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1952 - 2024

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Volume 38, month 12, 1990

Canadian Agricultural Policy 1967 to 1990: Issues, Review Process and Decisions pp. 541-548 Downloads
C. Gilson
How the Market Redistributes Productivity Gains and Direct Payments to Farmers pp. 549-555 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Warnpach
The Western Canadian Farm Policy Dilemma pp. 557-557 Downloads
M.L. Lerohl
Sustainable Agriculture: Environmental Conflicts and Possible Solutions pp. 559-559 Downloads
David J. Sands
Rural Development= The Issues and Problems Facing Us in the 1990s pp. 561-561 Downloads
J.C. Stabler
The Agricultural Policy Agenda for the 1990s pp. 563-574 Downloads
Abner W. Wornack, Jon A. Brandt and Kenneth W. Bailey
Grains and Oilseeds Outlook pp. 575-576 Downloads
Richard Downey
Outlook for the North American Livestock Sector pp. 577-589 Downloads
Jane Owen
Medium ‘Ilerm Outlook for Pee Fruit pp. 591-602 Downloads
Richard R. Barichello
Canadian Farm Income: Medium-term Outlook and Value-added Accounts pp. 603-614 Downloads
Wayne Jones and Mark Elward
Agriculture Canada's Medium Qrm Outlook 1990-95 pp. 615-629 Downloads
Merritt Cluff
The Challenge of Reducing Income Variability on Saskatchewan Grain Farms pp. 631-642 Downloads
David Culver, Richard Schoney and Robert Koroluk
Farm Level Variability of Margins in Alberta Wheat Production pp. 643-654 Downloads
Greg Strain and Peter Woloshyn
Differences in Farm Incomes using Cash or Accrual Accounting Methods on Canadian Crop Farms and Implications for Farm Management Decision Making pp. 655-665 Downloads
Max Colwell and Robert Koroluk
Risk and Returns in Agricultural Assets measurement Issues pp. 667-675 Downloads
Leonard Bauer
Climate Change -Factors and Forecasts pp. 677-683 Downloads
W. Robert Wilson
The Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in Manitoba pp. 685-694 Downloads
Sian Mooney and Louise M. Arthur
Frequency and Severity of Drought and Dust Storms pp. 695-700 Downloads
E.E. Wheaton
Climate Change Impacts on Forestry: Economic Issues pp. 701-710 Downloads
Gerrit van Kooten
Potential Adjustments to Climate Change pp. 711-716 Downloads
Louise M. Arthur
Megatrends Affecting Agrifood and Rural Society1 pp. 717-725 Downloads
T. K. Warley
The Economics of the Sustainable Agriculture Movement1 pp. 727-739 Downloads
Glenn Fox
An Economic Perspective on Sustainable Agriculture in Western Canada pp. 741-756 Downloads
Gerrit van Kooten and George Kennedy
Evolution of U.S. Soil Conservation Policies Since World War II: Lessons for Canada pp. 757-769 Downloads
Guy Debailleul
Leveraging the Farm Vote: The New Political Arithmetic of Agricultural Policy Formation:Philip Ehrensaft and Jennifer Beeman pp. 771-784 Downloads
Philip Ehrensaft and Jennifer Beeman
Causes of Intervention in Canadian Agriculture1 pp. 785-795 Downloads
Colin Carter, Merle D. Faminow, R.M.A. Loyns and Eric Peters
Causes and Intervention in Canadian Agriculture”:“Policy Processes in the Canadian Agricultural-Agribusiness Sector pp. 797-799 Downloads
Colin Carter, Merle D. Faminow, R.M.A. Loyns, Eric Peters, Philip Ehrensaft, Jennifer Beeman and Harry Gorter
Causes and Intervention in Canadian Agriculture“:”Policy Processes in the Canadian Agricultural-Agribusiness Sector“ pp. 801-802 Downloads
Colin Carter, Merle D. Faminow, R.M.A. Loyns, Eric Peters, Philip Ehrensaft, Jennifer Beeman and J.D. Forbes
Unfinished Business: Settling Ihde Disputes Under the Canada4J.S. lhde Agreement pp. 803-819 Downloads
Erna Duren and Larry Martin
Canada and the U.S.: Relative Competitiveness of Selected Agri-food Industries pp. 821-833 Downloads
Larry Martin, Carlisle Runge and Erna Duren
The Idea, the Intent and the Reality of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement pp. 835-843 Downloads
Patricia J. Lindsey
The Market for High Quality Imported Beef in Japan pp. 844-849 Downloads
K. K. Klein and M. Kagatsume
The National Tripartite Stabilization Program and the U.S. Countervail Duty on Hogs and Pork pp. 851-860 Downloads
Merritt Cluff, H. Bruce Huff, Hsin Huang and Fred Oleson
The Trade Distortion Effects of Stabilization Programs in Western Canada pp. 861-870 Downloads
Barry T. Coyle and Lars Brink
The Impact of Support Programs on Crop Area Response pp. 871-885 Downloads
Karl Meilke and Alfons Weersink
The Market for High Quality Imported Beef in Japan pp. 887-898 Downloads
K. K. Klein and M. Kagatsume
The Economics of Feeding, Processing, Processing, and Marketing Beef Animals for Export to the Pacific Rim pp. 899-909 Downloads
Dermot Hayes
Managing the Risk of Dealing With Countries in the Pacific Rim pp. 911-921 Downloads
William Kerr, Jill Hobbs and Kevin G. Gillis
Estimating Price Distortions Caused by Canadian Wheat Board Initial Payment Policy pp. 923-930 Downloads
J. Stephen Clark and Catherine S. Fleming
L'impact de la Vente par Encan Électronique Centralisé quelques Résultats Préliminaires au Québec pp. 931-942 Downloads
Z. Chen, C. Gilbert and R. Lent
Short-Run Output Response in the Western Canadian Cattle Industry pp. 943-952 Downloads
Theodore Horbulyk
An Economic Evaluation of the Impactt of Water Erosion on Selected Alternative Crop Rotation Systems Under Risk and Uncertainty in Prairie Agriculture pp. 953-963 Downloads
Randolph Seecharan, Shankar Narayanan and V. Biederbeck
Les Théories des Avantages Comparés et de la Dépendance Appliquées à L'analyse du Commerce Extérieur de I'Afrique de I'Ouest pp. 965-980 Downloads
Sylvain Larivière and Frédéric Martin
The Economic Competitiveness of Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) as an Agricultural Feedstock for Ethanol Production for Transportation Fuels pp. 981-990 Downloads
Laurie Baker, Paul J.Thomassin and John C. Henning
The Effects of the Canadian-United States Free Trade Agreement on Bilateral Trade Flows of Agricultural and Industrial Products pp. 991-1004 Downloads
Ihn H. Uhm and Won W. Koo
Friend or Foe?— Farmer Perceptions of Biotechnologh pp. 1005-1014 Downloads
Jill Hobbs, William Kerr and K.K. Klein
A Simple Duality Model of Production Incorporatin Risk Aversion and Price Uncertainty pp. 1015-1019 Downloads
Barry T. Coyle
Obtaining Management Profiles of Ontario Swine Producers Through Cluster Analysis pp. 1021-1021 Downloads
Alejandro Rosenberg and Calum Turvey
Oligopsony in Wheat Trade pp. 1021-1022 Downloads
Utpal Vasavada
Risk Analysis in the Ontario White Bean Sector pp. 1022-1022 Downloads
Mike Massow, Alfons Weersink, Scott Rozelle and Calum G. Truvey
Tariffication With Imperfect Competition: The Case of the Canadian Chicken Market pp. 1023-1023 Downloads
GianCarlo Moschini and Karl Meilke
Decomposition Measures of Technical Efficiency for Ontario Dairy Farms pp. 1023-1023 Downloads
Alfons Weersink, Calum Turvey and Abdulahi Godah
Urbanization and Food Imports in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1024-1024 Downloads
James Tabi, Wayne H. Howard and Truman Phillips
Efficience Technique dans le Secteur Laitier Québécois pp. 1024-1024 Downloads
Nabil Amara and Robert F. J. Romain
L'impact des Programmes et Assurances Agricoles sur la Production de Maï au Québec pp. 1025-1025 Downloads
Evelyne Martel and Robert Romain
An Oligopoly Model of a Vertical Market System pp. 1025-1025 Downloads
Kostas Karadininis and Murray Fulton
Price Stabilization Under Rational Expectations pp. 1026-1026 Downloads
Robet Matheson and J. Stephen Clark
An Hypothesis on the Role of Capital Markets in the Development of Brazil's Shrimp Aquaculture Industry pp. 1026-1027 Downloads
James R. Wilson and Roberto Desousa Medina
Area Responsiveness of Canola on the Canadian Prairies pp. 1027-1028 Downloads
Timothy J. Richards and Kurt K. Klein
The Returns from Wetland Preservation versus Reclamation for Agriculture pp. 1028-1028 Downloads
W. Vuuren and P. Roy
The Impact of a Change in the Western Canadian Grain Transportation Policy pp. 1029-1029 Downloads
D. M. Dunlop and M. L. Lerohl
The Obsolescence of Social Cost-Benefit Analysis? Libertarian Pull and Socialist Drift pp. 1029-1029 Downloads
Gerrit van Kooten
Attitudes Toward Beef in Hokkaido, Japan pp. 1030-1030 Downloads
P. L. Klein, K. K. Klein and S. Yoshida
An Alternative Analysis of Smuggling pp. 1030-1031 Downloads
Jamie Oxley and Bruno Larue
The Demand for Wine in Ontario pp. 1031-1031 Downloads
Lorrie Mackinnon and Bruno Larue
An Evaluation of the Jamaican Agro 21 Export Diversification Program: A Policy Analysis Matrix Application pp. 1032-1032 Downloads
Carlyle A. J. Farrell
Food Aid and Food Security: A Cautionary Note pp. 1032-1033 Downloads
D. S. Taylor and D. Byerlee
The Saskatchewan All-Risk Crop Insurance Program: An Examination of Regional Insurance Value pp. 1033-1033 Downloads
W. P. Weisensel, W. H. Furtan and Andrew Schmitz

Volume 38, month 11, 1990

The Political Economy of Agricultural Policy pp. 365-383 Downloads
Michele Veeman
Effects of Initial Payment Policy on the Welfare of Saskatchewan Wheat and Barley Producers pp. 385-404 Downloads
J. Stephen Clark, Jonaly K. Siemens and Catherine S. Fleming
Quality Changes and the Volume of Trade: A Geometric Approach pp. 405-419 Downloads
Bruno Larue and Harvey Lapan
Basis Pricing, Futures-Cash Price Transmission and Appropriate Hedge Ratios: The Case of the Soybean Market in Ontario pp. 421-438 Downloads
Francesco S. Braga
Decomposition Measures of Technical Efficiency for Ontario Dairy Farms pp. 439-456 Downloads
Alfons Weersink, Calum Turvey and Abdulahi Godah
Adoption of Captial Versus Management Intensive Technologies pp. 457-469 Downloads
Lydia Zepeda
Evaluating Fluid Milk Advertising in Ontario: The Importance of Functional Form pp. 471-488 Downloads
Meenakshi Venkateswaran and Henry Kinnucan
Modeling the Demand for Exports: The Case of Oligopsony pp. 489-498 Downloads
Utpal Vasavada
Effect of Length of Time on Measured Demand Elasticities: The Problem Revisited pp. 499-512 Downloads
Oral Capps and Rodolfo Nayga
A Curriculum Content Analysis of Master's Degree Programs in Agricultural Economics: A Study of Selected Canadian and U.S. Schools pp. 513-528 Downloads
Fredoun Z. Ahmadi-Esfahani and Justinian C. J. Galabawa

Volume 38, month 07, 1990

The Future of the Western Canadian Grain Economy pp. 181-196 Downloads
W. H. Furtan
Discriminatory Trade: The Case of Japanese Beef and Wheat Imports pp. 197-214 Downloads
Julian Alston, Colin Carter and Lovell S. Jarvis
The Economics of Soil Erosion and Conservation on Six Soil Groupings in Manitoba pp. 215-231 Downloads
Elwin G. Smith and Carl F. Shaykewich
Feeding and Marketing Portfolio Effects of Cattle Feeding in Alberta pp. 233-252 Downloads
Brian S. Freeze, A. Gene Nelson, Wesley Musser and R. Hironaka
The Impact of the U.S. Wheat Export Enhancement Program on the World Wheat Market pp. 253-277 Downloads
H. G. Brooks, S. Devadoss and W. H. Meyers
Buffer Fund Price Stabilization under Rational Expectations: Policy Simulation in an Artificial Market pp. 279-293 Downloads
John Spriggs and Gerrit van Kooten
Advertising and Structural Change in the Demand for Butter in Canada pp. 295-308 Downloads
Hui-Shung Chang and Henry Kinnucan
Elaboration d'un modèle d'adoption de la microinformatique par les agriculteurs pp. 309-321 Downloads
Stéphanie Mercier and Rebecca Lent
On the RElation Betweel Adjusted Basis and Hedge Results pp. 323-331 Downloads
Francesco S. Braga
Hedonic Price Functions for Multi-product Timber Sales in Southern Ontario pp. 333-344 Downloads
D. M. Prescott and G. D. Puttock
Product Market Distortions and the Returns to Federal Laying-Hen Research in canada: Comment pp. 345-349 Downloads
Robert K. Lindner and David Pannell
Elasticities in International Agricultural Trade pp. 357-359 Downloads
Bruno Larue

Volume 38, month 03, 1990

Induced Innovation in Canadian Agriculture: 1926–87 pp. 1-21 Downloads
Giannis Karagiannis and W. Hartley Furtan
The Economics of Erosion and Sediment Control in Southwestern Ontario pp. 23-44 Downloads
Glenn Fox and Ed J. Dickson
Patronage Allocation, Growth and Member Weil-Being in Co-operatives pp. 45-66 Downloads
Jeff Corman and Murray Fulton
Price-discriminating Marketing Board with Imperfect Supply Control: A Case of B.C. Mushrooms pp. 67-88 Downloads
Tim Hazledine and Hsin Huang
Economic Evaluation of Reindeer Range in Alaska pp. 89-105 Downloads
Joshua Greenberg, Wayne Thomas and William Workman
Demand System Estimation with Upward-Sloping Supply pp. 107-122 Downloads
Thomas Wahl and Dermot Hayes
Evaluating Producer Returns to WGRF Research Project Investments pp. 123-136 Downloads
J. A. MacMillan, A. Kolody, R. M. A. Loyns and P. B. E. McVetty
The Long-run Financial Effects of Improved Grain-handling System Efficiency on Individual Saskatchewan Grain Producers pp. 137-148 Downloads
Neil Meyer and Richard A. Schoney
A Comparison of Target MOTAD Efficient Sets and the Choice of Target pp. 149-158 Downloads
Julio Berbel
Economic Analysis of an Integrated Approach to Cattle Grub (Hypoderma spp.) Control pp. 159-173 Downloads
K. K. Klein, C. S. Fleming, Douglas D. Colwell and Philip J. Scholl
From Land to Mouth: Understanding the Food System pp. 175-176 Downloads
Ray Bollman
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