340 Downloads
Jun Zhu
Multivariate t Distributions and Their Applications. Samuel Kotz and Saralees Nadarajah pp. 390-391 Downloads
Alexander J.M. McNeil
Constrained Statistical Inference: Inequality, Order, and Shape Restrictions. Mervyn J. Silvapulle and Pranab K. Sen pp. 391-392 Downloads
Athanasios Micheas
Probability Matching Priors: Higher Order Asymptotics. Gauri Sankar Datta and Rahul Mukerjee pp. 391-391 Downloads
Judith Rousseau
Measurement Error and Misclassification in Statistics and Epidemiology. Paul Gustafson pp. 392-393 Downloads
Donna Spiegelman
A Modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics: Understanding Why and How. F. M. Dekking, C. Kraaikamp, H. P. Lopuhaa, and L. E. Meester pp. 393-394 Downloads
Jay Devore
Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics: An Introduction (2nd ed.). Warren J. Ewens and Gregory Grant pp. 393-393 Downloads
W. Jim Zheng
Mathematical Statistics With Applications. Asha Seth Kapadia, Wenyaw Chan, and Lemuel Moye pp. 394-395 Downloads
Patricia Pepple Williamson
Probability and Computing: Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis. Michael Mitzenmacher and Eli Upfal pp. 395-396 Downloads
Max Buot
Statistical Design of Experiments With Engineering Applications. Kamel Rekab and Muzaffar Shaikh pp. 396-397 Downloads
Christine M. Anderson-Cook
Probability and Probabilistic Reasoning for Electrical Engineering. Terrence L. Fine pp. 396-396 Downloads
Matthew Carlton
Semiparametric Regression for the Applied Econometrician. Adonis Yatchew pp. 397-398 Downloads
Fabio Trojani
Evolution of Biological Systems in Random Media: Limit Theorems and Stability. Anatoly Swishchuk and Jianhong Wu. Dordrecht pp. 397-397 Downloads
Alan F. Karr
Exploring Multivariate Data With the Forward Search. Anthony C. Atkinson, Marco Riani, and Andrea Cerioli pp. 398-398 Downloads
Tathagata Banerjee
Sensitivity Analysis in Practice: A Guide to Assessing Scientific Models. Andrea Saltelli, Stefano Tarantola pp. 398-399 Downloads
Mario Paruggia
Exploratory Data Mining and Data Cleaning. Tamraparni Dasu and Theodore Johnson pp. 399-399 Downloads
Alan F. Karr
Exploratory Data Analysis With MATLAB. Wendy L. Martinez and Angel R. Martinez pp. 399-400 Downloads
Brian Jersky
Categorical Data Analysis With SAS and SPSS Applications. Bayo Lawal, Categorical Data Analysis Using the SAS System (2nd ed.). Maura E. Stokes, Charles S. Davis, and Gary G. Koch pp. 400-400 Downloads
Douglas Steinley
Handling Missing Data: Applications to Environmental Analysis. G. Latini and G. Passerini pp. 400-401 Downloads
Penelope S. Pooler
Analysis of Survey Data. R. L. Chambers and C. J. Skinner pp. 401-402 Downloads
Stephen E. Fienberg
Nondetects and Data Analysis: Statistics for Censored Environmental Data. Dennis R. Helsel pp. 401-401 Downloads
Philip Dixon
Longitudinal and Panel Data: Analysis and Applications in the Social Sciences. Edward W. Frees pp. 402-402 Downloads
Michael D. Larsen
Handbook of Epidemiology. W. Ahrens and I. Pigeot pp. 402-403 Downloads
Joseph Cavanaugh
Regression Methods in Biostatistics: Linear, Logistic, Survival, and Repeated Measures Models. Eric Vittinghoff, David V. Glidden, Stephen C. Shiboski, and Charles E. McCulloch pp. 403-404 Downloads
Robert H. Lyles
Epidemiology: Study Design and Data Analysis (2nd ed.). Mark Woodward pp. 404-405 Downloads
Simon Davies
Statistical Concepts and Applications in Clinical Medicine. John Aitchison, Jim W. Kay, and Ian J. Lauder. Boca Raton pp. 404-404 Downloads
William F. Rosenberger
How Many People Do You Know in Prison?: Using Overdispersion in Count Data to Estimate Social Structure in Networks pp. 409-423 Downloads
Tian Zheng, Matthew J. Salganik and Andrew Gelman
Conditional Inference Methods for Incomplete Poisson Data With Endogenous Time-Varying Covariates: Emergency Department Use Among HIV-Infected Women pp. 424-434 Downloads
Jason Roy, Don Alderson, Joseph W. Hogan and Karen T. Tashima
A Bayesian Approach for Clustered Longitudinal Ordinal Outcome With Nonignorable Missing Data: Evaluation of an Asthma Education Program pp. 435-446 Downloads
Niko A. Kaciroti, Trivellore E. Raghunathan, M. Anthony Schork, Noreen M. Clark and Molly Gong
Assessing Evidence Inconsistency in Mixed Treatment Comparisons pp. 447-459 Downloads
Guobing Lu and A.E. Ades
Specifying and Implementing Nonparametric and Semiparametric Survival Estimators in Two-Stage (Nested) Cohort Studies With Missing Case Data pp. 460-471 Downloads
Steven D. Mark and Hormuzd A. Katki
Forecasting Cause-Age Specific Mortality Using Two Random Processes pp. 472-483 Downloads
Yousung Park, Jai Won Choi and Hee-Young Kim
Advanced Distribution Theory for SiZer pp. 484-499 Downloads
J. Hannig and J.S. Marron
Multicategory -Learning pp. 500-509 Downloads
Yufeng Liu and Xiaotong Shen
Analysis of Failure Time Data Arising From Studies With Alternating Treatment Schedules pp. 510-520 Downloads
Beth Ann Griffin and Stephen Lagakos
Bootstrap Approximations in Model Checks for Binary Data pp. 521-530 Downloads
Gerhard Dikta, Marsel Kvesic and Christian Schmidt
Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Linear and Nonlinear Time Series Models pp. 531-541 Downloads
Juan Carlos Escanciano
Bent-Cable Regression Theory and Applications pp. 542-553 Downloads
Grace Chiu, Richard Lockhart and Richard Routledge
Optimal Model Assessment, Selection, and Combination pp. 554-568 Downloads
Xiaotong Shen and Hsin-Cheng Huang
Incorporating Additional Information to Normal Linear Discriminant Rules pp. 569-577 Downloads
Miguel A. Fernandez, Cristina Rueda and Bonifacio Salvador
Random Forests and Adaptive Nearest Neighbors pp. 578-590 Downloads
Yi Lin and Yongho Jeon
Semiparametric Normal Transformation Models for Spatially Correlated Survival Data pp. 591-603 Downloads
Yi Li and Xihong Lin
Non-Gaussian Bayesian Geostatistical Modeling pp. 604-618 Downloads
M. Blanca Palacios and Mark Steel
On the Large-Sample Minimal Coverage Probability of Confidence Intervals After Model Selection pp. 619-629 Downloads
Paul Kabaila and Hannes Leeb
On Sliced Inverse Regression With High-Dimensional Covariates pp. 630-643 Downloads
Lixing Zhu, Baiqi Miao and Heng Peng
Bounded-Influence Robust Estimation in Generalized Linear Latent Variable Models pp. 644-653 Downloads
Irini Moustaki and Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser
Outlier Detection in Multivariate Time Series by Projection Pursuit pp. 654-669 Downloads
Pedro Galeano, Daniel Pena and Ruey S. Tsay
Semiparametric Transformation Models for Survival Data With a Cure Fraction pp. 670-684 Downloads
Donglin Zeng, Guosheng Yin and Joseph G. Ibrahim
Inference in Semiparametric Dynamic Models for Binary Longitudinal Data pp. 685-700 Downloads
Siddhartha Chib and Ivan Jeliazkov
Nonparametric Density Estimation From Covariate Information pp. 701-711 Downloads
Ryan T. Elmore, Peter Hall and Vladimir S. Troynikov
Estimating Mean Dimensionality of Analysis of Variance Decompositions pp. 712-721 Downloads
Ruixue Liu and Art B. Owen
Testing for Covariate Effects in the Fully Nonparametric Analysis of Covariance Model pp. 722-736 Downloads
Lan Wang and Michael G. Akritas
On -Equivalence With the Best in k-Sample Models pp. 737-746 Downloads
H. Finner and K. Strassburger
Optimal Designs for DoseResponse Models With Restricted Design Spaces pp. 747-759 Downloads
Stefanie Biedermann, Holger Dette and Wei Zhu
Bayesian Sample Size Determination for Case-Control Studies pp. 760-772 Downloads
M'Lan, Cyr Emile, Lawrence Joseph and David B. Wolfson
A Class of Latent Marginal Models for CaptureRecapture Data With Continuous Covariates pp. 786-794 Downloads
Francesco Bartolucci and Antonio Forcina
Large-Sample Joint Posterior Approximations When Full Conditionals Are Approximately Normal: Application to Generalized Linear Mixed Models pp. 795-811 Downloads
Chun-Lung Su and Wesley O. Johnson
On the Correlation Matrix of the Discrete Fourier Transform and the Fast Solution of Large Toeplitz Systems for Long-Memory Time Series pp. 812-822 Downloads
Willa W. Chen, Clifford Hurvich and Yi Lu
A Constructive Representation of Univariate Skewed Distributions pp. 823-829 Downloads
Jose T.A.S. Ferreira and Mark Steel
On Convergence and Bias Correction of a Joint Estimation Algorithm for Multiple Sinusoidal Frequencies pp. 830-842 Downloads
Kai-Sheng Song and Ta-Hsin Li
Encyclopedia of Biostatistics (2nd ed.). Peter Armitage and Theodore Colton pp. 844-844 Downloads
Joseph Cavanaugh
Bayesian Models for Categorical Data. Peter Congdon pp. 844-845 Downloads
David H. Annis
Stochastic Inequalities and Applications. Evariste Gine, Christian Houdre, and David Nualart pp. 845-846 Downloads
Marc Yor
Probability: A Graduate Course. Allan Gut pp. 845-845 Downloads
Damir Filipovic
Statistical Inference for Ergodic Diffusion Processes. Yury A. Kutoyants pp. 846-846 Downloads
Peter C. Kiessler
Modeling and Inverse Problems in Image Analysis. Bernard Chalmond pp. 847-847 Downloads
Don Geman
Testing Statistical Hypotheses (3rd ed.). E. L. Lehmann and Joseph P. Romano pp. 847-848 Downloads
Andrew A. Neath
The Analysis of Means: A Graphical Method for Comparing Means, Rates, and Proportions. Peter R. Nelson, Peter S. Wludyka, and Karen A. F. Copeland pp. 848-849 Downloads
Thomas E. Bradstreet
Inference for Change Point and Post Change Means After a CUSUM Test. Yanhong Wu pp. 848-848 Downloads
Vladimir Dragalin
Statistics and Finance: An Introduction. David Ruppert pp. 849-850 Downloads
Eric Zivot
Theory of Financial Risk and Derivative Pricing: From Statistical Physics to Risk Management (2nd ed.). Jean-Philippe Bouchaud and Marc Potters pp. 850-852 Downloads
Wolfgang Breymann
Nonparametric Statistical Methods for Complete and Censored Data. M. M. Desu and D. Raghavarao pp. 852-853 Downloads
Edsel A. Pena
Design and Analysis of Experiments, Vol. 2: Advanced Experimental Design. Klaus Hinkelmann and Oscar Kempthorne pp. 853-854 Downloads
Kathleen F. Kerr
Clustering for Data Mining: A Data Recovery Approach. Boris Mirkin pp. 854-855 Downloads
Samuel E. Buttrey
Estimation in Surveys With Nonresponse. Carl-Erik Sarndal and Sixten Lundstrom pp. 854-854 Downloads
Mariano Ruiz Espejo and Miguel Delgado Pineda
An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms. Neil C. Jones and Pavel A. Pevzner pp. 855-855 Downloads
Webb Miller
Statistics for Microarrays: Design, Analysis and Inference. Ernst Wit and John McClure pp. 855-856 Downloads
J. Wade Davis
Computational Statistics. Geof H. Givens and Jennifer A. Hoeting pp. 856-857 Downloads
Galin L. Jones
An R and S-Plus Companion to Multivariate Analysis. Brian S. Everitt pp. 857-858 Downloads
Ulric J. Lund
Developing Statistical Software in Fortran 95. David R. Lemmon and Joseph L. Schafer pp. 857-857 Downloads
Ross Ihaka
Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS: A Practical Guide. Alex Dmitrienko, Geert Molenberghs, Christy Chuang-Stein, and Walter Offen pp. 858-858 Downloads
Valerie L. Durkalski
Correction to Censored Regression Quantiles by S. Portnoy, 98 (2003), 10011012 pp. 860-861 Downloads
Tereza Neocleous, Karlien Vanden Branden and Stephen Portnoy
Recidivism and Social Interactions pp. 863-877 Downloads
Sibel Sirakaya
Testing for Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops From Behind a Veil of Darkness pp. 878-887 Downloads
Jeffrey Grogger and Greg Ridgeway
Randomization Inference With Natural Experiments: An Analysis of Ballot Effects in the 2003 California Recall Election pp. 888-900 Downloads
Daniel E. Ho and Kosuke Imai
Evaluating Kindergarten Retention Policy: A Case Study of Causal Inference for Multilevel Observational Data pp. 901-910 Downloads
Guanglei Hong and Stephen W. Raudenbush
A Hierarchical Multivariate Two-Part Model for Profiling Providers' Effects on Health Care Charges pp. 911-923 Downloads
John W. Robinson, Scott L. Zeger and Christopher B. Forrest
Multiple Imputation of Missing Income Data in the National Health Interview Survey pp. 924-933 Downloads
Nathaniel Schenker, Trivellore E. Raghunathan, Pei-Lu Chiu, Diane M. Makuc, Guangyu Zhang and Alan J. Cohen
Bayesian Inference for a Two-Part Hierarchical Model: An Application to Profiling Providers in Managed Health Care pp. 934-945 Downloads
Min Zhang, Robert L. Strawderman, Mark E. Cowen and Martin T. Wells
Investigating Heterogeneity in Pneumococcal Transmission: A Bayesian MCMC Approach Applied to a Follow-up of Schools pp. 946-958 Downloads
Simon Cauchemez, Laura Temime, Didier Guillemot, Emmanuelle Varon, Alain-Jacques Valleron, Guy Thomas and Pierre-Yves Boelle
Trees for Correlated Survival Data by Goodness of Split, With Applications to Tooth Prognosis pp. 959-967 Downloads
Juanjuan Fan, Xiao-Gang Su, Richard A. Levine, Martha E. Nunn and Michael LeBlanc
Calibrated Probabilistic Forecasting at the Stateline Wind Energy Center: The Regime-Switching SpaceTime Method pp. 968-979 Downloads
Tilmann Gneiting, Kristin Larson, Kenneth Westrick, Marc G. Genton and Eric Aldrich
Quantile Autoregression pp. 980-990 Downloads
Roger Koenker and Zhijie Xiao
Comment pp. 991-994 Downloads
Jianqing Fan and Yingying Fan
Comment pp. 994-996 Downloads
Keith Knight
Comment pp. 996-998 Downloads
Marc Hallin and Bas J.M. Werker
Comment pp. 998-1001 Downloads
Christian Hafner and Oliver Linton
Comment pp. 1001-1002 Downloads
P.M. Robinson
Rejoinder pp. 1002-1006 Downloads
Roger Koenker and Zhijie Xiao
Functional Variance Processes pp. 1007-1018 Downloads
Hans-Georg Muller, Ulrich Stadtmuller and Fang Yao
Estimation in Multiple-Frame Surveys pp. 1019-1030 Downloads
Sharon Lohr and J.N.K. Rao
Optimal and Efficient Crossover Designs When Subject Effects Are Random pp. 1031-1038 Downloads
A.S. Hedayat, John Stufken and Min Yang
On Lower Tolerance Limits With Accurate Coverage Probabilities for the Normal Random Effects Model pp. 1039-1049 Downloads
Shun-Yi Chen and Bernard Harris
Statistical Inference for the Difference Between the Best Treatment Mean and a Control Mean pp. 1050-1058 Downloads
Chu-In Charles Lee, Jianan Peng and Lin Liu
Estimation in Linear Models Based on Observations With Unknown and Possibly Unequal Scaling pp. 1059-1064 Downloads
Soren Tolver Jensen and Jesper Madsen
Geoadditive Survival Models pp. 1065-1075 Downloads
Andrea Hennerfeind, Andreas Brezger and Ludwig Fahrmeir
Locally Efficient Estimation With Bivariate Right-Censored Data pp. 1076-1084 Downloads
Christopher M. Quale, Mark J. van der Laan and James R. Robins
Rank Estimation of Accelerated Lifetime Models With Dependent Censoring pp. 1085-1093 Downloads
Limin Peng and Jason P. Fine
Estimating a Unimodal Distribution From Interval-Censored Data pp. 1094-1106 Downloads
Lutz Dumbgen, Sandra Freitag-Wolf and Geurt Jongbloed
Nonparametric Two-Sample Methods for Ranked-Set Sample Data pp. 1107-1118 Downloads
Michael A. Fligner and Steven N. MacEachern
A Statistical Measure of Regularity for the Study of Wind-Generated Wave Field Images pp. 1119-1131 Downloads
O'Sullivan, Finbarr and Kingshuk Roy Choudhury
Bayes Linear Calibrated Prediction for Complex Systems pp. 1132-1143 Downloads
Michael Goldstein and Jonathan Rougier
Likelihood Subgradient Densities pp. 1144-1156 Downloads
Kjell Nygren and Lan Ma Nygren
Post-Processing Posterior Predictive p Values pp. 1157-1174 Downloads
Nils Lid Hjort, Fredrik A. Dahl and Gunnhildur Hognadottir Steinbakk
Generalized Poststratification and Importance Sampling for Subsampled Markov Chain Monte Carlo Estimation pp. 1175-1184 Downloads
Subharup Guha and Steven N. MacEachern
On m out of n Bootstrapping for Nonstandard M-Estimation With Nuisance Parameters pp. 1185-1197 Downloads
Stephen M.S. Lee and M.C. Pun
Principal Components Analysis Based on Multivariate MM Estimators With Fast and Robust Bootstrap pp. 1198-1211 Downloads
Matias Salibian-Barrera, Stefan Van Aelst and Gert Willems
Estimation and Testing for Varying Coefficients in Additive Models With Marginal Integration pp. 1212-1227 Downloads
Lijian Yang, Byeong U. Park, Lan Xue and Wolfgang Härdle
Efficient Estimation of Semiparametric Multivariate Copula Models pp. 1228-1240 Downloads
Xiaohong Chen, Yanqin Fan and Viktor Tsyrennikov
Modeling Marked Point Processes via Bivariate Mixture Transition Distribution Models pp. 1241-1252 Downloads
Mohamed Yusuf Hassan and Keh-Shin Lii
Distribution of Runs and Longest Runs: A New Generating Function Approach pp. 1253-1263 Downloads
Yong Kong
Robust M Tests Without Consistent Estimation of the Asymptotic Covariance Matrix pp. 1264-1275 Downloads
Chung-Ming Kuan and Wei-Ming Lee
Doubly Robust Estimation of the Area Under the Receiver-Operating Characteristic Curve in the Presence of Verification Bias pp. 1276-1288 Downloads
Andrea Rotnitzky, David Faraggi and Enrique Schisterman
Tests of Spatial Randomness Adjusted for an Inhomogeneity: A General Framework pp. 1289-1305 Downloads
Martin Kulldorff
Models for Discrete Longitudinal Data. Geert Molenberghs and Geert Verbeke pp. 1307-1307 Downloads
John Williamson
Nonparametric and Semiparametric Models. Wolfgang Hardle, Marlene Muller, Stefan Sperlich, and Axel Werwatz pp. 1308-1309 Downloads
Paul Speckman
Fixed Effects Regression Methods for Longitudinal Data Using SAS. Paul D. Allison pp. 1308-1308 Downloads
John M. Neuhaus
Generalized Method of Moments. Alastair R. Hall pp. 1309-1310 Downloads
Dell'Aquila, Rosario
Survey Methodology. Robert M. Groves, Floyd J. Fowler Jr., Mick P. Couper, James M. Lepkowski, Eleanor Singer, and Roger Tourangeau pp. 1310-1311 Downloads
Sarah M. Nusser
Analysis of Variance for Random Models: Theory, Methods, Applications, and Data Analysis, Vol. 2: Unbalanced Data. Hardeo Sahai and Mario Miguel Ojeda pp. 1310-1310 Downloads
James G. Booth
Environmental Statistics: Methods and Applications. Vic Barnett pp. 1311-1312 Downloads
Christopher K. Wikle
Analysis and Modelling of Spatial Environmental Data. Mikhail Kanevski and Michel Maignan pp. 1312-1312 Downloads
Stephan R. Sain
Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution. Rasmus Nielsen (ed.) pp. 1312-1313 Downloads
Marek Kimmel
Contemporary Bayesian Econometrics and Statistics. John Geweke pp. 1313-1314 Downloads
Thomas Otter
Bayesian Nonparametrics via Neural Networks. Herbert K. H. Lee pp. 1313-1313 Downloads
Malay Ghosh
Multivariate Bayesian Statistics: Models for Source Separation and Signal Unmixing. Daniel B. Rowe pp. 1314-1315 Downloads
Christopher Genovese
Financial Modelling With Jump Processes. Rama Cont and Peter Tankov pp. 1315-1316 Downloads
N.H. Bingham
Insurance Risk and Ruin. David C. M. Dickson pp. 1316-1316 Downloads
Hanspeter Schmidli
Flowgraph Models for Multistate Time-to-Event Data. Aparna V. Huzurbazar pp. 1316-1317 Downloads
John P. Klein
Applied Data Mining: Statistical Methods for Business and Industry. Paolo Giudici pp. 1317-1318 Downloads
Richard J. Cleary
Random Graphs for Statistical Pattern Recognition. David J. Marchette pp. 1317-1317 Downloads
Alan F. Karr
Hidden Markov Models for Microarray Time Course Data in Multiple Biological Conditions pp. 1323-1332 Downloads
Ming Yuan and Christina Kendziorski
Discussion pp. 1332-1334 Downloads
Hongzhe Li and Fangxin Hong
Discussion pp. 1334-1338 Downloads
Dan Nettleton
Rejoinder pp. 1338-1340 Downloads
Ming Yuan and Christina Kendziorski
A Bayesian Approach for Incorporating Variable Rates of Heterogeneity in Linkage Analysis pp. 1341-1351 Downloads
Swati Biswas and Shili Lin
Using Wavelet-Based Functional Mixed Models to Characterize Population Heterogeneity in Accelerometer Profiles: A Case Study pp. 1352-1364 Downloads
Jeffrey S. Morris, Cassandra Arroyo, Brent A. Coull, Louise M. Ryan, Richard Herrick and Steven L. Gortmaker
A Nonstationary Negative Binomial Time Series With Time-Dependent Covariates: Enterococcus Counts in Boston Harbor pp. 1365-1376 Downloads
E. Andres Houseman, Brent A. Coull and James P. Shine
Nonparametric Modeling of the Left Censorship of Analytical Data in Food Risk Assessment pp. 1377-1386 Downloads
Jessica Tressou
Small-Area Estimation With StateSpace Models Subject to Benchmark Constraints pp. 1387-1397 Downloads
Danny Pfeffermann and Richard Tiller
What Do Randomized Studies of Housing Mobility Demonstrate?: Causal Inference in the Face of Interference pp. 1398-1407 Downloads
Michael E. Sobel
Exceedance Control of the False Discovery Proportion pp. 1408-1417 Downloads
Christopher R. Genovese and Larry Wasserman
The Adaptive Lasso and Its Oracle Properties pp. 1418-1429 Downloads
Hui Zou
Estimating Network Loss Rates Using Active Tomography pp. 1430-1448 Downloads
Bowei Xi, George Michailidis and Vijayan N. Nair
Focused Information Criteria and Model Averaging for the Cox Hazard Regression Model pp. 1449-1464 Downloads
Nils Lid Hjort and Gerda Claeskens
Locally Efficient Estimators for Semiparametric Models With Measurement Error pp. 1465-1474 Downloads
Yanyuan Ma and Raymond J. Carroll
Robust Estimation of Mixture Complexity pp. 1475-1486 Downloads
Mi-Ja Woo and T.N. Sriram
Bayesian Wombling: Curvilinear Gradient Assessment Under Spatial Process Models pp. 1487-1501 Downloads
Sudipto Banerjee and Alan E. Gelfand
A Composite Likelihood Approach in Fitting Spatial Point Process Models pp. 1502-1512 Downloads
Yongtao Guan
Nonparametric Analysis of Factorial Designs With Random Missingness: Bivariate Data pp. 1513-1526 Downloads
Michael G. Akritas, Efi S. Antoniou and Jouni Kuha
Empirical Bayesian Analysis for Computer Experiments Involving Finite-Difference Codes pp. 1527-1536 Downloads
Dorin Drignei and Max D. Morris
Fixed-Width Output Analysis for Markov Chain Monte Carlo pp. 1537-1547 Downloads
Galin L. Jones, Murali Haran, Brian S. Caffo and Ronald Neath
Inference for Mixtures of Finite Polya Tree Models pp. 1548-1565 Downloads
Timothy E. Hanson
Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes pp. 1566-1581 Downloads
Yee Whye Teh, Michael I. Jordan, Matthew J. Beal and David M. Blei
A Monte Carlo Approach to Filtering for a Class of Marked Doubly Stochastic Poisson Processes pp. 1582-1597 Downloads
Silvia Centanni and Marco Minozzo
Generalized Exponential Predictors for Time Series Forecasting pp. 1598-1606 Downloads
Prabir Burman and Robert H. Shumway
Regression and Weighting Methods for Causal Inference Using Instrumental Variables pp. 1607-1618 Downloads
Zhiqiang Tan
A Distributional Approach for Causal Inference Using Propensity Scores pp. 1619-1637 Downloads
Zhiqiang Tan
Fourier Methods for Estimating the Central Subspace and the Central Mean Subspace in Regression pp. 1638-1651 Downloads
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Charles Annis
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